A very wet trip

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A very wet trip

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The four of us (my two cousins, my brother, and me) wet the bed regularly when we were kids. It was no secret. Everybody in the family knew and some of our friends knew, too. We often had sleepovers at their house, especially when my Mom worked weekends at the hospital. And at least one bed or sleeping bag was wet every time. I even remember times all four of us were wet the same night! We couldn't hold it very long during the day either. We used to play at the park across the street from my cousin's house. After a while playing there one of us would have to pee, and if the one who had to pee went back to the house my aunt would call all of us back to go to the bathroom, too. Then we would end up doing some stupid chores around the house for her, instead of playing.

One time when I was 10« we were playing at the park and I had to pee real bad. I told my cousin Jack (who was 12 at the time) I was going back to his house and pee. He tried to convince me not to go because he did want to go home yet. Instead of going home to pee he said I could do what he and his brother, Bobby, had started doing. We went over to the swings and got his brother Bobby and my brother Tim. Jack told Bobby (who was my bother's age, 9) to show us what they do when they needed to pee. Bobby said he didn't need to pee, so Jack said he would show us because he needed to go pretty soon anyway. Jack went over to the water fountain in the park and we sort of got around him to watch. By this time I was ready to bust.

"Watch this!" he said. He bent over pretending to take a drink and all of a sudden water started running out his shorts. But it wasn't water; he peed his pants. He then turned the drinking fountain on really high and water squirted onto his hair, his shirt, and shorts. "See? It just looks like I turned the fountain up too high when I tried to get a drink. Nobody knows I peed. Go ahead, Will, do it, I dare you!" By this time I would have wet my pants trying to get back to Jack's house anyway so I did it. It felt weird wetting my pants, but since it was hot outside, the water felt good and dried pretty fast. We stayed at the park a long time that day, and by the time we went home Bobby, and my brother Tim, had peed their pants, too. Nobody guessed what we had done, and since all of us had done it nobody could snitch on the others.

About three or four times every year my dad and Uncle Greg would load up my uncle's station wagon with gear, put the boat on top, and head for a little cabin on the lake in the northern Wisconsin woods. They would take Friday and the following Monday off from work and drive up all day Friday. They would then fish all day Saturday and Sunday and drive home Monday. It was a long trip and they would hardly stop on the way up or back. And that was one big reason they said they never took us; small bladders on a long trip don't work too well. We had bugged them so much about going with them fishing and stopping at the Dog 'n' Suds drive-in they had lunch at on the trip that for some reason that year they gave in. Right before the second trip that year my Dad got an old used station wagon so they wouldn't beat up my uncle's car, and they said they would take the four of us along. We had never been to a drive-in and we wanted to go on the trip as much for the hot dogs and root beer floats at the drive-in as for the fishing.

The morning of the trip the station wagon was really loaded! Just as we were all getting in the back seat my Dad told us, "Hold it, all of you go in and pee one more time. We are only going to stop for you guys twice before lunch, so you better pee real good now!" He said it so loud I bet he woke up a bunch of the neighbors. (It was real early in the morning.) So we all went inside and had a group pee. We were so excited I think more ended up on the floor than in the toilet! We then all loaded into the back seat of the car and off we went. About an hour or so into the trip I heard Tim announce that he had to pee again. My Dad said it was too soon, he would have to wait, but soon Bobby said he had to go, too. Uncle Greg said he would stop at the next rest area, but that would be one of our two stops for the morning. Jack and I goofed around the rest area while the others went because we didn't need to pee.

After the stop we all pretty much settled down for a long ride and listened to everybody talking on the CB radio in the car. And even though we were excited earlier, we hadn't slept much the night before so we were soon nodding off. It was around 9:00 am, I think, when Jack elbowed me awake. "I need to pee really bad," he whispered. I did too. We held it a little while longer but it was no use. I told Dad that Jack and I had to pee. Bobby chimed in that he had to pee again too.

"This is your second and last stop before lunch. Make it a good one," was all he said as he parked the car. We could tell they were already getting mad. My Dad and Uncle Greg switched drivers but otherwise stayed in the car at the rest stop. We ran into the restroom and on the way we passed a Coke machine.

