Kelly's come to America (bevat geweld)

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Kelly's come to America (bevat geweld)

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Dit verhaal bevat gewelddadige passages en is dus niet geschikt voor jeugdige lezers en voor mensen die een hekel hebben aan geweld

Chapter One: Speedbird to America

"Mum, I'm home!" John called as he walked through the door.
"I'm in the kitchen, John," His mom called back.
"And how was your day, young man?"
"Not bad, a bit on the slow side. Ashley asked if I could go over
to his house for a while to help him with some of his make-up work from
last week is that OK?"
"I suppose that's all right, but I want you home in time for
dinner. Your father mentioned he had some news for the entire family
when he gets home so don't be late."
"OK mom, I won't be," John called as he turned around and headed
for the front door.
A few minutes later John was ringing the bell of his friend's
front door and waiting for someone to answer.
"Well, Hello John," Ashley's mom said as she answered the door.
"Hello, Mrs. Martin, is Ashley home?"
"Yes. He's up in his room." Mrs. Martin replied as she allowed
John to enter the house.
"Hey Ash, you in here?" John asked while knocking on the closed
bedroom door.
"Yeah John , C'mon in," Ashley called through the door. John
stood in shock for a moment when he open the door and saw his best
friend laying on his bed in nothing but a T-shirt and a diaper with his
leg propped up on several pillows.
"What?" Ashley asked seeing his friend stop in the middle of the
doorway? Still a bit stunned, all John could do is point in the general
direction the diaper his friend had on.
"Oh that. I ended up with some nerve damage when the tree branch
hit me. The doctor thinks it might be temporary, or it could be
permanent, but isn't sure yet. In the meantime, my parents thought it
would be a good idea for me to start wearing diapers again to save
having any accidents in public, and so I don't ruin my clothes or the
furniture. Plus the fact that I can't get around to well with this
bloody cast on my leg," He added with a rueful laugh.
"What's really funny about all this is that because of my
accident my parents finally decided to have William start wearing them
to bed to help keep his bed dry. He really threw a fit when my parents
told him this. I guess I really can't blame him, his being fifteen, and
all, I guess that would be a bit of a shock. I'm just surprised my
parents didn't decide to do this years ago." John just nodded to all
this with a small smile of his own. With that he pulled out his own
school books and helped his friend out in the areas he was having
trouble with.
"Uh, John, would you mind asking my mom to come in for a moment?"
Ash said in a low voice. Before John could ask why he caught a whiff of
a freshly messed diaper. Without saying anything that would embarrass
his friend he nodded and left the room.
"Mrs. Martin?" John asked coming down the stairs.
"Yes, John?"
"Uh, Ashley asked me to tell you that he needs some help in his
room." John stated with a bit of embarrassment having to mention that
his best friend was need help in changing his diaper.
"OK, Tell him I'll be right up," She said picking up on what the
help was going to be. John nodded to this, and headed back upstairs.
"She said she'd be here in a moment," John replied as he walked
back into the room, however by this time the smell of fresh BM hung
over the entire room, and it was all John could do not to make any
comments about even though he put up with the same thing from his
little brother's room at home. Ashley nodded to this, but looked very
uncomfortable. A moment later Ashley's mom walked into the room.
"John, would you mind leaving us alone for a few minutes?" Though
posed as a question John knew this was more an order than a request.
For once he was happy to comply with as he left the room.
As John waited to be told that he could rejoin Ashley in his room
Ashley's older brother came home, and as usual started giving John a
hard time.
"Hey Johnnie what's up?" William asked in a snide tone.
"Nothing," John answered, but instantly on guard.
"Then what are you doing down here? Why aren't you up playing
with my 'baby' brother?"
John caught the not so subtle barb that William put on the term
"baby", but chose to ignore it as he answered. "Your mum asked me to
wait down here while she helped Ash with something."
"Aww, did the wittle baby need help getting his nappy changed?"
William stated laughing.
"As a matter of fact he did, and you had better watch your tone,
mister, or I just might have to do the same to you." William's mom
stated as she walked into the room. William quieted down dramatically
when she stated this since he knew that she was serious.
"Sorry, mum," he said as he walked off to his room. Mrs. Martin
just smiled a bit at how her eldest reacted to her threat, and turned
back to John.
"You can go back up now, John."
"Sorry about all that," Ashley stated as John walked back into
his room after making a quick stop in the restroom.
"It's OK. I sort of knew things like this would happen when I saw
the nappies." With a smile Ashley relaxed when he saw that his friend
wasn't going to be embarrassed about being around him because of the
"I just wonder what it's going to be like when I go back to
school in a couple of weeks?" Ashley asked a short time later.
"I doubt things will have changed all that much," John replied
"I know what you mean, but I still will feel awkward being the
only kid in our class that has to wear nappies to school. And how many
people will want to hang out with one that does?"
"Actually, I think you'd be surprised at how many people do wear
nappies during the day in our class. I now for a fact that at least
some of them do, or I should say that they wear some of the DryNites
under their pants during the day."
"Who, and how did you find out?"
"I'm not sure who, but as for how, I've seen some of the used
pants in the wastebaskets in the bathroom a couple of times. So you
certainly won't be alone. Besides, look at things like this it'll be a
great way for you to find out who your real friends are, and who are
the ones that have only hung around you because you're popular," John
told his friend with a smile.
"I guess you're right. I'm probably making to much of this."
Ashley stated with a small smile of his own. With all this out of the
way, and their homework done John popped a game into his friend's
Nintendo system. Over the next few hours John just sat next to his
friend wondering how nice it would be to be able to wear a diaper
"John, it's time for you to head on home of dinner," Mrs. Martin
said as she walked in to the room about two hours later.
"Thanks for letting me know. I lost track of time," John said
sheepishly as he got his books together.
"Hey John, I was wondering if maybe you could spend the night
this weekend?" Ashley called as John headed out of the room.
"I'd love to. I'll talk to my mum about it when I get home."
"I'm home!" John called as he walked through the front door a
short time later.
"And right on time, I might add," His mom laughed as she came to
greet him.
"Go up, and get your hands washed dinner will be ready in a short
while. Also let your dad and Josh know also while you're up there."
"OK mum," After dropping his books off in his room John set out
to do what his mom had asked of him.
"Josh, mum says to get ready for dinner it'll be ready in a bit."
"OK, I'll be down in a couple of minutes," came the sullen reply.
Thinking something was wrong, John went over to his brother's bed to
see what was wrong.
"What's wrong?" John asked softly.
"Nothing, go away!" Came the muffled reply.
"Josh, I'm not going to leave till you tell me what's wrong."
When no reply came john started to pull down the blanket Josh had over
his head.
"NO! Leave it alone!" Josh shouted trying to keep his brother
from pulling off the blanket. With one final tug john managed to pull
the blanket off his brother entirely, and saw what his brother was
trying to prevent his seeing. Josh had a gleaming white diaper on. Josh
just started crying at this. John just sat there for a second before
pulling his brother into a hug, and let him cry it out.
"You had another accident at school, didn't you," John said more
as a statement of fact than as a question.
"Uh huh. The nurse decided to put this nappy on me when she was
cleaning me up. When mum found out she decided to have me wear it for
the rest of the day," Josh said still sobbing.
"It's OK. Why don't you get some pants on, wash your hands, and
then we can go down and have dinner," John said softly still holding
his brother.
"So nice of you boys to join us," Mr. Kelly said as John and Josh
came into the dining room.
"Sorry, we got a bit tied up on something," John told him as he
took his seat. The rest of dinner went normally with nothing said about
Josh's earlier accident, or the diaper he had on as a result of it.
"OK, I'd like everyone to follow me in to the living room. I have
a special announcement to make," Mr. Kelly stated as he got up from the
table. Everyone followed him as requested wondering what was about to
"What I'm about to tell you may come to a shock to you all, and
I'll ask that you keep all comments to yourselves till after I'm done
talking, OK?" Getting bewildered nods from his kids, Mr. Kelly
continued, "I was informed a few days ago that I was getting offered a
promotion at work, and I informed them today that I would accept it.
With the promotion I'll not only be making better money than I am now
I'll also be having more regular hours with not as much traveling as I
do now. The only possible down side to this is the promotion will
require us to move. It was this last reason that caused me to need a
few day to think about whether or not to accept, but I feel that it
would be in our best interests to do so. I have already mentioned all
this to your mother, and she agrees with me on this. Now are there any
"When will we be moving?" Josh asked.
"We'll be moving in about three weeks to a month." Came the
"Will we be moving into a house, or another flat?" John asked.
"We're looking into a couple of house right now, but we might
have to stay at a hotel for a bit."
John's older sister Erin asked the most important question of
all, and one neither of her parents were looking forward to.
"Where will we be moving to?"
"We'll be moving to the United States," Mr. Kelly answered
"You mean we'll have to move away from our schools, and friends
just so you can get a better job?!" Erin yelled right before she ran
off crying. John, and Josh just sat there stunned the information not
yet sinking in. Mrs. Kelly though went up to comfort her daughter.
"Boys, I know this is a shock to you all, and believe me if I and
your mom didn't think this was the best for the family I would have
declined the offer, but I see this as a way for you guys to get to meet
new people, not to mention all your cousins, and other relatives from
my side of the family." Mr. Kelly explained to his still stunned sons.
The rest of the evening went by quietly.
John woke up the next morning with a start, and on looking at the
clock next to his bed saw that he was going to be late for school.
After hurriedly getting dressed he grabbed his book bag, and raced down
stairs to where his mom was getting breakfast ready.
"I don't have any time for breakfast, mum. I'm late for school,"
John said, as he grabbed a quick glass of juice.
"You do have time to eat, young man. Your school's closed today
because of a pipe breaking last night. That's why I let you sleep in
this morning. So go back upstairs and change your clothes, and wake
your bother and sister for breakfast." John slowly took all this in,
but nodded and went to do what he was asked.
He met his sister on the way up the stairs in just as much hurry
as he was just a short time before.
"You can slow down, Erin. Mum just told me school's been
canceled. A pipe or something broke last night."
"Oh man, am I glad about that with that bomb dad dropped on us
last night I didn't even bother to do my homework," she replied.
"Would you mind getting Josh up after you change? I'm going to
get a shower."
"That shouldn't be a problem."
"Thanks. I don't think I'd be able to stand having to deal with
his wet bed this morning." John just smiled at this but understood what
she was talking about.
After getting into some regular clothes John headed in to wake
his little brother.
"He sure does look cute like that," John thought on seeing his
brother curled up in bed holding a teddy bear to his chest, and sucking
his thumb. This told John that while his brother didn't say much about
the news dropped on them last night it did upset him because these were
the only time that he would start sucking his thumb again.
"Josh, it's time to get up for breakfast," John said while gently
shaking his brother's shoulder.
"Huh?" Josh answered sleepily.
"I said it's time to get up for breakfast." John repeted.
"Oh, OK." Josh answered while still half asleep.
"How's the bed?" John asked even though he hated to.
"It seems to be dry." Josh replied with a smile having thought
that for once in his life he had woken up in a dry bed. John, and Josh
both had forgotten about the diaper josh was wearing under his
sweatpants. With Josh saying that he was dry they both headed down to
Mrs. Kelly was just finishing setting things out when the two
boys sat down.
"John, how was Josh's bed this morning?" His mom asked as she sat
"It was dry, mum," John replied.
"OK, but did you check his nappy?"
"No, I didn't. I forgot that he had it on."
"That's all right. Josh come over here so I can check you," Mrs.
Kelly asked of her youngest.
"But, mum..." Josh started.
"Please come over here, Josh." While her voice was still soft
josh knew he shouldn't push things, and went over to his mom. Without
any preamble Mrs. Kelly pulled down her son's pants and saw that the
stripe had changed to a deep blue color, and the front of it was an
"It's OK, Josh, I figured this was why your bed was dry. We'll
get this taken care of after breakfast," Josh was told as his pants
were pulled back up.
The rest of breakfast went normally with the kids getting asked
what their plans were for the day and getting handed chores to do
before heading out.
"OK Josh, lets go up and get you taken care of," Mrs. Kelly
announced as she cleared the last of the dishes from the table.
"All right," came the almost inaudible reply as Josh headed up to
his room.
Within a few moments Josh found himself lying on his bed wearing
just a T-shirt and his sodden diaper which had gotten another soaking
while he was eating.
"There you go, now I want you to go in and get a shower, and make
sure you wash thoroughly so you don't end up with a rash," Mrs. Kelly
told her youngest son.
"Yes mum," Josh said as he got up to do as he was told.
"I may just have to see about putting him back into nappies with
all the accidents he's been having lately," Mrs. Kelly mused to herself
after Josh left the room. With a shake of her head she picked up the
soaked diaper and headed back downstairs to make sure her other kids
were doing what she had asked them to.
By late morning all the chores were completed and all the kids
were getting restless.
"Mom, may I go over to Ashley's for a bit?" John asked after
having double-checked all his homework from the night before.
"I guess so, but you come straight home if Mrs. Martin says
Ashley needs to rest."
"I will," John replied as he grabbed his coat and shot out the
door. A few short minutes later he was knocking on the Martin's front
"Well, hello John. How are you this morning?" Mrs. Martin asked
as she let John in.
"Not bad," he replied, and started for the stairs leading up to
his friend's room.
"John, please take your shoes off. I don't want you tracking mud
and water all over the place," Mrs. Martin said with a smile.
"Yes, ma'am," John said sheepishly as he started to remove his
shoes. After doing so he headed up the stairs. Just as he hit the top
of the stairs William came out of his room wearing a medium length
shirt, socks, and a very wet diaper. John just chuckled to himself, and
wished that he had a camera right then. For his part, William didn't
even seem to notice that his trek to the bathroom had even been
observed. John was still chuckling when he entered Ashley's room
"What's so funny?" Ash asked his friend after the door was
"I just saw William head in to the bathroom, John laughed more at
the sight he had just seen.
"And what's so funny about that?" Ash asked in confusion.
"It's funny because he apparently had just gotten up and all he
had on was a shirt, socks, and a diaper that looked like it was about
to fall off it was so full, John commented between laughs.
"Yeah, that's Willie all right, Ashley said laughing.
"Mum's considering either getting him some thicker diapers or
placing a baby diaper inside the ones he wears already he wets so much
at times." This, of course got both boys laughing.
"Speaking of wet diapers, it looks like you could use a change
yourself," John stated on looking down at the maxed-out diaper his
friend had on.
"I know, my mum hasn't come up yet to change me yet," came the
embarrassed reply.
"Well, if you're not messy I would be able to change you if you
want, that way you wouldn't have to bother you mum," John said
"You wouldn't mind?"
"I wouldn't have made the offer if I minded, besides, it's not as
if you have anything I haven't seen before."
"True. Well, if you're serious, the supplies are in the closet."
In moments John had all the supplies he needed spread out next to his
friend, and he was starting to untape the wet diaper. Ashley shivered a
bit when John pulled the old diaper down and a light breeze went over
Ashley's crotch.
"Sorry about that."
"It's all right, it happens every time." Without another word
John picked up a diaper wipe and started to clean his friends still
hairless crotch. John noticed that by the time he was done wiping his
friend down, Ashley's penis was standing at a full erection. Throwing
caution to the wind, John warmed up some baby lotion in his hand and
started to jack his friend off. Ashley was shocked at first and wanted
to have his friend stop, but he was enjoying the feeling too much to
voice his complaint.
"Oh Jeez John, I think I'm going to blow!" Ashley said hoarsely a
few minutes later. John barely had enough time to get a clean wipe over
his friend's swollen member before he climaxed.
"Thanks, John, I needed that," Ash stated as John completed
diapering his friend.
"You're welcome. Where do you want me to put this?" John said,
holding up the used diaper.
"There's a pail in the bathroom you can put it in." With a nod
John headed off to throw out the old diaper. He chuckled a bit when
entering the bathroom to find that William's diaper from the previous
night was laying in a heap next to the bathtub.
"Your mum is going to get a big shock when she goes in to the
bathroom next," John announced when he came back into Ashley's room.
"Why do you say that?" John was asked, and before he could reply
both of them heard Mrs. Martin start yelling from across the hall.
"I'll be there in a moment, mum!" Came William's shouted reply.
"No, not a moment. Get in here and do it now!" William showed up
a moment later to place his diaper into the pail like he was to
supposed to have done earlier, and the moment he bent over to pick it
up his mum pinned him across the sink and started spanking him. After
giving her son ten good whacks she let him up and finish throwing his
diaper away.
"The next time this happens young man you'll spend the whole day
wearing a diaper," she told her son bluntly and walked off.
John and Ashley just sat there enjoying the scene playing out in
front of them.
"That's why I say that," John stated with a laugh.
A few hours later Mrs. Martin brought up some lunch for the two
boys and did a quick diaper change on her son, only this time allowing
John to witness the whole thing.
"So, do you think your parents will let you sleep over this
weekend?" Ashley asked over lunch.
"I'm sure they will, but there's something I have to tell you,"
John answered, but unable to meet his friend's eyes.
"What is it?" Ash asked wondering what it could be to make his
friend act like he was.
"I just found out last night that my dad accepted a promotion at
his work and we'll be having to move in about a month," John sobbed.
"That's not so bad, I'm sure we'll be able to get this set up for
you to stay over during holidays and such," Ashley said, trying to
raise his friends spirits.
"No, we won't! The promotion is having us move to the U.S.," John
said crying openly now.
"It's OK. We'll still be able to write to each other and maybe do
a phone call every now and then. Things will work out," Ashley said
while patting his friend on the shoulder. With this said the
conversation was moved into a different direction and all too soon John
was being told he would have to leave so Ashley could get some rest.
"I'll give you a call later about what my parents say about our
having a sleep over," John said as he left.
"Mum, I'm home!" John called as he came through the door.
"Did you have a nice time?" Mr. Kelly asked as John walked into
the family room.
"Hi dad. Yeah, we had lots of fun."
"How's Ashley doing?"
He's still a bit sore from the accident, but he's doing better,"
John replied as he started heading up to his room.
"That's good to hear," Mr. Kelly responded to his son's
retreating form.
"Oh, dad, is mum here? There's something I wanted to ask her."
"She's upstairs with Josh in his room, but I don't think this
would be the best time to ask her anything," John's dad replied with a
wary sigh.
"Josh had another accident didn't he?" John questioned.
"Yes this was his third one today after your mum took off the
nappy he wore to bed last night. I honestly swear, I don't know what to
do with him about all this. Where the first part was directed at him,
John could tell the last part for his dad's statement was more a
rambling to himself. John took his father's advice to give his mum some
time to cool down when he started upstairs and could hear the commotion
coming from his brother's bedroom.
"Mum, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to. It just happened," Josh cried.
"Why, am I having a hard time believing this? This is the third
time today you've had an 'accident' and frankly, I'm getting tired of
"It was an accident though," Josh pleaded.
"Maybe it was, and maybe it wasn't. It's been happening so often
It's hard to tell anymore. So, until things are straightened out this
is what's going to happen. When you get home each day you'll change out
of your school clothes, and you'll change into the underwear and
plastic pants I have set out for you. When you can show me that you can
keep them clean we'll make some changes in this routine and not
"But, what if I want to go over to a friend's house?"
"Then you'll wear them over to your friend's house, and if you
say another word, I'll have you wear them to school as well. Now put
those on and get started on your homework. I'll have your sister fetch
you for dinner.
After finishing his homework for the weekend, John decided to
take a short nap before dinner. While asleep, John began to dream what
life would be like in his new home and any new friends he would make,
but for some strange reason most of his dream centered around finding a
friend, like Ashley, that either had to wear diapers, or like himself,
just wanted to wear them for fun. he also thought of what could
possibly happen the coming weekend if his parents let him sleep over.
"John time to get up," John heard through the fog of sleep.
"Huh?" cam the mumbled reply.
"I said, it's time to get up. Dinner's almost ready," His sister,
Erin, repeated.
"Oh, OK. I'll be down in a few minutes," John responded through a
yawn. after making a quick stop in the bathroom to relieve his aching
bladder and wash up, John headed downstairs to join his family for
dinner. He was more than a little surprised when he started to sit at
the table and he noticed that Josh had on a pair of plastic pants and
that these covered what looked like at least six pairs of underpants.
"So nice of you to join us," John's mum stated has he sat down.
"Sorry, I had something to do first," came the cryptic response.
This got Josh to chuckling and earned him a quick reprimand from his
"John, your father mentioned you had something to ask me?" Mrs.
Kelly asked a short time later as he was asked how his day went.
"Yes, Ash asked if it would be all right for me to stay over at
his house next Friday night since we aren't going to have many more
chances to do so."
"I don't see that it would be a problem, but of course I'll have
to see if it's okay with his mother."
"I understand, but I don't think it'll be a problem since she was
in the room when he asked and didn't say anything against it."
"Even though I'll still have to ask her about it. How's he doing
anyway? We hadn't heard much about it since the accident occurred."
"He's doing fine. He expects to be able to go back to school next
week and he'll be on crutches for a while after that."
"That's certainly good to hear about. I hope he doesn't get made
fun of over it. Some kids can be so cruel at times." the rest of the
evening went quietly and John spent most of this time playing video
games in his room.
"John, don't forget it's your turn to get Josh ready for bed,"
Erin announced several hours later.
"I don't see why Josh can't take care of this himself. I mean,
he'll be ten in a few months. both you and I were able to get ready for
bed by ourselves at his age now." John grumbled as he put his game
"I know what ya' mean, but we both know what happened the few
times mum tried to let Josh do this for himself," Erin stated with a
knowing look. John just nodded at this and went to get his baby brother
ready for bed.
"C'mon Josh, it's time to get ready for bed," John announced as
he walked into his brother's room.
"No, I want to play some more," Josh said, acting more like a
five year old than a soon to be ten year old.
"Josh, I'm in no mood for this tonight, so this will be your only
chance to come quietly," John replied in a manner he hoped his brother
would pick up on, but this was short-lived.
"No, I wanna play more."
"Okay, fine, you can explain this to mum when she comes up in a
few minutes to get you ready for bed herself," John said plainly as he
walked out of the room. Josh, thinking his brother was just joking
about getting their mom, continued to play with the toys he had out.
"Mum, Josh is refusing to get ready for bed. I asked him nicely
twice to do so, but he just said he wanted to keep playing and I didn't
feel like arguing with him about it."
"OK, I'll go up and handle him in our bathroom. You go ahead and
get ready for bed yourself in the other one." John just nodded at this
and went to do what he was asked, even though he normally got his
shower in the morning.
As expected, John soon heard the sound of his brother getting
spanked for not obeying a request for him to get ready for bed. Josh
tried to say that John never came in to tell him, but this was soon
crushed when Erin overheard this comment and informed her mom that John
had asked Josh twice to get ready for bed, but he didn't want to stop
playing. getting caught in a lie only made matters worse and Josh soon
found himself on ground for the next week.

Chapter Two

"Mrs. Kelly?" a female voice asked over the phone.
"This is Mrs. Hazel, I'm the nurse at HallowBrook. I'm calling on
behalf of your son Joshua. It seems that he's had an accident and is
requesting permission to come home."
"What kind of 'accident' are we talking about?"
" I'm a bit embarrassed to say, but Josh apparently didn't make
it to the restroom in time and unfortunately soiled his pants."
"I see. Mrs. Hazel, this is what I would like to be done. After
Josh has been cleaned up, you have my permission to place him in a
nappy and some clean pants, then he's to return back to class. I'll
send a note to the school tomorrow stating this is how these types of
matters are to be handled, but for today you have my verbal
authorization to do this."
"If you're sure this is how you want this to be handled I'll
inform the head nurse and it'll be taken care of."
"I am sure, and thank you for calling."
"yes ma'am. Have a good afternoon."
"You, too." With this Mrs. Kelly hung up the phone.
"I hope this teaches that boy something," Mrs. Kelly muttered
under her breath as she headed out to the luncheon she was headed to.
"Is my mom on her way here?" Josh asked in a subdued voice when
Nurse Hazel came back into the exam room.
"No, she's not she asked us to handle this differently," came the
"Well, what do you plan on doing?" By way of answer Nurse hazel
opened up a cabinet that held the diaper supplies the school kept on
hand for some of the special students they had enrolled.
"I'm not going to wear a nappy!" Josh fairly yelled when he saw
what was in the cabinet.
"Yes, Josh, you are going to be wearing a nappy. Your mother
insisted, and if you try to fight me on this, I'll send you back to
your class without any pants. Do you understand me?" josh just nodded
at this, but still planned to fight it when the time came because he
felt that she wouldn't actually carry out her threat.
"That's good," Nurse Hazel stated as she proceeded to remove
Josh's soiled clothes and clean him up. Just as she started to lift
Josh's legs so she could slip the diaper she had under him he started
kicking and screaming. Josh's first kick came close to catching her
right in the face. After a startled jump back from the near miss, Nurse
Hazel jumped back in close to her charge and quickly got another firm
grip on Josh's ankles, and after lifting his butt off the table
proceeded to give him several sound swats to it. this calmed Josh down
quickly and he soon found the nappy taped securely in place.
"OK, Mr. Kelly, you can go back to class now," Nurse Hazel stated
in a slightly winded voice.
"What about my pants?" Josh asked in a sobbing voice.
"Like I told you, if you fought me on this I would send you back
to class with out any pants. You decided to challenge me on this, and
so you now see that I wasn't kidding with what I said. Now you wait
here while I go get an office aid to escort you back to class." Josh
sat back down on the exam table and started crying as Nurse Hazel
walked out of the room. Within minutes she was back with an office aid
and Josh soon found himself being led back to his classroom.
The class erupted into laughter as Josh walked back into class.
"So, Mr. Kelly, I see they decided to take the appropriate steps
in handling your problem," his teacher announced as Josh took his seat
in the back of the classroom.
"And, Mr. Kelly, I've taken the liberty of having moved you to
the front of the class for the day," he added after Josh was more than
half way to his seat. With barely contained tears, Josh turned around
and went back up to take the seat his teacher was indicating.
As the day progressed, Josh found that he was being called on
more than any other student in the class. It was even worse when it
came time of lunch because of the structured affair this event was. The
people at his table were constantly making remarks about his nappy
showing and his teacher saw to it that he had lots to drink. Josh tried
to stay away from drinking too much since he knew what would happen if
he did and this was the one thing he wanted to prevent.
Josh's worst fears came true about an hour after the class
returned from lunch.
"Mr. Kelly, would you mind coming up to the board and answer
question ten," his teacher requested. Josh glumly got out of his seat
and headed to the chalk board to answer the question he was assigned,
all the while he was trying to hold his bladder in. He lost the battle
for this halfway back to his desk. His pee just started shooting out
and filling up his nappy. He hopped none of the other kids noticed what
was happening, but this was short-lived.
"Hey, look! Josh is wetting his Nappy!" One of the boys in the
from row announced loudly, once he saw the stripes on the front of the
nappy change color. This brought a new round of laughter from his
The teacher was not pleased with the sudden announcement or the
resulting commotion.
"Everyone settle down now!" the teacher shouted while slamming
his hand down on his desk. the resulting boom got everyone's attention
and the room quieted down considerably.
"Thank you. now then, Mr. Harris, since you were so kind as to
point out that Mr. Kelly is in need of a change you can have the honor
of escorting him to the Nurse's office and back."
"But, I was just..." the look he received from his teacher caused
the boy to stop his protest in mid-sentence.
"Yes, sir," He added quietly, as he got out of his seat.
Nothing was said between the two boys the entire trip to the
"Back so soon Mr. Kelly?" Nurse hazel inquired with a slight
smile. Having known that she would be seeing him again before the day
was out.
"You can have a seat over there, Mr. Harris," she said to josh's
escort, while pointing to a nearby chair. Josh soon found himself being
led back in to the same room as earlier and was laid out on the table.
With practiced efficiency Nurse Hazel soon had josh stripped of his wet
nappy and was soon lotioning and powdering his butt and balls. Josh was
handed a pair of pants to wear over his nappy this time since he didn't
try to fight what was happening. He was pointed to the same group of
chairs when he came out of the room.
"Mr. Harris, you're next," Nurse hazel announced as she came out
of the room.
"What do you mean?" came the confused reply.
"I meant exactly what I said. Now come with me, please," Nurse
Hazel stated while putting a strong hand on the boys' shoulder.
Josh couldn't help but smile as he realized what was going to
happen. His assumption was soon confirmed as he heard his nemesis
started yelling from the room loud enough to be heard through a closed
A few minutes later the door opened and a thickly diapered boy
was led out of the room. Josh just smiled at how forlorn the kid
looked, but the fun was just starting because what neither boy knew is
that Nurse Hazel had slipped a suppository into Neil as she was
diapering him and as Josh was before Neil had come out without any
pants on.
"I'm glad you boys made it back okay," their teacher said with a
smile as he saw the condition of his biggest troublemaker.
"This ought to settle him down some," the teacher thought to
himself evilly. About thirty minutes later the laxative that Neil
received started to work its magic.
"Mr. Roberts?" Neil asked anxiously.
"Yes, Mr. Harris?"
"May I have permission to go use the rest room?"
"In a moment. I'll be done with the lecture in few minutes and
you may go then," came the smiled reply. Mr. Roberts knew, though, that
Neil wouldn't be able to last much longer and for that very reason
slowed down the speed at which the lecture was going. To top all this
off, several of the other students saw how much Neil was trying to hold
the gates back and took demented glee in stopping the lecture to ask
questions. By the time Mr. Roberts was done talking and gave the go
ahead for Neil to use the restroom it was too late. Neil no sooner than
got out of his seat before he ended up filling the back of his diaper.
To make matters worse his voiding was accompanied by a very audible wet
sounding fart. Everyone in the class started smiling at this, but
noting more than a few muffled laughs were heard, since no one wanted
to risk being put into a diaper themselves.
"Actually, Mr. Harris, I think maybe you should go to the Nurses
station," Mr. Roberts stated through a smile of his own.
"Mr. Harris, I didn't expect to see you back so soon today,"
Nurse hazel said as Neil walked into her office.
"And judging from the smell I would have to say that you really
need to be cleaned up," she added while motioning him to go in to the
exam room.
"You can just wait over there for the final bell," Nurse Hazel
stated as she and Neil came out of the exam room.
"What about my books?"
"I'll call down to your teacher and have him send someone up with
"OK, but I hope I don't miss my bus."
"That won't be a problem. I called your mother earlier this
afternoon and she'll be picking you up." Hearing this caused Neil's
heart to skip a few beat since he was still wearing nothing below the
waist but his shoes, socks and a diaper.
"And don't worry, I've already taken the liberty of informing her
of what had happened today and what was done in response." About this
time Josh came in with Neil's books. He just handed them to his nemesis
without a word and was about to leave when he was called back.
"Aren't you forgetting something, Mr. Kelly?" Nurse Hazel asked
while holding up a bag containing his clothes from his earlier
"Thank you," Josh said softly as he took the bag and placed it in
his book bag.
"Oh, and Mr. Kelly, here are a couple of extra changes for you to
take home with you. Your mum insisted," Nurse Hazel added. Josh just
nodded to this and again took the offered bag.
"Well, Thumper, I see you've done it again," John stated when he
met his younger brother in front of their school and noticed the bulge
in his pants.
"It was an accident, and don't call me Thumper," Josh told his
brother hotly.
"Don't take that tone with me, kiddo, besides I have the feeling
that these 'accidents' aren't really accidents."
"Yes they are!" Josh shot back, but in a totally unconvincing
"Right." The rest of their walk home was a quiet one.
"Mum, we're home," John called. Josh, not saying a word started
up to his room in the hope that he'd be able to remove the diaper he
had on and hide the extras that he got from the school.
"Hello boys, and how was your day?" Mrs. Kelly asked her sons as
she came down the stairs.
"Not so fast there, Joshua, we need to have a little talk," she
added while placing a hand on her youngest son's shoulder steering him
back the way he came.
"I'll be upstairs if you need me, mum," John announced, not
wanting to get caught up in what was going to happen.
"That's fine, though there are biscuits and milk in the kitchen
if you want some," John was told. He just nodded to this, and even
though the snacks sounded good to him he felt it would be better to
wait a while before having any.
"Do you want to tell me why you decided to wait so long before
trying to make it to the restroom at school today?" Mrs. Kelly asked
Josh after sitting him down on the couch.
"I don't know. I thought I'd be able to hold it in until it came
time for break and it was to late when I finally realized that I wasn't
going to make it," Josh replied in a sobbing voice.
"I see. Well, I'll tell you now that from here forward anytime
you have this kind of accident at school you'll be placed in a nappy
and sent back to class. John will be taking a note with him stating
this to the school's nurse tomorrow and I better not hear about anymore
outbursts about it like I did today. Now lay down so I can get your
pants off and make sure you don't need a change yet." Josh was about to
argue with her on this till he saw the look on his mom's face
suggesting otherwise. With silent tears he complied with his mom's
wishes and soon found himself stripped to just his nappy.
"There, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" Mrs. Kelly said as she
gathered up Josh's clothes, as well as the extra nappies sent home with
"Now you run along and go have some milk and biscuits, then get
started on your homework," Josh nodded to this and headed into the
John came downstairs a short time later and found his brother
doing his homework in nothing but a nappy. For a brief moment John was
envious of the fact that Josh was getting to do the one thing he wanted
to, but knew he couldn't. after getting some milk and biscuits for
himself John sat down next to his brother.
"Well, it doesn't seem like mum went to hard on you."
"No, I guess it could have been worse, but it's embarrassing to
have to go around wearing nothing but a nappy."
"I can see why you'd think that, but look at how cute you look in
them." John laughed. Josh for his part didn't see the humor in his
brother's comment and got up from the table.
"Josh, it's time for dinner." John called a few hours later.
"OK, I'll be down in a moment."
"Mum also wanted me to see if you needed to be changed."
"No, I'm OK. It's still dry."
"If you're still dry, why is the stripe on your nappy blue?" John
asked with a chuckle. Josh turned red at this and tried to explain it
off as sweat, which John didn't believe for a moment.
"Right, well then let's get you out of that 'sweat' soaked nappy
and into a dry one." with this said, John had his brother lie down and
started to untape the nappy he had on.
"Boy Josh it's a good thing that you didn't wet this thing with
all the sweating you did it's would have leaked like crazy," John
kidded his brother while hefting the freshly removed diaper.
"Very funny, now would you mind getting that fresh one on before
I catch a cold," while chuckling at Josh's comment John continued to
clean his brother up and place a new diaper on him. A few minutes later
they both headed down eat. Josh felt lucky that the topic of his
wearing a diaper never came up, though he did catch John glancing at
him from time to time, as did his parents.
"Josh, it's time for you to go get ready for bed," Mr. Kelly told
his son a few hours later.
"Can't I stay up a little while longer?" Josh whined.
"No you can't. Now go up and get your bath. Someone will be up to
finish the rest afterwards." Josh turned a beet red when his father
made the subtle comment about his nappies, but didn't say anything more
about it.
After getting his bath Josh walked into his room and was a bit
startled to see his sister waiting for him.
"OK, josh, hop up here so we can get you ready for bed," Erin
told him while patting the area on his bed next to where she had a
nappy unfolded and waiting for him. Without so much as a word of
protest he climbed up on his bed, and lay down on the nappy.
"I know this must be embarrassing for you, but you have to admit
these work a lot better, and you don't have to worry about waking up in
a cold wet bed," Erin told him while powdering her brother's crotch.
"Yeah, it was nice to be able to wake up in a dry bed for once,"
Josh replied as Erin pulled the nappy up between his legs and snugly
taped it closed. Erin just smiled at this as she finished tapping the
nappy closed and handed Josh a pair of footed sleepers. Josh climbed in
to the sleepers quickly and crawled under the covers of his bed.
"Sleep tight," Erin told Josh as she tucked the covers in around
him and gave him a light kiss on the forehead. Josh smiled at this.
Erin left quickly after picking up the nappy she had just changed her
brother out of.
"Did Josh give you any trouble?" Mrs. Kelly asked her daughter as
she came downstairs still holding the old nappy.
"No he was quite calm about it. In fact, I think he may even
enjoy wearing them, at night anyway."
"I could see why. He's been acting a lot better these last couple
of days. I guess this is because he's finally getting the rest he
Erin could only nod in agreement to her mothers' statement. After
throwing the nappy away Erin informed her parents that she too was
going to bed and wished them a good night.
As expected, Josh ended up waking up in a wet diaper, but was
glad nothing was mentioned about it. He had already made up his mind
the night before that he was going to do his best to stop having
accidents at school since he didn't want to have any repeats of what
had happened the day before. And, like he was told the day before John
took a note into the nurse's office on his way to his first class.
Luckily, the note's contents only had to be put into effect a few times
during the last few weeks of school. The one thing that Josh and the
rest of his classmates found extremely funny was the fact that Neil was
sent to school for a week in very conspicuous diapers and had to be
sent to the nurse several times each day to get changed. after this
Neil was less of a bully and a great deal more polite than he had been
During the final month before of the move John was spending most
of his free time over at Ashley's house and was constantly asked about
having a final sleep over. John, too. was wanting to have this
sleepover, but something always seemed to come up. It seemed to John
that his parents somehow knew about his desire to wear diapers again
and were doing their best to prevent his having the chance to try some
on. The weekend before they were to move John's parents finally
relented and gave him the OK for him to have a sleepover with Ashley.
Both boys were happy to have this chance since both knew the odds that
their getting together again wouldn't be for a very long time. If they
only knew what fate had in store for them.
"Hey Ash!?" John called on his way to class on the Wednesday of
his last week in school.
"Hey John, what's up?" Ashley answered as John caught up to him.
"I have some great news. My mom OK'd my having that sleepover
this weekend."
"Cool. I'll get everything set up with my mom when I get home and
we'll get everything worked out."
"That would be great! Let me know what time you want me to come
over on Friday."
"I'll do that," Ashley answered just as the warning bell rang.
With a final nod to each other the two boys went into their first
The next few days was a flurry of activity at the Kelly house as
final items were packed for shipping to their new home. John, Josh, and
Erin were all quiet that final Friday. Plans had already been made for
each of them to spend the night with friends for the last time. While
they were happy to be getting to have their sleepovers they also were
all to aware that when they left the house for school it would be for
the last time. School went by quickly for them, and all were surprised
to find that each of their homerooms had arranged to have a going away
party for them.

Chapter Three

"You all ready to have a fun night?" Ash asked when John met him
at the school's front entrance.
"Yeah, I am. I just wish it were under better conditions," John
answered remorsefully.
"I know what you mean, but we'll make the best of it," came the
reply. Just about this time Ashley's mom pulled up and honked for the
boys to join her. Ashley's brother William came bolting out of the
school just as Ash and John finished climbing into the car.
"So boys, how was your day?" Mrs. Martin asked as she pulled away
from the curb.
John and Ashley both answered that they had a good day, and John
thanked her in advance for having him over. William though was
strangely quiet, but nothing was said about it.
"William, could I see you in your room please?" Mrs. Martin
stated as they entered the house. "Ashley, you and John head drop your
books in your room, and then you'll find snacks in the kitchen.
"OK mum," Ashley replied, but wondered what was going on with his
"Man, do I ever need a change!" Ashley exclaimed, as he dropped
his pants.
"Tell me about it, I can smell you from here," John said with a
smile to let his friend know he shouldn't take the comment seriously.
"Well if it's really that bad you could always do the honors,"
Ashley shot back with a smile.
"Only if you nappy me in return."
"What do you mean?"
"Exactly what I said. I've noticed that you seem to be a bit
uncomfortable every time I come over, so I figured that this was
because of your having to wear nappies now."
"Well, I have to admit I was a bit pissed off by this at first,
but I've gotten over that. You don't need to do this."
"I know I don't need to, but to be truthful I've been wanting a
chance to try them just to see what it's like," John said with a
sheepish grin. Ashley just shrugged at this and lay down on his bed so
his friend could change him. Meanwhile in William's room another
conversation was playing out.
"Do you want to tell me what you were thinking when you decided
to hit that kid?" Mrs. Martin asked?
"I wasn't thinking at all. I just did it. I mean, he was making
fun of Ashley, and the fact that he has to wear nappies again, and I
guess something snapped," William said plainly.
"I see."
"Well, the thing to do now is to figure out what to do with you.
The school's already suspended you for three days for this," Mrs.
Martin added before her son could say anything. After a moments thought
she came up with something.
"This is what we're going to do. Since you decided to act like a
child by reacting without any thought, I'm going to treat you like a
little kid for the entire time you're on suspension, and if you argue
with me at all about this I'll make it last longer than these next five
days. Now drop your pants and climb up on your bed while I get a nappy
ready for you." William just smiled a bit at this while his mom's back
was turned. He had been feeling a bit left out since his brother's
accident due to all the attention their parents had been giving his
brother because of it. William knew this was going to be the likeliest
response his mother would come up with, and was glad he was right.
"This is almost worth having decked Ahmed for," William thought
to himself as his mom turned back around. He was a bit surprised to see
his mom holding some cloth nappies and plastic pants. He knew his mom
had picked them up a few days before but hadn't decided to try them
"This is getting even better." William thought happily as his mom
started to diaper him.
Back in Ashley's room John, and Ash were having the same problem.
"Do you want to try some of the cloth nappies, or do you want a
disposable?" John asked over his shoulder while looking at the nappies
that were neatly stacked in his friends' closet.
"I think I'd like to try the cloth nappies," Ashley said happily.
"OK, How many do you want?"
"Let's start out with three, and see how they look," John nodded
to this, and grabbed three cloth nappies and a pair of green plastic
pants. By the time john finished getting his friend lotioned, powdered,
and the nappies under him Ashley's pole was fully erect.
"We'll have to do something about that, or these will never fit,"
John said with a chuckle. Ashley just smiled at him and nodded for john
to do what he had in mind to do to help him with this problem. Ten
minutes later John was able to pull the Nappies up and fasten them
closed. Ashley seemed a bit shocked when john pulled out the green
plastic pants, and started to slip them up over the nappies. After
doing a quick check to make sure all the nappies were enclosed by the
plastic pants John, and Ash changed places.
"I see what you mean about these not fitting," Ashley laughed a
few minutes later looking at John's swollen pole.
"Question is, what are we going to do about it?" John asked.
"I have an idea, but you have to close your eyes for it."
Thinking he knew what Ash had in mind john did as requested, and was
soon having the most intense orgasm of his young life.
"That felt great," John panted as Ashley pulled the nappies up
between john's legs. Just as Ashley finished closing the second nappy
the bedroom door opened, Ash's mom walked in.
"OK Ash, Let's get you changed," Mrs. Martin stated before
realizing what was going on.
"What's going on here!?" She demanded when she noticed that John
was the one getting nappied and not her son.
"John waass wanting tooo see what it was like to weearr aa
naappyy." Ashley stuttered as his mom came closer.
"I see. Well then, I'll finish it from here then. You go on down
and have a snack, John, and I will be down in a few minutes." Ashley
just nodded at this and left the room.
"Is what Ashley said true? You asked to have a nappy put on?"
"Yes ma'am. He had seemed a bit uneasy since the accident when
I've come over, and I thought that this would help him out some."
"I see. In that case, let's get these put on right so they don't
leak any." With this said Mrs. Martin undid the nappies already
fastened around John, and redid them. John was amazed at how much
better they fit now than when Ash was putting them on.
"How do they feel?"
"Just fine," John said with a smile. Mrs. Martin smiled back at
this, and helped john into a pair of plastic pants and sent him on his
way downstairs while she cleaned up the clothes thrown about by the two
boys. she chuckled to herself about it the entire time.
John joined Ashley and William a few moments after having gotten
nappied by their mom. He was a bit shocked when he walked into the
kitchen and saw that William was in a nappy also. He knew that William
still wore them to bed, but he had never seen him wearing them during
the day like this.
"You're right, Ash, he does look cute in nappies." William
chuckled on seeing John.
"I wonder what dad is going to say when he sees us?"
"I guess we'll find out won't we. OK, John you can quit standing
there with egg on your face and take a seat." William called. It was
only then that john realized that he was still staring at William.
"Sorry," John said as he took a seat at the table.
After talking about school for a while the boys decided to go up
to Ashley's room and play some video games. About an hour into this
John realized that he had to use the rest room, and without thinking he
got up to go.
"Where're you going, John?" Ash asked from his spot on his bed.
"I have to use the bathroom," John answered, and couldn't
understand the sudden laughter coming from both Ash and William.
"What's so funny about me having to take a piss!?"
"The fact that you're wanting to use the toilet for it, and not
the nappy you have on," William chuckled.
"Oh, yeah. I forgot I had it on," John stated embarrassedly, as
he sat down again. This caused ash to start laughing again. This time
John joined in on it after seeing how stupid it was for him to get up
in the first place. A few minutes later the pressure on John's bladder
became too much to handle and he soon let a heavy stream of piss into
his nappy.
"Oh man, I didn't think it was going to feel this good," John
thought to himself with a smile as his nappy became wetter by the
moment. Over the course of the next several hours all three boys wet
their nappies several times each without even realizing that this was
"And how was your day, boys?" a voice called from the door way
making all three of the boys jump.
"Dad! You're home!" William stated nervously thinking that he
would really be in trouble for what had happened at school.
"I would hope so, if I'm talking to you guys," Mr. Martin said
with a laugh, and then got serious.
"Could I see you in your room for a second, William, and John,
it's good to see you again."
"Thank you, sir," John replied as William got up to join his
Mr. Martin closed the door behind him as William sat down on his
bed waiting for the other shoe to drop, but surprisingly it never did.
"Your mother told what happened at school today. You want to tell
me about it?"
"There's really not much to say. One of the guys had been making
fun of Ashley since he started back to school, and I had asked him
several times to lay off. He didn't, and started it back up today. I
guess something snapped and I hit him for it," William said plainly.
Mr. Martin just nodded it at this and thought for a moment before
"You know that normally for something like this I would turn you
over my knee, but given the fact that Ashley had mentioned several
times about this happening I'm not going to, but this had better not
happen again. Your mum has mentioned what she's going to be doing as a
punishment, and we have both decided that the full treatment won't
start till after john leaves tomorrow."
William just nodded at this and got up to leave, as he did so his
dad gave his diapered butt a moderate slap, and motioned for his son to
"Before you go anywhere, I think we better get you into some dry
nappies. I think you're about to have these float off you," Mr. Martin
said with a laugh. William just shrugged at this and lay down on his
bed as his dad got some dry nappies out of his closet. Mr. Martin
walked out of his oldest sons' room several minutes later while William
was left to put some clean plastic pants on over his dry nappies.
In Ashley's room, this same scenario was playing out. Mrs. Martin
had come up to check on Ashley since she figured he'd be ready for a
change by this time, and he didn't always tell her this, especially if
he was playing his games. She smiled a bit as she walked into the room
to find her son and John both laying out on Ashley's bed playing video
"OK boys, put the game away for a minute while I check your
"AW mom, just a little longer," Ashley whined.
"No, now. I'm sure that you need to be changed, and I wouldn't be
to shocked if John does, too," She added with a knowing smile to John,
who turned bright red at this. With another smile Mrs. Martin turned
around to get fresh diapers and other supplies from Ashley's closet.
"OK, who's first?" Mrs. Martin asked as she turned around after
laying out a changing pad on the spare bed.
"Guests first," Ashley stated with a smile towards his friend.
"Thanks a lot," john mumbled as he got off Ashley's bed and went
over, and lay down on the changing pad.
"OK, John, raise up so I can pull those pants off," Mrs. Martin
told him as John centered himself on the pad. Without any word John
complied, and raised his butt up off the pad so Ashley's mom could pull
down the plastic pants that were covering his now soaked nappies. After
pulling off his plastic pants Mrs. Martin had John lower his butt and
started to unfasten the Velcro tabs holding the wet cloth to him. John
shivered slightly when the nappies were pulled down, exposing his damp
crotch. Mrs. Martin just chuckled at this and finished pulling the wet
cloth out from under her son's friend's butt.
"It's a good thing you don't have any hair down there yet John,
or you might get a rash," Mrs. Martin commented as she ran a wipe over
John's hairless balls. John smiled slightly at this but said nothing. A
moment later John felt his friend's mom rubbing lotion over his butt
and crotch, and then sprinkling this liberally with powder. This
completed, John was asked once more to raise his butt up so his new set
of nappies could be placed under him. John soon felt the soft cloth
being pulled up between his legs and tightly fastened around his waist.
Mrs. Martin then slapped John's thigh lightly indicating that she was
done and that he could get up. As he did so, he was handed a clean pair
of plastic pants to put on. John nodded at this and accepted the
offered pants. Ashley took his place on the pad right after John, and
within minutes was also in a clean set of nappies and pulling some
plastic pants on over them.
"Dinner should be ready in a short while. I'll call you when it's
ready," Mrs. Martin told the boys as she made sure that none of the
nappies were sticking out from the plastic pants. With this done she
picked up the pail containing the old nappies and left the room.
As John closed the door behind Ashley's mom he caught his
reflection in the mirror that had been hung on the door.
"Damn, I look cute in these," John thought to himself with an
audible chuckle.
"OK John, you can quit admiring yourself over there anytime. We
both know how cute you look in those nappies," Ash piped in from his
bed. This caused john to blush even more than when Ashley's mom made
the comment about his nappy needing to be changed.
"I take it you like wearing those?" Ashley asked when John joined
him back on his bed to continue their interrupted game.
"Yeah, I guess I do. I just don't know why. To be honest, I was
kind of jealous when I first came over here after the accident and
found you were wearing one."
"I noticed that. I was kind of mad about it at first, but it
didn't last very long. For a long while I was kind of hoping my mom
would have put me back in them at night for my bedwetting like she did
with William, but I stopped wetting, and the only reason she put
William back into them was his making fun of me. At first he threw a
major fit about wearing them, and even then the punishment was only
supposed to be for a day or two, but my parents noticed how much more
behaved William acted in the mornings because he was getting a full
night's rest so they talked to him about it, and he agreed to wear them
till he stopped wetting. I think maybe he's come to enjoy wearing them
since he seems to be putting them on earlier every night."
"What do you mean?" John inquired about his friend's last
"When he first started wearing them to bed he wouldn't put it on
till just before he climbed into bed for the night, but now he tends to
put one on right after we get our showers at night, and as you know
this normally takes place right after dinner," Ashley replied. John
just smiled at this. A short while later William came into the room and
informed them that dinner was ready. Like them, William was just
wearing a T-shirt, and his nappies. John laughed to himself as to what
the people on the school's swim team would think about seeing their top
swimmer walking around in a nappy. Ashley nodded at what his brother
told them, and the game was quickly finished and put away.
"So nice of you boys to join us," Mr. Martin commented when the
boys entered the dining room.
"Well, I see you decided not to be left out. Eh, John?"
"Yes, sir. I just wanted to make Ashley as comfortable as
possible tonight."
"And, nothing like wearing a diaper to do it right?" Mr. Martin
commented with a smile. John just turned red at this.
"Now, Steven, stop embarrassing the boy, and let him eat," Mrs.
Martin told her husband mockingly. the rest of dinner went by with the
usual talk, but John noticed that nothing was being said about his
moving the next day.
All the boys were surprised when they were told they could skip
their nightly shower, and a movie was put in for viewing. about thirty
minutes into the movie Ashley's parents got up and came back with some
dessert. What really got John's attention though was that he, Ashley
and William all received bottles to drink from instead of regular
glasses. John didn't say anything about it when he was handed his, but
was planning on asking Ashley about it before they went to bed.
"OK, boys, time to get ready for bed," Mrs. Martin announced as
she came into the family room with a large load of nappies. John was
about to say that he didn't need to be changed, and then realized that
not only was he wet, but at some point during one of the movies he
messed himself as well. This fact made him grateful for the change, but
he didn't quite understand why he was having four nappies placed on him
instead of the normal two he had been placed in. What John and the
other boys didn't realize was that all three bottle had been doctored
with a strong diuretic and a mild muscle relaxant that would ensure
that all three boys would wake up in soaked nappies. After getting the
boys into their clean nighttime nappies they were sent off to bed.
"Hey Ashley?" John asked after they had been tucked in by
Ashley's parents.
"Yeah?" came the yawned reply.
"What was with the bottles during the movies tonight?"
"Oh that, my parents have been doing this for years. William, and
I both had a problem with knocking our glasses over when watching TV,
so my parents started having us use bottles to prevent this from
happening, though I have to say I was a bit shocked at seeing them do
this tonight since they normally don't when we have guests over. I
guess they decided to do it tonight because of your deciding to wear
nappies with us, and figured you wouldn't mind."
"Oh, OK. I was just wondering," John replied. After talking for a
bit longer, both boys slowly faded off to sleep.

Chapter Four

"Ash? John? It's time to get up boys. "Mrs. Martin called as she
shook the two boys on the shoulder. She chuckled as the two boys just
groaned a bit and then turned over.
"OK now, you have to get up. Breakfast is on the table," she told
them just before pulling the covers off them.
"OK, I'm up! I'm up!" Ash yelled as the cold breeze washed over
him. John bolted up a moment later, but was still too asleep to say
"So nice of you boys to get up. Now, get on down to the table
before your breakfast gets cold," they were told as Ashley's mom walk
out to wake her oldest son up. The two boys lay there a few moments
longer before moving to get out of their beds.
"Does your mom do this every morning?" John asked his friend
"Nah, only on the weekends," Ash answered with a grin.
"You know, John, it's a thing you did have those nappies on," Ash
added on seeing how wet his friend was.
"Damn! And I thought I was over this," came a half mumbled reply
as John looked down at his sagging diaper. Ash just stood there
"Well, lets get down to breakfast before my mum comes back up
after us."
"What about our nappies?" John asked.
"Don't worry about those. William, and I always wear our night time
nappies to breakfast on the weekends," Ash stated as he head for the
bedroom door. John just nodded to this and followed his friend out the
door. John was still slightly shocked at the sight of William walking
by wearing nothing but a long T-shirt, and some really wet nappies.
"Morning, John, Morning Ash," he mumbled as he walked past.
"Morning, Will," Ash replied as he followed his brother
As expected Ash's parents were already at the table when the
three boys got there.
"Mornnnnning," the boys yawned in unison.
"Morning boys," Mr. Kelly replied as the boys took their seats.
both Mr., and Mrs. Martin shared a knowing grin when they saw the
condition of John's nappies.
"What do you boys have planned for the day?" Mr. Martin asked a
short time later.
"I was planning on going over to Bradley's house and help him
with his computer he just got," William replied.
"John and I were thinking of going over to the park and do some
sledding before his parents come to pick him up," Ashley told his
father. Mr. Martin just nodded at this.
"That's fine Ash, but just don't try anything stupid. Your leg is
still healing, and we don't want to have any new complications," Ash
was warned sternly. Both boys nodded at this, and quickly finished
eating so they could get the most time at the park.
"You know Ash, there is something to be said about wearing
nappies at a time like this," John joked several hours later.
"Tell me about it. The only downside is how cold they tend to get
after awhile," Ash quipped, getting a nod of agreement from his friend.
"Hey, we better get started back to the house. Your parents will
be by soon to pick you up, and you don't want to be caught wearing what
you are."
"You're right about that," John said while grabbing his sled.
"You boys stop right there!" Mrs. Martin commanded as the boys
walked into the house a short time later.
"I want both of you to strip out of those wet clothes, and go
right upstairs and get a hot bath. I'll have some lunch ready for you
when you come back down." Both boys nodded at this and did as they were
told. Moments later they were heading upstairs wearing nothing but some
wet nappies. Mrs. Martin chuckled at the sight of this as she picked up
the boys' wet clothes and headed off to put them in the wash.
"I really wish you didn't have to move away John," Ash told his
friend once they had gotten their showers and headed back into Ashley's
"I know what you mean. I don't want to move, either, but I don't
have much choice. You already know that I'll keep in contact as often
as possible," John stated as he got some fresh nappies for his friend.
As before, Ash just lay back on his bed and let his friend take care of
putting the nappies on.
"Here you go," John said as he tossed Ashley a pair of sweat
pants and a shirt while he got dressed himself. as soon as he was
dressed, he and Ash headed down to have some lunch. They passed William
on his way up to get a bath of his own, and like they were a short time
before he was in just a nappy.
"John, I got a call from your parents while you were out. It
seems they have to fly over to finalize some papers for your new house
and expect to be gone over the weekend, so you'll be spending the rest
of the weekend here." John grinned at this news.
"Now then, since we still have a few minutes before lunch is
ready I want you to come with me, and we'll get you into something a
bit more comfortable," Mrs. Martin said with a smile of her own. John
smiled even more at this and got up to follow his friend's mom
Ten minutes later John was being handed his own seat of sweat
pants to wear over his nappies. Mrs. Martin and John ran into William
as he was coming out of his room, and like John and Ash, he was wearing
some rather thick cloth nappies. Mrs. Martin gave both boys a slight
slap on their padded posteriors to get them to move along, and as soon
as both of them were seated she brought out the soup and sandwiches
that she had made for their lunches.
"I'm glad this happened," John mentioned a few hours later while
he and Ash were playing some video games.
"Me too." Ash said with a yawn. "Sorry about that. I guess all
the things we've been doing have worn me out some. Plus the fact that I
normally take a short nap on the weekends anyway."
"That's OK, I normally take a nap myself." With this said Ashley
decided to shut the game off, and within moments both boys were under
the covers and were soon asleep.
"Those boys do look cute curled up like that." Mrs. Martin
commented to herself a few hours later as she entered her son's room to
wake him, and John up for dinner.
"Boys, it's time to wake up." She said while shaking the boys
softly on their shoulders.
"Huh?" John asked sleepily.
"It's time for you two to get up. dinner will be ready in a few
minutes." John grunted at this, but sat up while yawning, and rubbing
the sleep out of his eyes. As soon as Ashley started stirring, Mrs.
Martin left the room to wake her oldest son up as well.
"You have a nice nap?" Ash asked John as he got out of bed, and
pulled a pair of sweat pants on over his wet nappies.
"Yeah, I guess I really needed it, too," John said with a smile.
The smile was short-lived when he moved to get out of bed he soon
realized that his nappy was also wet.
"I don't believe this," he mumbled.
"Don't believe what?" Ash asked turning around to face his
"I wet myself during the nap," came the disbelieving reply.
"Well, then I guess it's a good thing that you had those nappies
on then huh?" Ash stated with amusement.
"You don't understand, I haven't had a nighttime accident since I
was five," John announced near tears.
"Hey, it's OK. It's probably just because of all the things you
have happening right now," Ashley said sitting down next to his friend
and giving him a shoulder hug. "Don't worry about it."
"Yeah, I suppose you're right," John stated after a moment's
thought and took the sweat pants Ashley had in his hands for him.
"Now that all that's out of the way, lets go down to eat."
Playfully shoving John backwards across the bed, Ashley got up and
started for the door laughing.
"So nice of you boys to join us," Mr. Martin announced gamely as
John and Ash entered the Dining room.
"Yeah, well, you know how I like to make an entrance," Ash
laughed in response. His dad just smiled at this and dinner started.
The rest of the weekend went by quickly, and all too soon john
was having to pack his bags for the last time in the country he called
"Aunt Maureen, What are you doing here?" John asked in surprise
when she showed up late Monday morning.
"It's good to see you, too, John." She said with a laugh as John
gave her a welcoming hug.
"I'm sorry, it's just that I was expecting my parents."
"I'm sure you were, but your mum called up last night and asked
if I would mind taking you kids to that airport so they wouldn't have
to rent a car and make a late night run over to pick you up."
"Oh, okay," John answered softly and turned back to Mrs. Martin,
who was still standing behind him.
"Thanks for the fun time you showed me this weekend. Would you
mind giving this to Ash when he gets home?" He asked in a shaky voice
as he handed her a plain envelope with his friend's name written on it.
"Sure John, this won't be a problem at all." With this she swept
him into a hug and murmured into his ear "Thanks for all the help with
Ashley these last couple of weeks, and you be sure to stay in touch."
John nodded at this and ended the hug. He and his aunt were soon
heading down the street to pick up his brother and sister. Once they
were out of sight of his friends house John let out all the tears he
had been holding in over the weekend.
All to soon the Kelly's trip to Heathrow ended, and after meeting
their parents at the front desk they headed through Customs and to the
gates beyond.
"Josh, did Mrs. Ashton put a nappy on you like I asked her to?"
Mrs. Kelly asked her youngest son.
"Yes mum, she did."
"And is it still dry?" she continued. Josh just looked at the
floor and didn't answer her. This of course was enough of an answer for
her. Without another word she led him into the nearest Ladies' restroom
to change him into a dry one. Josh though was highly relieved that no
one came in while he was getting changed.
"Mum, why are you using one of those types?" Josh asked when he
saw that his mom had pulled out one of the thick Molicare nappies.
"I'm using one of these because it's going to be a while before I
get a chance to change you again, and I want to make sure you don't
leak on the airplane." Josh nodded at this while his mom placed the
thick diaper under him. After a couple of quick shots of powder to his
balls, and bum the nappy was pulled up into his crotch and snugly taped
"We better hurry, they should be calling our flight at any time,"
Mrs. Kelly stated as she helped Josh pull his pants up over his nappy.
she smiled a bit at this because she could still tell he had a nappy on
even though he was wearing some loose-fitting pants. Just as they left
the rest room their flight was called
"British Airways flight 007, Concorde Service to New York is now
boarding at gate 3. We ask that anyone needing extra time in boarding,
or traveling with small children to come forward at this time."
"We need to hurry, Josh, that's our flight." They managed to
arrive just as the general boarding call was made.
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly were both pleased to see their kids brighten
up at the prospect at flying on the Concord. They were excited, too,
but for a different reason. To them using the Concord to fly to their
new home meant that they would only be over the sea for a quarter of
the time as they had been this past weekend. On seeing that the seats
were leather, Mrs. Kelly was especially glad that she had used one of
the super thick nappies on Josh.
"Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain speaking, on behalf of
British Airways and your crew today, I'd like to welcome you on board
flight 007 Concorde service to New York and Miami. Our flight time will
be approximately three and a half hours with a cruising altitude of
60,000 feet at a speed of 1450 miles per hour. we hope you enjoy your
flight, and will now ask you to give your attention to the cabin
attendants at the front of the cabin who will demonstrate the safety
features of this aircraft. Thank you."
Soon the aircraft started moving down the runway gaining speed
rapidly. John was startled by how fast things were going by his window,
and for a brief time the sadness of his having to leave his friends was
replaced by the awe he was enjoying from the flight. About an hour into
the flight lunch was served, and he was again shocked by it. He was
figuring on receiving the usual bland airline food, but instead was
surprised that if was really quite good. After lunch was over he
decided to take a short nap, and the next thing he knew the Captain was
announcing that they were on final approach to New York's JFK airport.
"Come on kids we have to hurry!" Mr. Kelly announced as they
finished going through Customs, and heard the final call for their
flight to Kansas City. they managed to get to the gate just as they
were getting ready to close the door.
"That was close!" Mrs. Kelly sighed heavily as they got settled
into their First Class seats.
"tell me about it," her husband replied with a tired grin. Three
hours later their flight landed in Kansas city.
"Time to get up, kids. We're here," Mrs. Kelly said as she woke
her children up. John looked out the window of the plane at the snow-
covered ground, and wondered what was going to happen now. As they got
off the plane the Kelly's noticed a person holding a sign with their
father's name on it.
"I'm Arthur Kelly," Mr. Kelly told the man while shaking his
"I'm James Monroe. I'll be helping you get settled the next
couple of days. We'll be putting up at a local hotel for the next few
days because of a problem with the house," James told Mr. Kelly.
"What problem?" came the sighed question.
"Well, we had a big storm here last night, and a couple of power
lines in your area were knocked out so you don't have any power at the
house. They expect it to be back up in the next couple days." Mr. Kelly
nodded at this, glad that it wasn't anything serious.
"If you'll follow me I have a van waiting outside," James
About an hour later they pulled into the parking lot of the
hotel. after helping them get settled into their rooms James mentioned
that he would be back about eleven the next morning to show them around
town a bit and to escort Mr. Kelly on a tour of where he would be
"Okay, it's been a long day so far. I want every one to take a
nap so they can get adjusted to the time changes," Mrs. Kelly
"Josh, lay down over here for a moment, and we can get you into a
dry nappy." Josh nodded sleepily at this and was asleep again before
his mom even managed to finish untaping the soaked nappy he was
currently wearing.

Chapter Five

"Boys, it's time to get up," Mrs. Kelly announced while shaking
John's shoulder.
"What, is it time for dinner already?" Josh asked through a light
haze of sleep.
"No, but it is time for breakfast," his mom stated as she came
over to remove his soaked diaper.
"Now go and get a shower while I try and wake your brother up,"
Josh was told as him mom gave his bare bottom a playful slap.
John was standing outside the bathroom door when Josh emerged
twenty minutes later.
"took you long enough!" John announced as he rushed past his
younger brother into the now vacated bathroom. Josh just shrugged this
off and went over to the bed to put on the clothes his mom got out for
him. On top of the pile of clothes he found a pair disposable training
pants and instead of fighting with his parents about having to wear
them he put them on. John came out of the bathroom just as Josh got
done getting dressed.
"Did you put on the trainers mom left for you?" John asked, being
careful to conceal his jealousy over this.
"Yeah, I have them on," John just nodded at this knowing full
well that it would be his brother's problem if he turned out to be
lying about it. Nothing more was said about them, and within five
minutes they were heading down to meet their parents and sister it the
hotel's coffee shop.
After ordering their meals the talk had been focusing on what was
going to be happening over the course of the next week.
"Josh, your father and I have agreed that if you can keep your
pants and bed dry over the next week you won't have to wear the
trainers, or nappies, OK?" his mom asked.
"You do have them on, don't you? "she continued.
"Yes mum, I do," Josh replied. About this time the waiter
returned with their order and little else was said. Just as they
returned to their rooms they noticed Mr. Monroe waiting for them.
"Sorry if you've been waiting long. We ran the kids down to the
coffee shop to get them fed before the day started," Mr. Kelly said as
he took Mr. Monroe's offered hand.
"That's perfectly all right, I just got here myself."
Over the next couple of hours the Kelly's were shown around their
new town, including the kids' new schools. after picking up a rental
car, Mrs. Kelly took the kids back to the hotel to get some rest. By
Thursday afternoon the power had been restored to their house and the
Kelly's spent a hectic weekend moved in.
"Mom, why do I have to sleep with Josh!?" John complained over
the weekend.
"For the last time, You have to share your brother's room because
of all the work we have to do to get yours in to a condition that it
can be used!" Mrs. Kelly snapped.
"However, we do have some good news for you. We got a letter
today from the boy that used to live here. It seems that he forgot to
leave the key to the shuttle craft they built in the backyard," Mr.
Kelly stated holding out a small key to his middle son.
"You can go check it out after dinner is done," Mrs. Kelly told
him as he started to rise off his chair. At this John slumped back into
his chair and continued eating.
"What's the matter, John?" Mrs. Kelly asked as he stormed back
into the house a few minutes later.
"They only sent one key to open the thing up with and it takes
two," John told her in a cracked voice.
"Don't worry about it. I'm sure it was just an oversight. If the
other key doesn't show up in a couple of days we'll see about having
the other lock taken out," John nodded at this, but was still unhappy
about it.
"OK kids, it's time to get to bed," Mr. Kelly announced several
hours later.
"AWW, dad. Can't we stay up just a little longer?" Josh and John
whined at almost the same instant.
"No, you can't. You both start school tomorrow and you'll have to
get up early because of it. Now off to bed with ye.'" After griping a
few more moments about it both boys headed up to get ready for bed.
"You think things will be very different tomorrow?" Josh asked as
he was climbing into bed a short time later.
"Your guess is as good as mine. I'm sure some things will take us
by surprise, but I wouldn't worry to much about it," John said trying
to reassure his younger brother's fears. It was a while before John
himself was able to get to sleep for he had the same fears.
"OK, boys time to get up. I want both of you dressed and
downstairs in 15 minutes. " Mrs. Kelly said while shaking both boys.
John sat up with a groan after his mom left the room.
"C'mon, Josh, time to get up," John said while stretching to work
some of the soreness from his body.
"I mean it. It's time to get up!" John repeated more strongly,
and this time shaking Josh hard while he did it.
"All right, I'm awake already!" came a muffled response.
"You better hurry, we have 10 minutes to get dressed and get down
to the table," John stated with a final shake to his brother's
Both boys came bursting out of their room just as their mom was
coming up to check on them.
"Breakfast is on the table. I'll be taking you both to school
since I have some last minute forms to complete." John and Josh just
nodded to this as they walked past her.
"Josh, you make sure you use the restrooms as often as you can. I
don't want to have to bring you any clean clothes. Do you understand?"
Mrs. Kelly informed her youngest.
"Yes mum, I understand," Josh replied. The rest of the meal was
finished in silence.
Less than an hour later John was making his way through a new
school, and as expected he got hopelessly lost.
"May I help you?" the teacher asked as John halfway entered the
"Yes sir. I'm John Kelly, I'm supposed to be in this room, I
think," John stated embarrassedly.
"Well, let's take a look at your schedule." John handed the
teacher the schedule he had in his hand.
"Well, you certainly are supposed to be in this room. Since
you're obviously new here I'd like you to introduce yourself and then
take a seat." John did so and soon found himself doing this same thing
in all his other classes. The one thing he heard commented most on was
his accent.
"Excuse me, but could you point me toward the lunchroom?" John
asked one of the people he just had English with.
"Sure, I'm headed that way myself. By the way I'm DJ Morrison," I
said sticking out my hand.
"John Kelly," John replied taking the hand. A moment later John
stopped cold as they came to the lunchroom doors.
"What's the matter? Not used to this?" I asked looking at the
barely restrained anarchy going on around us.
"Not really. My last school was a private one just outside
London, and lunch was a very structured affair. My headmaster would
have a stroke seeing anything like this at school."
"John Kelly, welcome to the US," I laughed. the rest of the lunch
time went by quickly.
"Hey John, since you're new here, I was wondering if you might be
interested in coming by my house after school and hang out for a bit,"
I asked as John and I were suiting up for gym.
"I'd like to, but my mum wants me to come straight home after
school, but I don't think she would mind if I brought a friend home
with me."
"I don't think that would be a problem, but I would have to stop
by my place and get it OK'd by my mom."
"That would be fine," John replied.
"OK then, I'll meet you at the front door after 7th hour," I
replied just as out gym teacher came in to hurry everyone up.
The rest of the day went by quickly and John and DJ were soon
heading off to John's house after a quick stop at DJ's house.
"Mum! I'm home!" John yelled as he came through the door.
"An' how was your first day?" Mrs. Kelly asked John.
"Not bad. I hope you don't mind, but I brought a friend home with
me," John replied.
"Not at all," Mrs. Kelly answered with a smile.
"Mum, this is DJ Morrison. DJ this is my mum," John stated
handling the introductions.
"Pleased to meet you Ma'am," I replied while taking Mrs. Kelly's
offered hand.
"Please, my name's Janet. I'm too young to be a 'Ma'am,'" she
said with a smile.
"Go drop your books off in your room, and then there are some
sweet biscuits and milk in the kitchen," Janet said turning back to
John. John nodded at this and led me upstairs.
"I hope you don't mind the mess, but I have to share a room with
my little brother while they fix up my room," John announced as he
opened up the door. The first thing I noticed was the unmistakable
smell of stale pee. Unfortunately, John saw my reaction to this before
I could cover it up.
"Sorry about the smell," John said embarrassedly, "but my brother
has a problem with wetting the bed among other problems." Just as I was
about to ask him what he meant by "other problems" the front door was
slammed closed followed by a yell.
"Get upstairs and get cleaned up now!" A moment later a boy about
ten came running into the room, and judging from the smell I caught a
whiff of I now knew what the other problem was.
"I'll leave you a lone for a moment," I stated as I backed out of
the room. I barely closed the door before I heard John start yelling.
"You've bloody well done it again 'aven't you!?" John yelled at
"It was an accident!" Josh whined.
"Don't give me that! It happens too often to be an 'accident.'
Frankly I think you like it," John stated in disgust. Before John could
go any further their mom entered the room.
"I'll be outside if you need me," John stated, quickly backing
out of the room.
"Hey DJ, let's go outside for a while," John suggested as he came
it to the family room. With a nod to John, I quickly finished the
conversation I was having with his sister and followed him outside.
"Uh John, I know this isn't any of my business," I started
nervously," but has your mom ever thought about maybe putting your
brother back into diapers for these accidents of his?"
"I know what you mean. I wouldn't mind if she did, and to be
honest after this time I wouldn't be shocked if she does," John
answered, clearly having taken no offense at my suggestion.
"Hey that's a pretty cool shuttle you have there," I said
pointing towards the shape in the far corner of the yard.
"It'd be even better if I could manage to get into the blasted
"well let's go take a look," I told John and headed towards it.
"You won't be able to get in. The previous owners only left one
of the keys to get in it."
"Well, let's take a look at it anyway," I said while fingering
the other key to it. With a shrug John pulled out his key and tried it,
but as before the door wouldn't unlock.
"Here, try this one as well," I laughed as I tossed him the other
"What the...!!" John sputtered as he caught the key I tossed to
"I was friends with the previous owner's son and he left the
second key with me hoping that I might hit it off with whoever moved
"Well, I think it worked," John laughed as he opened the door to
the shuttle
Several hours later I looked at my watch and saw the time.
"Oh shit! Hey John, I have to get going. I was supposed to be
home five minutes ago," I yelled as I grabbed my book bag and raced for
"So, John, your mother tells me you managed to get into that
shuttle in back. How'd you manage that?" Mr. Kelly asked at dinner that
"One of the people I met at school today was friends with one of
the boys that used to live here and he had the other key to get into
"Did he tell you why he had the key?"
"Yes sir, he said that his friend set it up like this hoping that
we might hit it off as friends."
"I see, well, I hope it works out for you. And how did your day
go?" Mr. Kelly asked, turning to his other children.
"Not bad, but I have to say that this will take some getting used
to," Erin replied. Josh though remained uncommonly quiet during all
"And how was your day Josh?" his dad queried.
"It was OK," Josh mumbled not looking up from his plate.
"He had an 'accident' in class today," Mrs. Kelly informed her
husband when he gave her a questioning look.
"I see. Josh, you do know that if this happens again we will have
to take further steps don't you?" Mr. Kelly informed his son softly.
"I know, but it wasn't my fault. It just happened," Josh blurted
out suddenly. His outburst was halted by his fathers raised hand.
"I don't want to hear it," He stated sternly. With this said, the
rest of the meal was completed in silence.
Josh was sent to bed a few hours later and after he was John
approached his parents about what was happening with Josh.
"Mum, dad, could I talk to you about Josh for a moment?" John
asked cautiously.
"Sure John, what did you want to talk about?" Mrs. Kelly asked
while offering John a seat on the couch next to her.
"Well, I know you both are almost at wits end concerning Josh and
his problem," John said slowly, "and I know this might have been out of
place for him to do so, but DJ, the boy you met earlier, gave me a
possible suggestion.
"And what was this suggestion?" Mr. Kelly asked his son.
"Well, he sort of mentioned that maybe we should think about
putting Josh back into nappies," John answered with a deep breath
hoping that he wasn't going to cause any problems for his friend.
"I see, and when he made this suggestion did he seem to be making
fun of this situation?" Mrs. Kelly asked.
"No, he seemed quite straightforward about it and didn't seem to
be making sport of it at all."
"I see, was this all you wanted to talk to us about?" Mr. Kelly
"Yes sir."
"OK, then you go on up to bed and let your mother and I discuss
it." John just nodded at this, and after giving his parents each a
quick hug he head off to bed.
"I can't believe John would think of becoming friends with
someone that would butt into private matters without being asked," Mr.
Kelly fumed a short time later.
"Now Arthur, calm down. I met the boy and he seemed very polite,
and I'm sure he didn't mean anything by his suggestion. Besides this
just might be the solution we were looking for," Mrs. Kelly told him.
"I know, but still the thought of having to place a ten year old
boy back into nappies."
"I can understand how you feel, but this just might be what we
have to do. We'll just have to see how things work out."
Over the next couple of weeks, Josh ended up having daytime
accidents almost everyday and started wetting the bed every night.
Being at the end of her wits about it Mrs. Kelly took Josh to the
doctor and soon found out a bit of distressing news.
"Mrs. Kelly, I want to thank you for coming in on such short
notice. I just got the lab results back on Josh and I'm afraid that I
have some bad news for you. As far as we can tell from the tests we ran
the nerves that control the muscles to Josh's bladder and bowels are
"I see. Do you know what caused it?"
"I'm sorry to say that I can't point out anything specific, but
the one this that seems most likely to have caused this is the viral
infection you mentioned that Josh had contracted several months ago.
Again, I can't say that this is want caused it, and aside from the
problem that Josh is having with bladder and bowel control he's in
perfect health.
"Is there anything we can do about this? I mean, some exercises,
or something like that?"
"Unfortunately not. If it were just simple weak muscle tone
causing his accidents then that might work, but since it's the nerves
themselves there's nothing we can do about it at this time. I'm not
going to lead you on about this, From what I see here, and with what
you've told me I would have to say that your son at some point, an
probably sooner than later, will lose all control of his bodily
function," Mrs. Kelly nodded somberly at this, and after getting Josh
from the waiting room left for home.
Josh was more than confused by his mother's attitude after coming
out of the doctor's office. he was even more shocked that his mother
didn't start yelling when he had an accident while walking into the
"Don't worry about it honey. Just go and get yourself cleaned up.
I'll be up in just a few minutes," Mrs. Kelly told him. Josh headed up
to do as he was told with a surprised look on his face. While Josh was
getting a shower his mom went down to the basement and pulled the open
bag of nappies they had left over from the move and went up to check on
her son.
"What are those for?" Josh asked seeing the nappies his mother
had brought into his room.
"Josh, there's no easy way to tell you this and I want you to try
and understand what I am about to tell you," his mom told him while
having him lie on his bed. Over the next several minutes Josh learned
what his mom had been told by the doctor and what they planned on doing
about it.
"But I don't want to have to wear nappies again! Please don't
make me wear them! I'll be good I promise!" Josh cried.
"I know you don't want to have to wear them, honey, and believe
me, if there were a way around it I would try it, but the doctor told
me there wasn't one. Now I want you to lie back and try and get some
sleep OK?" Josh just nodded at this still sobbing. he clutched the
stuffed animal his mom handed him before leaving his room." With a
thought, she decided to call DJ's mother over and talk to her about
what she should do.
"Mum, I'm home!" John yelled as he walked through the front door.
"How was your day?" Mrs. Kelly asked as she came up to her son.
"It wasn't too bad."
"That's good. Do you have any homework to do?"
"No, I was able to turn everything in during class. Where's
Josh?" John asked.
"He's up taking a nap, and there's something I need to tell you
also." Just as she was about to tell John what she had learned Erin
walked in.
"Erin, after you take your coat off I need to talk to you and
John in the dining room." John and Erin looked at each other with the
knowledge that what ever was going to be said it wasn't good. A few
minutes later all three were sitting at the dining room table.
"Now, I want you both to listen to me without interruptions. I'll
answer whatever questions you have when I'm done." with this said Mrs.
Kelly started into what she had to tell her children.
"I found out today that all the accidents Josh has been having
over these last several months are the results of the viral infection
he contracted several months back. The doctor said that for some reason
or another the infection attacked the nerves that control bladder and
bowel control. The bad news to all this is that your brother will
gradually lose all control in these areas and that this loss will be
permanent. Now this will cause us some difficulties in the coming weeks
to adjust all this, but keep in mind that you are not to tease him in
any way, do you understand?" Mrs. Kelly stated. both John and Erin
nodded at this, catching the tone there mom was using.
"Now do you have any questions?" she continued?
"What's going to be done about Josh's accidents?" Erin asked,
though she had a feeling what the answer was going to be.
"I've already talked to your father about that and we've decided
to place Josh back into nappies, and I don't want to hear about any
teasing on this either. Now then, what this means to you and John is
that you'll be asked to help out with josh more."
"Uh, what do you mean 'helping out with Josh more?'" John asked
not really understanding what his mom was saying.
"What I mean, John, is that you and your sister will both be
asked from time to time to help out with any extra laundry that this
will generate, you'll be asked to change him from time to time and to
let your father, or I know when Josh needs more diapers. For this extra
help you'll both receive an extra allowance when we feel you helped
enough to warrant it." John and Erin both nodded at this.
"Now then, John if you'll go get your coat on I'll need your help
in getting some things from the store. Erin, if you would be kind
enough to keep an eye on Josh and to get dinner started I would
appreciate it," Mrs. Kelly finished while getting up from her chair
John and Erin followed soon after.
"This could be really killer!" John thought to himself as he ran
to get his coat.
"I thought we were going to the store," John asked in puzzlement.
"We're headed to a new store."
"Oh OK," John stated as they pulled into a shopping center
parking lot.
"I'd like you to go get these items while I go to the pick-up
area," John was told as they walked into the store.
"OK mum," John answered when his mom gave him the list. John was
a bit shocked by the list his mom gave him since it contained all items
needed for diaper care.
"May I help you ma'am?" the employee at the service desk asked
when Mrs. Kelly came up to the counter.
"Yes, Thank you. I need to order some nappies for an older boy,"
came the somewhat nervous answer.
"OK. How old is the child?" The counter man asked.
"He's 10, but a bit on the small size."
"I see, and are these going to be for night, or day use?"
"Day and night use."
"All right, and were you looking for something in cloth or
"I'd like to look at both, please."
"OK, and one last question. Would you say the boy in question has
light, normal, or heavy wettings?"
"I'd have to say they're normal during the day and very heavy at
"I see. Well, from the information given, these are the
selections we have to offer that might work the best," Mrs. Kelly was
told as she was handed a three-ring binder.
"Now almost all of the diapers we carry work well for day time
use and are very discreet. Though our most popular seller is the
Attends Perma-Dry Plus brand. This diaper has a foam style waistband,
three refastenable tapes on each side and has new leak guard barriers
around the legs and waist. They also come in assorted colors, including
a plain white."
"OK, I'd like two cases of those in the assorted colors. what
would you suggest for nighttime use?"
"Since you stated that your son is a very heavy night wetter, I'd
have to suggest either the Molicare Super diaper, or the new Thickies
brand. Now they both are really good about controlling leaks at night
and both have leg leak guards, though the Thickies also have the leak
guards at the waist, along with a waistband. The Thickies, like the
Attends, come in either plain white, or colors. The Molicares only come
in a purple color. Also, the Molicares are almost twice the price of
the Thickies since the Molicares get shipped in from overseas," The
salesman told her.
"OK, I'd like a case of the Thickies in the colors as well. Both
will need to be in the youth size. I'd also like to see what you have
in the way of cloth diapers," Mrs. Kelly added.
"I could show you a pattern for the cloth diapers, but we would
need to measure the child since we make the cloth diapers to size."
Mrs. Kelly just nodded at this.
"Do you have anything in the way of furniture for an older child?
I'd be looking for a changing table?"
"I can give you information about the changing tables we carry,
but like the cloth diapers we make those from a basic design and would
need to get the child's height and weight to make sure the table would
hold up to the stresses."
"OK, I would like the information on the cloth diapers and
changing table."
"That's no problem, I'll get everything set up for you. If you'd
like to have a seat it'll be just a few minutes for us to get your
order put together." Mrs. Kelly nodded at this and took the offered
seat. About this time John came up with the items she had requested.
"I think I got it all, mum," John said by way of greeting.
"It looks like you got everything."
"Mum, are you sure we'll need all this stuff for Josh?"
"Yes, I'm sure," She said with a knowing smile. A few moments
later a stock boy came out with several boxes loaded on a dolly.
"Mrs. Kelly?" the stock boy asked.
"Yes," she replied.
"Here is your order, ma'am."
"Thank you."
"If you have everything else you need I'll help you out to your
car with these." She just nodded at this and headed back up front to
pay for every thing.
"Ma'am if you don't mind my saying so, I think you'll find you
made some very good selections," the stock boy said nervously.
"Oh, really!?" came the surprised response.
"Yes ma'am. I use the Thickies myself at night and my younger
brother uses both the Attends and Thickies. We've never had any trouble
with them leaking and the Attends are hardly noticeable under loose
clothing," came the nonplused answer as the boxes were lifted into the
back of the car.
"I see. Well, I thank you for the comments about them and for
your help with the boxes," Mrs. Kelly said with a smile as she handed
the teen a $5 tip for his help. With a nod and word of thanks the teen
headed back into the store.
" The guy wasn't kidding about what he said about the Attends
being hardly noticeable under loose clothing," John stated a few
minutes later.
"Why do you say that" his mom asked.
" Because it looked like he was wearing one. It was showing over
the top of his pants when he bent over to lift the boxes into the car."
"I didn't seem to notice, but if you're right I don't think your
brother will have any trouble with them then." John just nodded at
Erin met them at the door when they walked into the house a short
time later.
"Mum, you better go have a talk with Josh. I went in to check on
him and change him like you asked me and he locked himself in his room
when I went to go get a wash cloth."
"OK, I'll go check on Josh. You can go help John bring the bags
in from the car and just leave the boxes I'll have John and your father
get them after dinner."
"OK, mum," Erin replied as she grabbed her coat.
With a groan Mrs. Kelly went up to talk with her youngest about
the changes that were going to be made.
"Josh, open this door now!" With a small click the door opened
and Mrs. Kelly saw her youngest standing there in a very ill-fitting
"Would you like to tell me why you locked your sister out when
she was trying to change you earlier?"
"I didn't want her to see me like that. You didn't tell me you
were going to tell her about this," Josh stated crying.
"Josh, you have to realize that this problem of yours will cause
some adjustments to be made. Now I know you would have preferred to not
have your brother or sister know about this, but since I'll be needing
their help they had to know. Now, why don't you lay down and we can get
this nappy on you right."
"Mum, dad's home and Erin said dinner was ready," John announced
sticking his head into his brother's room.
"OK John, we'll be down in a few moments," she told her middle
son before turning her attention back to her youngest. "And Josh, I
expect you to apologize to your sister when go down for dinner." Josh
only nodded to this while his mom finished changing him.
"Arthur, after dinner would you mind helping John bring in the
boxes from the back of the car and Erin I'll need your help as well in
Josh's room," Mrs. Kelly asked her husband and told her daughter.
"Not at all, dear." The rest of the dinner went by quickly with
no comment being made about Josh's condition
"Josh, you and your sister grab the last bags and follow me,"
Mrs. Kelly told her daughter and son, and John and his dad got their
coats on to get the boxes out of the car. Josh started to balk a bit
when his mom pulled a plastic sheet out of one of the bags and started
stripping his bed to put it on, but a look from her stopped him before
it got very far.
"Where would you like these?" Mr. Kelly asked as Mrs. Kelly
finished remaking Josh's bed.
"Place one box of each over in the corner and place the others in
the storage room." With a nod John and his dad placed the boxes they
were carrying into the area indicated and left the room. while all this
was going on Erin had finished clearing out space in her brother's
"What now, mum?" Erin asked.
"Just shove the boxes into the space for now. We'll do more to it
this weekend." After this was done Josh was headed off to get his bath
and final diaper change for the night.
"OK, Josh, hop up on your bed," his mom said as they got back in
to his room after he was done with his bath. Without a word, Josh lay
down on the changing pad his mum had laid out. His eyes widened a bit
when he saw the thick nappy his mom had in her hand.
" I thought it would be best to go with the thicker nappies since
I know you wet a lot at night," Mrs. Kelly said in seeing the look on
her son's face. Mrs. Kelly smiled a bit when Josh tried to walk out of
the room with the new diaper he had on.
Several hours later the younger Kelly kids were sent off to bed,
though John ended up helping his brother up the stairs since his diaper
was throwing off his gait.
"Don't worry about it Josh, I'm sure you'll get used to it after
a bit," John chuckled as he tucked his brother into bed.