While we were peeing Jack said, I missed a whole bunch of the trip because I fell asleep, so I'm going to drink a Coke to stay awake like dad (Uncle Greg) does when he needs to stay awake." I told him that Coke makes you pee more, but he answered, "That was just a story our parents told us so that we wouldn't drink it and stay awake to bother them all night!" I said then I would get one, too. Bobby and Tim saw us drinking the Cokes and said they would tell. So, to keep them from telling, we split our Cokes with them. When we got out to the car Dad and Uncle Greg wondered what took so long. But we just said we had to pee a lot.

After a while in the car we said we were bored so Uncle Greg said we should play "hangman". He said that one of use should think up a word and mark down the spaces for the letters on a piece of paper. Then the others try to guess the letters. For each wrong guess you draw a part of a stick man being hanged. If they can guess the word before the guy is completely drawn they win. If not, you win. We thought that was cool so we tried it. At first we used just words, but that was too easy to guess. Then Dad suggested that we try sentences. I was the first to come up with a sentence. It had four words and had 14 spaces. It didn't take them long to figure out the sentence said, "Jack wets the bed."

"OK, smarty, I'll do one for you," said Jack. With five words and 17 spaces, Jack's was almost as easy: "Will wets his bed too." Bobby and Tim, each did one that was similar and then it was my turn again. This time mine was more serious. It had seven words and 22 spaces. It took them a while to get it but when they did they knew I meant it.

My sentence was, "I have to pee real bad again."

Jack took the tablet of paper from me and just wrote out, "ME TOO," not as part of the game. With their hands holding their dicks, Bobby and Tim agreed. Jack checked his watch. It was only 10:30; we had another 1« hours before lunch! We had already used our two pee stops and we didn't want to make our Dads any madder this early in the trip by asking them to stop again.

Jack wrote out another hangman game with 9 words and 32 spaces, but it was all I could do to concentrate on it. His turned out to be, "Will is going to wet his pants right now."

It wasn't my turn, but I took the tablet from Jack and just wrote out, "YOU FIRST BIGSHOT."

Jack pointed at our little brothers and wrote, "NO, THEM FIRST." They shook their heads, no. This was the most silently we had ever argued because we didn't want my Dad and Uncle Greg to know what was going on in the back seat.

On a new sheet of paper Jack then wrote, "I got to pee really bad. I'll go first. I will pee a little, then you pee a little, then them," pointing at Bobby and Tim. "Then I pee some more, then you, then them. And then again. Then it is fair, like at the park, when everybody peed. OK?" We all agreed. What else could we do? We were all ready to bust.

I watched Jack. He closed his eyes and in a couple of seconds there was a wet spot on his jeans about the size of a golf ball. He opened his eyes and pointed at me. I didn't even have to close my eyes to think about peeing. Before I could even look down my jeans were wet, and I had to grab my dick to stop. Bobby was next, then Tim. It took Tim a little bit to let go, but he peed, too. It was Jack's turn again and he rapidly wet his jeans to about the size of a paper plate. We each followed suit, and even Tim hardly hesitated the second time. Then Jack wrote on the tablet again, "OK, this time we all do it together. When I hold up three fingers we all just pee as much as we can." He let us all read it and we nodded. He then held up first one finger, then two fingers, and then three fingers. For the first time in at least 30 minutes I relaxed, and the pee really started to flow. I looked down at my crouch and a little pool of pee started to rise, trapped between my legs and the fake leather car seat!! I looked down the row and there were three other little lakes forming too. I started to giggle and then Jack started to laugh when he saw them.

Uncle Greg, who had been sitting in front with his eyes closed, opened them and turn around to ask what was so funny. "Hey, Rodger," he said to my Dad, "We have four wet kids and four puddles of pee in your back seat! I warned you."

"Shit!" was all my Dad said.

The four of us just sat there feeling much better, but wondering what our Dads would do. Uncle Greg turned to my Dad and just said, "Well?"

My Dad said, "You were right, Greg. You win." We looked at each other not knowing what they were talking about. Then my Dad said, "Go ahead, you have my permission." That is when I got scared because I figured Dad had just given Uncle Greg permission to spank us for wetting his car. Nothing happened for a while, but then we came to a rest stop and we pulled in even though we had already done our two stops. Now I was sure we were going to get spanked. "OK, guys let's go use the rest room," my Dad said.

"But everyone will see our wet pants," Tim moaned.

"That's just tough, you should have thought of that before," Dad said as he opened up door and almost pulled Tim out of the car. The rest of us got out on our own. Jack was in the lead to the restroom. It was as if he didn't care if anyone else saw his wet pants. The rest of us followed trying to hide the fact we were wet, too. There were a bunch of people in the rest area and I'm sure some saw us. Just as we got to the men's room door a guy came out.

He looked at us and said, "It looks like you kids are a little too late getting here."

Jack just looked at him and said, "Yeah, I wet my pants," almost like he was boasting. The rest of us just hung out heads and snuck inside. There wasn't much left to pee, but when we were done I wanted to dry my pants with the hand dryer.

But Dad said, "No, it will take too much time." I was still worried about getting spanked so I didn't want to go back to the car. By this time Jack had put water on his hair and shirt front so he looked like he did in the park. He led the way back, acting like nothing was wrong. When we got back to the car Uncle Greg was taking a gym bag out of the back.

He saw Jack and said, "Jack that trick doesn't work here either. Everybody knows you wet your pants, just like in the park at home." Jack's mouth fell open and he turned to look at me. Jack realized now that probably everybody in the neighborhood knew he and Bobby wet their pants, and I wondered if anyone had seen us the day we did it!

"Here or on the picnic table, Rodger?" my Uncle asked Dad, as he pulled a big disposable diaper out of the bag. I couldn't believe it.

My Dad said, "In the car."

Uncle Greg open the back door and said, "Jack, unbutton and unzip your jeans and lie down on the back seat."

"Ohh, do I have to?" asked Jack. He pointed at us. "They are wet too. What about them?"

"All four of you are getting them!" Dad and Uncle Greg said almost together.

Tim turned to me and said, "Nooooo," in a real pitiful voice.

I told him, "It is better than getting a bare butt spanking." But I really didn't think so at the time.

We watched through the other car door window as Jack lay down on the back car seat. While he undid his pants Uncle Greg took off Jack's shoes. He then grabbed the legs of Jack's pants and pulled them off. Jack just lay there in his wet briefs. Then Uncle Greg reached in and grabbed the elastic band of Jack's underpants and pulled them off. He didn't seem to care that we could see his dick; Jack just looked up at us and grinned. His was a lot bigger than mine and even though he was just turning 12 there was some hair. "Lift your butt!" his Dad said. Jack did it, Uncle Greg put the diaper under him, and Jack put his butt down. Then Uncle Greg put the tapes on and said, "Bobby, your next!" Jack got up and out of the car and came around to our side of the car while Bobby got in and the procedure was repeated. Our side of the car was sticking out into the driving lane of the rest stop.

Everyone going by could see what Jack was wearing, but Jack said, "I don't care. It is just different underpants. No body knows they are diapers." But he was wrong.

Just as Bobby was getting out of the car so they could see both of them, a kid about our age walked by with his mom and said, "See, Mom? Those are the ones that wet their pants. And now they are in diapers!"

As they went by I wasn't sure but I thought she said back to the kid something like, "Yeah, and if you wet like you did on the last trip I might try them on you. So watch it!"

"Ok, Will, you're next!" Uncle Greg said.

"Dad, do I really have to?" I asked. "I promise I won't wet again."

"You guys all wet together. You are going to wear diapers together. Now get in there and change or I'll do it out here on the picnic table after giving you a spanking," was all he said.

I crawled into the car and undid my jeans and Uncle Greg pulled them off. I looked up and Jack, Bobby, and Tim were looking down at me in my wet briefs. Uncle Greg pulled them off too and I tried to cover my dick. Jack yelled, "Chicken! I can see it anyway, and it's still small." Soon I was in diapers too. But I didn't get out of the car when I was done. Tim just got in and got changed while he had his head on my leg. After he was changed Jack and Bobby got back in, too. Our wet pants were put in a plastic bag in the gym bag and the gym bag was put in the back of the car. And off we went.