Chapter Six

"Where's Josh?" Erin asked the next morning at breakfast.
"I'm keeping him home from school today. I need to take him out
shopping to get him some clothes that will fit over his nappies," Mrs.
Kelly told her daughter.
"I guess that makes sense," she answered with a smile. Just as
she said this Josh made his entrance into the dinning room.
"Morning, Josh," Erin called.
"Morning," came the yawned answer.
"Well, good morning!" Mrs. Kelly said brightly as she saw her
youngest taking his place at the table.
"Morning, mum."
"How did you sleep last night?"
"I had a hard time getting comfortable with this nappy I have
on," Josh said glumly.
"That's OK. I'm sure you'll get used to it after a bit. The
important thing is that you didn't have to wake up in a cold wet bed."
"I guess you're right," Josh answered his mom a bit more brightly
than before.
"I'll get you changed after breakfast," Mrs. Kelly told him just
as John came running into the dining room.
"Ah, and here comes Mr. Punctuality himself," Mrs. Kelly joked.
"Sorry mum," John said, turning a bit red.
"That's all right. Now eat before your food gets cold," she
answered with a laugh After a quick meal John and Erin headed out to
catch their buses and it was just Josh and his mom.
"OK Thumper, lets go get you cleaned up," Mrs. Kelly announced as
she financed up the breakfast dishes. With a small sigh Josh followed
her up to his room.
Without a word Josh spread the changing mat out on his bed and
lay down on it. Mrs. Kelly smiled at this and took it as a sign that
Josh was at least partially accepting what was happening to him.
"Well, lets get this wet thing off you and get you cleaned up,"
Mrs. Kelly stated as she started to pull the tapes open on Josh's
Josh soon found himself getting bathed by his mom, something that
hadn't happened in over two years.
"OK, you're all done!" Mrs. Kelly said a short time later,
allowing Josh to stand up and get out of the tub.
"OK, Josh step on to the scale for a moment." Without comment he
did as he was asked and noticed that his mom wrote down the number from
the scale.
"Just one more thing and we can get you nappied and dressed for
the day," Josh's mom said as she pulled a cloth tape measure and
started to measure him all over. This got Josh's curiosity up and he
asked "What's all this for, mum?"
"Well, Josh, keeping you in disposables would be too expensive
over time, so I plan on ordering you some cloth diapers to wear when
you're at home and they would need your measurements to make them, and
I also plan on getting you some new clothes to fit over your diapers
and I need to know what size to get them in."
"Oh, OK. I was just wondering."
After packing several of the Attends, powder and diaper wipes
into a backpack Mrs. Kelly handed this off to Josh and they headed off
to the Klothes For Kids, the place Mrs. Kelly and John had visited the
night before.
"Mum, why do I have to be the one to carry the backpack?" Josh
asked on the why out to the car.
"It's simple, Josh, since this is your problem, I feel that you
should do your part in handling it."
"Now let's get over to the store before any big rush starts,"
Mrs. Kelly stated as she put the car in gear and pulled out of the
15 minutes later they pulled into the parking lot of the store
and were lucky enough to find a parking spot close to the building so
they wouldn't have to spend that much time out in the cold wind.
"OK Josh, follow me," Josh was told as his mom headed for the
back of the store. Josh looked around in awe of all the stuff he was
seeing for the older boys, having never thought that there could
possibly the need for a place like this.
Mrs. Kelly was surprised to see the same gentleman as the night
before behind the counter.
"Ah, I'm glad to see you back so soon," he called out when he saw
Mrs. Kelly again.
"And this must be the young man you were talking about last
night," He added while smiling at Josh.
"His name's Josh," Mrs. Kelly offered.
"Hello Josh, I'm Kevin," Kevin said while offing his hand to
"Hi," Josh answered softly and turning red.
"No reason to be embarrassed, Josh. Things like this happen,"
Kevin told him before turning back to Mrs. Kelly.
"Now then, last night you were asking about cloth diapers and a
changing table, correct?" Kevin inquired.
"Yes, that's right," came the mildly surprised answer.
"Well, why don't you come on back and we can discuss options and
get some fittings taken," Kevin offered while opening a side door for
"Hey Steven!" Kevin yelled to a person at a nearby work station.
"Yeah Kev?" the guy called back.
"Go watch the front counter for a bit. I'm needing to help some
"OK," Steve replied getting up from the computer he was working
"Now then, lets see what we can get done to help you," Kevin told
them as he headed to a nearby office.
"Now then, with the cloth diapers, were you going to be wanting
the normal pin closure on the diapers, or were you looking at Velcro?"
Kevin asked as he pulled some binders out of file cabinet he had under
the desk.
"I was thinking of Velcro closure since I feel it would be easier
to work with and be faster when speed is needed."
"It is, I can assure you of that," Kevin said absentmindedly.
Mrs. Kelly looked at him funny at that, but didn't make any comment.
"Anyway, the Velcro style diapers will run a bit more on the cost
side, but you'll find they can be a bit cost-effective in the long run
since you wouldn't have to keep replacing lost, or broken pins," Kevin
told them.
"I'm going to assume that you'll be wanting the cloth diapers to
be strictly for nighttime use, or would you be wanting some thinner
ones also for use during the day?"
"I'd be wanting some for daytime use, but mostly for night time
use," Mrs. Kelly confirmed.
"OK then, these are the styles we carry in both the day and night
styles. Of course as you know the day time one can be layered to a
nighttime thickness," Kevin told her as he opened one of the binders
and turned it around to show Josh and his mom.
"What are these?" Josh asked a few minutes later flipping through
to the back of the binder.
"Which ones?" Kevin asked looking over to the area Josh was
pointing at.
"Ah, the Deidies by Heidi line. Those are one of our most famous
sellers," came a chuckled reply.
"I can tell you that it would take an act of God to flood those
out," Kevin laughed at some faraway memory.
"Oh really?" Mrs. Kelly asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Yes ma'am. I met the creator of that line about 10 years ago and
I know what I'm talking about," Kevin stated with a slightly glazed
look in his eyes. Mrs. Kelly figured that Kevin was reliving a not-so-
pleasant experience in those few seconds. She knew the look since her
father had gotten the same look in his eyes at times when the was asked
a question about his service in W.W.II.
"I'm sorry if I spoke out of turn," she apologized.
"It's OK. I find it helps to talk about it at times. Well, if
you've made up your minds lets get some measurements taken and we can
go from there," Kevin added after a moment.
"I have his measurements right here," Mrs. Kelly told him while
handing over the paper she had written Josh's measurements on.
"OK, were these taken with, or without a diaper on?" Kevin asked
while putting the information into their computer.
"All right. Uh, Mrs. Kelly it seems that you missed one," Kevin
said a second later
"Yeah. we still need the through-the-crotch measurement." Mrs.
Kelly turned red turned red at hearing this since she knew this was one
of the important ones.
"It's no problem, I have a tape measure right here and I can get
it in just a moment," Kevin stated standing up in the process.
"Josh, if you could just drop your pants for a moment we can get
this done in a split second."
"I'm not taking my nappy off for that!" Josh protested.
"And, I'm not asking you to. I just need you to drop your regular
pants so I can take some measurements," Kevin replied softly.
"Go ahead, Josh." With only a moment more of hesitation Josh
pulled down the pants he had on. True to his word, Kevin took only a
second to get the numbers he needed for the diaper order, though he did
smile briefly when he saw the red-colored diaper Josh had on. Mrs.
Kelly noticed that it was also wet just as Kevin was about to ask for
more information there was a knock at the door.
"I'm sorry for interrupting, Kevin, but I need your help out
front for a moment with you-know-who," Steve said cryptically with a
look of utter disgust on his face Kevin got out of his chair.
"I'm sorry about that. I'll be back in a few minutes." Kevin
apologized as he left the room.
"OK, Josh why don't you hop up hear for a minute and I can get
you into a dry nappy," Josh was told as soon as the door closed behind
Kevin. With a glum look Josh did as he was told and hopped up onto the
changing table that was against the back wall of the office. Josh soon
had his pants back down around his ankles and was having his wet diaper
pulled off. Without much said Mrs. Kelly cleaned her son off and was
soon applying a new diaper to him. She was just fastening the last tape
when Kevin walked back in.
"I'm sorry," Kevin started to say when he was cut off.
"It's all right I was just finishing up."
"OK. You can just put the old diaper into the bin under the
table," she was told.
"Now, that we have all the measurements, how many diapers were
you wanting to order?" Steve continued as he sat back down.
"I'd like four dozen in the daytime style one and a half dozen in
the night time style we talked about. I'd also like to have three dozen
pairs of the plastic pants, half in the pull up style, half in the snap
on style," Kevin was informed.
"We can do that, and with the plastic pants did you want those in
the plain or rumba style, and did you like those to be the frosted
white, clear, colored, or the cartoon print?" Kevin finished slightly
winded. Mrs. Kelly smiled a bit at this as she answered.
"The plain style, please, and in an assortment of the rest, if
it's not too much trouble."
"Not at all. We do carry an assortment pack of them." Kevin
received a nod at that and continued.
"Now, you were also looking for a changing table, also, correct?"
"Yes please," came the answer and over the next several minutes
Kevin went over the types of tables they carried and after a few
minutes of talking it over Josh and his mom settled on a style they
both liked.
"OK then it'll just be a few minutes while we get the order
finished up and a receipt printed out," Kevin told them after a few
more strokes on the computer he was working at.
"Josh would you mind waiting out front while I finish up here,"
Mrs. Kelly stated not wanting her son to know just how much this was
"OK mum," Josh said getting out of his chair.
"I'll be seeing you around," Kevin said as Josh left the room.

"I must say Kevin, I don't think I've ever seen anyone as
knowledgeable in this area as I've seen today. You also seem to be
quite good with handling kids. I'm sure your parents must be proud of
"I'm really glad you think I do a good job. I've always had a
natural way with kids in this area, especially since I've been here
myself. As far my parents are concerned, I'm not sure how they feel. I
haven't seen my father since I was a small child and my mother died
almost nine years ago."
"I'm sorry to hear about that. You must miss her at times," Mrs.
Kelly stated in sympathy.
"I wasn't sorry to hear about it, and to be truthful, I couldn't
be happier about it," Kevin spat venomously." Mrs. Kelly was taken
aback but the tone of the statement as well as by the words themselves.
"I'm sorry about that. It's just that with all the stuff I had
been through as a kid, hearing that she had died was a sense of relief
for me," Kevin replied as he took the order forms and receipt from the
printer and handed them over to Mrs. Kelly. It was then that Mrs. Kelly
saw a mark on Kevin's forearm.
"That was one of the reasons I was happy to hear about my
mothers' passing away." Kevin's statement made Mrs. Kelly realized that
she had been staring at the mark on his arm.
"I'm sorry for staring. It's just that I've never seen a tattoo
like that before."
"And you never will since that's a brand, not a tattoo."
"A brand? What kind of parent would brand their child?" came an
astonished reply.
"Believe me, I've wondered that for years. In a way, that's how
I've gotten to be so good dealing with kids in diapers, especially
boys. My mother belonged to a feminist group that was a great deal on
the radical side. I was in diapers till I was almost twenty because of
the crap she put me and my brother through. If it hadn't been for Mr.
Oppenheimer breaking his own sons out of the compound my mother was at
and calling the police about it I have no idea of what might have
become of my brothers and I. My two younger brothers still wear them."
It was then that Mrs. Kelly realized that the teen working the counter
out front was Kevin's brother.
"Anyway, after graduating high school at sixteen, I got a job for
the Klothes for Kids in Boise and when they opened this store I was
offered the manager's position for this department and I took it. My
brothers decided to join me, a fresh start, if you will."
"If you don't mind my asking, what happened to your sister?" Mrs.
Kelly asked, caught up in the story Kevin was telling her.
"I'm not sure. I haven't heard from her after she graduated
college and headed out East."
"I'm sorry. I'm sure that one day you'll hear from her again."
"I do hope you're right. Listen, I'm sorry about going on about
all that. That's the first time I've ever told anyone about that
portion of my childhood," Kevin said in a slightly choked voice.
"I don't mind at all. I know from experience that talking about
things like this helps the healing process. Perhaps if you were to
write things down it would help?" Mrs. Kelly suggested.
"It sounds like you know what you're talking about. You wouldn't
be a psychologist, would you?"
"No, but my sister is and this is what she normally suggests for
case like this."
"I might just do that," Kevin said with a smile. A few moments
later Kevin led Mrs. Kelly out to the service desk again.
"Come on, Josh, we have more shopping to do," Mrs. Kelly
announced. And hour later Josh walked out of the store with an entirely
new wardrobe, though he was still a bit upset about the onesies that
his mom picked up for him. After a quick lunch Josh was changed into
one of his Thickies diapers, a new footed sleeper and was told to take
a nap on the living room couch while Mrs. Kelly put all his new clothes
a way and set about taking notes about the best way to rearrange his
room so the changing table would fit in it when it came. After doing
all this she decided to look up on the Internet about what Kevin had
mentioned in his office. She soon became even more shocked by what she
"Mum, I'm home!" John called a few hours later.
"How was your day?" Mrs. Kelly asked as she came out of the
"Not bad. I got lucky today and ended up not having any homework
given out," John added smiling.
"If it's OK, I was wondering if I could go over to DJ's for a
while before dinner?"
"I don't see a problem with it since you don't have any homework
to do. I will ask that you check Josh and change him if needed before
you go over."
"I don't mind at all," John stated as he head up stairs to drop
his books off in his room.
"Hey Josh, mum wanted me to see if you needed to be changed?"
John asked as he stuck his head in his brother's room. John did chuckle
a bit to himself when he saw that his brother was wearing a set of
footed sleepers.
"Yeah, I am a little wet and messy," Josh replied, though looking
a bit embarrassed at being caught wear a set of sleepers. John just
nodded at this and set about getting the items he'd need to change his
"OK, Josh, do you want red, blue, white, green, or yellow?" John
asked his brother. letting him know that he was giving him the choice
as to which color his next diaper would be.
"Blue," came the smiled reply. John smiled as well as he reached
into the box of diapers and pulled out a blue colored diaper.
"Now let's get this sleeper opened up," John stated as he bent
over to start undoing the zipper. He stopped a moment later when he saw
that the sleepers Josh had on had snaps running through the crotch of
them and down both legs.
"Well, this will certainly make things easier," John mumbled to
"What will make things easier?"
"These sleepers have a snap opening crotch. This will make things
easier when we change you." Josh nodded to this as his brother finished
opening up the snaps and pulled his feet out of them.
"Lift up a bit, Josh, so I can a better angle to this diaper of
yours." After pushing the sleeper up higher and getting better access
to the diaper Josh had on John was able to get him changed quickly and
was soon getting the sleeper snapped back up.
"OK, you're all done," John stated as he stood up and placed the
old, rolled-up diaper in the Diaper Genie that was picked up the night
before. Josh hopped off the bed and headed downstairs to watch TV.
"Mum, I'm heading over to DJ's now!" John yelled as he came
downstairs after washing his hands.
"O.K. John, but I want you home by 5:30," His mom called back.
"O.K." John called back after a quick look at his watch.
"Is DJ home?" John asked a few minutes later when DJ's brother
Paul answered the door.
"Yeah, come on in he'll be down in a minute," Paul stated as he
stepped back to allow John to enter the house. Then, turning to the
nearby stairs he called "Hey DJ! John's here to see you!"
"OK, I'll be down in a moment!" came the disembodied reply.
"Damn! He's early," DJ thought to himself as he quickly went
about changing into some dry GoodNites and making sure that any other
changing supply was out of plain sight.
"Come on up, John!" DJ called from the top of the stairs. John
entered the bedroom a few seconds later, wondering what the delay was,
but deciding not to ask.
"You're not going to believe this," John stated in greeting, with
a huge smile.
"What? you finally got laid, or something?" DJ joked.
"Even better than that. Josh got put back in diapers last a few
nights ago due to all the accidents he's been having," John laughed.
"What, your parents finally got fed up with all the extra
laundry?" DJ smiled.
"Nah, it turns out that all the 'accidents' he's been having
really have been accidents," John replied and spent the next several
minutes explaining what had happened over the past couple of weeks.
"That's really cool. I thought I had seen you at Klothes for Kidz
the other night with your mom. For a while there, I thought maybe you
were getting something for yourself," DJ said with a small chuckle.
John turned a bit red at this.
"Relax John, I was just joking."
"Oh, OK, but what were you doing there?"
"I was helping my Aunt pick up some things for her daycare. she
gets a volume discount there since she tends to buy in bulk. So, how's
Josh taking having to wear diapers again?"
"He's getting used to it, but he hasn't been back to school yet
wearing them, so I can only guess about how that will work out." DJ
just nodded thoughtfully at this, knowing what was in store for John's
brother. After talking about this for a while longer, the boys started
up a game of Road Rage till John had to go home.
"Hey DJ, I was wondering if you'd like to spend the night next
weekend?" John asked on the way out the door.
"I'd like to, John, but I already accepted an invitation from
Mark for next weekend. Maybe after the holiday break starts in a couple
of weeks we'll be able to set something up." John nodded to this and
headed home.
"Did you have fun over at DJ's, John?" his mom asked over dinner
that evening.
"Yeah, we just played video games the entire time."
"Did he accept your sleepover invitation for next weekend? I know
you've been thinking of having him over for a while now."
"No, he turned it down. He had already accepted another
invitation for next weekend," John replied glumly.
"I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure he wants to, though," John's
dad piped in.
"I feel he is, too, since he commented about us getting something
set up over the holiday break in a few weeks."
"Well, there you go. And if you give us a couple of days notice
when he accepts we'll make sure the calendar is cleared so there aren't
any interruptions," Mr. Kelly said before his wife could.
After dinner was over, the Kelly kids went up to get their
showers and into their pajamas.
"Josh why don't you try and use the toilet while I go get your
night nappies and PJs ready for you," Erin suggested as Josh came out
of the bathroom.
"Why? I'll just end up using them later anyway." Josh asked.
"That's true, but this way you won't have to worry about having
to sleep all night in a messy diaper and possibly get a rash. Now go
on," Erin told him with a smile. With a shrug Josh reentered the
bathroom to do as he was asked to do. He was a bit surprised to have
his bowels and bladder empty almost as soon as he sat down. This made
him thankful that he had taken his sister's advice, knowing full well
that if he hadn't she would have sent him to bed wearing them and he
would have ended up with a rash. He made up his mind right there that
he would still try and use the toilet when he had the chance,
especially right before getting his night diaper put on.
"Erin!, I'm ready!" Josh called from his room a few minutes
"C'mon down here Josh, I have all your things with me." Erin
called back. knowing that it would be hopeless to argue this with her
Josh headed down to the family room.
"OK Thumper, plant your tush right down here," Erin smiled while
she patted the changing pad she already had spread out. With a slight
sigh, Josh lay himself out on the pad and allowed his sister to start
diapering him for the night.
"All done. You can get your PJs on now," Erin said a few minutes
later with a light slap to the side of her brother's thickly padded
rump and handing him the sleepers she brought down with everything
else. Josh turned a bit red at getting handed these, but did admit to
himself that these were a lot more comfortable and warmer that his old
ones. Just as he finished zipping them up, his father got up and
started the movie they had rented for the evening. On his way back to
his chair he decided to give his son a pat on his diapered rear just as
he had done when all of his kids were younger and still in diapers.
"OK Josh, time for bed," Mrs. Kelly announced several hours, only
to see that he was already sleeping soundly next to his brother.
"Josh, wake up honey," Mrs. Kelly said softly, while shaking
Josh's shoulder he didn't even stir at this. She was just about to do
this again when her husband stopped her.
"Janet, let's leave him there for now. He doesn't seem to be
bothering anyone and it won't hurt him." Mrs. Kelly nodded to this and
sat back down in her chair while the second movie of the evening was
"You go ahead and go up to bed. I'll put Josh to bed tonight,"
Mr. Kelly told his wife after they had finished the second movie. With
a slight nod of thanks Mrs. Kelly herded John and Erin up to bed. With
little effort Mr. Kelly picked Josh up and rested his head on his
shoulder. Josh stirred a bit while he was taken up the stairs but was
soon fast asleep. On reaching Josh's room Mr. Kelly gently laid his son
down on the bed and after placing his son's teddy bear in his arms he
covered them both up. After a quick thought he left the room and
returned a few minutes later with a baby bottle filled with water. This
he placed next to Josh's head with the nipple resting lightly against
his lips. Mr. Kelly was slightly surprised when Josh almost immediately
took the bottle in his mouth fully and started sucking on it softly.
After a final light kiss on his son's forehead he left the room closing
the door silently behind him
Josh awoke the next morning surprised to see an empty baby bottle
laying next to his head. Not knowing what to make of this he decided to
keep quiet about it for the time being since he didn't want his brother
and sister making fun of him over it. After a few more minutes he
decided to get up and go watch some cartoons before breakfast. As
normal for him, he grabbed his blanket and bear as he climbed out of
bed and headed downstairs.
"Morning Josh," his dad called as he passed by the dining room.
"Morning dad," came the sleepy reply.
"I think someone is in serious need of a change about now," Mr.
Kelly announced as his son walked past, "Why don't you go lay down on
the pad and I'll be right back."
"That's OK dad. I can wait till after breakfast," Josh stated
"You might be able to, but I doubt the rest of us will. Besides,
I don't want you to have to deal with a rash from sitting in a dirty
diaper for too long." With this said, Mr. Kelly headed upstairs to get
a clean diaper for his son. Seeing that this was going to be a losing
battle Josh headed off to do as he was told. after turning the TV on
and changing it to the Cartoon Channel, he spread out the changing pad
and lay down on it after undoing the lower portion of his sleepers.
"Well, I see that you decided to make things easy for me this
morning," Josh's dad joked as he reentered the room carrying a dark
green diaper in one hand. Josh just turned red at this. After kneeling
down on the floor and arranging all the changing supplies to where he
could get to them as needed Mr. Kelly untaped his son's diaper and
pulled the front of it down. Just as he finished doing this a stream of
pee erupted from Josh's penis, catching his father in the chest before
he could pull the diaper back up to catch it.
"I'm sorry, it just happened! I couldn't stop it!" came the
embarrassed cry. Mr. Kelly just started laughing at this.
"There's no need to cry now, Josh. These things happen, besides
this isn't the first time you've christened a shirt for me," Josh was
told as he father pulled the diaper back down and continued with the
task at hand. Josh soon found himself in a dry diaper and his sleepers
being snapped closed again.
"Now you go ahead and watch your show," Mr. Kelly said with a
smile as he finished rolling up the old diaper. With a light slap to
his padded posterior Josh hopped up on the couch and curled up in his
blanket and snuggling with his bear.
"Goodness Arthur, what happened to your shirt?" Janet Kelly asked
as her husband came back into their bedroom.
"Josh was smelling rather ripe when he came downstairs and I
decided to change him. As I pulled the front of his diaper down he
sprung a leak," Arthur replied to his wife with a smile.
"I seem to recall that he used to do that quite often when he was
younger," came the chuckled reply.
"I remember that now, but I had forgotten that at the time," was
the muffled response, as Mr. Kelly pulled the pee soaked shirt over his
"Well, after you change, make sure that you rinse the stain out
and take it down to the laundry room.
"Yes, dear," Mr. Kelly laughed as he ducked under the pillow his
wife threw at him.
"Kid's breakfast is ready!" Mrs. Kelly called a while later. The
sound of pounding feet announced that everyone had heard and she
wouldn't have to make the call again. As usual, breakfast was finished
with the expected speed and soon the dishes were being cleared
"So, what does everyone have planned for today?" Mrs. Kelly asked
while her and John cleared away the dishes.
"DJ, I and some of the other guys were planning on going over to
the elementary school and sled for a while," John replied to the
"I was thinking of going over to the mall with Linda and Cheryl,"
Erin replied.
"What about you, Josh?" Mr. Kelly asked when he saw that Josh
hadn't said anything.
"I don't have anything planned," Josh answered his father softly.
"You could come with me Josh if you wanted. I'm sure that the
guys wouldn't mind. If fact, I think their brothers will probably
coming with us," John announced.
"That's very kind of you to offer, John, but your brother does
have plans for the day." Josh looked up on hearing this.
"David's mom called last yesterday while you were asleep Josh and
asked if it would be OK for him to come over while she went to a hair
appointment. I told her that this wouldn't be a problem." Josh looked
stunned at hearing this. While he liked David he wasn't sure as to how
David would take finding out that he wore diapers again and mentioned
this to his mom.
"When you consider that David never said anything about all your
accidents before this time, I highly doubt he'll have anything to say
about it now. And if he does, you can just tell him that this is taking
care of a problem in a grown up fashion." Mrs. Kelly said plainly,
secretly glad that she had already mentioned this to David and his mom
and already knew that David didn't have a problem with this.

Chapter Seven

The rest of the morning had gone by slowly. Mrs. Kelly had done
her best to keep Josh occupied so he wouldn't think too much about
David coming over later that afternoon.
"Josh, why don't you go out and play for awhile. I think the
fresh air would do you some good." "Okay mum," Josh said glumly as he
went to get on his snowsuit.
"At least I won't have to worry about trying to get out of this
stupid thing if I have to go to the bathroom in a hurry," Josh thought
to himself with a slight smile as he climbed into the pants of his
snowsuit. After pulling on his jacket he took one last look around his
room to make sure all of his diapers and changing supplies were put
Mrs. Kelly smiled slightly as Josh walked past her to head out to
the back yard.
"It's a good thing I got that suit in a slightly larger size than
he normally wears, or he never would have been able pull them on over
the diaper he has on," she thought to herself as she went about the
rest of her housework.
Josh was still out side playing when the doorbell sounded.
"Hello Carol, and you must be David," Mrs. Kelly said to the
woman and young boy standing on their front steps. "Please come in,"
she added, stepping aside so her guests could enter the house.
"Josh is out back, if you'd like to join him," David was told.
after getting a nod from his mom David sped out side to join his
"I'd like to thank you for taking David for the afternoon on such
short notice, Janet. It's really helping me out,"
"Oh, it's no problem. I know all too well what's like trying to
take a young boy to the beauty parlor," Mrs. Kelly laughed. David's mom
shared in the laugh.
"You're not kidding there, and this way I'll be able to get a bit
of Christmas shopping done for the boys while I'm at it. Besides, I
think that this will be good for David. He's just been moping around
the house since my divorce to his dad was finalized,"
"I know what he must be going through. My oldest sister's kids
did the same thing after he divorce," Janet Kelly stated. While the two
ladies talked for a while longer David and Josh were outside acting
like typical ten- year-old boys.
"HEY JOSH!! Think quick!" David yelled as he launched the
snowball he had in his hand. Josh for his part turned around just in
time to catch the projectile square in the chest.
"OOOFFF!" Josh grunted as the snowball hit him and fell to the
ground. David ran over to Josh when he saw that his friend wasn't
moving. Thinking that he might have really hurt his friend with the
snowball he threw.
"You all right, Josh?" David asked while shaking his gasping
friend on the shoulder. As suddenly as he went down, Josh rolled over
tossing a large handful of snow into his friend's face. Before David
had a chance to get over the surprise of this, Josh pushed him over
into the snow. Soon the two boys were laughing their heads off while
wrestling around in the snow. Josh for the most part found himself on
the losing end of this because David was a good Five inches taller and
Fifteen pounds heavier than he was.
When Josh first met David he would have sworn that David was
older than he was and for one reason, or another had been held back. he
was shocked to find that his soon to be friend was just two months
older than he was. Josh was pleased when David stayed friends with him
after all the trouble he had been having with his accidents. David
seemed to be the only person that didn't hold this against him and
didn't mind being seen with him. In fact, David and been the only
person to stick up for him when the harassment he had gotten over his
accidents had become physical.
"OK, boys! It's time to come in!" Mrs. Kelly called an hour
"We'll be right there," Josh called as he dumped one last arm
load of snow over his friend's head and took off running for the house
with David close behind.
"You two stop right where you are,", Mrs. Kelly stated as the
boys came through the back door, "I don't want you tracking snow all
over the house. Now, both of you strip those wet clothes off, set them
next to the door, go up stairs, get dried off and climb into some dry
"David, I said strip," Mrs. Kelly said pointedly as the boy tried
walking past her with his wet pants and shirt still on.
"But I don't have any other clothes with me," David protested.
"I'm aware of that, but like I said, I don't want you tracking
snow all over the house. In fact, after you take those clothes off I
want you to go take a quick shower to warm you up. I'll not take the
risk of you getting sick because I let you walk around in cold wet
clothes." Sensing the tone of voice being used David complied with his
friend's mom's wishes and stripped down to his underwear.
"Those too," Mrs. Kelly said when she saw that David's underwear
was wet from the snow as well. David turned red at this, but as before
he complied without saying a thing.
"Josh, would you mind showing David where the shower is while I
put these in to the drier and get him some dry clothes to wear." Josh
just nodded at this and motioned for his friend to follow him.
"I'm sorry about all that, but my mum is a real stickler about
things like this."
"It's OK, my mom does the same thing when my brothers and I get
done playing outside when it's wet," David informed his friend. Josh
was soon showing him where the shower was and where to find the towels
when he was done with his shower. As soon as David had started the
shower Josh headed off to his room and hoped that his mom would be able
to get his diaper changed before his friend was finished.
OK, now let's get you taken care of," Josh's mom said as she
walked in to his room with an arm full of clothes, which she set down
on the top of her son's dresser.
"I guess you are in a hurry to get changed, aren't you?" came a
joking comment when Mrs. Kelly saw that Josh had already gotten all the
items for his diaper change out.
"I wanted to try and get done before David is done with his
shower," Josh said plainly.
"Then let's get started," Mrs. Kelly stated as she bent over to
untape Josh's diaper.
"Mrs. Kelly, I'm done with my shower," David said walking into
the bedroom and stopped in his tracks when he saw his friend laying out
on the bed and in the middle of an obvious diaper change.
"Oh, I'm sorry!" David stammered and backed out of the room
unable to take his eyes off the sight in front of him. Josh for his
part, turned bright red from embarrassment and looked like he was going
to start crying.
"I'll be right back," Mrs. Kelly informed her son as she stood up
leaving him laying on his changing pad naked from the waist down.
Without a further comment she picked up the clothes she had gotten out
for David and left the room.
"I am really sorry about walking in like that, Mrs. Kelly. I saw
that the door was open and didn't think," David apologized.
"It's OK David, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Don't
worry about it. Now you go put these on. You can get dressed in here,"
Mrs. Kelly finished as she handed him the clothes in her hands and
opened the door to the bedroom they were in front of. David nodded at
this and entered the room indicated. He was halfway through getting
dressed when he realized that he was in a girl's bedroom. Seeing this
caused him to speed up his getting dressed.
"Now let's get you finished up," Mrs. Kelly said as she came back
into the room a moment later. This time closing the door behind her.
She could tell that Josh was upset by what had just happened as he was
holding his teddy bear to his chest.
"It's not as bad as you think Josh,", Mrs. Kelly continued,
"David seems more embarrassed by this than you are."
"He probably will want to go home now and not want to be around
me. I mean, who would want to have a baby for a friend," Josh babbled.
"Now you just quit that kind of talk right now, Joshua. David
made no mention of wanting to go to him over this and you by no stretch
of the imagination are a 'baby.' As I said before, you are handling
this problem in a very adult manner and what you wear under your pants
won't matter one bit to people who are truly your friends. So just stop
this whining right now!" Josh was told forcefully as his mom finished
taping his new diaper closed. Josh just nodded to this as his mom
handed him a pair of dry sweat pants to put on.
David was sitting on the couch watching some TV when Josh and his
mom came downstairs.
"I'm really sorry about walking in on you like that, Josh. When I
saw the door was open I didn't think about what might have been going
on. I hope you're not mad at me for it," David told his friend.
Seeing that David, too, was embarrassed about what had happened
and really was sorry about walking in on him, what little anger he
still had going vanished.
"It's OK. I know you didn't mean anything by it. You won't tell
anybody about this will you?" Slightly confused by the question David
queried for a clarification to it.
"Are you asking me not to tell anyone about my walking in on you,
or the fact that you wear diapers again?"
"Both," Josh stated.
"You can be certain that I won't tell anyone about my walking in
on you and I won't mention that you wear diapers but, I have the
feeling that people will find out about it soon enough," David informed
his friend. Josh nodded his thanks to this, but knew that David was
correct, people would find out soon enough that he was wearing diapers
"Boys, lunch is ready," Josh's mom called a few minutes later. On
hearing this the two boys raced to the dining room table though, the
smaller of the two boys did so with a slight waddle. After lunch, the
two boys spent the rest of the afternoon playing video games and
horsing around.
"David! Your mother is here!"
"I'll be right down Mrs. Kelly!" came the disembodied reply.
"Well, I guess I have to go now. I want to say that I had a
really fun time and thanks for having me over."
"Well, this was my mom's idea, but I'm glad you came over, too.
Maybe we can have a sleep over some time," Josh asked.
"That would be fun," David said with confidence. thinking that
for the first time he could have a sleepover and not worry about if he
had an accident, or not.
"David where are you other clothes?" Mrs. Kessler asked her son
when she saw that he was wearing something different than what he was
dropped off in.
"Oh, thanks for reminding me," Mrs. Kelly piped in. "His other
clothes were so wet when the boys came in from playing in the snow, I
had him change into something dry."
David's mom nodded at this thinking for a moment that David had
an "accident" and got his pants wet that way.
"David if you'll come with me we can get you back into your own
clothes," Mrs. Kelly motioned for David to follow him.
"I want to tell you how thankful I am about what you told Joshua
earlier. I'm glad that I wasn't mistaken about you being of help to him
with all that's happened."
David just nodded at this, but Mrs. Kelly could tell that he was
slightly embarrassed by this praise. In a short time David was saying
one last good by to his friend, hoping that he would be able to get a
sleep over set up sometime.
"So, how did the afternoon go?" David's mom asked as they pulled
out of the driveway.
"It was fun. I'm really glad I came over," David said excitedly,
as he launched into an account of all the things they did. Mrs. Kessler
was pleased to hear about the fun her son had.
"You didn't have any problems with any accidents, did you?" she
"I had a small one while outside, but this was mostly from a
tickling fight Josh and I were having at the time," he answered
"What about Josh's problem? Were there any problems with that?"
"Well, I accidentally walked in on him and his mom while he was
getting changed. The bedroom door was open and I didn't think anything
was going on," came the slightly embarrassed response.
"Well, if the door was open at the time there wouldn't have been
anything you could do about it," David just nodded at this. After a few
minutes of silence David's mom spoke again.
"How would you feel having Josh for a sleep over for your
"I'd like that. Since I know he wears diapers again, I don't
think there would be a problem with him finding out about my wearing
diapers to bed," David said with a slight yawn.
"Speaking of bed, I want you to take a nap when we get home. I
saw some improved GoodNites at the store today and I'd like you to use
those during your nap so we can see how they work,"
"O.K. mom,"
A short time later they pulled into their drive and David headed
towards the house carrying the bag of diaper supplies his mom handed to
them. Once in the house, David dropped the bag off in his room and made
a quick stop in the bathroom before getting ready for his nap. A few
minutes later he had stripped off his clothes and was pulling out one
of the packs of GoodNites his mom pick up for him.
"Well, let's see how these work," David thought to himself as he
opened the bag and pulled out one of the pants inside.
"They certainly look larger and a bit thicker too," David thought
with a smile. After sprinkling the inside of the pants with a liberal
dose of powder David stepped into them and pulled them up.
"These sure do fit better than my old ones," David chuckled as he
saw how these new pants looked him in the mirror. After a moment more
of admiring the new look of his pants David pulled out a pair of his
pajamas and pulled the bottoms on.
"At least they still pretty well disappear under pajamas. Even
with them being thicker," With this David decided to look at the
Improved GOODNITES Disposable Absorbent Underpants for Boys: Now
stretchier and more absorbent for better fit and protection! Improved
Large size fits Boys 65-90lbs. Improved absorbent zone and Leak pockets
at the front and back helps keep boys and clothing drier than ever.
"Cool!" David said to himself as he finished reading the front of
the package. As he set it down he noticed that the pack had the outline
of a boy dotted in with a question mark on it and wondered what it was
for. With hardly another glance at it David climbed into bed and was
soon fast asleep.
Meanwhile, David's mom had gone online to checkout the GoodNites
web site ( She too had seen the missing shape on the
front of the package and decided to see what it was about. She was a
bit surprised to see that they were doing a national search for kids to
model the pants for upcoming magazine ads and possible TV ads. Thinking
that there was nothing to lose she filled out the small questionnaire
listed on the site. Just as she finished sending it and signed off her
other two boys came charging into the house.
"OK, you both know better than that!" she told them sternly.
"I want you both to take off those wet clothes and go dry off,"
She continued before they could get any further
"But mom, we aren't that wet!" The older of the two complained.
"Yeah, we're just a little damp," The younger of the two chimed
"One...Two..Three.," their mom started counting with out
preamble. On hearing this both boys took off running for their room.
Mrs. Kessler smiled at this.
"To bad this couldn't have worked on their father," she thought
as she followed the boys up to their room.
"I want you guys to go get a quick shower as well. I'll get your
things together in the mean time.
"But..," 7-year-old Tyler started before seeing the look his mom
was giving them. Without another word Tyler was led away by his 8-year
old brother, Brandon.
"Way to go Ty, you nearly got us both paddled," Brandon said as
he closed the bathroom door behind them.
"I wasn't going to say anything wrong," Tyler shot back.
"Yeah, nothing, except telling mom you didn't need a bath."
"But.," Tyler started again before getting interrupted by his
"Oh shut up and get in the shower," Brandon replied, while gently
pushing his brother towards the shower.
"I thought mom wanted us to take a bath?" Tyler questioned.
"This is close enough and this is also quicker. Brandon stated as
he started the shower and began washing his little brother down. Inside
of fifteen minutes both boys were heading back to their room with
towels around them.
On reaching their room they saw that their mom had already set
out some pajamas and diapers for them. Mrs. Kessler walked back into
their room a moment later and got both boys diapered.
"Mom? Are these new diapers? They fit better and seem thicker,"
Brandon asked as his mom handed him his PJs and went over to get his
brother diapered up for the night.
"Yes Brandon they are. I've noticed that the size 6 diapers were
getting too small for you and I found that Huggies had just come out
with a size 7 and thought we'd give those a try."
"OK, I was just wondering since these feel better and not as
tight," Brandon's mom smiled at this as she finished diapering her
youngest boy and putting his sleepers on him.
"Now I want both of you to take a short nap. I'll wake you up
when it's time for dinner." Both boys nodded to this and were soon fast
asleep like their brother.
"How'd the day go, Josh?" John asked when he came home from
sledding that day.
"I had a lot more fun than I thought I would."
"David didn't say anything about the diapers?"
"Not a word. he seemed very relaxed about it. I'm even thinking
about asking him to a sleep over."
"That might be a good idea, especially if he seemed as cool about
them as you said.
"Boys, Dinner is ready!" they heard their mom yell.
"Maybe you should ask mom and dad about it at dinner and see what
they say about it," John said as he ushered his brother out of his
"Oh good, you're here I was just about to call you again," Mrs.
Kelly told them as John and Josh took their seats at the table.
"Sorry mom, Josh was asking me for my opinion on something,"
"And what might that have been, Josh?" Mrs. Kelly asked.
"I was thinking about asking David to a sleep over sometime over
the Christmas Break since today seemed to go so well."
"Well, that would certainly be a good idea. I could give his mom
a ring later tonight and see what she thinks of the idea. That is if
you don't mind my doing this."
"No, that would be OK. Just make sure she leaves the answer up to
him. I don't want him to be pressured into accepting if he doesn't want
to," Josh told his mom seriously.
"That is certainly acceptable. Now let's eat before everything
goes cold." With this everyone started eating.
After dinner, the family broke up to do their normal things. Erin
had disappeared into her room to finish up on some homework. John and
Josh went into John's room to play video games after John got done
changing Josh into his night time diapers. John loved to see how big
the Thickies diapers made his brother's butt looked and Josh seemed to
really enjoy wearing diapers again in spite of the fuss he gave at the
very beginning.
"How did the new GoodNites work?" Carol asked David when he came
down for dinner later that night.
"They worked just fine. For a moment, when I first woke up, I
couldn't even tell that I was wet till I pulled my pajamas down to
check them and found out that I had really soaked them," David told
"I'm glad to hear that. I was a bit worried at first that they
might still be a bit loose on you."
"No, they fit just fine," David answered. Just as he said this,
Brandon came down stairs from his nap.
"Is dinner ready yet? I'm hungry," Brandon mumbled sleepily.
"It'll be ready in a little while. How's your diaper doing?" his
mom asked.
"I'm just a little wet," came the yawned answer.
"We'll see about that. Why don't you come over here so I can
check it." Brandon went over to his mom and soon felt a couple of her
fingers going down the front of his PJs and diaper.
"Brandon, you're absolutely soaked! I'm surprised that your
diaper hasn't fallen off yet," his mom exclaimed.
"David would you mind going up and getting me a fresh diaper and
the other supplies. You might as well wake Tyler up also and grab a
clean diaper for him," she continued.
"Sure mom, I'll be back in just a moment," David told her as he
headed off to do what his mom asked.
"Tyler, it's time to wake up. Dinner will be ready in a few
minutes," David said with a shake to his brother's shoulder. getting
hardly any response to this David shrugged and went about getting the
things his mom asked for. Still getting hardly a response at all from
his brother after getting these items David bent down, picked Tyler up
and tossed across his shoulder and carried him downstairs with him.
"He didn't want to wake up, so I brought him down like this. I
figure once he smells food that will get him awake," David said, seeing
his mom's quizzical look. After laying his brother down on the couch
David handed his mom the clean diaper for Brandon. Without further
instructions, David started to undo the crotch snaps on Tyler's
sleepers and preceded to change him. Tyler hardly even stirred during
"Boy Brandon, mom was right, you really did soak that sucker
down," David chuckled when he looked over and saw that the diaper his
mom had just removed from his brother was almost four times as thick as
the one she was in the process of putting on him.
"Yeah, well, I bet you diaper isn't in much better shape than
mine was," Brandon shot back.
"OK, both of you knock it off right now," their mom stated
cutting off the wet diaper debate before it could go any further.
Brandon was soon pulling his PJ bottoms back up over his clean diaper
and everyone headed off to the dining room. Except for Tyler, who was
still fast asleep.
The rest of the night was a quiet one. Since Tyler for some
reason decided to sleep right through dinner, his mom took him back up
to his room and after tucking him back in placed a bottle of formula
next to his head in case he woke up hungry later that night. Before
getting his shower, David went back to his room and finally took off
the soaked GoodNite he had been wearing all evening and set out several
of his own cloth diapers. He also got out his clothes for school the
next day, included in these was another pair of GoodNites. he knew they
would probably come in handy the next day since his class had a field
trip planned.
Both sets of parents were soon relaxing for themselves as soon as
all their kids were in bed. As promised earlier Mrs. Kelly gave David's
mom a call about having David over one weekend soon. However, these
plans changed when Mrs. Kessler mentioned that David was wanting to
have Josh over as part of a birthday slumber party. Both mom's felt
this would be a good thing for their sons and plans were quickly made.

Chapter Eight

"John, Josh, it's time to get up boys. Breakfast will be ready in
a few minutes. Josh, make sure you get a shower before you get
dressed," Mr. Kelly announced as he headed downstairs, after stopping
off to make sure that Erin was up as well.
Reluctantly John got out of bed and went over to make sure Josh
was awake as well.
"C'mon Josh, it's time to get ready for school," he said while pulling
the blankets off his brother.
"Uhuhn!" Josh mumbled, while trying to turn away from his
brother. John ignored this protest and started unzipping his brother's
sleepers so he could get Josh out of his obviously used night time
diaper. Josh came to full wakefulness when John started cleaning him
off with a cold diaper wipe.
"Hey!! that's cold!" John just smiled at this.
"Morning to you too. Dad wants you to get a quick shower before getting
dressed," John told his brother as he finished wiping off his brother's
"All right," Josh mumbled as he finished climbing out of his
sleeper. John smiled again as Josh walked off to the bathroom stark
"It's a good thing this kid isn't modest," John laughed to
himself, as he set about getting dressed himself.
"Josh! Breakfast is ready!" Erin called through the bathroom
"OK Erin! I'll be out in a moment!" Josh yelled back as he
finished drying himself off. As before, he walked back to his room
stark naked.
"And how are you this fine morning?" Josh's mom asked as he
entered his room and saw her laying out his clothes for the day,
including a fresh diaper. Josh was a bit surprised to see that this was
one of the plain white ones.
"I thought that these would work better for school," Mrs. Kelly
said when she saw the questioning look on her son's face.
"I guess that makes sense," Josh responded as he climbed on top
of the diaper his mom had laid out on his bed.
"I must say Josh, I'm really pleased at how you're dealing with
all this," Mrs. Kelly said as she spread lotion and powder over Josh's
butt and balls.
"Well, I was kind of mad about it at first, but after thinking it
over, I have to admit that wearing diapers are a lot better than
wetting and messing my pants all the time. I'm just worried about how
all the kids at school will take this," Josh said.
"I don't think you'll have much to worry about on that," Josh was
told by his mom, but in the back of her mind she had the same concerns
as her son.
"Well, let's get you down to breakfast before everything gets
cold," Mrs. Kelly said as she finished taping Josh's diaper closed.
"Don't worry about getting dressed till after breakfast. I'll be
taking you to school this morning," she continued. With a nod, Josh
hopped off his bed and headed downstairs to eat.
"Hey Josh, I think you forgot something!" John laughed as Josh
entered the dining room in just his diaper. Josh stuck his tongue out
at John, but ignored his brother's comment for the most part. John
chuckled hard at this response and gave his brother a light pat on his
diapered butt as he walked past. thinking how lucky his brother was to
get to wear diapers. A second later, Mrs. Kelly walked in to the room
and took her own seat.
"John, if everything goes well with the painters this morning, we
should be able to move your things into your room when your father gets
home tonight."
"Good, it'll be nice to have my own room again," Josh announced
before John had a chance to. Everyone at the table had to smile at
this. Soon afterwards, John and Erin left to catch their buses and Mr.
Kelly left for his own job.
"Well, get you dressed after we get these dishes taken care of,"
Josh was told a few minutes later.
"OK mum," Josh told her as he started gathering up his own
"I hope you don't mind that I made some changes to the clothes we
picked up the other day," Mrs. Kelly said a short time later as she got
some clothes out for Josh.
"I don't mind. I figure you had to alter them some since you
accidentally got them on the large side,"
"Actually, I get them large on purpose," She said as she handed
Josh a shirt.
"What's with these snaps?" Josh asked looking at the shirt he was
"I'll show you," Mrs. Kelly told him as she took the shirt and
put it on him. Just as she pulled the back of the shirt up through his
crotch and started fastening the snaps did Josh realize what he was
"This is a Onesie!" Josh cried
"That's right Josh," Mrs. Kelly started, as Josh interrupted her.
"But I'm not a baby. What do I have to wear this for?" Expecting
this outburst Josh's mom continued calmly.
"I never said you were a baby and I'm sorry if these gave you
that impression. I felt these would work better that a normal shirt
since you won't have to worry about them becoming untucked. They will
also help keep your diapers from sagging once they get wet. I also took
the time to place snaps in the legs, crotch of your pants so it'll be
easier to change you. As you can see the snaps aren't even noticeable."
"I'm sorry, it just that all this is happening so fast!" Josh
sobbed and broke down entirely as the full weight of what was happening
finally hit him.
"It's all right Josh. I know all this is hard for you. just let
it all out," Mrs. Kelly murmured to her son while she held him close to
her. It was fifteen minutes before Josh composed himself.
"You OK now?" Mrs. Kelly asked and got a nod in reply.
"Let's get you dressed then so you aren't late for school." A
short time later Josh and his mom were heading out to their car.
Josh felt like all eyes were on him when he walked into school
that morning carrying his normal backpack and a larger duffle bag that
contained his diaper supplies, along with a couple of extra changes of
clothes just in case of leaks.
"Mrs. Kelly? I'm Mrs. Timmons, the school nurse," Mrs. Timmons
said a few minutes later as she walked into her office.
"Now what can I help you and Josh with this morning," she asked
after the pleasantries were out of the way.
"Well, as you already know Josh has been having more and more
accidents lately and we had taken him to the doctors last week," Mrs.
Timmons just nodded at this and Mrs. Kelly continued.
"We found out Friday that the accidents were being caused by a
weakening of the nerves that control his bladder and bowel. They told
us that this would be permanent and because of this we've decided to
place Josh back into diapers," Again Mrs. Timmons nodded.
"And he'll be needing help with the changes?" she asked.
"Yes, he will," Mrs. Kelly replied.
"OK. This won't be a problem. We have several kids that come in
for diaper changes. I'll let Josh's teacher know about this, so there
won't be any problems with his leaving class when he needs to," Josh
looked nervous about having Mr. Barrett find out about his wearing
diapers again and Mrs. Timmons saw this.
"Don't worry about this Josh, Mr. Barrett has had several kids in
his class before that wear diapers and I can tell you he's completely
professional about it," Josh accepted this, but was still nervous about
"Here is his bag," Mrs. Kelly said after a few more minutes of
"You have a good day," Mrs. Kelly said as she got up to leave.
"OK. I'll see you tonight," Josh said as she left.
"How is your diaper now Josh?" Mrs. Timmons asked after his mom
"It's wet," Josh told her somewhat embarassedly.
"OK. Well, hop up on the table here and we'll get you taken care
of," she told him as she opened his bag and pulled out a fresh diaper
and cleaning supplies.
"Well, I can see that your mom has put some thought into this,"
Josh was told, as the snaps on his pants were undone. Mrs. Timmons was
a bit surprised to see the onesie, but didn't say anything about it.
Just as she started to untape his diaper the tardy bell sounded.
"Don't worry about that. I'll write you a pass when we're done,"
Mrs. Timmons said. Josh was surprised at how proficient she was with
diaper changes. Inside of Ten minutes, Josh was on his way to class.
"Welcome back, Mr. Kelly," Mr. Barrett called as Josh walked into
the room.
"Thank you, sir," Josh responded as he walked up to his teacher
and handed him the tardy pass and note that the nurse had written for
him. Mr. Barrett looked at Josh for a moment after he read the note.
"This shouldn't be a problem Josh. Just ask for the bathroom pass
and we'll get you taken care of, or if it's an emergency just get up
and go," Josh was told softly.
"Go ahead and take your seat. We were just getting started on the
weekend's homework," Mr. Barrett said in his normal voice.
"Now that all of you are here, I want you to pass your
assignments from this weekend to the front of your row and take out
your math books turning to page Fifty-three.
For the next two hours the class went over questions they had
from their homework and were given worksheets to do before the buses
came to take them on their field trip.
"OK, class the busses should be here soon, so by rows I want you
all to take a quick trip to the rest rooms and no horsing around," Mr.
Barrett said sternly to the whole class, but looking directly at his
two biggest trouble makers.
"David, since you're supposed to have your medication soon why
don't you go up to the nurses office and then wait for the rest of us
in the main office. Josh why don't you go with him," Both boys nodded
at this and headed off to the nurses office. Josh was kind of surprised
to see David bring a hip sack with him, but didn't say anything about
"I take it you have one on right now?" David asked cryptically as
they got out of ear shot of their classmates.
"Yeah and it's a good thing I'm going to the office with you. It
feels like it's going to start leaking any minute now," Josh replied to
his friend. David nodded to this and didn't say anything more.
"Well, Josh, I didn't expect to see you back so soon. " Mrs.
Timmons said as the boys walked into her office.
"Well, Mr. Barrett thought it would be a good idea for me to come
up, before we left on our trip,"
"That makes sense. How are you doing?" she asked.
"It needs to be changed," Josh replied, but not meeting her gaze.
"Don't worry about that. It's going to happen and it's nothing to
be ashamed of," he was told.
"Now then, why don't you go into the back room and I'll be there
after I take care of Mr. Kessler here," Josh nodded at this and upon
entering the back room undid the snaps on his pants and shirt.
"How are your own pants doing David?" he was asked when his
friend left the room.
"They're wet also," He told her.
"I figured they would be. Well, here's your medication," Mrs.
Timmons stated as she handed him a couple of pills and cup of water.
"Do you need any help with them, or can you handle it on your
own?" she continued.
"I can handle it on my own," he told her and headed into the
bathroom after taking the pills she had just given him. Mrs. Timmons
then headed into the back room to take care of her other charge.
"I see you decided to get started without me," she joked on
entering the room to see that Josh had already undone his pants and
shirt. josh just looked at her with a sheepish look on his face, but
said nothing. With another chuckle the nurse set about changing his
obviously wet diaper.
"Do you want to try and use the toilet before I put a clean
diaper on?" Josh was asked a few moments later.
"I think that would be a good idea," he replied and jumped off
the table and headed for the bathroom with his pant legs flapping like
loose sails. As with almost every other time josh sat on the toilet,
his bladder and bowels let loose the moment he sat down. Upon returning
to the changing table he saw the a fresh diaper had been laid out for
him. With nothing said Josh hopped up onto the diaper and within
minutes of this his pants were being refastened.
"You boys ready?" Mr. Barrett asked as josh came out of the back
room and David was coming out of the bathroom.
"Yup," they said in unison and started to head out the door.
"Josh? Aren't you forgetting something?" Mrs. Timmons called? On
turning around on hearing this Josh saw the back pack that she was
holding up. turning red, Josh accepted the offer bag with a soft word
of thanks and then joined his friend and teacher.
"Josh are you going to need any help with your changes during the
trip?" Mr. Barrett asked as he lead them off to the buses.
"Probably," came the almost inaudible reply. seeing his friends
discomfort David spoke up.
"I'll be glad to help him out if he needs it, Mr. Barrett,"
"Thank you, David. I was kind of hoping you'd say that," he told
him. With this finished the boys were lead outside and onto the waiting
"I want to thank you for agreeing to help me out," Josh told his
friend softly as the two boys took their seats.
"It's not a problem. I know it'll take you a while to get they
hang of something like this," David replied to his friend. Just as he
was about to say something more, another voice joined the conversation.
"Hey Kelly! Try not to mess your pants on the trip!" A voice
called loudly. This comment got most of the kids laughing.
"Why don't you shut up, Pike!" Josh shot back at his tormentor,
but still turning red from the comment that was made.
"What was that, Kelly? A baby telling me what to do? You going
try and make me shut up, or are you going to try and stick your
watchdog on me?" Pike called back in a threatening voice.
"Is there a problem back here, boys?" Mr. Barrett asked
"Er.. No problem, sir," Came the nervous reply from the bully.
"Really? Because I happened to catch most of the conversation and
it seemed to me that there was a problem," Mr. Barrett replied in a no
longer pleasant voice.
"Why don't you come up front with me, William, and that way we
can make sure that no other problems arise." With this said, his
teacher escorted the troublemaker to the front of the bus. The rest of
the bus ride went by quietly after this.
"OK, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me have your attention please!"
Mr. Barrett called as the bus came to a stop.
"You've already been split into groups and once we get inside
we'll split into those groups. None of you are to leave your group,
except to use the restrooms. If you get separated from your group, have
one of the museum employees page your group leader and they will come
and get you. Does everyone understand this?" Mr. Barrett concluded.
"Let's go have some fun then," he added and stepped off the bus
to lead them into the building standing before them.
"Josh, I've moved you into my group," Josh's teacher told him on
their way into the building.
"Do you need a change yet?" Mr. Barrett asked Josh in a lower
voice then before.
"No, I'm OK."
"OK. Just let me know when you need to and we'll get things taken
care of," Josh just nodded at this and ran ahead to join his new group.
"Hey Josh, I need to use the restroom. Why don't you come with me
and we can see how your doing as well," David said softly to his
friend. Josh nodded to this and went off to inform their teacher.
A few minutes later they walked into the men's room and entered
one of the large handicap stalls.
"Why did you need me to come with you?" Josh asked David once the
door was closed behind them.
"Because I'm going to need a little help myself," David stated as
he pulled his pants down. Josh was more than a little surprised to see
the wet GoodNites pants that his friend had on.
"I have a bit of a problem myself," David replied with an impish
grin when he saw the look on his friend's face.
"Oh," Was all Josh could come up with as answer to David's
"Do you mind if I borrow some of your cleaning supplies?" David
asked as he finished pulling his shoes, pants and underwear off.
"Sure, that's no problem," Josh said as he pulled the asked for
supplies from his backpack.
"You want me to wait outside?" He continued looking at his friend
standing there in just a shirt and a pair of sagging GoodNites.
"Nah, that's OK, we're both boys. Besides, I figure that if I'm
going to be seeing yours when I help you change then it's only fair
that you get to see mine." On saying that, David pulled off his
GoodNites and handed them off to his friend while reaching for the
offered diaper wipe. After quickly wiping himself down, David applied a
small amount of lotion to his groin and sprinkled some powder into his
next pair of GoodNites. Within five minutes of pulling the new
GoodNites pants on, David was again fully dressed.
"Now, drop your pants and we can see how you're doing," David
said as he finished fastening his belt. Josh just nodded and dropped
his pants and undid his onesie. David smiled a bit at seeing his friend
standing there in a onesie and made no verbal comment.
"Well, you are a little wet, but it doesn't seem bad enough to
need a changing yet," Josh was told by his friend a moment later.
"Do you want to do a change anyway, or wait a bit longer?" David
"I think I better wait. The nurse only packed three changes for
me and we still have a while to go before we get back to school," Josh
"That might be a good idea." With this, Josh refastened his
onesie and his pants and the two boys left the restroom to rejoin their
group. Little did they know that their tormentor had entered the
restroom while David was changing and heard the last part of the
exchange between the two.
"Oh good, you're back. We were just about to go to the
cosmosphere," Mr. Barrett told the boys as the walked back up to the
"Was there any trouble?" The two were asked quietly as the group
was led outside.
"Not a one," David replied for them.
A few minutes later David's and Josh's group entered the building
where the museum's Cosmosphere was located. Unfortunately, Billy Pike's
group was also there. After a short explanation of what they would be
seeing the room's lights went out and the film started.
"David, I need that change now!" Josh informed his friend
urgently as they walked back outside forty-five minutes later. About
this time, Billy and some of his cohorts walked up.
"What's the matter? Does baby need to get his diaper changed
after watching the scary movie?" Billy laughed. Josh turned red at this
and started to make a move towards his tormentor.
"OK, MR. Pike! I told you that this was the last time I was going
to warn you about those uncalled for comments," Mr. Barrett announced
from behind the boys before Josh could take two steps.
"Josh you go on and take care of what you need to. David go with
him," the two boys were told by their teacher. Billy was about to
rejoin his group when a rather strong hand came down on his shoulder,
stopping him cold.
"I think maybe you should stay by me for the rest of the day,"
Billy was told in a very cold voice.
"I'm really getting sick of all crap that Billy has been giving
me since I moved here!" Josh ranted as the two entered a small
restroom. Seeing a lock on the door, David turned around and locked it
so they would have some privacy.
"Why don't you lay down for this," David told his still fuming
"You know, I don't care if I get into any trouble, the next time
he gives me any shit I'm going to take him out," Josh rambled as he was
helped to the floor. David just nodded at this and started to undo the
snaps that he noticed on the inseam of his friend's pants. After
getting these unfastened, David undid the snaps on Josh's onesie,
exposing a very messy diaper. The smell from the diaper seemed to break
Josh out of his rambling.
"Sorry about that. That one really big explosion and flash of
light they used during the movie caused me to let go completely.
"I could tell," David told his friend with a smile, too let him
know that he shouldn't take the comment seriously.
"I had the same thing happen," he added. Without another comment,
David untaped his friends diaper and started cleaning him up. Little
was said during this time but David did smile a bit when he saw his
friend go hard when he started to wipe off the poop that had made its
way on to Josh's penis. After making sure that all the poop had been
cleaned up, David poured a generous amount of lotion into his right
palm and applied this to his friend's butt and balls. Once he was done
with this he sprinkled powder over the same areas.
"Raise up a bit so I can get this new diaper under you," David
said while unfolding Josh's next diaper. Josh did as his friend asked
and raised his butt up enough so the new diaper could be placed under
him. Within minutes of setting his butt down on the diaper Josh was
having his pants refastened.
"OK, it's your turn now," Josh stated as he got up off the floor.
David nodded to this and started undoing his shoes. Soon he was
standing in just his heavily used GoodNites.
"Hey Josh, do you think I might be able to try one of your
diapers?" David asked after having taken off his old GoodNites and
cleaned himself off.
"You can try, but I really don't think it'll fit you," Josh
replied while digging out another diaper from his backpack.
"I think you're right," David chuckled a second later as he
pulled the diaper up between his legs and found that it barely even
covered his penis. Josh was having a hard time trying not to laugh at
how his friend looked standing there attempting to fit into a diaper
that was far too small.
"I better just use one of my GoodNites," David chuckled as he
handed the diaper back to Josh.
"I think that would work best," Josh laughed back as he handed
his friend one of the GoodNites, while taking back his own diaper.
Three minutes later the two boys exited the bathroom and rejoined their
group. The next hour went by quickly and all to soon the students were
boarding the buses to be taken back to school. The trip back was a lot
quieter than it was going out. Josh noticed though that Billy was
looking at him the entire time in a very unpleasant way.
"Josh, you and David join the rest of the class in the lunch room
when you get done at the nurse's office," Mr. Barrett told them.
"Any of you that have lunches in the room can go get them now,
but be quiet when you do," He announced to the rest of the class.
"Now then Billy, lets me and you go have a nice long chat with
Mr. Tiergardt about your conduct during the trip, shall we," Mr.
Barrett stated once he had talked to the teacher on lunch room duty.
Josh and David were just coming out of the nurse's office as Billy and
Mr. Barrett were entering the principal's office.
"Too bad we can't listen in on what's happening in there," David
said with a smile as the two entered the lunch room and got in line to
get their lunches.
"Tell me about it, but I have the feeling that by the time this
is over the whole school will know about how I'm handling my problem,"
Josh answered glumly. David nodded in agreement at this.
"Well, you know that if you need any help, I'll be there for
you," David said a minute later.
"I know and I appreciate it," Josh said, as they got their
lunches and sat down with the rest of their class.
"I wonder how bad Billy is going to get it this time?" one of the
boys was saying when Josh and sat down.
"I don't know, but seeing how often he's been sent up so far this
year it won't be good," another boy answered with a brief laugh. This
kind of conversation was going on all over the table and the only
people that were sticking up for Billy were the people that hung around
with him and helped him bully the other kids. All to soon, the kids
were returning to their classroom for their afternoon courses.
The first thing they noticed was that both their teacher and
Billy were back yet and that the wall had been pulled back making the
two neighboring classrooms one big class room.
"Josh, the office called and they would like to see you up there
now," Mrs. Rommel said as Mr. Barrett's class entered their classroom.
"Uh oh, Josh you're in trouble now," a couple of girls whispered
to him when they heard this. several people that heard this comment
started laughing, until Mrs. Rommel started rapping a ruler on her
"I was told the principal wanted to see me?" Josh told the
secretary a few minutes later, adding his name as an afterthought.
"I'll let him know you're here. You can have a seat till he comes
to get you," she said while picking up a phone to let Mr. Tiergardt
that Josh was here. A few moments later the principal's office door
opened and Josh was asked to enter.
"Please have a seat, Mr. Kelly," Josh was told by his principal.
Josh saw that his teacher and Billy were in the other chairs.
"I'm sure you know why you're here, but I'll explain it anyway.
Mr. Barrett, had informed me of some trouble you had with Mr. Pike
during the fieldtrip today and I would like your version of it." Josh
nodded at this and spent the next several minutes telling the principal
what had happened. For his part, Mr. Tiergardt, just sat and listened
to the story being told.
"Thank you, Mr. Kelly, You can go back to your class now,"
"Yes sir," Josh stated as he got out of his chair and headed for
the door. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the look he was
getting from Billy and he could tell that this little problem was far
from over.
Just as Josh closed the door behind him, he realized that he had
flooded his diaper due to how nervous he was. Without a second thought,
he made a slight detour and headed for the nurse's office.
"Mrs. Timmons?" Josh called as he entered the office.
"I'll be right out," came the disembodied reply. A moment later,
the nurse came into the main room.
"What can I get for you, Josh?" Mrs. Timmons asked when she saw
who was standing there.
"I need a change," Josh told her shyly.
"That's fine, I'm just finishing up with someone right now. I'll
be done in a few moments. Just have a seat in the mean time,"
A few minutes later the door to the changing area opened up and
Josh was surprised to see one of the other boys from his grade, but
another class walk out while still adjusting his shirt.
"I'll see you tomorrow," Mrs. Timmons called after the boy and
got a wave and nod in response.
"Now Josh, if you'll step into my parlor we'll get you freshened
up as well," Josh was told with a smile.
"Wasn't that Caleb Jansen?" Josh asked as he hopped up on to the
table and unfastened his pants so the nurse could get to his diaper.
"Yes it was and I'll ask that you not spread it around."
"Don't worry, I won't. I just thought that it might be nice to
get to know him better now that I know we have something in common."
The nurse agreed with this. Thinking about how withdrawn the other boy
was because of his condition.
"I'm sorry?" She asked a moment later being snapped out of her
thoughts by a question she only partly heard.
"I asked if you thought he might want to be friends with me?"
Josh repeated.
"I think that given the time to get to know you he'd like to be
friends very much," Josh was told with a smile.
"You're not just saying that are you?"
"No, not at all. You see Josh, I know about that better than most
people do."
"How do you know?" Josh asked like the curious 10-year-old he
"Because Josh, I also happen to be Caleb's Aunt."
"Oh. I guess that would be a good reason."
"I always thought so," Mrs. Timmons answered.
"How did the trip go today?" she added a second later.
"It wasn't bad. I had another run in with Billy Pike during it
though. I think he might know that I'm wearing diapers again," Josh
told her glumly.
"I'm sure it won't turn out to be that bad. Mr. Barrett and Mr.
Tiergardt will keep a close eye on this I'm sure." Josh just nodded at
this, but didn't really believe it. He thought that in the end it would
be himself that would be taking care of this problem.
"You can head back to class now," Mrs. Timmons told him a moment
later, as she finished taping his diaper closed and pulled his pants
back up.
"Thanks," Josh told her while he refastened his pants.
"You're welcome," she said as she sat down to write him a pass
back to his class.
The class looked his way when Josh walked back into class.
Looking a bit sheepish, Josh walked over to his teacher's and handed
him his pass. Mr.Barrett just nodded at this.
"We're doing quiet time for the rest of the day," He told his
student. Josh nodded at this, went to his seat and started working on
some of the previous day's assignments.
An hour later the final bell of the day sounded and everyone
headed for home.
"I'll see you tomorrow," David called to Josh as they got to
where the two boys went separate ways home.
"OK. I'll se you then," Josh called back. A moment later he saw a
familiar looking form walking ahead of him.
"Hey Caleb! Wait up!" He called and started running to catch up
to the boy. For his part, Caleb started walking faster, in hopes of
avoiding what he thought would be another confrontation that always
seemed to follow him.
"Why did you pick up the pace?" Josh asked a minute later in a
winded voice.
"Why should I wait around to get picked on?" the smaller boy
"Who said anything about wanting to pick on you?"
"I figured that's what you'd want to do since you saw me coming
out of the 'back' room of the nurses office."
"Well, yeah, I did see you come out of the back room. That's what
I wanted to talk to you about."
"Why, so you can spread it around this school that I need to wear
diapers and get everyone to help you make fun of me!"
"No. I was thinking that maybe you and I could be friends, but it
seems that you don't care for things like that," Josh told him angrily
and started to walk off.
"And for your information, I need to wear them also," Josh tossed
off over his shoulder at the boy. Caleb cried the rest of his way home.
"How did your day go and how did your clothes get so wet?" Josh
was asked when he got home a few minutes later.
"It was alright, but I have the feeling that the kid I told you
about knows that I wear diapers again. David and I had a bit of a
snowball fight on the way home," Josh told her with a smile.
"And how do you know this?" His mom asked.
"Just from some of the comments he was making, but these were
normal for him,"
"Aside from this how did things go?"
"Not bad. The fieldtrip we went on was really fun. I did mess up
a little on the way home a bit though," Josh added and started to tell
his mom everything that happened.
" I think you could have handled this a bit better, but from the
sounds of things the other boy didn't give you much of a chance. At
least you were willing to try to be friends with him. How's your diaper
"I'm a little wet, but not enough for a changing,"
"OK. Let one of us know when you need one. Now go up and get out
of those wet clothes," Josh nodded and headed upstairs to climb out of
his somewhat damp clothes.
"Caleb, is that you?" His father asked when he heard his son come
through the front door and run into his room. A moment later he caught
the sound of crying from his son's room and went to find out what was
going on.
"Caleb?" His father called as he opened the door.
"Go away!!!" this told his dad that there was something wrong.
"Do you want to talk about it?" Mr. Jansen asked as he sat down
on his son's bed and placed a hand on Caleb's back. Caleb just shook
his head and continued to cry into his pillow.
"Come on now, It'll be better if you talk about it," his father
continued while pulling his son into a sitting position.
"I take it something happened at school?"
"It sort of started at school, but really took place on the way
home," Caleb sobbed.
"OK, take a couple of deep breaths and calm down," Mr. Jansen
coached his son.
"Now do you want to tell me about what happened?"
"Well, this afternoon I was coming out of the back room of the
nurse's office and one of the boys' in my grade saw me," Caleb said
while taking another deep breath so he could continue.
"On the way home he stopped me and without letting him say
anything first I started going off about how he must want to make fun
of me because I wear diapers. It turns out that he wears them, too, and
all he wanted to do was be friends with me," With this Caleb broke down
crying again.
"It's alright. Just let it out," Mr. Jansen said softly while
holding his son.
"Why don't you take a short nap and I'll come get you when
dinner's ready," Caleb was told while his dad helped him out of his
school clothes and into some PJs.
"Bev, Charles and your cousins are coming over for dinner and we
can talk to her about this then," Caleb mumbled an OK to this and was
soon fast asleep.
"You're early, as usual, Bev," Mr. Jansen laughed as he let his
sister and her family in.
"Well, Tim, what can I say some of us actually learned how to
tell time as kids," Bev told her brother also with a laugh.
"Where's Caleb? I thought he would be out here to greet us?" she
"He's taking a nap right now. This is also something I wanted to
talk to you about," Tim told her after sending his nephews off to the
den to play until dinner. after getting drinks for his guests he
launched into what Caleb had told him earlier.
"I was afraid something like this would happen," Bev said a few
minutes later.
"I do have a student in Caleb's grade that just recently started
wearing diapers again and he had seen Caleb come out of that area
earlier today. Josh, the boy who had seen Caleb, had asked about him
while I was changing him and mentioned that he would like to try and
start a friendship with him. I told him that it sounded like a good
idea since I knew that Caleb has such a hard time making friends. I
didn't think that Josh would try so soon to open this up. I was
planning on telling Caleb about it tonight so it wouldn't come as a
surprise to him. I am sorry if this caused any trouble," she concluded.
"I see. I know that you were meaning well on this and it sounds
like it was nothing more than bad timing. We can still talk to about it
over dinner and take things from there. I feel that Caleb having a
friend his own age that wore diapers as well would help him come a long
way to accepting his own situation. Dinner is about ready so I better
go get Caleb woken up and changed," Tim announced looking at his watch.
"You go check on dinner. I'll go get Caleb up. This will give me
a chance to talk to him," Bev told her brother and got a nod in reply.
"Caleb? It's time to get up now," Bev told her nephew with a
gentle shake.
"Huh?" came the sleepy reply.
"It's time to get up."
"Aunt Bev?"
"It's me," she said, as she turned on the light next to his bed.
"What time is it?"
"A little after seven. It's time for dinner, but first we need to
get you into a clean dydee," came the reply, as the covers were pulled
off him. Without being told, Caleb got up, walked over to his changing
table and hopped up on it.
"Your dad told me what happened on your way home from school
today," Caleb was told as his PJ bottoms were pulled off him and his
diaper was untaped.
"I figured he would," came the soft reply.
"I have to apologize to you for what happened. You see, I was the
one that told the boy you met that striking up a friendship with you
would be a good idea. I didn't think he would try so soon and I was
planning on telling you about it tonight at dinner, so it wouldn't
catch you off guard. I hope you can forgive me about that," She told
her nephew.
"I don't blame you for what happened, I blame myself. I just hope
he'll still talk to me after the way I talked to him."
"I'm sure once you tell him why, he'll still be interested in
being friends. Now let's get down to the dinner table before all the
food gets cold," Caleb was told as his aunt finished taping close his
new diaper and handed him back his PJ bottoms.
At the Kelly house, a very similar scene was taking place.
"Hey Josh, dinner's ready," John said as he walked into his
brother's room.
"OK John. Uh, do you think you could give me a hand with
something first?" Josh asked shyly.
"I think I could help you with a diaper change," John answered
with a laugh.
"Mom said you had a bit of a run in with that Pike kid again,"
John told his brother as he laid out the changing pad on the bed.
"Yeah, I think he might have figured out that I'm back in
"If you want, I could have a *little* chat with him," John
replied slyly.
"No, that's OK. This is something I have to handle on my own,"
Josh told his brother sternly.
"OK, but the offer will be open when you want the help. Now,
let's get you changed," In moments Josh was flat on his back with his
pants unsnapped and bunched up around his waist.
"Damn, Josh how could a little squirt like you make such a big
mess!?" John exclaimed on seeing all the shit that covered his younger
brother's butt and balls. Josh just laughed at this.
"Next time give me some warning will you," John added as he
reached for the tub of diaper wipes. Five minutes later John finished
fastening the last of the tapes to his brother's clean diaper.
"Tell mom I'll be down in a few minutes. I really need to wash my
hands after that one." Josh just giggled at his brother's comment.
"What took you so long, John?" he was asked by his mom a few
minutes later.
"Josh decided to leave an extra special package for me this
time," John told her cryptically. Mrs. Kelly nodded knowingly at this
and didn't say another word.
Both the Jansens and Kellys enjoyed a quiet night without a clue
as to what would be happening by the week's end.

Chapter Nine

"Hey Josh!" Caleb called the next morning.
"Yeah, What do you want?" came the brusque answer.
"I need to apologize about yesterday. I spoke without thinking,
and I want to say that I'm sorry I snapped at you."
"That's OK. You must have your reasons," Josh said a little
warmer than he did at first.
"Yes, I do, and I feel that you have the right to know that
"I don't have the right, or need to know, unless you want to tell
"You're right I guess, but I'm going to tell you anyway. I've
only been wearing diapers again for about a year now. I was involved in
a car crash last winter, and my back was injured in it. The damage
caused me to lose all control over my pee, though I still have control
over my poop. Once it got out at my last school that I wore diapers
again I was made fun of all the time. This made my dad decide to move
back here over the summer. So far, I've been able to hide the fact that
I wear diapers from the people hear, and I would like to have it stay
that way for as long as possible. I would like to be your friend
though." Caleb concluded.
"I understand what you must be going through. I've only been
wearing diapers again myself for about two weeks. I was sick a couple
of months back, and this made me lose control of my pee, and poop as
well, but I'm sure you've already heard about this. Josh told his new
"Yeah, I did. I just want to tell you that I never even laughed
at any of the jokes about that." Josh smiled and nodded his thanks on
hearing this.

"Josh! Think fast!!" a voice call out from behind them. Josh, and
Caleb both turned just in time to see a snowball heading right at them.
Before either of the boys could duck, the projectile hit Josh square in
the chest.
"Better speed up some there Kelly," David laughed as he came up
to the pair.
"Yeah, well if you wouldn't throw those damned things at me each
morning I wouldn't have to worry about that, now would I?" Josh shot
back with a smile.
"True, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun." Both boys got a laugh
from that.
"So who's this?" David asked looking down at Caleb.
"Oh, Sorry. David Kessler, meet Caleb Jansen." Josh said in way
of introduction.
"Pleased to meet you." David said offering his hand to the
smaller boy. It took a moment for Caleb to realize that the taller boy
had his hand out.
"Sorry." He stated shyly, as he took the offered hand.
"You're in Zimmerman's class, aren't you?" David asked. Caleb
just nodded, not really sure how to take the friendliness of the bigger
"We better get a move on if we don't want to be late," Josh
chimed in a moment later. With this all three boys started walking
"He's not very talkative, is he?" David asked as he and Josh
walked into their classroom.
"Sure he is. I just think you scared him," Josh told his friend
with a smile. David chuckled as well, while the two boys hung their
coats up and took their seats. Their teacher walked into the room a few
moments after the tardy bell rang and the day began.
"Yes Josh?" Mr. Barrett asked on seeing the boy's raised hand.
"May I go get a drink?"
"Yes, but make it quick." Josh nodded to this and exited the room
Just as Josh was getting ready to finish his drink a hand pushed
him roughly into the wall.
"Hey!" josh protested, as he was spun around and pushed back
against the wall.
"This is your only warning baby, You better watch your back from
here on out." Billy told him angrily.
"I know all about your little secret and unless you want me to
spread it around school you'll have to pay me $20 a week."
"Why don't you go Bugger yourself, Pike." Josh replied as he
broke the hold the other boy had on him and walked back into his class.
Josh caught the look Billy gave him a moment later when he came in the
room also and knew right then that the situation just escalated.
"Mr. Barrett?"
"Yes, Josh?"
"I need to talk to you about something," Josh said nervously,
since he knew he didn't have much time before people started returning
from their current rest room break.
"OK," the teacher replied picking up on the boys' nervousness.
"It's about Billy. While I was getting that drink earlier, he
came up to me in the hall and said that if I didn't pay him $20 a week
he would tell the whole school about my secret."
"I see and what did you tell him when he said this?" Without
thinking Josh answered.
"I told him to go bugger himself and I walked off." It was all
Mr. Barrett could do to keep a stern look on his face on hearing this.
"I know what it must have taken you to tell me this and I want
you to know that I'll keep a close eye on Mr. Pike. You better get back
to your seat now." Josh nodded at this and sat back down just as Pike
and the rest of his friends reentered the room.
"I hope we play dodge ball." David said on their way to gym class
a short time later.
"Me, too. I love that game. I could really use the stress relief
right now," Josh replied to his friend as the Mr. Davis, the gym
teacher walked out of his office.
"OK, let's get our blood pumping here before we start our
activity for the day," he called out after getting everyone in line. To
Josh's disappointment he ended up next to his tormentor.
"Remember, diaper boy, I want that money tomorrow, or things will
get ugly," Pike whispered harshly to the smaller boy as they started
doing some push-ups.
"And like I told you earlier Pike, Go bugger yourself! I'm not
going to pay," Josh shot back.
"OK then, we'll start getting ugly right now," Billy said a bit
louder than he wanted.
"Is there a problem down there, Mr. Pike!?" Mr. Davis called over
at him.
"NO, sir."
"I'm glad to hear that. You can do 20 more push-ups for talking
in formation," the boy was informed. The rest of the class was quickly
divided into two teams for the day's activity, which did turn out to be
dodge ball, like everyone had hoped for.
"I'm going to get that diaper boy, Kelly, out first," Pike
mumbled to his friends when he finally took his place. Billy soon found
that this wasn't going to be as easy as he first thought. While Josh
was small for his age, he was still rather quick on his feet.
"Here, add this to the ball," Billy was told as one of his
friends slipped him a piece of glass.
"This should teach the little shit to pay up," Billy responded
with and evil grin while he slipped the glass into the foam rubber ball
he was holding. Billy waited for the moment that his victim seemed most
distracted and threw the ball right the other boy's face.
"SON OF A BITCH!!!" Josh yelled loudly as the piece of glass
caught him across the cheek bone.
"Josh!! You all right?" David called as he ran up to his friend
that was now on the floor cussing at the top of his lungs in Gaelic and
Latin. All the yelling brought Mr. Davis out of his office in a hurry.
"What's going on out here?!" he demanded.
"Billy hit Josh in the face with the ball," one of the other kids
"It's OK, Kelly. It couldn't be that bad. There's no need to keep
carrying like this," the teacher said as he bent over the kneeling boy.
"That's easy for you to say. You aren't the one bleeding all over
the bloody floor!" And with this, Josh turned his head so he was facing
his teacher and removed his hand to show what the damage was.
"Son of a Bitch!" Mr. Davis spat quietly when he saw the gash on
the boy's face.
"David, hand me that ball a moment."
"OK," David said as he leaned over to pick the ball up from the
"MotherrFu.." David started, but managed to bite off the rest of
the curse.
"What is it?" Mr. Davis called when he saw David drop the ball
suddenly and grab his hand.
"Someone put a piece of glass in the damned ball!"
"WHAT?!!" the gym teacher nearly screamed.
"Yeah, look," David said point to the ball while holding his
injured hand. It was then that Mr. Davis saw the blood stained object
sticking out of the ball.
"Ricky, would you escort David and Josh to the nurse's office.
The rest of you go quietly back to your class. I'll let your teacher
know what's going on," Mr. Davis announced, then turned on the two
"You two come with me now!" he told them in a deadly quiet voice.
"What happened to you two!?" Mrs. Timmons exclaimed when she saw
the two bleeding boys enter her office.
"We think Billy Pike slipped some glass into the ball we were
using in gym," David told her. Josh just stood there nodding his head,
but gritting his teeth to keep from saying anything.
"You better check Josh first. He's worse off than I am." David
told her, as the nurse came around her desk.
"OH boy!" she muttered a moment later as she laid Josh down on an
exam couch and pulled his hand away from his face.
"OK. David I want you to hold this against your hand and lay down
on the other couch." Mrs. Timmons told the boy as she handed him a
"That's OK..."
"Lay down on the couch now," he was told again quietly. Catching
the tone used David did as he was told. Mrs. Timmons then turned her
full attention back to Josh.
"OK Josh, let's take another look at that face of yours," She
said with a friendly voice and a smile.
"OH shit!" She stated a moment later, as she probed the wound to
see how deep it really was and had a stream of bright red blood shoot
out at her.
"David, I'll need some help here. I want you to hold this firmly
against the cut and don't remove it for any reason," Mrs. Timmons said
calmly. After making sure that he was following her directions she left
the room to call for an ambulance.
"Mrs. Timmons, I wanted to know how the boys are doing." Mr.
Teirgardt asked as she came into the main office. He stopped cold on
seeing the blood that was on her shirt. For her part, Beverly ignored
the question and picked up the closest phone. In moments the call was
finished and she was heading back to check on her patient.
Students started coming to the lunchroom doors as the paramedics
rushed by and into the nurse's office. By this time Josh was getting a
bit light-headed from the blood loss, but he was still conscious.
"I've already talked to both of the boy's parents and they'll
meet you at the emergency room," the paramedics were told as they
loaded Josh on to the gurney and started an IV
"David, it's been cleared for you to go with them," she told the
other boy who was completely overwhelmed with all the stuff going on
around him. David nodded to show he understood.
"But what about mine and Joshes' books?" he asked in a daze.
"I'll have your teacher send them up to the office," she said
with a smile. David again nodded and followed the paramedics out to the
waiting ambulance.
Since he wasn't hurt that bad, David was allowed to ride
"shotgun" on the way to the hospital. Both his and Josh's mom were just
entering the ER as they pulled up.
"What happened David?" Mrs. Kessler asked her son as they
followed Mrs. Kelly and Josh into the admitting area. David explained
all that had happened over the previous 45 minutes while he was waiting
to get his hand stitched up.
"How's Josh doing?" Mrs. Kessler asked Mrs. Kelly when she walked
back out into the admitting area thirty tense minutes later.
"They just took him up to surgery. Apparently, whatever had cut
him severed an artery and they have to go in and fix it," she told them
tonelessly. the moment Mrs. Kessler reached out her friend broke down.
"I hope they nail the little bastard's balls to the wall for
this!" Mrs. Kelly spat out a moment later. Though they didn't say
anything, both of the Kesslers were thinking the same thing.
While all this was going on, John was in the middle of his last
class of the day. Thinking that it was nice to have a half way normal
day, not knowing that all this was about to change.
"Yes?" The teacher asked the boy that walked into the class. the
boy just handed over a piece of paper to the teacher and softly told
him who it was for.
"OK. I'll take it from here." The teacher said to the aide.
"John, the office just dropped this note off for you." His
teacher said handing him the folded and stapled piece of paper. John
accepted the note with an uneasy sense of trepidation. He opened the
note and started to read.