We all sat there in silence for a while. The three of us, but not Jack, tried to stretch our shirts down over the diapers to hide them, but it didn't work very well. He didn't seem to care; he just sat there with his diaper showing. Jack was on the right side of the car, and I was on the left. When we passed trucks he signaled to them to blow their horn. Some of them did, but every one of the drivers who looked down into our car looked very surprised. I could see their faces out the rear window. One of them was really laughing hard and then got on the CB and told the whole world, "Breaker, breaker, I just seen the four biggest babies in a blue Chevy station wagon. Be sure to check them out." Now every body knew! I hated CBs from then on. Every time I saw one after that, all I could hear was that trucker telling the whole world about us.

About 11:30 Dad said that we had lost a bunch of time on the stops and it would a while before we got to the Dog 'n' Suds. The drive-in! What are we going to do about our diapers at the drive-in? The panic started to rise. "Dad? What about our.you know.diapers?" I asked.

"What about them, Will?"

"At the drive-in, what are you going to do at the drive-in so they can't see our diapers? Can we wear pants or something?" I asked.

"All of your clothes are packed in the suitcases at the bottom of the pile back there. I am not going to unpack the car. The only other pants are your wet ones. You guys are just going to wear what you have on until the end of the drive today. End of story!" my Dad said. We were quiet until we got to the drive-in. We pulled into an open space and I waited for the inevitable. It didn't take long for the carhop to walk up to my side of the car. We tried to cover our diapers with our shirts.

"May I take your... Hey, how come you guys don't have pants on?" she asked as see looked in the back window. Nobody, not even Jack said a thing.

Then Uncle Greg said, "Jack, I'm sure you were the ring leader. Why don't you tell her?"

That was all the prodding Jack needed. "Because we wet our pants," he said. I tried to reach over and hit him without letting my diaper show, but I missed. "And now we are wearing diapers." I swung at him again and missed. "Do you want to see?" he asked as he went to lift his shirt. I lunged over to hold his shirt down. As I leaned over he grabbed me and my shirt. I ended up lying across everybody else with my shirt pulled up around my shoulders and my diapered butt out for everyone to see. By the time I finally back in my seat she had seen everybody's diapers as we scrambled to hide them, Dad and Uncle Greg were laughing, and she was giggling.

"I see!" the carhop said, "You guys are all kinda cute in your diapers." I turned red.

My brother and Bobby were embarrassed too, but Jack asked, "You think so?" I could have died!

"Yeah," she said, "but I need to take your orders." Dad and Uncle Greg ordered the food since the three of us weren't talking and Jack had turned into an idiot, as far as I was concerned. Dad and Uncle Greg went to the men's room, while we sat in silence.

About ten minutes after they got back the carhop came out with our food. But it was a different one this time. "Oh, my!" she said as she looked in the back seat. "Debbie said you guys were wearing diapers but none of us believed it!" So 'Debbie' had told everyone in the drive-in and sent another carhop out to see us. I chocked down my hot dog between tears.

In what seemed like a long time, but probably wasn't, Debbie came out again and asked, "Anyone for dessert?" My Dad said no, but then Debbie said, "You know, I told the cooks about you guys, but they can't come out and... ah... say 'hi'. So they said they would buy you guys root beer floats for dessert, but you would have to, you know, come in and get them."

Dad and Uncle Greg snickered. "NO WAY!" I said. Tim and Bobby were shaking their heads, too; they didn't want to do that, either.

But Jack said, "Cool! Dad, can I get a float?"

Uncle Greg said, "You can if you want to, Jack. The rest of you can too, as far as I'm concerned." But Jack was the only one who did. He actually got out of the car and walked through the parking lot with the carhop to the kitchen. His shirt wasn't real short, but you could easily see the bottom half of his diaper as he walked. In a few minutes he came back with the float and our change from the bill. He had the biggest smile on his face.

"They're really neat in there, and they think I'm really cute!"

"Right! A real lady killer!" Uncle Greg said. "OK, if you guys are set and don't want a free float, it is time to go." We wanted the float, but not by doing what Jack just did, so off we went.

It was about an hour later when I said, "Dad, do we get two stops this afternoon? I have to pee."

Uncle Greg answered instead, "Stop? There is no need to stop, you guys have diapers on now!" I couldn't believe it. They meant us to use them.

"Dad?" I appealed.

"Sorry, Will, we are already way behind schedule and with you guys in diapers we don't need to stop until it is time to switch drivers, which won't be for a few hours." I just looked at Jack, who I was sitting next to now. He just pointed to his diaper. The stripe on it was gone and it looked different.

He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Just pee in your diaper like I did. That is why the stripe is gone. See?" He poked it and the diaper was harder and swollen. I looked over at Tim and Bobby. Tim hadn't peed in his; instead he was holding his dick through his diaper, but Bobby's looked like his brother's diaper. He had peed, too. It wasn't long until I joined them. It didn't feel bad, just warm. Tim looked surprised when he saw me pee, but I just shrugged my shoulders. Eventually he peed, too. After a while we all ended up napping.

When I woke up it was almost 7:00 pm. They hadn't even switched drivers. I was hungry and needed to pee again. This time I didn't even ask. I just wet my diaper some more. When Dad realized everyone was a wake he told us the plan. "OK, guys, here is what we're going to do. Since we are still behind schedule we are going to go through a McDonald's drive through in the next town and then stop at a little roadside park we know. There we can eat, switch drivers, and put you guys into dry diapers."

"Can't we just wear something else?" Tim asked.

"No, I told you everything is packed and we are not making extra stops." Nobody else said a thing. When we went thought the drive up I'm sure the guy at the window saw the diapers, because he had a strange look on his face, but he didn't say a thing. Since we were no longer on the main highway the little park was empty when we got there. We all ran for the men's room to pee. As we got back to the car Uncle Greg changed each one of us. Dad and Uncle Greg walked around as they ate. We were so tired of being in the car the four of us sat at a picnic table, but watched for anyone coming up the road to run for the car. Nobody did. I felt kind of weird sitting outside in just a shirt and a diaper.

After eating we got back in the car and off we went. Dad said it would be three more hours. I don't know how long we had been in the car, but it seemed like forever. It wasn't long before I fell asleep again. When I woke up I couldn't believe it. I was in a sleeping bag on a cot next to Tim. I looked around; we were in the cabin and a few rays of sunlight were just peeking in the window and hitting us in the eyes. Jack and Bobby were in sleeping bags on a cot end to end with ours. Our head were nearly touching. Jack was awake, too. "I need to pee," I told him, "but it is too cold to get out of the sleeping bag."

"Just pee in your diaper, that's what I did," Jack said.

"I'm not wearing..." I reached down into the bag and felt.a diaper. That was all I was wearing.

"Yeah, you are," said Jack. "I saw your Dad put you and Tim to bed when we got here. He took your shirts, shoes, and socks off and left the diapers on you, Bobby, too. I was the only one awake so my Dad changed me. I wet during the night so it was already wet when I woke up. So I peed it again." I checked mine; it was wet, too. After a minute or so I wet. It took me a lot to convince myself to wet while I was lying in bed. It's different from wetting the bed while you're asleep and don't know it.

Dad came in from outside to get us up. "Breakfast is ready, guys. Get up; it is time to eat. But first we have to get those diapers off." Dad pulled the diapers off of all four of us so fast we didn't have time to stop him. There we stood all naked. He took us out behind the cabin and poured water on us while we rubbed the pee smell away and shivered. We ran back inside, dried off, and put on real clothes from our suitcases. I was real hungry and breakfast was great. The whole day fishing was great, too. It was so great I almost forgot about how bad the trip up here was.

Just as it was getting dark we had fish fried over the campfire for dinner. After dinner Uncle Greg said, "OK, guys time to get ready for bed. We are going to get up early tomorrow. Jack, you first, come on." I didn't know what was going on right away, but when Jack came back outside in only a pj top and a diaper on I knew.

"Dad?!" I said.

"Hey," he said, "You guys blew it in the car, yesterday. Anyway, we don't want to be dealing with wet sleeping bags and cots when we should be fishing. Now, do we?" He had a point, but I didn't want to admit it at the time. We soon were all diapered and ready for bed. When we got into bed our Dads stayed outside for a while. Our heads were only a couple of inches apart so we could whisper without them hearing.

"Jack, how come you don't care about wearing these things, and you seem to know all about them?"

Jack said, "Promise you won't tell anyone, not anyone at school or other friends?"

"I promise," I said.

"Are you sure? Do you really promise?" Man, I thought, this must be a really big secret!