Josh was injured in a fight at school and was admitted into the
hospital. He'll be staying in overnight for observation. We've made
arrangements for you to stay over night at DJ's. Mrs. Morrison will be
picking you up from school. Josh will be fine and is not in any danger.
Your dad, or I will call you later tonight and let you know how things
are going. We'll see you tomorrow.

Love Mom.

"Mother Fucker!" John said in a slightly louder voice than he
intended to.
"Are you OK, John?" His teacher asked seeing the expression on
her student's face.
"Yeah, I'm OK." John said in a slightly dead tone. She nodded at
this and ignored the previous comment.
"You sure you're OK, John?" DJ whispered from his seat behind his
friend. John just shook his head slightly and handed the note back to
his friend.
"Son of a Bitch!" DJ whispered a few seconds later. DJ gave his
friend's hand a quick squeeze of support when he handed the note back.
The rest of the class went by slowly for John. He bolted for the
door the second the bell rang ignoring his teacher trying to call him
back. DJ managed to catch up with his friend just as John was slamming
his locker shut.
"OK, John. Slow down there for a minute and take a deep breath,"
DJ said slowly and calmly trying to settle his friend down.
"I need to get home!" John said without really knowing what was
going on and tried to push past his friend. DJ managed to keep a firm
hand on John's shoulder and shoved him back into the locker.
"Settle down, damn it! Getting worked up like this won't do any
good. Now take a step back and take a couple of deep breaths." This
seemed to get through to the other boy and DJ saw his friend deflate
before him.
"It'll be OK, all right. Your mom said that there was nothing to
worry about and you don't know what really happened. Now let me get my
stuff and we'll go meet up with my mom and find out what's really going
on," John was told reasonably.
Five minutes later both boys were standing in the cold December
"Over here DJ!!" his mom called. The boys started heading over to
the car his mom was in.
"How's my brother doing?" John asked without any preamble.
"He was still in surgery when I talked to your mom last." John
was told.
"What happened to him?" John continued.
"I'll tell you when we get back to the house. I know this is hard
on you, but I need to ask that you not bother me right now. These roads
have been bad all day and I need to concentrate on what I'm doing."
John slumped back in his seat at this. DJ put his arm around his friend
to comfort him during the slow trip home. What normally would be a ten
minute drive ended up taking almost thirty.
They entered the house to the sound of the phone ringing.
"Hello?" Mrs. Morrison answered.
"OK...Uh huh... All right, I'll let him know," she said before
hanging the phone up.
"John, that was your mom. She said Josh came out of surgery just
fine and should be able to come home some time tomorrow. John relaxed
visibly at this and asked the one question Mrs. Morrison hoped he
"What happened though? All the note said was that he had gotten
into a fight and that he ended up in the hospital." John asked.
"I'm not sure John. You mom didn't give me much more information
than your note has."
"Now why don't you both go get your homework done. I'll get you a
light snack and bring it up to you," she told the boys.
"We lucked out today mom. We didn't get any homework," DJ told
her. John nodded at this as well.
"OK, then just spend some time in your room then and I'll still
bring a snack up to you in a little bit," she told them. The boys got
up and started for the stairs.
"DJ, could I talk to you for a moment?" Mrs. Morrison asked her
"Sure mom. You go on up, John. I'll be there in a second," DJ
told his friend, who had stopped to wait for him.
"OK," John answered. As soon as the other boy departed, Mrs.
Morrison continued.
"How do you plan on handling the situation tonight. I know you
haven't yet told John about your problem."
"I know. I was going to tell him when we got into my room and go
from there. I figure if he has a problem with it we have the guest room
set up and he can sleep there," DJ told his mom, but both hoped that it
wouldn't come to that.
"John, there's something I need to tell you," DJ announced as he
walked into his room.
"What's that? You wet the bed or something?" John said jokingly.
"Yes, I do," DJ replied
"I'm sorry DJ. I was only joking. I hope I didn't offend you."
"Don't worry about it. I'm used to that by now, but there's more
to it than that," DJ continued.
"I also have daytime problems as well." To prove his point, DJ
dropped his pants and showed his friend the wet GoodNites pants he had
"I'm sorry, I never realized that. I hope I didn't make you mad
with all those jokes I've mentioned about Josh's problem."
"Nah, you didn't. I thought some of them were pretty funny
"You want me to leave so you can change in private?"
"Nah, that's OK," DJ announced as he pulled off the wet
GoodNites. John just sat there dazed at seeing his friend naked from
the waist down. DJ smiled a bit at John's discomfort.
"You wouldn't mind giving me a hand would you?" John was asked a
short time later, as DJ lay down on his bed.
"What do you want me to help with?" John asked, still in a bit of
a daze.
"Putting those on," DJ said with a smile pointing to the stack of
cloth diapers and plastic pants that John was sitting next to ever
since he came into the room and didn't even see them. John jumped a bit
in surprise at seeing the diapers. DJ just laughed a bit at this. With
a shrug, John picked up the diapers and started following his friend's
"You did pretty well for a first timer," DJ chuckled as he pulled
the plastic pants up over his diapered butt and checked to make sure
none of the diaper was sticking out from under the pants he just put
"Er.. thanks," John stumbled. About this time the older boys
heard DJ's younger brothers walk into the house.
"I'll be back in a moment. I need to go was my hands."
"OK" John replied as his friend left the room.
"Man, you should have seen it there was blood everywhere and Josh
was cussing up a storm like you wouldn't believe," Donn said with a
chuckle as he bounded up the stairs.
I bet the little baby was crying for mama once he got into the
nurse's office," he continued with another chuckle, just before an
extremely strong arm grabbed the back of his neck and slammed him into
a very unforgiving wall.
"You have something to say about my brother?" John asked in a
very cold voice.
"Uh..Er.." Donn stuttered as he looked into the older boy's eyes
and not liking what he saw there one bit.
"You better answer the question real quick Donn, before I forget
that I'm trying to be nice," Donn heard as the hand that was holding
him applied even more pressure.
"It was a joke. I didn't mean anything by it," came the squeaked
"John, please let go of Donn's neck and take one step back," came
a firm voice, that managed to break through John's anger. With a sudden
realization of what he was doing John let the younger boy go and
stepped back, looking down at his hands in shock.
"I...I'm sorry, I don't know what happened." John mumbled as he
collapsed on his friend's bed.
"Donn, go to your room and stay there for a little while." DJ
told his brother in a way that told him not to argue.
"Yeah, right," Donn said as he walked away still rubbing his
"It's OK, John. I heard what Donn said and I don't blame you one
"I just don't know what came over me," John sobbed as he fell
into his friend's arms.
"It'll be OK. Just let everything out," DJ said while John cried
into his shoulder.
"Why don't you take a nap until dinner, It'll help." John just
nodded at this and allowed himself to be steered over to the other bed
in the room.
"Would you mind if I wore a diaper tonight?" I sometimes wet the
bed if I get stressed out," John rambled as he got undressed.
"That will be fine," DJ said softly, as he turned around to get
one of his disposables and grabbed the powder and lotion as well.
Within minutes DJ was returning the favor that his friend had shown him
just a short time before.
"You might want to wear these as well," he said while handing
over a pair of pajamas.
"Thanks," John answered as he took the offered clothing and put
them on. John was asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.
After making sure that his friend was comfortable DJ turned the bedroom
lights off and closed the door behind him as he left.
"How's John doing?" Mrs. Morrison asked her eldest as he
entered the kitchen.
"I managed to get him to lay down until dinner. There is some
thing you need to know about, though. Donn apparently had seen the
fight and was making some uncalled for comments about it. John heard
them and went crazy." DJ stopped for a breath before continuing saying
what happened. His mom didn't look at all happy when he finished, but
he couldn't tell if it was because of what Donn had said, or because of
how John had reacted to what was said.
"Thanks for telling me. I guess I'll have to have another talk
with your brother about knowing when to keep his mouth shut." DJ nodded
at this as his mother headed for the stairs.
John awoke a few hours later a bit disoriented. He wasn't sure
which was more confusing being in a strange room, or the fact that he
was in a diaper and the diaper felt soaked.
"What the hell!" he thought to himself, before the memories of
that afternoon came back to him.
"John?" a voice called softly from the doorway.
"Yeah?" he replied.
"Dinner's ready if you'd like something to eat," Mrs. Morrison
told the boy.
"OK, thank you," he answered as he sat up in bed.
"Are you feeling better now?" he was asked as DJ's mom entered
the room.
"I am a little bit," he told her as he flipped the covers off
himself and swung his legs off the bed and started to get up, only to
be restrained by a firm hand on his chest.
"I think we better take something first." It was then that he saw
that the PJ bottoms he had on were wet. John was pushed back into a
horizontal position and the PJ bottoms were removed.
"Don't worry about it. DJ told me that you had asked to wear a
diaper and why. Judging by the looks of it, I would have to say that
you made the right decision," John was told as the wet diaper was
removed. Do you want to have another diaper put on, or would you like
to borrow a pair of DJ's underwear?"
"The diaper would be fine, if it's not too much trouble," came an
embarrassed reply. With a knowing smile Mrs. Morrison walked over to
her son's closet and removed several cloth diapers and a pair of
plastic pants. John just looked at them in confusion.
"All the boys wear cloth diapers at home. It saves money this
way," she told him. He just nodded at this and allowed his hostess to
clean off his balls and butt. He turned a bit red when he got an
erection when she rubbed the powder and lotion in, but said nothing.
"It's all right. This happens all the time around here. Now raise
up a bit so I can get these under you," came the explanation and
request. John did as he was told and soon felt the diapers being pulled
up between his legs. He sighed at the memories long past that rose up
at this sensation.
"Raise your legs up some," John was told a second after he felt
the diapers tighten around his waist and hips.
"How do those feel? Not too tight, or loose?"
"No, they feel fine," John answered with a small smile.
"OK then, stand up and we can get these pulled the rest of the
way up." John obliged and the plastic pants were soon covering the
diapers he was wearing. After helping John into some clean pajamas, the
two left the bedroom and headed down to eat.
The rest of the evening went by quietly, though Donn tended to
stay as far away from their guest as he could and still be in the same
"OK boys time for bed," Mr. Morrison stated a couple of hours
later, as expected his middle son complained about this.
"Aww, dad just a little while longer."
"No, I said now," came the reply in a tone that was as final as a
death sentence.
"All right." Donn pouted as he followed the others upstairs.
"Do you want me to get the first shower?" John asked as the two
oldest boys entered DJ's room.
"Nah, that's all right. I normally get my shower in the morning
anyway. Do you need to be changed?"
"I should be OK till morning. I'm only a little damp right now."
John told his friend with a smile. DJ laughed at this as he started
striping off his PJs so he could get to his diaper.
"That might be OK for you, but if I don't get into some dry ones
right now these suckers are going to fall right off."
"That wouldn't be so bad," John said with a sly grin.
"But I do see your poin,." he added a second later when he saw
how bad his friend's diapers were sagging.
"You want some help with those?"
"Sure that would be great. I've only been doing this for myself
for about two weeks and I haven't managed how to get them on tight
enough yet." John nodded at this and while his friend finished removing
his wet diapers, he got some fresh ones from the closet.
"How many do you need?"
"Get three of the diapers from the second shelf and use the
plastic pants that are next to them," John was informed.
"You're kidding me right?" John said as he saw how thick the
diapers that he was told to get were.
"No, those are the right one. Why?"
"You mean to tell me that you really wear diapers this thick to
"Yeah, all the time. You'll see why in the morning," DJ replied
with a knowing grin.
"If you say so," John answered as he walked over to where his
friend was laying down. With this John took a diaper wipe and started
cleaning off his friend's penis.
"I think we might have a problem here, DJ. There is no way I'm
going to be able to fit these diapers over that." John said with a grin
while pointing at the obvious erection his friend had.
"It'll go down in a minute, unless you have another idea."
"Sure, I have an idea. Close your eyes for a minute." John said,
thinking back to what Ashley had done almost a month before. Seeing
that DJ had his eyes closed, John leaned forward to do what he had
"What the...!?" DJ exclaimed a second later, his eyes snapping
open in surprise. John just looked at him and smiled. Ten minutes later
DJ was looking rather flushed after having just spent the biggest load
of his young life.
"That was great!!" DJ whispered hoarsely, as John finished
powdering his balls and pulled the clean diapers up between his legs.
"I'm glad you enjoyed it," John said with a smile as he fastened
the diapers with three large pins on each side.
"Enjoyed, wouldn't be the word I'd use for that. Where did you
learn that anyway?"
"From one of my old friends." John told him while handing over
the pair of plastic pants.
"You learned well. Remind me to return the favor sometime," DJ
said with a smile of his own as he turned off the overhead light and
climbed back into his sleepers and bed.
Thirty minutes later all that could be heard was the soft
breathing of two boys.
"Boys, it's time to get up," DJ's mom called the next morning.
She was a bit surprised to find her son in bed with John but wrote it
off as him doing this to comfort a friend, rather than face another
"Uh wha...?" DJ mumbled after she called a second time.
"I said it was time to get up, sleepyhead."
"What time is it?" DJ asked, getting the feeling that it was
actually later than it seemed.
"It's about 9:30." This caused DJ's eyes to snap open.
"OH shit! I'm going to be late for school," he said as he tried
to untangle himself from John's arms. Laughing at the scene playing out
before Mrs. Morrison placed a reassuring hand on her son's chest.
"Easy there sport, they announced a snow day because of the storm
we got last night after you went to bed." With a sigh of relief DJ
collapsed back onto the bed.
"Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes. I want you to wake
your brothers up and come down to eat after you get John up," she told
him still laughing.
"John, time to wake up," DJ said softly in to his friend's ear.
"Uh, just a few more minutes mum... please," John mumbled as he
rolled over so he was facing the wall. DJ smiled at how out of it his
friend seemed.
"C'mon John, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes."
"Wha!?" John stated as his head came off his pillow realizing
were he was.
"Morning John, so nice of you to join the land of the living.
Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes," DJ laughed as he leaned over
and gave his friend a light kiss on the lips.
"Where did that come from?!" John asked in surprise as the two
boys' lips parted.
"I don't know. It just seemed like the thing to do. Didn't you
like it?" came the somewhat hurt reply.
"No, I did like it. You just caught me off guard, that's all,"
John answered and leaned forward to give his own kiss only this time it
held slightly longer than before. They smiled at each other as the kiss
was broken.
"I think maybe we better get downstairs before you mom comes back
up looking for us."
"Yeah, that might be a good idea, but first we have to wake my
brothers up." John nodded at this and moved to get up, as he did so the
moderately wet diaper squished between his legs.
"Uh... DJ, I think I have a problem here."
"What!?" he asked as he turned back around to face his friend.
Seeing the look on his friends face told the story and DJ chuckled as
he continued.
"Don't worry about it. We'll change after breakfast and you don't
really need it yet. Those diapers can hold a lot more," DJ added as he
pulled his fingers from the front of John's diapers with a smile.
"Rise and shine guys!" DJ called to his brothers as he walked
into their room a moment later.
"Go away!!" Donn called as he turned away from his brother's
voice and pulled his blankets over his head.
"OK, we do it the hard way!" DJ told his brother with a gleeful
"NO! I'm UP!!" Donn yelled as he tried to get out of bed, but
didn't move fast enough before his brother and John took hold of the
side of his mattress and flipped it over.
"Too late," DJ laughed.
"How about you, Paul?" John asked, looking over his shoulder at
the other boy.
"That's OK. I can manage on my own," the younger boy called out
as he scrambled to get out of bed. DJ and John laughed at this.
"By the way, mom said breakfast will be ready in a few minutes,"
DJ tossed over his shoulder as the two older boys left the room.
"You did it again, didn't you?" DJ was asked in a weary tone by
his mom when they entered the kitchen a few seconds later.
"Do what, mom?" came the innocent reply.
"You know what I mean. I could hear your brother yelling down
here, and don't bother trying to answer since we both know that it
would be a lie," she concluded with a bit of a smile.
"If you say so mom, but I still don't know what you're talking
"Just take a seat. Breakfast is about ready."
The rumble of feet a second later announced the arrival of DJ's
"MOOMM," Donn started before being cut off.
"Don't start. I know what your brother did and we've already
talked about it," she told her middle son.
"Get up to the table before the food gets cold," she told both
her younger boys, giving each a slight pat on their diapered rears to
send them off.
"Donn, Paul, after you're done eating, I want you both to go
upstairs and get changed. You still have doctor's appointments today."
Both boys frowned at this, but said nothing.
"DJ? Do you think you and John will be all right by yourself for
a couple of hours?" Mrs. Morrison asked the two older boys.
"I think we'll be OK," DJ said while giving his friend a sideways
"John, I talked to your mom while you were still asleep. Josh is
doing fine and they should be releasing him later this afternoon.
You'll be staying here for the day though."
"OK, Mrs. Morrison. I'd like to thank you now for putting me up
for the night yesterday."
"It was no problem and you're welcome," she answered with a
The rest of the meal was finished quickly and soon DJ and John
were finding themselves with the house to themselves.
"Well, let's go get out of these cold diapers and get cleaned
up," DJ announced after he saw his mom pull out of the driveway.
"Great, because I think this thing is about to fall off," John
replied while hitching up his PJ bottoms.
"I doubt that, but you are starting to smell a bit ripe."
"You should be the one talking," DJ laughed at this and led his
friend upstairs.
"You know, I think you were right about that diaper of yours
getting ready to fall off," DJ chuckled as John took off his PJs.
"I told you they were and yours don't look much better."
"Ain't that the truth. Well, let's get these damned things off
and get a shower."
"OK I'll even be nice and allow you to get yours first," John
"Actually, I was thinking we could take it together," DJ told his
friend with a wink.
"I guess that would be all right," John said a bit nervously, not
really comfortable at how fast things were progressing with his friend.
John and DJ soon found themselves out of their wet diapers and
walking into the bathroom.
"You can wash my back first, then I'll do yours," DJ stated, as
he climbed into the shower and turned the water. John nodded at this
and looked around for the soap while his friend wetted himself down.
"Where's the soap?" he asked a moment later.
"In the cabinet behind you," DJ replied.
John turned around and opened the cabinet door getting a bit of a
laugh at what he saw there.
"Baby bath, DJ?" he asked while a chuckle as he pulled the bottle
out of its space along with the sponge that was next to it.
"Why not. It works a lot better during the winter than regular
soap does."
"If you say so," John chuckled as he poured some of the bath onto
the sponge and worked it into a lather.
"Oh that feels good, John," DJ mumbled as his friend worked his
hands over his back.
"What can I say, I've gotten lots of practice from giving Josh
his baths all these years," John answered as he continued to wash his
friend. DJ continued to moan lightly during all this. His moans got a
bit louder when John started to wash between his legs.
"Don't stop," DJ panted a few minutes later as he felt a load
getting ready to erupt from his swollen member. On hearing this, John
picked up his pace and soon took his friend over the edge.
"OH GOD, that was great!" DJ said huskily as John finished
washing him.
"I'm glad you liked it. Like I said, I've had lots of practice,"
John said with a grin.
"I can tell. Your turn." John nodded and handed over the sponge
and baby bath. John was soon getting the same treatment he had just
given his friend, though DJ had other plans as well.
"DJ, stop!" John told his friend firmly when he started to feel
his friend press into him.
"What?" came the shocked response.
"Please don't," John repeated.
"I don't want to ruin things by going this fast this soon. I hope
you understand," John said while turning around to face his friend.
"I just thought that after last night," DJ started, but stopped
unable to find the right words to express what he was feeling.
"I do and feel the same way. That's why I don't want us to rush
things," John said as he pulled his new found mate into his arms.
"I'm sorry, I'm just so confused about all this," DJ said while
"I know you are. I was the same way at this stage. Give it time
and it'll work itself out," John said soothingly.
"Let's finish this shower quickly, we're about to lose the hot
"OK," DJ answered softly, still very confused about what was
going on in his mind.
"I've got an idea you'll like," John said as the two boys dried
each other off.
"What's that?"
"It's a surprise, but I think you'll like it," John answered as
he grabbed a bottle of baby lotion he saw by the sink.
"What are you doing?" DJ asked hesitantly when he saw his friend
start to strip the bed he used last night exposing the plastic sheet
that was covering the mattress.
"It's part of the surprise. Now lay down on your stomach," John
told him as he finished pulling the sheets off.
"Why? What do you plan on doing?" DJ asked in a scared voice.
"It's something I'm sure you'll like. Don't worry nothing will
happen. If you don't like it just tell me to stop and I will." Sensing
that John wasn't going to do him any harm DJ complied with his friend's
wishes. Once DJ was laying on the stripped bed, John climbed on as well
straddling DJ's thighs.
"Hey, I thought," DJ started to complain.
"Relax, DJ. Nothing is going to happen. I swear," John said
softly in his ear. With this said John poured a healthy amount of the
lotion into his palm and warmed it up a bit before starting to rub it
into his friend's shoulders.
"How's it going down there?" John asked several minutes later.
"Hmmm," came the sleepy reply.
"I'm glad you're enjoying it," John laughed as he moved his way
down DJ's back.
"OK, I need you to turn over now," John requested another twenty
minutes later. DJ just smiled at this and did as he was asked. He was a
bit disappointed when John produced a hand towel hand covered his groin
with it.
"We don't need that kind of a distraction," John chuckled on
seeing the look his friend was giving him.
"I guess so," DJ pouted in reply. John just chuckled some more at
this. Twenty minutes later John finished up by putting his friend in a
fresh diaper. After doing this he went to wash the excess lotion and
powder off his hands.
"Now it's your turn," DJ said from the bathroom doorway.
"What do you mean?" John asked.
"Well, I figure you'll be wanting to wear diapers when you come
over, right," DJ said, more as a statement than a question, but John
nodded anyway.
"Well, from personal experience, I can tell you that if you leave
that bush on you'll end up with one major rash in no time at all," DJ
continued while pointing to John's crotch.
"So we take the hair off," he finished while pulling a can of
shaving gel and a razor from behind his back.
"Now wait a minute, DJ!" John started.
"Nope, no waiting. I trusted you not to do anything while giving
me that body rub and now I'm asking you to trust me on this," DJ
answered plainly. John realized that if their friendship was going to
grow like they both hoped he would have to learn to trust his friend.
"OK, Where do you want me?" John said a moment later.
"You can sit up on the counter there," DJ told him pointing to
the area next to the sink.
"Are you sure that will hold me?"
"Yeah. I'm sure. You are about the same size as I was when my mom
showed me how to do this," John accepted this and did as he was told.
"All done," DJ said fifteen minutes later as he rubbed some
lotion into the now clean shaven area.
"Now it'll probably start to itch in about a week or so when the
new hair starts to come in. I would suggest that you either shave the
area once a week, or use a hair removal product every couple of days to
keep the area smooth. Now let's get you into a diaper as well," DJ
concluded with a smile. Several minutes later John to was diapered and
the two boys were remaking the bed that was stripped an hour earlier.
"John, what do you think our friends and family will say when
they find out about us?" DJ asked while they were remaking the bed.
"I'm not really sure. My family already knows about me. I told
them this a little over a year ago and they've come to accept it.
Hopefully your family will also, but it's just hard to judge how
they'll react. I would suggest you wait a bit longer to make sure that
this isn't some passing phase," John told his friend seriously. This
ended the discussion.
Mrs. Morrison got a bit chuckle when she and her younger sons got
home to find John and DJ curled up together on the couch fast asleep.
This did confirm in her mind what she had suspicions of ever since she
saw the two boys get together for the first time.
"John, you need to get up now," Mrs. Morrison said an hour later
as she gently shook the boy.
"OK, I'm up," he said, groggily. "What time is it?"
"A bit after 4 p.m. Your mom just called and said that she would
be here in about 20 to 30 minutes. You'll probably want to get out of
the wet diaper you have on and back into your regular clothes before
she arrives, though," his hostess said with a smile.
"You're probably right. I don't think my mom would be ready to
have both of her sons back in diapers," John said with his own sheepish
grin. DJ woke up as John was stretching to work the kinks out of his
"Dang, John. You sure pulled a number on that diaper of yours. I
seem to recall though, that it was still dry when we fell asleep," DJ
announced with a smile.
"Ooopps," This reply got both boys laughing as they headed
upstairs to change.
"I guess my mom did some laundry when she got home today," DJ
commented when he saw the pile of neatly folded clothes and diapers
laying on his bed.
"The clean clothes on your bed would be a good indication of
this," John laughed as he prodded his friend in the rump to get him to
move further into the room.
"You better clean me up first. I don't have much time before my
mom gets here to pick me up," John added as he lay down on the other
bed in the room. DJ agreed with this and got some items out of his
"Lift up a second so I can get this under you," John was told as
DJ unfolded a changing pad.
"Now let's see about getting you out of this wet diaper," he
added as he started pulling off the tape tabs that were holding the
diaper closed. John was a little surprised when DJ applied a small
amount of lotion to his butt and balls once he finished wiping his
diaper area off.
"What was that for?" he asked.
"It'll keep the area from drying out. Besides, I wanted to get in
one last feel," DJ chucked as the boys changed places. John had just
finished applying the lotion as well when he heard DJ's brother, Paul,
call up the stairs.
"Hey John! Your mom is here!"
"OK, Tell her I'll be down in a minute," he yelled back.
"It figures she'd be early," John muttered more to himself than
anything else.
"You think you can handle the rest of this by yourself?" He asked
his friend.
"Yeah, just toss me a pair of my GoodNites," John nodded as he
stopped by the closet, grabbed a pair of the requested item and tossed
them over his shoulder to his friend. He would have started laughing if
he had seen that the diaper pants happened to catch their owner right
in the face.
"Thanks," DJ called while he opened the garment and sprinkled the
insides of it with powder. John was just pulling his jeans up when he
turned around and saw his friend standing there in his GoodNites.
"Damn DJ, You sure do look cute in those trainers of yours."
"You really think so?" The boy inquired as he struck up a pose
that got both boys laughing.
"Quit doing that! I need to get downstairs before my mom decides
to come looking for me," John said between bursts of laughter.
"OK," DJ said with a laugh of his own. In minutes both boys were
heading downstairs.
"Hey mom, how're you doing?" John asked, though he was slightly
taken back by his mom's somewhat disheveled look.
"I'm fine," She told him, but he had a hard time truly believing
"Well, your brother is still asleep in that car so we better get
going," She added. Mrs. Morrison got up to escort them out.
"Thanks for having me over Mrs. Morrison," John told her as he
got his coat on.
"I was glad to help out. If you need any help just let me know,"
she told Mrs. Kelly.
"Thank you, but we'll be fine now," she replied as she herded her
son to the waiting car.
"Mom, the minute we get home I'll get Josh into bed and then
you're going to lay down yourself," John said firmly as they pulled out
of the driveway.
"I'm fine John, I don't need my own son telling me what to do,"
she answered a bit more sharply than was needed.
"Mom with all honesty, you look like hell. You probably haven't
slept more than a few minutes in the last 24 hours," he replied, before
going on. "I would like you to lay down as a favor to me, OK?"
"All right John, I'll lay down, if for no other reason than to
please you," she gave a tired smile at this. Josh was starting to stir
with they pulled into their garage a minute later.
"Are we home yet?" came his sleepy question.
"Yeah, Josh. We just pulled in," John replied. It was then that
John first saw the large bandage covering most of the left side of his
brother's face.
Several minutes later John was helping his brother out of his
street clothes and after a quick diaper check helped the younger boy
into a pair of sleepers. Josh was fast asleep within seconds of his
head hitting the pillow.
"OK, mom. Josh is in bed asleep. Now, I'd like you to do the
same," John told his mom.
"I'll take a short nap after I get dinner started."
"Mom, I'll be able to get something started and you promised,
remember?" John said sternly while gently taking his mom's arm and
gently steering her towards her bedroom. Once he was sure that his mom
was laying down John went into the kitchen to see what he had to work
with for dinner.
"What smells so good?" Mr. Kelly asked about two hours later as
he arrived home from work.
"Just something I threw together," John answered, looking up from
the book he was reading.
"Where's your mom?"
"Both her and Josh are laying down right now," Mr. Kelly nodded
at this and went to check on his youngest first.
On entering his son's room he found the boy curled up in his bed,
holding his teddy bear in one arm, while sucking on his thumb. Mr.
Kelly smiled while looking down at this sight.
"If he keeps this up we might have to see about getting him a
pacifier, at least that would be easier on his teeth," he thought to
himself as he leaned over to give his son a light kiss on the forehead.
After one last quick look Mr. Kelly left the room closing the door
quietly behind him.
"Arthur, is that you?" Mrs. Kelly asked sleepily as her husband
sat down on the edge of their bed.
"Yeah honey, it's me," he said quietly.
"What time is it?"
"A bit after six-thirty."
"Oh God, I still need to get dinner started!" Mrs. Kelly
exclaimed while sitting up in bed.
"Relax dear, John's already taken care of it."
"John? You mean our John? The boy that wouldn't go near a kitchen
stove if his life depended on it."
"That's the one," Mr. Kelly laughed.
"And what's really surprising is that it smells quiet good," he
"I just wonder what kind of condition my kitchen will be in,"
Mrs. Kelly moaned while laying back down. Just then they heard some
soft crying coming from Josh's room.
"You lay back down. I'll check on Josh," Mr. Kelly told his wife
firmly as he got up and left the room.
Upon entering his son's room, Mr. Kelly saw that his son was
having a nightmare. He quickly moved over and sat down on the edge of
his son's bed.
"It's OK now Josh. No ones going to hurt you," Mr. Kelly soothed
as he pulled his son into a protective embrace.
"It was just a bad dream," he told the sobbing boy. After a few
more minutes Josh calmed down and fell back a sleep. Mr. Kelly stayed
with his son a bit longer to make sure he was truly asleep.
"Mom, Dad, dinner's ready," John called through their bed room
"OK, John. We'll be down in a few minutes. Would you mind getting
your brother up?" Mr. Kelly answered.
"Sure dad."
"It's time to wake up for dinner Josh," John called as he sat
down on his brothers bed.
"wha?" came a groggy reply.
"I said, it's time for dinner," John repeated as he pulled the
covers off his baby brother.
"But let's get you into some clean diapers first," he added while
unzipping Josh's sleepers.
"How's the face doing?" John asked as he undid the tapes holding
his brother's diaper on.
"It hurts and itches like crazy."
"You know how did it?"
"Yeah, I do, but I'm not going to tell you," Josh said sternly.
"And why shouldn't I know?"
"Because I know what you can be like when you get mad and you
knowing who did it would just cause more trouble than it's worth. I'll
take care of this in my own way and at a time of my choosing," Josh
answered and for a moment John was actually worried when he saw the
look in his brother's eyes.
"OK. You can handle it. Just let me know if you need any help,"
John answered as he continued with the diaper he was changing.
"There you go," John stated a few minutes later with a light slap
to Josh's diapered rump. With a smile Josh put his sleepers back on and
zipped them up.
"I'm glad you boys decided to join us while the food was still
hot," Mrs. Kelly said as the boys entered the dinning area."
"Josh was needing to be changed first," John responded while
taking his seat. Soon the family was eating.
"This is really good, mom," Erin commented a short time later.
"Thank you," John replied from his seat.
"Excuse me John, but I was talking to mom."
"Yes you were Erin, but John was the one who made dinner
tonight," Mrs. Kelly said to her daughter before continuing.
"And your sister is right John, this is quite good," She added
"I'm impressed John. I didn't think I would ever compliment you
on your cooking," Erin said with a chuckle.
"Thanks. I think," The rest of dinner went by with the normal
banter between the kids though, the one thing that wasn't mentioned was
Josh's injury.
"John, would you mind giving Josh his bath and make sure you
clean his wound?" Mrs. Kelly asked a few hours later.
"Sure mom, I was planning on heading to bed anyway," John
answered while turning to his brother.
"C'mon Josh, let's go get you cleaned up."
"OK," It surprised everyone that Josh wasn't putting up a fight
about this, but nothing was said.
"I'll try to be careful on this," John stated a couple of minutes
later as he reached over to remove the bandage covering the cut Josh
had gotten the previous day.
"Damn!" John whispered when he saw the injury up close.
"What does it look like? Mom wouldn't let me look when they
changed the bandage at the hospital," Josh asked.
"I don't blame her, but you'll be seeing it soon enough so I
guess you should get used to it," Josh's brother told him while turning
him around so he was facing the bathroom mirror.
"I hate to tell you this Josh, but it looks like you're going to
have one hell of a scar when this heals up," Josh nodded in agreement
to this and the look John had seen earlier returned briefly. John was
even more worried than before when seeing this look along with the
newly made scar his brother would be sporting. John decided right then
to talk to his parents about it once Josh was in bed.
"Let's go get you ready for bed before you decide to spring a
leak on the floor," John chuckled as he helped Josh dry off and put a
fresh bandage over his cut.
"That might be a good idea but let me use the toilet first."
"OK, call me when you're done," John said as he stepped out of
the room so his brother could have some privacy.
"All right," Josh answered as he sat down on the toilet.
While Josh was taking care of his own business, John went into
their still shared room and got ready for bed himself. Thinking of how
he was going to explain to his parents what he had seen and his worries
stemming from it.
"I'm ready now John," Josh said coming into the room as his
brother finished putting his PJ top on.
"OK, Thumper. Hop up onto your bed and we'll get you taken care
of," John announced while slightly slapping Josh's bed. John chuckled
to himself as his brother darted past him and hopped up onto his bed.
"You're not getting modest on me are you?" John laughed when he
turned back around with the diapering supplies and found his brother
laying on his bed spread eagle but had his teddy bear covering his
groin. Josh smiled at his brother and gave him a slight giggle.
"Well this won't work at all, unless you want me to diaper your
bear to you," John chuckled as he handed the bear over to his brother.
Josh said nothing but laughed a little easier than before.
With a shake of his head, John kneeled beside his brother and
coated Josh's butt and balls with a generous amount of lotion, after
warming it slightly between his hands. He then took the bottle of baby
powder and covered newly lotioned area with a healthy dose of the
"Lift your butt up for a second so I can get this diaper under
you," Josh complied without comment and soon felt the extra thick
padding under his butt. He gave a small sigh as john pulled the front
part of the diaper up between the younger boy's legs and taped it close
"That isn't too tight, is it?" John asked
"No, it feels great," John smiled at this.
"Here put these on as I get your sleepers out," John told Josh
while handing him a pair of plastic pants. Josh took the offered pants
and slid them on. Soon after this John was zipping his brother's
sleepers closed.
"Now you go right to sleep," John said as he turned off the
bedroom light and stepped out into the hall, closing the door behind
"Mom, Dad, can I talk to you for a minute?" John asked a minute
"Sure John, what's on your mind?" his dad said.
"I'm not really sure how to explain this but I'm a little worried
about Josh."
"Worried in what way?" his mom inquired.
"I think maybe Josh is still a bit unsettled about what happened
to him."
"That's to be expected after what happened to him. I'm sure if we
give him time he'll come around," Mrs. Kelly told her middle son.
"That's not exactly what I'm talking about. While I was changing
him before dinner I had asked if he knew who had done this and I'll
admit this was because I wanted to beat the shit out of who did this,
but Josh wouldn't give me the kid's name and said that he would handle
it in his own way and at a time of his choosing. What really got me
worried was the look Josh had in his eyes when he said this. I can't
explain what the look was, but it was definitely not a look you would
expect to see on Josh's face. I saw the same look again when I was
getting him ready for bed and I should him the cut. I'm worried he
might try something stupid over this," John told his parents.
"John, I didn't want Josh seeing that cut of his for as long as
possible," His mom informed him.
"I didn't know that at the time I let him see it and I felt that
he should get used to the sight of it since he'll be looking at it a
great deal once the bandage comes off," Mrs. Kelly started to say
something more when she felt he husband's hand on her shoulder.
"John, thanks for letting us know about this. It's probably
nothing to be concerned about, but at least now we know that there
might be one and we can keep a closer eye on your brother. You go ahead
and get to bed," His dad told him. John nodded to this and after giving
each of his parents a good night kiss headed off to bed.
John was still wondering about what was going to come down over
this. Even with his parents reassurances, he knew something was going
to happen. With a shake of his head he entered his and Josh's room. He
smiled a bit seeing his brother fast asleep with his arms around his
bear and sucking on his thumb.
"John?" came a soft voice and a shake on his shoulder.
"Uh?" he answered still mostly asleep.
"I had a bad dream, Could I sleep with you?" Josh asked.
"Sure. Hop on in," John answered while moving over to make room
for his brother. As Josh curled up against his brother, John's hand was
pressed into Josh's diapered crotch.
"You feel a bit wet. Do you want to be changed?" John asked as he
pulled his hand free.
"Nah. I'll be OK till morning," Josh replied sleepily. With in
minutes both boys were fast asleep with John having one arm holding his
brother protectively.
"Boys. Time to get up," Mrs. Kelly called as she opened the door
to the boys' room. She smiled at the sight of the two boys curled up
together with the older boy holding the younger one protectively.
"Just like when they were younger," Mrs. Kelly thought as she
moved in closer to wake the boys up.
"John, Josh time to get up," she called again. This time giving
each boy a slight shake on the shoulder
"Uh?" they answered almost in unison.
"It's time to get up. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes,"
John nodded sleepily at this and got a start when he looked over at his
clock and saw that it was past eight in the morning.
"Relax, John, they called another snow day," His mom told his
before backing out of the room.
Laying back down, John smiled a bit as he looked down at his
brother, who was still fast asleep.
"Josh? It's time to get up," John said with slight nudge to
Josh's shoulder.
"UH!" came the muffled reply as the smaller boy burrowed deeper
under the covers.
"None of that now," John laughed as he went after his brother.
Soon the two boys were wrestling under the covers of John's bed.
"OK I give," Josh yelled between fits of laughter from the
tickling he was getting from his older brother.
"I knew you'd see things my way," John said as he got out of bed
and headed for the door.
Kelly yelled up the stairs.
"I'll be down in a minute mom!" John yelled as he entered the
bathroom. Just as he started to close the door he saw Josh go sliding
by him. John laughed at this, but missed being able to do the same
"It's times like this that Josh has the right idea about wearing
diapers," John thought to himself as he took care of his morning
"John, before you go anywhere today I need you to help me start
moving things into your room.
"OK. If it's all right, I was thinking of asking DJ to come over
today. I figure this way we could get even more stuff done.
"That sounds like a good idea," Mrs. Kelly said.
"By the way, what was Josh doing in your bed this morning?" she
"He had a nightmare and asked if he could crawl into bed with me.
I didn't see that it would be a problem so I let him," Mrs. Kelly
figured this is what had happened but just wanted to be sure.
"I'll get it!" Erin called a short time later as the boys were
finishing up the dishes from breakfast.
"Josh, it's for you! It's David!" she called a second later.
"OK Erin, I'll get it in here!" he yelled back while picking up
the kitchen phone.
"Hey David," Josh said as he heard the other phone click.
"Hey Josh. How are you doing?" his friend asked.
"Not bad. It tends to itch at times, but the pain's finally gone.
How's your hand?"
"About the same. I was wondering if you wanted to come over
"I'd love to, but I have to help my mom and John move some of his
stuff into his room. With any luck I should be free about 10:30, or
"That would be fine. Give me a call before you head over."
"OK and I'll call if the plans change."
"OK. Well, I'll see you about 11:00 then," David told his friend
before hanging up.
"Who was that, Josh?" his mom asked as he hung the phone up.
"David. He was wanting to see if I could come over to play
"And what did you tell him?" his mom inquired thinking that he
might try to get out of his house work.
"I told him that I had some things to help with around here but I
should be free about 10:30, or 11:00," Mrs. Kelly nodded approval at
this and sent Josh up to help his brother start packing. DJ arrived a
short time later and was quickly put to work with the rest of the boys.
With all three boys helping out the room was put into some
semblance of order and Mrs. Kelly dismissed them while she moved the
smaller things around. As Josh was getting ready to go over to David's
house the phone rang.
"Mrs. Kelly?" the voice on the phone asked.
"This is John, from Klothes for Kids," Kevin told her.
"Ah, Yes and how are you this morning?"
"Not bad. I was just calling to let you know that your order came
in and you can pick them up any time your ready."
"OK, I'll be over shortly to pick them up," She told him
"I'll have everything ready for you," Kevin told her before
hanging up.
"Mom, I'm heading over to David's now!" Josh called as he headed
for the front door.
"Just a moment Josh. I'll give you a lift over. I have to head
out that way, anyhow," Josh nodded at this and waited for his mom to
get her coat on.
"John! If you and DJ go anywhere before I get back make sure you
leave a note telling me where you are and when you expect to be home!"
"OK, Mom!" John yelled in reply.
Josh and his mom pulled into David's driveway a few minutes
"Now Josh, I want you to be careful if you and David start
playing outside. I don't want to have to run you back to the hospital
because you pulled your stitches out."
"Yeah, mom, I know."
"I mean it, Josh, be careful, and have Mrs. Kessler change the
bandage immediately if it gets wet."
"OK, mom you've already told me all this. Can I go now?" Josh
asked with some impatience.
"Yes, you can go now," Mrs. Kelly answered with a smile as Josh
hopped out of the car and headed for the front door. She waited until
Josh was inside before heading off herself.
She arrived at the Klothes for Kids a short time later and after
parking her car she headed inside to the Special Order service desk.
"May I help you ma'am?" the teen at the counter asked as she
walked up. Mrs. Kelly hadn't seen the boy before, but could tell from
his looks that he was related to Kevin.
"Yes, I'm Mrs. Kelly. Kevin called and said that my order was
in," she told him.
"OK, Let me look that up here," he said while typing some
commands into his terminal.
"Is there a problem?"
"There might be. My system isn't showing an order under your
name. Let me go check with Kevin real quick. It might be that they
haven't uploaded the order over to my system yet. If you'd like to have
a seat it should only take a minute," the teen said as he excused
"Looks like it's going to be one of those days," Mrs. Kelly
thought to herself with a smile.
"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting Mrs. Kelly," Kevin said as he
walked up to her.
"It OK. I figured that it might be a few minutes."
"Things have been a bit hectic here the past half hour. Our
computers decided to rest themselves right after I talked with you, so
I've been trying to get everything straightened out," Kevin explained.
"I know how that goes. I had the same problem myself once or
"Well, if you'll follow me we can double check your order and
make sure everything is correct," Kevin said while leading her into the
back room. On entering the receiving area Mrs. Kelly saw the teen that
had originally helped her and Kevin's brother. She could tell right
away that the first teen must be Kevin's youngest brother. Both
brothers gave Mrs. Kelly a polite nod when they saw her looking towards
them and she returned it with a smile.
"OK here we are," Kevin said a minute later as the two stopped in
front of a numbered bin. Mrs. Kelly was surprised at the size of three
of the boxes. Seeing the look on her face, Kevin commented, "those are
the diapers. It catches most people off guard as to how thick they
really are."
"I would have to agree with that," With practiced ease Kevin
pulled a box cutter from a pouch on his belt and opened two of the
smaller boxes so the contents could be visually inspected.
"This is normal procedure," He told Mrs. Kelly when he saw the
look on her face.
"Soon after we opened, a customer had placed a large order and
when she got it home found out that it was the wrong stuff. They threw
such a fit over it we started having the customers visually inspect the
orders before leaving the store so it wouldn't happen again."
"That makes perfect sense."
"Now then, I want to show you some thing about the diapers. The
Velcro closure you ordered for these comes with a special feature. As
you may, or may not know Velcro tends to attract lint in the wash like
a magnet. To help prevent this and prolong the life of the Velcro
they've add extra strips of it to use as a wash cover for the actual
closure strips," Kevin explained as he showed her what he meant," Mrs.
Kelly nodded in approval of this, thinking that it was a good idea.
"What's in the other two boxes?" Mrs. Kelly asked a few minutes
later, as Kevin finished repackaging the items he took out of them and
resealed the boxes.
"I'm not sure. The company has them listed on your invoice as a
bonus gift, but I'm not sure what they are," Kevin told her after
checking his clipboard.
"The invoice and box both claim that it's a disposable product. I
can open the box if you'd like but we can't be held responsible for any
damage to the product," Kevin told her.
"That's OK. I'll just open it when I get home."
"OK, I will have to tell you now that due to a problem at the
plant this isn't the same style of changing table you ordered. It seems
that the one you had order was damaged some how during production and
they sent this one out in its place. I've already talked with them
about this and they assured me that since it was a mistake on their
part that it is being swapped at no extra charge." Mrs. Kelly nodded at
this thinking that she must have done something right for all this to
happen. With one final check, Mrs. Kelly signed off on the order and
started to head out to her car.
"Mrs. Kelly!" she heard a voice call before she got too far and
saw Kevin walking after her.
"I just did some calculating and found that due to the size of
the order we would be able to do a free delivery and set up, if you'd
"That would be most helpful," She told him after filling in the
needed instructions.
"We should be there in about an hour or two," Kevin told her
after looking over the form.
"This really must have been my lucky day," Mrs. Kelly thought as
she drove home.
"You boys are absolutely soaked!" Mrs. Kessler exclaimed as Josh
and David trooped back into the house thirty minutes later. The boys
just smiled and giggled at this statement.
"Aww, c'mon mom, we're not that wet," David announced.
"Yeah," Josh piped in as well.
"Yeah, right. I want both of you to take your 'not that wet'
bodies upstairs, get out of those wet clothes, dry yourselves off and
come back down here so I can put fresh bandages on those cuts of
"Now!" she added sternly before either boy could protest.
"C'mon Josh we better do as she wants," David told his friend.
Josh silently agreed with this as he followed David up to his room
stopping long enough to grab his back pack along the way.
"You can set your clothes over here," David said pointing to a
half-full laundry basket.
"OK," Josh said as he started to get undressed.
"Looks like you need to be changed almost as bad as I do," Josh
chuckled a few moments later when David took his pants off exposing his
extremely wet GoodNites.
"I guess I am a bit wet down there," David said with a slight
grin. Josh started to laugh at this as he pulled off his pants to show
off his own wet diaper.
"What's taking you guys so long?" David's mom asked as she
entered his room.
"I guess I should have expected this," She added with a smile on
seeing both boys standing there in wet diapers. Both boys turned red at
this, though David knew his mom had seen him in this condition
countless times.
"I must say Josh, you blushing really goes along with your
diapers," Mrs. Kessler said with a smile as she walked over to the
smaller boy and had him lay down on his friend's bed.
"David could you hand me his back pack?" She asked while she
untaped Josh's diaper.
"You might as well take those wet GoodNites off David. Once I'm
done with Josh, I'll be diapering you as well," she added when David
handed her Josh's backpack.
Mrs. Kessler showed her proficiency at diapering boys by having
both of them done in less than ten minutes.
"Lunch will be ready in just a few minutes. Come on down once you
get some dry clothes on," the boys were told as David's mom walked out
of the room. Without really thinking, David pulled a set of fleece
footed sleepers out of his closet and put them on.
"You wouldn't have anything that would fit me, would you?" Josh
asked as David zipped the sleepers up.
"I might have some old sweats around here somewhere," David
responded as he bent over to look in the bottom of his closet.
"Here Try these on," David said after a few minutes of searching.
the sweats he handed over were a bit big on his friend but not grossly
so. After a moments thought David tossed Josh a T-shirt and pair of
socks to put on as well.
"You should see yourself in that shirt," David laughed as he
turned around to face his friend.
"Why?" Trying to contain his laughter David pointed to a full
length mirror that was hanging on his closet door. Josh began laughing
also when he saw that the shirt he had just put on looked like a small
tent on him. the shirt he saw went down past his thighs and the short
sleeves came down to nearly his forearms.
"Well, It's better than nothing," Josh chuckled.
"I guess so," David laughed again.
"Well, let's get those bandages off," Mrs. Kessler said as the
boys walked into the dining room and took their places at the table.
Without preamble she took a pair of scissors and cut the gauze that was
wrapped around David's right hand. Josh saw that David had a two inch
cut in his palm near the thumb. David flexed his hand a bit since the
bandage tended to restrict the movement every now and then.
"OK, Josh, your turn," Josh tilted his head a bit so she could
get to the bandage a bit easier. Even though she knew what to expect
Mrs. Kessler was still a bit shocked by what she saw.
"Damn, Josh. Billy really did a number on you," His friend stated
softly. Josh's eyes flared a bit at this comment, but he just nodded at
it since he knew his friend didn't mean anything by what he said.
David, for his part, moved back in his chair a bit when he saw the
flash of anger in his friend's eyes and silently prayed that he would
never be on the receiving end of what he saw.
Mrs. Kessler normally would have scolded David for cursing, but
in this case agreed with his statement.
"I'll put clean wraps on those after lunch. I think letting them
get some fresh air will help dry out any moisture that got to them,"
Mrs. Kessler said as she got up to get the boys their lunch.
While the boys ate, Mrs. Kessler collected their wet clothes and
put them in the wash. After eating, Josh and David spent the rest of
the afternoon playing video games.
"Josh that was your mom. She said she would be over in about ten
minutes to get you," Mrs. Kessler told him.
"OK, thank you," Josh said in acknowledgment.
"Why don't you head upstairs and take off the clothes David
loaned you. I'll be up to change you in a moment," Knowing he did have
much say in the matter he nodded and went about doing what he was told.
Just as he was pulling off the sweat pants, Josh felt a slight
cramp in his stomach and a second later his lunch was unloaded into his
diaper. With a sigh, he continued getting undressed. A few minutes
later David's mom entered the room with his clothes.
"OK, hop up on the bed and we can get you out of that wet
diaper," she told after laying his clothes on the dresser.
"You'll want to use a towel or something to protect the bed this
time," Josh told her. Before she could ask him why the smell of a
freshly messed diaper reached her nose. She nodded at this. Josh was a
bit shocked to see her pull a extra large sized changing pad from
David's closet.
"I use this when David's sick," she explained while she spread it
out on the bed. Josh smile briefly at this as he laid down on the pad.
"Josh your mom is here!" David called as Josh was pulling his
pants up over his diaper.
"OK, David. I'll be down in a minute," He called back. Not five
minutes later he was thanking David and his mom for having him over.
"And how was your day?" Josh was asked on the ride home.
"I had lots of fun," Josh answered with a yawn as the days
activities started to catch up with him.
"I'm glad you did, but I know a certain someone who'll be taking
a nap when he gets home."
"But I'm not tired," Josh answered with a bigger yawn than
before," his mom just smiled at this.
"C'mon, Joshua, let's get you into bed," Mrs. Kelly was telling
her youngest 15 minutes later as she handed him a pair of his sleepers.
With little protest, Josh put the sleepers on and climbed into bed. He
was fast asleep inside of two minutes of his head hitting the pillow.
After leaving Josh's room Mrs. Kelly headed into the small room
she and her husband used as an office to handle their finances. After
closing the door, she took the invoice she got earlier than day and
scanned all the entries to make sure that matched up with her bill from
when the purchases were made. Once she was done with this she opened
the envelope that had been enclosed with Josh's cloth diapers. Inside
she found a letter and survey form. setting the survey aside for a
moment she read the letter.

Dear Mrs. Kelly,

Your family has been chosen to field test a new product line for
CKM Inc.. Over the last few months we at CKM have been testing a new
pull-up style disposable training pant for older children. These are
very similar to GoodNites Disposable Absorbent Underpants, but have
styled with younger kids in mind. For this reason, we have added Fun
Pal cartoon designs to the pants along with fade away wetness
indicators to help the child want to train.
We have also had requests over the years for a thinner version
of our Thickies line disposable diaper. We are proud to introduce our
new Thickies Streamline Briefs. These diapers have all the features of
our normal Thickies but are three times thinner! Thanks to a new super
absorbent biodegradable polymer.
Please let us know within two weeks of reading this letter
whether you would like to join in on this survey and field test. If you
choose not to then, please accept the trial cases we have sent you of
the product stated above as a way of say thank you for choosing
Thickies diapers.
You can contact me at 1-800-4-Thicky anytime Monday-Friday from
8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. MST., or visit our web site at
(clicking on Survey Response).

Sincerely yours,
Hiedi Oppenhiemer,
Regional Director

"I'll have to look into this some," Mrs. Kelly thought. It took a
moment longer before she realized why the name of the person writing
the letter seemed so familiar. It sank in that this might be the person
Kevin was telling her about when they talked in his office that one
time. She also had the feeling that Kevin might have had something to
do with her getting chosen for this survey, but decided not to ask. She
then turned on the computer in front of her and spent the next hour
reading through the information on the CKM web site.
"What the..! Joshua!" John yelled as he picked himself up off the
floor after having tripped over on of the cases of diapers that had
been left in the front room. Mrs. Kelly enter the room just as John
"John would you mind not yelling in the house," she told him
"I wouldn't need to if Josh would put his diapers away instead of
leaving them in the middle of the floor," he replied.
"I could understand that, but I was the one who left the diapers
there, not your brother."
"Oh, sorry," John said sheepishly.
"What did he need more diapers for anyway? Once his cloth diapers
come in we'll have them coming out our ears," John said with a small
"Actually, these were a gift of sorts. The company that makes the
cloth diapers your brother will be wearing came out with some new
products and sent us some to do a survey on," John was told. John was
nodding at this, when something caught his eye.
"I don't think that will be possible, mom," John said a second
later as he took a closer look at the box.
"Why's that?" she asked while pulling out one of the new training
"They're the wrong size. The box says these are a size small.
Josh still wears the youth size," John answered. It was all he could do
to keep from laughing when he saw what the trainers looked like.
"Damn, those look like they would be large enough to fit me,"
John though a moment later as he began wonder how he could sneak some
of the pants up to his room.
"I think you might be right, John," his mom said as she put the
trainers back in their box.
"Oh, well. You can take those down to the storage room later when
you get your laundry from downstairs.
"OK," John said, but couldn't believe his luck. He decided that
this would be the best time to take the boxes down and he started to
push the cases of diapers towards the basement door.
"Mom, Do we have any packing tape anywhere?" John asked a short
time later.
"The other box popped open when I was taking it downstairs," John
lied smoothly to his mother.
"There might be some in the study," she told him. With a word of
thanks, John headed for his parents' study.
While looking for the tape he came across the letter that his
mom was reading a short time before. After a quick glance at it, John
decided to do the survey himself.
"No sense in letting good diapers go to waste," he thought with a
smile as he placed the letter in his pocket. He walked out of the study
a minute later with the tape and headed back into the basement. After a
quick glance to make sure he was alone John tossed several of the
training pants and diapers into the bottom of his laundry basket and
piled his clothes on top.
He passed Josh on his way into his room and could smell that his
brother was needing a diaper change.
"Josh, why don't you head back into your room and I'll be in to
change you in a moment," John told him.
"OK, thanks," after putting his clothes away and finding a hiding
place for his pilfered diapers John headed off to change his brother.
"Well, this will certainly make things easier," John commented
when he saw the changing table set up where his bed stood earlier that
"Yeah it will, but I still wish mom hadn't put all my diapers and
stuff out in plain site," Josh said while pointing to the lower shelves
that were now piled high with both cloth and disposable diapers,
plastic pants and cleaning supplies.
"You might as well get used to it Josh. You'll be wearing those
diapers for a long time to come and it'll be easier on us for now to
have them in easy reach and not have to keep digging through your
closet for the stuff," John told his brother as he helped him onto the
changing table. Seconds later Josh had his sleepers unsnapped and
pushed up past his waist.
"It's a good thing you got up when you did Josh, I don't think
this diaper could have taken much more from you," John teased as he
pulled the wet and messy diaper out from under his brother. Josh
blushed at this and started to frown.
"Don't start that with me Josh, you know I'm only kidding," John
told his bother as he sealed the old diaper into the Diaper Genie that
now sat on a shelf attached to the changing table. After rubbing lotion
into Josh's diaper area and powdering it, John pulled out a couple of
Josh's new daytime cloth diapers and fitted these under his
unsuspecting brother.
"Why are you using those?" Josh asked as he put his butt down on
the virgin cloth.
"Why not, this is what mom got them for," John replied bluntly as
he pulled the first diaper up snugly between his brother's legs and
secured the Velcro fasteners tightly.
"But, I don't want to wear these yet!"
"Listen Josh, you better get used to wearing them really quick
because you'll be wearing them quite often," John told his brother
sternly as he pulled the second diaper up and fastened that one as
"Lift up a second" John told his brother as he produced a pair of
plastic pants. Josh sniffled a bit as the pants were slipped under him
and snapped closed.
"Josh, you just quit that. Cloth diapers are no different than
the disposables you have been using and are certainly no different that
the underwear you wore before that," John told him as pulled Josh's
sleepers back down and snapped them shut.
"There you go," josh was told with a pat to his diapered crotch.
"Why do you keep doing that?" Josh asked as he sat up.
"Do what?" john replied in confusion.
"Every time somebody changes me they always seem to give me a pat
in the diapers." John smiled at this statement and replied, "What can I
say Josh, we just like the way diapers feel and we get enjoyment from
doing it," Josh sat on the table a moment longer while he took in what
his brother said. With a shrug, he hopped off the table and followed
his brother downstairs with a slight waddle.
"How was everyone's day?" Mr. Kelly asked during dinner.
"I went over to David's and had lots of fun Josh started by
saying as he launched into what he had done.
"Well, you certainly had a active day, Josh," Mr. Kelly commented
as he moved onto his middle son.
"What about you John?" he continued.
"I wasn't too bad. After getting my room put together this
morning, DJ and I went sledding for a few hours and then went over to
his house to play games the rest of the time," John told his father,
though he did leave out several things that he and DJ did do."
"What about you Erin?" Mr. Kelly asked sensing that his daughter
had something big to drop judging from how she was fidgeting.
"Well, I had gone over to Linda's for a while and then I went out
job hunting," she told everyone. This statement brought all
conversation to a stop.
"I'm sorry, but did you say you went out looking for a job?" Mrs.
Kelly asked in slight astonishment.
"Yeah. Linda had asked me to run her over to Klothes for Kids to
pick something up for her brother and I saw that they were looking for
help so I filled out an application."
"Well, I certainly hope they call you back," Mr. Kelly told her.
"That's the best part dad, I got hired already."
"How did that happen?"
"Well, It turns out the person I handed the application to was
the store's manager and after doing a quick look he asked be back into
his office. We talked awhile about the previous jobs I've held, he then
called in one of the department managers, we talked some more and they
gave me the job," Erin told her family proudly.
"What department will you be working in?" Mrs. Kelly asked when
her daughter finished her story.
"I'll actually be working in two different departments, but they
have them combined as one. I'll be in Shipping-Receiving/Special
Orders," she answered. Just as she said this, Josh started choking on
some milk he was taking a sip of.
"You OK Josh?" his mom asked while giving him a slight pat on the
back. josh nodded but was still coughing a bit.
"Was it something I said?" Erin asked in confusion.
"Not at all, Erin," Mrs. Kelly told her daughter while giving
John a look when she saw him hiding a smile and trying not to laugh.
"When do you start?" Mr. Kelly asked.
"I go in tomorrow for training," Her father nodded at this, happy
that she had beaten them to the punch since he planned on mentioning
this very subject to her after dinner. Dinner concluded with the usual
"John, all your furniture has been moved it to your room and set
up like we had discussed. It's up to you to set you electronics and
things up," Mrs. Kelly told him as she cleared the table.
"OK mom. Dad would you mind giving me some help bringing some of
the stuff upstairs?" John asked he stood up.
"I don't think that would be a problem," With this said both
headed for the basement door and started to bring the heavier things
upstairs. This took them only half an hour and John was soon busy
getting everything set up.
"John, the phone people will be out in the morning to hook up
your phone line. This will be the same set up as before, you'll be
expected to apply part of your allowance to help pay for it and you'll
be responsible for any long distance calls made," he was told by his
"I know, mom," he replied as he finished setting his stereo up.
"I must say that all the work turned out quite nice," She
commented further looking around his room.
"Well, it certainly looks a good sight better than when we moved
in," John chuckled.
Once his mom left the room, John decided to put a movie in and
relax for the evening. Since he knew the last diaper change for Josh
would be handled by someone else, John decided to put on one of the
diapers he swiped earlier that afternoon.
"Oh man, this feels great!" John thought to himself as he pulled
the diaper up between his legs.
"And they look just like a regular diaper," John smiled as he
fastened the single tapes on either side to the front tapping panel.
After doing this, John got up off his bed, walked over to his closet
door and admired himself in the mirror hanging there.
"Damn, I look cute in these," He said softly as he chuckled a
bit. the one thing that really surprised him as he pulled on his
pajamas was the fact that the diapers fit him perfectly and were
actually a bit on the loose side, but not to the point he had to worry
about leaks. Once he had his pajamas on, he climbed back into bed,
covered himself up and started his movie.
John awoke with a start the next morning. On looking around he
found that he was in his own room again and that someone had shut off
his TV and DVD.
"Mom must have turned them off last night when she came in to
tuck me in," He though as he started to climb out of bed. As he put his
legs together another sensation hit him.
"Oh man, I thought was just a really great dream," he thought as
he realized that he was sitting there in a cold, wet diaper. A knock at
his door caused him to jump.
"Yeah?" he called.
"Mom says to hurry up, or you'll miss breakfast," Josh called
"OK, Tell her I'll be down right after I go to the bathroom."
"OK," With this John checked to make sure that everyone was
downstairs and slipped into his brother's room. Once there he silently
closed the door, dropped his PJ bottoms and quickly pulled off his wet
diaper. After using a couple of Josh's diaper wipes, John placed the
wadded up diaper into the Diaper Genie, pulled his PJs back up and
headed for the bathroom, after stopping to grab the underwear he had on
the day before.
"Sorry I'm late," he told his parents as he sat down.
"It's all right," he was told.
"What do you have planned for the day?" his father asked.
"I was thinking of just bumming around the house most of the day
since most of my friends have other plans," he answered truthfully.
"Good, then you won't mind shoveling off the walk and driveway
after you eat," John was told with a smile.
"How about you, Josh?"
"I was thinking of going over to Caleb's," Josh answered quickly,
think that he might get out of doing chores this way.
"That's fine, but remember you still have to clean your room and
help your mother finish putting your diapers away," Josh was told.
"Aw, man," he said glumly. his parents smiled at this.
After eating breakfast, Josh was taken into his room by their dad
to get his morning diaper change as John headed into the bathroom to
get his shower.
With his shower completed, John headed back into his room and
dropped his PJs into his laundry basket and started to pull out his
clothes for the day. Just as he reached for a pair of his underwear he
remembered the pull-ups he had and decided to try a pair of them
instead. He smiled briefly as he caught a glimpse of himself in the
mirror. John walked out of his room several minutes later.
"Now I want you to make sure that you salt both the walk and
drive down once you get the snow removed," his mom told him as he put
his snow suit and boots on.
"I know mom. I won't forget," he told her as he opened the front
"I guess these things really are hard to notice under clothes,"
John thought as he opened the garage door and got out the shovel.
An hour after he started John felt the pressure in his bladder
increase and with little hesitation he let it go into his training
"This certainly beats having to try and get out of these boot and
snow pants in time," John mumbled to himself as the pressure in his
groin subsided. He managed to finish salting the drive and walk just as
the phone company van pulled up.
"Is this the Kelly residence?" the phone company rep. asked as
she stepped out of the van.
"Yeah, it is. Follow me," John replied as he put the shovel away.
"Mom the phone company is here!" John called as he walked through
the door.
"OK John. You can show them where everything is."
"Follow me please," John told the repairman. The two walked into
John's room a moment later and showed them where the phone jack was.
John backed off after doing this so he wasn't in the way and started to
remove his snowsuit.
Twenty minutes later the repairman left and John was setting his
Internet account back up.
"How's everything going back here?" Kevin asked Erin a short time
after her shift started.
"Not bad. It's taking awhile to get everything down," Erin told
her manager.
"It'll take few days to get the hang of everything. Just be glad
that you have time to get into the swing of it before the holiday rush
in a few weeks," He told her with a grin.
"Anyway, I wanted to see how you were doing so far and to let you
know that after your lunch break you'll be seeing how the counter is
"That'll be fine," Kevin nodded at this and walked off. A short
time later Steven and another boy walked up.
"Yeah?" she asked looking up.
"Kevin wanted me to let you know that you go on lunch in Five
minutes," Steven told her.
"OK. Thanks."
A few minutes later Erin entered the employee break room and in a
back corner saw the same boy that she had seen with Steven. Seeing that
he was sitting off by himself she decided that this would be a good
time to try and get to know him without having to talk about work.
"You mind if I sit here?" she asked as she walked up to his
"I guess so," came the barely audible reply.
"I'm Erin," she told the boy, who still hadn't looked up from the
book he was reading.
"You're in Mr. Fogal's Fourth hour history class aren't you?" she
continued trying to get some sort of conversation out of him. As
halfway expected the teen just nodded and continued reading the book he
had. After a few minutes of silence the boy closed the book and left
the room without saying a word to her. Erin just looked on in shock at
the boy's retreating back.
"Don't let it get to you," another voice said from behind Erin
causing her to jump.
"Sorry about that. You mind if I sit with you?" Steven asked.
"Thanks. Anyway, don't let my brother's attitude get to you. he's
always like that when new people come up to him," Steven explained.
"If you say so, but he seems totally different from when I've
seen him in class," Erin replied.
"Yeah, I'm sure he is. He does better with large crowds than he
does one on one. especially when the other person is and I hope you
don't feel offended, female."
"Why's that?" Erin asked curiously.
"Let's just say that, my brothers and I had a less than ideal
childhood. It affected Aaron hardest of all since he was so young at
the time. He's working on getting past it but highly doubt he'll ever
get completely over it," Steven told her.
"I guess I can safely assume this is the reason behind why you
and Aaron still wear diapers?" she answered softly. Steven gave her a
startled look when she said this.
"How did you know?"
"I've noticed that neither of you have once today gone to the
rest room and after these last few weeks of seeing my youngest brother
having diapers on under his pants I've learned to recognized what it
looks like.
"I see," Steven answered uncomfortably.
"I wouldn't worry to much about it. Unless a person knows what to
look for I don't think they would even notice," she told him.
"Well, I need to get back. My break ends in a few minutes," Erin
announced after a quick look at her watch.
"Take a few extra minutes and we can go back together."
"I'd like to, but I don't want to get in trouble for coming back
late my first day here."
"You won't get into any trouble. I'll tell Kevin that we were
going over some last minute things before having you start with the
front area," Steven told her and for the next fifteen minutes they did
just that.
"Ah shit! Here comes trouble," Aaron mumbled a short time later
as he was showing Erin how to pull up orders on the computer terminal.
"What is it?" Erin asked in surprise at the slight outburst.
"You're about to meet the customer that gives us the most
headaches," He told her as the customer neared the counter.
"So, is my order ready yet?" she demanded without preamble.
"Your name, please?" Aaron asked.
"You know very well what my name is, young man. Now kindly go
back and get my order."
"Of course. It'll be just a moment while I bring your order up,"
he told her stiffly. About this time a young boy came up to the counter
as well.
"I'm sorry ma'am, but I'm not showing an order having been
"Don't give me that! I placed the order with you last week. How
could you not have it listed!" she yelled back.
"Would you kindly lower your voice, please? If I could have the
confirmation number I gave you. I can see what is going on with the
"Fine," she responded hotly as she read the numbers off.
"Thank you," Aaron said as he typed the numbers in. A moment
later he looked up from his computer.
"I'm sorry, that order was canceled."
"What do you mean canceled?!" Mrs. Pike yelled even louder than
before causing several nearby shoppers to look their way.
"Yes ma'am, canceled."
"Listen, you better get my order out here in the next couple of
minutes, or you will regret it!"
"Are you trying to threaten me?"
"I don't threaten. I make promises. Now I want my Goddamned order
out here. Right the Fuck Now!" she bellowed.
"Mrs. Pike, This will be the last time I ask you. Please lower
your tone and kindly stop swearing. The order was canceled and there
isn't a thing I can do about it." As Aaron finished repeating this,
Mrs. Pike reached around the counter and pulled the keyboard towards
her, swearing loudly.
"Is there a problem here?" Kevin asked as he came from the back
"Yes, there is! This fucking little shit purposely canceled my
order and I want it replaced right now along with a refund placed on my
credit card!"
"Ma'am if you don't kindly lower your voice, I will have you
escorted from the store," Kevin told her sternly.
"You wouldn't fucking dare! Not with all the damned money I
fucking spend here!" Mrs. Pike yelled back.
Without another word Kevin pulled a phone from his belt and
opened it.
"Security to Special Orders Please. Code 3. Security, Code 3 to
Special Orders," With an enraged bellow, Mrs. Pike took a swing at
Kevin with her purse. Security arrived just as she tried to take
another swing at him and grabbed her arms.
"Kindly escort her out of the store," Kevin told the guards and
turned back to Mrs. Pike.
"You are hereby informed that you are no longer welcome in this
store. If we catch you on the premises again, the police will be called
and you will be arrested for trespassing. Is that clear?" Kevin told
her evenly. Without waiting for a reply he turned around and headed
back to his office.
"Well, that was certainly exciting," Erin replied once the
commotion died down.
"Tell me about it. At least we finally got rid of her. She's been
causing trouble like that since the store opened. I'll bet you anything
that it was her son that called and canceled the order."
"I'll take your word for it."
"Don't worry about it. We don't have very many customers get like
that," Aaron told her when he saw that she was still a bit shaken up.
After this, the rest of the day went by smoothly.
After helping his mom get his room straightened up Josh headed
over to Caleb's. He was more than a little surprised to see Mrs.
Timmons standing in the doorway when the door was answered after he
rang the bell.
"Well, hello Josh. Nice to see you up and around," she told him
as she stepped back from the door to let him enter.
"Thanks," He told her while he took his coat off.
"CALEB! Josh is here!" she called as she took his coat.
"Go ahead and have a seat. He'll be out in a minute."
"OK," Josh replied as he took a seat on the couch. A short time
later Caleb came out of his room.
"I'm glad you were able to come over," he said to his guest.
"It was my pleasure."
"Want to go play some video games?" Caleb asked.
"Sure!" Josh answered gleefully. Soon all that could be heard
from the back part of the house was the laughter of two young boys. For
her part, Caleb's aunt was glad that she had judged Josh correctly.
"OK boys, Lets get some lunch into you," Bev called a few hours
"But first I think we better get you both into some clean
diapers," she added quickly. Josh and Caleb both chuckled at this
giving each other a knowing look.
"You can go first," Caleb told his guest while his aunt went over
to his changing table.
"Gee, thanks," josh said while giving his friend a small shove.
Soon both boys were sporting clean diapers and them along with Caleb's
aunt were heading to the kitchen to have lunch.
"Josh, after we're done eating, I want to take a look at that
bandage," Bev told him as they ate. With a nod, Josh acknowledged this
and continued eating.
"OK, let's go get that bandage changed," Mrs. Timmons said thirty
minutes later.
"OK. Let me get my bag first," Josh told her.
"Caleb would you mind going into your room for a few minutes?"
his aunt suggested as Josh returned with his backpack.
"That's OK, I don't mind if he watches," Josh told them as he
took a seat again at the dining room table.
"Well if you don't mind, let's get started," she told him while
taking a seat near him.
"I must say Josh, the doctor that worked on you really knew his
stuff.", he was told while Mrs. Timmons took a closer look at the cut
on his face, "Unfortunately, you'll still have a rather impressive
scar. These things can't always be avoided."
"I know," he answered a bit coldly. This caused the nurse to take
a quick look into Josh's eyes and got the cold feeling that sooner, or
later Mr. Pike would end up being a patient of hers.
"Josh, you'll need to be heading home now. Caleb needs to get
ready for his nap now," Caleb's aunt said while walking into her
nephews room a few hours later.
"Aunt Bev!" Caleb cried out on hearing this.
"It's OK Caleb. I take them myself at times. Besides, I do need
to be heading home now anyway," Josh told his friend as he gathered his
stuff up and put his shoes back on.
"Thanks for having me over and I'll see you Monday," Josh added
as he walked out the door.
"Did you have to mention that I still take naps?" Caleb whined to
his aunt as she led him back into his room.
"Well, I could have left that part out, but it's too late
worrying about it now," She told her nephew as she helped him up on to
the changing table and started to undress him.
"he'll probably think I'm a baby now that he knows I still take
naps and won't want to talk with me any more," Caleb mumbled more to
himself than his aunt.
"Caleb would you quit that kind of talk. I highly doubt that Josh
thinks anything of the sort, and like he mentioned he takes naps as
well," he was told in a exasperated voice.
"Yeah, I guess you're right," as his old diaper was removed.
Caleb soon found himself in the cloth diapers that he normally wore on
the weekends and was stepping into a set of sleepers. Once these were
zipped up he climbed into bed and was asleep within minutes of placing
his head on the pillow.
On his way home Josh started thinking that a nap would actually
be a good idea for when he got home.
"Mum, I'm home!" Josh called as he closed the front door behind
"She and Dad went out for a bit Josh," John told him.
"Oh OK. If I don't have any chores to do, I'm going to go up a
take a nap till dinner."
"That's fine. Do you need a diaper change first?"
"Nah, I got changed just a little bit ago so I should be fine."
"OK, let me know when you get up and I'll change you then," John
told his brother as he walked back into his own room.
After waiting half an hour John got on the Internet and entered
the CKM web site. With more than a little nervousness he clicked on the
Survey Response tab and started reading.

Thank you for taking part in this survey. It will be split into three
(3) segments: General Information, Product Information and Product
Usage. Please fill these segments out as completely as possible.

General Information

Child's Name: Last: Kelly First: John MI: T

First Address: 9015 W. 94th St.
Overland Park, KS.

Second Address* N/A

* use second address if parents are divorced/separated and child lives
equally between the two addresses.

Child's Birth date: February 29th, 1996

Child's age: 12

Gender: Male: X

Child's Father Name: Last: Kelly First: Arthur MI: J

Child's Mother Name: Last: Kelly First: Janet MI: E

Siblings: Older Younger

Brothers: 1
Sisters: 1

Child's Current Measurements

(Please answer all the following questions in Inches and Pounds.
Measurements will also need to be taken while child is undiapered.)

Child's Height: 56 inches

Child's Waist: 19 inches

Child's Seat: 13 inches

Child's Weight: 85 pounds

Product Information

Product(s) Being surveyed (check all that apply):

Thickies Slimline Briefs: X
Thickies Fun-pal Trainers: X

Size of Product(s) being used:

Thickies Slimline Briefs: Youth: Small: X Medium: Large: X-Large:
Thickies Fun-pal Trainers: X-small: Small: X Medium: Large:

What other diapers/trainers has the child tried, or is currently
using?: N/A

How did you learn of Thickies brand diapers? (Check all that apply):

Health care professional:
Word of mouth:
Other: X

Product Usage

The following section will deal with how and when the products are

Relationship to person using product?:

Self: X

Time when product is most commonly used?:

Night: X
Both Day and Night:

Number of products used in a normal 24 hour period?: 2

Please rate the following on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest 5
being the highest).

Thickies Slimline Briefs

Fit: 1 () 2 () 3 () 4 () 5 (X)

Absorbency: 1 () 2 () 3 () 4 () 5 (X)

Comfort: 1 () 2 () 3 () 4 () 5 (X)

Discreteness: 1 () 2 () 3 () 4 () 5 (X)

Thickies Fun-pal Trainers

Fit: 1 () 2 () 3 () 4 () 5 (X)

Absorbency: 1 () 2 () 3 () 4 (X) 5 ()

Comfort: 1 () 2 () 3 () 4 () 5 (X)

Discreteness: 1 () 2 () 3 () 4 () 5 (X)

If chosen to participate in a more detailed Survey what would be the
best way to contact you?

E-mail*: Yes (X) No ()

Phone**: Yes () No (X)

Mail: Yes (X) No ()

* If you answered yes to this question please enter your E-mail address
in the space below.

** If you answered yes to this question please enter your phone number(
w/area code) in the space below, along with the best time to contact

E-mail Address:

Phone Number: Daytime: N/A Nighttime: N/A
Best time to contact you: Daytime: N/A Nighttime: N/A

To be considered for future surveys please enter the 12 digit number
from the letter that came with these products.