"Yeah, I'm sure. You know I can keep a secret," I told him.

"OK, if you promise, Jack said. "When I was in first grade we went to the zoo and I wet my pants. Dad was real mad! He said if I acted like a baby he would treat me like a baby and he was going to put one of Bobby's diapers on me. Mom wouldn't let him do it. I ended up walking around the zoo in wet pants all day. The next weekend Mom had to stay with Grandma because she was sick, so the three of us went to some big park or something. I wet my pants again. Dad pulled down my pants right there and put one of Bobby's diapers on me. When Mom got home she saw I was still in diapers and they had a big fight about it. But Dad said he was tired of wet pants and wet beds and that I would wear diapers every night and on every trip."

I couldn't believe it. Jack just told me he wore diapers to bed every night and on trips since first grade? "You still wear them, Jack?"

"Yeah, Bobby, too," he said. He sounded worried. "You promised not to tell anyone, Will."

"I won't tell, but why didn't you wear them on sleepovers?" I asked.

"Because Mom made Dad let us just wear pjs or underwear when you guys came over," Jack said. "But that is why we didn't go on trip together. My Dad didn't want his car peed in. I guess your Dad didn't mind so much getting his car wet. Now that you know, I'm sure he will make all of us wear diapers." I almost gagged when he said that, but I didn't say a thing, I just curled up in a ball and went to sleep.

In the morning I all of us were wet again. While Uncle Greg cooked breakfast Dad woke us up. Again as we got out of bed he stripped off our wet diapers and took the four of us out back for a wash down. Just as we were finishing Uncle Greg came around the corner to tell us breakfast was ready. "Hey Greg," my Dad said, "You know, these things work real well, no wet beds." I couldn't believe it!

"That's right, Rodger," said Uncle Greg, "Jack and Bobby wear them every night. You should do the same for Will and Tim."

Even before we could say anything my Dad said, "Probably will. My wife diapers kids older then them at the hospital all the time. I always dismissed the idea when she brought it up in the past, but now I see they really work."

I had to break in and stop this. "NO! Please, Dad," I pleaded. But I could see he mind was made up, and Tim and me were in deep trouble.

Jack look silly standing there still naked, grinning, pointing his finger at me, mouthing the words, "Diapers for you."

The rest of the day was a repeat of the day before. It was great. Bedtime was mostly a repeat too, but not so great because we were diapered for bed. After we were ready for bed we packed up everything and got it ready to be put in the car for the trip home. We laid out our clothes for the next day. Our jeans either smelled like pee from the trip up, or were covered in dead bait, fish guts, and slime from fishing. So all we have left were out YMCA gym shorts and t-shits that we had packed for playing basketball in case the fishing wasn't any good. Remember, fifteen years ago gym shorts were really short, not these long floppy things they have now. When Dad saw what we had out he said, "No not that." I thought he meant the gym shorts, but what he picked up were our underpants. "I'm not having another wet car, you guys are wearing diapers on the trip home." We tried to convince him otherwise but he said it was too bad.

We got up really early in the morning, went through the same strip and rinse routine, and got dressed. We tried to get away without anything under our gym shorts but just before we got in the car Uncle Greg said, "Jack, you first, on the table," and we knew what that meant. Jack went over to the picnic table and Uncle Greg pulled his gym short to his knees and told him to get on the table. He diapered him and pulled up the shorts. Jack looked a little embarrassed when his Dad pulled his shorts down, but that didn't matter much. We all ended up with our gym shorts being pulled down with everyone else watching. Diapered in a couple of minutes, we were on our way home. Jack didn't care at all when it was obvious that everyone who saw us today would be able to see the diapers showing out the leg holes of our gym shorts.

We stopped at a gas station in the first town we came to get gasoline for the car and donuts for breakfast. Dad made us go into the store with Uncle Greg and pick out our own donuts while he gassed up the car. He gave Tim a big handful of change to pay for all the donuts. The cashier kept looking at us while we walked through the store. I didn't know if she was afraid we would steal something or what. After all of us picked out our donuts Uncle Greg got some orange juice and coffee and we went to the front to get checked out. Just as Jack and I put the donuts on the counter Tim dropped all the change. Uncle Greg rolled his eyes and said to the cahier, "I'm paying for the gas on pump 4, the orange juice, two coffees, and I guess the donuts, too, since they seem to be having problems rounding up their money." And he pointed to Jack, Tim, and Bobby who were picking up the money. I was guarding the donuts.