ID Number: 3D09FPN7V2LL

Just as John finished typing in this number he heard his mom and
dad come into the house.
"John could you come down and help bring the groceries into the
house," his mom called.
"Sure mom, just let me save what I'm doing real quick and I'll be
right down," he called back. After quickly looking over the survey
again john hit the send button on it and signed off his computer once
he got the confirmation that it had been received. Before leaving his
room, john quickly pulled a pair of sweat pant on over the trainers he
was wearing.
"How was your day?" John was asked as he sat down to put his
shoes on.
"Not bad. I spent most of the day getting my computer set back up
and finishing some homework," Mrs. Kelly nodded at this. She would have
been shocked to know the one thing her son had also done, but didn't
tell her about.
John spent the next thirty minutes helping his mom put the
groceries away and from what he could tell she never once noticed that
he was wearing one of the trainers that she had brought home a few days
"Mom, I need to be changed," Josh announced a short time later.
"Could you ask John to do it, Josh? I'm just getting dinner
"OK," the young boy replied as he walked off to find his brother.
"John, I need to be changed and mom wanted you to do it," Josh
said as he walked into his brothers room.
"OK, go to your room and I'll be there in a moment."
"This is just what I needed," John thought as he pulled out a
clean diaper from his stash and slipped it under his shirt.
"I think I'll need to talk to mom about getting some air
freshener for this room Josh," John said as he undid his brothers'
"I can't help it," Josh whined thinking that his brother was
making fun of him.
"Relax Josh, I was only making a general comment. You really need
to stop taking these so personally. So, how was your time over at
Caleb's?" John asked as he pulled out a wipe to clean the poop off his
Josh's backside.
"I had lots of fun. We spent most of the day inside, but he has
lots of neat games."
"I'm glad to here that. Maybe you could have him spend the night
sometime," Josh was told as his brother rubbed some lotion into his
groin and then added some powder. Josh was being told to lift his butt
up so the new diapers could be placed under him.
"There you go, Josh. All nice and clean," John said while giving
his brother a slight tickle as he pulled his pants back up.
"You can go ahead and restart the movie in my room Josh. I'll be
in just as soon as I restock your table," John said. Once Josh was in
John's room John silently closed the door to Josh's room and quickly
changed his own diaper. John noticed that Josh's Diaper Genie was full
after he put his used trainer in it. He cleaned it out and put the
string of old diapers into one of the plastic bags that were now kept
nearby and took those down to the trash once he had finished refilling
the diapers on Josh's changing table.
" John, Josh! The pizza's here!" His mom called a short time
"OK Mum. I'll be down in a moment!" john yelled back to her as he
put the movie on hold.
"Aww John, why did you do that the movie was just getting good,"
Josh whined as his brother got up off his bed.
"Oh be quiet, I'll be right back," John laughed as he tossed a
pillow at his brother. Josh laughed at this and started to hop around
on the bed.
"Bet you can't hit me now," he called.
"We'll see about that when I get back," John chuckled as he left
the room.
"Your father and I are on our way out now John. I want you and
josh both to behave yourselves and to mind what Erin tells you. I don't
want to hear about any problems in the morning," John was told sternly.
"We will," John told her honestly.
"OK. Erin should be home in about half an hour. you should be OK
till then," She added before giving him a hug.
"You guys have a good time at the party," John told his parents
as they walked out the door. Once he was sure they were gone, he headed
into the kitchen to get himself and Josh some pizza and something to
drink. While getting the glasses down he saw some baby bottles on the
top shelf of the cabinet and on a whim he decided to fill one up for
Josh instead of a regular glass.
"what's that for?" Josh asked as John came back into his and Josh
saw the bottle of milk on the tray his brother was carrying.
"Oh that, I saw these in the cabinet with the rest of the glasses
and thought you might like to use it during the movie," John answered
as he sat the tray down on his night stand and handed Josh his dinner
along with the bottle. he didn't bother trying to argue about getting
the bottle since he knew it wouldn't do any good. John inwardly as he
saw josh start to use the bottle. Half an hour later they heard Erin
enter the house.
"Mum, Dad?" Erin called as she closed the door behind her.
"We're up here Erin!" John called in response.
"Where did mom and dad go?" John was asked as Erin entered his
"They had that party tonight remember?"
"Oh yeah, I forgot about that."
"So, how was your first day at work?" John asked with interest.
"It wasn't to bad. We had some lady and her son through a really
big fit over a canceled order. for a while I thought it might come to
blows, or something," Erin related.
"How old was the boy?" Josh asked, joining the conversation.
"I'd say he was about your age," Erin replied while sitting on
the spare bed.
"You didn't happen to get a name did you?" Josh continued.
"I only heard the last name. Which reminds me, you wouldn't
happen to know any boy in your school with the last name of Pike would
Josh's smile faded quickly at the mention of this name, while his
left hand unconsciously went up to the bandage on the side of his face.
Both John and Erin knew right then that this must have been the boy
that had given Josh the scar.
"I'm sorry Josh, I didn't know," Erin told him.
"It's OK," Josh answered coldly. The lack of emotion in the
answer worried both of them, but there was nothing they could do at
this time.
"There is pizza in the kitchen if you want some," John said,
changing the subject.
"you guys mind if I join you?" Erin asked a few minutes later as
she came back by with her own dinner.
"I don't have a problem. We were about to start a new movie
anyway. As Erin was getting settled she saw Josh using the bottle that
John had brought up for him. She too smiled at the sight of this but
didn't say anything that might embarrass him.
The rest of the evening went by quietly. After the second movie
Erin took Josh into his room to place him into his night time diaper
and after doing this sent him back in to watch the third movie that had
been rented for the night. Little did josh know that while he was
getting changed John had gone back downstairs to refill that bottle he
had been using all evening. Josh ended up falling asleep part of the
way into the last movie and instead of waking him up John moved him
over to the spare bed giving him the bottle he made earlier as he
tucked him in. Josh's parents found him curled up with the bottle when
they checked on everyone when they got home.
"How was the party?" John asked the next morning.
"It wasn't bad. Just the usual shop talk," his dad replied as he
sat down to read his morning paper.
"Why was Joshua sleeping in your room last night?" His mom asked.
"He fell asleep during one of the movies and I felt it would be
easier to just move him over to the spare bed in my room than it would
be to wake him up and move him to his own bed," john told them.
This answer seemed to satisfy his parents. A short time later
Josh finally woke up and joined his parents and brother downstairs.
"Josh before you get to comfortable let's get you back upstairs
and get you into a clean diaper," his mother told him before he got
more than a few steps from the stairs. With a shrug, he turned around
and headed back up to his room.
"Do you want to tell me why you had a bottle with you last
night?" Mrs. Kelly asked her youngest son as she pulled the plastic
pants off his pee and poop filled diaper.
"John handed it to me last night during the movie and didn't feel
like arguing about it. Besides, I kind of liked it," Josh told her
looking a bit red when he did.
"It's all right. I just wanted to make sure you weren't forced
into using it," he was told as his diaper was pulled down and the poop
was cleaned off him.
"Why don't you go get a quick shower to clean up a bit before you
get your clean diapers on." Josh nodded at this and hopped off the
changing table. he was a bit surprised to see his mom following him
into the bathroom. She just smiled at him as she emptied the contents
of his diaper into the toilet and then left quickly. Josh let out a
brief sigh of relief at this thinking that for a moment she was going
to start bathing him again since he had just recently shown that he
could start doing this for himself.
Within twenty minutes Josh was in a clean set of his cloth
diapers and was trying to get a pair of his jeans over them. After five
more minutes of struggling to gut them on he gave up and opted for a
pair of his sweat pants.
"I thought you wear putting some jeans on?" his mother inquired
as he came into the kitchen.
"They wouldn't fit over these diapers," Josh told her. Mrs. Kelly
just smiled at this.
"I can't say that I'm too surprised at this since I got the jeans
to fit over your disposable diapers and not those. Now why don't you
get the silverware and start setting the table," Josh replied with a
nod and headed over to get the silverware as he was closing the drawer
he dropped one of the knives and as he bent over to pick it up he felt
someone slap his diapered butt.
"Morning Josh," Erin called as she walked past him.
"Morning," Josh answered grumpily at getting his diaper slapped.
He didn't bother making a fuss over it since he knew that it wouldn't
do any good and it would just get his sister doing even more just to
get a rise out of him.
After breakfast the older kids headed off to get their own
showers and get dressed for the day. John, as had become usual for him
over the last couple of days had slipped on one of his training pants
along with a pair of his normal underpants. Just as he came out of his
room Erin strolled by wearing her work uniform.
"I thought you'd be joining us today?" he commented.
"I was wanting to, but Kevin asked if I would mind working today
to get some more practice in," Erin replied. John let the subject drop
at this.
"John, would you mind changing Josh over into one of his Attends
and get a bag made up for him?" Mr. Kelly asked a short time later.
"Sure dad," John replied as he gave his younger brother a pat on
the back.
"C'mon Josh. Let's get you changed," he added with a grin. Since
Josh turned out to only be wet at this time the change didn't take to
"Do I have time to try and use the rest room?" Josh asked as the
cloth diapers were pulled out from under him.
"Sure, we can make the time for that," John answered. As Josh
hopped of the table and headed the bathroom, John pulled out the
backpack that they used as Josh's diaper bag. It took only a few
minutes to get things in place and just as John closed the bag his
brother returned from his trip to the toilet.
Mrs. Kelly was just about to go up and see what was taking the
boys so long when they came bounding down the stairs.
"Josh wanted to make a pit stop," John explained seeing the look
on his mother's face.
"That's fine. Now let's get going before the show starts," she
announced. Both boys smiled at this as they walked past her. John was
unprepared for the slap to the bottom that he got as he walked past
her. For her part, Mrs. Kelly was also surprised at the unexpected
thickness she felt when her hand connected with her oldest son's
behind. While she didn't say anything then, she did decide to do some
looking around his room while he was at school the next day.
The rest of the day went by quickly for all of them and all to
soon it was time for the kids to head off to bed. Josh was the most
nervous of them all after what had taken place the week before. Little
did any of them know what would happen in the week to come.

Chapter Ten

WARNING: This part contains acts of violence which may be disturbing to
some readers.

"Get a move on things you two, or you're going to be late for
school!" Mrs. Kelly yelled for the third time in the last couple of
"We'll be right down, mom!" John yelled back. Both John and Josh
came running into the dining room a few minutes after this.
"Sorry to eat and run mom, but you don't want me to be late,"
John commented as he threw some scrambled eggs and bacon on some toast
and headed for the front door.
"You know, John, this wouldn't happen if you'd get up when you're
first called," his mom said to his retreating back. John just nodded at
this as he grabbed his book bag and ran out the door.
"Hey DJ! Wait up!" John called as he saw his friend up ahead.
"Hey John, What took you so long?" John was asked as he reached
his friend.
"I overslept. I stayed up late trying to get that English report
done," he replied with a tired look.
"I know what you mean. I just hope she doesn't pull the same shit
as last time. Hey, I was wanting to know if you wanted to have a
sleepover at my place this weekend,"
"Will your brothers be there?"
"Nah, they already have plans made."
"In that case, I'd be happy to accept, if my parents will let
me." This response got a laugh from his friend. the rest of the walk to
school went by quickly for the two boys.
"You already for another fun day, Josh?" David asked as the two
boys headed towards their school.
"Oh yeah, this is just the highlight of my day," Josh shot back
sarcastically, making both boys laugh.
"Hey, I was planning on having a slumber party this Friday to
celebrate my birthday. You want to come?"
"I'll have to check with my parents, but this sounds cool," Josh
replied thinking at how he hadn't been to a sleepover since before he
got sick several months before.
"OK, I'll have my mom call yours after school and get things set
up." The boys spent the rest of the walk to school talking about what
was possibly planned for the up coming party.
"Uh David, could you tell Mr. Barrett that I'll be a few minutes
late?" Josh asked his friend as they entered the school. Going from the
look on his friend's face, David had a good feeling what the delay was
going to be and nodded that he would.
"Thanks," Josh replied and split off from his friend so he could
make a stop at the nurse's office.
"Hey Josh," Caleb called as he walked into the office.
"Hey Caleb. Is the nurse around?"
"Yeah she's taking care of some finished business," Caleb told
his friend with a slight chuckle and nod towards the back room. Josh
grinned as he picked up on the hint his friend was giving him. A moment
later the door opened and a young 2nd grader was escorted from the area
by the nurse.
"I'll see you at lunch," the boy was told as he left the office.
"OK, Caleb. I guess you're next. I'll be with you in a few
minutes Josh," she told him while leading her nephew into the changing
"Welcome back, Josh," Mr. Barrett announced as Josh walked into
the classroom.
"Thank you," Josh answered with a nod as he handed his teacher
his pass.
"Open your Math book to page 75," Josh was told as he took his
seat. As he took his seat he could feel almost everyone looking at him.
Trying his hardest to ignore the stares he took his seat and opened his
Math book to the page mentioned. The sound of Mr. Barrett clearing his
throat brought the class back to attention. Josh was even starting to
enjoy the class since he didn't have to worry about Billy trying
anything. He soon found that this was going to be short-lived.
"You better watch your back, diaper boy. When Billy gets back
he's going to clean the floor with you," Billy's one remaining stooge
told him during the first recess.
"Yeah, right," Josh shot back as he stepped around the bigger
"I mean it! You best watch your back!" Josh was told again as the
boy placed a hand on his shoulder.
"Take your hand off my shoulder, please," Josh said coldly.
"And if I don't?" the other boy threatened.
"Then, I'll remove it for you. Now for the last time, please take
your hand off my shoulder."
"I'd like to see you try and make me."
"If you insist," Josh said with a gleam in his eye that the other
boy misread as fear. Without another word Josh reached up and took a
hold of the taller boy's hand and wrist and with little effort broke
the boy's grip on his shoulder. Just as he was about to apply more
pressure to the boy's wrist an accented voice was heard.
"Is there a problem here, boys?"
"No, sir. No problem. Just a slight disagreement," Josh told his
principal as he let go of the other boy.
"Ah, that's good to hear. Well then I'll let you rejoin your
classmates then. And Mr. O'Connor, I might suggest you have the nurse
take a look at your hand before returning to class." The other boy just
nodded at this while still holding his injured hand. With a nod at the
two boys, the principal walked off.
"I suggest you stay out of my way and pass that along to Pike as
well," Josh whispered to the would-be bully as he walked past.
"Damn Josh, What did you do to him?" David asked as his friend
walked by him.
"It's just a little something I picked up from an uncle," Josh
"Uh, right," David replied looking at his smaller friend in a new
The rest of the day went by slowly, but news of Josh's little
altercation with one of the biggest bullies in the school spread like
wildfire. It gained even more momentum when the word got out that the
other boy was taken to the hospital because of it.
"Mom! I'm home!" Josh called as he walked through the door.
"You can drop your stuff there if you want," he informed David.
"Hello, David. How are you?" Mrs. Kelly asked as she came in to
greet her son.
"I'm fine, thank you," he replied.
"There're some snacks on the kitchen table, if you'd like some,"
she told he son's friend. Catching the tone used for this David left
the two alone.
"I received a call from your principal today. he mentioned that
you had a 'disagreement' with one of the boys that have been picking on
you. Is this true?" She informed and asked her son.
"Yes, it happened. He was telling me to watch my back for when
Billy comes back to school tomorrow. When I tried to walk past him he
put his hand on my shoulder to stop me. I asked him politely twice to
take his hand off and when he wouldn't, I removed it for him," Josh
told her plainly. Mrs. Kelly just nodded at this since this is exactly
what she was told by his principal.
"OK. Head on up to your room. I'll be there in a minute to change
you and then you can spend some time with your friend," Josh was told.
With a bit of an astonished look he bounded up the stairs. He was soon
joining David at the kitchen table. For his part, David seemed a bit
shocked at seeing his friend in cloth diapers.
A short time later as the two boys were playing some video games
Josh noticed a bit of an uncomfortable look on his friend's face.
"Is there something wrong, David?"
"Uh, sort of. I've nearly maxed out the GoodNites I have on and I
don't have anymore with me," came the embarrassed reply.
"Oh, is that all? I thought it was something really bad," Josh
"This is bad. Unless you have something that'll fit me, I'll have
to head home."
"Don't worry about it. Just take your old GoodNites off and I'll
find you something," Josh answered with a grin as he went over to his
brother's closet.
"What are you doing?" David questioned as he removed his pants.
"I'm finding you something to wear," Josh laughed as he continued
to shuffle through the piles of clothes.
"Ah, here they are," Josh announced holding up a pair of the
trainers John had swiped.
"These look like little kid trainers," David said skeptically
while taking the offered garment.
"I know. My mom received them as a gift when my cloth diapers
came in, but they were the wrong size. They've been in storage since
"If they were put in storage why are some in your brother's
closet?" David asked while he stepped into the trainers and pulled them
"John's been swiping some ever since we got them. I think he
likes wearing them," Josh said with a smile.
"You mean, your brother likes wearing diapers?"
"I have the feeling he does. I saw him taking off a used pair
just after we got them. He doesn't know I saw him, though. How do they
fit?" Josh asked with a smile seeing his friend in the toddlerish-
looking trainers.
"They're a little snug, but comfortable," Josh was told as his
friend put his underwear and pants back on over the trainers.
"I just hope I can get rid of these before my mom sees them,"
David added. josh just nodded at this and the two resumed their game.
Ninety minutes later, David was informed that it was time for him
to head home for dinner. after saying good-bye to his friend, David
started his short walk home. Within sight of his house, David felt his
bowels start to cramp and before he could do anything he felt the solid
mass empty into the back of the trainers he had on.
"Damn, How am I going to get past my mom with these on?" David
thought to himself as he walked up to his front door.
"Mommm, I'm home!" David called as he walked through the front
door and headed for his room hoping to get cleaned up before his mom
found out. This, unfortunately, didn't happen as his mother came down
the stairs as he was walking up them.
"Welcome home, stranger. Did you have a fun time at Josh's?" She
asked him. Before he had a chance to respond to the question his mom
sniffed the air a bit and without warning felt the seat of his pants.
"Did you have an accident?" She queried. The look on her son's
face was all the answer she needed. Without a word, she escorted her
son up to his room and got out his changing pad. knowing what was going
to happen, David pulled off his pants and underwear, then lay down on
the pad while his mom got out the rest of his diapering supplies. She
looked more than a little surprised to see the trainers her son had on.
With a shake of her head and a smile she ripped the sides of the
trainers and pulled them down exposing her son's poop-covered bottom.
"Well, I see you haven't lost your touch there, kiddo," David's
mom laughed as she started cleaning her son up. For his part, David
just turned red from embarrassment. David walked out of his room ten
minutes later sporting a clean diaper. After dinner was finished and
the table cleared, David and Brandon sat down to do their homework till
called for their baths.
"Hey Kelly! Way to go with O'Connor yesterday!" A kid from one of
the other 5th grade classes called as Josh walked across the playground
and into the school. He was equally confused when several others came
up to thank him for what he had done the day before.
"I really wish someone would tell me what's going on," Josh
muttered to David as the two entered their classroom. The boys were
greeted to a loud round of applause when they entered the room.
"Will somebody please tell me what the heck is going on with the
clapping?" Josh asked once the noise died down. Before anyone could
answer the question, the bully from the day before pushed his way
through the crowd. The first thing that David and Josh noticed was the
cast that now covered one of the boy's hand and wrist.
"I think you better say something about what you did yesterday,"
he said threateningly. Josh looked from the cast to the boy's face and
said the first thing that came to his mind.
"Oooppss," Josh stated plainly with a shrug and started to step
around the boy so he could get to his desk when a hand came down on his
"Unless you what a matching pair, I would strongly suggest you
remove your hand from my shoulder, O'Connor," Josh stated in a toneless
voice. Catching the content of what was just said the hand was quickly
taken away. This exchange got the class laughing again and continued
until Mr. Barrett entered the class escorting Billy Pike.
"You should have paid up, baby. Now the whole school will find
out what a baby you really are. I might even have to give you a
matching scar for the other side of that ugly face of yours," Pike
whispered as he walked past Josh to get to his seat.
"Go fuck yourself, Pike," Josh replied in an equally soft voice.
Mr. Barrett, having seen the exchange, but not heard it, decided to
make a quick change in the seating plan.
"Allison, would you please gather your books up and switch seats
with Mr. Pike," He announced.
"Yes, sir," the girl replied as she gathered her books up. Billy
had chosen to ignore the request and was still sitting in his seat when
the girl got to his place.
"Mr. Pike, I believe I asked you to switch places," Mr. Barrett
stated in a tone that spoke volumes. After a few more seconds of
defiance to this request Billy threw his books together and got up.
While stepping past Allison he knocked the books from her hands and
kicked a few of them up the aisle.
"Mr. Pike. please pick those books up and hand them back to
Allison," Their teacher said in a very tired voice. Once the books were
returned to their owner and Bill had taken his new seat by the
teacher's desk, the lessons for the day started. For his part Billy was
given extra work to do because of the disruption he had caused earlier.
One thing, though, had seemed to escape everyone's attention except for
Josh's and David's was the extra bulge that Billy's pants seemed to
"I'll meet with you in a few minutes," David was told as he and
Josh walked up to the lunchroom.
"That's fine. I'll save you a spot," David replied as his friend
walked away from the class and headed towards the nurse's office. Josh
was a bit surprised to see Billy coming out of the nurse's office as he
walked in. Seeing the smaller boy, the bully purposely pushed him into
the wall as he walked past. Josh said nothing, but looked back over his
shoulder at the departing boy. The bit of white he saw sticking up from
the back of his tormentor's pants all but confirmed what Josh had come
to suspect. Josh was soon heading to lunch himself after having gotten
a quick diaper and bandage change.
"You'll never believe this," Josh announced as he sat down.
"What?" David and Caleb asked in unison, leaning forward as they
"I think Pike is wearing diapers," he answered with a grin and
started to fill them in on what he had seen just a few minutes before.
Both of the other boys grinned at the thought of this and knew that if
it were to become public his days as a bully would be over.
"Oh Caleb, I forgot to ask you the other day if you'd be
interested in coming to a sleepover at my house this Friday?" David
asked shortly before they were to finish lunch.
"I'll have to ask my dad first, but I'd like that. There wouldn't
be any problems with my condition, would there?" Caleb asked softly.
"I can promise you that it wouldn't be any problem at all," the
smaller boy was assured as the two other boys shared an insider's grin.
Minutes later the three boys got up from their table and started
to take their lunch trays up to the drop-off point. Josh was too
engrossed in his conversation with David to notice that Billy had come
up behind him. Before Josh could react, Billy had pulled on and yanked
his pants down, exposing Josh's diaper, and with a quick shove sent the
boy sprawling to the ground. With great self-control, Josh picked
himself up from the floor and pulled his pants back up and walked away.
All the while Billy and his friends were laughing up a storm. Till they
turned around and ran right into both Mr. Tiergardt and Mr. Wink.
"Well, I see you didn't learn a thing over your suspension, Mr.
Pike," their principal said coldly as he and Mr. Wink escorted the
three boys to the office.
Josh fumed the rest of the day over what happened in the
lunchroom. He was bit surprised that no direct comments were made about
it, but this came mostly from the vibes he was sending out along with
the look on his face that warned people to stay away from him.
"You want to come by my house after school, Josh?" David asked
him during the afternoon recess.
"I can't. I have a doctor's appointment to get these stitches out
"That's cool. I know I was happy to have gotten mine out a couple
of days ago."
"I could tell," Josh laughed as he punched his friend in the
"Well, time to go back in and have some more fun," David said
glumly as they heard a whistle start blowing. Josh laughed some more at
this comment and followed his friend to where their class was lining up
to go back inside.
"Josh, Mr. Teirgardt would like to see you in his office," Mr.
Barrett announced as his class filed back into the room. On hearing
this several students started joking about Josh being in trouble, but
this was all done in good fun.
"OK," Josh answered as he took his coat off and hung it up.
"May I help you?" One of the secretaries asked as Josh entered
the office.
"Yes, I'm Josh Kelly. I was told the principal wanted to see me."
"Ah yes, Mr. Kelly. You can have a seat over there on the bench
and I'll let Mr. Teirgardt know you're here," she answered while
pointing Josh over to some seats. Just as Josh was going to sit down he
felt his bowels and bladder let loose.
"I need to go see the nurse. Could you tell Mr. Teirgardt I'll be
back in a moment?"
"I'll be sure to tell him," Josh was told with a knowing smile.
"Mrs. Timmons?" Josh called as he walked into the Nurse's office.
"Yes, Josh?"
"I need some help with something," Josh told her cryptically.
"OK. Well, follow me and we'll see what we can do to help you
out," She told him while getting up from her chair and led him into the
changing area.
"I heard what happened in the lunch room earlier and I'm sorry
that it had to happen," Josh was told as he was helped up on to the
exam table and had the leg snaps on his pants undone.
"Yeah, me too," Josh said.
"I have no idea why Billy has to be such a jerk. Especially since
it looked like he was wearing a diaper himself today, though I know you
can't tell me if it is true or not."
"You're right, I can't confirm that statement, but it holds more
water than you might think," she told Josh. She also knew that with as
bright as Josh was he would pick up the real meaning of what she said
and he did. Josh just sort of smiled at this and allowed the nurse to
continue with his diaper change. Just as Mrs. Timmons pulled the front
of Josh's new diaper up between his legs, Mr. Teirgardt entered the
"Is there something I can help you with?" the nurse asked in a
slightly cross tone because of the interruption.
"I was wanting to have a chat with Mr. Kelly here."
"That's fine, but would you mind stepping outside till I'm
"It's OK, Mrs. Timmons. I don't mind," Josh said from his place
on the table.
"If you're sure," She said in surrender and picked up where she
had left off.
"Josh, I've just had a long talk with all three boys about what
happened in the lunchroom earlier. All three of them have been given a
one day suspension because this is all I can give them for this sort of
thing." Josh nodded at this, but got the feeling that his principal
wanted to do a great deal more to them.
"I'll be sending a memo out to the entire staff that this sort of
thing will not be tolerated and that anyone doing any harassment of any
type will be dealt with firmly and quickly." Josh again just nodded at
this and thought of something as his pant legs were snapped back up.
"You didn't call my parents about this, did you?" Josh asked as
he swung his legs back over the side of the table so he was now in a
sitting position. All the while he hoped the answer to his question
would be "No", but somehow knew that this wouldn't be the answer he
"Yes, Josh, I did. I felt that your parents needed to know about
it. Why, is there some problem that this might cause?" Josh replied
that there wasn't, but knew this was a lie. Knowing his mom's temper he
knew sparks were going to fly once he got home.
"Well, this is all I needed to talk to you about. You can go back
to your class once Mrs. Timmons has written you a pass," Mr. Teirgardt
told him as he walked out of the room. Five minutes later Josh was back
in his classroom. Josh found it a bit hard to concentrate on his final
lesson of the day since he kept catching his classmates looking at him
"How are you doing, Josh?" His mom asked as her son climbed into
the car after school.
"I'm doing fine."
"You haven't had any problem with what happened during lunch
"No, I think a few people were starting at me at recess and
stuff, but nothing was said directly to me," Josh answered.
"That's good to hear, but I want you to let me, or a teacher know
if anyone else gives you a problem over this. Okay?"
"Yeah, mom I will," Josh replied in typical ten year old fashion.
Nothing else was about mentioned about this subject between them
for the rest of the day.
"Boy, Josh, the doctor really did do a good job on you," John
told his younger brother later that afternoon once he saw the five-
inch-long scar Josh now sported on his left cheek bone.
"Yeah, he did. I'm just glad that it's not as visible as they
thought it would be."
"Oh, I don't know I hear some girls like guys with scars and I'll
be the first to say that it does a certain something for your looks,"
John added with a smile. He knew that for the next week or so Josh
would need some boosting up because of this since he had always been
self-conscious about his looks.
"You really think so?" Josh asked, think his brother might be
feeding him a line.
"Have you ever known me to lie about something like that?" John
questioned back. As much as he wanted to argue this, Josh knew what his
brother said was true.
"I just wonder what the other kids are going to say about it in
school tomorrow?" Josh wondered aloud.
"If they're really your friends they won't say anything about it,
aside from the usual stuff. It's the same with them finding out about
your diapers today." Josh spun around to face his brother on hearing
the last part.
"How did you know about that? Neither mom, or I said anything
about that,"
"Think Josh, My best friend's brothers are in your class. They
would have seen it happen and would have naturally told DJ. Who in turn
called me once he found out about it," John said with a slight smile as
he rapped Josh on the forehead with his knuckles. Josh shrugged at this
and turned back around to look at himself in the mirror.
"I guess so, but you really think the scar does something for my
looks?" Josh said with a grin. John just shook his head and laughed at
this last comment from his brother and left the room.
As John had predicted nothing was said to Josh about either his
new scar, or the now known fact that he wore diapers again. It seemed
that a few times one kid was wanting to approach him about something,
but always seemed to back out at the last minute. Josh decided to leave
this alone till the kid was able to make the first move. While Josh was
pleased that most of his classmates didn't seem to care about him
wearing diapers, he knew it was only a matter of time before Billy
reentered the picture and then things would turn ugly again.
"Josh, It's time to get up now," Mrs. Kelly announced as she
walked into her youngest son's room the next morning.
"Just a few more minutes mum, please?" Josh mumbled as he pulled
his blankets closer to him and turned over so he was facing away from
his mom's voice.
"That's what you said a few minutes ago. Now it's time to get
up," he was told as his mom grabbed the blankets and pulled them off.
"MOOM!" Josh yelled as this happened.
"Don't 'mom' me, it's time for you to get up," She told him with
a slight smile on her face. Thinking of how cute her son looked in his
sleepers, especially with how his diapers seemed to make the crotch of
them stand out even more. With a few more mumbled words Josh soon found
himself being stripped of his sleepers and herded towards his changing
"Now remember Josh, I'll be in your class today to help out with
it's Christmas party. Try not to cause any trouble with Billy today,
OK?" Josh was told as his mom pulled down his soiled night time
"I'll try, mom, but if he starts something first I will protect
myself," Josh told her plainly, as he lifted his butt up so his old
diapers could be removed after he got his butt cleaned off.
"I can accept that, but try to walk away from it first," Mrs.
Kelly continued.
"I always try, but he doesn't give me the chance most of the
"I'm aware of that, but try anyway." Josh nodded to this and soon
felt his mom spreading some lotion over his groin. He gave a slight
sigh at this like he always seemed to. Mrs. Kelly chuckled a bit at the
look on her son's face as he did this.
"Are you all ready for the sleep over tonight?" She continued as
she prodded josh to lift up so new diaper could be placed under him.
"Yup, but I will say that I'm kind of nervous since this is the
first sleepover I've been on since I started wearing diapers again."
"Now you know that there isn't any reason for that since at least
two of the people will also be wearing them."
"I know, but I'm still nervous," Josh told his mom as she brought
the front of his diaper up between his legs and fastened the tapes.
"Well, I'm sure you'll still have lots of fun."
"I know," Josh said with a wide grin.
"Well, you're all done here. Now hurry up and get dressed.
Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes," Josh was told after a light
slap to his diapered rump. With a smile, he jumped off the changing
table and went over to where his clothes were already laid out. With in
five minutes he was bounding downstairs for breakfast.
"You already for tonight, guys?" David asked his two friends as
the three walked to school.
"Yeah, it should be lots of fun!" Josh announced excitedly.
"What about you, Caleb?" the smaller boy was asked after a few
moments of silence?
"I'm looking forward to it, but I'm still worried about what the
others will say," Caleb explained.
"I've already told you, There's nothing to worry about. No one
will make fun of you wearing diapers. If any uncalled for comments are
made, then that person will be asked to leave," David stated seriously.
This seemed to give Caleb some confidence. The boys continued their
walk to school, not knowing about the events that were already
unfolding that would stun a nation!
"OK, everyone settle down," their teacher called as the tardy
bell rang.
"Now in observance of the holidays and with how hard you all have
been working these last couple of weeks I feel that you've earned a
break. So, I've decided to make today a free day. There will be no
assignments, or school work of any kind today. If you'll just pass last
night's assignments to the front of your rows to be collected You'll be
free to do what you want for the rest of the day till the Christmas
party later this afternoon," Mr. Barrett concluded with a smile.
"I will ask though, that you keep the noise down so you don't
disturb the other classes," he added seriously.
After the requested assignments were passed forward and
collected. the class split up for their day long recess. Josh, Ricky
and David choose to play a game of Trivial Pursuit since they felt that
this would take up most of their time.
"Mind if I join you?" A voice asked as they were setting the game
Looking up, Josh saw the boy that had been trying to speak with
him the day before.
"Sure, pull up a chair," Josh answered think that this might be
the opening the boy was looking for.
About thirty minutes into the game the boy made the move Josh was
hoping for.
"I was sorry to see what Billy did to you yesterday at lunch,"
the boy said as an opening.
"Yeah, well, as we all know Billy is a jerk," Josh told him. The
boy just nodded at this. After a few moments longer the boy spoke
"You mind if I ask you something personal?" he asked softly.
"That would depend on what the question is," Josh replied.
"Uh... what does it feel like to wear diapers again?"
"Your name is Kevin, isn't it?" David piped in.
"Yeah, it is," Kevin answered.
"OK, Kevin, before I decide whether or not to answer your
question, answer this one for me. Why do you want to know?" Josh told
him seriously. With all three of the other boys at the table looking at
him Kevin turned a deep red. With a movement of his finger Kevin
motioned for Josh to lean forward some. Respecting the other boy's
privacy, Josh did so and on hearing what the answer was and knowing
that it was the truth Josh answered the original question. David was
more than a little surprised to hear his friend talk about this
subject, but kept his mouth shut while Josh was speaking.
"It's kind of hard to explain," Josh started. "It's a lot like
wearing really thick underpants. They tend to get a bit hot at times,
but this only happens once in a while. They also give you a sense of
security because you know that if an accident happens then know one
else will know about it. Over all, they feel really neat, especially
after they've been wet and the gelled pee starts squishing around,"
Josh told Kevin. For his part, Kevin looked like he wanted to ask some
more questions about it, but was to embarrassed to do so in public.
After several more hours Mr. Barrett announced that it was time
for lunch. After a look at Ricky and David, Josh decided to ask Kevin
to join them. Kevin was slightly surprised by this because of his past
involvement in harassing Josh.
"We better get ready to head back to class," David announced
after looking at his watch. With a nod all the boys got up and started
to take their trays up to the counter for cleaning. As Josh was
approaching the window someone pushed him hard from behind causing him
to stumble.
"What the hell!" he muttered as he recovered from the stumble and
turned to see who had pushed him.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing, Pike!?" Josh exclaimed
when he saw his nemesis standing in front of him. Without a word, Billy
threw a right hook right into Josh's face catching the smaller boy
completely off guard. Josh got his senses back just as the larger boy
took a step towards him. With no hesitation Josh kicked up as hard as
he could between Billy's legs. Later people would swear the kick lifted
him a good six inches off the ground. As Billy started to fall to the
ground Josh took a step forward and landed a devastating blow to the
bigger boy's jaw, opening a 4 inch gash in the process.
"Now we're even," Josh told Billy as he started to walk away.
"It's not over yet, Kelly!" Billy whispered to himself as he
pulled a hunting knife from under the coat he had on.
"LOOK OUT JOSH! KNIFE!!" David yelled in warning. Josh felt the
knife bite through his arm as he barely moved out of the way in time.
Remembering a move that his uncle showed him once, Josh grabbed Billy's
knife wrist as it passed him and in a savage move snapped the wrist and
with a continued follow up move snapped the elbow of the same arm as
well. This move caused the knife to fall from Billy's useless hand.
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!" Mr. Wink yelled as he charged
into the lunchroom. Josh was just about to answer when he heard a loud
noise and saw the back of the vice-principal's explode in a wet mist.
Spinning around he saw Billy holding a gun with his good hand.
"Now we'll be even, Kelly!" Billy laughed as he took aim. Josh
quickly picked up the knife that Billy had dropped just moments earlier
and threw it. The knife struck Billy in the shoulder just as he pulled
the trigger. Seconds later Josh fell to the ground holding his hands to
his thigh where the bullet had struck him. Seconds later several people
had subdued Billy and were holding him down. Josh looked up to see
David leaning over him.
"I'm sorry David, but I don't think I'll be able to make it to
the party tonight," He smiled before passing out from the pain.
When Josh regained consciousness three days later, he found his
parents and family crowded around his bed.
"OH man! What the fuck hit me?" he mumbled as he tried to sit up,
but found he didn't have the strength to do so. Seeing at how haggard
his family looked his next comment got all of them smiling.
"You know, you guys look like hell," Just as he was about to ask
what happened again the door to his room opened and he saw a stockily
built man walk in wearing a British Army uniform.
"Uncle James! What are you doing here?" Josh asked in surprise.
"Well, I might ask you the same thing, Josh," He chuckled as he
looked over at his sister.
"Thanks for the call Janet," He told her.
"Josh is right though, what are you doing here?" Josh's mom
"I've been over here for about a week doing some cross-training
in California. And my CO forwarded the message you left with our base
chaplain. I heard the news about what happened, but had no idea that
Josh was one of the people involved. After some quick calls, I was
handed a week long pass and a plane ticket," he told her.
"I must say young man, you handled yourself quite well under the
circumstances," He said to his nephew.
"That's fine, but I still don't remember what all happened," Josh
"That's perfectly all right. I'm sure it'll come back to you soon
enough," He continued after catching a warning look from his older
"Why don't you guys go get something to eat. I'll stay with Josh
for a while," With a grateful nod from his brother-in-law, he settled
down into a chair near the head of his nephews bed. Josh drifted off to
sleep shortly after this.
"Wake up, Josh you're having a nightmare," his uncle said softly
as he placed a comforting hand on Josh's shoulder. At the touch, Josh
bolted up in bed.
"Easy there," Josh was told as he looked around the room quickly.
Seeing his uncle standing by him brought everything to the front of
Josh's mind causing him to start trembling. Seeing this, James took his
nephew in a comforting embrace.
"It's all right, Josh, no one is going to hurt you here," he
murmured softly to the still-shaking boy.
"He was going to try and kill me," Josh said suddenly in a soft
"What was that?"
"Billy, he was going to try and kill me," Josh repeated as
everything that had happened a few days before came rushing back to him
causing him to start to shake uncontrollably and break down crying.
"It's OK, Josh. Just let it all out," his uncle continued to say
as he held the boy. A few minutes later the rest of Josh's family came
back from their lunch and found Josh still being comforted by his
uncle. Mrs. Kelly hurried over to her son to comfort him as well. After
turning Josh over to his sister, James nodded at Mr. Kelly and then to
the door. Seeing what his brother-in-law was wanting Mr. Kelly followed
him out of the room.
"Josh's memory about the incident returned while you guys were
out," James announced once the door had closed behind them. "He
confirmed what the others had been saying. the other boy in the fight
was trying to kill him."
"Are you sure?"
"About as sure as I can be," Josh said all this right after
waking up from a nightmare.
"But the way he said it leaves no doubt in my mind," James
answered with dead certainty. Knowing what his brother-in-law did for a
living left no doubt in Mr. Kelly's mind either.
"I know this will be hard for you to hear, but I feel that once
Josh is better you should see about having him talk to a psychologist
about this."
"My son isn't crazy!" Mr. Kelly bristled and started to head back
towards Josh's room.
"I never said he was Arthur, but he will need some help getting
over what happened. I know all to well about this." James stated as he
placed a restraining hand on Josh's father's shoulder.
"Showing that you love him and listening to him when he needs to
talk about this will only go so far." Josh's father deflated a bit at
this, but nodded his head in agreement.
"I thought moving here would be a good move for the family and
what happens? I damned near lose a son."
"Don't even go there, Arthur. You did what you thought was best
for your family. There was absolutely no way you could foresee what
happened a few days ago," Arthur was told sternly.
"If you start second-guessing all your decisions then you won't
be any good to your family and right now they will need your support,
especially Josh." Again all the answer was received was a simple nod of
the head.
"OK, now let's get back and see how everything is doing."
As the two men walked into the room they saw Josh at the ending
stages of getting his diaper changed. After the nurse finished up,
Josh's doctor stepped forward and started examining him.
"Well, Josh, you seem to be doing quite well so far. We'll be
keeping you in bed for a few more days. Then we can see about getting
you started on some physical therapy," he told his patient and then
turned to Josh's parents.
"There are a couple of police officers outside that would like to
talk to Josh about what happened. If you want I could tell them that
he's not up to it at this time." Before either of them could say
anything, Josh spoke up.
"It's all right for me to talk to them now. I might as well get
it over with."
"Are you sure?" Mr. Kelly asked while holding up a quieting hand
to his wife.
"I'm sure," Josh replied firmly. With a smile at his son Mr.
Kelly turned back to the doctor.
"Go ahead and show them in," he told him, then turned back to the
others in the room.
"Erin, John, I'd like you to go with your uncle and take a short
walk." John was about to argue this when his uncle placed a hand on his
shoulder and started moving him to the door.
"Josh, I'm Detective Clark, This is Detective Monroe. We'd like
to ask you about what happened at your school a few days ago." Det.
Clark said as he and his partner took the last two empty chairs in the
"What do you want to know?" Josh asked.
"How was Billy acting that day at school?"
"I don't know. I didn't even know that he was at school that day
till the fight started," Josh replied.
"I see. Why don't you tell us what happened during the fight,"
Det. Clark asked as he got a little more comfortable in his chair.
"Well, I was starting to take my tray up to the drop-off counter
and was pushed from behind. When I turned around to see who pushed me
Billy was standing there. I was kind of surprised to see him since I
was under the impression that he was still suspended. Anyway, I saw him
standing there and without saying anything he hit me."
"And then what did you do?" Det. Monroe interrupted.
"I kicked him in the nuts and then hit him in the jaw as he was
going down. After hitting him I tried to walk away and end the fight. I
guess Billy pulled a knife and came at me after I turned my back."
"How do you know Billy was the one who pulled the knife?" Josh
was asked.
"I don't. All I know is that one of my friends yelled a warning
to me about it. As you can see, I didn't quite get out of the way in
time," Josh told them while touching the bandage on his arm.
"Well, as the knife passed me, I grabbed onto the wrist holding
it and snapped it and then continued through with another move and
broke the elbow on the same arm," Josh continued in a slightly dead
voice as he relived what had happened. For their part, both police
officers kept silent, but knew from talking with Billy's doctor that
the elbow and wrist weren't just broken they were totally destroyed.
"And where did you pick these moves up?" Det. Clark asked.
"From my uncle. Since I'm a bit small for my age he thought I
should know how to protect myself if I needed to," Josh answered before
continuing with his story.
"At this point, Mr. Wink came running in to the lunchroom yelling
to know what was going on. I turned to answer him and I guess my move
blocked his sight of Billy. The next thing I know, I hear a loud pop
noise behind me and the back of Mr. Wink's head exploded. He never knew
what hit him," Josh stated with a shudder.
"Is this when you were shot the first time?" Det. Monroe asked.
"No, I didn't get shot till a few moments later," Josh stated a
bit confused by the question.
"What happened to your shoulder then?" Josh seemed shocked to see
the bandage on his other shoulder.
"I don't know."
"Please continue then," Josh was told.
"After Mr. Wink fell over, I spun around and saw Billy holding a
gun. He started laughing about how it was over now. I picked up the
knife he dropped a few minutes earlier and threw it at him as he pulled
the trigger. That was when I got shot. I don't remember what happened
after that."
Through all this Josh's parents were silent. Looking at them now,
Josh was surprised at how pale they seemed to look.
"What's going to happen to him now?" Josh asked.
"After he gets out of the hospital, he'll probably be arrested,"
Josh was told.
"What about the boy's parents?" Mrs. Kelly asked.
"That's another thing he'll be charged with. His parents were
found murdered shortly after the incident at the school," she was told.
"What about Billy's brothers? He had a couple of baby brothers
and one just a few years younger than him," Josh told them.
"The boys are fine. For some reason, neither of the babies were
harmed and the older one was in the hospital at the time. All the
Kelly's were glad to hear about the boys being OK.
"Josh, I thank you for your time and I hope you get better soon,"
Det. Clark said as he gave Josh a light pat on the foot.
"Thanks," Josh said sleepily. With a final nod at Mr. and Mrs.
Kelly, the two detectives left the room.
"Damn Shannon, That is some kid," David Monroe told his partner.
"Tell me about it. I'm just glad that we didn't have to tell them
that the kid that attacked their son was so hopped at the time it's
amazing that it wasn't a lot worse."
"It still puzzles me though, that he didn't even realize at the
time that he had been hit in the shoulder by that first shot."
"Tell me about it, but I figure the kid was so full of adrenaline
at the time he probably didn't even feel the bullet going through."
This just received a nod in response.
James, John and Erin returned from their walk a short time later
to find Josh sound asleep.
"Janet, you all look like death warmed over. Why don't you all go
home and get some sleep. I can stay here with Josh." James told her
softly so he wouldn't wake his nephew.
"I can't James. I have to be here for him."
"Janet, you'll do the boy, or your family, no good if you're dead
on your feet. Now, all of you get your coats on, go home and get some
sleep," James told them all sounding more like an Army Officer than
anything else. This got a smile from his sister and she surrendered to
the situation.
Over the next few days, Josh received several Get Well cards from
friends and teachers. Mrs. Timmons even brought Caleb and David by to
see him.
"How did the party go?" Josh asked his friend.
"With what happened, my mom and I decided to put it on hold for a
"I'm sorry you had to do that. I know you were looking forward to
having it.
"Yeah, well, I think it was better this way because I doubt many
of the people invited were in any mood for something like that after
what we saw," David replied.
"You know Caleb, I won't bite if you get closer," Josh said with
a laugh at seeing his friend standing back against the wall.
"Sorry," he mumbled softly.
"It's OK. How are you guys holding up anyway?" Josh asked them.
"Not bad. I'm not looking forward to going back."
"I know what you mean," Josh said.
"By the way, how were your holidays?" This question seemed to
brighten both boys up. They spent the next half hour telling Josh what
they had done. All to soon, though, they were having to leave. Josh
drifted off again soon after this.
The next several weeks were tough on the youngest Kelly. With the
doctor saying that his injuries were healing well, Josh was started on
a daily regimen of physical therapy. Josh started dreading the daily
trips to the "chamber" as he took to calling the PT Room. Mrs. Kelly
was also hard hit for this blaming herself for not having been able to
protect her child from what he was now enduring.
"Josh, I have some good news for you," Dr. Harrison stated one
day soon before the new school semester was due to start.
"What's that? Am I finally getting bounced from this place." Josh
said in reply. Half joking, half serious.
"As a matter of fact, that's exactly right."
"YES!!!" Josh yelled loudly enough that his parents heard him
from down the hall.
"Well, I'm glad that you approve," his doctor said with a smile.
"Before you check out though, I want you to talk to Dr. Benton.
He's one of the hospital's psychiatrists that specializes in Traumatic
Stress in kids. I've set it up for him to come down in about an hour to
talk to you and your parents. If he gives you a favorable
recommendation, I'll release you this afternoon," Dr. Harrison finished
saying this just as josh's parents walked into the room.
"I see you gave him the good news," Mr. Kelly said upon seeing
the smile on his son's face.
"I have told him. I've also told him about Dr. Benton coming down
to talk with him."
"Is that really needed?" Mrs. Kelly asked in slight annoyance.
"Yes, Mrs. Kelly it is. I won't release Josh until I'm satisfied
that *all* of his injuries have been looked at," the tone in his voice
relayed that he wouldn't hesitate to keep Josh as long as he felt was
needed. Seeing this, Josh's mom just nodded.
An hour later, Dr. Benton walked into Josh's room just as he was
getting his diapers changed.
"Excuse me, I'll wait outside till your done," he said, talking
to the nurse.
"That's OK, I don't mind," Josh told him as he was walking to the
"Are you sure?" Josh was asked.
"Yeah, I'm used to this by now." With a shrug Dr. Benton at down
in a chair next to Josh's head and opened up a chart.
For the next hour and a half Josh went through what had happened
to him and how it made him feel. Even though he knew that some of the
things could be used to keep him in the hospital longer Josh held
nothing back and at times was on the verge of breaking down entirely.
"OK, Josh, that should be enough for now. You go ahead and rest
for a while. I need to talk to you mom, dad and doctor about some
things," he said as he stood up and headed for the door. Josh nodded at
this at laid back in bed clutching his teddy bear in his arms.
"How's he doing?" Mrs. Kelly asked as Dr. Benton came out of the
"Let's go find a place to sit down and we'll talk about what I
found out," she was told pleasantly. A few minutes later they were
sitting around a table in the coffee shop.
"Let me start off by saying, that you have a very remarkable son
in there. He's been through something that would have left most adults
in shock. However, he is showing some signs of post-traumatic stress.
This, of course, is normal and is nothing to worry about. I do however
feel that Josh should see a specialist that deals with this area."
"Are you saying that Josh might be a danger to himself or
something?" Mr. Kelly asked.
"Not at all. I'm saying that while Josh is doing well right now,
he'll still need to work past what happened and I won't lie to you on
this. The going will be hard at times and your son could very well
suffer some setbacks, but a specialist will make these easier to deal
with," he told Josh's parents. Turning to Josh's doctor, he gave him
his opinion.
"Aside, from what I just said, I feel that releasing Josh will
have a positive impact on his recovery." With this said, Dr. Benton
rose from his seat and excused himself.
Josh was released later that day and was extremely surprised to
see that the Christmas tree was still up and that none of the presents
had been touched.
"Didn't you guys celebrate Christmas while I was in the
hospital?" Josh asked in a choking voice.
"No Josh, we didn't. With you in the hospital, none of us felt
like celebrating. It just wouldn't have felt right with you not being
here," Mr. Kelly told his son while pulling him into a hug.
"Besides, we got the best present we could hope for. And that's
you walking through that door," he continued.
"John, why don't you help Josh up to his room and get him in a
clean diaper?" Mrs. Kelly suggested.
"OK, mom," John replied as he helped his brother up the stairs.
"Josh, I have to say that I'm glad you made it home OK," John
said in a choking voice as he finally gave into the emotions that he
had been holding back.
"It's OK John. I'm alive and I'll recover," Josh told him firmly.
"I know, but when the news got around my school about what
happened. I just knew you were involved in it somehow."
"I know and I'm sorry about all the pain I've put you guys
through because of what I did," John looked at his brother in shock at
"Josh, You have nothing to be sorry about! From what mom and dad
told us, if you hadn't done what you did, we would have been burying
you right now. So don't ever feel sorry about what you did. You're
alive and that's all that matters," John announced with firm
conviction. Josh silently agreed with this. Both he and John were back
down stairs several minutes later.
The rest off the evening went by quietly, with each of the kids
being allowed to open one present. Josh ended up falling asleep in
John's arms a couple of hours later.


Chapter 11

"NOOO!!!" Josh yelled as he jerked into a sitting position after
John touched his shoulder.
"Easy there. It was only a dream Josh," John told him as Josh
looked around the room frantically.
"It was so real," Josh whispered a moment later as he became
fully awake.
"It'll be OK. No one here is going to hurt you," John told him as
he pulled his brother into a protective embrace. Josh started crying
softly a second later.
"Just let it out," he was told softly by his brother. A moment
later the boys parent's came rushing into the room, having been
awakened by Josh's yell. Josh practically jumped into his mother's arms
the second she sat on his bed.
"You two can go back to your rooms now," Mr. Kelly told his two
oldest children a short time later as he herded them towards the
bedroom door. Both of the nodded at this sleepily as they did as they
were told.
"Dad, could I get a drink please?" Josh asked as he calmed down.
"Sure Josh. I'll be right back," He responded and walked out of
the room. While his dad was out of the room Mrs. Kelly helped Josh over
to his changing table so she could change his soaked diapers.
Josh's dad reentered his bedroom just as his mother finished
pulling some plastic pants on over his clean diapers.
"Josh, the doctor gave us some pills to help you sleep when
needed. I was hoping to not use them, but I think you should," He said
reasonably as he handed Josh some small white pills and a small glass
of water. After Josh took the offered medication he was helped back to
his bed where his father handed him a bottle of warm milk. Josh smiled
faintly at this. He fell back asleep a couple minutes later as the
pills took effect.
"Good morning, Josh," Mrs. Kelly stated brightly as her youngest
limped into the kitchen.
"Morning," Josh replied through a yawn.
"I'm sorry I was so much trouble last night," he added.
"There's nothing to be sorry about. Last night was no worse than
the other times you've had bad dreams," Josh's dad announced before his
wife could.
"I know, but.," Josh started to say before being interrupted by
his father.
"I don't want to hear any 'buts', Joshua. Your having nightmares
is to be expected. The doctor told us as much when he released you the
other day. Just give it time and I'm sure things will sort themselves
Josh accepted this, but his doubts showed clearly on his face.
"You aren't going to keep having me take the sleeping pills, are
"We'll only use them when we feel that you need to get some
sleep," Mrs. Kelly told him as she brought out some sweet rolls. As she
did so, Erin came into the room.
"Morning," She said yawning.
"Are you feeling better this morning, Josh?" she continued while
she sat down.
"Yeah, I'm OK. Thanks." Erin was able to catch an underlying tone
to this statement but let it pass as she, too, took a roll.
"Well, as soon as John decides to join us we'll have some
breakfast and see about having a slightly belated Christmas." Just as
Mrs. Kelly finished saying this John entered the room.
"I heard someone mention my name?" he asked while taking a seat.
"You did."
"Well, now that we're all here let's eat before the food goes
cold," Mr. Kelly said while helping his wife bring in plates of food
from the kitchen.
After eating, Josh was taken back upstairs for a quick diaper
change before he and his family started their late Christmas
celebration. While Josh did enjoy the time spent with his family, he
was mad that he needed some help opening his gifts due to having an arm
that was still in a sling. Soon after the last gift was opened and the
mess cleared away, Josh fell asleep curling up with a fleece blanket
that he had received.
"I should be home in time for dinner," Erin told her parents
after helping clean up the mess that was made during the morning's
"That's fine, Erin. You have a good day at work," she was told by
her father as she finished getting ready for work.
"I will. I just hope I don't get into to much trouble for the
time I missed these last few weeks."
"Given the circumstances of it, I doubt much will be said," her
father said.
"I hope you're right," Erin replied as she put her coat on and
headed for the door.
"Erin, Kevin and Eric would like to see you in the office after
you clock in," Erin was told as she walked into the receiving area.
"Thanks Aaron," she replied.
"How's your brother doing?" Erin was surprised by this question
because she couldn't remember ever being asked any personal questions
in the time the two had been working together.
"He's doing better. The let him come home last night."
"That's good to hear. I hope everything works out OK for you
all." Erin accepted this with a friendly smile as she turned to head
into the back office.
"Enter," Erin heard a moment after she knocked on the closed
"You wanted to see me?" she asked nervously as she entered the
room and sat in the offered seat
"Yes, we did," Eric, the store's General Manager, told her.
"Kevin just informed me of the reason why you had missed these
last two weeks of work. I want you to know how sorry I am about it."
Erin just nodded at this as Kevin started speaking.
"Is he doing OK?" he inquired.
"Yeah, they released him yesterday. Thanks for asking."
"Are you going to be OK working, or do you feel that you need
some more time off?" Eric asked, jumping back into the conversation.
"Now that I know that he's going to be all right, I feel that I
can do my job without any problems," she answered firmly as to leave no
doubt that she meant what she said.
"That's fine, I just wanted to make sure," Eric said with an
approving smile. Erin smiled back in relief at this.
"Well, I'll just leave you two alone so you can work out the
details for the shift today," Eric told them as he got out of his
"I'm glad your brother is doing better Erin. If you feel that you
need any extra time off, or just need someone to talk to about this let
me know," Eric told her with a friendly pat on the shoulder. Erin again
voice her thanks at this and told him he would keep it in mind.
The rest of Erin's day went by in a blur of customers. Most of
whom were happy to hear that her brother was doing well.
"Yes, can I help you?" Mrs. Kelly asked as she opened the door to
see a postal carrier standing in front of her.
"Yes, I have a package here for a Joshua Kelly," the carrier
stated after looking at a clipboard.
"I'm his mother. I'll accept the package," she told them. With a
nod she was handed the clipboard and after signing it was handed a
small package.
"Thank you. Have a good day," she told the carrier as they walked
off and she closed the door.
"Who was that, honey?" her husband asked as she walked back into
the family room.
"It was the postal carrier with a package for Josh," he was told.
"I wonder who would be sending Josh a package this late after the
holidays," Mr. Kelly wondered aloud.
"I guess we'll just have to wait for Josh to wake up and open
"Actually, we could open it as well since it has your name on it
as well," Mr. Kelly continued with a grin.
"I swear, Arthur, you're almost as bad as the kids at times,"
Mrs. Kelly joked at her husband, but started to open the box anyway.
Inside she found a wrapped package and two letters. One addressed to
her, the other to Josh. Without a word said she opened her letter and
started to read.

Dearest Janet,

I hope this letter finds you and the rest of the family well. I was
pleased to hear from you the other day to let me know that Josh is
doing well and should be going home soon. With any luck, he'll be home
by the time you read this letter.

You'd be pleased to see the how the regiment is reacting to the news of
the incident involving Josh. Most of the people here remember Josh, as
well as John and Erin from all the times they spent visiting Emily and
the kids here. They all feel this is like an assault on one of their
own and are pretty worked up over it.

This brings me to the next part, after a long talk with both my
battalion and regimental commanders we have decided, with your
permission, to make Josh an honorary member of the regiment. Please
don't mention this to him we would like it to be a surprise, if you
agree to it. The enclosed box is a special gift from me to Josh.

Let me know as quickly as possible to your decision. Emily and the kids
send their love.

Your loving brother,

"Is everything OK, Janet?" her husband asked as she started to
"Yes, I'm all right," she replied with a shaky voice as she
handed her husband the letter she just finished.
"I think we maybe we might want to talk to Dr. Benton about this
first. I think it's a good idea, but he might have a better feel for
other things we haven't considered," Mrs. Kelly agreed with this
thought and reached for her purse to get the card she was given.
"Dr. Benton," The voice stated.
"Dr. Benton, this is Janet Kelly, Josh's mother."
"Yes, Mrs. Kelly, is everything all right?"
"Yes, everything is fine. The reason I'm calling is due to a
letter I had just received from my younger brother in Britain," she
started and then filled him in on what her brother was wanting to do.
"Hmm. That does sound interesting. I'll assume that you're
wanting my opinion as to whether this would be a good idea from a
mental stand point for Josh?" he asked.
"Yes, we were. My husband and I both feel that we should give our
consent for this, but we don't know how Josh would react, or whether
this would be a hindrance to his getting better," Janet told him.
"I don't think that this could hurt as long as it's done in the
right way. In fact, something like this could actually help him. In
past cases I've had like this with adults they've almost always gone
through a time to where they would second guess their actions. A
presentation like this could greatly reduce this with Josh by showing
him that he acted correctly. And that this is being handled by people
he knows and, I'll say, probably looks up to helps even more," He told
"How's Josh doing?" he continued.
"He had a bit of a rough night, but he seems to be doing better,"
Josh's mom told him.
"That's good to hear."
"Thank you for your time, doctor, and I'm sorry to have disturbed
you on a Saturday.
"It's quite all right. Give me a call if any of you need to
talk," He told her before hanging up.
"What did he say?" Mr. Kelly asked as his wife set the phone
"He felt that accepting would be a good idea," she told him while
looking over at her youngest son.
"He looks so peaceful like that. It to bad that he had to find
out just how dangerous this world is at such a young age," she thought
to herself as she got up to adjust the blanket that was covering him.
"I'm home," Erin called several hours later as she walked into
the house.
"We're in the kitchen. Erin," Mr. Kelly called back.
"Josh is still asleep, I see," Erin stated as she spied her baby
brother still sleeping in the same chair that he was in when she left.
"Yeah. I think this morning really wore him out," Erin's mom told
"Have you given any thought about when school starts back up on
Monday?" Erin asked her parents.
"I was planning on keeping him home for another week so he could
get some more energy back. Plus the fact he has his first meeting
tomorrow with the psychiatrist. How did your day go?" Erin was asked.
"It was OK. Both Kevin and Eric were really supportive about why
I needed the time off. Aside from that, it was a steady day," Erin told
"I'm going to go up and get into some more comfortable clothes."
"OK. Let John know that dinner will be ready in about Thirty
Minutes while you're up there."
"OK, I will."
"John, mom said dinner will be ready in about thirty minutes,"
Erin announced as she walked into his room.
"OK, Erin. Thanks for letting me know," John told her as he got
up to take out the movie he just finished. Little did he know that the
sweat pants he had on had slipped down in back some exposing the diaper
he had on underneath them. Erin did a slight double take on seeing
them, but said nothing as she left the room.
"Mom, can I talk to you in private for a minute?" Erin asked a
short time later.
"Sure. Let's go into the office," She was told as her mom led her
into the spare room they use as an office.
"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" Mrs. Kelly asked as
she and her daughter sat down.
"I'm not really sure how to say this, but when I went up to tell
John dinner would be ready in a short while, like you asked, I could
have sworn I saw John wearing a diaper," Erin informed her mom.
"Excuse me, but did you say you though you saw John wearing a
diaper?" Erin was asked in disbelief.
"Yeah, I did. John had gotten up to pull out the movie he was
watching and the pants he had on had slipped down in back some and I
could swear he was wearing a diaper under them."
"Are you sure it just wasn't part of his shirt, or underwear you
"Positive. He didn't have a shirt on at the time and we both know
that all John wears are colored underwear."
"OK. I just wanted to make sure. Don't tell him you saw this and
I'll take care of it," Erin was told as her mom stood up.
After they had finished eating and the dishes had been cleared
Mrs. Kelly pulled out the package that had arrived that afternoon.
"Josh, this came for you earlier today," His mom announced as she
handed him the package that had arrived while he was sleeping.
"Who's it from?" Josh asked as he excitedly took the box.
"Why don't you read the note and maybe that will tell you," Mr.
Kelly suggested with a smile. Setting the box down in front of him Josh
opened the envelope that was with it and opened the note inside.

Dear Josh,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. With any luck you'll be
home by the time this note reaches you. I want to say how proud I am of
you and sincerely hope that you never have to go through something like
this again in your lifetime.

The gift enclosed with this note is a small token for a job well done.
I know you might be thinking that you didn't do anything special, but I
harbor no such thoughts as this. You've faced something that would have
frozen most adults, but you didn't let whatever fear you had control
you. For this, I salute you.

You might feel that you did nothing to earn what you are about to open.
I know that you had paid the dues for this with your very blood and
think that deep down you might feel this way as well.

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Uncle John

"Well, what did the note say?" Erin asked to break the silence
that had fallen while Josh read the note. Without saying a word Josh
handed the note over for his sister to read to everyone else while he
took the package in now shaking hands.
On opening the package, Josh looked down and saw a framed silver
cross suspended from a deep blue ribbon. Mrs. Kelly let out a startled
gasp when she saw this.
"What is it, mom?" Josh asked not understanding the importance of
the object he was holding.
"That's you Uncle's George Cross. He earned that on one of his
first missions after joining the army. The only decoration in the
British Army higher than that is the Victoria Cross," Mrs. Kelly told
her son as she thought back to when her brother received the award her
son was now holding and remembered that she almost lost her brother in
the action that he was decorated for. Understanding slowly spread
across Josh's face as the true meaning of the note and this award hit
home. Josh started crying softly as this happened. Josh broke down
completely as his parents came over to comfort him. He was finally able
to compose himself after several minutes. After this the rest of the
night went by quietly.

Chapter 12

"So Janet, what did Erin want to talk to you about earlier?" her
husband asked as they got ready for bed later that evening.
"It's kind of hard to explain," she said, "but Erin said she
could have sworn she saw John wearing a nappy earlier this evening,"
when she went to tell him dinner was about ready.
"I see, and what do we plan on doing about it?"
"I haven't decided. I wanted to see if it was actually true
first. I'll come up with something after that," she replied.
"That's a given, but what I was meaning is how we're going handle
"I'm not entirely sure though, I have already decided to handle
it in a calm and understanding fashion."
"Well, we could always ask the doctor on Monday when we take Josh
in to see them."
"That would be a very good idea. Why don't you take the boys out
to the movies tomorrow afternoon. This will give me time to confirm
what Erin told me about John and Josh could certainly do with some time
outside of the house." Mr. Kelly nodded at this idea and after giving
his wife a quick kiss turned off the bedroom light.
As his parents set things up for the next day, John spent time
helping Josh get ready for bed.
"Do you want to use your sleepers tonight, or just a pair of
sweats?" John asked as he stripped Josh of his old diaper.
"I'd like to use the sleepers, but I don't think my leg is quite
up to it yet."
"Tell you what, we'll give the sleepers a try first and if it
causes you too much pain then we'll go with the sweat pants. How does
that sound?" John suggested as he wiped the poop off his brother's butt
and balls.
"That sounds OK," Josh replied with a small shiver as the cold
diaper wipe passed over his nuts.
"Sorry about that," John said as he finished cleaning Josh off
and placed the old diaper in the nearby Diaper Genie.
"It's all right," replied Josh with a smile as his brother
applied some lotion and powder to his groin. John smiled at this as
"OK, up you go," John said a few minutes later as he finished
pulling the plastic pants up over Josh's diaper. Josh winced a little
as his injured leg touched the floor and weight was applied to it.
"Hold up there a moment, kiddo," John said as he got an arm
around Josh's waist and had his brother put an arm around his shoulder.
"There you go," John added a second later as he helped Josh into
"Which sleepers would you like to try?"
"The blue ones would be fine."
"And blue it will be. Now you just lay back and let me do all the
work. Let me know though, if your leg starts to hurt." Josh just nodded
at this as John unzipped the sleepers and started to bunch the legs up.
Josh was surprised at how skillful his brother got the sleepers
"Now we'll have to leave your bad arm inside them since it'd be
to much trying to work it through the arm hole." Josh nodded at this as
John zipped the sleepers closed and cover him with his blankets after
handing him his teddy bear.
"Thanks John," Josh said sleepily as his pain medication started
to take effect.
"You're welcome. A paci is under your pillow if you want it
later." John whispered in his brother's ear as he gave him a good night
kiss to the forehead. Josh nodded sleepily at this. With one last look
at his brother John turned off the bedroom light and closed the door
softly behind him.
After making sure his own door was closed tightly John started
his own nightly routine. After taking his pants off, he untaped the wet
diaper we was wearing and laid it on the top of his dresser. He then
took a tub of wipes from his dresser and cleaned off his diaper area
with a shiver of his own. After taping the diaper closed he placed it a
diaper disposal bag, and got out a clean diaper from his closet. Once
he had some powder sprinkled over the inside of the diaper he poured
some lotion on to his fingers and spread it over his groin, giving
himself a few quick strokes as he did so. Soon he was pulling the
diaper up between his legs and taping in securely shut. With a smile he
started rubbing the front of his diaper thinking of how much better it
would be if he were wearing cloth diapers. John fell asleep soon after
"John, it's time to get up," his mom called softly the next
morning as she shook his shoulder.
"Don't give me that, John, it's time to get up." She called again
this time pulling the covers off her son. On doing this, she took a
quick look towards he son's waist and noticed what was unmistakably a
diaper sticking out from under his PJ bottoms.
"Well, this pretty much confirms it," She thought as she gave her
son another prod to the shoulder.
"Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes, so hurry up," She
announced as she walked out of John's room and back into her own.
"Well?" her husband asked as she walked back in.
"He had one on. Erin was right," she answered sadly sitting on
the edge of her bed.
"Now Janet, it may not be that bad. We both know that John has
had bedwetting problems in the past. With all the things that have
happened lately it could be that he started up again and he decided to
try some of the larger diapers that Josh got as a way to make things
easier on us."
"I know that makes the best explanation, but something tells me
that there is more to it than that. This is almost like when he told us
he was gay. Only this time, I feel that he wants to keep it a secret
because he doesn't trust our reaction.
"You could be right, but it could be that he hasn't quite figured
things out just yet himself." Mrs. Kelly nodded at the logic of her
husband's statement and dropped the subject as she got up to finish
getting breakfast ready for her family.
"Boys, after breakfast I want you both to get a shower, get
dressed, and then come back down I have a surprise for you," Mr. Kelly
told his sons as they sat down to eat.
"OK dad, but what's the surprise?" Josh asked slyly.
"You'll just have to wait to find out, now won't you?" came the
chuckled reply. Josh just smiled at this. His parents smiled as well
since this was the first time since the incident that Josh had really
acted like himself.
"Where's Erin?" John asked a few minutes later.
"She had to go into work early today."
"Oh OK." Little else was said during the meal, but both of John's
parents had kept an eye on their eldest son.
"Come on Josh, let's get you into the bath," John told his baby
brother as he helped him up the stairs.
"Hey John, do you know why mom and dad kept looking at you during
breakfast?" Josh asked as he was laid out on the bathroom floor.
"You noticed that too, huh? To be honest, I have no idea why they
kept looking at me like they were," John lied as he helped Josh get
undressed. In truth, he had a very good idea why his parents were
looking at him like they were, but was hoping strongly that he was
wrong. He soon had Josh undressed and sitting in a tub of warm water.
"What are you doing?" Josh asked in surprise when John undressed
himself and stepped into the tub as well.
"Taking a bath. Why, does it make you nervous?"
"Well..." Josh started, but found he couldn't find the words he
"Look Josh, if you're that worried about it, I'll get out. But
you don't have anything to worry about. I'm not going to do anything to
you except give you a bath," he was told plainly.
"OK, I'm sorry," Josh said while blushing slightly.
"It's OK. I understand." John told Josh while giving him a slight
hug. Within fifteen minutes, both boys were washed, dried and heading
down the hall to Josh's room.
"All right Josh, hop on up here and we can get you into a clean
diaper, and get a dry bandage on that leg of yours," John said with a
smile as he patted the changing table.
"So what do you think the surprise will be?" Josh asked as his
brother started rubbing lotion over his butt and balls.
"Your guess is as good as mine. We'll find out soon enough. Now
lift up so I can get this diaper under you," John said as he unfolded
an Attends diaper.
"Why are you using one of the disposables?"
"Call it a hunch. I have a feeling that whatever the surprise
might be, will have something to do with us leaving the house."
"How can you be so sure?" Josh asked, acting like the ten year
old he was.
"Because I'm your big brother and it goes with reason that mom
and dad will want to get you out of the house for a bit," John replied
with a smile while tickling Josh a bit. Josh's laughing could be heard
downstairs by his parents who smiled at each other knowing that their
youngest was getting better, but they also knew that his biggest hurdle
was still to come when he went back to school the next day.
"You boys ready for the surprise?" Mr. Kelly asked as Josh and
John came down the stairs forty-five minutes later.
"Yeah!" Josh called as he sat down. John nodded, but was smiling
as he did so.
"You know that new rated R movie that just came out?" their dad
"Yeah?!" Both boys answered in hopeful tones.
"Well, we aren't going to see that one," Mr. Kelly said with a
laugh. "What we are going to see is that 'Harry Potter' double feature
that's starting today," he finished with a smile. Both John and Josh
look stunned for a minute before John spoke.
"I thought that was a special screening and it was already sold
"Well, that is true. But, let's just say that I have my sources.
Oh and one other thing, You both can bring one friend with you. So
decide who you want to bring with you and give them a quick call." This
really got both boys started. Without a second hesitation John bolted
from his seat and ran for a phone. Josh just sat there looking like he
was going to cry because he couldn't move fast enough like he used to.
"Don't worry about it, Josh. You can use this," His dad said with
a chuckle while handing Josh his cell phone. Josh smiled at this but
soon ran into a dilemma. Should he invite David or Caleb? He decided
that since he had been friends the longest with David he would give him
a try first.
"Hello?" David's mom asked after the second ring.
"Is David there? This is Josh."
"Oh hi Josh, Yeah, David is right her,." she said before handing
the phone to her oldest son.
"Hey Josh, How's it going?" David asked as he came on the line.
"Not bad. Listen, my dad landed some tickets to the 'Harry
Potter' showing they have at the mall and I was told I could bring a
friend. I though you would like to come," Josh said excitedly.
"I'm sorry Josh, I'd love to go with you, but my family already
has plans for the day," David said with convincing sadness though, it
wouldn't have been believed if Josh could see the smile on his face
when he said it.
"Oh OK. I just thought you would like to go, but since you
already have plans," Josh said glumly.
"I know. I hate to cut you off like this Josh, but my mom is
motioning for me to get off the phone. I'll see you later, OK?" he
"Yeah, I'll see you later." Josh mumbled as the connection was
"He already had plans," Josh announced before his father could
"Why don't you see if Caleb would like to go?" Josh was prompted.
"I guess it couldn't hurt," Josh said as he dialed his other
friend's number.
"Hello?" Caleb asked as he answered the ringing phone.
"Caleb? It's me, Josh."
"Hey Josh! How's it going?" his friend asked.
"Not bad. Listen, my dad landed some tickets for the 'Harry
Potter' special they have starting at the mall today and I was told I
could bring a friend. I was wanting to see if you would like to come
with us."
"Sure, I'd love to go. Let me go ask my dad really quick," Caleb
said in an excited voice. A moment later Josh heard his friend's
excited voice again.
"Josh, my dad said that it would be fine for me to join you. When
do you want me over there?"
"We'll pick you up on the way. We should be there in about ten
"Great! I'll be waiting," Josh heard before the line was closed.
"Caleb said he would be waiting for us," Josh told his dad
excitedly. Mr. Kelly smiled at this and ruffled Josh's hair before
walking off.
"We shouldn't be too late, honey," Mrs. Kelly was told as her
husband walked into the kitchen.
"That's fine, but I don't want you letting the boys eat a lot of
candy during the movie."
"Janet, I'm shocked that you would think that I would let the
boys do something like that and spoil their dinner," Mr. Kelly said
with a grin.
"Oh get going you faker! I've already got some snack bags set up
for you and the boys," came the chuckled response. While giving his
wife one last quick kiss, Mr. Kelly accepted the offered bags and left
to make sure the boys were ready.
"John, let me see Josh's diaper bag for a moment."
"Here you go, dad," John said handing over the requested bag, but
giving his father a curious look as he did so. With a mischievous look,
John's dad held up the snack bags he had just gotten from his wife.
"Boy dad, that's some example you're setting for us," John joked
as he watched his father open the diaper bag and place the snack bags
in the bottom of it covering them back up with the clothes and diapers.
"What can I say. I learned this trick from my parents, so it's
only fair that I pass it along to you boys. Now let's get going so we
can still get some good seats."
Just as they stepped out of the house they saw DJ walking across
the yard.
"You didn't need to walk down DJ. We were planing on picking you
up," Mr. Kelly said.
"I know, but I felt this was just as quick." The point was
accepted with a quick shake of his head.
"OK then, let's get going we still have on stop to make." Mr.
Kelly announced as he herded the boys into the car. Minutes later they
were picking Caleb up and heading off to the theater.
"Uh, dad won't we get into trouble for parking here?" John asked
as they pulled into an open handicap parking slot.
"Not at all," came the response as john's dad hung a handicap
placard in the window. The boys just nodded at this got out of the car.
Mr. Kelly was smiling openly at the antics of the four boys as they
walked up to the ticket window.
"May I help you?" The cashier asked as they stepped up to the
"Yes, I have a pass for five to the special showing," Mr. Kelly
stated as he handed over the letter he had.
"Just a moment please," they were told as the letter was taken
and the cashier walked over to a nearby manager. The boys saw the
cashier hand the letter over to her manager and softly mumble something
to him while pointing over her shoulder towards them.

"What's going on, dad?" Josh asked as they saw the manager head
towards them.
"I have no idea Josh, but I get the feeling were about to find
out," Josh's dad replied.
"Mr. Kelly?" the manager asked as he came up to them.
"Yes? Is there a problem?"
"I'm afraid that we can't accept this letter. If you and your
party will step over here for a moment," they were informed politely.
"I'd like to know why the letter is being refused first."
"I'll explain everything if you'll please step over here first so
we don't block up any further," they were asked more firmly. Rather
than make a scene Mr. Kelly and the boys did as they were asked.
Once they were off to the side the manager asked Mr. Kelly to
follow him into the nearby office. The boys were motioned to stay put
as Mr. Kelly followed the manager into his office.
"Would you now please explain why the letter is being refused?"
the manager was asked firmly.
"Before I do, I was wondering if the young boy with you on
crutches is the same one they had mentioned a few weeks back in the
"Yes, he is the one. But what does that have to do with you
refusing to honor the letter?"
"More that you might think. You see, my three children happened
to be standing near Mr. Wink when he was killed by the one boy. I feel
that if your son hadn't done what he did they might have gotten caught
in any further shooting that might have taken place. Because of this, I
feel that I owe your son a bit of thanks. That is why I can't accept
this letter. What will be happening is that your party will be seated
in one of our private screening rooms. Your letter, of course, will be
extended to whatever showing you would care to see before it's
expiration date."
"I see. If this happens to be the case, then we will gladly
accept and please let me take this chance to thank you in advance."
"It is I who should be thanking your son, but let's keep this a
secret." Mr. Kelly nodded at this as he headed for the door.
"By the way," he asked before opening it, "how are your children
"They're still a bit shook up, but are doing fine otherwise."
"I'm glad to hear that."
As this conversation was going on in the office the boys were
getting a bit worried about the delay, as well as the stares they were
getting from the other people.
"Hey Josh! Think quick!" A voice called. Josh turned around just
in time to see a hand coming right at him and stopping less than an
inch from his face.
"You're still pretty slow there, Kelly," David laughed as he
looked down at his shorter friend.
"Think so, David, then you better look down for a moment," Josh
replied with a grin. On looking down, David saw one of his friend's
crutches resting lightly between his legs and as close to his balls as
his hand was to Josh's face just a second before.
"I see your point," David said with a laugh.
"So this was the family outing you were telling me about, huh?"
Josh questioned.
"Yep. My mom won a drawing at work for the tickets. Besides, I
told you I would probably be seeing you later.
"That's true, you did."
"So, you want to sit together if we can?"
"I'd like that, but we seem to be having a bit of a problem at
the moment. You go ahead and get a seat. My dad will probably want us
to sit neat the back because of my leg."
"OK. Well, if I don't see you in the theater I'll talk to you
guys at school tomorrow." Josh and Caleb both nodded at this as their
friend walked off to join the rest of his family. Just as David walked
off they saw their dad come out of the office.
"Everything has been taken care of. It was just a slight mix-up,"
Mr. Kelly told the boy.
"If you'll follow me, I'll show to your seats," the manager told
them. All the boys were shocked to see that they were being taken into
one of the private screening rooms.
"There is a private restroom through the door there, and you'll
find a soda dispenser against the side wall. Enjoy the movie," they
were told as the manager walked out of the room and closed the door
behind them. The lights dimmed, and the previews started just as they
took their seats.
"Does anyone need a diaper change before the movie starts?" Mr.
Kelly asked since he knew that Josh was probably wet by this point.
"Yeah, I do," Josh and Caleb both said at the same time getting a
laugh from the rest of the group.
"John, you can change Josh, while I handle Caleb," John was told
by his father. Both boys were back in clean diapers and sitting in
their seats just as the first movie started.
Meanwhile at the Kelly household, Mrs. Kelly was finishing
putting Josh's newly cleaned clothes away and was getting ready to put
John's away. Normally she would have just laid the folded clothes on
her son's bed for him to put away later, but today she decided to put
them up herself. As she was doing this the first diaper related items
she came across were partly used bottles of baby lotion and powder. She
shook her head at this, thinking that he might be using the items for
another reason. The undeniable proof came when she was hanging items up
in his closet and she saw an ill-concealed diaper sticking out from a
box. On opening the box, Mrs. Kelly discovered herself looking at a box
that was filled to capacity with both diapers and disposable training
pants. After putting everything back as she found it she left the room
and went about the rest of her cleaning. An hour later she gave up
trying to concentrate on her cleaning. After a few moments of thought
she decided to give DJ's mom a call. she felt that since the other
mother had three sons in diapers she might have some insight about what
was going on with her son and what she might be able to do about it.
"Thanks for coming over on such short notice, Pa,." Mrs. Kelly
said as the other woman walked in.
"It's OK, Janet. I didn't have anything else to do. So what did
you want to talk to me about?" Mrs. Morrison asked as she took the
offered seat.
"I'm not even sure where to begin on this."
"Why don't you just start at the beginning, and go from there,"
Pat prompted as she took a sip of coffee.
"I'm not really sure where it began, but it all came out a few
days ago. I had sent Erin in to let John know dinner was about ready,
and when he got up to turn off his TV she told me that she could have
sworn that he was in a diaper at the time and when I woke John up this
morning I saw the same thing."
"I see. have you talked to John about this yet?"
"No, I wanted to see if maybe we were seeing things first."
"And were you?"
"Unfortunately, no. While I was putting some of John's things
away, I ran across a box full of some diapers and Pull-ups that Josh
had received when we got his cloth diapers in. They were the wrong size
for Josh to wear so we put them in storage until Josh would be able to
use them. I guess John decided to give them a try first. I just want to
know where I went wrong on this?" Janet asked herself out loud.
"Don't look at this as something you did wrong. Some kids just
have a natural tendency to want to wear diapers. In some, it's them
looking for something they missed while growing up. John could be one
of them," Pat told her friend.
"That is a possibility. We did force John through potty training
at a young age because we didn't want to deal with two kids in diapers
at the same time. And then there were all the years he had trouble with
night time control. And then all the things that had been happening
recently, I mean with our moving and then all the problems we had with
Josh getting injured."
"This could be John's way of coping with all the stress."
"But what about later, and he still wants to wear them? I mean
whoever heard of a twelve year old wearing diapers when they didn't
have a medical reason behind it?"
"I would think that your best course would be to talk it over
with John calmly and see what he has to say about it. And there are
some web sites that you could look up for more information. The only
thing you need to make sure John knows is that regardless of how this
turns out you still love him." Pat announced. The last part being said
sternly. Mrs. Kelly nodded at this.
"That I already planned to do," she said convincingly. The rest
of the afternoon the two ladies talked about what products worked best
for their boys and traded stores about what it had been like getting
them toilet trained. Mrs. Morrison was just getting ready to leave when
her husband and the boys got home from the movies.
"So how were the movies?" John and Josh were asked by their mom.
"It was great!" they said in unison starting to go into great
detail about the movies. Mrs. Kelly laughed at this as she held up her
hand to get the boys to stop talking.
"Don't tell me about it. I might want to see them myself, you
know," she said with a smile. She then turned to her husband and
started speaking to him.
"Arthur, would you mind taking Josh upstairs and getting him
ready for a nap?"
"But I'm not tired." Josh stated through a partially concealed
"Well, you'll be taking one anyway," he was told as his mom gave
him a light swap to his diapered rear. With the mass that she felt when
she did this she knew her son had messed his diaper at some point
during the movie.
"Josh was right Janet, he wasn't tired. He was exhausted," Mr.
Kelly told his wife a short time later as he came back downstairs.
"I figured as much," came the smiled response. She then turned
her attention to her oldest son.
"John, there's something we need to talk about."
"What's that, mom?" John asked nervously.
"Why you had a diaper on when I came in to wake you up this
morning and why I found some of the diapers and training pants Josh got
in your room when I was putting away your clothes today?" she asked
softly. John's reaction was not what she was hoping for.
"You mean you went searching through my room?"
"John, you had been acting strange for some time and I was
worried," His mom started, but was cut off.
"So instead of talking to me beforehand, you decided to go
looking through my stuff. You had no right to do that!" he nearly
"John..." Mr. Kelly started, but didn't get a chance to finish as
John got up and ran from the room. A few seconds later they heard John
roughly closing his bedroom door. Mr. Kelly was just about to go after
his son when he felt his wife put a hand on his shoulder.
"Let's leave him alone for awhile," she said softly.
"He did have a point, we should have talked to him about it first
before invading his privacy." Her husband just nodded at this and sat
back down. They talked about what they planned on doing about this turn
of events for several hours.
"Mom, dad, I'm home!" Erin called as she walked through the door.
"What's for dinner? I'm starved," she continued while taking off
her coat.
"We decided that we were going to go out instead. If you want to
go get the boys up and changed we be on our way." Erin gave her mom a
curious look with the statement she heard, but didn't say anything.
"John, time to get up. We're going out for dinner." Erin called
through the closed door.
"Go away! I'm not hungry," came the muffled reply catching the
tone her brother was using she didn't press things and went to wake
Josh up and get him changed.
"Josh, it's time to get up now. Mom and dad are taking us out to
dinner," she announced as she shook her brother's shoulder.
"Huh?" came the sleepy answer from under a pile of blankets.
"I said, we're going out to dinner and you need to get up," Erin
laughed as she pulled off Josh's covers. After helping him over to his
changing table, Erin removed the sweat pants her brother had on and
started untaping the Thickies diaper he was wearing.
"Looks like dad was the one who put you down for your nap."
"How could you tell?"
"Easy, dad is the only one of us that will use the disposables at
home," Erin told him with a smile as she finished untaping the diaper
and pulled it down exposing Josh's groin to the cold air. Josh shivered
slightly at this, but the feeling didn't last long as Erin started
running a warm diaper wipe over the area.
"I'm really glad that mom picked up that wipe warmer. You could
get a cold from constantly having a cold wipe run over that area," Josh
said through a small yawn.
"I'll take your word about that," Erin replied with a laugh.
After making sure Josh was thoroughly cleaned and lotioned, Erin
reached under the table to grab one of Josh's Attends and opened it up.
"Lift up a moment." she said as she shook out the diaper a little
more. Josh soon felt the diaper being slipped under him and after
judging that it was at the right spot he lowered himself down on it
with a slight sigh.
"I have to say Josh, you're doing a lot better now than we first
started this," Erin commented as she sprinkled her brother's groin with
powder and brought the diaper up snugly between his legs, taping it
closed afterwards.
"OK, now that that is over with, let's get you dressed," Josh was
told as he was helped down from the table once his sister had placed
the old diaper in the Diaper Genie.
"Would it be OK if I dressed myself this time?" Josh asked as he
limped over to his bed.
"I don't think that would be a problem. Just call if you need any
help, though," he was told as his sister tossed him some pants and a
"What about my socks and shoes?"
"I'll be taking them down with me. we don't want you trying that
just yet. Just come down when you're done," Erin told him as she took
the shoes and sock with her leaving the bedroom door open as she left
the room.
"Where are the boys?" Mrs. Kelly asked as she saw Erin come down
the stairs.
"Josh is getting dressed, and John said he wasn't hungry."
"Not meaning to sound nosey, but what's up with John anyway? He
sounded like he was upset," Erin told her parents.
"After what you told me the other night, I decided to wake John
up this morning and I too, found him wearing a diaper under his pants.
Well, while the boys were out at the movies today I looked through
John's room and found out that we weren't seeing things. Anyway when
they got home we tried to talk to John about it, but when he found out
that I had gone through his things he got mad and stormed off to his
room." Mrs. Kelly informed her daughter. Before Erin could say
anything, Josh came into the room.
"I'll go up and get John while you help Josh on with his shoes."
Erin was told by her mom.
"Actually mom, with the mood John is in right now, I think it
would be best if we just left him home and brought something back for
him." After giving this a moments thought, Mrs. Kelly nodded and took
an offered shoe and sock from her daughter. Once they had Josh ready
the three of them headed out to the car that had been warming up.
"Where's John?" Mr. Kelly inquired as they got in the car.
"He decided he wasn't hungry," he was informed by his wife. With
an understanding nod he put the car in gear and off they went.
On returning home about two hours later they found John asleep
in his room.
"John we brought you home some dinner if your hungry," Mrs. Kelly
said softly to her son.
"Listen John, I'm sorry for what I did earlier today. You were
right I should have come and talked to you first about it. It's just
that I didn't know how to react to what I saw this morning. Did you
start having accidents again? Is that why you were using the diapers?"
John was asked softly. John barely nodded his head in response at this
question before he started crying again.
"It's OK, John. Your father and I understand why you were doing
this. I will say though, that I'm slightly disappointed that you didn't
feel that you could talk to us about it and felt that it would be
better to try and hide this from us," Mrs. Kelly told her son as she
pulled him into a hug
"I would like an honest answer to my next question, OK?" she
added while moving John around so she could see his face. Again, all
John did was nod in reply. Taking a deep breath, Mrs. Kelly asked the
next question.
"If you stopped wetting tonight, would you still be wanting to
wear diapers to bed?"
"Yes." came the barely audible answer, but something in John's
eyes prompted her to go further.
"What about during the day?" She asked. John dropped his head to
avoid eye contact but nodded his head. His mom accepted this without
saying anything, but pulled John closer to her.
"It's OK. We'll work something out," she murmured to him.
"You're not disappointed, are you?" John asked a few minutes
later in a scratchy voice.
"Only in that you felt you had to hide this from us. Now you go
ahead and eat your dinner before it gets to cold," John was told as him
mom pointed to the box she had placed on his desk. As John got up, she
noticed the top of some Pull-Ups sticking out from under his pants.
"Are you wet?" she asked him as he sat down to eat. The red color
that rushed up her son's neck was all the answer she needed.
"As soon as you're done eating, I want you to get out of that wet
trainer and get a shower. I'll be up later to help you get ready for
bed." John was told as his mom gave him a kiss in the head and left the
"OK kids, time for bed," their mom announced a couple of hours
"Aw mom. Can't I stay up just a bit longer?" Josh whined.
"No you can't, you have school tomorrow young man, Now come on
and we'll get you ready for bed," Mrs. Kelly said while giving her
youngest a light slap to his rear.
"Erin, would you mind taking care of Josh tonight. I need to help
John with something."
"Sure mom, that won't be a problem." She said with a knowing
"C'mon squirt let's get you into a clean diaper," she added while
pushing her brother towards his room.
"OK John, let's get you ready for bed," John's mom said as she
walked into her son's room.
"MOM!! What are you doing?!" John yelled as he quickly grabbed a
shirt to cover up his groin.
"Well, I think I'm coming to help you get ready for bed," she
stated, ignoring John's outburst as she walked up to him and pulled the
shirt he was holding over his front down.
"I think I'm perfectly able to get ready for bed."
"Normally that would be true, but I think that rash you have
makes it obvious that you aren't doing nearly as good job as you
think," she informed her son as she lead him over his bed.
"Now you stay right there and I'll be back in a moment," John was
told after his mother took a quick survey of the rash John had gotten.
"What are you going to do?" John asked nervously.
"I plan on getting some cream for that rash of yours," came the
reply as she walked out of the room.
"Everything going OK, mom?" Erin asked as her mother walked into
Josh's room.
"Oh just fine. John's gotten a bit of a rash and I was going to
get some cream for it. Erin was told as her mom walked over to the
cabinet that they kept Josh's extra diaper supplies in. Erin just
grinned at this and started back to her task of changing her younger
"What was all that about?" Josh asked after his mother left
holding a bottle of diaper rash cream. Figuring that Josh would know
soon enough about what was going on she told him.
"John's been having some nighttime accidents again and instead of
telling mom and dad about it he tried to hide it by using some of the
larger diapers you got a while back. I guess he wasn't doing to good of
job on the clean up."
"Sounds like it," Josh said with a laugh, thinking that this
would be a great way to have some fun with his older brother.
John was still lying on his bed when his mom returned a minute
"OK, now let's get you ready for bed," John was told as his mom
stopped by his closet and opened the box that he kept his diaper stash
in. Knowing that his mom knew where he kept them caused john to turn a
beat red. Seeing how this was embarrassing her son, Mrs. Kelly decided
to do this as quickly as possible. She had John cleaned and diapered
within five minutes from the time she started.
"Sleep tight honey," Janet Kelly told her son after John had
slipped into a pair of sweat pants and climbed under the covers of his
"Goodnight mom. And mom, thanks for understanding," he added as
his mom walked out the door.
"You're welcome, John," she said as she turned off his bedroom
light and closed the door. After tucking in her youngest son, she
headed downstairs for some time alone with her husband.
"I take it he didn't try to fight you helping him get ready for
bed," her husband commented as Mrs. Kelly sat down next to him.
"Well, he put up a bit of a fuss, but I think he realized that it
was a losing battle and just accepted it," she responded with a smile.
Her husband laughed at this. The rest of their evening went by quietly,
though they were both worried about what would happen the next day when
Josh returned to school for the first time since the shooting.

Chapter 13

"John, time to get up!" his father yelled through the bedroom
door while giving it a few firm slaps.
"All right! I'm up!" John called back sleepily as he threw off
his covers and sat up in bed.
"I really hate Monday mornings," John mumbled to himself as he
climbed out of bed and started pulling off the sweat pants he had on.
Like on all the previous mornings to this one John saw that his diaper
was wet. With a small sigh, he untaped the soaked diaper and wiped down
his groin with a diaper wipe. Just as he finished doing this and
pulling on some clean underwear his mother walked into the room without
"Can't a guy have any privacy around this place anymore?" he
"I was just wanting to make sure you were up," Mrs. Kelly stated
as she picked up the rolled up diaper that was laying on the top of
John's dresser.
"I can see that, but you could have knocked first," John replied
as he pulled on his pants.
"Don't take that tone with me, young man, or you just might find
yourself wearing a diaper to school instead of those briefs," John was
informed sternly. From the look in his mom's eyes John could tell that
she was serious about the threat. John quickly said he was sorry and
continued getting dressed for the day. With a small nod of her head
John's mom left the room and went off to help her youngest get ready
for school.
"Josh, It's time to get up now," Josh was told softly as his mom
lightly put her hand on his shoulder. Though, the second Josh felt the
hand on his shoulder he bolted off the bed like a coiled spring being
"I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to startle you," Mrs. Kelly
gasped as she tried to get her breathing back under control. Josh
nodded at this with a faint grin at seeing how shaken his mom was by
"It's OK," Josh replied as he climbed out of bed and limped over
to his changing table.
"I see John had another wet night," Josh stated as he saw his
mother place the wet diaper she was carrying into his Diaper Genie.
"Yes he did and I don't want you saying a word about it," he was
told as his mother snapped the lid closed and turned her attention to
"OK, I won't," Josh told her as he got his diaper changed. Within
a couple of minutes of Josh's mom walking out of his room the whole
family was downstairs having a quick breakfast.
"You already for the day, Josh?" John asked as his little brother
sat down.
"Sort of, but I'm a bit nervous because of all of Billy's friends
being around," Josh said while looking down at his plate.
"I don't think you'll have as much to worry about as you think,"
Josh was told by his father.
"You think so?"
"I can assure you of this. I don't think that Billy had too many
'friends' to begin with and those that might try to give you a hard
time will have to deal with your teacher and friends," With a smile
Josh thought about this and figured that his father was right. All too
soon, though, he was being told that it was time for him to be heading
off to school.
Josh's nervousness grew as he walked towards his class from the
first time in almost three weeks.
"Hey Look! The diaper boy is back!" Seamus O'Connor called as he
saw Josh walk into the class room. Josh felt his blood boil a bit on
hearing this, but was happy to see that the only people that looked
like they were laughing belonged to Billy's gang.
"Thank you for letting us know that, Seamus," Mr. Barrett stated
from his desk, "That just cost you your recesses for the next week."
Seamus looked stunned at this and started to open his mouth to protest
this. before he could though, he was cut off by Mr. Barrett's next
"And if you say one more thing you'll lose them for the rest of
the year. This goes for the rest of the class as well. I'll say this
one last time so there are no misunderstandings. If I hear anyone
harassing another student either physically or verbally they will be
punished severely. Is this understood?" Everyone in the class nodded
their understanding to this. Turning his attention back to Josh who was
still standing in the doorway, Mr. Barrett addressed him.
"It's good to have you back in class, Josh. If you'll kindly take
your seat, we can get to work." Josh nodded to this and quickly hobbled
over to his desk after stopping long enough to hand his teacher the
packet of homework he had finished the night before. The rest of the
morning went by quickly and with no incidents.
As the lunch period came closer Josh once again found himself
becoming nervous. Seeing this Mr. Barrett pulled Josh aside as he was
having the class line up to head to the lunchroom.
"If you'd rather have lunch in the room Josh, I can arrange to
have David bring your lunch back down to you," Josh was told softly.
"Thank you, but I'd rather eat with the class," He responded
softly. Mr. Barrett smiled at this and with a small pat on Josh's good
shoulder he sent the younger boy to get in line with his class.
"Are you sure you want to do this, Josh?" David asked when he saw
how tense his friend was.
"Yeah, I'm sure. If I don't do this now, then I'll never get over
what happened," he replied softly to his friend, but with conviction.
David accepted this, but decided to keep an eye on Josh anyway.
After getting their lunches, the two boys went to the table that
Caleb was holding for them. Josh was surprised to see Tim and Eric
sitting at the table as well. he knew that they were friends with
David, but had never struck up any conversation with them. Josh nodded
a hello at them as he took his seat, but didn't say anything to them.
"I'm glad you guys are here," ,David said, as he sat down as
well, "I talked to my mom the other night and we have things set up for
the slumber party to happen this weekend. You guys interested?"
"I'm game for that!" Tim said excitedly.
"Me too," Eric echoed. Caleb was nodding, but looked a bit
apprehensive about it.
"How about you, Josh?" David asked when Josh hadn't answered.
"I'd love to come, but I'm not sure how much fun I'll be on these
damned sticks."
"Don't worry about that. We'll make sure you get in on the fun,"
Eric said before David could.
"Well, if you're sure I won't slow you guys down any, I'd love to
come," Josh said smiling. The rest of the lunch time went by with them
talking about what they had done over the last couple of weeks. Josh,
however, noticed that nothing had been said of the shooting and was
happy about this since he was still coming to terms with what had
happened himself.
All to soon the boys were having to herd back to their classes.
As Josh started to walk out of the lunchroom he felt one of his
crutches being kicked out from under him.
"SON OF A BITCH!!" Josh yelled as his bad shoulder caught the
edge of the doorway as he tried to keep himself upright.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Kelly. My foot slipped," Josh heard from behind
him. With a blinding rage going through him, Josh spun around and
pushed his attacker to the ground. before the other boy could even
figure out what was happening, Josh had flipped the crutch he was still
holding on to and brought it down like a rifle butt into the other
boy's face, giving him a bloody nose in the process. A pin drop would
have been heard in the silence that followed. With a sudden realization
of what he had just done Josh dropped the crutch and slid to the floor
sobbing. About this time Mr. Hadley, the new vice-principal, came into
the room. One of the lunchroom workers intercepted him and told him
what had just happened. While this was happening David noticed a
bloodstain growing on the shoulder of Josh's shirt.
"Mr. Hadley, I think we better get Josh to the nurse. I think he
might have pulled some of his stitches," Giving Josh the once over, he
gave David his consent to take Josh to the nurse's office, while he
herded Seamus off to his office.
"What happened this time!?" Mrs. Timmons asked in surprise as she
saw David helping Josh into her office while Caleb followed them
holding Josh's discarded crutches.
"Seamus kicked one of Josh's crutches out from under him and Josh
hit his shoulder on a door," David told her as he helped Josh on to a
"OK. Get a pass from the office and get back to your classes.
I'll take things from here," Mrs. Timmons sighed as she knelt down to
cut Josh's shirt off him.
"I'll call you tonight, Josh," David called as he left the room.
"I must say Mr. Kelly, you are certainly making sure I earn my
pay this year."
"Sorry, but this isn't exactly what I expected this year to be
like either," Came the reply through gritted teeth.
"Well, it doesn't look serious, but you will need to get some new
stitches. I'll give your mom a call and she can run you to the ER to
get fixed up. About this time, Mr. Hadley walked in to see how Josh was
"You seem to have a knack for getting in trouble, don't you,
son?" he stated
"If you say so. By the way, who did I hit and how are they
doing?" Josh received a slight chuckle from that.
"You happened to hit one of your classmates and he is doing fine.
All you did was give him a bloody nose. I will say though, you should
be glad it wasn't worse than that."
"I'm sure, but at the time I was hoping that it would be," came
the all to honest reply.
"I see. Well, right now the principal and I are still trying to
figure out what to do with you. As things stand right now, you seemed
to be acting in self-defense. We'll give your parents a call later on
tonight and let you know what we decided." Josh nodded at this. He
figured that he would end up getting some form of punishment from this,
but just wasn't sure how bad it would be. His mother was absolutely
livid when she arrived at the school a short time later and after a
quick conference with both principals she took Josh back to the ER.
"We really must quit meeting like this, Mr. Kelly. People might
start talking," The doctor said she walked into the exam room. Josh
chuckled at this.
"It doesn't look like it's very serious," Mrs. Kelly was told a
short time later.
"We will need to put in some fresh stitches and it should be
fine. I'll send in a nurse in a minute to clean the wound some more and
get the stitches put in," Dr. Dawson said as she pulled off the exam
gloves she was wearing. Mrs. Kelly nodded at this and sat back down
near Josh's head.
"Uh, mom? Did you by any chance bring any clean diapers with
you?" Josh asked with some embarrassment.
"I'm sorry Josh, I didn't think to bring any with me. You stay
there and I'll go see if I get one." Josh gave his mom a funny look
when she asked him to stay there since he knew he wasn't going to be
going anywhere for a while. While his mom was out of the room, the
nurse came in to take care of his shoulder.
"DJ? What are you doing here?" Josh asked when he saw the nurse.
"I'm sorry, you must have me confused with some one else," the
nurse replied as he bent over to take care of Josh's shoulder.
"Sorry, it's just that you look like one of my brother's
friends," came the sheepish reply.
"Oh, you must be talking about my younger brother. I get that all
the time," the nurse replied with a chuckle. As he started cleaning off
the blood around the injured site Josh's mom walked back into the room
carrying a clean diaper along with some cleaning supplies.
"How's he doing?" she asked as she set the things down on the
edge of the bed.
"He'll be fine." At this time Mrs. Kelly got a better look at the
nurse who was sewing Josh's shoulder up.
"You wouldn't have a relative named DJ, would you?" she asked.
"Yes, I do have a younger brother named DJ. Your son already
asked me about that."
"I must say that the family resemblance is remarkable."
"I know," came the chuckled reply.
"Well, that should about do it. The doctor will be back in a few
minutes to take a final look," the nurse told them as he stood up.
About this time another nurse came into the room.
"Dan, I just thought I'd let you know that your brother is being
brought in and should be here in a couple of minutes."
"Do you know which brother and what happened?"
"I think it's DJ, he fell down some stairs at his school and
broke a leg."
"That dumb shit," Dan responded with a chuckle. As he turned
around and knew from the expression on Josh's mom's face she had heard
his comment.
"Sorry about that, but DJ is always doing something like that,"
he explained with a smile and left the room to await the arrival of his
brother. Once Josh and his mom were alone again she opened the snaps on
the legs of Josh's pants and pulled them up around his waist so she
could get to his soaked diaper.
"I must say Josh, you're getting to be quite a pro at finding
trouble," he was told with a smile.
"I know what you mean and..uh..speaking of trouble, there's
something I think you should know," Mrs. Kelly looked up with a bit of
a frown when she heard this.
"What did you do, Josh?"
"I..uh.. sort of hit the kid that tripped me..," Josh started
before being interrupted.
"That's not surprising. I'd be stunned if you hadn't hit him, or
is there more?" she asked on seeing the look on her son's face.
"I kind of hit him in the face with the stock of my crutch," Josh
answered sheepishly.
"Oh god, Joshua."
"I know. It just sort of happened before I even knew what I was
"We'll talk more about this when we get home," Josh was informed
as his mom continued to remove his soiled diaper and clean him up. The
doctor returned just as the new diaper was pulled up between Josh's
"Would you like me to come back in a moment?"
"No, that's all right. I was just finishing up," Mrs. Kelly told
her as she went about taping Josh's diaper closed.
"I see that Dan did his usual excellent job of sewing," the
doctor announced as she took a look at the now closed wound. After
writing out some care instruction the Kelly's were told that Josh could
go home. Just as they hit the entryway to the ER waiting room they saw
DJ being rolled by on a gurney. DJ, though, was in too much pain to
recognize them. With a shrug they walked out to their car and headed
home. While back in the ER DJ was getting his leg tended to.
"DJ, if you don't stop that cussing right now, I'm going to tape
your mouth shut!" Dan told his brother crossly. Figuring that his older
brother was serious DJ stopped the cussing that he was doing.
"That's better. Now what happened this time?" Dan asked as he
started filling in a treatment form.
"Slipped on a wet spot on the stairs. Didn't catch myself in
time," came the gasped answer. The doctor entered the room just as DJ
answered this.
"Morrison, what is it with your family? Wasn't one of your other
brothers in last month with a busted collar bone and a week later your
other one came in with a sprained wrist?"
"Uh, yes sir, I believe it was."
"I think we might have to start offering your family a volume
discount with all the business you send our way," he joked.
"I'm sure my parents would enjoy something like that," This managed to
get a small laugh from DJ.
"Well, let's get these off and take a look at that leg," Dr. Bass
said as he pulled a pair of scissors from his coat and cut most of the
way up the left pant leg on DJ's jeans. After doing this, he unfastened
the pants and with Dan's help he pulled the pants off his patient.
"It seems that you have managed to break the tibia in your left
leg in what seems to be two different places. We'll get some X-rays
just to make sure," Dr. Bass said after a quick look at the leg and
then turned to Dan and continued, "I assume you'll want to take
personal charge of this?"
"Yes, if it's OK."
"I suppose we can spare you for a short time. I will suggest that
you get him into a clean diaper and a gown before taking him over to
"I'll see to it," the doctor was told. DJ turned a bright red
when his brother asked a couple of student nurses in to assist with the
diaper change.
"Was that really necessary?" Dan was asked as the students left
the room and DJ was rolled into the hall.
"Yes, it was. If I had tried doing it alone it would have jarred
the leg too much," Dan told him bluntly. DJ was back in the exam room
twenty minutes later. Dr. Bass and his brother came back in a short
time after that.
"Well, bug, you really messed things up this time," Dan announced
as DJ's X-ray was placed on a viewing board.
"How's that?"
"The doc was right, you managed to break your leg in two
different places. The good news though, is the breaks were clean," Dan
said with a slight chuckle. A few minutes later DJ found himself laying
on a hard table in another room with his doctor and brother putting
some rubber gloves on.
"Now DJ, I want you to relax as much as you can while I set your
leg," Dr. Bass said as he took hold of the injured leg. DJ started
whining lightly at this point.
"Don't worry DJ, This will only hurt a lot," Dan joked as he
nodded to Dr. Bass. Before DJ could say anything, he heard a sharp
popping sound and a wave of pain hit him hard.
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled as he grabbed his
brother's offered hand. Even over DJ's yell a sharp crack could be
"You OK there, Dan?" Dr. Bass asked looking up.
"I think my brother just broke my hand," Dan stated through
gritted teeth. This got both DJ and the doctor laughing softly.
"Go have Dr. Lewis take a look at it and send Janice in to help
me here," With a nod Dan left the room, but not before he gave his
brother a withering look.
"I think it might be a good idea if you stayed away from him for
a few days," Josh was told with a smile.
"I think you might be right," came the laughed reply. As things
turned out DJ had broken Dan's wrist when the doctor set his leg. Try
as he might DJ was unable to keep from laughing when his brother joined
him in the waiting room about an hour later.
"I'm really sorry about that, Dan. It was a complete accident,"
DJ told his brother through fits of laughter.
"Yeah, right. Let's just get home. I'm sure mom and dad are
wondering what happened to us."
The rest of the week went by quickly for both Josh and John. As
Friday evening came along both boys started getting ready to head out
for sleepovers. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly were pleased by this because Erin
was also going to be out for the night so they were getting some much
needed time to themselves.

Chapter 14

"Josh, I talked with David's mom last night and we set it up that
you would just go home with David after school. I'll drop David's
present off once I'm done dropping you off at school." Josh was told as
he finished breakfast.
"Thanks, mom."
"You're welcome. Now, I'll only tell you this once. I want you to
listen to what Mrs. Kessler tells you."
"Yes, mom," Josh answered with obvious boredom. Mrs. Kelly
decided to ignore this and went about eating her own breakfast. Inside
of the next hour, Josh found himself walking into his classroom.
"You guys already for tonight?" David asked his friends during
the first recess. Every stated that in some way they were.
"What time should we be over?" Caleb asked a moment later.
"Yeah, I guess that would be helpful, wouldn't it? David
"Come over about Six and everything should be set up by then."
All the boys nodded at this and after a few more minutes Tim and Eric
walked off to join some of their other friends.
"Are you sure nothing will be said about my problem?" Caleb asked
after the other two boys walked off.
"Don't worry about it, Caleb. I can assure you that nothing will
be said about that either during the party or afterwards." David told
his smaller friend with total confidence. This calmed Caleb down and
nothing more was said about it. For the remainder of the morning Josh
concentrated on his classwork, thinking to himself how quieter the
class was without Billy or Seamus in the class anymore. Josh was still
a bit nervous about the letter he had gotten the other day stating that
he was going to be summoned as a witness in Billy's trial that was
going to be starting in a few short weeks. He was planning on bringing
this up at his next doctor's appointment on Monday.
"Class it's time to get ready to go to the assembly." Mr. Barrett
called shortly after the class got back from lunch. At this
announcement everyone started to put their work up and got in line to
head to the gym.
"Do you have any idea what this is about Josh?" David whispered
"Not a clue. I guess we'll find out in a bit won't we." Josh
replied, also whispering.
"I'm sure you're all wondering what this assembly is for." Mr.
Tiergardt stated once everyone had taken their places on the gym floor,
except for Josh, who was provided with a chair.
"I was contacted about a week back from a group of gentlemen that
wished to present one of our students with a commendation for his
actions during the incident that occurred here just a short time
before. With no further hesitation I would like to turn the floor over
to Colonel John Wainwright and Major James Chamberlain. Gentlemen, the
floor is yours."
"Thank you, Principal Tiergardt. I was pleased when you agreed to
our coming here so quickly after our contact with you." Col. Wainwright
said as he stepped up to the microphone.
"As you all know, one of your classmates was recently injured
during an attack on your school. The young man is well known to both
myself and most of the people under my command. For the courage he had
shown just a few months ago I felt the need to make an official record
of that courage. Joshua Kelly would you please join us up here please?"
Josh turned a deep red at the sound of his name being called out. With
a little trouble he managed to get to his feet and limped up to the
front of the gym. Josh gave a small grin as he looked up at the older
gentleman looking down at him. Continuing in a voice that would have
carried even without help of the microphone, Col. Wainwright started to
read from a folder he was carrying.
"Attention to Orders! Let in be known from this the 3rd day of
February, Two Thousand Nine, Joshua Scott Kelly is hereby granted the
honorary rank of Captain in the Twenty-second Regiment Of her Royal
Majesties Special Air Services with all the responsibility and
privileges thereof. Along with this commission, I have the privilege to
present Captain Kelly with the George Cross for Valor. Congratulations,
Captain." Josh stood there in stunned silence as the colonel took a
medal and plaque from his uncle and after pinning the medal on his
shirt handed the plaque to him.
"Thank you, sir." Josh replied in a highly choked voice as he
accepted the offered plaque.
"No son, thank you for remembering some of the things you had
been shown. Though, I would suggest that if the time ever comes again
you'll know better than to turn your back on a potential enemy." Josh
was told softly as he was lead away from the podium. Josh just nodded
at this. He seemed rather surprised when he finally looked up and saw
his family standing off to the side of the gym.
"What are you guys doing here?" he asked is amazement.
"Did you really think we would not be here to see you get your
commission?" his father joked while giving his son a hug.
"I didn't even know I was going to be getting it."
"Well, we've known about it for a couple of weeks now." his
mother said while giving her youngest a hug as well.
"And you didn't even tell me about it? Thanks a lot," Josh said
with a smile.
"James you look stunning like that." his sister informed him as
he joined the group a moment later.
"Thanks, sis. I have to say that you guys look a great deal
better yourselves over the last time I saw you," he answered with a
laugh as he gave his sister a hug. Then he turned back to his nephew.
"Josh this is something I wanted to give you in private," he said
as he pulled out a rather beat-up looking beret.
"This was the first beret I was issued after joining the
regiment. I'd like you to have it," Josh was told as his uncle placed
the beret on his head.
"Those Captains pips used to be mine as well," he added with a
"Thanks," Josh said simply, but his uncle knew the true feelings
underneath that one small word.
"You're Welcome."
After this exchange, Josh was able to catch the last portion of
the citation that David was getting for his part in the incident. After
a couple of other non-related awards were given out the assembly ended.
About thirty minutes later, David and Josh were heading back to class.
"Why didn't you tell me about what you did after I passed out?"
Josh asked his friend.
"I don't know. I guess, I just didn't think it was that big of
"David keeping my butt alive may not be that big of deal to you,
but it sure as hell is a big deal to me."
"I just didn't want to have a big deal made of it."
"I know what you mean. I didn't want that big of deal made out of
what I did either. I guess we both failed about that." Josh said with a
"Ain't that the truth," David replied, chuckling as well.
"Seriously though," Josh stated "I owe you one for keeping my ass
in one piece."
"You're welcome." With the assembly over the rest of the day went
by quickly for the two boys and they were soon waiting out front of the
school to be picked up by David's mom.
"Do any of you need to be changed?" Josh, David, and his brothers
were asked as they walked into the house.
"I'm doing OK for now mom." David replied while he set his
backpack down.
"What about you other boys?" both of David's brother also
responded in the negative. Josh however turned a bit red at this
question. Mrs. Kessler took this as a yes to her question and motioned
for Josh to follow her.
"There's no reason to be embarrassed Josh. everyone here knows
that you wear diapers and as I'm sure you have already guessed, the
others do as well."
"I know, it's just that mentioning that I need to have my diaper
changed around young kids is still taking some getting used to." Josh
told her as she unfolded David's changing pad and motioned for Josh to
lay down on it. Josh soon found himself being stripped of his pants,
and his wet diaper being untaped.
"It sure looks like you loaded this one down there kiddo." Mrs.
Kessler joked as she pulled down the front of Josh's diaper. Josh
turned red at this, but smiled a bit as well.
"Lift up a moment, please," Josh was told as David's mom started
to roll up the front of his diaper. Josh soon felt the comfortable
feeling of a warm diaper wipe being run across his butt and balls. Mrs.
Kessler smiled a bit as she saw the contented look on Josh's face as
she ran the wipe over him. The look was soon accompanied by a small
sigh as Mrs. Kessler applied lotion to the just cleaned area.
"Lift up again, Josh" Mrs. Kessler told him after sprinkling
powder over his groin. Josh sighed again as he lowered himself on to
the familiar bulk of a clean diaper. Seconds later, Mrs. Kessler had
the front of the diaper pulled up snuggly between the young boy's legs
and was taping it securely shut.
"OK, you're all done. You can go play now," Josh was told as he
was helped back into his pants, and to his feet.
"Just let me know when you need to be changed again, OK?" Josh
was told as David's mom walked into the bathroom to wash her hands and
dispose of the old diaper.
"Feeling better now?" David asked with a grin as his friend
walked in to the family room.
"Yeah, lots. " Josh replied with a grin of his own. For the next
several hours Josh, David, and David's brothers played video games
while waiting for dinner.
"David, would you like to stay in your Goodnites, or change over
to a diaper before everyone else arrives?" David's mom asked his as
they finished up dinner.
"I'll stay in the Goodnites for now. Those aren't quite so
obvious and I don't want Caleb thinking I'm making fun of him." His
mother gave him a pleased look on hearing this.
"I would suggest then that you go up to your room and change into
a clean one, if you need it, before the other boys get here. I'll get
everything set up downstairs while you're taking care of that."
"OK mom, thank you," she was told as her oldest son headed up to
his room with his friend in close pursuit.
"I can see why you have underwear on over those. They would have
fallen off long before now if you hadn't been." Josh laughed on seeing
the condition of the Goodnites his friend had on.
"I wouldn't be talking Josh. You haven't been doing much better
with some of the diapers I've seen you leave behind here at times." his
friend shot back as he ran a wipe around his groin to get the stale pee
off him. Turning serious for a moment, Josh turned back to his friend.
"Do you think Tim and Eric will be cool about the fact that Caleb
needs to wear diapers?"
"They don't have a problem with it. I already talked to them
about it and they didn't seem to care one way or the other. Besides,
they both wear diapers to bed also."
"Really? How do you know?"
"They were two of the people I had asked over for the first
party, and I overheard my mom talking to their moms about it. We also
had a couple of sleepovers while you were in the hospital and they both
had some on when they went to sleep. Though, don't tell them that I
told you. They're kind of shy about that." Josh just nodded at this.
"David, your other guests are here!" he heard being called
upstairs by his mom.
"OK, Mom. I'll be down in just a minute!" David called back as he
stepped in to a pair of clean Goodnites and quickly put his underwear
and pants back on.
Soon the house reverberated with the sounds of seven Pre-teen
boys. Since David's younger brothers were not going to be able to join
the older boys Mrs. Kessler thought it wise to get the cake and
presents out of the way first. David was surprised to see that his
friends had gotten him several games to go with his new PlayStation 5
system along with several music CDs. Once most of the cake and ice
cream was gone and the wrappings from the presents cleaned up, Mrs.
Kessler ushered her younger boys upstairs to watch the movies she let
them pick out to watch during the party.
"I'll let you boys know when it comes time to get ready for bed.
And Josh, just let me know when you need to be changed." Josh mumbled a
quick reply to this. Slightly embarrassed by the open remark about
needing his diaper changed.
"OK, Now let's try out some of these games!" David announced
excitedly as he set up one of the games at random. While all this was
going John was getting ready to head over to his own sleepover.
"I want you to make you listen to DJ's parents while you're over
there tonight John." His mother told him while getting out some clean
clothes and handing them to him.
"You know I will, mom," John replied as he stuffed the offered
clothes into a duffle bag.
"About what time do you expect to be home tomorrow?" John was
asked as he headed over to his closet.
"That depends on whether they ask me to stay for breakfast, or
not. It shouldn't be any later than eleven or twelve," he replied as he
grabbed several diapers and trainers from the shelf that had been
recently put up to hold them. Given the space that was still bare, John
had the feeling that his parents would be filling it up with certain
items soon enough.
"OK, but no later than noon. You'll still have chores to do and
don't think you'll get out of them by staying up all night."
"Now Mom, do you honestly think that I would do something as
underhanded as that?" John replied with a smile.
"In a heartbeat," she laughed back while giving her son a light
slap to his rear. Not surprisingly, she felt her hand connect with a
training pant, or diaper. She couldn't tell which.
"I'm going now. I'll see you guys tomorrow," John called a few
minutes later.
"Have a good time John, and stay out of trouble!" his father
yelled to his son's retreating back. As John headed up the street he
saw a dark colored car stop briefly by a nearby storm drain toss
something out of the back and then speed off. John was almost tempted
to go see what the car threw out, but figured he was already running a
bit late and the item was probably just trash.
"Hey David, I'll be back in a moment." Josh called out about an
hour later.
"Aww, does wittle Joshy need his dydee changed?" Eric joked on
hearing this.
"Why, do you want to come and watch or something, Eric?" Josh
shot back smiling as he was the other boy turn red at his comment. With
a laugh, Josh headed up the stairs.
"Hold up for a second, Josh, I need to use the bathroom." Caleb
called while he got up to join his friend.
"Mrs. Kessler?"
"Yes, Josh?"
"I need to be changed." Josh told her sheepishly.
"OK, head up to David's room. I'll be there in a minute. Do you
need some help also Caleb?" She asked a second later on seeing the
smaller boy with Josh.
"Yes, ma'am." came an equally sheepish reply. With a nod, David's
mom got up from her seat and followed the two boys into her oldest
son's room. Within ten minutes both boys were sporting clean diapers
and were heading back down to join the party.
"Great! I was wondering when we were going to start a game of
pool," Josh called out on seeing Tim racking the balls up.
"We just needed to finish that one round of video games," Eric
called out while taking a healthy swig from his bottle of pop.
"OK. The game is Eight-ball. Tim and David will be on one team,
Josh and I will be on the other. Caleb you can float between both
teams," Eric called out.
"That's OK Eric, I've never played the game before. I'll just
watch for now." Caleb replied. With a nod Eric accepted this and after
lining his shot up he broke the racked balls up and the game started in
"All right Caleb you've watched long enough. Time to get into the
game." David told the smaller boy thirty minutes later.
"No buts. We want everyone to join in on this party. Hey Tim, why
don't go get the step stool out of the bathroom so Caleb can get a
better view of the table." David interrupted.
"You got it."
"I don't want to cost you guys the game," Caleb mumbled to Eric.
"Oh, you mean like this?" Eric called back as he purposely
knocked the Eight-ball into a nearby pocket.
"Now that that game is over, It'll be a free for all. You keep
shooting till you miss or you knock in either the Eight-ball, or the
Cue ball. Knocking either of those in will take you out of the game.
the first person to be the first to knock out the Eight-ball after all
the other balls are off the table is the winner," David informed
everyone as he racked the balls up. Tim returned a few seconds later
with the requested step-stool. The other boys took the next couple of
minutes to show Caleb the best way to hold the stick and how to aim
with it. Little did the smaller boy realize that every time he bent
over to aim his shirt would rise up, exposing the top couple of inches
of his diaper. Tim and Eric both saw this right away, but kept quiet
because they knew Caleb would find out soon enough that they wore
diapers as well, at least to bed, anyway.
"I think I know someone who needs to have their dydee change,."
DJ said with a smile several hours later.
"And who might that be?" John replied with a laugh.
"I think, that would be you." DJ laughed as he caught the
waistband of his friend's pants and pulled them down. John laughed as
his friend exposed his soaking wet trainer.
"See, I told you it would be you." John laughed even harder at
"Well, I bet you're wet also." John laughed as he grabbed DJ's
snap-away pants and pulled. Both boys laughed even harder as the snaps
gave way and John ended up rolling onto the floor.
yelled from the living room a second later. Grabbing a couple of the
diapers he brought with him, John climbed back onto the bed and started
untaping his boyfriend's wet diaper. After giving DJ's crotch a quick
wipedown, John decided to give DJ his special treatment. This had both
boys groaning with pleasure inside of a couple of minutes.
"Thanks, I needed that." DJ sighed a few minutes later.
"I'm glad you liked it." John panted as he started back in on
getting DJ into a clean diaper.
"Now, It's my turn." John said as he secured the last tape onto
the front of his friend's diaper, and started pulling off his wet
trainer. After propping himself against the headboard of his bed, DJ
pulled John in closer to him and reciprocated what he had just had done
to him. Twenty minutes later the two young lovers were snuggled against
each other watching a movie.
"OK boys, it's time to get ready for bed." David's mom announced
an hour later.
"Can't we stay up a little longer, mom?" David pleaded.
"I just said it was time you boys to get ready for bed, not that
you had to go to bed." she laughed while setting down the basket she
had with her.
"Who's first?" She added a second later while shaking out her
son's changing pad.
"Who's first, for what?" Eric asked with feigned ignorance.
"You all know what I mean. I'm sure you've all figured out by now
that you all have one thing in common aside from being boys," Mrs.
Kessler stated while reaching into the basket again.
"I'll go first," Josh said knowing full well what was about to be
pulled from the basket.
"Very good. The rest of you can start getting undressed, while
I'm taking care of Josh." With all the boys turning red except for
David, they complied with the request. Caleb and Tim were both so
embarrassed they couldn't even look at the others. David's mom managed
to have all five of the boys diapered and into their PJ's inside of
thirty minutes. With a final good night and warning for the boys not to
stay up to late she headed upstairs for the night.
"I'm really sorry about that guys. I thought my mom would have
pulled us aside one by one when this came." David apologized to his
"It's OK. I knew the rest of you would have found out anyway, so
I guess it's not that big of deal." Tim told the rest of them.
"Yeah, same here. At least now we don't have to worry about
hiding them. Speaking of which, Would you guys mind if I took off my PJ
bottoms? I'm not used to wearing them." Eric asked.
"I don't have any problem with that. You guys can do whatever
you're comfortable with." David told them as he dropped his pants
exposing his diaper. Soon the only one that still had his bottoms on
was Caleb and even he ditched them after a short while of seeing his
friends going without theirs. The boys finally fell asleep around One
o'clock the next morning. As he fell asleep, Caleb felt that this night
marked a big change for him.

Chapter 15

"Time to get up boys!" David's mom called the next morning,
smiling a bit when she saw that the family Rottweiler laying over the
top of one of the boy's sleeping bags.
"Just a few more minutes mom, please?" David mumbled sleepily as
he turned over in his sleeping bag.
"You said that five minutes ago, now get up or other methods will
be used," On hearing this, David's eyes came open as he scrambled to
get out of his sleeping bag.
"That's better," David heard his mom say with a chuckle.
"I'll get the other guys up, just give us a few minutes."
"OK, but don't take to long. Breakfast is almost ready," David
was told as his mom headed back up the stairs.
"All right guys, time to get up," David said through a yawn. Tim
and Eric stirred at this and slowly woke up. Josh, and Caleb, however,
kept on sleeping.
"C'mon Caleb, time to get up!" David told him a bit louder and
shook his shoulder as he did so.
"All right, I'm up already," Caleb said as he brushed David's
hand from his shoulder.
"Oh boy, do I need a change!" Caleb mumbled as he got out of his
sleeping bag and started to stretch to get out the kinks that set in
while he was sleeping. On looking around, he could see that the other
boys around him were in the same boat. With all the noise going on
around him Josh soon started to wake up as well.
"So nice of you to join the land of the living," Eric laughed as
Josh poked his head out of his bag.
"Well, it's kind of hard to sleep with all the noise you guys are
making. It's even harder when you have part of a two hundred pound dog
laying over the top of you," Josh commented while trying to push the
dog off him.
"David, would you mind getting this four-legged carpet off me?"
David laughed at this while calling out to the dog.
"C'mon Cujo, It's time to go out! Let's go boy!" On hearing its
name being called the dog's head came up off Josh's chest, and he
bounded off, barely missing Josh's bad leg.
"I think David's mom is going to need to fumigate down here," Tim
announced as David walked off to let the dog out.
"I know what you mean. It is a bit ripe in here," Eric laughed in
"Well, I know that Caleb and I are probably adding more than our
fair share of the aroma," Josh added, then looked over to the smaller
"Let's go get a quick shower before we make these guys ill,"
Caleb just laughed a bit at this and followed Josh into the bathroom.
Within minutes both boys had removed their dirty diapers and were
standing under a spray of warm water.
"Hey Caleb, would you mind soaping down my leg there. I can't get
to it."
"Sure, I can do that," Josh soon felt the soapy cloth being run
over where he had gotten shot and winced a little. Caleb stopped when
he saw this but Josh motioned him to continue.
"It's OK," Caleb nodded at this and kept up with what he was
doing. Ten minutes later they came out of the bathroom to find the rest
of their group in different stages of getting changed.
"I was wondering where you two wandered off to. Have a seat and
I'll be with you in a minute," They were told by David's mom as she
pulled the front of a clean diaper up between Tim's legs.
"All done," she announced a few moments later as she gave Tim a
light slap to his padded behind. With a small smile he got up off the
changing pad and started getting into some clean clothes.
"I think we can leave the bandage off for a while, so your wound
can get some fresh air to it," Josh was informed as David's mom
finished taping up his diaper and handed him a pair of shorts. Soon all
the boys were sporting clean diapers and were heading upstairs for
"DJ, if you and John want any breakfast before I head to work you
better get your butts down here now!" Dan called from the bottom of the
"We'll be down in a minute!" John called back down as he turned
over to wake his boyfriend up.
"It's time to get up DJ," John announced softly while blowing
into DJ's ear.
"Will you quit that?!" John was told while his friend patted at
his ear. John laughed as he got out of bed and headed towards the door.
"Where do you think you're going?"
"Down to breakfast. Why?" John asked with a smile as he reached
the door.
"Well, not to be a prude or anything, but don't you think you
should get some pants on?"
"Why? I'm sure your brother has seen kids our age wearing diapers
before." DJ shook his head and laughed at this as he too got out of bed
and joined his friend at the door wearing just a long T-shirt and his
obviously wet diaper. Soon both boys were sitting at the table eating
the meal that DJ's older brother had made.
"So, DJ, have you told mom and dad yet about you being gay?" Dan
asked plainly as both boys were taking a drink. As expected, both of
them started choking when they heard this statement.
"What do you mean?" DJ asked nervously.
"I think you know exactly what I mean. Besides, I've seen how you
two tend to look at each other when you think you're not being
"I'm not sure what you mean."
"Right. If this is how you want to handle it for now, that's
fine, but you guys should at least keep the volume down when you decide
to have a little extra fun," John and DJ both turned a bright red at
this last statement. They turned even redder as Dan continued his
little speech.
"I'll promise you now that I won't say anything to mom and dad
about this, but I'll be there if you need my support when you tell
them. Also, I want you both to start using protection when you decided
to have sex with each other. If, you guys are too embarrassed to get it
yourselves let me know and I can get the supplies for you. Or you can
talk to John's parents." John started to say something when he was
"I've already talked to your parents about this, John, and
they've agreed not to make any comments about it if you ask. Going from
the talk I had with your mom, I believe it's safe to assume that you've
already told them," Dan stated. Even though John knew this was more of
a statement than a question his nodded his head that it was correct.
"I'm going to tell you guys this only once, if I find out that
you're not using protection when having sex, I'll come down on both of
you like a ton of bricks. Is all this understood?" Both boys looked at
DJ's brother and could tell he wasn't kidding. After all this was said,
the rest of the meal was finished in silence. It was only as John got
up from the table that he could tell that his already wet diaper was
almost to the point of leaking and from what he could tell, DJ's diaper
was doing much better.
"Well, I need to head to work. If you guys ever need to talk to
me about what was said feel free to do and don't worry, anything that's
said will be kept private unless I think that doing so will prove to be
a danger. And DJ, you two can clean the dishes before you go out," Dan
said with a smile as he walked out the door.
"Jeez, DJ! I thought we were toast when your brother started
talking down there," John stated as they entered DJ's room and
collapsed on the beds.
"Tell me about it. I didn't realize that we were being that
"I guess it was more obvious than we thought. I don't know about
you, but I really need to get a shower," John smiled as he started to
untape his soaked diaper. With a smile of his own, DJ joined his friend
in removing his diaper and they soon were headed into the bathroom.
"Damn, Josh how did you do that?" David asked in amazement as he
watch Josh dispatch his game character.
"Oh, did I forget to mention that one of my friend's dad works
for the company that makes this game and he sent me a copy of it while
I was in the hospital along with a game manual that has all the hidden
codes in it," Josh said with a large smile on his face.
"Yes, as a matter of fact you did forget to mention it. Why
didn't you bring it over some time I would have loved to have played it
before it was released," David replied with a bit of disgust in his
"I wanted to. But they said that I wasn't to mention it to anyone
before it was released over here," Seeing that his friend was being
honest about this he dropped the subject.
"Well, you think you could show us some of the other things that
you can do," With all of the boys grinning, Josh changed over to a
secret screen that none of the other boys knew was there. Over the next
several hours Josh showed them all the things that the game was able to
do if the person knew the right codes.
"Hey John, I think we better start back to your house. I need to
be home soon," DJ told his friend after taking a look at his watch.
"OK, but there is something I want to check out on the way
"I guess that would be OK. I don't think that would get me into
to much trouble."
"So what was it that you wanted to take a look at?" DJ asked as
they started up the street to their houses.
"I saw someone throw something into the drainage ditch last night
and I was wanting to see what it was."
"Oh, OK," A few minutes later John was lowering himself into the
drainage ditch and quickly located what he saw thrown out of the car
the night before. After a few minutes, John was carrying a black case.
"Damn, this thing is heavy. I wonder what's in it?" John wondered
"I don't think it would do any harm to open it up," DJ suggested.
"Yeah, I guess we could. You can call from my house and let your
brother know you'll be a little late."
"OK. I don't think he'll mind." Several minutes later both boys
were taking off their wet clothes and leaving them by the front door as
John's mother always insist they do. After doing this, John lugged the
heavy case into the dining room and after laying out a towel on the
table he set the case down.
"I wonder what the combination to this lock is?" John mumbled
after several minutes with no luck in opening it.
"This might be a wild guess, buy why don't you try the number
that's stamped on the case," DJ said as a smart-alecked suggestion.
With no better ideas, John tried this and surprised both of them when
the latches popped open when John tried them again.
"And let's see what's behind door number one," John chuckled as
he opened the case. nothing could have prepared either of the boys for
what the case held.
"OH SHIT!!" DJ mumbled loudly as he stared into the case.
"MOOOMM!" John yelled out as he reached his hand out to see if
what he was seeing was real. After not hearing a response to his yell
John called out again, just as his parents came through the front door.
"What is it, John?!" Mrs. Kelly demanded as she raced into the
room thinking that someone was hurt.
"I think you better call the police," John said in a soft voice
while pointing to the case he had just opened.
"Oh My!" Mrs. Kelly exclaimed as she looked into the case her son
was pointing at and saw that it was to the top with money.
"I think you might be right," She replied after a moment of
stunned silence.
"What was all that yelling about?" Mr. Kelly asked as he came
into the room while his wife was on the phone with the police.
"John found a case full of money," DJ announced like a little kid
on Christmas morning. Seconds later, Mrs. Kelly rejoined the group.
"The police suggested that we take the money in to the nearest
station. They can't spare any cars at the moment unless it's urgent,"
the group was told.
"DJ, you might want to call and have your parents meet us at the
"My parents took my younger brothers out for the weekend. Dan is
the one watching me," DJ told them.
"Well, call him and have him meet us at the station then," DJ
nodded at this and dialed the number to the hospital where Dan worked.
"OK, I'll see you later then," DJ said a few moments later as he
hung the phone up.
"Uh, Dan was wondering if it would be OK if I slept here tonight.
Something happened downtown and they got called into help. He's not
sure what time he's going to get home."
"That shouldn't be any trouble," Mr. Kelly said.
"Before we head out, let's wait for Josh, and Erin to get home.
That way we can just go out and get something," Mrs. Kelly suggested.
Mr. Kelly agreed to this. Josh and Erin both arrived home ten minutes
later and were informed that they were going to be going out to dinner
after making one short stop. They were both a little confused when they
saw their father pull into the police station parking lot.
"Why are we stopping here?" Josh asked as they pulled into a
parking spot near the door.
"John and DJ found something earlier today that they want
returned to the owner, and the police would be able to help on this,"
Josh was told by his father.
"You all might as well come inside with us, I have no idea as to
how long this might take," Mrs. Kelly announced as she opened the side
door to the mini van allowing the kids to get out.
"May I help you?" The desk officer asked as the group stepped up
the her.
"Yes. My son and his friend found this case earlier and we wanted
to turn it in so the owner of it might be found," Mr. Kelly informed
"All right. If your group would like to have a seat over there.
I'll call someone out to help you," she told them while pointing to a
set of benches along the far wall. Ten minutes later, an officer came
out to get them.
"Sir? I'm Officer Davidson. I was told that your son found
something they would like to turn in," Mr. Kelly was told as he shook
the officer's hand.
"Yes, that's correct."
"If your group would like to follow me, we'll get the paperwork
started on this," they were told as they followed the officer into a
squad area.
"Now, which of you boys found the case?" Officer Davidson asked
while Mr. Kelly placed the case on a table in front of them.
"I did," John said.
"I was with him, as well," DJ piped in.
"OK, and where did you find the case?"
"In a drainage ditch down the street from my house," John replied
while giving the officer their house address. John also added what he
had seen the night before as well.
"OK, and did you boys try to open the case before bringing it
"Yeah. We thought that maybe there would have been some sort of
ID in the case that would help us find who the case belongs to," John
"The combination for the locks are those numbers on the handle,"
DJ added, while the officer was still writing.
"I see. Well, let's open the case again and see what we have on
our hands," The officer said with a slight smile as he put some rubber
gloves on so he wouldn't add any more prints that were on the case. His
smile quickly faded as he looked into the case. He quickly closed the
top of the case and called over to a sergeant that was nearby.
"Uh...Sarge. Could you come over here for a minute?"
"What do you need, Aaron?" he asked as he stepped over to them.
"These boys brought in this case they found earlier, and I think
we need to get some more people over here for it," the officer replied.
Having his interest aroused, the sergeant also put some gloves on
and opened the case himself. Nothing could have prepared him to be
looking into a case filled with thousand dollar bills.
"I think you're right," he replied in a stunned voice. In seconds
though, he had regrouped his senses, and started calling out some
orders. While he had the first officer finish filling out the report.
"Mr. Kelly, if it is all right with you, we'd like to fingerprint
both boys so when we check the case we will be able to tell which
prints are theirs." With a nod, Mr. Kelly gave his permission. Soon
John and DJ were having their fingerprints taken. Twenty minutes later,
Officer Davidson and the unnamed sergeant came back out to them.
"We'll need you to sign the report, please," Mr. Kelly was told
as he was handed a clipboard.
"Did you find out you it belonged to?" he asked while he signed
the form.
"There was a note in the case, and we're already checking into
it," the sergeant replied.
"If you can say, how much was in that case?" Mr. Kelly asked as
he signed the last page of the report in his hand. Without saying a
word, the younger officer pointed out the line that had an amount
written in on it.
"Is that for real?" came the astonished reply on seeing the
figure that was written in. The look that he got in return answered
that question.
"I see. Well, thank you very much for your time," Mr. Kelly said
as he handed the clipboard back and took the offered hands.
"We'll be in touch when we find out anything. And just so you
know, if no one claims it in the next thirty days it's yours, or rather
your son's and his friend," Mr. Kelly nodded at this still trying to
sort everything out.
"How much was in the case, dad?" John asked as they all walked
back out to the van.
"I'll tell you in a month, but let's just say it's more than
enough for you to go to college on," the tone John heard in his dad's
voice told him not to press any further.
"So, how much do you think was in the case?" DJ asked, as he and
John lay in bed that night.
"I have no idea, but going from what my dad told me it would have
to be a couple of hundred grand at least."
"I just wonder if I should tell my parents about it when they get
home tomorrow?"
"I think it would be better if you did. That way they don't get
any major shock if we do get the money we found," John said sleepily as
he snuggled up against his boyfriend. DJ nodded at this, as he leaned
over to turn the night stand light off.


Chapter Sixteen

"So, DJ, you want to tell me why you needed me to come to the
police station last night? Dan asked his younger brother while they
were fixing a light lunch.
"John and I found a case yesterday and when Mr. Kelly saw what
was in it he felt that I should have someone there when we turned it
"Okay, I can live with that. But, what was in the case?"
"Money, but I don't know how much. Mr. Kelly wouldn't tell us.
They mentioned that if nobody claims it by the end of the month then
John and I get to keep it."
"That's normally how it works, but I wouldn't set my hopes too
high on that happening. I'm pretty sure that it will be claimed."
"I wouldn't be too surprised if that happens either, but a guy
can hope can't he." DJ answered with a smile. Dan just chuckled at this
response as well. The rest of the meal's conversation centered around
the previous day's chat. Once the dishes were cleaned off DJ headed off
to his room to finish up some leftover homework. When he saw that his
brother was occupied, Dan decided to give the Kelly's a call to see
what exactly was going on.
"Hello?" a voice said after a couple of rings.
"Is Mr. Kelly there? This is Dan Morrison calling."
"Yeah, just a moment," the voice said. Dan laughed a bit when he
heard the person on the other end yell for his father.
"Hello?" An older voice asked a few seconds later.
"Mr. Kelly? This is DJ's brother calling. He just got done
telling me about what happened yesterday and I was wanting to see what
exactly was going on."
"If you have the time I think it would be better if we talked
face to face about this matter. The walls around this place tend to
have ears when you don't want them to."
"I know what you mean. I can be down in about five to ten minutes
if that's all right?" Dan asked them as he looked at his watch.
"That would be fine. I'll be looking forward to meeting you." Dan
acknowledged this, and hung the phone up.
"DJ! I need to go out for a little bit. I shouldn't be more than
hour if mom and dad get home before then," Dan called out as he got his
coat on.
"OK Dan, I'll pass it along." DJ called back.
Not five minutes later, Dan was being led into the Kelly's house
by Erin. Dan turned when he heard someone coming into the room. Seeing
that it was John's father he started to get up. Mr. Kelly for his part
just started for a moment at the person standing before him.
"Sorry about that, the resemblance you have to DJ took me back
for a moment. I'm Arthur Kelly," he said while holding out his hand.
"Dan Morrison," Dan replied while he took the offered hand.
"Why don't we go into the den. Away from prying ears." Dan caught
a small movement off to his side as Mr. Kelly said this. Dan figured
that it must have been either John or Josh. With a slight smile, he
followed Mr. Kelly into the den.
"Please, have a seat." With a nod Dan took the offered chair as
his host stepped around the desk and sat in the chair behind it.
"What all did DJ tell you about what they found yesterday?" Mr.
Kelly asked as he sat down.
"Not much. Just they he and John found a case with some money in
it and they had you take them to the police station so they could turn
it in.
"And did he mention how much he thought was in the case?"
"No, but going off what his expression was like when he said it I
gather it was a large amount."
"That is an understatement if I ever heard one," John's dad said
with a chuckle.
"I see. Well, I must confess that you certainly have my
"I'm sure that I do. Before I tell you the amount though I will
ask that you only tell your parents if they should ask about it. I
don't want the boys to get their hopes up about getting it." Dan nodded
at this. On getting this approval, Mr. Kelly handed over his copy of
the police report that was filled out the night before.
"The sum you're looking for is listed on line 15."
"Are you sure this is right?" Dan asked in disbelief.
"That is exactly what I said. They assured me that the amount is
correct. They also mentioned that a note was in the case as well. I
have no idea what the note said, but they mentioned that they were
looking into it. Just between you and I, I get the feeling that the
boys will end up with the money. And don't ask me why." Dan again
nodded at this.
"Before you leave, I want to have my wife come in so we can have
a small talk about what you spoke with her about earlier this week."
"That would be fine." A couple of moments later, Dan saw the same
lady he saw in the ER a couple of days before.
"Good to meet you again," he said as she entered the room.
"I'm sure. What happened to your arm, if you don't mind my
"Not at all. DJ broke it." he said with a chuckle and told them
the story that went with it.
"Remind me never to let him hold my hand when he's hurt then,"
Mrs. Kelly laughed when the story was done. With this part over Mr.
Kelly started them into the reason he asked his wife into the room. The
chat lasted about thirty minutes and everyone seemed happy by the
results of it. With another round of hand shaking, Dan bid them a
goodnight and left.
"Mom, Dad, may we talk about something?" Dan asked them after DJ
went to bed that night.
"Sure, what's up?" Dan's father asked.
"It's about that case DJ told you about him and John finding the
other day."
"What about it?" His mom asked.
"As you know, DJ said that there looked to be like a couple of
grand in the case. Well, I talked to John's parents about it earlier
today and found out that there was a bit more than a couple of grand,"
Dan told them nervously.
"How much more?" Dan was asked by his father when he picked up on
how nervous his son was.
"Uh, DJ's share of it would be around Three-quarters of a
"Excuse me, but did you say DJ's share would be $750,000. Don't
you mean that he would be sharing $750,000?" his parents asked in
"No. I mean that DJ's share would be $750,000. Believe me, I
didn't think it was right either. But, I went up to the police station
and talked to the officer in charge of the case and he assured me that
what I had been told was correct." Both of his parents let out their
breaths when they heard this part. After talking for a little longer
about this, they agreed that, like John's parents, it would be best if
DJ was not told about how much the sum really was.
"John, could you come here for a moment?" Mrs. Kelly asked her
son a week later as he came home from school.
"Sure mom. What is it?" John asked as he walked into the Kitchen.
"This came for you in the mail today. Do you want to talk about
it?" he was asked as his mom handed him a large manila envelope.
"Oh crap," John thought as he saw the CKM logo on the upper left
corner of the envelop in his hand.
"Well?" his mother asked as he looked over the packet in his
"Uh... I'm not really sure what to say," John stammered.
"I'm going to guess that this came at your request."
"Uh, sort of." John answered sheepishly.
"What does "Uh, sort of" mean? Either you requested the
information or not."
"Well, I sort of filled out an online survey when the diapers
Josh got sent arrived. One of the questions was whether I would be
interested in taking part in future survey's and I answered that I
would," John told her while turning a bright red as he did so.
"I see. I guess this shouldn't have come as to big of a surprise
to me," She told her son while giving him a bit of a smile. John
relaxed a bit at seeing the smile since it told him he wasn't going to
get into any trouble.
"Go ahead and open the packet and see what it says." John nodded
at this and opened the packet. He read the letter that was on top

Dear Mr. Kelly,

After having read your responses to our online survey, you have been
chosen to take place in a more in-depth survey. You will find the forms
attached to this letter.

In this survey, we will ask that your caregiver (if applicable)
complete the majority of the forms. These will deal mostly with product
performance, and as before usage. The more thoroughly the forms are
filled out the better we can use the information to continue to supply
outstanding products to our customers.

On a final note, if interested, you could be asked to take part in an
on-site test of new products and possible selection to take part as a
model in our print ads.

If you choose not to take part in this survey, or if it was sent to you
by mistake, please call the number below and let our staff know of this
so we can prevent further occurrences of this nature.

Sincerely Yours,

Carl Jones
Research and Marketing
Midwest Division

P.S. Please accept with our compliments a complimentary issue of
Diapers Quarterly. This magazine is published and distributed in
conjunction with DBA.

John chuckled a bit at the p.s. that was added to the letter.
Several of his favorite diaper sites had mentioned this club, but he
was never aware at how widespread it was. Still smiling, he handed the
letter over to his mom and began looking through the rest of the
"Well, this does sound interesting," Mrs. Kelly said as she
finished reading the letter in her hands.
"The question is, whether or not you want to take place in this."
"I think it would be cool," John told her with a smile.
"OK, but let me point out that if you choose to take place in
this survey, then you'll have to wear either your diapers or trainers
anytime you're home and all the time during weekends and holidays,"
Mrs. Kelly pointed out. John still felt that this would be fun to do
and said so.
"All right, but once we start, there'll be no backing out of it,"
John was told as his mom gave him one last chance to back out. Again,
John agreed to go along with it.
"OK, follow me then," she told him as she stood up and headed
upstairs. Soon John was being strapped to his brother's changing table
and after having his pants and underwear removed, his mother put one of
his diapers on him.
"Now go do your homework and I'll call you when dinner is ready."
she told her son after giving his freshly diapered butt a light pat.
John smiled at this as he walked out of the room thinking about all the
changes that have taken place with him in the last month.

Chapter Seventeen

"Hey Mom, what's John doing in the diaper?" Erin asked during
dinner, after seeing a diaper sticking out above the waist of her
oldest brother's jeans.
"Well, it seems that your brother had filled out a survey online
from the company that makes the diapers he and Josh use. John had been
asked to take part in a more detailed survey and he decided to accept
it. In doing so, I've decided to place him back in them full time while
he's at home, or not in school. And if it's okay with you, I'll need
your help from time to time since we'll be having two sets of diapers
to change," Erin was told.
"That could be cool. If you want, I could check at work to see if
we could get a volume discount," Erin laughed jokingly.
"I just might take you up on that," her mom answered seriously.
For his part, Mr. Kelly said nothing about this subject during dinner,
but asked his wife into the den while the kids were taking care of the
dishes afterwards.
"Janet, I'm not sure I agree with putting John back into diapers
full-time because he filled out a product survey and got requested to
do another."
"I know that this seems a bit harsh, but it was John's choice to
take part in the survey. I gave him several chances to back out of it
with nothing being said. At first, I was just going to have him wear
the diapers for a short time then continue on with him wearing them
only at night like he does now. But after I got him diapered, I called
the company to let them know about our acceptance and found out then
that the survey was for full-time users only and John got his packet by
mistake. I informed the person I was speaking with that we would still
do the survey. I told John about this, once I got off the phone with
the company and he still wanted to go through with it. If he had backed
down, I would have filled out the survey using Josh instead and sent a
letter of explanation along with the completed forms."
After hearing this, Mr. Kelly nodded. he could tell that his
oldest son wasn't being forced into this as a punishment so he would go
along with it.
"I guess it wouldn't be so bad having another boy in diapers
around the house," he replied with a chuckle. About this time John was
getting ready to have his first diaper messing take place.
"Is there something wrong, John?" Erin asked her brother when she
saw the uncomfortable look.
"Not any more." John told her with a slight grin as he felt the
warm mass fill the back of his diaper. Josh started laughing as he saw
the back of his older brother's pants start to sag a bit as the diaper
was filled.
"What's so funny, Josh?" his sister asked still not knowing what
just happened.
"John just pooped in his diaper," Josh told his sister with a
giggle a moment later he felt his own diaper get filled from the rear.
"You should be talking," John said when he heard the wet sounding
fart that preceded Josh's messing. Josh stopped laughing at this and
turned a bit red.
"All right you two. Let's go get you changed before you start
stinking up the house," Erin laughed as she led her two "baby" brothers
to be changed.
Meanwhile, David was getting some news of his own.
"David, I need to talk with you for a minute," his mother
announced as he walked through the door after school.
"Yeah, mom?"
"You know how the makers of your GoodNites mentioned that they
were looking for a model for the front of the packages and possibly
show up in printed ads and maybe a television commercial?"
"Yeah and they had me turn in a picture of me wearing one of
them. Why?
"Well, I got a letter back from the company that makes them
today, and they would like you to come in and audition further for it.
That is if your interested."
"This would mean that all my friends would find out about my
problem, wouldn't it?"
"They would probably find out about it, yes," David was told
"I need some time to think about this. When do they need an
answer by?"
"The letter said that they need to know by the end of the month,
so this gives you a little over a week to decide," David's mom told
"Okay, I'll have give you an answer by then."
"That's fine, you go up and change if you need to. I'll call you
when dinner's ready." David nodded at this. As David set his backpack
next to his desk he was suddenly glad that he didn't have any homework
to deal with tonight. After changing into a clean pair of GoodNites he
lay down on his bed to think over what his mom had just told him. He
awoke with a start several hours later to the sound of his mom calling
him to dinner.
"Did you have a nice nap?" David's mom asked him as he took his
seat at the table.
"Yeah, I did. And about what we were talking about earlier, I
think, I'll go ahead and accept it," David told his mom.
"Are you sure you don't want to take more time to think about
it?" David was asked.
"I'm sure. I figure the only people would have a problem with
this are the ones I don't like anyway, so it doesn't really matter."
"If this is how you feel about it, I'll give them a call tomorrow
and get things set up." At this point, David's younger brothers started
asking about what was going on. They both thought that this would be
cool, once they heard the story. Little did they know how things would
turn out on this in a few short months' time.
As February drew to a close, John was starting to get excited as
his birthday drew closer. While he knew that it wasn't his real
birthday, John's parents still treated him to a party each year, though
the really special parties were saved for his actual birthday. John
though had no idea about the surprise that was going to be dropped on
him and DJ during the party. Both John's and DJ's parents had known for
over a week that the money the boys had found now belonged to them.
They had insisted that this be kept a secret. Since both boys were
still minors this had been requested. John's parents though, had
decided to have the checks presented to the boys during the family
birthday party for him.
"Okay John, we have just one last present for you to open." Mr.
Kelly announced loudly over the din created by all the kids in the
house. Once the room was quiet enough that he didn't have to yell, Mr.
Kelly continued. "As I'm sure both of you boys remember the case you
had found earlier this month, I had been contacted earlier this week
about it. It seems that an elderly couple had passed away several
months back and as part of their will they had requested that several
cases filled with money be left around certain cities across the
country with varying amounts of money in them to see how honest people
were. John, You and DJ happened to run across one of those cases. One
of the stipulations of the will was that the case be turned in without
being opened. Since you boys did open the case the deal of the will
normally would have been voided out and you boys would get nothing."
"That really sucks!" John and DJ both voiced loudly.
"As I was going to finish saying. Normally, that would have
voided the will out. But since you boys still turned the case in even
when you knew what was in it. The family of the deceased feels that
this showed true honesty and morals, so they decided to go ahead and
let the will be valid. Now then both DJ's parents and my wife, and I
have already transferred this money into a trust fund that neither of
you boys will be able to touch until you turn Twenty-five, though a
clause has been placed in it for money to be taken out for college
expenses." Seeing the crest fallen looks the boys were giving them made
John's dad chuckle a bit.
"Cheer up you two, we have kept some of the money out so you
could have some fun with it," he said with a laugh as he handed John a
plain envelope. DJ was handed one by his own parents at the same time.
"But how much was in the case?" DJ asked as he opened the
"You'll find a photocopy of the original check in there as well.
Now keep in mind that each check is what each of you boys received."
DJ's father said with a grin. Knowing what was going to happen next.
Both sets of parents broke up laughing as their son's took on a look of
absolute shock when they found the checks and looked at them.
"Happy One-Quarter Birthday John," His father laughed as John
dropped the envelope not even noticing the Ten One Hundred Dollar bills
that were still tucked inside.
"Well, C'mon you guys how much was it?" the rest of the people in
the room asked loudly. Without saying a word, John passed his check
over to Erin.
"Well! How much is it, Erin?" Josh asked loudly seeing his
sister's face also go slack at the sum written on it?
"Is this right dad?" She asked ignoring her youngest brother's
demands to see the check as well. The smile she got in return was all
the answer she needed.
"There is one other thing John. Your father and I took the
liberty of taking some of the money and setting up educational funds
for Josh and Erin as well," Mrs. Kelly told them a moment later.
"That's fine." John answered, still stunned at the amount of
money he now possessed. DJ was told the same thing by his own parents.
The rest of the evening was spent over ice cream and cake in
celebration of John's One-quarter birthday. The kids, of course, spent
their time giving suggestions to their brothers about the best way to
spend the money they had gotten in the envelopes as well. In the end,
both boys decided to head out to the mall the next day and go on a
shopping frenzy.

Chapter Eighteen

"OK you guys, we have one last stop to make," Erin laughed as she
pulled the car into the parking lot of her place of work.
"What are we doing here?" John asked as she turned off her car
and got out.
"It's a surprise!" she laughed back at the three boys following
"Hey Erin. What are you doing here on your day off?" Aaron asked
her as she came up to the Special Orders desk.
"I need to talk to Sandy about a Department 12 order," she
replied with a smile.
"Well, she's in with another customer right now, but I'll let her
know that you want to see her about an order," he told her with a laugh
while looking at the three boys behind her. "Is there anything else I
can help you with, while you're waiting for Sandy?"
"Yeah, my brother here is wanting to place an order for some
cloth diapers." John turned a bright red at how his sister mentioned
"Well, you did say that you wanted to order some last night, so
here we are."
"Tell you what, Erin, since everyone else seems to helping a
customer right now, you can go on back to the office and get the order
written up. I'll let Kevin know what's going on and have him send the
order out later with the other ones."
"Sounds like a plan, and thanks," she told him with a smile as
she escorted her brothers and DJ behind the counter and into the rear
"OK, John, look through the book here while I get an order form
started. You'll find the cloth diapers in the back," she told him as
she fired up the computer and started filling out the top area of the
"Have you decided yet which ones you want yet?" Erin asked a few
minutes later.
"Yeah, I'll take One case each of the assorted color Thickies,
the Thickies Slimline briefs, and the trainers."
"OK and what about the cloth diapers?"
"Make it One dozen of the Regular Thickies and a dozen of the
Hiedi style all with the Velcro closure. And to top it off, a dozen of
the assorted pull-up style plastic pants in the plain version." Erin
laughed the entire time she typed in the order for her brother.
"Anything else?" she laughed a few minutes later.
"No, that should do it."
"All right then, drop your pants so we can get the measurements
for the cloth diapers," Erin told her brother as she pulled a cloth
tape measure out of the desk and came around to take the needed
numbers. She was a little surprised to see John drop his pants without
a word of complaint. Just as Erin started to take the measurements, the
door opened and her boss walked in the door.
"Hey Erin. Aaron told me you were back here helping your brother
with an order," he said with a smile as he sat behind his desk to look
over the order that had been started.
"Hey Kevin, would you mind filling in the blanks as I call out
the numbers?" Erin asked her boss.
"Sure. Fire away," he called. In the next couple of minutes the
form was finished and the order tallied up.
"Now keep in mind, Erin, that as a family member he can use your
employee discount. Of course, on an order this size, I would have given
him a break anyhow," Kevin laughed. John soon parted with the money and
accepted the receipt for it. Soon all five of them were walking out of
the back office.
Just as they left the office another door opened up, John and DJ
both stopped dead in their tracks as they saw one of the bigger
troublemakers walk out with his father and an older lady.
"Hello Erin. I got the message that you have an order for me to
fill. I'll be with you as soon as I finish this one," the older lady
said as she passed by. the entire time John, DJ, and the other boy just
glared at each other, though the one boy did have a small look of fear
in his eyes as well. Once they were alone again, John spoke up.
"Hey Erin, you never told us what Department 12 was."
"Sure, I did. I told you it was going to be a surprise."
"All right, boys, if you'll follow me," Sandy told them a few
minutes later as she showed them into another room. All the boys were
kind of shocked to see that there was a changing table in the middle of
the room with several racks of clothes off to one side.
"So, what were you boys interested in?" Sandy asked as she took a
seat behind her desk.
"I'm not sure what you mean?" John asked in confusion.
"It's OK, Sandy, I have a list here," Erin told her while pulling
a list from her purse and handed it over.
"Hmmm, This could get rather interesting," Sandy replied after
looking over the list.
"What kind of fabric and designs did you have in mind for these?"
Erin was asked.
"My mom was thinking of Lightweight material for the shirts and
the Summer PJs. Also, just basic solid colors for the shirts, and
Fleece for the Winter PJs and sweat pants and shirts," Sandy nodded at
this as she wrote everything down.
"Did you want to have these also in the solid colors?"
"Yes, on the sweats. but, I'll let the boys decide what patterns
and colors for the PJs," Erin replied with a slight grin.
"OK, I think we're ready to start then. Who what's to go first?"
the boys were asked as Sandy got out of her chair. "How about you?" she
said while pointing to Josh.
"What do I have to do?" Josh asked timidly.
"I'll need you to take your clothes off."
"I'm sorry?"
"Go ahead, Josh, nothing will happen," Erin told her youngest
brother as she stepped over and started removing his shirt. Seeing that
any fight would be a losing one, Josh complied and started to take his
shoes off as his sister finished with his shirt. a moment later, with
some embarrassment, he took off his pants so he was standing there in
just his diaper and socks.
"I think you might want to change him before we get started,"
Erin was told with a chuckle. With a smile of her own, Erin led Josh
over to the changing table and started to remove his wet diaper. While
Erin was busy doing this, Sandy turned her attention to John.
"You might as well take your clothes off as well, We'll be
getting to you in just a few minutes," he was told. With a shrug he
complied, but wondered what was going on.
"I'll be outside if you need any help," Erin informed Sandy,
before turning to her brothers.
"I better not hear about any trouble," they were told sternly.
Both boys nodded at this.
"You can wait outside with me, if you want, DJ."
"That's OK. If it's all right, I'd like to stay here," after
being told it was Erin left the room.
"All right, Josh. Just stand over here please while I get some
measurements," Sandy told the young boy. With a nod, Josh sheepishly
walked over to an area surrounded by mirrors. Once Josh was in place,
Sandy pulled out a cloth measuring tape. While Josh was getting
measured, John and DJ looked through a book that was filled fabric
samples. What was going on hadn't yet occurred to either of the Kelly
boys, but DJ realized what was going on when he saw the fabric samples.
He confirmed this when he took a quick glance at the sheet of paper
Erin had handed over:

Erin, these are the items I would like ordered for each of the boys:

10 T-shirt style onesies

8 Single piece sleepers [4 summer weight, 4 winter weight (fleece).
Full leg zippers on all of them. Half in each weight with and w/o

4 sets of sweat pants (snap crotches)

4 matching sweat shirts (snap closure on one shoulder)


DJ laughed to himself thinking how cute both John and Josh would
look in the items listed. Soon John was being told it was his turn to
get measured. DJ handed the fabric book over to Josh once he sat back
As the boys were getting measured for their new clothes, Erin was
talking to Aaron in the break room. "So, did you mention to your
brothers what they were getting fitted for?" Aaron asked with a slight
"Nah, Why take all the fun out of it for them," Erin replied,
thinking at how much more open Aaron had become over the last couple of
months since she first saw him in her History class.
"Don't you mean that it would take all the fun out of it for
you?" came the laughed reply.
"Yeah, that too. Hey Aaron, I hope this isn't too forward of me,
but I was wondering if you'd like to go to a movie with me tonight?"
Erin asked him. Aaron froze at this, not understanding how anyone could
be interested in going out with a guy that still wore diapers.
"Uh... I'm not sure. I still have some homework that needs to be
done and I don't get off work till about seven or so," he told her
somewhat lamely. Erin saw this for what it was, but knowing his past
history she didn't press the matter.
"That's OK, if you can't make it tonight. We can always set it up
for some other time," she told him as she steered the conversation onto
some safer topics.
"You ready, DJ?" John asked as he finished pulling his pants on.
"Uh, you go on. I need to check on something really quick."
"OK, but don't take too long. I'm sure Erin wants to get home in
time for her movie."
"I don't think it'll take too long," John gave his friend a quick
nod and left the room.
"I take it that you want to order some items as well?" Sandy
stated with a knowing smile. DJ responded with a smile of his own as he
started to take his clothes off. In minutes DJ was in the middle of his
own fitting session. It didn't take much time since he had taken the
time to look through the other book that was on the table while John
was getting fitted.
"Where's DJ?" Erin asked as she settled up the new bill.
"He's still in the back. He said that he needed to take care of
something," John told his sister thinking that DJ meant that he needed
to change into a clean diaper. Erin didn't have any such thoughts. She
knew what DJ was doing and smiling to herself, couldn't wait to see all
three boys in their new outfits when they came in. DJ soon rejoined the
group and they left the store.
"How did everything go at the store?" Mrs. Kelly asked her
daughter as John took his purchases up to his room.
"Just fine. I still don't think that either of the boys really
realized what they were getting fitted for. John really must be getting
into wearing diapers."
"Why do you say that?" Erin was asked.
"He bought close to $500 dollars worth of cloth and disposable
diapers while we were waiting for Sandy," came the chuckled reply.
"Next time, why don't you see about letting him use your store
discount," Mrs. Kelly asked her daughter, thinking of how much John
could have saved with it.
"Uh... mom, the $500.00 was with my employee discount," Erin
laughed out loud.
"You mean John actually got closer to $700.00 dollars worth of
diapers?" Erin's mom asked after doing some quick figuring in her head.
"That sounds about right."
"What all did that boy get?" Erin laughed at the look her mom had
on her face as she asked this question. With little hesitation, Erin
told her mom what John had gotten. With another sigh, John's mom shook
her head and smiled a bit at the thought of both of her boys going
around in cloth diapers soon. While all this was going on downstairs,
John was loading all the new software into his computer. Seeing that
John's bedroom door was slightly open, Mr. Kelly decided to go in and
see some of the things that his son had picked up. He got a bit of a
surprise when he opened the door after getting the OK from his son.
John was sitting at his computer wearing nothing but the sweat shirt he
had on earlier, and a pair of the training pants. John, for his part,
didn't seem the least bit bothered by the fact that his dad was seeing
him in a pair of training pants.
"Get anything interesting, John?"
"Nah, Just some new games, movies, and music CDs," John replied.
"Mind if I see which games you picked up?"
"Sure. Here's the list of the games I picked up," John said while
handing his dad the receipt for the games. Knowing that that his dad
would have had a major fit if he had picked up any of the games he
really wanted, John played it safe and stayed with the less intense
games. After glancing over the list for any games he had banned from
the house, Mr. Kelly set that receipt on his son's desk down and as he
did so, saw the receipt for the diapers he had just bought. He shook
his head slightly and smiled when he saw all the items his oldest son
picked up.
"Well, make sure you have fun with all the things you got today,"
Mr. Kelly said as he set the list down and walked out of the room.
"Thanks dad, I will," John said, thinking that his father meant
the games he just picked up. Though his father really was referring to
the diapers.
The rest of the evening went by quickly for the Kelly's. With the
money John still had left over he offered to take everyone out to
dinner and a movie. This was something that John's parents jumped on
without a second thought. All three of the kids were ready to fall
asleep by the time they got home that night. John and Josh were both
sent to bed after they each received a quick diaper change.

Chapter Nineteen

"Josh! Hurry up or we're going to be late!" Mr. Kelly called as
he pasted by his youngest son's room. "I'll be ready in just a second,
dad!" Came the muffled reply.
"Are you ready for the day?" Mr. Kelly asked as he straightened
his son's tie.
"I'm fine," Josh responded with a very shaky voice.
"OK Josh, take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly," Josh
was coached by his father. "You have nothing to worry about. Just
answer the questions they ask you honestly and to the best of your
knowledge. Your mom and I will be in the courtroom with you so you have
nothing to worry about. OK?"
"All right, but what if I need a diaper change?" Josh asked a bit
"That's one of the reason's we put you in one of your Thickies.
It should last you till they call a break." Josh nodded at this, glad
that he had made sure that he had gone to the restroom before getting a
new diaper on and dressed. This last month for him had been nerve-
wracking for him. He had finally been able to start physical therapy on
his leg and shoulder and he was happy about that, but the knowledge
that he was going to have to testify at Billy's trial scared him to the
bone. Especially since he was just starting to get over the nightmares
that had plagued him every now and then since the incident that the
trial was about.
"All Rise! Johnson County District Court is now in session! The
Honorable Bruce Shepherd presiding!" The bailiff called out as the
judge walked in the room.
"Please be seated. Case number 5987469B The State of Kansas Vs.
William Pike. On the charges of Murder of the First Degree, Murder of
the Second Degree, Attempted Murder of the First Degree, Assault of the
First Degree, Assault while under the influence of a controlled
substance, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. You have previously
entered a plea of Not Guilty, is this correct?" the judge asked from
his seat after reading off the main charges.
"That is correct, your Honor," Billy's lawyer responded.
"Now Mr. Simms, the prosecution has offered your client a bargain
to avoid this trial, is that correct?"
"They have, your Honor, and I have been instructed by my client
to decline the offer made."
"Very well Mr. Simms, you may continue with your opening
"Thank you, your Honor," Billy's lawyer said before beginning his
opening statement. An hour later after the County D.A. finished his
statement, the judge called a 10 minute break.
"How's your diaper holding up?" Josh was asked as he met with his
parents outside the courtroom.
"It's doing OK. I wish my nerves were doing as well, though,"
Josh joked lamely.
"I know what you mean. Just keep thinking that it'll be over in
no more than two weeks," Josh's father told him as he led Josh off to
get a quick drink of water before heading back into courtroom.
Josh and David were both nervous wrecks by the end of the day
since they never knew when they would be the next ones to be called to
testify. This went on for the next two days. Josh almost jumped out of
his skin when they called his name at the beginning of the third day.
"Raise your right hand and repeat after me, please. I, your name,
do solemnly swear that the testimony I'm about to give will be the
truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God."
"I, Joshua Scott Kelly, do solemnly swear to tell the truth, the
whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God," Josh intoned
along with the person in front of him.
"Now, Josh, you do know what it means to tell the truth,
correct?" The judge asked him kindly.
"Yes sir. My parents explained all this to me before this," Josh
said nervously.
"That's good. You may proceed, Mr. Lowry," The judge informed the
"Thank you, your Honor. Now Josh, how long have you known the
"About six months. I met him just after my family moved here in
November of last year."
"And would you say that Mr. Pike was friendly towards you during
the time before the incident in question took place?"
"No, he was anything but."
"How do you mean?"
"He kept picking on me because of my small size, and some other
medical problems I was having at the time," Josh answered. turning
slightly red at the last part of his sentence. The questioning went on
for another couple of hours.
By the time a break was called Josh was in dire need of a diaper
change. Luckily, his diaper was able to hold it all in with no leaks
and he didn't have to poop any during this time.
"You're doing fine, Josh. Just keep up the good work. I'm sure
that everything will be over soon," Josh was told by his mother over a
light lunch. Josh just nodded at this. Inside he was frantic about what
was going to happen when they went back in and the Defense attorney
started after him.
"Now, Mr. Kelly, you mentioned that my client constantly made fun
of you because of a medical problem, is that correct?" Mr. Simms asked
him a few minutes after they got back from lunch.
"Yes sir, he had on several occasions," Josh said wondering what
was going to happen next.
"And what would that condition be?" Josh was asked.
"Objection, your Honor! Mr. Kelly's medical condition has no
bearing on this case."
"Sustained. Mr. Simms, please watch your step."
"Of course, your Honor."
"Please let me rephrase the question. Mr. Kelly, isn't it true
that most of your classmates teased you because you were constantly
messing your pants in class, and Mr. Pike was trying to belittle you
into stopping this act that was totally disrupting the classroom
"OBJECTION YOUR HONOR!! I move that the counsels last statement
be stricken from the record and that he be admonished!" Mr. Lowry
yelled from his seat.
"Sustained! Mr. Simms, this is your last warning. One more move
like that and I will have you held in contempt of this court! Do you
understand? The jury will ignore the last statement from the Defense
counsel, and said statement will be removed from the record."
"My apologies. Mr. Kelly, on the day in question, why didn't you
just walk away from my client and defuse the situation right then
instead of engaging in the fight that happened a few minutes later?"
"I tried to. After Billy hit me the first time I used the amount
of force I felt was needed to stop him long enough for me to walk away
from it."
"I see. But why did you feel like you needed to hit him first?"
"He was in my way and I knew that he wouldn't let me walk away
"So, you decided to make him do it unwillingly then, correct?"
"Something like that, yes," Josh said, starting to get angry.
"And in doing so, you scarred my client for the rest of his
life!" Mr. Simms nearly yelled.
"What can I say? Payback's a bitch!" Josh yelled back.
"Mr. Kelly, please watch the language," Josh was admonished
sternly by the judge.
"Sorry, your Honor."
"So you hit my client as a sense of retribution then, is that it?
And what about a few moments later, when you, without provocation,
threw a knife at my client, hitting him in the shoulder? You do know
that because of damage you did he'll never have more than thirty
percent use of that arm now. What do you have to say to all of that?"
Billy's lawyer demanded.
"First off, I would have to say that seeing a person get their
head shot off in front of me is enough to warrant the actions I took
especially since Billy tried to stab me just a few seconds before I hit
him in the shoulder with the knife. As for the damage done to his
shoulder, c'est la vie."
"I get the feeling that you're not one bit remorseful about your
"I'm not. To me, Billy made his own choices on that day, and I
feel that he did so with full knowledge of what he was doing at the
time. I did what I was felt was necessary at the time. I didn't have
the luxury of what seems like premeditation," Josh responded flatly. It
was at this time that Josh's gaze hit Billy with it's full effect and
chilled the other boy to the bone. It was then Billy realized how deep
in trouble he really was.
"Your Honor, I move to have the last part of the witness's
statement to be stricken from the record and the jury be ordered to
disregard," Mr. Simms requested once he saw his mistake and tried to
cover it up.
"Your motion is denied."
"But, your Honor..."
"I said, denied, Mr. Simms."
"Yes your Honor. No further questions," came the glum reply.
"Do you wish to cross-examine, Mr. Lowry?"
"No, your Honor."
"Very well, The witness is excused."
With a visible sign of relief Josh stepped down from the witness
stand. David was called a few minutes later and was on the stand for
the rest of the day.
"Man, am I glad that's over with," David and Josh said in near
perfect unison as they walked out of the courthouse later that day,
causing Josh's mom to laugh a bit at this.
"Did you happen to catch the look on Billy's face when you looked
at him at the end of your questioning?"
"Not really. Why?"
"He looked like he saw a ghost or something," David told his
friend. "I'm sure he probably did. It's too bad that he couldn't have
had this happen before he did what he did," Josh said glumly, though he
felt like this was the final closure he was needing to put the
nightmares behind him, and get on with his life.
After getting home and taking a quick shower, Josh had Erin put
him into his night diapers and climbed into bed for the night. For the
first time since the shooting Josh was able to sleep fitfully and
without any nightmares.
The trial ended early the next day and the jury was given the
case after the lunch break. Nobody was certain how long it would take
them to decide the young boy's fate. It shocked both sides when the
jury announced less than an hour later that they had reached a verdict.
"Has the jury reached a verdict?" the jury foreman was asked
after they had been seated.
"May I see the verdict form, please?" the foreman was asked.
"Will the defendant please rise and face the jury. I will ask
that there be no outburst of any type from the gallery after the
verdict has been read," the judge said after having looked over the
verdict form and handed it back to the jury foreman.
"Madam Foreman, will you please read the verdict please," The
judge asked once the form had been handed back.
"William Xavier Pike, we the members of the jury find you Guilty
on all charges of the indictment. And sentence you to a term of hard
labor of no less than Eight hundred and Fifty years. May God have mercy
on your soul." The only sound heard after this statement was the sound
of Billy's middle brother crying.
Josh's life was turned upside down again after word got out that
it was Josh's last words on the stand that swayed the jury to such a
speedy verdict, and punishment. For the next month, the Kelly's were
constantly bombarded with request for interviews. With all the added
stress Josh was facing because of this the nightmares had returned in
full force. In the end, Billy was ordered remanded to the local
Juvenile Detention Center till he was Twenty-one and then would serve
the remainder of his Five hundred year sentence at the State
Penitentiary in Lansing.