The cashier looked down at them on the floor, and said, "I guess so. And.hey... ah... are the three of them wearing diapers?" I turned and looked at them when she said that. As Jack bent over to pick up the coins you could see the bulge of the diaper outlined in his gym shorts. Tim was on the floor reaching behind some display. Every time he reached, his shirt came up and I could see his diaper sticking out over the top his gym shorts. Bobby was crouching on the floor facing us picking up the change between his legs, and his diaper was sticking out one of the leg holes of his gym short!

"Well, yeah, they are," said Uncle Greg, "In fact all four of them are."

She looked at me and said, "Him, too?"

Uncle Greg, never missing a chance to embarrass me said, "Yeah, him, too. Will, show the lady your diaper, too."

I didn't believe it! "Do I have to, Uncle Greg?" I whined.

"Yes, she's seen everybody else's. Only fair," he said, "Now do it!" I reluctantly lift up my shirt and pull the waistband of my gym shorts out and down.

"My, my," she said, "I've never seen such! But now I know what that package in the storeroom is for. We got a package of 'youth diapers' on a delivery some months back by mistake and I didn't know what to do with them. You want them? I'll sell them for cost just to get rid of them."

My Uncle said, "Sure, we've just about run out of the ones I brought on the trip."

So she yelled across the store to the stock boy, "Hey, bring those big kids' diapers here." I don't know if he didn't hear her or she just wanted to announce it to the entire store, which was filling up, but she repeated what she had said and then added, "We have four big kids here who wear 'em and need to buy those diapers!" If that wasn't bad enough we had to stand there waiting for the diapers while other customers went through the line and got to look at us. Finally we paid for it all and we went back outside.

As we got half way to the car Dad called out, "What took so long?"

That was then Uncle Greg held up the new bag of diapers and yelled, "I got a bargain on diapers for the boys! The ones we don't use on the rest of the trip you can take home for Will and Tim to use tonight!" Heads turned everywhere to see who would be wearing those diapers! If I had a gun right then I would have killed my Uncle Greg.

Even as bad as that was, I wasn't ready for what my father said back to his brother: "Thanks, Greg, I will. Phyllis will be happy to find out I've seen the light on this." I looked at Tim and he at me. It was then we realized we were really sunk!

We all got in the car and took off. After we had eaten the donuts I got up the enough nerve to ask my Dad what Mom (Phyllis) would be happy about. "Will," he asked me in reply, "Who does the laundry at home?"

"You do," I answered. Uncle Greg and Jack looked surprised at this.

"Do you know why I do the laundry?"

"I don't know. You just always have, I guess," as my reply.

Dad's reply was news to me, and not what I wanted to hear: "Mom has been changing all ages of kids diapers at the hospital for years in the pediatrics ward. When it was clear you and Tim were not going to stop wetting your beds she suggested diapers for you guys. But when I said 'no!' She said, 'either they wear diapers or you do all the laundry.' So I started doing the laundry. Well, I've gotten tired of doing all that extra laundry. And since your cousins wear diapers to bed and on trips I guess you guys can, too."

I started to whine, 'But Dad."

He stopped me with, "You and Tim are going to wear diapers just like Jack and Bobby do until you stop wetting the bed. No arguments!" Jack was grinning. I just sat there and whimpered for a long time until I fell asleep.

I woke up a couple of hours later and I had to pee. The way he was holding his crotch, I could see Tim needed to go to. "I have to pee," I announced.

"Just pee in your diaper, like me and Bobby," Jack said, "Or are you chicken?"

"We're not stopping, now," was all Dad said.

Jack leaned over and whispered, "It feels good, just like on the trip up here, remember?" For some reason, I held it as long as I could, but soon after Tim had stopped holding his crotch, I peed my diaper too. We stopped at a McDonalds drive-up to buy lunch and then drove to a town park to eat it. After lunch Uncle Greg changed Jack and Bobby and Dad changed us. This time I don't think anyone else saw us because the park was almost empty. Dad suggested we go to the Dog 'n' Suds when we got there in a couple of hours for a late dessert, and we all agreed. That and lunch made things a little better on the trip home.