Chapter Twenty

"I still can't believe you did this," Erin said as she started
pacing behind her mother, again.
"I still don't see why you're having a problem with this," her
mother replied in a tired tone.
"Yeah, right. I shouldn't have a problem because you asked my
boss over for dinner. How I am I supposed to act?"
"You better lose the attitude right now, young lady," Mrs. Kelly
said, finally losing patience with her daughter.
"I'm sorry mom. It's just that I work around them all the time
and I didn't know what to think."
"That is why I invited them over. You know what they're like. I
felt that having them over for dinner would be a nice way for the rest
of us to get to know them. Besides, he's not your 'boss' tonight. He is
a guest in this house and I'll ask that you treat him as such.
Understood?" With a sigh, Erin nodded her submission on the point and
left the room to get ready.
"I seem to remember another young lady in this house having a
similar reaction when her parents invited a certain young man and his
parents over to dinner," Mr. Kelly said with a chuckle as he walked up
behind his wife.
"That was different. I didn't want everyone in the place to know
how much I had fallen for the certain young man in question."
"I don't think either one of us managed to pull it off very
successfully," came a laughed reply.
A short time later the doorbell rang.
"I'll get it!" John yelled as he got up to answer the door.
"Wait a minute, John!" Josh yelled has he moved to race up the
stairs, that were right by the front door, so he could get some pants
on. Seeing a chance to have some fun with his brother, John opened the
door just as Josh was almost in front of it. Kevin and his brothers
started smiling as they saw Josh run by in nothing but his shirt and a
"Evening, John," Kevin said, still smiling at what he just saw.
"Evening, Kevin. Can I take your guy's coats?" he asked as Kevin
Aaron, and Steven walked into the house.
"Thanks," they answered as they handed John their jackets.
"Have a seat, I'll let Erin and my parents know that you're
here." John went to hang up the coats he was holding and inform his
parents that their guests have gotten there.
"Mom, dad? They're here," John told his parents as he stuck his
head into the den.
"Thanks, John. We'll be there in a moment. Have them take a seat
and see if they would like anything to drink," John was told by his
"OK, mom."
"Sorry about the wait. They'll be out in just a moment. Can I get
you anything to drink in the meantime?"
"I'd like a Coke, if you have it," Aaron stated.
"Same here," Steven said a moment later. John nodded at these.
"Kevin?" he asked.
"I'll wait till your father comes out. I'm wanting something with
more of a kick."
"OK, something with a kick," John said with a slight smile that
made Kevin a bit nervous. Josh entered them room just as John left.
"How's everything going, Josh?" Kevin asked the younger boy.
"It's going OK," Josh answered.
"I'm glad to see that you've finally been able to lose the
crutches. I take that means your leg is doing better?"
"It's still a bit sore at times, but it is getting better,
"I'm not sure if you know this or not, but I was one of the
potential jurors in the trial you were in," Kevin informed him.
"Really?" Josh asked in surprise.
"Yeah, I had to excuse myself from it when I found out which
trial it was."
"Why? didn't you want to serve on it?"
"I did, but since your sister and my brother are going out and
that I know you personally, I had to step down from serving. If I
hadn't, and they found out about it later Billy could have gotten off
and I would have been in trouble." Josh nodded at this. About this time
Erin and her parents entered the room.
"Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Kelly," Kevin said as he and his brothers stood
"Please Kevin, you can call me Janet," Mrs. Kelly said.
"Arthur," Mr. Kelly said as he took Kevin's hand and shook it.
"Arthur, I'd like you to meet my brothers. Aaron, whom I know
you've already met and my middle brother Steven."
"Ah, yes. I've seen you at the store," Mr. Kelly said as he shook
Steven's hand.
"Yes, sir," Steven said.
"Would you like anything to drink?" Mrs. Kelly said as the
brothers sat back down.
"John's already taken care of that. Though, I was asking for
something with a kick and I was waiting for you. I didn't want John to
get into trouble serving me anything on the strong side," Mr. Kelly
started laughing a bit at this.
"It's OK, Kevin. Shocking as it may seem, John is better at
mixing drinks than I am. He knows that I trust him on this." Kevin was
a bit taken back by this, but said nothing that would offend his host.
A second later John came back into the room carrying a tray of drinks.
"OK, I have three Cokes," John started, handing the pops over to
Aaron, Steven, and his sister.
"One root beer, light on the ice," John said with a smile as he
handed the glass to Josh.
"One gin and tonic with a twist of lime," handing this glass to
his mother. Kevin, Steven and Aaron all started smiling to themselves
when John bent over to hand his mom her drink and saw the top of his
diaper sticking out from over the waist of his pants.
"One rum and Coke," John stated as he handed this glass to his
"And for you Kevin, Something with a kick," John said with a same
grin as he handed a glass over to Kevin. Kevin accepted the glass and
eyed the smoking contents carefully. John watched Kevin carefully as he
took the first sip of his drink. Kevin, for his part, was amazed at how
smoothly the drink went down. Little did he realize that it was a slow-
acting drink. A moment later, he set the glass down as his face turned
red and he started choking a bit as the drink hit him.
"What is that?" Kevin asked as soon as he got over his coughing
"I call it a Three Mile Island Meltdown," John said with pride.
"Good name," Kevin rasped a bit.
"So Kevin, how does someone so young become the manager of such a
large store?" Mr. Kelly asked over dinner.
"Luck, I guess. I've been with the chain about ten years now. I
started out working the floor at main store in Boise when I was in high
school and I worked my way up."
"I'm sure you felt good being offered the position here over
others that had been probably with the company longer."
"I was happy with them offering it to me. I got the job mainly
because I was the only one willing to accept the move involved and no
one else it was offered to wanted to take over the this particular
department," Kevin answered.
"Why's that? From what Erin tells me, that is a high volume
"Oh, It's a very high volume department. I guess the other people
they offered it to didn't care for the main product that the area
handles." Mr. Kelly. got the meaning of what Kevin said.
"I guess it would take a certain type of person to handle that on
a daily basis." Kevin nodded at this.
"Do you have any classes with Erin also, Steven?" Mrs. Kelly
asked at the other end of the table.
"Uh... actually, I graduated high school two years ago," Steven
said while turning a bit red.
"That's nothing to be embarrassed about. Have you given college
any thought?"
"I'm taking some Computer and Business courses out at JoCo," Mrs.
Kelly nodded at this, obviously pleased by it. The rest of the meal was
finished with the usual talk about work and school. Aaron and Steven
both became a bit embarrassed during the evening when they had to
excuse themselves for a diaper change and were pointed towards Josh's
room. The rest of the evening went by smoothly. While Erin, her
parents, Aaron, Kevin sat around talking, John took Steven up to his
room to show off the computer he had.
"Damn John, this is some setup you have. What all do you have in
"Thanks, It took me about a year to save up to buy it. One of my
friend's dad works for a computer company and he likes to build them on
the side as well. Though he got permission to use items that hadn't
been released on the market when he built it. It's got a 120 Gig Hard
Drive, 512 Megs of SDRam, 4.5 GHz Pentium X processor, an LX5
Video/Audio card with 40 Megs of Video Memory, a 120X CD-ROM/DVD, and a
80X CD-RW drive. All connected to an IBM Q series 950 Liquid Crystal
"Damn. We don't even have anything like this at the college and
most of these components have been on the market less than four months.
By the way, what Op System does it use?"
"I just loaded the third edition of Windows '09 to it."
"Well, you shouldn't have to worry about getting a new system for
awhile," Steven said with obvious envy.
"Would you mind if I came by some time to take a closer look at
"I think we could set something up sometime," John said with a
laugh. Just as Steven was about to say something more, Kevin came into
the room.
"We're getting ready to leave, Steve, so start packing it in."
"OK, Kev. I'll be right down," Steven said as he stood up. After
thanking John for showing him his computer Steven left the room.
"Janet, Arthur, On behalf of my brothers and myself, I want to
thank you for a lovely evening," Kevin said after shaking his hosts'
hands and putting his jacket back on.
"And I almost forgot, John's and your order came in on today's
truck. Sandy will want the boys to come in to check the fit before she
lets them out of the store though." Kevin, his brothers, and Erin all
shared an insider's laugh at this.
"What was that last bit all about?" Mrs. Kelly asked her daughter
as they all sat down.
"Sandy has a bit of a perfectionist streak in her. Anytime a
person comes in to purchase special order clothes from her she insists
that each item be put on before it leaves the store so she can see
whether it matches up to her standards," Erin told them with a laugh.
"You mean the boys will have to try on all the clothes first
before they leave the store?" Erin's dad asked to make sure he
understood things correctly. Erin just nodded at this.
"Make sure you get pictures for the boy's baby albums," Mrs.
Kelly laughed.
"You don't mean you're going to start filling those again?" Erin
asked he mom with a laugh.
"And why not, they're both going to be dressing and to some
extent acting like toddlers again, so I think it's only fitting." Erin
and her father both started laughing at this. The rest of the night
went by quickly, though for Erin it could pass quickly enough.


Chapter 21

"When you guys are done eating, I want you to go get dressed so
you and your sister can go over to pick up the items you ordered," Mrs.
Kelly told her sons as the ate breakfast the next morning.
"When did they come in?" John asked.
"Kevin informed me last night when he and his brothers were over
last night."
"Cool! I can't wait to see some of the stuff I ordered."
"Just remember, you'll be responsible for their care. I don't
want to have to remind you about keeping them clean. And if I have to
tell you more than once about any smell coming from them, they will be
taken away for a undisclosed amount of time. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes ma'am. Would you mind showing me how to take care of them a
few times first?" John asked.
"Knowing what they cost you, that won't be a problem," Mrs. Kelly
answered with a smile. The rest of the meal went by quickly. After a
quick diaper change for each of the boys, they and Erin were soon
headed to pick up DJ and then on to pick up their orders.
"Hey Erin! I thought today was one of your days off?" one of the
checkers asked as they passed by.
"Hey Chelsea. It is, but my brothers, and their friend, needed a
lift over to pick up an order," Erin replied. Chelsea just smiled and
nodded at this.
"Hey Erin. I figured you'd be by today," Steven called as he saw
the group come down the aisle.
"I'm sure you did. I thought Aaron was on duty today?" Erin asked
as they came up to the counter.
"He wasn't feeling too well this morning so Kevin kept him home.
I offered to fill in so we wouldn't be short-handed. Besides, I can
always use more OT," Steve replied with a laugh. Erin laughed as well.
"I'll make sure to keep that in mind next time we need some extra
help," Kevin called from the door behind his brother causing Steven to
jump slightly.
"I really wish you would quit doing that." Kevin just smiled and
ignored his brother's annoyed statement.
"Sandy will be ready in couple of minutes. She's with another
customer right now. However, John, if you'd like to come with me, we'll
check out your order and make sure everything is in good order with
it," Kevin told the group. John nodded calmly at this, but the
excitement in his eyes was unmistakable. As they walked past the area
that Sandy worked in, John and Kevin both heard a muffled argument
going on.
"I take it someone isn't pleased with their order?" Kevin asked
Sandy, who was standing nearby.
"You could say that. The father seemed really pleased, but the
son's another matter," Sandy said with a slight shrug.
"Just as long as they know the policy on things like this," Kevin
said as he led John into the receiving area.
"OK, if I could have your receipt, please," Kevin asked as they
came up to a holding bin. Without further prompting, John handed over
his receipt to Kevin, who compared it to a copy that he had on a
clipboard next to the bin. As Kevin pulled out a box cutter and started
to open the boxes for inspection, John found the excitement too much
for him and started to wet the diaper he had on. Kevin caught a glimpse
of the goofy look John had on his face and knew what was happening.
Chuckling slightly, he finished opening the boxes and pulled them open.
"OK, let's go over everything," Kevin said as he pulled out one
of the gleaming white diapers. John's hands were shaking slightly as he
reached out to take the thick diaper from Kevin's hand.
"Easy there, John, we don't need you passing out on us now,"
Kevin joked as he placed a comforting hand on the boy's shoulder. It
was then that John realized that he was on the verge of
"Sorry," he said sheepishly as he forced himself to calm down.
"It's OK. You're not the first kid I've seen get excited over
handling cloth diapers for the first time." John nodded at this and
smiled. Kevin and John finished up checking the order over a few
minutes later and headed out to rejoin John's group. As they passed by
the Department 12 area again the door opened and they saw Sandy leading
out an older man and his son. From the looks of the boy he lost the
argument that had been going on a few minutes before. Kevin smiled
slightly at the clothes the boy had on making him look like a rather
large toddler. John smiled as well and suddenly recognized the boy as
one of the biggest bullies in his class.
"Hey Scott! Nice outfit," John called politely as the boy walked
past. Looking up, Scott saw one of the boys he normally harassed
looking at him. With a slight snarl he started to make a move on John,
but before he got more than one step in a strong hand came down on the
boy's shoulder.
"Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend, Scott?" his
father asked?
"No," his son answered back. while giving his son a withering
look, the older man help out his hand and introduced himself.
"I'm Sean Elston, Scott's father, and you are?"
"John Kelly," John answered while taking the offered hand.
"Ah yes, Mr. Kelly," Scott's dad said after a second while the
name sank in.
"I'd like to take this time to apologize to you for my son's past
treatment of you. I can assure you that this won't be happening again.
Will it, Scott?" the older man said.
"No sir," Scott answered through gritted teeth.
"Thank you, sir. I accept your apology." With a smile and nod Mr.
Elston led his son away.
"Why don't you just wait here, John. I'll send everyone else
back," Kevin said before walking off.
"Who was that boy anyway?" Sandy asked once Kevin walked off.
"One of the biggest bullies in my class at school," John told
"I can't wait to spread this one around school," he added
gleefully a moment later as Sandy led him into her office. Josh, Erin.
and DJ joined him there a few moments later.
"Was that who I thought it was?" David asked John as he sat down.
John just smiled and laughed.
"I'll need you boys to get undressed," Sandy told them after
closing the door behind Erin.
"Why?" John asked slightly stunned.
"I need to make sure the clothes you ordered fit before you leave
and we can't do that very well if you're still wearing your other
clothes," the boys were told. With a shrug, DJ and Josh started getting
undressed. John though, hesitated for a moment before he got a look
from his sister and complied with the request. Minutes later all three
boys were sitting on the couch wearing just their diapers and socks.
Erin thinking that this was to good to pass up, pulled out the camera
she had with her, and took several shots of the boys sitting there.
"Mom is just going to love these!" she exclaimed. Just as Erin
took one last picture, Sandy finished unpacking the boxes she had
sitting nearby.
"OK Josh, if you'll step over here for a moment we can have you
try these on," Sandy said as she pulled out one of the onesies.
"Hey Sandy, do we still have those backdrops set up?" Erin asked
as Josh walked over and was helped into the garment Sandy was holding.
"Sure. Why?" Sandy replied.
"Well, my mom was wanting me to get some pictures for prosperity
and I thought that using the back drops would be a lot better that
having them standing against a blank wall."
"That would be better. I know some of others that have come
through have taken pictures during the final fitting. Give me a moment
to clear the stuff off around them." With DJ and John helping the
backdrops were uncovered in just a few minutes time. Thirty minutes
later, the fitting and photo secession was completed and all the
clothing was repacked in their boxes.
"Hey Erin could I get a set of the pictures once you get them
developed?" DJ asked as they finished loading all the boxes into the
back of the Jeep.
"Sure DJ. That wouldn't be any problem at all," Erin smiled,
"I'll let you know when they're ready."
They dropped DJ off a short time later and headed home
themselves. Once they got home they found a note from their parents
saying that they had gone out for a short while, but would be home by
late afternoon. Not having anything else to do, Erin helped her
brothers put their new clothes away and in John's case, his new diapers
as well.
"I'm bushed," John commented as he moved the last box of diapers
into place in his closet.
"Well, why don't you go ahead and take a nap then, but first
let's get you into a dry dydee," Erin laughed. John was soon being led
into Josh's room.
"OK. Hop up and I'll get you taken care of," Erin chuckled as she
patted Josh's changing table. With a smile of his own, John removed his
pants and hopped up on the table. John was soon getting his massively
soaked diaper removed and his balls and butt getting wiped down. After
having rubbed a generous amount of lotion into her brother's groin,
Erin pulled out a diaper that John hadn't seen on his order form. A
Thickies Overnight Brief.
"You can't be serious?" John exclaimed when he saw the thickness
of the diaper Erin was holding.
"And why not? I figure this will be good practice for after we
get your cloth diapers washed and ready for you to use. Now lift up."
Erin chuckled as her brother complied with her request. Once Erin had
sprinkled powder over John's crotch, The diaper was pulled up and
snugly fastened. Erin and John both started laughing as John left the
room with a major waddle replacing his normal stride. John chuckled at
the sight as well, once he caught a glimpse of himself in his bedroom
mirror as he was climbing into a pair of his new sleepers.
"How did everything go at the store today, Erin?" Mrs. Kelly
asked over dinner that night.
"Just fine, mom. I got some great pictures for the scrapbooks."
"Well, if they are anything like how cute the boys look now,
they'll definitely be worth seeing." John and Josh both turned a bit
red at this. They both hoped that none of the pictures would get around
to their friends.
"I was kind of surprised, Erin, that you put John into some of
his cloth diapers so soon," Mr. Kelly said with a smile.
"Oh, he's not wearing any of his cloth diapers yet, dad. I put
him into one of the Overnight briefs that they sent along with his
order." Erin told him with a smile of her own.
"Oh. I would have to say then that he won't need to worry about
having any leaks happen." This comment got everyone, but John laughing.
Once dinner was over, John went back up to his room to watch a
movie. Several hours later, John's dad went up to let him know he had a
phone call. On walking into his son's room, the elder Kelly, saw that
John had fallen asleep with the TV still going. After turning the TV
off, he turned to take a look at his son and found him curled up with
an oversized teddy bear. Smiling to himself over this sight, Mr. Kelly
walked over to his son and tucked him in. He shook his head slightly
when he noticed the pacifier laying on the pillow by John's head.
Chuckling softly, he picked the pacifier up and placed it lightly
against John's lips.
"You're not going to believe this one," Mr. Kelly told his wife
after letting the person calling for John that he was already asleep.
"What am I not going to believe?" his wife asked as her husband
sat next to her.
"I found John snuggling up with a teddy bear and there was a
pacifier nearby as well." He informed her.
"That isn't too surprising after all the stuff he's gotten
lately. As long as he keeps it private and doesn't let it interfere
with his other activities, then I don't see any problem." Mr. Kelly
just nodded at this, but wondered what he might have done to have
something like happen with his family.

Chapter 22

"David it's time to get up! We have to leave in Thirty minutes if
we're going to make our flight!" Mrs. Kessler yelled through her oldest
son's bedroom door.
"What are you yelling for? I'm already up." David answered from
behind his mom causing her to jump slightly.
"I really wish you wouldn't do that. Now hurry up and get
dressed. We'll get something to eat at the airport." She told her
partly naked son before walking off to make sure her other sons were up
and getting dressed as well.
"This is going to be a very long weekend." David thought to
himself as he entered his room to get dressed.
"OK, everyone out to the car!" David heard his mom yell a short
time later.
"I'll be down in a minute mom! I need to use the restroom real
quick." David yelled back.
"Make it quick and lock up behind you. We'll be in the car
"Do you have the information pack they sent you last week?" David
was asked as he climbed into the car.
"Yeah, I have it right here." came the reply as David opened the
side pocket of the carry-on bag he had with him and pulled out the
envelope his mom was asking about.
"Let's get moving then." The boys were told as their mom put the
car in gear and pulled out of the drive way.
"OK guys, time to wake up. We're here." David called to his
younger brothers as his mom pulled into the short term parking area.
"Wha?" Brandon replied groggily.
"We're at the airport you need to wake up now." David said again
as he started to climb out of the car. With a small nod, Brandon
reached over to shake his younger brother awake. Ten minutes after
leaving the car David and his family were handing over the tickets they
had been sent.
"Do any of you need to be changed before we go through the
security checkpoint?" the boys were asked. All three of them looked
around a little at this to see if anyone had heard them being asked
about needing a diaper change.
"I'm a bit wet." Brandon and Tyler both answered.
"David, how about you?" Being a bit self conscious about his
problem, David only nodded in response to the question.
"OK, I'll take Tyler with me. David you can help Brandon." David
nodded at this as he herded his brother towards a nearby restroom.
"In here, Brandon." David said as he walked into one of the
handicap stalls.
"We can't go in there..." Brandon started to say before getting
pulled in by his big brother.
"We're going to get into trouble for using this one."
"No we won't. Now take your pants off so I can get to your
diaper." David ordered. In a flash, David had Brandon's used diaper off
and was wiping him down.
"Use the toilet real quick while I take care of myself." David
announced as he pulled down his own pants.
"I thought you used GoodNites during the day?" Brandon asked when
he saw the diaper his brother had on.
"Normally I do, but I thought that with how short time was going
to be this morning it would be easier just to use a normal diaper."
David responded as he pulled off his own used diaper. Ten minutes later
both boys were standing outside the restroom waiting for their mom.
"Everyone ready" Mrs. Kessler asked a few minutes later as she
and Tyler emerged from the Women's restroom. With a nod from everyone,
she led them through the security point and waited for their flight to
be called.
"Mrs. Kessler?" a man asked as they stepped off the plane.
"I'm Arnold Harelson. We spoke on the phone a while back."
"Ah..Yes. Nice to finally meet you."
"Like wise." He answered while taking the offered hand.
"And you must be David." Mr. Harelson added while turning to face
the boys. Shaking their hands in turn.
"Well, if you'll follow me. I'll take you to the hotel and let
you get settled in. They were told while their escort led them out side
to a waiting car.
"The other boys and girls will be arriving later in the day.
There will be a luncheon held at 2p.m. in the hotel's meeting room.
You'll be told everything at that time. The hotel has a pool and game
room for the kids to use." The Kesslers were told as they were shown to
their room.
"Thanks, but I think right now all the boys are interested in is
the bed." David's mom joked.
"I can certainly understand that. I have a couple of kids myself
and know what you mean. I'll see you downstairs at Two then." Mr.
Harelson told them as he handed over the key to their room.
Once they were alone, Mrs. Kessler went about checking the
condition of each of the boys diapers. She was a bit surprised to find
David wearing one, but on further thought figured it made sense. After
changing her two youngest sons into dry diapers she had them lay back
down for a few more hours sleep.
"You boys hungry?" She asked them a few hours later. Since it had
been a good fourteen hours since they had anything substantial to eat
she knew what the answer would be.
"Yes." came the coursed reply. The boys mom smiled at this.
"Well, get changed if you need to and we'll go down to the coffee
shop for a bite to eat. After taking off his used diaper, David wiped
himself off with a baby wipe his mom handed him and started to rub
lotion over his groin. Since David knew that he would be able to get to
restrooms easier now he opted for one of his GoodNites instead of a
Once all the boys were in clean pants Mrs. Kessler led them to
the coffee shop for a quick bite to eat. While they were eating David
was informed of what Mr. Harelson had told her earlier. David took all
this in. After eating, The boys headed back up to their room and
quickly climbed into their swim trunks and headed down to the pool.
While they were swimming David struck up a conversation with a
couple of the other boys that were down there. He found out that
several of the kids there were in town for a photo shoot of some kind,
but wouldn't say what it was for. Going off the looks they gave him
when he asked what it was for, David got the feeling that they were
there for the same shoot he was. All too soon David saw that it was
time for him to head back to his room and get ready for the meeting.
David was putting on the name badge, marking him as one of the
models, when he accidentally bumped into another boy, making him
stumble a bit.
"Sorry about that. I wasn't watching where I was going." David
"Well you should pay more attention then." The kid shot back
heatedly as he turned around. Both boys stopped cold when they saw each
"Seamus." David said.
"What the hell are you doing here?" Seamus asked in shock.
"Apparently, I'm here for the same reason you are." David
responded with a slight laugh as he pointed to the name badge that the
other boy was wearing.
"You better keep your moth shut about this." Seamus threatened as he
turned and walked off to where his mom was standing.
"I'll tell you, I'm certainly glad that they started making the
pants more absorbent. Now I don't have to worry about whether or not my
son is going have them leak or not with how much he tends to wet at
night." Seamus heard his mom say as he walked up to her.
"Mom! Do you have to tell everyone?" Seamus whined.
"Oh, hush boy. It's not like it's a big secret with this group."
His mom answered. As she was saying this David joined his mom, who
happened to be the person Mrs. O'Connor was talking to.
"I know what you mean. David here has the same problem. I have to
admit that the improvements they've made has made handling his daytime
problem a lot easier." Mrs. Kessler explained.
"If I could have everyone's attention please" Mr. Harelson called
over the chatter.
"Thank you. Now as I call out your names I would like all the
models to come up and take a seat at one of the forward tables." The
group was told after the chatter died down. Inside of five minutes the
two forward tables had been filled by the kids chosen to take place in
the next day's photo shoot.
"Now then, I'd like to introduce you all to Mr. Paul Albertson.
Paul is the head of our marketing department." Mr. Harelson explained
as he introduced the older gentleman.
"Thank you Ron." Paul acknowledged as he stepped up to the
"I'd like to take this time to offer my thanks to all of you for
taking the time to fill out the questionnaires that had been sent to
you. I hope this is a pleasant experience for all of you."
"Now then before I get started on what you'll be taking place in
tomorrow, I want to know if there are any of you here that are having
second thoughts of taking part in this ad campaign." The kids were told
up front. Seamus was tempted to do just what he was being given the
chance to, but knew that if he tried to his mother would have a royal
fit about it. Figuring that the odds of any ad of him modeling the
GoodNites being seen by someone he knew would be slim.
"OK then, let's get going." Paul said after a brief pause.
"As you each have been informed in your information packets, some
of you will be modeling our normal Unisex style pants while others of
you have been chosen to model our new designer style pants, or the new
Aqua Pants." As he said this, Mr. Albertson motioned for the coverings
to be removed from the two large displays to his right. There were
several chuckles from the group as the assembled group got the first
look at the new GoodNites.
"I'm glad that my mom didn't sign me up for that." Seamus
whispered to the kid sitting next to him. Not knowing that his mom had
indeed signed him up to model both of the new style pants.
"I'm glad you like them." the group was told as the noise died
down again. Over the next hour, the models and their parents were told
what would be happening the next day.
"Now remember, you'll have a long day tomorrow, and an early
start so I would suggest to the parents to make sure that the kids get
a good night's sleep." Several of the kids started laughing at the
unintentional word play that had happened.
"You'll meet down here again at Six-thirty tomorrow morning for
breakfast and then you'll be taken by bus to where the photo shoot is
being held." On this final note, the meeting ended and all the kids
started filing out.
"So what do you think David?" His mom asked as they headed
towards the elevator.
"I think I really need to get a dry pair of pants on. But aside
from that, I think this will be rather interesting." came the smiled
"I'm glad to hear it." Mrs. Kessler told her oldest son as she
led her family back to their room.
"By the way, who was the boy I had seen you talking with before
the meeting?"
"He's one of other boys from my class. And a real pain in the
butt at that. I can't wait to see what happens when these ads hit the
papers." David chuckled.
"Why's that? I thought you were worried about what your friends
would say when they saw you in them." Mrs. Kessler inquired of her son.
"I am a bit worried. But, I figure my friends won't be bothered
by my being in them and if they are then they were never really a
friend to begin with. No, the funny part to this is with the kid I was
talking to. You see, he's also one of the biggest trouble makers in my
grade. Once the people in the class happen to see the ads with him in
it they'll never take any crap from him again." David laughed, knowing
full well that somebody in his grade would end up seeing both his and
Seamus's ads and pictures on the packages.
"Well, I think you're going to do just fine tomorrow." Mrs.
Kessler told her son as they reached their room.
After quickly changing into a clean pair of GoodNites, David
headed down to the game room. He then spent the next several hours
chatting with several of the other boys and girls who had been chosen
for the shoot. All to soon David was being called back to his room.
Once he had been changed into a clean night diaper, David crawled into
bed and was soon fast asleep.
"David, time to get up. We need to be down in the conference room
in forty minutes." His mom told him while shaking his shoulder.
"OK, OK, I'm up." Came the groggy reply as David sat up and
climbed out of bed. Mrs. Kessler smiled a bit to herself as her eldest
son walked towards the bathroom with a seriously drooping diaper
hanging off his butt. After one last chuckle to herself she turned her
attention to her two other sons whose diapers were also in serious need
of changing.
"Hey mom have you seen the shirt I laid out last night?" David
called while looking around for the shirt.
"I put it back in your bag. Someone from Mr. Albertson's staff
had dropped off a shirt while you were at the pool last night. They
want you to wear that instead." David was told while his mom tossed him
the T-shirt she had mentioned. David started laughing a bit when he
opened up the dark blue shirt and saw an oversized picture of a pack of
GoodNites with the same dotted outline, as he remembered seeing a
couple of months back, on the front of the shirt and the "GoodNites
mean Dry Mornings" slogan written on the back. Brandon and Tyler
started laughing as well once David put the shirt on and they saw what
was written on it.
The Kesslers were soon heading down to the conference room where
a Breakfast buffet had been set up. After getting a plate set up for
himself David went over to join a group of other models, who had
already arrived. All of the kids were laughing about the design of the
shirts with a couple of the boys commenting that they'd probably wear
the shirts to school the following Monday since everyone already knew
they wore them. David joined in on the laughter that this comment made
and looked around to see if Seamus and entered the room yet. He managed
to catch a glimpse of Seamus's mom and little sister talking to his mom
and brothers so he knew that his former nemesis was somewhere in the
room. About thirty minutes later, Mr. Albertson arrived and after one
last speech to the group he took them to the waiting bus outside. The
bus ride took about Twenty minutes. Everyone could feel the tension
rising as they pulled up to a non-descript office building and were led
After one last word of encouragement, Mr. Albertson departed
leaving the group in the hands of Mr. Ross.
"I'd like to take this time to thank all of you for being here
today. It'll be a long day, but one I think you'll enjoy and have fond
memories of. Now when I call out your names I'd like you to step over
to Mrs. Clark here, and take the package she'll have for you. Once you
have the package, you'll find that it has a number printed on it. That
number matches up to one of the changing rooms off to my left. Once you
have found the right dressing room go inside and change into the
product that's in your package. Once all you have changed you'll be
separated by the product you have on. Are there any questions?" Mr.
Ross asked. From the back of the group a hand went up.
"Yes?" the boy was prompted.
"Will we be getting any restroom breaks?" the boy asked.
"Good question, you will be allowed a few restroom breaks during
the day. But, there won't be that many." Mr. Ross informed the kids.
"What if we need to go really bad?" a young girl asked.
"If you need to poop, then an exception will be made."
"What about if we need to pee?" Seamus piped up from the back.
"If you just need to pee, then the obvious solution would just to
be use the pants that you have on at the time and you'll be allowed to
change into a dry one during the next break." This statement caused a
little bit of a stir with some of the kids but it soon died down. Most
of the kids had already figured out that this is what was going to
"OK. Then if there are no further questions, we'll begin." Mr.
Ross announced as he started reading off names.
"Really funny mom." David thought as he opened up the package he
was given once he was in the dressing room he had been assigned. With a
small chuckle he pulled out the pair of Designer GoodNites for Boys and
laid them on the bench he did admit to himself that the deep blue color
of the pants really accented the red stripes that was crisscrossing it.
"I can only imagine the ribbing I'm going to get when this ad
comes out." David thought further as he took off his jeans, underwear
and the somewhat damp pants that he already had on. He was a little
surprised to see a Diaper Genie in one corner, but this just reinforced
what Mr. Ross had told them about using the pants if they needed to go
between the restroom breaks that would be given. Inside of five
minutes, David was standing with most of the other kids wearing just a
pair of socks, the T-shirt he had been given to wear and the GoodNites.
On looking at some of the other kids that were going to model the
Designer and Aqua pants, David saw that each size had a different color
scheme and that there were several schemes in each size.
"Boy Seamus, the girls are really going to get a kick out of
seeing you in those." David laughed when he got a look at the Aqua
pants that the other boy was going to be modeling.
"Oh shut up. If it wasn't for my mom deciding that we needed some
extra money around the house I wouldn't even be doing this." Seamus
shot back.
"Whatever, I still think the girls back at school will get a kick
out of this." David replied before calling over to some of the girls
"What do you think girls? Doesn't he just look so cute?" The
girls' responding whistling and kiss blowing got most of the group
laughing. Seamus for his part just turned a bright red.
"OK, looks like we're all ready." Mr. Ross said as the last boy
joined the group.
"If you'll follow me, We'll get everyone set up. Now all the
photo areas are numbered. Once you get done at a certain point the
photographer will inform you of your next station. You'll be informed
at that time if you're going to need to change to a different pair of
pants. If at any time you need to get a clean pair of pants let your
photographer know. The last thing we want is to have any of the ads
showing a set of used pants." The kids were informed. Though in the
back of his mind, Mr. Ross knew that this was going to happen a few
Over the course of the next four hours, David figured he must
have had his picture taken at least three to four dozen times in
various poses and several stages of undress. He really got a kick out
of the group photo that was done showing all the boy style products
offered in the GoodNites line. What really made this shot funny was the
fact that he and Seamus were standing right next to each other with
each of them wearing nothing but their GoodNites. David was almost
tempted to let the person taking the shot that it looked like Seamus's
pants were wet at the time, but decided not to. While all this was
going on, David was totally unaware of what was taking place in the
staging area for the parents.
"Dennis we have a problem." One of the directors informed his
"What is it now?"
"The kids doing the new Huggies 6 and 7 run were just pulled out
because their mom didn't think we were doing things right." the
director explained.
"That's just fucking great. Where am I supposed to find two kids
out of thin air to finish that ad. It's going to be my ass if I don't
have that commercial ready by Monday. Damned perfectionist stage
mothers." Mr. Ross mumbled under his breath as he started pacing
around. Just as he was going to start cursing again he happened to see
Brandon bend over to pick some thing up causing his shirt to rise up
and expose the top two inches of the diaper he had on.
"Hold on a minute. I think our problems may be solved." Dennis
said to a confused director as he walked over to Brandon.
"Excuse me son, but could you take me to your mom." Mr. Ross
asked the shocked boy.
"I guess so. She's right over there." Brandon said pointing to a
secluded corner where he saw his mom finishing changing his younger
brother. Mr. Ross could hardly contain his excitement when he saw what
was going on.
"This is perfect. Now if I can only get her to agree to her boys
showing up in the commercial." Dennis thought to himself.
"Excuse me ma'am, I'm Mr. Ross. I wondered if I could have a word
with you for a minute." Mrs. Kessler was asked as she finished pulling
up her son's pants.
"Is there a problem?"
"In a manner of speaking, yes. And it might be something that you
could help us out with, if you're willing. I happened to notice that
your two boys are still in diapers."
"Actually, all three of my sons need protection. What about it?"
Mrs. Kessler asked.
"All three?" came Mr. Ross's confused question.
"Yes, all three. My oldest son David is taking part in the
GoodNites ads that you're doing right now. And what was you wanted my
help with?"
"Well, I had just been informed that the two boys we were using
for our up coming commercials and ads for the Huggies sizes 6 and 7
were unexpectedly pulled out. And after noticing that your son here was
wearing a diaper, I was wondering if you would allow for us to use them
in the other boys place. I know this is rather forward of me to be
asking this of you, but I'm in kind of a time crunch and I would really
appreciate the help on this."
"Let me talk to the boys about it. If they agree to it, then I'll
allow them to be used for the commercial and ads." With this said, Mrs.
Kessler walked over to were her two youngest boys were standing and
told them what was going on. After explaining what would be happening
along with the fact that once the ads and commercial came out then
everyone at their school would know about their problem. After thinking
about it both boys agreed to do the commercial.
"OK, the boys have agreed to do the shots for you. However, I
would like to be on the set while the filming is going on." Knowing
that if he tried to talk her out of this point she would pull the boys
without hesitation, Mr. Ross agreed to the demand made.
"That's fine. We can work with that. If you'll follow Rick here,
he'll get the boys set up and explain in more detail what's going to be
happening. Your other son should be done with the photo session in
about twenty minutes. I'll have him escorted over once he's done and
dressed." With a nod to this, Mrs. Kessler followed her sons and the
commercials director in to a closed area of the building they were in.
David was surprised to not see his mom waiting for him when he came out
of his photo shoot.
"David Kessler?" Mrs. Clark asked as David looked around for his
mom starting to get a bit worried.
"After you get dressed, I'm supposed to take you to your mom and
brothers." David was told as he was offered a clean pair of the plain
"OK, but could you tell what's going on with them?" David asked.
"Your mom wanted to keep that a surprise." With a shrug, David
accepted the clean pants and walked into his cubicle. Five minutes
later he was fully dressed again and being led towards the closed area
his mom and brothers went into thirty minutes before.
"I'll need to insist that you keep quiet. This is the part of the
building that they shoot commercials in. David nodded at this. He was
more than a little surprised to see his brothers being filmed in just a
diaper and their shirts. Quietly, his mom told him what was going on.
It took all of David's control not to start laughing.
Several hours later, the Kessler family had finally made it back
to their hotel room. David quickly changed into a pair of the Aqua
Pants that he had helped model earlier that day and headed to the pool.
A couple of the boys that were also at the shoot saw what he was
wearing and started laughing. The laughter got even harder when David
informed them of what had happened with his brothers. David swam for
another hour before he headed back up to his room. His mom started
laughing when she saw the condition of the Aqua-pants her son was
"Well David, I would have to say those swim pants they made
really work well. The GoodNites you normally wear would have been to
the bursting point by now and these look their hardly wet." David was
told as he pulled off the wet pants.
"I know what you mean. and this way I'll be able to wear my
normal swim trunks and not have to worry about whether or not pants are
noticeable due to them swelling up like a balloon." David laughed as he
tossed the pants into a nearby trash can with a wet sounding thud as
the hit the bottom of the can. After drying himself off, David rubbed
some lotion onto his groin and pulled on a pair of his GoodNites. He
was fast asleep in five minutes.
The next morning was a hectic race to get everyone up washed and
dressed in time to catch the bus that had been set up to take the whole
group back to airport.
David received a letter a few days later letting him know when
the ads were going to be released and that he would be receiving a full
set of the all the photos taken that day.

Chapter 23

"Hey mom, I was wondering if DJ might be able to join us for
dinner tonight since he's going to be sleeping over?" John asked his
mom over breakfast.
"I don't see a problem with it, but I'll need to check with his
parents first. I'll do that and let you later today." As she said this
Josh walked in to the room.
"Are you feeling OK, Josh?" Mrs. Kelly asked her son when she
noticed that he was looking a bit tired.
"I just fell a bit worn out this morning." came the reply. With a
slight frown Mrs. Kelly leaned over to feel his forehead.
"You feel a bit warm. Do you think that you need to stay home
"I think I can make it. Besides, we have the reviews for the
finals starting today."
"OK, but if you feel like you need to come home have the nurse
give me a call." Josh gave a small nod at this.
"So DJ, you ready for the sleepover tonight?" John asked as the
two boys headed to school.
"You should know the answer to that by now." came the chuckled
"I know, but I still thought I should ask. Also, I talked to my
mom this morning about you joining us for dinner tonight."
"Yeah, my dad mentioned last night that they were taking us out.
I guess he has a surprise he wants to drop on us or something."
"How can you tell?"
"He told us we would have to get dressed up for it."
"If it's some place fancy, are your sure your parents aren't
going to mind my tagging along."
"Well, my mom didn't seem upset about my asking. Besides, I think
she sort of expected me to ask since they knew we had a sleepover
planned for tonight."
"Good point. You ready for the school year to be over yet?"
"Are you kidding, I've been ready for this year to end since it
started." John laughed. The rest of the way to school the boys talked
about what their plans for the summer were.
David was greeted to a loud round of applause and laughter when
he walked into his classroom. Before he could ask what was going on.
Several of the boys stepped aside to let him see the blown up photo of
him and Seamus standing together in just the GoodNites that had been
modeling at the time. It shocked almost everyone in the room when David
broke out laughing at this.
"I, frankly, don't think they got my best side in that photo."
David quipped as he went up to the poster.
"If you guys want, I can sign it for you." he added a moment
later as he pulled out a pen. As he stooped over to sign the poster,
David felt someone grab his pants and pull them down exposing the Green
and Black striped Goodnite he had on. The sight of this got several of
the boys laughing and calling David a diaper boy.
"That was totally uncalled for." David said coldly as he pulled
his pants back up and turned to face the kid that pulled his pants
down. Before anyone knew what was happening David unleashed a right
cross at the kid that had pants'd him. Caught aware, the kid was
flipped over a nearby desk.
"Now does anyone else want to make something about my needing to
wear trainers?" David asked the class. No one said a word to this
confrontation after what they had just seen. Not even the boy that got
hit said a word as he took his seat. The poster was quickly taken down
and nothing more was said about it. A few minutes later Mr. Barrett
entered the room with a still sobbing Seamus.

"Unless I'm told right now who had put up that poster this entire
class is going to stay after class until such time as the person or
persons responsible step forward. With a short glance towards David,
several boys raised their hands and admitted that they were the ones
who had pulled the prank. The guilty parties were quickly sent up to
the principal's office. And the matter was dropped.
"I knew something like this was going to happen." Seamus told
David during recess that morning.
"Yeah, I know what you mean. Though, I wasn't expecting them to
pull my pants down." David admitted.
"You mean they got you too?" Seamus asked in shock.
"Yeah, and I decked the kid that did it too." David informed the
other boy.
"I wouldn't let them get to you. What's done is done. And if you
let them see that the jokes they make about the ads gets to you, then
they'll never stop. Besides, how many people in that class do you think
would have the balls to do what we did whether they need to wear them
or not?" David asked rhetorically. Seamus just nodded at this and had
to admit to himself that David was right, no one else in that class
would have been caught dead modeling diaper pants like they did.
"You feeling OK, Josh?" David asked when he saw his friend in
class later that morning.
"Yeah, I'm just feeling a bit run down." came the tired reply.
"I hope you get to feeling better soon." David commented as he
left to take his own seat as Mr. Barrett walked into the room. As the
day progressed, Josh began feeling more ill, but was determined to
stick the day out.
"Mr. Kelly this note was delivered for you during the passing
period." ,Mrs. Austin informed John as he entered the classroom, "And
in the future, I would appreciate if you would let your mother know
that I'm not a messenger service." she added coldly.
"How do you know it's from my mother?" John asked as he took the
offered note. It was then he saw that the seal the office normally
places on private notes had been broken.
"You opened the letter." He stated coldly.
"Of course I opened the letter. How else would I know it was from
your mother. Frankly, she should know better than to have a
secretary's, and my time for that matter, time taken up over such a
trivial matter as a sleepover. Now take your seat and we can start the
"Fuck you." John said as he shouldered his back pack again.
"What did you say to me young man?"
"You heard me, and if you didn't, I'll be more than happy to
repeat it for you."
"Get up to the office right now!"
"You better believe I'm going to the office! I plan on informing
Mr. Hays that you like taking the liberty of opening private notes
addressed to students." John told her coldly as he started for the
door. Just as he hit the door DJ started to come through it.
"Meet me at the front entrance after school." John informed him
as he stalked out the door muttering under his breath. Seeing that Mrs.
Austin was on the intercom, DJ assumed that they had another
"Mr. Kelly we really have to stop meeting like this." Mr. Hays
said a short time later as he escorted John into his office.
"I know what you mean sir. This time wasn't entirely my fault
though." John answered.
"I see. So your telling a teacher off was just a misunderstanding
"No sir, I meant that part. However, did Mrs. Austin tell you why
I said that?" John asked calmly.
"All she told me is that you became upset when she handed you the
note we sent down to her."
"Not exactly. I got mad because she had read the note you sent
down for her to hand me, and the fact that she felt it was her place to
say that her handing me the note was a waste of her time."
"How do you know she read the note before handing it to you? The
seal could have come open at some point.
"That is true. Of course her stating that the note was from my
mom and that the contents of were regarding a private matter that I had
only talked to my mom and one other person about made it very clear
that she had read it. She had also admitted to me, and in front of
several other people in the class, that she had read it.
"I see. Then you wouldn't mind if I called down to verify this
with those people?" Mr. Hays asked seeing if maybe this was just a ploy
John was trying to use to get out of trouble.
"Be my guest." John replied as he gave him several names; looking
his principal dead in the eyes as he did so.
"I'll be back in a moment." John was told as Mr. Hays got out of
his seat and walked out of the room.
"Well Mr. Kelly, everyone of the people you named verified what
you told me, so I'll just chalk your comments up as a misunderstanding.
I will however, have a long talk with Mrs. Austin about this matter.
You can have a seat out in the main area till your next class, If there
is nothing else?" Mr. Hays added when he saw the slight hesitation.
"Well, we were having a test today, and I was wondering if my
missing the class today will prevent me from having a chance to take
"I see. Normally, I would have to say yes, but given the
reasoning behind your walking out of the class, I'll give you the
chance to make it up after school.
"Uh..My family had plans set up that would prevent me from
staying late. If it's possible, may I come in during my 7th hour Study
"That would be acceptable. See Mr. Riggs at the beginning of that
period and we'll get it taken care of. And, I had better not find out
that you took the time to find out any answers." John was told sternly.
John nodded at this and after getting his book bag took a seat at the
table in the front office. He decided to take the extra time given to
him and study more for the test.
"What the hell was going on with you and Austin last period?" DJ
asked as John joined him for lunch.
"She took the liberty of reading a note the office sent down over
your staying over tonight. I got pissed at her and told her to bugger
off." John replied.
"That explains why you looked so ticked off when you walked past
me. So what was the verdict on the sleepover anyway?"
"You'll be coming home with me tonight. Everything has been set
up for you to join us for dinner."
"Cool. I'll need to stop by my house though so I can get some
clothes." DJ said with a smile.
"My mom already has everything taken care of." DJ nodded at this.
As the lunch period ended both boys took their trays up to the drop off
window and as they did so happened to pass their former tormentor.
"Hey Scott, I'd be careful, your shirt is starting to ride up
some." John said softly to the boy as he walked past. Both John and DJ
got a laugh at how quickly Scott dropped one of his hands to check his
"Gotcha." John chuckled as he walked off.
"That was really mean you know that?" DJ commented as they walked
"I get to do it next time." he added with a laugh.

The next hour went by quickly for John, but at the appointed time
he showed up at the Vice-principal's office. After being led into a
private room, John was handed the test and was told to begin. He
completed the test with time to spare so he got up and handed the test
in so he wouldn't be tempted to go back and change any answers. Once he
did this he finished the rest of the day in the same seat he had
earlier that day. Once the final bell rang he joined DJ in the front
hall and waited for his mom to get there.
"Sorry I'm late boys. Josh called and wanted me to pick him up
from school since he wasn't feeling well. I dropped him off at home
"That's OK Mum. We weren't waiting that long." John replied as he
buckled up.
"Has my mom dropped off my things yet Mrs. Kelly?" DJ asked from
the back seat.
"I told her not to bother since you and John are about the same
size." She replied with a grin. DJ just shook his at this. In the month
and a half since him and John had gotten their private wardrobe, they
had been sharing them more often than not during the few sleepovers
they had.
"So what is the big surprise dad has for us tonight?" John asked
a minute later in a vain attempt to get some information.
"I have no idea. For once, I'm as much in the dark as you are.
All your father said is that we were going out to someplace really nice
and we should dress for it. Which means suit and ties for both of you
"Aww mom not that." John complained.
"Well, if you boys would rather stay home with a sitter, I'm sure
we could set that up as well."
"That's OK. I'm sure John and I can suffer through one night
wearing a suit." DJ said quickly, before John could swallow his foot
any further. Mrs. Kelly just laughed at this.
"Did Mr. Kelly mention where were going to be going to?" DJ asked
out of simple curiosity.
"Yes, he said that it was a place downtown called the Peppercorn
Duck Club."
"I take it that's a very nice place?" Mrs. kelly asked when she
saw the shocked look on DJ's face.
"From what I've heard of it, it's the only 5-star place in town."
DJ informed her.
"Well then I guess suits are certainly in order." about this time
they pulled into the driveway of john's house.
"Now I want you boys to be quiet. Josh is resting and I want him
to stay that way until your father gets home." Both boys nodded at
"David this came for you today." Mrs. Kessler announced as she
handed her son an envelope.
"Cool, It's from the company that makes my GNs." David said
excitedly as he ripped open the envelope and started reading the
enclosed letter.
"Well, what does it say?" David was asked. With a small frown he
handed the letter over to his mom.
Dear Mr. Kessler,
This letter is to inform you that you have been chosen to model
the boys' line of GoodNites products in our upcoming television
commercials. If you are interested in participating in this event
please call the number below no later than May 15th. If you choose to
accept, and call the number in the allotted time, you'll be contacted
with further instructions.
David started laughing when he saw the look on his mom's face.
"You little faker." She laughed as she threw the letter back at
her son.
"Had you fooled there for a minute there though." David giggled.
"So do you want to go through with this then?" His mom asked
seriously. David didn't hesitate at all with his response.
"Yeah, I do."
"Ok then, I'll give them a call tomorrow and get things set up.
In the mean time, I think that this calls for a celebration." She told
him before calling for his brothers. With a quick afterthought, She
decided to give Caleb and his father a call to see if they would like
to join them in the celebration. While all this was going on, David
went up to his room to change into a dry pair of GoodNites and get some
of his homework done.
"Do you feel up to joining us Josh?" His mom asked a few hours
after having picked him up from school.
"I'm feeling a bit better. I think as long as I don't eat to much
I should be fine."
"I'm glad to hear that. I think the evening will be a lot better
if you did join us." Josh was told with a smile.
"Now why don't you go hop up on your changing table so we can
take care of that diaper of yours and you can go get a shower before
getting ready." With a nod, Josh got out of his bed and walked over to
his changing table.
As this was going on in Josh's room John and DJ were finishing up
their own shower. The two boys walked out of the bathroom just as Josh
was coming out of his room.
On entering John's bedroom again both boys saw that a suit had
been laid out for each of them.
"I guess your mom wasn't kidding about this being a dress up
dinner." DJ commented as he walked over to the bed to get a closer look
at the suit he would be wearing. He and John both started laughing a
bit when they saw that each suit was the exact opposite of the others.
"You think my mom is trying to give us a hint on something?" John
laughed as he walked over to his closet and pulled out two pairs of his
"I think she just might be." DJ chuckled in response as he
accepted the offered trainer and stepped into it after giving it a
light dusting of powder. A short time later, John and DJ made their
appearance downstairs, with Josh following a moment later.
"You boys look absolutely stunning." Mrs. Kelly said after taking
a closer look at each of them.
"Thanks." DJ replied in a some what embarrassed tone. John and
Josh just laughed softly at this.
"I think you might be right, mom." Erin said as she walked into
the room. On hearing this, DJ turned around and on seeing what Erin had
on let out a low whistle.
"You know Erin, wearing something like that is almost enough to
make me go straight." Everyone laughed at this comment, and laughed
even harder when John elbowed his boyfriend in the ribs a second later.
"You better watch it DJ or I might get mad. And we both know what
I can be like when that happens." John said in a joking tone of voice.
"Yes, Dear." Came DJ's whined reply. This got everyone laughing
again. Ten minutes later, Mr. Kelly arrived home and after a quick
change of clothes ushered everyone into the Family Minivan and headed
off to dinner.
"Now I'm sure you all are wondering what the special occasion is
for this little outing." Mr. Kelly said about two hours later.
"Well, I had been informed several days ago that I had won the
company's drawing for an all expenses paid Round the world cruise for
two." Stunned silence greeted his statement about the trip.
"After having talked it over with your mother, we thought it
would be a nice change of scenery for you to stay with your Uncle James
during the summer while we're on the trip. I know this might be a bit
to take in all at once, but we feel this would be a lot more enjoyable
for you kids than having a babysitter."
"What about my job?" Erin asked still a bit stunned by the news
she had just heard.
"We're looking into that. We hope to get things set up that
you'll be able to stay with Linda and her family over the summer so you
won't have to quit your job. And before you boys say anything, your
going to your Uncles is not open to negotiation." Mrs. Kelly said
before her sons could say a word. looking slightly downcast, John and
Josh kept quiet. The rest of the meal centered around what the trip was
going to be like and the different countries that were going to be
Things seemed to be going fine till the bug Josh had picked up
had chosen the trip home to make itself known again. With very little
warning, Josh's bowels cramped up and let loose in one very violent

Chapter 24

"Erin, when we get home would you mind taking care of Josh?" Mr.
Kelly asked his daughter as he rolled the windows down a bit to try and
dissipate the smell that was starting to emanate from his youngest
son's diaper. Through all this, Josh just sobbed quietly while John and
DJ tried to comfort him.
"C'mon Thumper, let's get you upstairs and into a clean diaper."
Erin said kindly while leading her little brother into the house. Josh
said nothing during all this, but it could be seen what happened had
embarrassed him greatly.
"I'm really sorry about all this trouble Erin." Josh mumbled as
he was helped up on to his changing table. Josh turned red again as his
bowels let loose again with another slightly audible fart. For her
part, Erin braced herself for what she was about to face when she
opened her brother's diaper. She groaned slightly when she was faced
with the full on slaught of what he brother had done.
"Josh, I think this would go a lot easier if you just went in and
got a shower to clean up. You might also try and use the toilet to
empty out whatever you might have left in you." Erin said with a slight
grin. Josh just nodded at this and after having his sister loosely pin
a towel on him he got off the table and head for the bathroom.
"Well that didn't take long." Mrs. Kelly commented as her
daughter walked by with the old diaper.
"It's not over yet. Josh did such a number, I though it would be
quicker for him to just wash off in the shower than to try and use
wipes on him." Erin replied as she walked past.
"By the way mom, do we still have any Imodium?" Erin asked as she
came back in from throwing out the old diaper.
"I think we do. Check in the Medicine Basket. If we don't, let me
know and I'll pick some up tomorrow while I'm out shopping." Erin
nodded at this and after finding some medicine for her brother walked
back up to his room to get things set up for Josh.
"Anything I can help with?" DJ asked as he and John walked in to
Josh's room after changing their own diapers and getting into some of
the Summer PJ's that John had gotten about a month back. Erin smiled at
the view of one teenager and one soon to be teen walking around in a
one piece sleeper with a thick diaper under them.
"I doubt it. I'm trying to figure out a way to diaper Josh so he
won't leak all over the bed tonight." Erin responded.
"He have the quirts?" John asked.
"Yes, and a major case at that."
"You could always Thick-stack him." DJ interrupted.
"What's that?" Erin asked with interest.
"Well, when my brothers or I get sick my puts us in a stack of 6
or 7 cloth diapers. Though with the Thickies That Josh uses I would say
that three or four would be about the same."
"That doesn't sound like that bad of idea." Erin said after
giving it some though. John started laughing at the thought of Josh
trying to walk while wearing three Thickies. About this time Josh
retuned from his shower and climbed back up on his changing table. With
how sluggishly he was moving Erin figured he was probably getting a bit
"Here take this." Erin told him as she handed Josh the medicine.
While he half-way expected this to happen, Josh looked at the clear
liquid with great distaste. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to get out
of not taking it, Josh downed it with one fast gulp.

"OK Josh, Lift up for a moment." Erin commanded as layered the
three Thickies diapers together.
"You're not really going to have me wear all three of those are
you?" Josh asked when he saw the pile of cloth his sister was getting
ready to slide under his raised butt.
"As a matter of fact, I am. This was the only thing I could think
of that might hold you through the night in case you have more
trouble." Josh was told plainly as he got his butt and balls lotioned
and powdered. Not feeling like arguing, Josh allowed Erin to put the
triple thick diaper on him without a fuss. John and DJ both chuckled a
bit when Josh tried to fit into his sleepers after getting down from
being changed.
"I guess you'll just have to use a T-shirt to sleep in tonight,
Kiddo." Erin laughed as she tossed her baby brother one of the T-shirts
he used during warm weather. With a nod of thanks, Josh pulled the
shirt on and climbed into bed. Just as Erin finished tucking him in,
Mrs. Kelly walked into the room holding a bottle of Pedialyte.
"Erin mentioned you looked a bit dehydrated, so I thought I would
bring this up to you." She told Josh while handing him the bottle and
giving him a quick kiss on the forehead.
"Thanks mom." Josh said as he took the bottle and dutifully put
it in his mouth.
"You're welcome. I'll check back on you a little later." Mrs.
Kelly said while escorting everyone else out of the room.
"I guess Josh must have been feeling off. I thought for sure he
would have fought getting placed in that thick of diaper. " John
commented as he and DJ walked in to his room.
"I did too, but I think things will be better for him in the
morning this way." DJ replied as he walked over to stretch out on the
bed while John picked out a movie for them to watch.
The rest of the evening went by quickly for the whole family.
With the kids in their rooms for the night, Mr. Kelly and his wife took
the time alone to make a list of the items them would need for the
"John this came for you while you were out back." Erin said the
next afternoon as she handed John the letter that had come for him.
"What is it?"
"It's a letter, but that's not important right now." Erin shot
back with a grim.
"Haha." John deadpanned as he took the envelope from his sister
and opened it.
"YESS!!" John yelled a few seconds later after scanning the
"What is it?" Erin asked picking up on the excitement.
"CKM choose me to take part in their upcoming ads and to help
them model and field test a new product they're coming out with this
summer." John answered while jumping around. With a huge grin John took
off to give DJ a call with the great news he had received. While he was
on the phone his parents had come home from their shopping and received
the news from Erin. Both of them congratulated John on being selected
for the ad shoot. By way of celebration, John was allowed to choose
what the evening meal would be. As the Kelly's celebrated, they had no
way of knowing the events that were already starting that would turn
their lives upside down once again.

Chapter 25

"You ready for the Finals today?" John asked DJ as they headed
towards their school for the final day of the year.
"Well, I'm not ready for the Finals, but I'm definitely ready for
this year to be done with. " came the chuckled reply.
"I know what you mean. This is one time I'm really looking
forward to Summer break."
"With what you have going on, I don't blame you. Though, what do
you plan on doing if anyone happens to see the ads you'll be showing up
in?" DJ asked his friend seriously.
"You know, I haven't really gave it much thought. I guess I'll
make something up if it happens."
"That could work." The boys spent the rest of the time walking to
school discussing what other things they'd be doing. John seemed
excited to hear about the camp that DJ was going to be going to.
Several hours later all the boys finished handing in their last
tests, and cleaning out their lockers for the last time of the year.
"Mom is it OK if I go down to the pool with DJ?" John asked
shortly after he got home from his last day of school.
"I guess that would be alright, but only if you have all your
homework done first." Mrs. Kelly replied wondering if her son would
actually fall for what she had just said.
"Very funny. Hahaha." John said after a moments thought about
what his mom just told him.
"Is it OK if I go though?" John asked again hoping to get a
straight answer this time.
"Just be home in time for dinner." On hearing this, John shot up
to his room and quickly changed into a pair of swim trunks and a pair
of shorts.
"Have fun John. I'll see you in a few hours." Mrs. Kelly called
as her middle son headed out the door totally unaware of how fate was
soon going to be tossing her family into turmoil once again.
"Damn John do you think you could have found anything smaller to
wear?" DJ commented when he saw the Speedos that John had on under his
"Well there is one thing that comes to mind, but I highly doubt
that they would let me swim like that." John replied with a small smile
and a wink.
"You have a real one track mind you know that?" DJ replied with a
laugh. John and DJ spent the next several hours horsing around in the
pool and only stopped once to watch a fight that had broken out in a
far corner of the pool. Once the fight was broken up and the instigator
of it expelled from the area, the fight was quickly forgotten.
"Hey DJ, do have the time?"
"Yeah, it's about five-fifteen. Why?"
"OH shit! I have to be home in fifteen minutes!" John exclaimed
as he head for the side of the pool and quickly got out. DJ decided to
leave as well since he only had a couple of minutes left before he need
to leave also. As the boys walked out of the front entrance to the pool
they saw a couple of the people that had been involved in the fight
"Hey John hold up a minute I need to tie my shoe." As DJ was bent
over tying his shoe, John saw something out of the corner of his eye
and turned his head to get a better view of it. Time seemed to slow
down at this point when John realized that a car with a gun sticking
out of the passenger side window was heading straight at them.
"GUN!!" John yelled as he started to throw himself in front of DJ
as the person in the car opened fire. It was over in a matter of
seconds, leaving two people dead and several wounded. Minutes after the
shooting the first ambulance and police officers arrived on the scene.
"Dan, you better get over here!" one of the paramedics called out
when he recognized who one of the people he was working on was.
"I'll be there as soon as I can!" Dan called back.
"You better get over here now. It's your brother." This statement
caused Dan's blood to freeze. After getting someone else to take over
what he was doing, Dan ran over to where the paramedic was and saw that
not only was his brother one of the injured, John was the other one.
"Aww, Fuck NO!" Dan swore as he knelt down to see what his
brother's injuries were. Like a man possessed, Dan started yelling out
orders to the medical personnel around him. Seeing that John was the
more serious of the two, the decision was made to place him on the Life
Flight Helicopter that was just landing.
"Which hospital is he going to?" Dan yelled over the sound of the
"We're taking him to Shawnee Mission Med." Came the reply. Dan
nodded at this and helped load John on to the helicopter. Once it was
away, Dan saw to the loading of his brother into the back of his
"Shit! we're losing him!" the paramedic in back called a few
minutes later as the heart monitor they had DJ attached to started to
flat line.
"Start CPR!" Dan called as he ripped open the conductor patches
for the defibulator.
"Charge to 150! And CLEAR!" Dan yelled as he triggered the
paddles he had against his brothers chest.
"Nothing, continue CPR and charge to 250!"
"Ready! And CLEAR!" the call came again as DJ's body jerked from
the current being forced through his body.
"Charge to 350! And CLEAR!" Dan called for the third time. With
this shock DJ's Heart restarted on a normal rhythm.
"You do that again, and I'll fucking kill you myself!" Dan swore
to his younger brother.
Minutes later, the ambulance pulled into the unloading bay and DJ
was quickly rushed into a Trauma room.
"I'm sorry Dan, but you'll have to wait outside." Dr. Bass
informed him.
"Damn it Doc, that's my brother in there." Dan shot back
"I'm aware of that. That's why I can't let you in." Dan was told
"All right. How's the other boy doing? He's my brothers friend."
"I don't know. You can go in and find out. Then I would suggest
you call your parents. I'm sure they would rather hear about this from
you than they would the police." With a nod, Dan turned to go into the
adjoining Trauma room. Just as he was about to enter the doors burst
open and Dan was forced aside as John was rushed to a waiting elevator.
"How's he doing Shelia?"
"Hey Dan. He's not doing very well at the moment. They lost him
twice on the way in, but if they can get the damage repaired quickly
enough then he has a strong chance of making it."
"Do you know if his family has been informed yet?"
"No, we're still trying to get an I.D. on him."
"Don't worry about it. I know the kid, and his family. I'll give
them a call right after I call my parents.
"Why do you need to call your parents about this?"
"Because DJ was the kid they just brought in, That's why."
"God Dan, I'm sorry I didn't know."
"It's OK. If you'll excuse me, I have some calls to make."
"You have reached 555-9806. We can't come to the phone right now,
but if you leave your name, number, and a short message we'll get back
to you as soon as we can." Dan heard the recording say.
"FUCK!" Dan thought as he started leaving a message.
"Mom, or Dad, This is Dan, give me a call at work as soon as you
hear this message. It's important!" With this done, Dan closed the line
out and called John's house.
"Hello?" a young voice asked.
"Josh? This is Dan, DJ's older brother. I need to talk to one of
your parents right now."
"Can I take a message? My mom is sleeping at the moment."
"Then wake her up! It's important!"
"OK, no need to get huffy. Hold on a minute." Josh said as he
cover the mouth piece.
"MOM! Dan's on the phone and says he needs to talk to you right
now!" Dan heard Josh yell.
"Hello?" A sleepy voice asked a minute later.
"Mrs. Kelly?" Dan asked to make sure he was talking to the right
"Yes. What do you need Dan?"
"There's been an accident, and I need you to come up to the
"Why? What happened?!" A somewhat shaky voice asked.
"I'd rather not tell you over the phone.
"You'll tell me now, Dan. Now what happened?"
"John was caught in the middle of a shooting. He's being taken up
to surgery now. The faster you can get here the better things will be."
"We'll be there in ten minutes."
"OK, I'll meet you at the E/R entrance." Dan told her as the
connection was cut off.
"Dear God, not again," Mrs. Kelly thought with a quick prayer.
"JOSH, ERIN, Get your shoes on now. We need to leave in 2
minutes!" Josh and Erin heard their mom yell. Sensing that something
was going on they quickly did as they were told and were standing by
the front door as their mom came charging down the stairs.
"Mom what's going on? Does this have anything to do with Dan
calling?" Josh asked. With only a slight shake of her head in answer
Mrs. Kelly ushered Josh and Erin to the car, and was on the road in
record time.
"Arthur Kelly, please. It's his wife." the receptionist was told
in a deceptively calm voice.
"I'm sorry, but Mr. Kelly is in a meeting right now, and can't be
"I don't care if he's meeting with the Pope. It's a family
emergency. Now get him on the phone." Barely a minute elapsed before
Mr. Kelly was on the phone.
"Janet, I hope this is important. I was in a meeting with the
president of the company."
"John's been hurt. I need you to meet me at Shawnee Mission
Medical Center as soon as you can."
"How bad?" Mr. Kelly asked with a shaken voice.
"Not over the phone." was his wife's only reply. Unfortunately,
these words spoke volumes about how grave the situation was.
"Dan, your mom is on line three." the duty nurse said while
handing Dan the phone.
"Thanks." Dan mumbled as he took the phone and punched the button
to bring up his call.
"What's up honey?"
"There's been an incident. I need you and dad up here as quickly
as you can."
"What happened?"
"This isn't something I want to explain over the phone. Could
you, please for once, accept that you need to follow my instructions?"
Dan replied a bit tersely.
"Fine, we'll be there as soon as your father gets home from
work." Dan was told just before his mom hung up on him.
"DAMN IT!" Dan cursed as he slammed the phone down. Just as he
did this he saw Mrs. Kelly come rushing in the door.
"Where's John?" She asked.
"They took him up to surgery about five minutes ago." Dan started
to say, when he saw the doors to the room his brother was being treated
in swing open and the doctors pushing him out towards the elevator.
"My god, DJ too? What happened?"
"They were coming out of the pool complex and got caught in the
middle of a drive by shooting." Mrs. kelly was told as Dan lead her,
Erin and Josh over to an elevator so they could go up to the surgical
waiting room.
"Tina, when my parents, and Mr. Kelly get here could you send
them up to Surgical?" Dan got a nod in response.
"SHIT! MOM! GET IN HERE!" Donn called just as he heard his mom
hang the phone up.
"Donn, I already have a headache so would you mind not yelling."
Donn ignored this and pointed towards the TV news report that had just
come on.
"Again, Two teens have been killed and four more wounded, two of
them critically in an apparent gang related shooting. No names have
been released at this time. I have just been informed that a home video
was taken at the time of the shooting. It should be ready in just a
moment." The reporter stated as the film started to run.
"And what does this have..." Donn's mom started before she
realized who two of the people in the video were.
"Sweet Jesus. Donn, go get your shoes on, and get Paul in here
now. I want you both to be ready to go in five minutes." Without taking
her eyes off the TV, Mrs. Morrison picked up the phone so she could
call her husband and let him know that he should meet her at the
They arrived at the hospital twenty minutes later, and after
being told where to go soon started one of the longest, and hardest
waits they had yet to endure.

Chapter 26

"Why didn't you tell me to begin with that DJ had been injured
When I talked with you on the phone?" Dan was asked after filling his
parents in on what had been going on.
"Because I know what your driving is like when you're upset." He
told his mother bluntly.
"And at the time, I wasn't sure whether, or not, he was going to
make it. I felt it was for the best to wait till you got here." he
added heatedly before his mother could respond to his first comment.
"Well, next time I ask you to give me some information, I damned
well expect you to give it to me!"
"Fine, but you might consider as well, that I just might know
more about what is going on and that it's better handled face to face
than over the phone." Dan shot back. Before the argument could go any
further, Mr. Kelly and Dan's father stepped between them.
"Dan, why don't you take a short walk, and let things cool down a
bit." His father suggested. With a nod, Dan turned around and walked
out the door.
Without much thought Dan soon found himself in one of the O/R
observation galleries. Looking down, he could see that it was John on
the table in the room below him. After saying a quick prayer for both
John and his brother, Dan sat down and started crying. Finally giving
in to the emotions that had been building up ever since he had started
working on his brother.
"Dan?" A voice called softly behind him.
"Wha?" Came the startled response.
"Oh, hey doc." Dan replied quietly when he saw that Dr. Bass had
walked in.
"Just thought you'd like to know, your brother is out of surgery
and is holding his own. Barring any complications, he should be just
"Thanks Doc. Have my parents been told yet?"
"Yeah, Cheryl just spoke with them a few minutes ago. I heard
about the argument you and your mom had. I think you guys should go
talk things over. I would suggest, though, that you change into some
clean clothes first." It was only with this comment that Dan had looked
down to see that both his shirt and pants were covered in large
splotches of blood.
"I see your point."
As Dan arrived back at the waiting room that his parents, and the
Kelly's were in, he saw that a doctor was talking to the Kelly's off in
a corner. Knowing that this was the post-surgery consultation, Dan
walked over to where is mom was sitting and sat down next to her.
"Mom, I want to tell you I'm sorry about some of the things I
said earlier. I was too caught up in what was happening with DJ to
really be thinking clearly." He told her with a slightly choking voice.
"It's OK, Dan. I wasn't exactly at my best either. Just so you
know, DJ made it through his operation just fine. The doctor said he
should be able to come home in about a week or two."
"That's good to hear. I was kind of worried when we lost him on
the way in."
"What do "lost him"?" Dan was asked by his mom.
"Didn't they tell you, DJ flat lined for about two minutes on the
way here."
"You mean we almost lost him?" came the almost inaudible response
to Dan's statement.
"No, I mean we did lose him. Luckily, we were able to get him
back." Mrs. Morrison collapsed into her son's arm as she heard this
As his mom was crying, Dan saw the doctor depart and Mr. and Mrs.
Kelly walk over to where his family was seated.
"How's John?" Dan asked.
"They said it was touch and go during the surgery, and he's still
listed as critical, but they feel that he should recover." Mr. Kelly
answered. Dan nodded at this.
"Would you mind watching Josh and Erin while we go up and see
John for a few minutes."
"Yeah go ahead." With a nod of thanks, the senior Kellys walked
out of the room.
A short time later, Dan took The younger Kellys and his brothers
to get something to eat. Know that it would be practically impossible
to drag the two sets of parents away from their sons' bedside he
decided to pick them up something to eat as well. Over dinner a thought
occurred to Dan about not having heard anything been said about whether
or not any of John's other family members had been told yet about what
had happened.
"Hey Erin, Do you know if any of your other family members had
been told yet about what happened?" Dan asked.
"I'm not sure if they've called my uncle yet or not." came the
somewhat subdued reply.
"OK, if you'll give me his number, once we get back to the
hospital, I'll give him a call." Erin nodded blankly at this. Dan took
this all in stride knowing full well the he was lucky to even manage
this much from them.
Dan was informed that both John and DJ had been moved to the
Pediatric I.C.U. while they were out. Once he made sure that his
brothers, Josh and Erin were as comfortable as they could be, Dan got
Erin's Uncle's number from her and went to make the call that he knew
was needing to be made.
"Chamberlain Residence." A young voice stated.
"Yes, may I speak with James Chamberlain, please." Dan answered.
"Just a moment." Dan heard the voice say. Less than a minute
later another voice came on the line.
"This is Lt. Col. Chamberlain. May I help you?" The new voice
"Yes, my name is Dan Morrison. I'm calling on behalf of your
niece, Erin."
"What's happened?"
"I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your nephew, John has
been seriously injured." Dan informed him.
"How did it happen?" James asked in a gruff voice.
"He was caught in the middle of a drive by shooting. He's
currently listed as Critical, but is expected."
"Why is that you're calling me and not one of John's parents"
"Both of your nephew's parents have been more than a little
preoccupied with how John's doing. I just recently found out from Erin
that you had not yet been told of what had happened, and since it was
my brother that John was protecting at the time he was shot, I felt
that it was my responsibility to call you."
"I see. How's your brother doing?" Dan was asked a second later.
"He should be fine once his injuries heal. If you'd like, I'll
put Erin on and she can give you some better information."
"Yes, Please do." After a moment of silence, James heard his
Erin's voice come over the line.
Dan saw Erin hang the phone up a few minutes later. Several hours
later both of John's and DJ's parents came into the waiting room.
"How are they?" Dan asked quietly so he wouldn't wake up josh,
Erin, or his brothers.
"As well, as can be expected." Mr. Kelly answered for the group.
"I just wonder what James will think?" Mrs. kelly thought out
loud. It was then that she had realized that she hadn't yet call her
brother the news of what had happened.
"Arthur, I haven't called James yet." Mrs. kelly started, while
looking around for a phone.
"I already called to let him know. I know it wasn't my place, but
when Erin mentioned during dinner that he hadn't been called yet, I
felt that given the circumstances that someone should call and let him
know what had happened. I hope you don't feel that it was out of place
for me to do this."
"No, Dan, it wasn't out of place for you to do this, and I thank
you for taking it upon yourself to make that call given the condition
that DJ is in at the moment." Mrs. Kelly however just nodded her thanks
as she gave Dan a hug to show her appreciation.
Over the next few weeks both the Kellys and Morrisons were
regular fixtures in the P.I.C.U. waiting room. DJ made rapid
improvement and was soon moved to a regular room and soon after that
was released to go home. John's recovery was a bit slower, but on the
day that DJ was released to go home, his condition was down graded from
"Critical" to "Serious". John was also moved off the I.C.U. ward.

Chapter 27

"Josh are you almost packed?" Mrs. Kelly asked one night shortly
before he and Erin were due to fly out to spend the rest of the summer
with his Uncle and his family in England.
"I just have a few more things to pack," Josh stated, but seemed
worried about something. Seeing this, Mrs. Kelly walked into the room,
and after moving Josh's suitcase to one side, sat down on his bed.
"Is there something else you wanted to talk about?" She asked her
son gently.
"I guess I'm just worried about Kelly, James, and Rich are going
to take my needing to wear diapers," Josh said gloomily.
"Or for that matter, how am I going to get enough diapers over
there to last me the rest of the summer," he added quietly.
"I've already talked to Maureen about that and she's set things
up for you to get a couple of cases of the Tenas while you're over
there. As for what your cousins will think, they've already been told
about it and understand why you need them. Now why don't you go climb
into the shower while I finish getting you packed. You'll be needing to
get up early tomorrow for your flight." This last statement brought
Josh up short.
"What flight? I thought we didn't leave for Uncle James till
"That's true, but you have that photo shoot in Boise over the
weekend, remember?"
"I thought that was cancelled since John couldn't make it."
"Well, after a sense it was, but I also sent in a form for you
just in case John was unable to make it for some reason. Now go hop
into that bath, like I told you," Mrs. Kelly said with a laugh at the
shocked look on her son's face. Josh Jumped slightly when his mom gave
his bare butt a slight slap as he walked past.
A similar scene was playing out with David and his mom.
"Haven't you finished packing yet, David?" Mrs. Kessler asked on
seeing her oldest son stretched out in bed reading a book.
"Yes mom, I did. My bags are already out in the car, remember?"
David replied with a smile knowing the real reason behind his mother's
"Then you better get in and get a shower before going to bed,
since you won't have the time in the morning."
"I got my shower right after dinner, remember? And before you say
it, I just got done making sure that Brandon and Tyler have had theirs
as well," came the tired reply.
"Well, make sure that you all get to bed early tonight and don't
give Mrs. Timmons any trouble, OK?"
"Mom, will you relax already? This isn't the first date you've
been on and Tim seems like a really nice guy," David replied with a
smile. He started giggling a bit when his mom jumped when the doorbell
went off.
"Now, I want you kids to have fun tonight and try not to stay out
too late," David quipped as his mom went to answer the bell. A few
minutes later, Caleb entered his room.
"I hope I don't act like that when I start dating," Caleb replied
as David told him how his mom was acting before Caleb, his dad, and
Aunt arrived.
"I don't think we will, but I wouldn't be too shocked if our
girlfriends do," While neither of the boys showed any real interest in
girls yet, they both knew deep down it was only a matter of time. All
four of the boys spent the next several hours playing video games.
Shortly before Ten O'clock, Bev came in and announced that it was time
for them to go to bed.
"Josh, you better get a move-on. Mom's going to be really hocked
if she has to come in again and tell you to get ready." Erin informed
her little brother early the next morning.
"I'm going as fast as I can," came the yawned reply, as Josh
climbed out of bed. To save time, Erin escorted her brother over to his
changing table and started to remove night diapers.
"Well, this is a surprise," Erin stated as she pulled down the
soaked diapers.
"What's a surprise?"
"For the third morning in a row, you've managed to not leave any
extra packages for me to deal with," came the chuckled reply.
"I guess the doctor was right about my regaining some of my bowel
control," Josh mumbled sleepily.
"It seems so. Why don't you go to the restroom real quick before
I put a clean diaper on you," Josh was told as his sister finished
wiping off the stale pee from the night before. While Josh was in the
bathroom Erin laid out the clothes Josh would be needing for the day.
Josh re-entered his room just as Erin finished laying a clean
diaper out on the table. Without a word, Josh hopped up onto the table
and spread his legs to allow Erin to apply some lotion and powder to
his neither region. Minutes later, Erin was giving her baby bother a
slight slap on the thigh to let him know he could get up from the table
and get dressed.
"I expect you downstairs in five minutes." Josh was told as Erin
left the room.
Caleb, David, and his brothers were going through a similar
routine at the same time, though a bit more hectic since there were
Three boys in need of changing instead of just one.
"Mom, can you toss me one of Brandon's diapers?" David asked
while his mom was in the process of changing her middle son.
"Sure, but why?" Mrs. Kessler asked as she tossed over the
requested diaper.
"Caleb forgot to keep out an extra one for this morning and all
the bags are in the car already." David explained as he caught the
diaper and left the room.
"Here you go, Tim," David said as he handed over the diaper he
had in his hand.
"Thanks, David," Tim replied as he turned back around to finish
diapering his son for the morning. While this was going on, David took
off the soaked GoodNite that he had on. After cleaning himself off with
a wipe, he spread out one of his own diapers and sat down on it. He
quickly taped it up after giving it a healthy dusting of powder.
"OK Caleb, you're all set. Finish getting dressed and I'll meet
you downstairs," Mr. Jansen told his son. David got a smile as Mr.
Jansen walked by him and saw the diaper David was wearing.
"I didn't know you wore diapers during the day, also," Caleb said
as he reached for his pants.
"Normally, I don't. I just find them easier to use when
traveling," David explained.
"By the way, I have to say that Brandon's diapers sure seem to
fit you a lot better than the ones you normally use."
"Tell me about it. The size I normally wear is really starting to
get a bit snug. I've commented on this to my dad, but he wants to
finish up the supply I have right now before he goes to the next larger
size," David was told with a slight shrug. David nodding knowingly at
this. Remembering how his mother was the same way at times.
Inside of twenty minutes of each other, both families were making
their way to the airport. Josh was a bit disappointed that his parents
weren't going to be coming with him and Erin, but understood why.
"Josh, I want you to be sure to mind what Erin tells you over the
weekend. I also don't want to hear of you giving your Aunt or Uncle any
trouble over the summer. Do I make myself clear?" Mrs. Kelly asked
while giving her son "the look".
"Yes, mum, I know," Josh replied with a tired tone, having
already heard this speech several times before in the last couple of
days. Letting the tone of the comment go Mrs. Kelly gave both of her
kids a final hug, and promised to keep in touch during their cruise,
before they entered the terminal.
The flights were uneventful for both David and Josh. Of course,
both boys had more on their minds at the time then what was going on
around them.
"Do you know if we're supposed to be met?" Josh asked as he and
Erin walked off the plane.
"I would have to say that we will be," Erin replied pointing
towards a man holding a sign baring their names.
"I'm Erin Kelly," Erin told the person holding the sign.
"I'm James Carter. I'll be escorting you and your brother to your
hotel. Do you have any bags to claim?"
"Yes, we do," Erin replied as they were led to the baggage claim
area. After getting their bags, Josh and Erin were led outside to a
waiting car. Very little was said during the twenty minute ride to the
hotel they were being lodged at
"You'll find an itinerary for the next several days in your
room," Erin was informed as James handed her the key to their room.
"Thank you," came the reply, as Erin accepted the offered key.
"Oh, and before I forget, you'll need to be back down in the main
lobby by 12:30. A bus will be waiting at that time to pick Josh, and
the other kids doing the ads, up for a luncheon at our corporate
office. After which, they'll be given a tour of the production
facility." Erin again nodded at this, as she escorted Mr. Carter to the
door. Erin smiled a bit on seeing that Josh had already climbed into
one of the beds and was fast asleep. After doing a quick diaper check
on her brother, Erin climbed into the other bed and after setting the
alarm fell asleep as well.

Chapter 28

"Wha...!" David exclaimed sleepily as he was jarred awake when
his plane touched down.
"It's nothing ,David. We're just landing," his mom told him.
"Oh OK," came the reply as David stretched as best he could in
the tight confines of his seat.
"You'd think that after having airplanes for so long they'd be
able to make more comfortable seats," Mrs. Kessler chuckled a bit at
this comment, but inwardly agreed with it totally. Fifteen minutes
later the Kessler-Jansen group walked off the plane and was met by a
driver for Kimberly-Clark. Everyone was more than a little shocked to
find the car that was sent to pick them up turned out to be a limo.
"Aren't we going to the hotel first?" Mrs. Kessler asked as she
saw a group of buildings rise up as they crested a hill.
"No, ma'am. I was informed to bring you straight here from the
airport," the driver informed them. Knowing that it was useless to
argue this with a person that was just doing what they were told to do,
Mrs. Kessler sat back in her seat.
"I'm sure they'll explain everything when we get there," Tim
stated as he took her hand in his. Carol just smiled at this and
relaxed some, but still wished they could have stopped by the hotel
first so they could at least get the boys cleaned up for the meeting
they were going to be having. Several minutes later the car rolled to a
stop and was met by an older gentleman.
"Mrs. Kessler, I'm Richard Harris, Head of Advertising," Mr.
Harris told them while leading them inside.
"I've had a small buffet set up for you and the three kids, and
their families. They should be arriving in just a short while, and then
I'll be going over what David and your other sons will be doing over
the course of the next week," Mr. Harris started to go on, but was
politely interrupted.
"Sorry for interrupting you, but is there a place where the boys
could get a chance to *freshen* up?" Noticing the extra stress placed
on the key word, Mr. Harris nodded and showed them to a set of
restrooms. Fifteen minutes later, the boys and their parents emerged
looking a bit more comfortable than when they went in. By the time they
got to the meeting room the other boy and two girls and their families
had arrived. David started chuckling when he saw that the other boy
happened to be the one who seemed to have caused the most disruptions
at the last shoot.
"I'd like to thank you all for coming here today, and to
congratulate our four lucky finalist," Mr. Harris stated as David took
his seat with the other kids.
"You'll each find a packet with your name on it in front of you.
Inside the packet you'll find an itinerary for the coming week as well
as a list of certain rules that you'll be asked to follow while you're
on the property. I must stress at this time that any of you found
breaking any of the rules will be asked to leave immediately. While I
hope this doesn't happen, I won't hesitate to do so if it is deemed
necessary. Is this understood?" All four of the kids nodded their
understanding. Over the next two hours they were walked through what
was going to be happening over the course of the next week.
"Now then, I'm sure by now you've all noticed the sealed envelope
that was also in your packet this is a surprise for the end of the
week. However, there is one catch. The contents of the envelope have
not yet been validated. All you have to for it to get validated is to
turn the envelope back over to us at the end of the week unopened,"
they were told with a grin.
"Now if you follow Mr. Ross here we'll get started," Mr. Harris
told them as he stepped off the podium. David and the other three at
the table got up and headed towards where Mr. Ross was waiting.
"David, Tim and Caleb will be going with you while you're here
today. They've asked Brandon and Tyler to cut a few more print ads and
commercials. This, unfortunately, is done in another building than the
one you'll be in. They'll know where to get me if there are any
problems," Carol told her oldest son. David accepted this since he knew
it was going to be happening.
"Josh, it's time to wake up," Erin said while shaking her
"OK,OK. I'm up." came the groggy reply. Josh was soon pulling off
his diaper before jumping into the shower. He was a bit disappointed to
find that he was a bit messy, but accepted it.
After getting his shower and getting dressed he and Erin decided
to look around the hotel a bit before heading to the lobby. They were
both impressed by the size of the pool and game room that was offered
and after playing games for almost an hour headed down to the lobby.
Josh was surprised to see almost a dozen other boys standing around
from some of the bulges he could see he knew they were hear for the
same reason he was. He quickly made his way over to a group of four
boys that looked to be about his age and started a conversation. Erin
did the same with some of the older girls see saw. A few minutes before
the appointed time a bus pulled up to the main entrance.
"OK, as I call off your name I'd like you and your family members
to step forward and board the bus after you've been checked off," Mr.
Carter informed them. Ten minutes later the last name was called, and
five minutes after that the bus was moving.
"So how long have you been wearing diapers?" one of the boys Josh
had been talking to in the hotel asked as the bus pulled out.
"About six months. I was sick over last Summer and that caused me
to gradually lose control. How about you?"
"About six years. My parents got fed up with all the wetting
accidents I had been having and decided that it would just be better to
put me back into diapers." After looking around to see if his mom was
out of earshot, he continued, "Actually, they weren't accidents at all.
I was doing it on purpose hoping I would get put back in diapers. While
I can't stand messing in them, for some reason I just love the way a
wet diaper feels." Josh was told quietly. For his part, Josh started
"By the way, that's a cool-looking scar you have. How'd you get
it?" the boy asked.
"Thanks, and I had a slight disagreement with a kid at my
school," Josh answered politely, but toning his answer to request the
kid to drop the subject. Getting the hint, the conversation was steered
on to other topics. Thirty minutes later the bus pulled into the CKM
building complex.
Everyone was soon being led into a large conference room.
"If I could have your attention please, I've just been informed
that you'll be having a special speaker for this program. If I could
have you give a warm welcome to Mr. Chris Barrett. Chris is our
Regional Head of Advertising and Editor-in-Chief of DQ Magazine. Chris,
the floor is yours."
"Thank you, Jim," Chris stated as he took the microphone.
"I'd like to start off giving a bit of history about the company.
For those of you who are already familiar with this, please bear with
me while I explain it to those present who aren't," Chris started.
"CKM Inc. has been in business for almost Twenty-Five years now.
They started off primarily making kids clothes. About fifteen years ago
they started looking into expanding into other areas. One of these
areas happened to be baby diapers. They began with cloth diapers and
slowly edged into the disposable market. After several years of this
they began taking note of all the requests they were getting from
parents about the possibility of producing a larger sized diaper for
older kids. The rest, they say, is history," Chris added with a smile.
This line got polite laughter from the parents, but real laughter from
the kids.
"The rest of your day here will be spent taking a tour of the
plant where the diapers are made. As well as a tour of the testing area
where we make sure that Thickies are still one of the best and thickest
diapers made in the country. Thank you and have a good time," Chris
told them as he handed them back over to Mr. Carter.
The next several hours were spent touring the plant. The area
that got the most comments was the testing area where the kids got to
see all of the current products as well as ones that were still in the
planning stage. All to soon the group was boarding the bus again for
the ride back to their hotel.

Chapter 29

"You guys look like hell, you know that?" John stated tiredly
startling his parents and DJ out of a sound sleep.
"You should be talking," DJ shot back before he turned his head
so John wouldn't see him crying.
"It's OK, DJ, I'm going to make it," John said softly while
taking one of DJ's hands in his own.
"I know, but if it hadn't been for my stopping to tie my damned
shoe then you wouldn't have been shot," DJ told his boyfriend before
breaking down entirely.
"I don't want to hear any of that crap, DJ. If it's anybody's
fault, it's mine. Had I kept better track of the time then neither of
us would have been near there when the shooting happened." Seeing his
mom start to say something about his last comment, John held his hand
up to stop her before continuing.
"The fact of the matter is, DJ, that neither of us are at fault
for what happened to us. It's just a matter of being in the wrong place
at the wrong time," John stated plainly.
"How are you doing otherwise?" DJ was asked.
"I'm still a bit sore, but the doctors say my wounds are healing
nicely and should heal with no lasting problems. I Just want to say..."
DJ said quietly before he say John waving his hand again.
"You don't need to say it, DJ. I already know. I also know that
you would have done the same if our positions had been reversed."
Before John could say another word DJ bolted from the room crying. Mrs.
Kelly followed a moment later to make sure he was all right.
"I'm sorry to have put you guys through all this," John stated
quietly before breaking down himself.
"There's no reason for you to be sorry. You were willing to give
your life for the person you love. Your mother and I can't fault you
for that. We both know how miserable you would have been had you not
done what you did. I'm just glad that both of you are going to
survive," Mr. Kelly informed his son with a choking voice as he
gathered the boy into a tight hug.
A moment later DJ and Mrs. Kelly reentered the room. Followed a
second later by John's doctor.
After giving john a quick exam and making a quick note on the
chart he was carrying, he broke the news.
Well, John, barring any further complications, we should be able
to release you inside of the next week or two. You'll be very tired for
while and I'll have to insist on complete bed rest for the first month
after your release. I can't stress how important it is for you to take
things easy during this time." John just nodded at all this.
"Excuse me, doctor, but what about the other problem?" Mrs. Kelly
"Yes, I was just coming to that part. The other thing John, is
that due to some of your injuries, you'll have problems with your
toileting needs." John was told cryptically.
"What? I'll need to use a bedpan or something?" John asked. The
doctor stammered for a few minutes trying to think of the best way to
explain things.
"Will you just tell what you're talking about!?" John asked in
annoyance at the round about answers he was getting from his doctor.
"What your doctor is trying to say John, is that for the time
being you'll have little to no control over your bladder or bowels. And
that you'll be needing to wear diapers again during this time," John
was informed by his mom.
"Why didn't you just say that to begin with? How long will this
be for?" John asked his doctor pointedly.
"It shouldn't be for more than a couple of months, but we have no
way of knowing for sure. While we are almost positive that you'll
regain total bowel control and most of your daytime bladder control,
we're sorry to say that due to the damage your bladder received you'll
probably never regain night time bladder control." John startled
everyone, but most of all his doctor, by laughing at this news. While
this was going on, the doctor was informed that John already had a
problem with nighttime wetting and this was nothing new to him. The
doctor nodded at this and quickly left the room while saying that a
nurse would be in to give john his afternoon medication and to see if
he needed to be changed. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly nodded at this and followed
the doctor out so the boys could have some private time between
"How was your visit with John?" DJ's mom asked as he walked
through the door.
"He's doing better. They expect to be able to release him in the
next week or two. Unfortunately, I'll already be at camp by the time
they get ready to send him home and he'll be back in England before I
get back," DJ told her glumly.
"I know that you're going to be missing him, but at least he's
still alive. Now why don't you go up and rest a bit before dinner. I'll
let you know when it's ready."
"OK." came the reply as DJ turned and started up the stairs to
his room.
"What do you think you're doing in here!?" DJ demanded when he
walked into his room and saw his younger brother doing something with
his computer.
"I wanted to try out a game that I got from a friend and when I
loaded it the system shut down. I was trying to get the game disk out."
"Damn it Donn, haven't I told you before to leave my computer
alone without asking me first!" DJ yelled as he pushed his brother away
from the keyboard.
"Thanks a lot, you little shit! You just crashed my system!
Didn't you do a virus check on the disk before you tried loading it?"
"I didn't think I needed to worry about it. I trust the person I
got the game from. It's not my fault it caused your system to crash,"
Donn shot back as he started to leave the room.
"You're not going anywhere till you fix the damage you caused!"
DJ shouted as he pushed his brother back down into the chair he had
just vacated.
"I'm going to yell for mom, if you don't stop pushing me around
you damned fag!" Donn exclaimed as he got out of the chair.
"What did you just call me?" Donn was asked in a low, cold voice.
"I called you a fag. With what I saw you and John doing a while
back, you must be a FAG." Donn shot back. Before Donn knew what was
going on he was flipping over the bed he had moved in front of during
the last few moments of the argument.
"What the hell is going on up here?" the boys' mom yelled as she
walked in and saw Donn getting up off the floor and walking back
towards his brother.
"My brother the Fag hit me," Donn announced without considering
who he was responding to. Without a word being said DJ quickly advanced
on his brother, and hit him with enough force to flip the younger boy
over the near by chair.
"Back Off DJ!!" his mother yelled as she went over to check on
the younger boy.
"DJ, you stay here while I get your brother taken care of." DJ
was commanded tersely by his mother as she escorted the other boy from
the room.
"Now then, do you want to tell what the sam hill started this
fight?" Mrs. Morrison asked her older son when she called him
"The fag hit me for no reason," Donn piped in before his brother
could answer. In response to this, DJ put a right cross to the side of
his brother's head making the boy fall out of his chair.
"DJ! Donn! Both of you quit this right now! Donn, get an Ice Pack
from the freezer for your eye and go to your room till you're called,"
Mrs. Morrison told her younger son
"But..." Donn started.
"Donn, get to your room. Now." he was told softly. Several
minutes later they heard the door to Donn's room slam shut.
"Now then DJ, do you want to tell me what the hell was going on?"
His mom asked him. Over the next several minutes DJ explained to his
mom what had happened to start the fight. About the time DJ finished
this portion of the story his father and older brother walked through
the door.
"Pat we're home. Are you and the boys ready to go?" Her husband
asked as he walked into the room.
"Not quite. Donn, and DJ got into a slight disagreement and I've
been trying to sort things out. Speaking of which, Dan would you mind
going up and giving Donn a once over so we can decided whether or not
we have to take him to the Emergency Room," Dan just nodded at this and
left the room.
"Pat I wouldn't call things a 'slight disagreement' if we might
have to run Donn to the e/r. Do you want to tell me what happened now
or later?" Mr. Morrison asked his wife.
"I think I was just about to get to the main reason behind the
punches that were thrown. Well, DJ you were going to add why you got so
upset about some of the terms used."
"I think you already know why," DJ mumbled softly through
building sobs.
"Anything wrong?" Dan asked as he came back into the room to see
DJ crying softly.
"I think we may have just gotten confirmation about that topic
you, your father, and I had a while back," Dan was told while his mom
nodded gently towards DJ.
"Oh that, OK. Not meaning to change the subject, but I just
thought you'd want to know that aside from a bloody nose, split lip,
and a left eye that's swollen shut, Donn's doing fine. I don't think
the eye is anything to worry about, but you might want to have Dr.
Henderson look at it at Donn's check-up tomorrow."
"OK, thanks Dan. Now, what to do about you and Donn," Mr.
Morrison said as the initial shock of what had just been confirmed
started to wear off.
"DJ why don't you go up to your room for the time being, while we
try to sort things out," Mrs. Morrison stated. With a nod, DJ got out
of his chair and headed of to his room without being able to look
either his parents, or brother in the eye as he walked past.
Two hours later the boys were called back downstairs by their
"Before we start, I going to tell you both that I don't want to
hear a word out of you while either I or your mother is talking. Is
this understood?" Mr. Morrison told his sons sternly. Donn and DJ just
nodded at this.
"OK then. Donn, for using DJ's computer without his permission
and causing it to crash, you're grounded from all of the computers for
the next month. You'll also forfeit all your allowances until such time
as the cost of the repairs to your brother's computer has been paid off
along with an additional $200.00 penalties to hopefully teach you to be
more careful about these sort of things in the future. Furthermore,
you're grounded in the house for the next three weeks for the name you
insisted on calling your brother," Mrs. Kessler informed her next to
youngest son.
"You can't be serious! I'm getting grounded for calling DJ the
fag he is?!" Donn exclaimed in shock.
"Six weeks, and watch your mouth," Donn was told by his father
"This really sucks!" Donn yelled back.
"Three months. And I would suggest you keep your mouth shut,"
Donn was told by his mom.
"This is a major crock. Thanks a lot, queer bait," Donn shot to
his older brother. Before DJ had a chance to respond to what his
brother called him, his father was out of his chair and dragging Donn
off to his room. Minutes later the whole family could hear the spanking
that Donn was receiving.
Ignoring the yells that were coming from upstairs, Mrs. Morrison
turned her attention to her remaining son.
"DJ, while your father and I can understand why you hit you
brother, we can't condone what you did. For your part of the fight,
you're grounded for two weeks without allowances. I know this wasn't
the way that you wanted us to find for certain about your being gay,
but I just want you to know that your father and I still love you, and
we'll be here if you ever need to talk. OK?" DJ just nodded to this
while crying softly. Saying nothing, Mrs. Morrison got out of her seat
and went over to comfort her son.
While all this was going at home, Josh, David, and David's
brothers were finishing up their summer jobs.

Chapter 30

Early the next morning the boys were getting roused from their
beds so they could get ready for the coming day. As expected, all the
boys were proving hard to get out of bed at such an early hour.
"Josh, if you aren't out of the bed by the count of ten other
actions will be taken," Erin told her baby bother for the last time. In
response, Josh just turned over so his back was facing her. Without
saying a word, Erin went over to the bed picked her brother up, and
carried him into the bathroom. After setting the still sleeping boy in
to the tub, she turned to cold water on full. Had anyone been passing
by the room at that moment all they would have heard was the high
pitched yell made by someone getting sprayed with ice cold water.
"Now then, you have fifteen minutes to get cleaned up and dried
off," Erin said as she walked out of the room so her brother could get
out off his now overflowing night diaper and get cleaned up for the
While this was going on, David's mom was having a similar problem
getting her youngest boys to wake up.
"Brandon, you and Tyler have one minute to get out of bed before
I come in their and drag you out of I," Mrs. Kessler called from the
sink area just off the main room as David came out of the bathroom.
"I'll get them up if you want to finish getting dressed, mom,"
David informed her as he walked past.
"If you don't mind, that would be helpful."
"It'll be my pleasure," came the chuckled reply. Less than a
minute later she heard both of her younger sons start yelling as they
were bodily pulled from the bed.
"All right, quiet down in there! Brandon, Tyler, stop your
yelling and get in here and get cleaned up. We've got a long day ahead
of us and we're running behind already," Mrs. Kessler said as she
walked in the room. Giving their older brother one last dirty look, the
two boys trudged into the bathroom to get the shower they had been told
to. David just smiled a bit at this and started to get dressed.
A short while later all the boys were heading down from their
respective hotel rooms to begin a long day of fun.
"OK boys, as you have probably heard, Thickies has a new product
being tested. Three of you have already been chosen to model and field
test the new item. With your feedback we hope to have it ready to be
released in time for next summer. As you all know, Thickies has a tape-
on swim diaper. Well, we've recently been looking into a pull-up
version of the same thing. Aside from being a pull-up, the another
major difference with these pants will be the fact that they are
designed that they can be worn either alone, or under normal swim
trunks." Josh and the other boys were being informed while having
breakfast in the same conference room. On hearing this, Josh commented
to the boy sitting next to him how better something like this would be
since he wasn't all that fond of having people find out that he needed
to wear diapers. The boy nodded in agreement to this.
"Since we were having a hard time trying to decide who would get
the privilege of getting to be the first to model this product we
decided to do it the simple way. I'm going to ask you all to open up
the envelope that you were handed when you got here this morning.
Inside you'll find a normal 3 by 5 card. If your card has an orange
sticker on it, then you'll be one of the people to model and test this
new item. You may open the envelopes now." Josh was shocked to find
that his card had the aforementioned sticker as did the boy next to
"I guess this means we're in," Josh said with a small laugh.
"Looks that way. I just wonder what the swim pants look like."
"I'm sure we'll find out soon enough," the owner of the third
card mentioned. A short time after this the breakfast broke up, and the
kids were separated into their individual groups depending on whether
they were going to be modeling the cloth or disposable versions of
"OK, Joshua, we'll need you to take off your shirt for the next
shot," The photographer informed him.
"Uh, is there a way I could skip that one?" Josh asked
"No. Now please take the shirt off," Josh was asked sternly.
"I'm sorry. I can't," Josh responded. Knowing full well that he
could be asked to leave the set for what he was doing.
"Listen kid, If you don't take the shirt off right now, I'm going
to come over there and remove it for you. Is that understood!?" The
photographer told him, clearly losing his temper. As before, Josh
refused to remove his shirt. With this, the cameraman lost his temper
and came over to try and forcibly remove the T-shirt Josh had on. The
commotion this caused got the attention of several of the senior people
that were nearby to see how things were going.
"What the hell is going on over here?" One of the men that had
come over yelled.
"Sorry, Mr. Barrett, but the little brat wouldn't remove his
shirt like I asked him to, so I was trying to remove it for him," The
cameraman replied a bit too heatedly.
"I'll ask you kindly to lower your voice and to watch what you
call the models. Understood?" Chris told the photographer in a slightly
cold voice.
"Yes sir, but..." The man stopped speaking when Chris raised one
of his hands.
"Steve, would you take Mr. Kelly up to my office. I'll be there
in just a few minutes. And ask Mrs. Stevens if she would mind doing a
quick diaper change," Chris added when he saw the condition of the swim
pants that Josh had on.
"Yes sir," Steve replied to his boss and motioned for Josh to
follow him. Figuring that this would be where he got released from the
photo shoot, Josh quietly followed the other man. After getting a quick
diaper change. Josh found himself sitting in a rather large office that
overlooked the area where the photo shoot was taking place.
"Would you like to explain your actions, Mr. Kelly, and why we
shouldn't send you home for this?" Josh was asked when Chris entered
his office a few minutes later.
"I can't think of any reason why you should keep me on for the
rest of the shoot," Josh replied softly, totally ignoring the first
part of the question.
"I see. Would you mind telling me though, why you refused to
remove your shirt when you were asked?" Josh was prompted. Thinking it
would just be easier to show why he was reluctant to take his shirt off
for the picture, Josh removed his shirt.
"It's all right Josh, you can put your shirt back on," Chris said
after several long seconds.
While Josh put his shirt back on, Chris looked down at the file
in front of him and all of a sudden made a connection as to why Josh
seemed so familiar to him.
"Josh, I know that this is probably none of my business, but
would you mind telling me what school you go to?"
"Pawnee. Why?"
"And do you know a Matt Simmons?"
"There's a Matt Simmons in one of the other classes. Why do you
want to know?" Josh responded a bit confused at these questions.
"I was just curious. Matt happens to be one of my nephews. He
told me what happened at your school earlier this year, and after
seeing the scars you have, I figured out why your name seemed so
familiar to me." Josh nodded to this, as Chris continued talking.
"I heard about what happened to your brother last month. How's he
"He's doing fine. They expect to be able to let him come home in
another week or two. He was the one who was originally chosen to do the
"Yeah, I know. I was the one who had picked the models. I was
looking forward to meeting him after having read some of the letters he
had sent in. Which reminds me, I have something here I would like you
to give him when you see him next." Chris said with a smile as he took
a stack of CDs from his desk.
"I think that maybe these will help cheer him up some. Just tell
him that the pics in the private section are not to be distributed in
any way," Josh was told firmly as he was handed the disks.
"So what's going to happen to me now?" Josh asked as he accepted
the disks.
"We'll just chalk this up as a misunderstanding. In a sense, I
should be thanking you. I've been trying to find a way to fire that guy
for some time," Chris stated as he got up from his chair. Several
minutes later, Josh was joining the other models and their families in
the dining hall.
"Where have you been? I was told you had some trouble with one of
the photographers, and had to have a talk with one of the people
running the shoot," Erin asked her brother as Josh sat down.
"Yeah, I kind of refused to talk off my shirt for one of the
pictures and the guy taking them tried to remove it forcefully," Josh
told her.
"Everything has already been handled though," Josh added quickly
when Erin started to get out of her seat.
"All right, but what about you having to talk to the person
running the shoot?" Erin inquired of her brother.
"That's true also," Josh said as he started to fill his sister in
on what happened in Chris's office.
"You know, that you could have been sent home for what you did,
don't you?" Erin said tiredly a few minutes later.
"Yeah, I know."
"OK, because you weren't, I'm going to be nice and not mention
this to mom. I just have to say that you better get used to people
seeing those scars of yours because you're going to be carrying them
around for a very long time. Aside from all this, how has everything
been going?" Erin asked.
The rest of the day went by smoothly for Josh and the rest of
the models. The word had been passed around that Josh wasn't to be
forced to remove his shirt if he didn't want to. In the cases where his
shirt would have been taken off, Josh was handed a under-sized T-shirt
with the Thickies logo on it to wear instead. Erin was more than a bit
surprised when Chris came down to see them both off at the end of the
shoot, and told Josh that he would send a copy of the pics to him once
they were developed.
"C'mon Josh or we're going to be late getting to the airport,"
Erin called as she finished closing her suitcase.
"I'll be right out." Josh called in reply. Several minutes later
he exited the bathroom naked from the waist down.
"Well, let's get you padded up and get going," Erin said as she
quickly went about getting a clean diaper placed on her brother. Once
the last tape had been fastened, Erin tossed josh a pair of slacks to
put on as she did a final check of the room to make sure nothing had
been forgotten.
"Looks like we have everything. Let's go," Erin stated as she
tossed Josh his bag and headed for the door. Five minutes later they
were in the lobby checking out.
"You stay here while I go see if we can get a cab," Erin said as
she started for the front door.
"I don't think we'll need to worry about that, look." Looking the
direction Josh was pointing, she saw a person holding a sign with her
and Josh's name on it. Shrugging, she lead Josh over that way.
"Erin Kelly?" The man asked as they drew closer.
"If you and your brother will follow me please. I have a car
waiting to take you to the airport." They were informed.
"I'm sorry, but I think a mistake has been made. I didn't order a
car to pick us up." Erin tried to explain as the driver walked towards
a waiting limo.
"There isn't a mistake. This was set up by Chris Barrett." On
hearing Chris's name being mentioned Erin dropped any further debate
and got in the car as the driver took their bags and placed them in the
Thirty Minutes later, the Kelly's were dropped of in front of
their airline terminal. After checking in, Erin and Josh head towards
their departure gate, stopping long enough to get something to eat.
They managed to get to the gate just as they were starting to board.
Twenty minutes later, they were on their way towards Washington

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Kelly's come to America (bevat geweld) deel 2

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Dit verhaal bevat gewelddadige passages en is dus niet geschikt voor jeugdige lezers en voor mensen die een hekel hebben aan geweld

Chapter 31

Over the course of the week following David and his family
landing in Ohio, David felt like he had been run in circles.
"You know, mom, while I have had lots of fun over the last week
with doing the commercials and everything, I'm glad it's over. I
honestly don't see how people last very long doing this sort of thing."
Mrs. Kessler was told as they entered the Kimberly-Clark building one
last time.
"I'm sure it grows on them after awhile" ,David's mom replied, "I
will say that I'm really proud of how you handled everything over the
last couple of days."
"Your mom's right, David. Who knows, maybe you'll get some other
offers once the commercials, and the special you helped out with air,"
Tim commented with a smile towards his soon to be fiancF. David just
nodded at this. He was more than a little shocked when he was asked
several days ago if he would be interested in taking part in a health
documentary concerning bladder control problems in older kids. David
was a bit hesitant at first to take part in it, but after thinking
about it overnight he decided to do it.
"I want to compliment you all on the outstanding job you've all
done over the past week. I'm sure that some of you were a bit
embarrassed at times with what we were asking of you, but you all came
through like total professionals. Now if you would each come up to the
podium when your name is called with the sealed envelope you given at
the beginning of the week, we'll verify that the envelope's seal hasn't
been tampered with and we'll validate the contents inside." Mr. Harris
told the assembled group. Twenty minutes later the models and their
families left the building for the final time. John was still going on
about the contents of the envelope they had been handed.
"David, I'm happy that you're so excited about the tickets they
gave us for Cedar Point, but I think you can give it a rest now." Mrs.
Kessler said in a tired voice several hours later.
"OK. Would it be OK for me to go to the pool for a while?" David
replied while turning a bit red.
"Sure. Why don't you see if Caleb, and your brothers want to join
you." David nodded at this and went next door to where his brothers and
Caleb were watching a movie.
"You guys want to go to the pool with me?" David asked as he
walked into the room.
"Sure, hold on while we get our suits on." Tyler and Brandon said
almost in unison.
"What about you, Caleb?" David asked as his brothers left the
"I'd like to, but I didn't bring anything to swim in." He
informed his friend in a bit of a gloomy voice.
"We could see if you'll fit into some of Brandon's trunks, and
swim pants," Caleb nodded at this since he didn't want to be left out
of the fun if it could be helped.
"You start getting undressed, and I'll be right back," David said
with a smile. Minutes later David returned carrying two sets of swim
pants and trunks.
"Here you go." He said as he tossed one set towards Caleb who
caught them easily.
"How do they fit?" David asked as he finished pulling up his own
swim trunks.
"A bit tight, but they should work well enough," Caleb answered
as he finished pulling up his own trunks.
"Great, then let's get my brothers and head down to the pool."
David stated as he walked towards the door.
"So do you think your dad is going to finally pop the question?"
David asked while Brandon and Tyler were in the shallow end of the pool
and couldn't hear the two older boys. Caleb replied with a shocked
"I wasn't aware that my dad had even mentioned anything to you
about that."
"Yeah, he asked me a couple of weeks back if I would have any
problems with his asking my mom to marry him. I get the feeling that he
wanted my permission or something on the matter." David with a shrug.
"I know what you mean. He asked me if I would have any problems
with it as well." Caleb said in response.
"You do know, of course, that if they do get married and you piss
me of I'll have to beat you like the red-headed step-brother that
you'll be." This caused Caleb to get a bit of a frightened look to his
face till David started laughing and dunked him under the water.
A couple of hours later the boys returned to their room to get
cleaned up for dinner. As David expected his brothers threw a minor fit
over having to get dressed up. They quieted down a bit when David told
them to shut up and explained that it was a special occasion and that
he wasn't in any mood for dealing with their whining at the moment. A
short while later the four boys exited their room and met up with their
parents in the hotel lobby.
David let out a low whistle when he saw his mom.
"You really look nice, mom," he said as the boys came up to her.
"Thank you, David. You want to tell me what's going on now?" His
mom inquired while Tim was off making final arrangements for their
dinner reservations.
"No." David answered simply with a smile that told his mom he
knew exactly was going on, but there was going to no way she would be
able to drag it out of him. Tim came back over a minute later to inform
the group that the dinner reservations were all set. With this they
went out and climbed into the car that Tim and decided to rent earlier
in the week.
Mrs. Kessler and her sons were shocked at the how high class the
restaurant seemed when they pulled up to it.
"Tim are you sure this is the right place?" Carol asked as they
walked towards the front door.
"Positive. I want you and the boys to enjoy yourselves and don't
worry about the cost. I have everything covered," Tim said simply. The
boys just nodded at this, but their mom gave them a look that told them
to take it easy on whatever they decided to order. This turned out to
be rather difficult when the boys, and their mom saw that their menus
didn't have any pricing information on them. In the end, David just
decided to throw caution to the wind and ordered something that looked
good to him. Most of the dinner conversation centered around how well
David and his brothers during the past week's activities, and what they
had planned for when they hit Cedar Point and Splash City the next day.
"OK, all, now that we have finished a very nice and filling meal,
and each others company I have just one last question to ask.", Tim
started as he handed Carol a small box, "Carol will you marry me?" This
announcement took Carol by surprise. Looking around the table she saw
that Brandon and Tyler were just as shocked as she was but going from
the look on David's and Caleb's faces she knew the two older boys had
to have been in on this.
"David?" His mom asked while still trying to get a grip on what
was going on. With a big smile on his face, David nodded his agreement
to the unasked question. Brandon and Tyler though, just shrugged when
they were asked. Still choked with emotion over what was happening
Carol was unable to speak, but managed to nod her acceptance to the
proposal. The group left the restaurant a short time later since that
had a bit of a long drive to get to the park in the morning.
"OK boys, time to get up. We need to be on the road in the next
forty-five minutes." Tim announced as he entered to room the boys were
sharing so he and Carol could have some time to themselves.
"Just five more minutes. OK Dad?" Caleb answered groggily.
"OK," Tim answered with an unseen grin. Walking over to the bed
his son was sharing with his soon to be brother, Tim grabbed on side of
it and turned it over on the boys.
"Your five minutes are up. Now strip off those wet diapers and
hit the shower," Tim laughed as he walked out of the room.
"Don't forget to pack some extra swim pants and diapers guys."
David's mom told her son and Caleb as she checked in to make sure the
boys were actually getting dressed like they were supposed to be doing.
"OK, Mrs. Kessler." Caleb answered for them.
"You could call me 'mom' now if you wanted to," Carol told the
smaller boy, " Or if you aren't ready for that yet, Carol would work
to." Carol added quickly on seeing the look on Caleb's face.
"I think I'd like to go with Carol for now, if you don't mind."
Caleb replied in a slightly choked voice.
"Not at all. I know that it'll be some time before you're ready
for the other one. Just take your time." Carol replied with a smile.
Caleb replied with a smile of his own to this.
"You have the tickets?" Tim asked David as they did a last minute
check to make sure they had everything.
"Yeah, I have them right here."
"OK then, let's hit the road."
"What about breakfast?" Brandon asked still half-asleep.
"We'll stop on the road to get something quick to eat," his mom
answered as she ushered the boys out into the hall.
Just under two hours later they were parking the car at Splash
"OK, boys let's set some ground rules before we get going. First,
we aren't going to force anyone on to a ride that they don't want to.
Second, I want you all to wear plenty of sun screen, and drink plenty
of water. The last thing we need is to have any of you get sick because
you get dehydrated. And finally, have fun. David if you and Caleb want
to run off and do your own thing that's fine; just let me or your mom
know first so we can arrange a time and place to meet. Any questions?"
Tim asked as they got on the tram that would take them to the front
gate. None of the boys had any question, since they had discussed the
need for diaper changes on the car ride over.
"Let's go get changed, boys," Tim told the group once they had
entered the park.
"I'll meet you guys back here in a couple of minutes." Carol told
the guys while giving Tim a kiss.
"OK, honey." Tim replied with a smile and kiss of his own.
"Over this way, guys," David called as he headed off towards the
men's changing area. After finding a relatively secluded area of the
room, David, his brothers and Caleb took off their shorts and preceded
to remove the wet diapers they had on. Tim chuckled to himself when he
saw how wet the boys were, and wondered how they could manage to wet as
much as they did in such a short time. In no time the boys had replaced
their regular diapers and shorts with swim pants and trunks. Much to
the displeasure of Tyler and Brandon, Tim started lathering the boys
down with sun screen.
The rest of the morning and into the early afternoon the boys and
their parents had a grand time running around the park. Tim was the
most surprised about how the boys were acting since he hadn't seen
Caleb act like this since before the accident that had injured him and
killed his mom.
"Remember boys nothing rough, or fast till you've had a chance to
let your lunch settle down." Carol called out to David and Caleb as
they split off from the group after lunch.
"Sure, mom, no problem." David called back over his shoulder as
he and Caleb ran off.
"So what do you want to try first?" David asked.
"I don't know. Let's look at the map and see what's nearby."
After a quick look the two boys agreed on the Magnum X-2000.
"I don't think this was a very good idea for me." Caleb announced
suddenly as the safety bar came down over his lap.
"Too late now," David laughed as the car started to move forward.
"This was a really bad idea!" Caleb said through clenched teeth
as the car hit the top of the first hill.
"Well, that wasn't too bad." David heard his friend say after a
small drop.
"I think you better look again!" David yelled back with a laugh
as they hit the real drop.
"Ah Man!!!" Caleb yelled as he opened his eyes long enough to see
the drop that they had just started down. David laughed through the
entire ride, and even harder when Caleb started yelling that he wanted
off the crazy thing.
"That wasn't so bad now was it?" David chuckled as they exited
the ride a few minutes later.
"Easy for you to say. I need to seriously change my dydee after
that." Caleb mumbled as he looked around for the nearest men's room.
David laughed at this while slapping Caleb on the back.
"Well, it could have been worse. Think of what it would have been
like if you didn't have on what you do." David joked. All Caleb could
do was smile and nod his head at this. Fifteen minutes later, Caleb
walked out of a restroom feeling like he was about five pounds lighter
than when he went in.
The rest of the afternoon the Jansen's and Kessler's had load of
fun. The boys, of course, were less than pleased when they were told
that it was time to leave.
They managed to get back to their hotel shortly after Nine PM,
and after packing their things finally headed off to bed. Knowing that
tomorrow was going to be another long day with the flight home.

Chapter 32

"Josh, hurry up. We don't want to miss our plane!" Erin called
back to her brother as they ran down the concourse to their plane.
"I'm going as fast as I can!" Josh called back. Erin laughed
slightly as she saw her brother trying to keep up with her in the thick
diaper she had put him in just a short time before.
"I still don't know why you decided to go with one of the
overnights instead of one of my daytime diapers," Josh complained as
they finally made it to their gate as the final boarding call for their
flight was made.
"I told you before, It'll be easier this way. This way we won't
have to worry about having to and change you in one of the lavatories,"
Erin explained in a tired voice. While she didn't say anything, she was
secretly glad that Josh was starting to regain control over his bowels.
This lessened the possible need of him actually needing to change his
diaper during the flight. Josh just nodded at this and didn't say
anything else as Erin turned over their tickets so they could get their
boarding pass. Erin and Josh were both surprised to find that their
parents had set them up with some first class tickets for the flight
over, though both of them were glad for this since it made the long
flight more bearable.
Ten minutes after taking their seats, the Kelly's felt the plane
back away from the gate and move off towards the flight line.
"Ladies, and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. On behalf
of your crew and myself, I'd like to take this time to welcome you
aboard British Airways flight 214 operating to London and Paris. We'll
be cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet with a flight time of
approximately 7 hours. We ask that all electronic devices be turned off
till further notice, and that this has been designated as a non-smoking
flight. Again, we welcome you aboard and hope you enjoy your flight.
Cabin stewards, please prepare the cabin for take-off." As the
announcement ended, Josh heard the increased whine of the engines and
felt the plane start to move forward. Soon Josh was being forced more
against his seat back as the plane's speed increased and it slowly left
the ground. Looking over to where his sister was sitting he saw that
she had her eyes closed and had a white knuckled grip on the arm rest
of her seat. Josh smiled a little at this knowing full well that this
was the part of flying that his sister hated the most.
Fifteen minutes later, the captain came back on the intercom and
informed them that they were free to move about the cabin, but were
advised to remain seated when possible with their seatbelts fastened.
On hearing this, Josh loosened his belt a bit so he could get a bit
more comfortable. He also took this time to remove the personal DVD
player he brought with him from his carry-on bag.
"Erin?" Josh stated softly while giving her shoulder a nudge.
"Huh?!" came the startled reply.
"We're about ten minutes out, and I need some help filling out my
entry card."
"Give them here, and I'll get them filled out," Erin told him
while stretching to get the kinks out of her back.
"How's your diaper doing?" Josh was asked quietly so not to be
embarrassed by the question.
"It's holding OK for now, but I'll need a charge as soon as
possible after we land."
"We'll see what we can get done once we get through custom's and
get our luggage." Josh nodded at this and started to repack the items
he had gotten out of his bag during the flight.
"Ladies and gentlemen, We hope you've enjoyed your flight today.
The current temperature is 65 degrees, and the local time is 7:55pm.
For those of you continuing on with us to Paris we will have a one hour
layover. For those of you wishing to deplane please remember to take
your boarding pass with you. Again, we hope you have enjoyed your
flight today, and hope you'll choose British Airways for your future
travels. Thank You."
As the announcement ended Josh and Erin heard a "thunk" behind
them as the catwalk connected with the plane. Fifteen minutes later,
the they were walking off the plane towards the Customs area, and
twenty minutes after that were walking into the main terminal.
"Excuse me, Captain Kelly?" A voice asked behind them.
"Yes?" Josh replied in a surprised tone wondering why he would be
addressed by a title he considered honorary only.
"I'm Staff Sergeant Harrison. Your Uncle and his family was had
something come up unexpectedly, and sent me to pick you and your sister
up. If I could have your claim tickets, I'll retrieve your bags." the
kids were told.
"Thank you." Josh replied as Erin handed over the requested
"We need to take care of something first. I'll meet you at
luggage claim area in 15 minutes," Erin replied as they passed a set of
"Very well," they were told. As SSgt. Harrison walked off, Erin
herded Josh towards the nearby restroom.
"What was that 'Captain' bit all about?" Erin asked a few minutes
"Beats me. I was just as surprised by it as you were," Josh
replied as he dropped his pants.
"I hope it wasn't anything serious that held up Uncle James and
Aunt Emily," Erin commented while she cleaned up her little brother.
"I doubt it was," Josh replied with certainty as he felt his
sister start to rub some lotion into his groin.
"How can you be so sure of that? Lift up."
"If it had been something serious, They would have sent an
officer, and probably the base chaplain," Josh explained as he felt the
new diaper being slipped under his butt. Erin accepted this answer and
with in ten minutes they were meeting SSgt. Harrison by the baggage
claim. Soon the trio were in a car heading away from the airport and
towards the country.
"We're here Captain." Josh was informed an hour and a half later
after being roused from a nap.
"Thanks, Staff Sergeant." Josh told the driver as he got out of
the car.
"You and the young miss head on up to the house. I'll bring the
bags up in a minute." they nodded at this and headed towards the
darkened house.
"Uncle James? Aunt Emily?" Erin called as they walked through the
front door. before they knew what was happening the front door slammed
closed behind them and the lights came on suddenly.
"SURPISE!!!" The assembled group yelled as Josh and Erin tried to
catch their breaths.
"I really wish you guys wouldn't do that!" Erin exclaimed as she
finally got her pulse rate under control.
"You OK Josh?" his Aunt asked seeing the look on her nephews
"I think I need to be changed again," Josh answered softly in
reply as the rest of the group broke up laughing.
"Well, follow me and we'll get you taken care of," Josh's aunt
told him with a smile.
"You'll be sharing Kevin's room." Josh was told as he was lead
upstairs toward his cousin's room.
"He doesn't have a problem sharing a room with me, does he?"
"You mean does he have a problem sharing a room with you because
of your wearing diapers?" His aunt responded.
"Uh... Yeah."
"Not at all. He just stopped wearing them to bed himself a few
months ago."
"Oh." With that said, Josh and his aunt entered the room he would
be sharing with his cousin for the next couple of months.
As his aunt spread a changing pad out on the spare bed, Josh
removed his shoes and pants. Emily started to chuckle a bit when she
turned around and saw the condition of Josh's diaper.
"I think you're right about needing a change," she joked as she
had Josh lie down on the pad and started to remove his messy diaper.
By the time Josh and his aunt rejoined the party everyone had
moved into the dinning room for the dinner that had been set up. Over
the next couple of hours Josh and Erin got caught up with what was
happening with the rest of the family. Everyone was seemed to hang on
every word when Josh started answering questions about what had
happened to him earlier in the year. It was almost midnight by the time
the last person left and the kids were sent off to bed.
"You don't mind sharing a room with me, do you?" Josh asked his
cousin once he had been changed over into the night diapers that had
been ordered for him.
"Nah, my mum explained everything to me a while back. Besides, I
used to wear them to bed myself, so I don't have any room to complain
about it." Kevin chuckled back. Josh mumbled a sleepy thanks to his 9-
year-old cousin as they both drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 33

Josh and Erin both slept in the next morning due to all the
traveling and time zone changes they had gone through the previous day.
As expected, Josh was soaked when his aunt finally came in to wake him
up the next morning.
"Did you have a nice sleep?" he was asked as his aunt pulled off
his covers and started untaping his diaper.
"Yeah, I did," Josh replied sleepily, as he felt the heavy diaper
being pulled down between his legs.
"That's good. Now I want you to go get a quick shower while I get your
clothes set up."
"Alright." After allowing himself to yawn and stretch for a minute
Josh got out of bed and headed for the bathroom, not even noticing that
he walked right past his cousin in the hall.
"Josh doesn't have much modesty does he?" Vicky asked Erin as she
walked into her room.
"Not that I can really remember. Why do you ask?" Erin told her
through a yawn.
"Because he walked right past me stark naked and didn't even
blink at it."
"If he just got up, he probably didn't even realize that you were
standing there. It happens all the time at home." Vicky just smiled at
this explanation.
"Well, I have to say that it looks like he'll end up making some
girl very happy later in life," Vicky added with a smile and a wink.
Erin just shook her head at this.
"I'll be out in a minute!" Josh yelled to the person pounding on
the bathroom door.
"Took you long enough!" Matt stated bluntly as he pushed past his
cousin and slammed the door.
"Is he always like that in the morning?" Josh asked Mitch as the
other boy came out of his room.
"Pretty much. Though he normally isn't that rude," Mitch replied
with a shrug. With a shrug of his own Josh headed back into the room he
and Kevin were sharing.
"OK Josh, lay down and we'll get you ready for the day," his aunt
told him as he walked into the room. Just as he lay down Kevin walked
into the room and started to get out of his PJs. Josh noticed though
that his cousin seemed to be watching him get changed. During one of
these times looked right at his cousin and smiled. Kevin looked away
quickly and turned a bright red at being caught looking at what was
going on.
"There you go, Thumper. Your clothes are on the chair. Breakfast
should be ready in a couple of minutes, so both of you don't take too
long," Josh and Kevin was told as Kevin's mom walked out of the room.
"Did you like what you saw?" Josh joked to his cousin as he
walked over to the pile of clothes his aunt pointed out.
"What do you mean?" Came the soft reply.
"You know what I mean. I saw you watching as your mom changed
me," Josh replied with a smile.
"I don't know what you mean," Kevin stammered.
"Sure you do, or you wouldn't be staring at my diapers right
now," Josh laughed as he saw Kevin turning a bright red in the mirror
in front of him.
"Don't worry about it, though. You aren't the first person I've
seen watch me get my diapers changed," Josh stated as he looked at the
pile of clothes.
"I think your mom made a mistake on my clothes," Josh added a
second later as he picked up the BDU pants laying on the chair.
"She didn't. Dad brought those home with him the other day. I
think they plan on having you wear those over the summer," Kevin
replied as he was pulling on his shoes still taking glances at his
cousin's diapered butt. With some reservation, Josh proceeded to put on
the clothes his aunt left out for him. Less than ten minutes later the
two boys were sitting down at the table for breakfast.
"I'm glad you boys finally decided to join us," James stated as
the boys took their seats at the table.
"Thanks," Josh quipped back with an impish grin. Josh's uncle
just laughed at this as the boys helped themselves to the food-laden
serving dishes in front of them.
"Josh, after you're done eating, I'd like to see you in my office
for a few minutes." James continued a moment later while giving his
wife a guarded look.
"OK," Came the reply, though Josh got the distinct feeling that
something was going on from the look that he had seen pass between his
aunt and uncle, but decided not to say anything until he knew more
about what was going on. The rest of breakfast continued at a leisurely
pace with most of the conversation being directed at Josh and the photo
shoot he had just gotten done with. During all this Josh saw that Kevin
was seemed to be hanging on his every word and had a slight look of
jealousy in his eyes as well.
"Have a seat," James instructed his nephew as they walked into
his office forty-five minutes later.
"Thanks. What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?" Josh
asked cautiously as he took the offered seat.
"Well, I had been giving some though about what had happened to
you earlier this year, and how you seemed to have a real interest in
the military past and wanted to know if you still had these interests?"
"Yeah, I still like to read about the military and stuff like
that. I would have liked to have even tried it after some of the things
you and everyone here had shown me over the years, but I've accepted
that with my medical condition being what it is that this will never
happen," Josh answered, a bit forlornly. James just nodded at this, as
the respect he had for his nephew rose on seeing that he had learned to
accept he current condition and the limitations that had been placed on
him because of it.
"What would you do if you were given the chance to experience
what military life and training was like?"
"I'd like to give it a try but you, and I both know that this
won't happen as long as I need to wear diapers all the time."
"You could be right about that, but then again, you never know,"
James told his nephew with a half hidden smile while looking at his
"Well, I'm needing to head out to the firing range, would you
like to join me?"
"I'd like to, but wouldn't you get into trouble for bringing me?"
"Not really. You being a Captain and all," Josh was told with a
grin. Grinning back Josh had to admit to himself that his uncle did
have a point.
"Emily, Josh and I are going over to the range. I'll have him
back in enough time for his doctor's appointment," James told his wife,
and added before she could say anything.
"OK, just don't go shooting anyone in the foot this time," Emily
laughed at her husband.
"You be careful, Josh, and follow everything you're told." She
add to her nephew while handing him an oversized fanny pack. Without
even needing to ask, Josh knew it contained extra diapers and cleaning
supplies for him.
"So, how are we getting to the range?" Josh asked as they walked
out the door.
"Normally I'd jog over, but since you haven't been checked over
by the docs yet, we'll be driving."
"Why would I need to be checked over to do any running?"
"Because I want to make sure your leg is healed well enough to
handle the stress. I tried that once myself and ended up taking twice
as long to heal than if I had followed to doctor's orders."
"Oh, OK." Josh said as they climbed into a nearby jeep.
"Before we go in, Josh, I need to explain something to you. One,
they're letting you in as a favor to me, and that they see your
commission as real not just honorary so don't let it go to your head
when they treat you like an officer. On the other hand, I expect you to
treat the people you might see with the respect their rank deserves,
and that includes me when we are around others. OK? Second, I'll be
turning you over to the range's Sergeant-Major so he can show you how
to use firearms safely. You already know what they can be like when
used incorrectly. And so there is no misunderstanding, I've already
told the Sar-Major that if he feels that you're acting in an unsafe
manner you're to be kicked off the range just like anyone else. I can
assure you that if that happens you'll see what I can be like when I
have to deal with someone because they weren't doing things in a safe
manner." Josh nodded gravely at the last part, and knew that his uncle
wasn't kidding. Josh made the decision right there to follow all the
instructions he was given to the letter. Because, like his uncle had
stated, he knew all to well what firearms could be like when used
"Morning Sar-Major." Josh's uncle told the burly NCO as he and
Josh walked up to the wire cage inside.
"Morning Colonel. And who might this be?" the older man asked
like a kindly grandfather, though josh got the feeling that the man's
attitude would change in a heartbeat if you got on the wrong side of
"This is the young man I was talking to you about the other day.
"Ah yes, Morning Captain."
"Morning Sar-Major." Josh answered in a much softer tone than his
uncle used clearly intimidated by the person standing before him.
Josh's uncle and the Sar-Major just laughed at this.
"The men are already for you on the range." With a nod Josh's
uncle walked off to join his men.
"Now then, if you'll follow me, we'll see what we can do about
showing you the proper way of using a pistol. Going from what your
uncle told me, I'd have to say that you and your brother know all to
well about what they can be like when used improperly." Josh was told.
"You got that right, though I think I should be glad that the kid
that got me didn't know how to shoot straight."
"There is that. Well you take a seat right in here and I'll be
back in a minute." Josh took the indicated seat setting his bag down
next to him. The Sar-Major returned a few minutes later carrying
several books and a small pistol case.
"Josh it's time to head out." James said as he walled into the
"But why? we just got here?" Came the ten-year-olds reply before
catching himself.
"I mean, yes sir." Josh's quick reversal caused both of the
grown-ups to start laughing.
"He been paying attention "Bear"?" James asked using the Sar-
Major's nickname.
"That he has sir. I figure give me another week with him and we
might have him grounded well enough in the basics to allow him to try
and put everything for real." James nodded at this and escorted Josh
from the room pleased with what he had heard.
"Uh... Uncle James, could we find a restroom?" Josh mentioned
after they left the room. Knowing what was going on James steered his
nephew towards a nearby restroom. Josh was more than a little surprised
when they walked out of the restroom less than six minutes later. He
couldn't remember the last time such a quick diaper change. he had his
uncle got to the base hospital just as his aunt, sister, and cousins
were pulling up.

Chapter 34

"OK Captain, take a deep breath, let half of it out, and then
gently squeeze the trigger." The Sar-Major told Josh softly after
running him through the last of the safety courses he needed to before
he was going to be allowed to handle any firearm. Josh nodded ay this
and did as he was instructed remembering to keep the target centered
squarely in his sights. After a brief hesitation to calm down his
breathing Josh pulled the trigger three times as he been previously
instructed to do.
"Not bad, for a start. You got one miss and two in the "X" ring."
"Are you sure about the miss? I could have sworn I hit it all
three times."
"I'm sure, Captain." The Sar-Major chuckled at his diminutive
"Load Ten more rounds, and we'll a fast string this time." Josh
just nodded at this and did what he was told as a new target was put in
place of the old one.
"Not meaning anything by this, Sar-Major, but could we put up a
catch box. I've got a feeling that I have to be hitting the target more
than is being recorded." Even though the old sergeant felt a bit
offended at the suggestion, he called down to the scoring pits and had
a catch box attached to the back of Josh's target.
"How's he doing, Bear?" Josh's uncle asked the Sar-Major several
hours later when he came to pick his nephew up.
"I'll tell you Colonel, I've never seen anything like this
before." came the awe filled reply.
"What do you mean?" James asked in confusion.
"Follow me to my office and I'll show you. Corporal you want to
take over here." Bear stated to a nearby man as he lead James off to
his office.
"Coffee's in the corner if you want some," the older man stated
as he sat down behind his desk and organized some papers.
"What did you mean by what you said before?" James asked again
after taking a seat for himself.
"Just that, sir. I've never seen anything like it before in all
my years of training people how to shoot."
"I still don't know what you're talking about."
"Take a look at these and tell me what you see. Keep in mind that
I was running him through our standard qualification course." Bear said
in reply as he handed James his Nephew's targets.
"Well, if it wasn't for all the misses, I'd say he was doing
pretty good for a beginner." James stated after studying the targets
for a few minutes.
"That's just it, there aren't any misses on the targets. About
half-way through Josh started questioning about all the misses being
recorded and asked that I put up the catch box. I decided to humor him,
though I was a bit offended at first," the sergeant admitted before
continuing, "I also decided to start him over on his quals when I did
this and he came up with these. His scores with a rifle are even
better. With your permission, and if it's OK with the higher ups, I'd
like to run him through our sniper course to see how well he does."
James was in shock at this last statement since he knew how hard it was
to get any kind of recommendation from the man sitting in front of him.
"I'll look into it. Depending on what the tests come back as, I
was planning on having Josh go through our Jump/Scuba course while he
was here." The older man just nodded at this with a slight grin. Twenty
minutes later Josh, and his Uncle were headed home.
"Uncle James, is it OK if I go over to the base pool for a
while?" Josh asked a while later.
"I don't think there would be any problem with that. If you get
you bag packed quickly enough, I'll be able to give you a lift over."
Without another word, Josh turned on his heels and raced up to his
room, and quickly packed a bag.
"Your aunt and everyone should already be inside. Be sure to
follow all the rules, and tell them I should be home by dinner time."
Josh was told as his uncle dropped him off at the base's pool complex.
After signing in with the front desk, Josh headed towards the
men's locker room to change.
"Hey, look, that kid's wearing a diaper!" a voice called out as
Josh removed the shorts he had on. Ignoring the laughter that this
caused Josh removed his shirt. Most of the laughter died off quickly
when the others in the room saw the scars Josh was carrying. Still not
saying a word, Josh removed the slightly wet diaper he had on and after
running a wipe over himself pulled on a pair of swim diapers before
putting on his normal swim trunks. He walked out of the locker room a
few minutes later. But not before giving the kid that taunted him a
very dirty look.
"Josh! Over Here!" Kevin called as he saw his cousin walk past
were their group was staked out.
"Hey guys, been having fun?" Josh asked with a smile.
"Oh, we've been getting by." Erin replied. Josh was a bit
surprised at how much her accent had come back over the last two weeks.
"Though, I'll bet you've been having more fun than we have
been.", she continued, "and don't worry, I'm not about to tell mom
about what you've been doing." Josh nodded at this. He knew that he and
Uncle James would never hear the end of it if his mom found out that he
had been shown how to use firearms, especially in light of what he and
John and been through these last couple of months.
"I bet you're looking forward to getting back to your job
though." Josh said with a slight grin. Erin just scoffed at this. Over
the next couple of hours Josh, Erin and their cousins had lots of fun
playing around in the water. Emily was pleased seeing Josh being able
to enjoy himself like a normal 10 year old. She didn't really approve
of what her husband had set up for the boy for the summer, but since
she knew that the final decision belonged to Josh. Though she had to
admit that she had never seen such focus as Josh seemed to show these
last couple of weeks. She realized that she and her husband would need
to keep a close eye on the boy if he did start up with the other things
planned for him.
"Josh, I want you and Kevin to go up and take a short nap before
dinner." Emily told her nephew and son as they walked into the house a
short time after leaving the pool.
"Awww mom, I'm not even tired," Kevin tried to say through a
yawn. Before Kevin's mom could reply to this statement, Josh took the
younger boy by the shoulder and steered him towards their room.
"OK, strip," Josh stated plainly as he tossed his cousin a pair
of underwear, and some shorts. After making sure that Kevin was
following his instructions, Josh pulled off his trunks and swim diaper.
After placing his old swim diaper into the Diaper Genie that his aunt
picked up for him he pulled a fresh night diaper from the closet and
tossed it on his bed. Josh then cleaned himself off with a wipe before
applying some lotion to his butt and balls. After this he cleaned his
hands off, and opened the diaper he tossed onto the bed. Once he
completed giving the diaper a dusting with some powder he sat down on
it and brought the front up between his legs. Taking a minute to smooth
the front of the diaper out a bit, Josh then pulled the back of it over
the front and taped it closed. Smiling to himself, Josh felt that he
didn't do too bad of a job for his first time. As expected, he saw that
Kevin had been watching him the entire time. Kevin gave a half-way
embarrassed grin at being caught staring at his cousin while he changed
himself. For his part, Josh just shook his head and climbed into a pair
of his own shorts. Five minutes later all that could be heard was that
soft breathing of the two boys.

Chapter 35

"Josh, Kevin, dinner will be ready in about ten minutes," Erin
told her brother as she walked by their room.
"Thanks, Erin. We'll be down in a minute," Josh replied as he
pulled on a shirt.
"C'mon Kev. It's time to get up; dinner's ready," Josh stated as
he shook his cousin on the shoulder to wake him up.
"Did you boys have a nice nap?" Kevin and Josh were asked by
Kevin's mom as the two boys walked into the dinning room a few minutes
"It was OK. I didn't realize how tired I really was," Josh told
her as he took his seat. A few minutes later James came into the room
and apologized to his wife for running a bit behind. She just nodded at
this. After serving himself James looked over to his nephew.
"Josh, after dinner I'd like to talk to you about your
Qualifications scores from this morning along with a few other things."
Josh nodded at this and jumped back into the conversation Erin and his
aunt were having.
"Make sure that you have everything packed for your flight home
tomorrow," Josh heard his aunt tell his sister.
"I already have everything packed and sitting by the front door.
The only items left are those I'll need to get ready in the morning,"
Erin replied.
"Will I be able to come with you?" Josh asked.
"I'm sorry, Josh, I already have plans for you tomorrow. And I
highly doubt you'll be wanting to get up as early as you'd have to.
Besides, your aunt has some errands to run afterwards and I don't think
you'd like it too much." James said to the boy with a knowing look
towards his wife. What Josh didn't know is that John had arrived with
his aunt earlier in the day and they planned on surprising him the next
day when Emily went to pick him up from his aunt's house the next day
after she saw Erin off.
"You said you wanted to talk to me, Uncle Jim?" Josh asked after
he helped his aunt clear the dinner dishes.
"Yeah, Josh, take a seat." his uncle told him, while pointing to
a nearby chair.
"As you know, I was talking to Bear while you were cleaning your
weapons earlier today." Josh nodded at this.
"Well, I can't begin to tell you how much you impressed him over
these last couple of weeks. He even expressed a thought about
recommending to the higher ups about sending you through our Sniper
course. And let me tell you, it is saying something getting any type of
recommendation out of him. However, I told him that I already had plans
for you this summer. What I had planned, if you want to accept it, is
to go through our combined Jump/SCUBA school." James told the wide-eyed
"I think it would be fun to try that. What would mom say about
it, though?"
"Well, let's just say that what your mom doesn't know wont hurt
us." James replied with a grin.
"Good point, but what about the doctors?"
"They already cleared you. That was the reason why you had so
many tests done." Josh nodded at this.
"I kind of figure what I'll be doing as far as the jumping goes,
but what about the Scuba part?" Josh asked with some concern. While he
felt that he was a good swimmer, he knew that he might be out of he
league on that. And he didn't want to commit himself to something that
he wouldn't be able to finish. James understood this and explained to
the boy exactly what would be happening during both phases. After
telling Josh about all this he handed over a packet of papers.
"The base commander insisted that if you go through this that he
have your signature on the forms stating that you've been fully
informed of what would be happening and that you fully understand and
accept the dangers inherent to this type of training." Josh nodded at
this and started reading through the papers in front of him. On a
couple of spots, he had his uncle clarify what was being said. Twenty
minutes later Josh slid the signed papers back to his uncle, who also
signed them.
"By the way, you never mentioned how well I did on my quals?"
Josh asked as he started out of the room almost an hour later.
"You rated expert on both," Josh was informed proudly. Josh
smiled broadly at this as he left the room.
"And Josh," His uncle called, "be sure you get plenty of sleep
tonight. You'll be doing a practice jump tomorrow morning to make sure
you really want to do this." Josh nodded at this and headed off to a
mid-evening diaper change.
"Erin, Josh, time for you both to head off to bed now. You'll
both be needing to get up early tomorrow so you need your rest." Their
aunt told them a few hours later, in a tone that stated she wasn't
going to brook any arguments. After doing a last minute check to make
sure she had everything packed, Erin followed Josh up to his room so
she should diaper him for the night, and have a last minute talk with
"So you think you can replace me already, huh?" Erin joked as she
walked in on her brother as he was getting ready to position himself on
the diaper.
"Well, I've been doing pretty good so far." came the chuckled
"That you have. But, I'll bet they don't feel as good." Josh
shrugged at this comment, but said nothing in response. With a knowing
smile on her face Erin came over to finish what her brother had
started. Erin turned serious after as she brought the diaper up between
Josh's legs.
"Josh, Aunt Emily told me what Uncle James has planned for you
during the rest of the summer. I know you've always had an interest in
the military and all that, but I'd like you to reconsider going through
with all this."
"But, I want to give this a try. Uncle James is taking me on a
practice jump and dive tomorrow just to make sure that this is
something I really want to try. I promise that, if I don't feel totally
confident about being able to do this, I'll back out. I do want to give
this a try first though." Erin saw in her brother's eyes that he was
serious about what he just said, and knew that if either he or her
uncle were totally confident about all this he would pull out of the
"Well, at least be careful and listen to everything they tell
you, OK? I won't mention this to mom and dad either." Erin stated with
a slight grin, but still being serious in her tone. Josh nodded at this
an wished his sister a safe flight home.
"Josh, it's time to wake up." his aunt told him quietly the next
morning as she gently shook his shoulder.
"OK, Thanks." came the sleepy reply as Josh got out of bed.
"Head on in to the bathroom, and I'll bring you clothes into you
so you don't wake Kevin up." Josh nodded at this, but with the room
still being so dark he wasn't sure if his aunt saw the response he
"Morning Erin." Josh mumbled as he passed his sister as they
passed each other in the hall. Josh chuckled to himself as she grunted
her reply to him. For one reason or another, Josh seemed to be the only
morning person in the family and tended to take perverse pleasure in
annoying the rest of his family with it.
Once in the bathroom Josh quickly stripped out of his PJ bottoms
and his wet overnight diaper. One thing Josh was beginning to notice
was that he was rapidly regaining bowel control. He wasn't sure why
this was happening, but he was happy over it. A knocking at the door
brought him suddenly out of his thoughts.
"I don't hear any water running in there. You have fifteen
minutes to be in our room getting dressed." his uncle called.
"Yes, Sir." Josh called back and hurriedly jumped in the shower.
James smiled to himself as he walked off as he heard the shower start
up. Just over ten minutes Josh was striding into his aunt's and uncle's
bedroom where he found a clean diaper and uniform waiting for him.
"Not bad." James said looking at his watch as Josh entered the
kitchen just over twenty minutes after he knocked on the bathroom door
to hurry his nephew along.
"Thanks." the boy answered as he took his seat at the table.
"You're not nervous about today are you?" Josh was asked by his
uncle a short time later.
"No, not at all." came the answer, but the older man noticed a
slight undertone in the answer. With a smile, he just nodded and
started letting Josh know what was going to be happening during the
"You aren't going to have to worry about the first jump this
morning. You'll be making the jump tandem. This means you'll be
attached to the harness of another jumper. In this case, it'll be me.
This afternoon you'll be taken over to watch part of a Scuba training
class. I'll need to know by this evening whether or not you want to
take part in this since I'll need to finish up all the paperwork to get
you in to the classes that will be starting on Wednesday. Just so you
know, all the people in the up coming class are all part of my
battalion. Also, the training officers and NCOs have been told not to
show you any favoritism. This means they'll be working just as hard to
get you to drop from the program as everyone else." Josh was told
seriously so he didn't get any thoughts in his head about being able to
coast through the classes. Josh nodded at this, and his uncle saw the
determined look in his nephew's eyes as he did this. A short time later
Josh and James left the house to head over to the air base that the
jump was going to be taking place from.
"Morning Colonel, Captain." Josh and his uncle were greeted by
the battalion X.O.
"Morning Tom. Everything all set?" James asked after returning
the other man's salute.
"It could be better, a couple of the boys got down checked
because of colds or sinus infections. I've already set things up for
them to make the jump up as soon as they're cleared by the docs." James
nodded at this as he lead Josh and Tom over to the staging area.
"STAND TO!" Josh heard the Jump Master yell thirty minutes later.
James patted Josh on the shoulder and motioned him to lean closer to
"IF YOU WANT TO BACK OUT, NOW'S THE TIME!" James yelled over the
roar of the plane. Josh shook his head in response to this. James
nodded at this and motioned for Josh to stand up and turn around. As
Josh felt his uncle finish attaching his harness to his own he heard a
loud whining and saw the back of the plane open up, and started having
second thoughts. Just as he turned to say that he changed his mind he
heard the Jump Master shout "GO GO GO!!" Next thing Josh knew he and
his uncle were running along with the rest of the people in the plane
and before he knew what was going on his uncle jumped from the plane.
"You can open your eyes now. We're on the ground." James laughed,
as he unhooked Josh's harness from his own.
"So, how'd you like it?" Tom asked as he came up to the two. Without
saying a word, Josh puked into the helmet he had just taken off.
"I guess he liked it." James joked.
"Tell me about it. My first jump, I pissed my pants. I got kidded
about that for weeks afterwards." Tom said as he handed Josh a canteen
so he could wash his mouth out. Josh and his uncle ended up making two
more jumps together that morning and by the third one Josh was
screaming in excitement by the time they hit the ground. He wanted to
go up with James for the last jump of the day, but his uncle flatly
refused because Josh hadn't been properly trained yet for it.
"Josh, I just got word that there was a problem with the Scuba
class. I need to go over and check things out. I'll be dropping you off
at home. You have the rest of the day off. Tell your Aunt that I'll be
home just as soon as I can. And inform Vicky that she's in charge till
your aunt gets home. OK?" James said as the two walked over to a
waiting car.
"Yes, Sir." Josh answered. Forty-five minutes later Josh was
dropped off.

Chapter 36

"That was a short day." Vicky stated when she saw Josh walk
through the front door.
"I know. Seems there was a bit of a problem during the Scuba
class and your dad had to go check things out. He wanted me to let you
know that you were in charge till Aunt Emily got home. I'm going to go
up and change into something a bit more comfortable." Josh informed his
cousin as he headed for the stairs.
"Do you need any help?" she asked.
"Nah. I'm just a bit wet. I'll do fine on my own. Thanks though."
"OK, Just try and be a bit quiet. Kevin's taking a bit of a nap."
Josh nodded at this.
Thinking that his cousin was still asleep, Josh quietly opened
the door to their room. What he saw gave him a bit of a start, though
he was to surprised by it.
"Comfortable?" Josh called as he walked in the door. The look on
his cousin's face was like what one would expect to see on a deer
caught in the headlights of an on coming car.
"Uh, it's not what you think." Kevin stammered while trying to
find some shorts to throw over the diaper he had on.
"Actually, it seems exactly like what I think.", Josh laughed as
he closed the door behind him, "I'm just surprised it took you this
long to finally try one of them on."
"So you aren't mad that I took one of your diapers?" came the
nervous question.
"Oh, I'm mad that you didn't ask me first, but I had a feeling
that this was going to happen sooner or later. I'd suggest that you
change out of the one you have on before your sister decides to come in
and check on us." Josh told the younger boy as he removed his own pants
exposing the wet diaper he had on under them.
"She already knows about my liking to wear them. One of her
friend's brothers needs to wear them and she found me over there a
couple of weeks ago wearing one during a club meeting that they hold."
"What kind of club?" Josh asked as he pulled off his diaper.
"It's a club for boys that either need or like to wear diapers.
It's run by the company that makes the diapers they wear."
"Oh, what brand is that?"
"I think they're called Thickies, or something like that." Josh
started laughing at this point. Kevin just looked at him quizzically.
"What's so funny?"
"I know the club your talking about. They have something like it
over in the states. John's been thinking of joining the local chapter."
"Oh. Well, they're having a meeting this afternoon, and then me
an a couple of the others are going to be having a sleep over. I could
give them a call and see if you could join us."
"I'd like to join the meeting if they're OK with having me." Josh
told his cousin as he continued his diaper change.
"Actually, I was thinking about seeing if you stay for the sleep
over as well."
"I'd like that, but I'd have to clear it with Uncle James first
due to the classes he has me in."
"I don't think that would be a problem. They hardly ever start
training classes on the weekends." Josh was told.
"I'll still need to check it out with your dad." Josh told Kevin.
After finishing putting on a clean diaper the two boys decided to play
some video games.
"Kevin you better get out of that diaper. Mom just called and
said she should be home in about 10 minutes." Vicky told her brother a
couple of hours later.
"OK, Vicky. Thanks." Kevin told his sister. Kevin got up as Josh
put their game on hold. Inside of Five minutes Kevin had stripped off
the wet diaper he had been wearing and just finished pulling on a pair
of shorts as he saw his mom pull into the driveway.
"Kids, we're back!" Emily called as she helped John through the
door and to the couch in the living room.
"You just rest there for a bit. Do you want anything to drink or
eat?" she asked her oldest nephew. John just shook his head tiredly.
About this time, Kevin and Josh came running down the stairs. Josh
stopped cold when he saw who was sitting on the couch.
"John!" he yelled happily as he ran over to his older brother and
gave him a hug.
"Hey thumper." John replied with a small wince of pain from the
hug his brother.
"Sorry.", Josh stated when he realized what he had done, "When
did you get in?"
"A couple of days ago. I was staying with Aunt Maureen, and Uncle
Phil for a few days."
"It's good to see you again." Josh told his brother in a husky
voice and tears in his eyes.
"It's alright Josh. I'll be fine." John said in a tired voice
then started laughing softly.
"What's so damned funny?" his brother asked as he wiped the tears
from his eyes.
"It seems that just a few short months back our roles were
reversed. You were the one that was shot and I was the one crying my
eyes out." came the explanation. Josh nodded at this, but still failed
to see the humor in it. Before the conversation could go any further,
the boys aunt came back into the room carrying a glass of water and a
medicine bottle.
"John it's time to take you meds." John was told in way that told
him that his aunt wasn't going to take any arguments over it. Nodding
in resignation, John took the offered pilled and water. Within five
minutes he was out cold on the couch. After helping stretch his brother
out on the couch, Josh took a near by blanket and covered him with it.
With tears still in his eyes, Josh followed his aunt and cousin into
the kitchen.
"You going to be OK there Josh?" his aunt asked with some
"Yeah, I'll be OK." the boy assured her. She accepted this, but
still decided to keep a close eye on him for the next couple of days.
She then turned toward her son.
"Have you packed yet for the sleepover you're having with Graham
"Not yet, but it shouldn't take me but a minute or two though. I
was wondering, if it's OK with Graham's mum and dad could Josh come
over as well?"
"I don't know Kevin. I figured that Josh would likely want to
spend some time with John tonight." On hearing this, Josh gave a bit of
a laugh as he looked over some of the medicine bottles his aunt had out
for John.
"And What's so funny young man?" Josh was asked crossly.
"I'm sorry. It's just that with some of the drugs you just gave
John I highly doubt he'll be conscious long enough to say or do
anything tonight." Josh told her sheepishly.
"If you'd rather I stayed here to help out, I will." Josh added.
After thinking of all the time Josh had put in with studying since he
arrived she decided that he had earned a night off.
"Alright, If Graham's mom says it's OK Josh can go, but I want to
talk to her about it first." The boys nodded at this.
"I'll give her a call now, and let you know what she says in a
little bit." The boys nodded again and headed up to Kevin's room while
all this went on.
"Boys, I just got off the phone with Graham's mother and she OK'd
having Josh go over. She also invited you both to dinner so you'll need
to get your things packed." Kevin smiled at this announcement and
started to throw things into a nearby duffel. Josh laughed at this, but
followed suit once his aunt had gotten him a bag as well. After getting
last minute instructions to be on good behavior, and do what they were
asked, both boys were headed down the street.

Chapter 37

"I think you'll really enjoy yourself this evening." Kevin told
his cousin with excitement.
"Though, I need to let you know that Graham, his brother, and
sister actually live with his grandparents, so don't act to surprised
by this."
"What all do they normally do at these meetings anyway?" Josh
asked in curiosity.
"We sit around and talk about wearing diapers and other things
like that. That reminds me of something I forgot to mention to you
before. During the meeting we normally just wear diapers and maybe a
shirt. Of course, that's only if you're comfortable doing that." Kevin
added quickly once he saw the look he was getting from his cousin.
"I'll have to think about it. I normally don't strip down to my
diapers when staying at a strangers house." Kevin nodded at this and
let the subject drop. Ten minutes later Kevin was ringing the bell on
the front door to his friend's house.
"Well hello Kevin, I didn't think you were going to make it in
time. And this must be your cousin Joshua. It's so good to finally meet
"Thank you." Josh acknowledged as he took the offered hand trying
to keep the small shock he felt from showing at how young the lady
"Graham, Josh, and the other boys are out back you know the way.
I'll take your bags for you."
"Thanks." Kevin said as he handed Graham's grandmother his bag.
After a slight hesitation, Josh did the same.
"Hey, Kev. I wondered when you were going to get here."
"I had some things I needed to do at home first. I'd like you to
meet my cousin, Josh. Josh, this is my best friend Graham Henderson."
Josh stepped up to the other boy and stuck out his hand while Kevin
made the introduction.
"Pleased to meet you. I've heard a lot about you from my
grandfather already, and I was hoping to get a chance to meet you in
"I didn't think I was that big of celebrity around here."
"I have my sources.", Graham replied with a smile, "Kev, if you
want to go make yourself more comfortable Sharon is in her room." With
a grin of his own, Kevin nodded and headed back towards the house.
"So how long have you been wearing diapers?" Graham asked while
Kevin was getting taken care of.
"I've been back in them since last November. I got sick last
Summer, and it affected the nerves that control my bladder, and to a
lesser part my bowels. How about you?" Josh asked in return.
"I was born early and my bladder didn't form enough so it's
really weak. I've been wearing them all my life because of it." After
explaining all this Josh was introduced to the other boys. The oldest
on present was Graham's brother.
"I'm surprised you all feel comfortable having a 13-year-old in
the group." Josh told his host as they chose sides for a game of rugby.
Looking around quickly to make sure his brother hadn't heard the
comment, Graham answered it in a low tone.
"Don't let him hear you say that. He's actually 17, and he's
really sensitive about how young he looks. Most of my friends have been
around him long enough that it doesn't bother them. Besides, he's the
one who started the group. He part of another group for older teens in
the area. He just helps out with ours as a favor to our grand parents."
Josh took all this in quickly and offered an apology to his host.
"It's OK. We'll now that Kevin is back we can get this game on
the road." On hearing that his cousin was back Josh looked over his
shoulder and started laughing when he saw at how thickly Kevin had been
"I'm shocked you can even walk in diapers that thick." Josh
chuckled, giving his cousin's padded posterior a swift slap as he
walked by. After asking for as quick rule refresher Josh said that he
was ready to join in.
About Ninety minutes later as the boys were taking a small break
and talking about their experiences with diapers a loud voice called
"Joshua!" Without even thinking both Josh's responded. Josh spun
around as he stood up, and was surprised to be standing in front of the
"Not you Captain. My grandson." With a relieved nod Josh sat back
down. Most of the group looked at him with quizzical looks.
"I thought you looked familiar!" One of the boys announced
"He's the one of the models from the new Thickies ads. I read
about him in the new issue of DQ." With this the boy ran over to a bag
he had on the porch and pulled out the magazine in question. This
caused a bit of a stir as the magazine made its round through the
group. Seeing that there was no way around it, Josh started telling the
group about his commission. Most of the kids thought it was cool. Only
Kevin, and to a lesser part, Graham truly understood what everything
Josh said meant.
"OK boys, it's time for you to be heading home now." Graham's
grandmother told the group about thirty minutes later. With this said,
the boys started pulling their pants back on as Graham started thanking
the boys for being able to come and set up the date for the next
After the last member left, the remaining boys were told that
dinner would be ready in about twenty more minutes. And it strongly
hinted that they should take a shower, and get some clean diapers on
before this happened.
Josh and Graham took the not so subtle hint and headed off for
the bathroom to wash up, dragging Kevin behind them in the process.

Chapter 38

"So, Josh how did you like your first jump?" Josh was asked by
the Sar-Major as they ate dinner.
"It was fun. I can't wait to give the rest of the training a go.
It'll be fun with the Scuba training as well." Josh commented as he
took a bite of his dinner.
"Did your uncle mention to you that I had recommended you for our
Scout/Sniper course?"
"Yeah, he did. I want to thank you for that, but I decided to go
with the Jump/SCUBA course my uncle told me about."
"I can understand that. Of course, you never know when things
might change?" Josh was told. Though nothing was said out right, Josh
got a funny feeling that something was going on behind his back.
"OK boys, I want all of you to head up and get ready for bed."
Graham's grandmother announced as she and her husband cleared the
"We'll be starting the movies in twenty minutes so don't take to
long." the boys' grandfather added as they got up from the table.
"Don't worry. I'll go up to give them a hand, so it won't take as
long." Sharon added as she herded her brothers upstairs. While Graham's
older brother headed off to his room to change, Josh, Graham and Kevin
were taken into Graham's room.
Josh stopped dead in his tracks as he saw the room. If he hadn't
known better he would have sworn he walked into a replica of his own.
"Is there a problem?" Kevin asked as he saw his cousin stop.
"Nah, It's just that this looks a lot like my own room back
home," Kevin nodded at this and finished walking into the room. Being
used to having a bit of privacy, Josh closed the door behind him.
"Well, don't just stand there. Start getting your clothes off,"
Sharon said to Josh and Kevin as she started to remove the diaper from
her brother. As Graham was getting changed, Josh pulled off his own
clothes, and not surprisingly found saw that he was wet. With a shrug,
he headed over to his bag, and pulled out one of overnight diapers and
a pair of sweat pants.
"Oh, you won't be needing that. Gran told me earlier that she
wanted you all to be placed in cloth diapers." Josh was about to
comment that he didn't have any cloth diapers with him then realized
that he would be wearing some of Graham's. After having gone to the
bathroom to relieve himself, Josh soon found himself laying on the
changing table getting cleaned up.
"Sharon, have you seen my sweat pants?" Josh asked after looking
around for the pants he had set aside before he had headed off to the
"Oh, you won't be needing them so I hid them," she answered with
a grin.
"Could you get them for me, please?" Josh replied in a bit of a
cold voice.
"Why? I think you'll be more comfortable without them. Besides,
you look so cute in just your diapers."
"I appreciate the comment about how cute I look, but I would be
more comfortable with them on. Could you get them for me, please?" Josh
responded more firmly this time. This of course was lost on Sharon
since she was used to be told what to do by a 10 year-old.
"Oh c'mon, Kevin just wears his diapers over hear all the time.
My grandparents don't mind at all." This comment pushed Josh to far and
he walked over to Graham's sister and made one final request.
"Sharon, this is going to be the last time I ask. Will you kindly
get my sweat pants. If I don't have them in my hands in fifteen
seconds, I'll bring your grandfather in on this and I don't think that
either one of us wants this to go that far." Without further comment
Josh looked at his watch and started counting. Having seen the look in
his eyes, Sharon knew that this wasn't some bluff and left to get the
"Here!" she spat ten seconds later as she threw the pants in
Josh's face and stormed off.
"Thank you," Josh replied as he put on the pants.
"I didn't think I would ever see something like that in my life,"
Graham commented as his sister stormed off.
"It's all in how you phrase the question." Josh commented as he
finished pulling on his pants and headed downstairs. Kevin and Graham
nodded at this and followed the other boy down.
"I was wondering when you boys would make it," Graham's
grandmother stated as the boys entered the room and took seats on the
"I had to take care of something upstairs. Graham and Kevin
decided wait for me." Josh explained as the previews on the movie
"What movie is it, Gran?" Graham asked.
"You'll just have to wait a few minutes for the title." came the
chuckled answer. Seeing that it would be useless to try and needle her
for more information Graham let things drop. All four of the boys
became excited when the title of the movie came up, and they saw that
it was the last movie in the Harry Potter series. Sharon, on the other
hand, give a small snort of disgust and without saying another word
left the room. Her Grandparents shrugged at this and settled back to
enjoy the movie with their grandsons, and their guests.
"Capt. would you mind giving me a hand with the snacks?" Josh's
grandfather asked between the two movies that had been rented for the
night. Josh realized that his rank had been used so he knew it was him
and not the Sar-Majors grandson the was being addressed.
"Sure." Josh said as he got up off the floor.
"I heard the little discussion you and Sharon had earlier over
your sweats. I have to admit that I was pleased at how you handled it.
I guess that Sharon has never seemed to realize that not all boys that
need to wear diapers enjoy parading the fact of it around. Especially
around strangers. If you want, I'll have a talk with her about it."
"That's OK. I don't think it's necessary to talk to her about it.
With her mood right now, I doubt it would do much good. But I thank you
for the offer." Josh replied as he took the offered drinks. With a nod
of his own, the Sar-Major let the subject drop. He was amazed though at
how mature Josh seemed to act. He knew that he could act like a typical
10-year-old when he wanted to having seen a display of this earlier in
the day. Before heading out with the rest of the snacks he decided to
have a talk with Josh's uncle about his behavior.
"OK boys, it's time for you to head on to bed," Graham, Josh, and
Kevin were informed as the second movie of the evening ended.
"I'm not tired, though," Graham protested through a barely
suppressed yawn. His grand father just smiled at this as he stood up to
herd the three younger boys off to bed.
"I'm sure you aren't, but you'll be going to bed now anyway,"
Graham's grandmother told him as her husband walked them upstairs.
After making sure that all three boys brushed their teeth he took them
into Grahams room, and to Graham's embarrassment, tucked each one of
them in. The Sar-Major wished them a good nights sleep as he closed the
door behind him as he left the room.
"Damn! I thought I was over this," Josh thought to himself as he
bolted awake several hours later. After looking around the room to make
sure he hadn't woke anyone up with his dream, Josh climbed out of bed
and as quietly as he could left the room.
"Having trouble sleeping, Capt.?" Josh was asked by a quiet voice
behind him as he was filling a glass with some water. With a startled
gasp, Josh almost dropped the glass in his hand as he spun around.
"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to scare you," Graham's
grandfather said.
"It's OK." Josh replied a bit shakily as his heart rate and
breathing slowly returned to normal.
"Having trouble sleeping?"
"Do you want to talk about it?" Josh was asked as he was waved
over to the kitchen table.
"I guess so," Josh mumbled as he took a seat. Over the next
thirty minutes, Josh explained what he remembered of his nightmare.
"What do you think started them back up?"
"Probably having my brother show up." Josh said shakily as
emotions he had been holding since John had first been injured came
busting through. In moments, Josh had broken down completely. Reacting
more like a concerned grandfather, the Sar-Major took the smaller boy
into a protective embrace and comforted him as Josh finally released
what he had been holding in for almost Two months. At some point during
the next hour, Josh fell back asleep. With a small smile, Graham's
grandfather carried the smaller boy back upstairs and tucked him back
into bed.
"You feeling better this morning?" Josh was asked by Mr.
Henderson as he walked into the dining room the next morning.
"Yeah. Thanks for putting up with me last night." Josh replied as
he started to take a seat.
"Hold on there a minute, young man," Josh was told in a
commanding voice by Mrs. Henderson.
"I want you out of those wet diapers before you sit anywhere,"
she added while coming over to shoo him back upstairs.
"Sharon, would you mind changing Josh into some clean diapers,
please." With a nod, Graham's sister escorted Josh back into her
brother's room and in moments had him laying on the changing table.
Noticing how she didn't say a word to him, Josh figured that she was
still mad about him not going around in just his diapers the night
before. Not that any of this mattered to him. Sharon had Josh
completely changed in just over five minutes. And ten minutes after
this, Josh was pulling his shoes on getting ready to head back
downstairs. Not surprisingly, he found Graham, his brother, and Kevin
all sitting around in just a T-shirt and their diapers watching
Saturday cartoons. Breakfast was severed about twenty minutes later.
Josh was glad that his having a nightmare and crying fit was never
brought up. Kevin and Josh left Graham's a short time after this.