We were all excited to have root beer floats that three of us had missed the first time we were here on Friday. Dad and Uncle Greg said they didn't think we should have a float, but they would buy us each a small cone. The carhop turned out to be the one that brought us our food Friday. When she looked in the car she recognized us and said, "Hey, you guys are the diaper boys! But you're in shorts, now."

Jack pulled the waistband of his gym shorts down and said, "Yeah, but we are still wearing diapers."

"Oh," she squealed, "you guys are so cute!" Dad and Uncle Greg ordered cones for all of us, and the carhop went to get them. I asked to go to the bathroom. And Dad said, "may as well, since we are stopped, but you are going to pull that diaper back on when you are done! Right?" I agreed, and we all went in to find the bathroom.

Tim, Bobby, and I had already finished and we standing in front of the men's room waiting for Jack to come out when some lady came up to us (I found out later she was the owner) and she said, "I heard you kids are wearing diapers. Is that true?"

I shook my head and lied, "NO!"

Just then Jack came out of the men's room behind me and almost yelled, "Yes, he is! See?" and he grabbed my gym shorts and pulled them down just like he had seen Uncle Greg do. I had had enough by that time and I tried to turn about and hit Jack but I missed, got caught in my shorts that were at my ankles, and fell down. I was crying.

"So I see," said the lady, as she helped me up, "I'm sorry I asked. You guys are wearing diapers, too?" She asked looking at Tim and Bobby. They nodded. Then she said to the three of us, "you guys are brave to be wearing them. "Let me give you a root beer float to make it up to you."

Now Jack was jealous. "Hey what about me?" Jack asked, "I'm wearing diapers too." And he pulled his gym shorts down.

She turned to Jack. "Take your shorts all the way off and give them to him," she ordered, pointing to me. "Any bully who pulls down other people pants to embarrass them doesn't deserve to wear any pants!" Jack was so shocked by the order he complied immediately and handed me his gym shorts. She came back with three floats and handed them to us.

"Where's mine?" Jack asked.

"You had one last time you came in here and besides, the way you acted you don't deserve one. Now lets get you guys back to your car." When we got back to the car Jack wanted his shorts back, but the lady explain to Dad and Uncle Gregg that she was the owner of the place and what had happened. She suggested that since Jack acted the way he did he should be punished.

Uncle Greg agreed, "Jack you can just sit there in your diaper for the rest of the trip home." That really wasn't much of a punishment as far as I was concerned. Even when we stopped for gas Jack got out of the car and walked into the convenience store to go poop in the toilet, rather than his diapers. He didn't seem to care people saw him in a diaper and tee shirt. He was a lot madder about not getting another root beer float than not wearing the gym shorts.

After the floats were done the three of us played hangman again. It took awhile, but Jack finally started to feel better and got in the game. That made me feel better too. A bunch of the sentences we came up with had to do with the diapers we were wearing. I think some of them were: 'Bobby wears baby diapers'; 'Jack loves to wet his diapers'; and 'Tim wears his diapers to school'. But the one that scared me, and the rest of us too, was the sentence Jack made up: His said, 'Everybody at school knows Will wears diapers'. When Tim solved that we all looked at each other and knew we had to stick together on this and not tell anyone else about the diapers. Since we were all in the same fix, we all agreed to never tell anyone, and if any of us did tell there is a punishment (which I am not going to tell you). That is why I changed all our names and the state we went to in this story. If they ever find out about me blabbing this I will be in real big trouble, even though this took place fifteen years ago.

By the time we got home it was late and we were wet. Uncle Greg, Jack, and Bobby got in their car and went home. Mom was already asleep so Dad changed us and put us to bed. We were so tired we didn't even fight about being diapered. She didn't see us in diapers until the next morning. She was surprised to see them, but I was really upset to find out how strongly she approved of us wearing them. That is how Tim and me ended up wearing diapers to bed every night until I went away to college. I tried not wearing diapers in college but I still wet about twice a week, especially right before exams, or when a big term paper was due, so I ended up wearing them at those times. I'm out of college now and still wet the bed about twice a week. Sometimes I still wear diapers, and sometimes I just wet the bed.

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