Chapter 39

"Mom, we're home," Kevin called as he and Josh came through the
front door. Josh was a bit surprised to see John try to cover up the
diaper he had on.
"Feeling better, John?" Josh asked his brother.
"I'm still a bit sore, but doing better than I was. How'd the
photo shoot go?" Josh was asked as John motioned for him to sit down
next to him.
"It wasn't too bad. I got into a spot of trouble with one of the
photographers, but everything got worked out," John was told as Josh
told him what had happened.
"That reminds me. Chris Barrett had given me something to give to
you. Sort of a get-well-soon gift. Let me go get it." With this Josh
got up and ran off to get the CD that he had been given to give to
"He wanted me to tell you to treat the pictures in the Private
area as DND. He said you'd know what that means." John was told as he
accepted the CD from his brother. John was a bit shocked to see some
anti-tamper tape on three of the edges, but figured that this was just
so that it would have been impossible for anyone to open it without it
being noticed. About this time the boys aunt came in to the room.
"OK boys, get upstairs and get your trunks on. We'll be leaving
for the pool in ten minutes. That means you also, John." his aunt added
once she saw that he wasn't following the other boys.
"But.." John started to say before he was cut-off.
"I don't want to hear it. The doctor said that you needed to
exercise that shoulder as much as you could. Swimming will be the best
type you can get without overtaxing it," his aunt explained to him.
"Couldn't we just go later in the day when it won't be so
crowded?" John pleaded. Knowing that this had to do more with his
embarrassed about needing to wear diapers during the day again, John's
Aunt sat down next to him and explained things to him. She finished
doing this just as the other kids came back downstairs.
"I still think it would be better to wait till later," John
replied totally ignoring the frustrated look he was getting from his
Josh started shaking his head at this display and then remembered
something John had done to him soon after he started wearing diapers
again. With a slight smile on his face, Josh handed the bag he had with
him over to Kevin and motioned for Vicky to lean closer to him. Vicky
also started smiling as Josh explained his plan to her. About the time
Josh finished his aunt got up and forcibly removed John's shorts
intending to put him in his trunks the hard way.
"It's OK. I've already got John's trunks," Josh told his aunt as
he and Vicky came up behind his brother. Without warning, John felt
Josh and Vicky grab his arms and pulled him to a standing position and
started heading him towards the door in just his shirt and diapers.
Trying as hard as he could, John was unable to break away from the
"Let me go, Josh. I'll tell mom when I talk to mom," John yelled
as he tried to break free.
"I don't think she would mind to much on this. Besides, remember
her reaction when you did something like this to me when I had to start
wearing diapers again."
"That was different. Mom was in a hurry to get somewhere at the
time and you were acting like a brat," John complained while starting
to cry from embarrassment.
"Yeah, I was acting just like you are now. So quit complaining,"
Josh shot back getting some enjoyment from turning the tables on his
brother. Less than five minutes later the group was headed towards the
base pool.
"Here're your trunks." Josh said as he handed his brother a pair
of swimming trunks. John grabbed the offered garment and put them on
without comment.
"Oh Man, not another damned diaper boy!" A voice called as John
and Josh were switching over to their swim diapers.
"Yeah, another one. What about it?" Josh shot back as he finished
pulling up his swim diapers.
"I don't want people like you swimming in my pool. So you better
just take your diapered butts back home." the boy said snidely.
"I'll stay here if I feel like. And it isn't your pool," Josh
stated calmly.
"Oh yeah?!" Josh was asked as the other boy came over and pushed
him into a set of lockers. Before either John or Josh could respond to
the a beefy hand came down on the other boy's shoulder.
"Is there a problem here?" A gravely voice asked?
"Just a slight disagreement," Josh answered.
"And one that isn't any of your concern!" The boy shot over his
shoulder as he used his free hand to push Josh in the chest causing him
to stumble and fall over a bench.
"That's it, you're out of here!" The man stated as he looked over
his shoulder to a person Josh couldn't see.
"Josh, please go get the desk Sergeant." John heard the other boy
leave and a few moments later the boy returned.
"What's the problem, Sar-Major?" The Desk sergeant asked the
older man.
"This young man tried to start a fight," Mr. Henderson stated and
told the other man what all he had seen and heard. The sergeant nodded
at this.
"OK, I'll contact the boy's guardian and get things taken care
of." the group was told as he escorted the boy out after having him
clear out his locker.
"You OK, Captain?" Josh was asked by the Sar-Major.
"Yeah. Just a bit pissed off," Josh answered.
"Oh, I'd like you to meet my older brother. John, this is Sar-
Major Henderson. He runs the base shooting range. Sar-Major, this is my
older brother John." Josh said in introduction.
"Pleased to meet you finally. Your uncle told me you'd be coming
soon. I'd like you to meet my grandsons Josh and Graham." John shook
each of the offered hands when the introduction was made. Josh saw that
Josh was a bit surprised to see that both Josh, and Graham were both
sporting diapers under their shorts.
"You boys here by yourselves?" John heard the Sar-Major ask.
"Our Aunt, and Cousins our here also." Josh answered.
"Well, you best not dawdle to much longer or they'll come looking
for you," the boys were told with a smile. Josh chuckled a bit at this
as he nodded his agreement. In moments, John and Josh both had their
suits pulled on and were heading out to the pool area.
"I'm sorry about not trying to help you in there," John mumbled.
"It's OK. I'm sort of glad you didn't. I wouldn't want you to
take the chance of reopening any of your injuries because of a few
insults," Josh told his brother while giving him a pat on the arm to
let him know that he meant what he had just said and not to feel bad
over it.
"Was it me, or did the two boys with the Sar-Major have diapers
on?" John asked, after accepting what his brother had told him.
"Yeah, they did. Graham wears them due to a medical problem, and
Josh needs them due to an injury. Graham is Kevin's best friend and he
explained all this to me when Kevin and I slept over last night." John
nodded at this, and realized that he had been acting embarrassed ever
since he had been told he was going to need to wear diapers all the
time for a while. He now had a better understanding of the adjustment
that his brother had gone through when his parents decided to place him
back in diapers again for his own problems. John decided right then and
there that he would stop feeling sorry for himself over this and to try
and make up to Josh for the way he had acted towards him at times
earlier in the year.
"You guys get lost or something?" Vicky asked as John and Josh
set their towels down.
"Nah, some kid tried to start a fight with us in the locker room
because John and I had diapers on." Josh explained.
"You're kidding, right?" Came the stunned response.
"I wish," Josh told her in a serious tone.
"Luckily, an adult came in and broke things up before it could go
any further than Josh being pushed back a little." John added.
"That's good to hear."
"What's good to hear?" Vicky's mom asked as she walked up to
"John and Josh had a bit of run-in in the locker room," Vicky
informed her mom.
"Really. Why don't you tell me what happened." With a shrug, John
and Josh started explaining what had happened in the locker room. Just
as they were finishing up, Sar-Major Henderson, Josh, and Kevin walked
"Hello, Emily." Mr. Henderson called out as they came by.
"Hello, John. I understand you were a bit of help to my nephews a
little bit ago." John's and Josh's aunt called back.
"It was nothing. I just happened to come along at the right
time." The older man answered with a shrug.
"Well, I want to thank you for helping out anyhow. Have they
contacted the boy's parents yet?"
"Yes, they did. He's already been picked up. And I must that that
she looked less than thrilled. If I miss my guess they'll probably ban
him from using the base facilities for a while." Mr. Henderson
"Well, I won't hold you up any further. I'll see you all later
tonight." Emily smiled back as he said this and thanked him again.
"What did the Sar-Major mean by he'll see us later tonight?" Josh
asked as the Henderson's walked away.
"It's nothing. Just a figure of speech," his aunt replied while
turning him towards the pool and gave his rump a light slap to send him
on his way.
"I really hate it when people do that," Josh said to Kevin as the
two boys walked over to the pool.
"I know what you mean. My mom used to do that to me all the time
when sending me to bed before I outgrew my problem," Kevin said with a
smile. Josh smiled in return knowing full well that his cousin would
probably keep wearing what ever diapers were left once he and John left
for home.
Over the next several hours the boys played around in the pool.
Emily was glad to see Josh acting like a normal ten year old. She
worried at times with how much older he tended to act. She did notice
that John seemed to stay in the shallower and less crowded area of the
pool, but she chalked this up to his injuries still being to sore and
wand to give them more time to heal before getting back to the rougher
"OK, I want all you boys to get out of those wet trunks and take
a short nap," The boy's aunt and mom announced as they walked through
the front door. With only light grumbling the boys headed upstairs to
do as they had been instructed.
"Hey Josh, would you mind if I borrowed a diaper?" Kevin asked
while John was out of the room.
"I don't think that would be a problem. Just don't get caught."
Kevin's cousin chuckled in reply as he tossed over one of his overnight
diapers. With a nod of thanks, Kevin quickly donned the offered garment
and climbed into bed before John walked back into the room. Josh
himself was just starting to climb into bed as John re-entered the
room. Josh was a bit surprised to see John pull a pair of plastic pants
on over his diaper. Seeing the look on his brother's face John answered
the unasked question.
"My night diapers haven't come in yet, so Aunt Emily is having me
wear these over a Day-time diaper." Josh nodded at this. Within
minutes, the only sound heard in the room was the soft breathing of
three pre-teen boys.
"Time to get up, boys," Kevin's father called after having
knocked on the door.
"We'll be out in a few minutes dad." Kevin called back.
"I want you each to take a shower after you strip off the diapers
you have on. Your mom will have your clothes laid out for you."
"OK." Kevin responded, but seemed a bit shaken by the comment
that his father about each of them taking a shower once they pulled off
their diapers. After some discussion, John and Josh decided to save
some time and shower together. Kevin came into the bathroom as they
were drying off.
"Hurry up guys!" Vicky called through the door as she walked by.
"We'll be out in a second." Josh called after spitting out a mouth
full of toothpaste.
"You better not take too long, Kev. Sounds like your parents
waited too long to wake us up," John called out after having rinsed his
"Sure sounds that way. I shouldn't be to much longer though."
came the disembodied reply.
"Last call guys, you have ten minutes to be out of the shower and
getting dressed." the boy's uncle and father called out.
"We're coming now dad!" Kevin called as he shut off the water and
stepped out of the stall.
"I guess they weren't kidding when they said that we had to dress
up for the evening," John said as he saw the suits laying out on each
of their beds. Josh just shrugged a this, and started unfolding the
diaper that was laying on top of his suit. He noticed that John was
doing the same.
Kevin walked into the room as his cousins were pulling on some
plastic pants over their diapers.
"Looks like mom thought of everything." he chuckled.
"Oh Shit!" Kevin added a few seconds later as he saw a pair
Thickies Trainers laying atop his own suit.
"What was that, Kev?" John asked as he walked over to his cousin.
"I think you've been busted." John added a moment later when he
saw the trainers also. With a laugh, he slapped the younger boy on the
shoulder and went back to getting dressed. Josh was laughing to the by
play between the other two. For his part, Kevin stepped into the
trainers after dusting them with some of the baby powder John offered
him. He was almost tempted to leave the trainers off, but figured he'd
be in trouble if his mom, or dad checked for them and they weren't
"You boys ready?" Kevin's mom asked as she entered the room
several minutes later. The boys just nodded at this and headed
downstairs after being motioned to lead the way. Before closing the
door, Kevin's mom took a quick look around to see if Kevin had tried to
hide the trainers she had left out. Not seeing them, she figured he had
put them on.
"Here Kevin, let me help you with that," his mom told him as she
took the neck tie out of his hand. After showing him how to put a tie
on correctly, she showed made the motion of straightening out his jack.
As she did so, she let he hand brush lightly against the back of his
pants. She smiled to herself as she felt the extra bulk of the
trainers. She nodded to her husband slightly at the unasked question
when they made eye contact as he helped Josh with his own tie.
"Oh Josh, Just one more thing before we go,." James told his
nephew. With a bit of flourish, he pulled a small pin from his uniform
jacket and affixed the pin to the left lapel of Josh's jacket.
"But, I thought the medal was just honorary, like the commission
was." Josh stated as he fingered the pin.
"To you they may seem honorary, but to us they're quite real,"
James said seriously. Josh nodded at this and let the subject drop.
"So where are we going anyway?" John asked as they pulled out of
the driveway.
"We're having our Regimental Commander is having his annual open
house for the Battalion Commanders, Staff NCOs, and our families
tonight. And seeing how I'm the acting CO for my battalion, it's only
proper that I attend with my family. This includes you and Josh." James
explained. He caught Josh smiling at this and got the feeling that his
nephew knew what was really going on.
Several minutes later, they pulled up to the base Officers Club.
Josh got completely embarrassed going through the receiving line as
several senior officers greeted him. He and John bumped into Josh,
Sharon, and Kevin a few minutes later. Sharon seemed a bit more
friendlier than the last time they saw each other. Josh was even more
surprised when she offered him an apology about what she had done the
previous night.
Over the course of the next few hours Josh ran into several kids
from the club meeting the night before. John was sure that if it hadn't
been for the Henderson's sharing their table he would have fallen a
sleep from boredom from a the shop talk.
"Ladies, and Gentlemen, May I have your attention please?"
Brigadier General Wainwright called. The room almost instantly quieted
down at this.
"I hope you all have had a pleasant time this evening, but before
we adjourn, there are a few announcements to hand out. Will the
following people please join me on stage as their name is called."
While James and his family knew about John being called up, there was
stunned silence for a few seconds when James heard his name called a
second after his nephews.
"As most of you know, earlier this summer Col. Alberts had
entered the hospital for health reasons. I'm sorry to say that earlier
this week Col. Alberts was placed on Medical Retirement because of
those health concerns. I am however pleased to announce that the higher
up have decided to accept a recommendation I had made at the time of
Col. Alberts entry into the hospital. Lt. Col. James Edward Chamberlain
front and center. Mrs. Chamberlain would you care to join us up here as
well?" Once James was standing next to his C.O and his wife had joined
"Lt. Col. James Chamberlain, it is my proud duty to promote you
to the rank of Colonel with all privileges and duties there of. I'm
also have the pleasure of turning command of the 2nd Battalion to you.
Emily, would you care to do the honors?" James wife was asked as she
was handed the box containing her husbands new rank. She kissed him on
the cheek moments later with tears in her eyes as she finished pinning
the devices on.
"The actual change of command ceremony will take place two weeks
from today, and I'll let you have the duty of handling the last award."
James was told in a whisper from his Commanding Officer. With a nod of
his head James stepped forward to the podium.
"Jonathon Octavius Kelly, Front and Center." John cringed a bit
at the mention of his middle name, but stepped forward. He almost
fainted when he realized what was about to happen. The shock was so
great that he never even listened to what was being said.
Thirty minutes later the Chamberlains and Kellys were entering
their house for the night, when Josh finally broke the spell.
"Hey John, you realize that I now out rank you so you'll have to show
me some respect now." Josh joked. With a playful grin John responded.
"Keep dreaming Thumper." He laughed as he pushed his brother into a
near by chair. The group laughed at this. The boys were chased upstairs
to bed a few minutes after this.

Chapter 40

"David, do you really think I'm doing the right thing?" the boy
was asked as his mom paced around the room.
"Yes, I think you're both doing the right thing," came the tired
"Maybe I should talk to Tim and set things back a bit," David's
mom mumbled more to herself than to her son.
"Mom, I know that you must be nervous about this wedding. Setting
the date back will only make things worse for when you do finally get
around to it. I can tell that you and Tim both love each other, and
that you've become attached to Caleb as well. But for the love of God,
will you stop all this second-guessing about whether this is the right
thing! If you and Tim weren't both sure that this is the right thing to
do you wouldn't have set a wedding date up this quickly. Now, I want
you to finish getting ready for your date and stop worrying." Carol
looked at her son in shock having never seen him go off like this.
Before she could say anything in response to this, the doorbell rang.
"That's probably Tim and Caleb. You hurry up finish getting ready
and I'll go let them in," David said as he walked out of his mom's
"Hey guys, I thought it would be you," David asked once he opened
the front door and saw his stepfather and brother to be standing there.
"Hey David. Your mom ready yet?" Tim asked as he and Caleb
stepped the door.
"She'll be down in a minute. She's just finishing up," Tim just
nodded at this and looked around.
"the sitter not here yet?" he asked while taking a seat on the
"She should be here any time now." As David announced this the
bell rang again.
"Hey Kara." David announced as he opened the door. As he let her
in he called out over his shoulder.
"Mom! Kara's here!"
"Ok, David I'll be down in a minute." Came the disembodied reply.
Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. I'll be back down in a
minute." On saying this David turned and started to head for his room.
Before he got two steps, he felt Kara's hand come in contact with his
slightly padded rear. David saw her grinning when he looked over his
"Hold up. I'll join you." Caleb announced as David head back
towards his room. A second later David heard another muffled slap and
knew that Kara had given Caleb the same treatment.
"I hate it when she does that," Caleb mumbled as the boys headed
up the stairs.
"I know. It annoys me a bit as well. Maybe she'll get tired of
doing it one day." The look David got in reply to his last statement
told him how much his friend believed it.
"We shouldn't be too late, boys!" David's mom called as she and
Caleb's father left on their date.
"OK mom. Have fun," David called back down. Once he heard the car
pull out of the driveway he put his full attention back into the gave
he and Caleb were playing.
"David! Caleb! The pizza's here! Kara called up almost an hour
"Let me shut the game off and we'll be right down!" David yelled
back has he saved the game they were on.
"Once you guys have your pizza and drinks I have a surprise for
you." Kara told the boys as they walked into the kitchen.
"Hold it both of you. Back upstairs." Kara stated suddenly as the
boys walked passed her.
"What?" Caleb asked as he felt a hand come down on his shoulder.
"It smells like both of you need to be changed." came the reply
as the two boys were steered back up to the changing room that had been
recently set up in one of the spare bedrooms.
"Well, this is cute," Caleb laughed as they walked into the room.
The room had been done up like a nursery for older boys. The walls had
been painted a medium blue with forest green trim around the windows
and door frames. Along one wall was an adult-sized changing table,
fully stocked with everything needed to perform a diaper change. The
wall to the right of the changing table had four full-sized cabinets
painted a different color with each boy's name on it. Caleb stopped
cold when he saw this. Seeing the look on his soon to be brother's
face, David started explaining what was going on.
"I guess your dad hasn't talked to you yet about this. I heard
them talking a couple of weeks ago that once they get married that it
would be better for you guys to move in with us since we have more
space." Before another word could be said Caleb bolted from the room
and David heard his bedroom door slam a second later. Kara started
after him when David started speaking again.
"Why don't you get me changed first, and then I'll go talk to him
about this." Sensing that David would probably be the more effective of
them she shrugged and helped David on to the table.
"Aww, How cute." Kara chuckled as she pulled David's pants down
and saw that he was wearing a pair of Red and Blue striped GoodNites.
After she finished pulling off the younger boy's pants and regular
underpants she tore the sides out of the GoodNites and started cleaning
David off with a baby wipe. David shivered a bit as the cold wipe hit
"Sorry about that."
"It's OK. You get used to it after a while." With a smile, Kara
turned and opened the cabinet with David's name on it and removed
several Thickies Overnight cloth diapers along with a pair of deep blue
colored plastic pants.
"Uh, Kara, I normally only need one of those to get me through
the night." David told his sitter when he saw that she had several of
"I figured that if you wore two of them you wouldn't need to be
changed before you head to bed tonight." Came the response as she
motioned for David to raise his behind so she could get the diapers
under him. Once she had the diaper positioned correctly, Kara started
to rub a generous amount of lotion onto David's balls and butt. David
responded to this stimuli in true boy fashion.
"You want me to leave you alone for a few minutes while you take
care of that?" Kara laughed. She laughed even harder when David nodded
yes. Still chuckling she handed him a wipe from under the table and
left the room. While David was taking care of himself, Kara headed
downstairs and put the now cold pizza into the oven for a bit to reheat
it. Five minutes later, David called out that he was ready.
After reapplying some more lotion, Kara sprinkled a great deal of
powder over the lotioned area. Once this was done, David felt the thick
cloth diapers being pulled snuggly into his crotch, and pinned tightly.
"Those feel tight enough?" Kara asked before pulling up the
plastic pants.
"Yeah they feel just fine." David replied with a smile. Allowing
David to pull up his own plastic pants, Kara busied herself with
getting the items she would need for Caleb's diaper change.
"I'll just change Caleb downstairs once you've had a chance to
taslk things over with him.
"OK, and thanks for understanding about all this."
"It's all right. I've helped friends through things like this
before so I know a little of what it's like." Kara told him warmly as
she walked from the room.
"Caleb, You OK?" David asked as he walked into his room. He saw
Caleb curled up on the far corner of his bed, holding a stuffed animal.
Without a thought, David climbed onto the bed with him and pulled the
smaller boy into a hug as he explained what he and his mom had talked
about on what he had heard.
"I know this must be tough on you, and it must hurt that you had
to find out about it like this. I know your dad and my mom didn't reach
this decision lightly or quickly. They felt that for a while it would
be easier to move into one house that was already set up than it would
be to try and sell both houses."
"But why didn't my dad even ask me about how I would feel about
it!?" Caleb cried."
"I have no idea. I guess maybe he was trying to find the best
time and way to break it to you."
"I just think he doesn't care about how I feel about things, or
all the memories I'm going to be giving up by moving." Came the sobbed
"I don't think that it the case at all, and I don't think you
really believe that either. I'll bet your dad is having just as hard of
time having to let that house go because of the memories as well, if
not more so."
"You really think so?" David just nodded at this as Caleb started
crying again. A few minutes later the crying slowed down.
"I'm sorry about all that." David was told in a shaky voice.
"It's all right. Just do me a favor, and try to listen to your
dad when he does tell you about it. OK?" David asked as he started to
tickle his friend.
"OK, OK." Caleb laughed while trying to get out of the grip David
had him in.
"Now that we have all that straightened out, let's get you
downstairs and into some clean dydees before you start leaking all over
my bed." With a final laugh the two boys head downstairs. David
chuckled a little when he saw Caleb carrying the stuffed animal he was
holding with him. While Kara was taking care of Caleb's diaper change,
David decided to get their dinner severed up. Both boys perked up when
they saw that Kara had rented several of the Harry Potter movies to
watch. David and Caleb both were getting ready to fall asleep as the
final movie ended. With David walking ahead of her, Kara picked Caleb
up and carried him into David's room. Both boys were fast asleep before
Kara even finished tucking them in. Little did any of the Kesslers know
about the surprise that was in store for them the next day.


Chapter 41

"I wonder who that could be?" David thought when he heard the
doorbell ring early the next morning. After making sure his robe was
closed enough to conceal the diapers he had on he opened the door.
"May I help you?" he asked through the still closed and locked
storm door.
"Yes, we need to speak with your mother," the vaguely familiar
looking man said.
"I'm sorry. You'll have to come back later. She's still asleep."
David told them, as he started to close the door.
"You'll let us in right now, young man!" the lady said firmly
with a bit of any ugly look on her face.
"I'm sorry. My mother is still asleep. You'll have to come back
later," David replied while still trying to keep his voice down. About
this time David's mom called down from the top of the stairs.
"David who's at the door so damned early?" She asked in a bit of
an irritated tone.
"Some people looking for you. I was trying to tell them that you
were still asleep and to come back later.
"Keep them there and I'll be right down," came the tired reply.
Less than a minute later David's mom turned the corner and found
herself looking eye to eye with her parents.
"Go ahead and let them in." David heard his mom tell him in a
cold voice he only heard when she was really mad about something. With
a nod, David did as he was told. Stepping away from the door he allowed
the couple to enter the house.
David felt like he was being looked at under a microscope with
the look he was getting from the lady.
"You look just like your father," she told him a more than
slightly disgusted tone.
"That's what I've been told. What about it?" David replied
calmly. Before an argument could start, Mrs. Kessler quickly stepped
between them.
"David, please go start some coffee and then go up and get
"OK." David replied as he gave the other lady a bit of a
withering look.
Once David's mom saw him head upstairs she turned on the older
couple sitting on the couch in front of her.
"OK, What the hell are you two doing here?" she said, starting
what was going to be an ugly family reunion.
"Don't use that tone with me young lady!" the older woman shot
"Seeing how this is my house, I'll use whatever type of tone I
like. Now answer the question."
"We heard from Ann Franklin that you were going to get married
and thought that we would come by and over to help you plan it. Seeing
how we didn't get the chance the first time around," came the casual
reply. Carol ignored the not so subtle barb from her mother concerning
her first marriage.
"Translation, You wanted to have another chance at telling me how
to run my life, and get a chance at the wedding you didn't get a chance
at either. Right."
"How dare you!" Carol's mom fairly yelled.
"Don't even start, Mother. You have no right to try that 'high
and mighty' crap with me. Not with all the shit you put at my feet in
the past."
"You name one thing that I have wrongly laid blame on you for,"
came insulted reply.
"David," Carol said coldly to her mother. The effect this one
word had was like dropping a bomb. Up until this point, Carol's father
had remained silent. On hearing his son's name, he let out a dry sob.
"I'm sorry, Dad. I didn't mean to hurt you," his daughter told
him softly. A slight nod of the head was the only response she
"Don't you ever try to use your brother's memory like that
again!" The older woman screeched as she slapped her daughter's face as
hard as she could.
"What is going on down here?" Tim asked, entering the room just
in time to see his future wife get slapped across the face.
"It's nothing, Tim. I'll explain everything in a little bit,"
Carol told him, as she turned to her parents again.
"I think it's time for you to leave," she said more to her mother
than anyone else in the room.
"You couldn't be more right. Let's go, Adam." While the two were
getting their coats on Carol had gone over to a stack of envelopes and
pulled one out.
"Dad, I want you to know that you'll always have a place in both
my heart and home if you should ever need it. I would also like you to
have the honor of giving me away at my wedding next month. If for some
reason you can't, please let me know, and rest assured that I
understand," she told him gently while handing him the envelope. She
then turned to her mother for the last time.
"Mother, I'll say this as plainly as I possibly can so there is
no miscommunication. Once you step through that door, I never want to
see you in my house or life again. Is this understood?" Without waiting
for any type of reply she opened the door to let them out. Less than a
minute later they were gone.
"Now would you like to tell me what that was all about?" Tim
asked softly as he placed a comforting hand on Carol's shoulder.
"Let's get some coffee, and I'll tell you."
"Mom? Is it OK for us to come down now?" David's disembodied
voice called out.
"Yes. It's safe now." she called back. The boys joined them at
the table a few minutes later.
"Who were those people? They looked a bit familiar to me but I
couldn't place them." David asked.
"Those people were your grandparents. Neither of us have seen
them for seven years." Carol started.
"What I'm about to tell you all, I haven't told anyone before. I
just ask that you hold any questions 'til after I'm done telling this
to you." Carol asked her sons and soon to be husband and step-son.
After getting nods from all of them, she started telling a story she
had kept secret for almost fifteen years.
"My mother and I have never really gotten along, I think this had
been because her first child turned out to be a girl instead of a boy.
My father told me that she had medical problems all the time she was
carrying me, and that the labor had nearly killed her. The doctors had
warned her against having any more kids. Of course five years later she
did become pregnant again and this one resulted in the birth of my
brother. All the time up to that point my mother never hesitated to
tell me how disappointed she was that I was a girl instead of a boy.
When I found out that my brother had been born, I thought that maybe
things would change and I would start to get the love I wanted from my
mother. That never happened. I think the only thing that kept me sane
during that time was the love and support that I got from my dad. The
biggest turning point came just after I had turned 18. As a belated
birthday present to my brother, I offered to take him and a couple of
friends to a local water and amusement park. On the way home it really
started to rain and visibility was down to just a few yards. About five
miles from home, the car I was driving was involved in a near head on
collision. I was the only survivor from our car. I found out later that
the driver of the other car was high on drugs and trying to get away
from police when he crossed the center line and hit my car at over
sixty miles an hour. I was in a coma for almost a month. The parents of
the other boys came to visit me in the hospital to let me know that
they didn't hold me responsible for the accident. One of the fathers
was a local police officer. He explained to me that if I hadn't tried
to swerve out of the way like I had, we all would have been killed. As
you can probably guess, my parents were totally devastated over the
loss of my brother. My mother, however, laid all the blame on me for my
brother being killed, and kicked me out of the house the same day that
I was released from the hospital. My father tried to talk her out of
this action, but it came to nothing. It even went so far that my mother
told me that if she ever saw me in her house again she would have me
arrested for trespassing. While I knew my father had done all he could
to change my mother's mind nothing worked. I always knew that my
brother had been my mother's favorite, but this never stopped my loving
him. If it hadn't been for the support of my friends and father, I
doubt I would be here right now. As planned, I left for college in the
fall and met you boys' father. Before today, I last saw my parents just
after the James's funeral. My mother was still bitter over the loss of
my brother. When I introduced her to you David everything came back to
a head. That was the last I had seen of them. Though I still kept in
periodic contact with my father." As she finally finished up, all the
grief she had been holding back over her brother's death finally came
out. Tim, and all the boys gathered around her in a group hug as she
let go of the past.
"Mom, why was your mother so upset about meeting me? I kind of
remember that day, or all the yelling anyway, but what caused her to go
off like that?" David sensed that something was being left out of the
story with the way his mom kept referring to his uncle as her brother
and not by name.
"It's simple, David. She got so upset because I named you for my
brother. She felt that I had no right to do that without her
permission. What was never said is that I had told my dad about what I
was planning when I called to tell him you had been born. As strange as
this my seem, you do look a bit like your uncle, but you look even more
like your father," Carol told her eldest son. This whole morning was
like a bomb on the entire family. After sending the boys up to get
showered and dressed, Tim and Carol sat down for a talk of their own.
"Tim, I'm sorry never to have told you all this before. It's just
that it was to painful a subject to handle at the time."
"After what you told us, I can understand completely. Caleb's
mother had similar problems with her family. I'm not sure if this is
the right time to ask or not, but I would like you to at least think it
over before giving me an answer OK?" Tim asked nervously.
"That depends on the question."
"After the ceremony next month, I'd like to adopt the boys."
"I think it's a wonderful idea, but there is just one catch to
your request.
"And what would that be?"
"It's the boys you should be asking not me. I'll back up ever
they decide to do. I just want you to be prepared for the possibility
that they may say no at first." Tim just nodded to this. He and Carol
headed up to their own room to get started for the day a few minutes
Once everyone was ready for the day, it was decided to go out for
breakfast that morning since no one seemed to be in the mood to cook.
"David, Brandon, Tyler, I have something I need to ask you. I'll
understand though if you need time to think it over." Tim asked as the
group finished their meal. Seeing that he had their attention Tim
"After your mom and I get married next month, I want to adopt you
boys as my own."
"You mean you want to become our dad?" Brandon asked.
"Yes. I already talked to your mom about this and she thinks it's
a good idea, but she felt that the decision should be left up to you
boys." The boy's mom nodded when they looked at her on hearing this.
"I'd like that a lot." Brandon and Tyler announced nearly in
"David?" Tim asked softly.
"I think I'm going to need some time this over." David responded
in a shaky voice. It was clear to both of the adults that the older boy
was overwhelmed by everything that had happened so far that morning.
"It's OK, David. Take all the time you need." David nodded softly
at this.
The ride home was a bit subdued. Most of the talking came from
Brandon and Tyler as they asked questions about what all the adoption
would mean. As expected, David was quiet through all of this.
"I'm going to go and take a short nap." David said quietly as he
headed towards the stairs. Caleb started to follow, but was stopped
when his father placed a hand on his shoulder.
"David has to sort this out for himself, and I need to talk to
you about something in private.
"You need any help there?" David jumped slightly as his mom
started speaking behind him.
"I just don't know what to make of everything that's happened
this morning." David stated quietly as he sat on his bed.
"I know that we dropped a lot on you all at once and it'll take
some time to sort it out. Just don't try to rush things. OK?" David was
told by his mom as she finished undressing him. Seeing that his
GoodNites were still dry, she had David crawl under his covers and
handed him his teddy bear. David smiled at this since he realized that
his mom knew he only curled up with it when he was under some type of
"Caleb, I need to tell you something." His dad told him as he
closed the den door behind him.
"Is this about us moving in here, and selling the old house?"
Caleb asked a bit bitterly.
"How did you find out about that?"
"David told me about it last night when I saw the changing room
you and Carol had set up for us."
"I see. I'm sorry you had to find out about it that way. I want
to let you know that I didn't mean to keep it from you this long, and
deciding to sell the house wasn't an easy decision to make."
"I know, but I don't see why we couldn't sell this house
"Caleb, do you think it would be fair to the others to try and
fit everyone into our house?"
"Not really. I just don't want to move."
"I'm not really thrilled by it either, but I feel that it was for
the best for both of us." Caleb just started crying as it sunk in that
the decision to move was final. Tim moved and took his son into a hug
and just let him cry things out.

Chapter 42

The next several weeks were hectic for both the Kesslers and
Jansens. Aside from try to finish up the planning of their wedding,
Carol and Tim also had to finish up with Tim and Caleb moving in as
well as Tim getting the arrangements made for him to adopt David,
Brandon, and Tyler once the wedding was over.
"Mom, we might have a bit of a problem," David announced as his
mom walked through the door.
"What now?" came the exasperated reply.
"Brandon's and my diapers didn't show up like they were supposed
"Great, I wonder what else can go wrong today? Okay. You and
Brandon will have to use your GNs for tonight. Just make sure that both
of your beds have the plastic sheets on. I'll give the place a call in
a few minutes, and find out what is going on." David nodded at this and
headed up to his room to give his mom some space so she could cool
"Hey honey, The boys already in bed?" Tim asked as he gathered
his wife to be into a hug.
"Yeah, they turned in about an hour ago. How was your day?"
"Not bad. The home office finally wised up and gave us the green
light to can T.J. today. I figure with him gone we should show a marked
improvement in productivity. How about your day?"
"It could have been a good deal better. The new washer won't be
in till Monday. Tyler is going to need glasses, and wear an eye patch
for the next year to correct a lazy eye. The bank misdirected that
deposit I made yesterday, so a couple of checks may bounce. And to top
all this off, David informed me, when I got home, that his and
Brandon's diapers didn't show today like they were supposed to. When I
called to find out what was going on with it, I was told that the order
had been accidentally canceled and that they are currently out of stock
on the sizes the boys use."
"I don't think I want to even try and top that. Do the boys have
enough diapers on hand to last them till we can get to the store
tomorrow?" Tim asked as he looked at his watch.
"I'm having them use their GNs for the night. Hopefully this will
get them through till tomorrow morning. I've already placed an order
with another company. Bev said they were pretty good when she used them
while Dev and James had their problem. So I thought I'd give them a
try." Tim nodded at this.
After a light dinner and relaxing for an hour or so, Tim and
Carol headed to bed themselves since they knew the next day was going
to be a long one with having to get the boys fitted for their tuxedos.
"Mom, my GoodNites leaked last night." Brandon announced as he
entered the kitchen.
"Have you pulled the sheets yet?"
"Yeah. I put them in the hamper already."
"OK, go get David up, and see if his sheets need to be washed
also. If they do, have him strip his bed and place both his and your
sheets in here." Brandon was told, as his mom handed him a trash bag.
"You're not mad about this, are you?"
"I'm a bit mad, but not at you. We both know this was something
you couldn't help. Now run along and do as I asked." As Brandon ran
back upstairs to do as she was told she heard the front door close.
"Tim, is that you?
"Yeah, it's me."
"Were you able to find the right sizes?"
"I found the right sizes, but I had to go with a different
"They were out of the Attends, and I felt the Thickies would have
been way too obvious under their pants so I picked up some of the Dipes
brand. The sales person said that they were the next best brand to the
"I guess we'll find out. You can take them up to the boys.
Brandon is awake, and needing a change, and I figure David will to once
we can get him up." Carol said with a laugh. Tim chuckled at this as
well, and headed off to get the boys changed and ready for the day.
"Brandon, why don't you go into the changing room and strip off
that GoodNite. I'll be there in just a moment to get you diapered."
"OK, Tim." With a smile, Tim gave Brandon a slight slap on his
rear as he walked past, and then turned his attention to the still
sleeping boys that occupied the room.
"OK boys, You have 'til the count of ten to get out of bed before
I remove you from them myself!" Tim announced loudly as he started
counting down. Before he had hit five, both boys were scrambling out of
their beds. As Carol had expected, David's GoodNite had leaked.
"Damn!" David muttered to himself as he looked at the damage.
"It's OK, David. We both know that the GoodNites can't keep up
with your night-wetting any more. Go on into the changing room and
strip those off. We'll take care of your sheets after we get you into
some dry pants.
"OK, but I'd really like to know why all of a sudden I seem to be
wetting more at night." David said glumly.
"It's probably just because you're starting to hit puberty. We'll
ask the doctor about it later this week during your appointment." David
nodded at this as he headed off towards the changing room. Brandon was
just finishing up with Tyler when the older boys and Tim walked in.
"Tying to take over my job there, Brandon?" Tim asked lightly.
David and Caleb started to laugh at how Brandon jumped at this.
"Easy there, I don't have any problem with you helping out on
this end." Tim laughed as Brandon tried to stammer out an explanation.
With a sigh of relief, Brandon helped Tyler off of the table and sent
him on his way with a slight slap to his diapered rear. With that done,
Tim helped Brandon up on to the table and placed him into a clean
diaper. Just as Tim finished closing the tapes on Caleb's diaper Carol
called up that breakfast was ready.
"Don't worry about putting any clothes on boys. We don't want the
food to get cold waiting for you to get dressed and it's not like we
haven't seen you going around in just your diapers before." Tim told
them with a chuckle. With laughs of their own, Brandon, David, and
Caleb tore out of the room and head down to eat with Tim bringing up
the rear at a bit more leisurely pace.
"Hold it right there you two." David's and Brandon's mom called
out as they passed by.
"Is there a problem, mom?" David asked
"No, I just want to see how those new diapers fit you guys." They
were told as their mom walked over to them and started to inspect their
Dipes at close range.
"I have to say, they seem to fit a lot better than the Attends.
Especially with the waistband and extra set of tapes." Carol mumble to
"How do they feel to you two?" she asked her sons.
"I think they feel a lot better than the Attends. They feel
softer, and not as noisy." David replied.
"Yeah, and like you said, the extra tapes and waistband gives
them a better fit. It doesn't seem like they're going to fall off after
one wetting, and I think the tape panel is a lot cooler looking, too."
Brandon added with a smile. This got everyone laughing. Carol decided
right then to see about changing her order from the Attends over to
Dipes once she saw how they stood up to the heavy wettings Brandon and
David were prone to.
"OK guys, go up and get dressed we need to be on the road in
fifteen minutes if we want to make sure to finish with getting your
tuxes fitted before the movie. And I don't want to hear any grumbling
about it either." Tim told them before any complaints could be raised.
"May I help you folks?" the sales clerk asked when they entered
the tux shop twenty-five minutes later.
"Yes, we need to have the boys fitted for some tuxes." Carol
"OK, what size pants and shirts do they wear?" The clerk asked,
writing down the sizes as the boys parents called them out.
"I'll be back with the pants in just a moment. If you boys want
to step into the changing booths, I'll hand them over to you." Doing as
instructed, the boys each stepped into a changing booth. With the
exception of Tyler, and Brandon who decided to share a booth. Several
minutes later the boys stepped out of the booths and each saw an
immediate problem. This being that each of them had a prominent diaper
bulge due to their parents forgetting to factor in extra bulk of their
diapers when giving their sizes to the clerk.
"Anytime you boys are ready." Mrs. Kessler called out.
"I think we'll need some larger sized pants." David stated as
they rounded the corner to let their parents see what the problem was.
The boys couldn't tell which was worse, the shocked look on the clerks
face when he realized that each of them were wearing diapers or the
obvious effort their parents were showing to keep from laughing at the
sight the boys presented.
"Uh, I hope you don't get offended by this, but I'm going to have
to ask your sons to drop their pants so I can get a measurement to save
time in trying to find the right pant size." The clerk stammered. It
was clear to everyone that he was uncomfortable in having to do this,
but was clearly trying to keep a professional tone to things. David was
the first to drop his pants. The clerk seemed very hesitant while
trying to figure out the best way to take the needed measurements.
David swore to himself that he had never seen anyone more so fast in
his life. It was almost like the guy though he was going to get burned
if he came into contact with their diapers for more than a few moments.
The Kessler-Jansen party left the shop a little over Forty minutes
later, getting to their movie with just a couple of minutes to spare.

Chapter 43

"Boys, it's time to get up! And no horsing around we're running
late," Tim called through the door after pounding on it a few times.
"OK, dad. No need to break the door down," Caleb called back
while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
"I get a feeling it's going to be one of those days." David
mumbled to himself while climbing out of bed. Without further comments
to each other. David and Caleb walked through the door that had been
recently added so they had direct access to the changing room. Tim was
already in the process of changing Brandon when they walked in. Seeing
at how fast he was moving told the boys just how much of a hurry he was
in. To help speed things up, David and Caleb decided to strip off their
soaked night diapers and plastic pants while they were waiting for
their turn on the table.
"Did you boys get your showers last night like I had asked?" Tim
asked as he lifted his son onto the table.
"Yeah, we did." David responded.
"Good. Once you get done here. Just get dressed in some regular
clothes. We'll have you change over to the tuxes after we get to the
church. You ready for everything David?"
"Yeah. I still wish my grandfather had decided to come. I know
how much it would have meant to my mom to have him be the one giving
her away." David said somberly.
"I know, and I was hoping for the same thing. But it just wasn't
possible with his health being what it is right now. At least he did
set things up so your mom was able to settle things with him while he
still knew there was time to do so." Tim told his son to be. David just
nodded at this, but was still a bit depressed over the sudden change in
plans. Soon it was his turn on the table.
Twenty minutes later the boys and Tim were leaving the house and
after a brief stop to grab a quick bite to eat arrived at the church.
"I'll take this to my mom." David announced while taking the food
they had picked up for her.
"I've got it David." Tim started to say before being cut off.
"Oh, no, you don't. You know it's bad luck for the groom to see
the bride before the wedding." the assembled groomsmen and ushers
started laughing at this.
"Mom, it's David. Open up, I have some breakfast for you."
"Just a moment." a voice called out. A second later the door
opened and Bev took the offered food.
"We'll be ready in just a little bit. Now you run off and get
dressed." David smiled a bit at this as the door was closed in his
David reentered the room all the male party members were and saw
that Caleb, his brothers, and Caleb's cousins were all in various
states of dress. After closing the door behind him, David started
removing his own clothes so he could get his tux on.
"Five minutes everyone." Tim's father called through the closed
door about thirty minutes later.
"Mom you look terrific." David announced as their part of the
wedding party got ready to enter the chapel.
"Thanks." Came the nervous reply.
"Just try to relax, and have a good time." Carol chuckled a bit
and gave her eldest a smile at his attempt to calm her nerves down. As
the music started, Tyler started down the aisle carrying the family
bible that his mother had gotten from her father just a few days
before, followed by Brandon and Caleb as ring bearers. As the
bridesmaids had finished walking down the aisle, the music changed, and
David and his mother started down themselves.
Ninety minutes later it was over, and David found himself part of
the receiving line hoping that it would be over soon so he could change
into a dry diaper and clothes that were a bit less confining than the
suit he currently had on. This, of course, turned out to be a false
hope as he soon found himself having to join in for all the wedding
"Man, I'm glad that's over." Caleb sighed as he pulled off a
rather well used diaper.
"Tell me about it. I don't think this could have lasted much
longer." David chuckled as he held the Dipe he had just removed. The
rest of the diaper group laughed as they nodded their agreement to this
"You boys need any help in here?" Caleb's grandfather asked as he
stuck his head through the door to the room the boys were using to
change in.
"Nah, We have it covered gramps. Thanks, though." Caleb
responded. with a slight smile, Mr. Kessler nodded and closed the door.
Four freshly diapered and clothed boys left the room fifteen minutes
later and rejoined their parents.
"I don't want to hear about you boys giving Bev any trouble when
we get back." Carol said to her sons several hours later as she and her
new husband finished getting ready to leave for their honeymoon.
"We'll be good mom. You know us." David answered with a
mischievous smile as he gave his mom a final hug.
"That's what I'm worried about." the assembled kids and adults
laughed at this. After a few last minute instructions to Bev, Carol and
Tim headed out.
The boys were sent off to bed several hours later. Due to the
amount of activity they had been through, there was very little arguing
over this. Before David drifted off to sleep he wondered what Josh was
doing at this moment.

Chapter 44

"So are you all ready for the big day?" Josh's uncle asked him as
he walked into the kitchen still half asleep.
"I guess so. But, I'm still nervous about it."
"I know what you mean. I was nervous before my qualifying jumps
also. Just remember your training and you'll be fine. Besides, you
still have that little shooting match going on this morning, remember?"
"Oh, yeah. You don't think Col. Anderson is still upset about the
incident that prompted this do you?"
"You mean the one where you came within two inches of shooting
him in the head when you saw that he had a snake about to bite him?"
Mr. Chamberlain asked with a smile.
"Uh, yeah. That would be the one," Josh replied turning bright
red from embarrassment.
"I think he might still be a bit shook up about it at times, but
I doubt he's mad at you. Now grab something to eat and then get your
tail back upstairs and get dressed." Josh's uncle chuckled while
messing up his youngest nephew's hair.
"So, Mr. Kelly, are you ready for this little match?" Col.
Anderson asked as Josh walked over to his assigned position on the
firing line.
"Yes, Sir."
"Good. Don't feel like there is any pressure on you to do well.
Just because the honor of your Uncle's Battalion is on the line doesn't
mean a thing. And that they've lost to my team for the last five years
running." Josh was told as the older man walked off.
"Don't let him get to you, Captain. He's still burning over the
little incident you two had. He probably put your name in just to see
you fail. But, you aren't going to fail. You're going to go to do your
best in this match, and you ARE NOT going to fail. And do you why you
aren't going to fail?" Sgt-Major Henderson asked.
"No sir, I don't." Josh responded.
"Because I don't want you to give the prick that satisfaction.
Besides, think of how much it would piss him off to see you succeed."
Josh smiled at this and gave a nod in reply. While Josh didn't seem to
realize what was happening to himself, the Sgt-Major noticed an obvious
change in Josh's eyes.
Several hours later, Josh was presented with the 2nd place trophy
for the competition that had just finished. As Josh expected, Col.
Anderson blew a gasket stating that the competition had been rigged to
allow Josh to place as well as he did. It was clear to everyone from
the 1st Battalion who saw the match that their C.O. couldn't accept the
fact that an 11 year old boy could out shoot his best marksman. For
their part, Josh's Uncle and the Sgt-Major couldn't have been happier.
Until this point, their team had never placed any higher than Third
place and that distinction was held by Sgt-Major Henderson.
"Damn, Captain, that was some of the best shooting I've seen in
quite some time. You even managed to beat my score from when I shot
this competition last." Josh was told a short time after the trophy
"Well, I actually owe my doing so well to the little bit of
advice you gave me before it started." Josh commented, not seeing that
his uncle and Col. Anderson had come up behind him during this time.
"And what advice was that?" James asked his nephew.
"Uh, I don't think I should say. I doubt that Col. Anderson would
like it." Josh answered.
"I don't remember hearing your uncle ask if I would like the
answer or not, I heard him ask you what the advice you were given was!"
Josh was told by the 1st Battalion's C.O.. By this time a group of
other officers and competition participants had gathered with in
earshot. Drawn by Col. Anderson's loud voice. With a shrug, Josh
answered the original question.
"The Sgt-Major overheard your comments to me before the match
about how the First Battalion's team had lost to yours for the last
five years running, and that he had a feeling that you had placed my
name on the list due to that little incident a few weeks back so you
could see me fail in a highly prolific way. Anyway, the Sgt-Major's
advice was for me "Not to give the prick that satisfaction" Sir." Josh
announced. On hearing this, Col. Anderson stormed off, especially after
seeing the crowd that had gathered behind him. Josh's uncle, the Sgt-
Major, and several other people in the area started laughing once
Anderson was out of earshot of them.
"Jeez, Josh, hadn't anyone ever told you about a little word
called 'diplomacy'?" James asked once he finally managed to get his
laughter under control.
"Yeah, but I figured that if I tried to fudge things any, Col.
Anderson would have been able to tell and would have been even madder
once he found out what was said. Besides, I did say "Sir" at the end so
I was being respectful of his position. Anyway, he did ask what the
advice was." Josh replied with a small smile of his own.
"You do have a point. Well, we need to get you to the airfield
for the last of your qualifying jumps." James announced on looking at
his watch.
"Captain Kelly?" a voice called from behind Josh.
"Yeah? I mean, Yes, Sir?" Josh stated, and saluted, after turning
and seeing a Major standing behind him.
"There's been a change of plans for your last jump. You'll be
going up with a section of the Second Marines. They're using the other
side of the base. I've been ordered to escort you over there."
"Has my Commander been informed of this change?" Josh asked
figuring that it wouldn't be wise to let everyone know he was related
to the battalion commander.
"Your Colonel has already been informed and told me to tell you
"Happy Landings" and that he would be on the ground waiting for you."
The major received a nod to this and was motioned to lead off. Josh got
to the flight line for his last qualifying jump just as the last Marine
was boarding the plane. Josh was quickly handed his equipment and shown
to the plane.
"STAND IN THE DOOR!!" Josh heard over the howling wind as the
back of the plane was opened. As he had been trained, Josh started
checking the chute of the person in front of him. Like in every jump
before this, Josh had to force himself to keep from puking into the air
mask he had on. Less than five minutes later the Jumpmaster started
screaming again. Two seconds later Josh was flying through the air like
a lead balloon.
Almost Five minutes later, Josh checked his altimeter and just as
it hit the right altitude, he pulled the ripcord to his main chute.
Less than three seconds later, he felt the "Gotcha" tug letting him
know that his chute had deployed as it was supposed to. Once he got his
bearings he started to look around and see where everyone else was in
relation to himself. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse
of something falling past him. Looking in that direction he saw that
one of the jumpers chute had failed to deploy. Seeing that he was the
closest person to the jumper in trouble, Josh cut away his main chute
and dived towards the other person. Time seemed to slow down as all
this took place. Josh knew that he was risking both of their lives if
he miscalculated what he was doing, but knew in his heart that it was
the only possible thing to do. They were less than two thousand feet
when Josh caught up to the other person. Reacting quickly, Josh grabbed
a hold of the drag chute on the other jumpers reserve chute and while
holding it tightly in his left hand he reached down to deploy is own
reserve chute.
While all this was going on in the air the crowd that had
assembled on the ground looked on in shock and horror at what was
taking place in front of them.
The jumper, whose chute failed, landed two minutes later safely
and was quickly escorted away. Unfortunately, a gust of wind came up
unexpectedly, causing Josh to misstep on his landing. Instead of a
perfect two-point landing, the gust of wind caused josh to cartwheel
into a stand of trees several yards away.
"Where am I?" Josh mumbled late the next afternoon as he regained
consciousness, and started to sit up..
"You're in the hospital." his aunt told him, while trying to stop
him from sitting up to quickly. She didn't make it.
"UHHNNN!!" Josh moaned reaching for his head as he slumped back
down to the bed.
"How's the other guy?" Josh asked a few moments later as the pain
faded a bit.
"He's fine. I think he plans on coming by later on today to see
how you're doing." About this time, Josh raised his head enough to look
around and saw the cast on his leg.
"Oh boy, mom's going to be pissed about this." Josh mumbled.
Before Josh's aunt could respond to this the door opened up, and Josh's
uncle walked through the door. Josh could tell that he wasn't very
happy right now.
"Emily, would you excuse us for a minute please?" James asked his
wife. Seeing the look in her husband's eyes, Josh's aunt nodded and
excused herself.
"All right Captain, you want to tell me what the hell you were
thinking yesterday?!" Josh hearing his uncle call him by his rank was a
shock as was the tone of voice behind it.
"I wasn't thinking." Josh started and was interrupted.
"That much is certain. Do you have any idea as to how big a
chance you were taking with that damned stupid stunt?"
"So what was I supposed to do let him die, when I knew that there
was a slim chance to do something to prevent it?"
"Slim is right. I don't think there are more than a hundred
parachutists in the world that could have done what you did. You should
feel damned lucky that you only got a slight concussion and broken leg
out of this."
"Uh, Uncle James, Correct me if I'm wrong, but these injuries
happened as a result of having a gust of wind blowing me around. Not
because of the decision I made. I know you're upset about what I did,
and I can understand it. But I made a call that I thought was correct
at the time, and I'd do the same thing if I had to go through it
again." Josh told his uncle firmly.
"I know. I just shudder at the thought that I was the one who put
you there in the first place. And if you had died, it would have been
my fault."
"Don't even go there. I was making those jumps of my own free
will. I wouldn't have been up there if I didn't think I could do it,
and you wouldn't have let me for the same reason. Now that all this is
settled, there is only one final question. What are we going to tell my
mom when she comes to get us next week and asks how this happened?"
"I'll have to tell her the truth. With all the publicity that
this is going to generate, there's no way I could even begin to cover
this up."
"Well, I know something like this would be good for the local
papers and such, but given the fact that I'm a minor, it shouldn't be
to hard to cover up my identity." This earned Josh a laugh.
"What's so funny?"
"Josh, we're talking National and International papers here not
just local."
"Uncle James, I know what I did was stupid enough to land me in
the papers, not to mention the hospital, but I would hardly think that
something like this would be enough for international papers."
"Josh, haven't they even told you whose ass it was you saved
yesterday?" His uncle asked in surprise.
"Not yet, no. Who was it?" Josh asked, feeling like he had a
sandbag heading for him.
"How does Prince Harry strike you?" His uncle replied with a
smile at the look on his nephew's face, and wishing he had a camera.
"Are you shitting me?"
"Not at all. I knew he was on that flight. Speaking of which,
You'll be having some Marines coming by later on to interview you for
the inquiry that this is going to generate. I'll be in on it as well."
"Could you ring for the nurse? I think I'm going to need some
aspirin after all this." Josh mumbled as he laid back down.
"Not to mention a diaper change as well. You're smelling a bit
ripe at the moment." James joked as he left the room. The nurse came in
a few minutes later a gave Josh some Tylenol and got him into a dry
diaper. As she was walking out the door, Emily came back in, trailed by
John, Kevin and Vicky. After reassuring John that he would be fine,
Josh drifted back to sleep.

Chapter 45

"Josh, the inquiry team is here to talk with you." James stated
after checking to see that his nephew was properly covered up.
"OK, I'm ready." Josh replied after shifting his covers a bit to
make sure that the bulk of the diaper he had on wasn't to noticeable.
James nodded and opened the door further to allow the men behind him
into the room.
"Captain, before we begin, I'd like to introduce the officers
running the investigation. The taller gentleman is Major Fairbain. The
other one is Lieutenant Sykes." Josh nodded to both men and motioned
for his uncle and the Major to take a seat while Lt. Sykes set up a
tape recorder.
Over the course of the next 45 minutes Josh was grilled over
exactly what he had seen and done from the time he had stepped onboard
the airplane till he hit the ground. For his part, Josh was a bit
surprised at how clearly he remembered things.
"I think that about covers everything." Maj. Fairbain announced
as he closed the notebook he had with him.
"Captain, you've been very helpful, thank you for your time." he
continued as he rose from his feet. Josh nodded as he started to feel
the effects of the medication he had been given just a few short
moments before. As he started to drift off he could have sworn that his
uncle and the two Marines had jumped to attention when a few other
people had entered the room. Josh didn't get a chance to make out who
it was because the medicine was acting to quickly.
"Well, young man, all your tests have come back normal and I
think it'll be safe enough to release you tomorrow morning." Josh was
told later that evening.
"You will need to have some therapy for your leg once the cast
comes off. And right now you're looking at it being on for about twelve
weeks." the doctor informed his charge before the obvious question
could be asked. Josh slumped back in his bed at hearing this news.
"Just be glad it wasn't much worse than it was Josh." his uncle
"Quite right." The doctor agreed before giving some more last
minute instructions.
"Uncle James?" Josh asked as his uncle, aunt and everyone else
was getting ready to leave.
"Yes, Josh?"
"Who came in earlier? I mean, as you and the inquiry team were
getting ready to leave after I had my afternoon meds I thought I saw
all three of you jump to attention before I fell asleep."
"Oh that, it was just Prince Harry and his father coming in to
thank you for what you had done." James responded with a slight smile
at the shocked look on his nephew's face.
"Uh, what did they say?"
"Nothing much. We chatted for a bit on what you had done and some
other things. And it seems that Harry and his dad had talked things
over and it's been decided to bestow a Knighthood on you." James added
seriously. This comment made the room go deathly quiet, since James
hadn't mentioned it to anyone else in the family yet either.
"This is just going to be honorary, right?" James was asked by
his wife.
"Not from how I understood things."
"But Josh is American, I thought there were laws stating that
things like this would be considered strictly honorary."
"You're only partly right on that Emily. Since his dad is an
American, Josh is an American citizen. However, Janet is a British
subject, and so is Josh, to an extent, since he was born over here.
Therefore, the knighthood would be considered real both over here and
in the U.S.." The stunned silence was broken a moment later when John
spoke up for the first time.
"Boy, mom is really going shit a brick over this one Thumper."
Everyone started laughing hard at this comment. Of course, James knew
that John's comment wasn't to far off the mark.
"Did they happen to mention when the ceremony was going to take
place?" Josh asked after he got his laughter under control.
"They said it would be in about two weeks." Josh nodded to this
and after one last round of hugs he found himself alone with his
Before Josh's release from the hospital the next morning he found
himself in the middle of a press conference. Even though it only last a
short time, Josh realized afterwards that he was more scared going
through it than he was doing the event that prompted his being pushed
into the limelight like he was.
"Well, Josh let's get you home and into some different clothes
before your mum and dad get there." James said as he helped Josh into
the car. The ride back to the base didn't take that long since rush
hour had already ended for the day. Just as Josh, James, and Emily got
to the house another car pulled up and Josh saw his mom get out of the
"oh, shit." Josh mumbled as he headed for the kitchen since he
knew he didn't have enough time to make it upstairs before his parents
entered the house.
"James, you look ravishing in uniform, and a Colonel now I see."
Janet stated as she gave her younger brother a hug.
"Thanks Janet, I have to saw that all that fresh air as done
wonders for you. You look Ten years younger.
"Well, I guess that after everything that has happened these last
couple of months I really need the time away from all the worries."
"I can certainly understand that. You look rather more fit as
well Arthur."
"Thanks James. You look a bit more haggard than last time we saw
each other. I hope the boys did cause that much trouble." Arthur told
his brother-in-law jokingly.
"Nothing I couldn't handle."
"Where are the boys James? I figured they'd be down here to meet
"John's upstairs getting changed at the moment and Josh is
standing right behind you." James told his sister knowing that she was
going to be shocked at the changes that had taken place over the couple
of months.
"Hello, mum." Josh said with a smile. He could tell that his mom
was having a hard time adjusting to the changes that had taken place.
Since last she had seen him, Josh had grown about Five inches, and
gained about 15 pounds worth of muscle. He now looked more like his
older brother than he did the little boy she had dropped off a short
two months ago. On looking him over she noticed the cast on his leg as
well as the Major's insignia he now sported.
"What happened to your leg, and how did you manage to get
promoted?" Before Josh could answer the questions John entered the room
and started greeting his parents. The got Josh off the hook for just a
couple of minutes.
"Well? Let's hear it." Janet told her youngest. James came to the
rescue after Josh shot him a pleading look.
"Uh, how about we let Josh have a seat first and then we can
discuss what happened. Janet turned a bit red at this realizing that
she had her son standing on a broken leg while waiting for an
explanation on how it happened.
"OK, now that we're all sitting down and comfortable, would you
mind telling me how Josh managed to break his leg? And get the
promotion to Major?" James decided that getting right to the point
would be the best way to handle this situation.
"Josh broke his leg jumping out of an airplane Janet." James
started before getting cut off.
"Did you just say jumping out of an airplane?"
"Yes, I did. Josh had been taking jump lessons while he was
"I see. And why don't I see you with any broken bones? I assume
that if Josh was jumping out of airplanes he would have been with you
at the time." James was asked coldly.
"He was with me for his first couple of jumps. Once he decided to
go through with lessons, he started doing them solo."
"And why wasn't I consulted to give consent for these lessons?"
"Because I knew you'd say no and that would be the end of it.
Instead I talked to Arthur about it, and he agreed to give his consent
for this. However he left the initial judgment up to Josh and finally
with me." James told his sister before a fight could start.
"And you know me well enough Janet, that if I thought for a
moment that there was a danger to Josh and that it was over his head I
would have pulled him in a heartbeat." James stated in the tone of an
Army Colonel ending a discussion.
"Fine, but how did he break his leg?" Janet asked coming back to
her original question.
"On his last jump three days ago, he caught a gust of wind and it
blew him into some trees. And before you say anything, nobody else
would have fared much better in a situation like that."
"I see. And now about the promotion. Surely you didn't make him a
Major for breaking a leg on a training jump?"
"No, the decision to make him a Major came from far above my pay
scale. That happened due to something that happened just before he
broke his leg."
"And what was that?" James knew that this was going to be the
sticky part.
"I think it might be better to show you." James said as he pulled
a CD from the pocket of his coat. After he had the CD in the family's
DVD player he explained some things first.
"You'll be seeing the incident in question from two different
view points. The first will be from the camera we had mounted on Josh's
helmet. The second one will be from the camera we had on the ground."
On saying this, James hit the PLAY button and moved so everyone could
see the TV screen.
both laughed at this last part of Josh's pre-jump commentary. Even
Josh's dad smiled a bit at this. The view on the camera soon changed as
Josh put his helmet back on. Soon they could see the back of the plane
open up and Josh yelled one last time from inside the airplane.
"You can really see now why we hope that we don't have our chutes
fail!" Josh's voice stated as the camera angled to a shot that was
pointing straight down. The next several minutes went by without a word
being said.
"OH SHIT!" Josh's voice stated before a few second's of static. A
moment later the view changed as Josh was looking up to see that he had
cut away his main chute cleanly. Mrs. Kelly gasped loudly at this and
Josh softly put his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. By the time he
looked back to the TV, Josh saw that he had caught up with the other
jumper and was fumbling to get the flap open for the reserve chute. A
moment later he saw the camera jerk like it had when he had deployed
his main chute. Once the other jumper's chute started to deploy
normally, the picture moved again as Josh moved out of the way. Seconds
later the picture showed the other jumper land and being hustled away
and then Josh's landing.
"And now you'll see it from the ground camera's point of view."
James announced. After a few moments of static the picture changed
again. This time there wasn't any outburst from Josh's mother. Twenty
minutes later the film ended.
"Mom, Dad, I know that was hard for you to see. And I'm sorry for
any problems watching that may cause you. I just want you to know that
I did what I felt was needed at the time and that I would do it again
if the need ever came up again." Josh told his parents. The could tell
from the look in his eyes that he wasn't kidding about doing it again
if the need arose again.
"I just want to know who the other jumper was so I can send them
a letter telling them about how they nearly cost my son his life."
Janet said with tears in her eyes. Josh looked at his uncle and nodded.
"Janet you'll be able to met the other jumper at an award
ceremony for Josh in about a week."
"I see can you tell who the jumper is and why he would need to be
at this ceremony?"
"Josh, I think you better handle that one." James said as he got
up and left the room.
"Mum, I don't want to hear anymore talk about you going of on the
person I saved. If you want to yell at anyone about my nearly getting
killed then you better yell at me. I'm the one who made the decision to
do what you just saw. This is nothing more or less than a variation of
what happened to John a couple of months ago."
"It most certainly is different."
"In what way? John nearly gave his life doing something he
thought was right at the time, and you never faulted him for it. The
same thing played out here. The only thing different about it is the
fact that had I done nothing, I would have had to live with the
knowledge that I had a chance to possibly save a life and I choose not
to. And since you asked, the other jumper was Prince Harry." Josh
stated a bit heatedly as he grabbed his crutches and hobbled off to his
room. Leaving his parents and other family members in stunned silence.
Several days later, Josh got the notice of when the award
ceremony was going to be. After the bit of a blow-up Josh had with his
parents, he had asked that no mention be made about what the award was
going to be, or where it was to be held.
"OK Josh, I want you to be on your best behavior tonight. That
goes for you two John. I figure the place they'll be handling the award
will take up by surprise and be more than what you're used to seeing so
I'll ask that you not gawk like tourists while we're there." Mrs. Kelly
"I also don't want you boys to stay up to late once this is over
since we have a bit of an early flight.
"Yes, mum." John and Josh stated in unison holding back laughs
until their mother was back downstairs.
"God. She is going to freak when she sees where this is going to
be taking place." John said between laughs.
"Tell me about it. I can't wait to see what she looks like when
she finds out what the award actually is. Hey, I just thought of
something. When I get married, I can honestly say that I'll be making
an honest 'Lady' out of her." Josh and John both laughed at this as
they finished packing.
"You know Josh, it's to bad Erin couldn't be here for this." John
said as he was getting ready for the big event later that night.
"Oh I wouldn't be to sure about that. I made some arrangements on
that. Of course, mum, and dad don't know about it yet. Erin's been
staying with Aunt Maureen for the last two days." Josh said with a
"You know, I was right, mum is going to freak." John laughed.
Just then his dad walked into the room.
"Boys the front desk just called to let us know that the cars are
here. You'll need to hurry it up a bit."
"I'm ready." John nodded after straightening his tie. Josh nodded
after doing the same.
"Oh, God." Mrs. Kelly murmured as they pulled through the West
Gate of Buckingham Palace.
"Surprise." Josh said with a smile. He got a withering look in
return. They pulled up to the door a moment later. After a brief
receiving line the Kelly Family was handed off to an usher that
escorted them on a tour of the Palace. For this, Josh was offered a
wheelchair that he accepted. The tour ended about an hour later in the
Throne Room. It was then that Mrs. Kelly noticed that Josh was no
longer with the group. Before she could say anything the Head Usher
came out and Rapped a staff on the floor before beginning his
"Presenting our Sovereign Lord Charles the Third. King of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland. Head of the Commonwealth and all her
other realms and territories. Defender of the Faith." As all this was
being said the assembled group bowed or curtsied in respect.
Mrs. Kelly ignored most of things that followed this as she was
trying to see if she could get a glimpse of where Josh might be. Twenty
minutes later she got her answer as to where her son was.
"Ladies, and Gentlemen our last honoree tonight as you all know
has performed a deed which this house certainly cannot let go
unnoticed." Charles said as he motioned off to the side. Mrs. Kelly was
shocked to see Josh being pushed towards the King of England.
"Major Kelly, for an act of heroism to this house at possible
cost of your life I hereby dub thee Knight Commander of the British
Empire." King Charles intoned as Josh lowered his head.
"Arise, Sir Knight." Josh was then commanded. Josh lifted his
head in response to this to the sound of applause. The ceremony was
ended a short time later. Though before the Kellys left, Josh was
presented with a personal gift from Prince Harry a Gold ring bearing
his coat of arms.
With a final word of thanks the two parted ways. Though this
would give Josh something to tell his kids and grandkids someday.
Josh and his family headed home the next morning and several
months later Josh was still hearing about his exploits from his mom.

Chapter 46

"C'mon Josh. Mom is waiting for us in the car." John called
"I'll be right down."
"Man, I always did hate this time of year." Josh commented to his
brother as they walked to the waiting car.
"I know what you mean. But with how much you grew at Uncle
James's house you don't have much of a choice. Besides you know that
mom always seems to get us new clothes for school even when we don't
need them." John told his brother. Out of all the family members, John
seemed to be taking Josh's growth spurt the hardest.
"I was wondering when you two would make it down." Their mom told
them as John helped his brother into the car.
"It took me a little longer in the bathroom than I thought it
would with this leg." Josh answered as John closed the hatch on the
car. Mrs. Kelly smiled at this as John climbed into the seat behind
her. Once John had his seatbelt on the car was put in gear and they
started off.
"You two go on over to the boys section and start looking at
things while I talk to Erin for a moment about an order." John and Josh
were told as they walked into Klothes for Kidz a short time later.
"Hello John. When did you get back in town?" David's mom asked
when she saw him walk into the Boys' Department.
"Hey Mrs. Kessler. We got back a few days ago. Mom was screening
all the calls to give us a few days to get readjusted to being back
"I can understand that. You certainly look like you're doing
better. Did you have a nice Summer Break?"
"Thanks. I am doing a lot better now. Yeah, we had lots of fun."
John replied with a smile. About this time Josh caught up with him.
"And who would this young man be?" Mrs. Jansen asked before she
realized that she was looking at Josh.
"Well, Josh, I certainly have to say that you had a bit of a
growth spurt over the summer. And what happened to your leg?"
"Yeah, I did grow a little bit. Thanks for noticing. I kind of
broke the leg after jumping out of a perfectly good airplane." Before a
reply could be made, David came out of the dressing area.
"How does this look mom? Hey John. Is Josh around here too?"
David asked not noticing that he had walked right past his friend.
"Yeah, David. You just walked right past him." David turned on
hearing this and took a double take when he saw that his friend was
just a few inches shorter than he was now and a few pounds lighter.
"Dang. I didn't even recognize you standing there. I guess I
should have with you having that cast on your leg." David quipped.
"Yeah you should have." Josh laughed as he punched his friend in
the arm. David winced a bit as he found out that the extra weight his
friend had packed on was mostly muscle.
"So, what happened with the leg?" David asked while he modeled
the clothes he had on for his mom.
"Had a bad landing on my last jump." Josh said plainly.
"I bet that must have been exciting."
"David, that doesn't even begin to cover it." Came the chuckled
reply. This comment got a Josh a strange look from both David and his
"You guys find anything you like yet?" Mrs. Kelly asked a short
time later as she joined her two sons. John and Josh both nodded in
reply and showed their mom what they were looking at.
"We'll have to see about getting a snap crotch fitted into those
pants for you though Josh." Mrs. Kelly told her youngest as they took
the pants over special desk.
"Yeah, I kind of figured that we would be."
The Kelly's walked out of the store about thirty minutes later
after having made their purchases.
"Mom would it be OK for me to have David and Caleb sleep over
tonight?" Josh asked on the way home from the store.
"Well, John and Erin have plans to stay over with some of their
friends, so I don't think it would be a problem. You could have them
come for dinner to if you'd like."
"Cool, thanks." Josh replied with a smile.
"Of course after you give them a call to see if they can I want
both you and John to take a nap." Hearing the tone that their mom used
for this part of the conversation the boys knew that this wasn't open
to debate.
"That's strange," Josh stated as he hung the phone up.
"What's strange, Josh?" His mom asked.
"I just called Caleb's phone number and got a disconnect
"Maybe they had it changed over the summer."
"That must be it. I'll give David a call and see if he knows
what's going on with that."
"Hello?" A young voice asked.
"Brandon? This is Josh. Is David there?"
"Yeah, he's here. Let me get him." Josh smiled a bit as he heard
Brandon yell out to David that Josh was on the phone for him.
"Hey Josh. I did think I would be hearing from you this soon."
David joked.
"Well, if you'd like, I could put the sleepover I was going to
ask you to on hold for a few days till it's not as soon." Josh shot
"No, that's OK. I think I could force myself to come over for the
"I didn't think you'd have a problem with it. And since I have
you on the phone, my mom wanted to know if you'd like to join us for
dinner as well."
"Let me ask my mom real quick about all this."
"OK, I'll hold on while you ask." Less than a minute later David
was back on the phone.
"Josh, my mom said all this would be fine with her. What time
would you like me over?"
"About 5:30. Also do you know if Caleb had his number changed. I
tried to call and see if he wanted to sleepover as well and all I got
was a message saying the number had been turned off."
"Yeah he did. Since he'll be here a few minutes from now I'll ask
if he wants to join us. Is the dinner invitation open to him as well?"
David asked with a smile.
"Yeah, he's invited to dinner as well."
"OK. Go ahead and let your mom know that we'll both be there
about 5:30"
"I'll see you guys then." Josh said as he hung the phone up.
"And what's the verdict?" Josh was asked by his mom as he walked
into his room.
"David and Caleb should both be here about 5:30." Josh informed
he as he took his shorts off. Once his shorts were on the floor, Josh
was helped up onto his changing table and his mom started untaping the
Attends he was wearing. After wiping Josh down, she pulled out several
cloth diapers and folded them together and an placed them under her
son's raised rump. Once the diapers had been snuggly pulled up between
his legs and securely pinned in place, Mrs. Kelly pulled out a pair of
snap-on plastic pants, and fit these over her son's diapers. Josh just
smiled through this entire process. Once the Plastic pants had been
snapped shut and all the diaper material was inside of them, Josh was
helped off the table and over to his bed.
"You have a nice nap." Josh was told as his mom handed him his
teddy bear.
"Thanks mom." Came the smiled reply as Josh accepted the offered

Chapter 47

"May I help you?" Mrs. Kelly asked.
"I have a package for a Joshua Kelly." The UPS driver replied.
"I'll accept the package. I'm his mother."
"Sign here please." The driver replied as she handed over her
clipboard. After checking the signature she handed the box she was
carrying over to Mrs. Kelly.
"I wonder what this could be." Josh's mom thought to herself as
she noticed how heavy the box was and that the return address was for
an engraving shop in London. After giving a mental shrug, Mrs. Kelly
went back to getting the dinner she was preparing ready for the oven.
"Josh, Caleb and David are here." Mr. Kelly called.
"I'll be right down Dad." Came the disembodied reply.
"Well, you two can have a seat on the couch. I'll take your bags
on up to Josh's room.
"Thanks." David and Caleb replied in unison as they handed their
bags over. Just as Josh came downstairs his mom announced that dinner
was ready.
"So what have you two been up to these last couple of months?"
Mrs. Kelly asked.
"Well, I got chosen for the New GoodNites commercial that'll be
airing in another week or two." David told them.
"That's great David. I knew you were hoping for that slot after
they held the trials. I'm glad that worked out for you." Josh replied.
"Thanks. I just hope those and the print ads I was in turn out
OK. Speaking of which, I saw a couple of the Thickies ads you had done
as well. I think they turned out pretty good." Josh blushed at this
since he was never one to accept praise over things he might do well.
"Thanks." Josh mumbled in embarrassed acknowledgement.
"What about you Caleb? What all did you do?" Mr. Kelly asked to
change the subject away from his son.
"Well, I spent a couple of weeks at a camp specializing with kids
that wear diapers for one reason or another. I also got to join David
while he was doing the GoodNites ads. The best thing though was my dad
getting married." Caleb replied with a smile.
"I'll agree with that. Especially since it gives me someone new
to beat on." David replied with a smile of his own.
"Caleb's dad, married my mom." David clarified when he saw the
confused looks his comment had made.
"I'm glad to hear that. I had seen them together a few times and
I felt that they would make a great couple." Mrs. Kelly stated. The
rest of dinner preceded with the usual small talk of people trying to
get caught up on things.
"Hey Josh, I was wanting to ask what happened to your leg?" Caleb
"I had a slight accident jumping out of an airplane." Josh
replied dryly, while shooting a look to his parents to let things
"That must have hurt."
"It did a little bit. But it could have been worse."
"That reminds me Josh, a package came for you earlier today."
Mrs. Kelly said as she got out of her chair to get the package. Josh
paled a little when he saw the return address. He had been hoping to
intercept this so he wouldn't have to listen to his parents go off.
"Thanks mom." Josh stated as he set the box aside.
"Aren't you going to open it and see what's in it?" Mr. Kelly
asked when he saw the expression that flashed quickly over his son's
"I'll do it later dad. I don't want to cause any problems with
guests here." This strange response got both of Josh's parents
wondering what the box contained. With no warning Mr. Kelly picked up
the box.
"Well, I'll promise to hold any comments till after they leave
then." Josh was told as his father opened the pox and remove the bubble
wrap that was covering the plaque inside it.
"Well, what does it say Arthur?" Mrs. Kelly asked seeing the
shocked look on her husband's face. After Taking a few deep breaths,
Mr. Kelly started reading what the Plaque said.
"Twenty-Second Special Air Service Regiment Shoot-Out. Second
Place. In Presentation to, Sir Maj. Joshua Kelly, A Co. 2nd Bn. 22nd
SAS Reg." Josh could tell that both of his parents were torn by equal
amounts of pride and anger over what he had managed.
"Were you planning on letting us know about this Josh?" Mrs.
Kelly asked.
"I was planning on trying to keep it a secret."
"May I ask why?" his father asked.
"Because I know how you and mom feel about guns. Especially after
what had happened to me and John. Uncle James felt that if I learned
how to treat guns with the respect they deserve then I would overcome
what ever fear I had over them because of what happened."
"I see. And did you learn anything?"
"Yes. I learned that if they aren't treated with the respect they
deserve then great harm can come from them. But if treated with care
and respect they can be a useful tool and can do some good." Josh
replied honestly.
"I see. And did they try this with John as well?" Mr. Kelly
"It was offered to him, but he declined. John said that he had
already learned about what can happen when guns aren't given the proper
respect. He did however take a firearm safety course that was being
offered, but he never fired a gun to my knowledge." The senior Kelly's
nodded at this.
"I'd like to hold on to this for a while longer if you don't
mind. Why don't you boys head upstairs for a bit." Josh nodded and
lead David and Caleb up to his room.
"Boy, Josh, you don't do things in half measures do you?" David
stated once Josh had closed the door behind him.
"You could say that." Josh replied a bit glumly.
"What was the "Sir" thing about though?" Caleb asked.
"I, uh, kind of got Knighted over the summer." Josh told his
friends turning a bright red as he did so.
"Did you say Knighted? You mean like from those books and stuff
about medieval times and such?"
Josh just nodded, and pulled out the certificate he had gotten
stating this fact, but hadn't had the chance yet to frame it.
"Cool." David said.
"Wicked." Caleb announced as he handed the paper back.
"So how did that happen?" David inquired.
"I'll show you." Josh answered has he pulled out the CD of the
event in question and placed it in his computer. Forty minutes later
the CD ended.
"Damn, and we though we had an exciting Summer." David said with
a laugh.
"Believe me David. I would have gladly traded with you on some of
this stuff." Josh stated as he turned his computer off and started up
the game console he had in his room.
"OK boys, time to get ready for bed." Mrs. Kelly announced
several hours later.
"Who needs to be changed first?" Caleb stood up first and took
his place on Josh's changing table. He was more than a little surprised
when Mrs. Kelly reached for some of Josh's older cloth diapers and used
these on him. Thirty minutes later David and Josh were dressed the same
"You boys can stay up a bit longer, but I want you to keep the
noise down."
"OK, Mom. Have a good night." Josh replied as he accepted the
goodnight kiss from his mom. David and Caleb agreed to this also and
Mrs. Kelly left the room. Within Ninety minutes all three boys were
sound asleep.

Chapter 48

The remaining weeks of the boys' summer went by in a blur of
activity. John had finally finished with his physical therapy and was
able to start taking part in his normal summer activities. John seemed
most thankful that he had been able to get control of his bowels again
after having lost control due to his being on bed rest for most of the
summer. He still needed to wear diapers during the day since his
bladder hadn't fully healed yet. He was just glad that most of his
friends were cool about this since they knew how it happened.
Josh also was nervous, since the new school year would mean that
he would be starting out in middle school and back to the bottom of the
heap when it came to respect and harassment. He knew for a fact that
his wearing diapers would cause more than his fair share of abuse from
the upperclassmen. Josh, of course, planned on taking it in stride and
unless it started to get physical he would ignore it.
"Josh! Get your butt in gear! Mom wants to leave in five
minutes!" John yelled from the bottom of the stairs.
"All Right! Don't get your diapers in a knot! I'll be right down, after
I get my shoes on!" Josh yelled back with a slight smile. Not two
minutes later, Josh came hobbling down the stairs.
"OK, boys. I just want to let you know one last time that while
you're getting enrolled, I'll be talking to the school nurse about how
they want to handle your situations." John and Josh were told as they
walked over to the car.
"Mom, if it's ok, Could Josh and I walk home after getting signed
up? I figure Josh will have to get used to it some time." John asked.
Mrs. Kelly took a minute to think about this before replying.
"I'd prefer that Josh get that cast off his leg first. I'm also
wanting you to get some more time to recover as well. I already have it
set up for you and Josh to get bus passes for the year." John accepted
this, but bristled a bit at the fact that his mom still felt that he
needed to be babied over what happened.
"You boys go on and get in line to enroll. Meet me in the office
once your done." Mrs. Kelly told the boys as they headed off to the
cafeteria to enroll. Since it was still a bit early, John and Josh were
on of the first in line. They happened to bump into DJ and his brothers
on their way out. After spending a few minutes to chat, John and Josh
headed off to meet their mom.
"Everything set up mom?" Josh asked as they walked up to her.
"I'm still waiting on the nurse. she had another meeting in front
of mine. It shouldn't be to much longer, though."
"Since we have the time, I'm going to show Josh around a bit. So
we can find our lockers, and I can show him where his classes are."
John told her as he led his brother off.
"Don't think I'm picking on you, but before we leave today, I
want you to be able to find all your classes, and be able to get to
them in under five minutes." Josh nodded at this, as he consulted his
class schedule. By the time John decided to meet back up with their mom
he felt that Josh would be able to find all his classes and get to them
with little or no problem.
Mrs. Kelly was just walking out of the Nurse's office as John and
Josh were walking up the hall.
"Did Josh manage to find his classes OK?"
"He'll still be a shaky till he learns to get through the halls
when they're filled with other people. But he should do OK." John got
an approving nod to this. A few minutes later they were back in the
"How about we stop off for some lunch, and you guys can show me
what your classes are going to be like and I'll tell you what the nurse
and I had come up with to handle your situations." John and josh smiled
as they pulled up to the restaurant they were hoping for.
Once they had their orders placed, Mrs. Kelly started filling her
sons in on what had happened during the meeting with the school nurse.
"OK, First off both of you will be excused from gym for the first
semester. You'll be allowed to help with equipment and such, but
nothing strenuous. You will still be required to dress down for class,
though. As for your diaper changes, you'll be getting special passes to
allow you extra time needed for that. All your changes will be done in
the nurses office so the used items can be disposed of properly. You'll
be required to check in with the nurse when you do this during and
between classes so they can make sure that the passes aren't being
abused. I was told the passes would be pulled if the school finds out
that they are being abused." Any questions?"
"Will we have to carry the diapers with us, or will they have a
spot for them?" Josh asked.
"I was told they would have a spot for you to store them, and
that it is up to you to keep track of when you need to bring more in."
Both boys nodded at this and turned the conversation to what teachers
they had as the meals showed up.
"Who do you have for World History?" John asked.
"McThorton." Josh replied, after a quick look at his schedule."
"'Thorny' McThorton? You have my condolences." John said with a
slight chuckle.
"John, I don't want to hear you talk like that about a teacher."
His mother told him sternly.
"I take he's not a good teacher?" Josh interrupted.
"I've heard he's really good. It's just that he gets to be a bit
prickly with students of Irish descent." John told his younger brother.
Seeing the frown on his mom's face, John clarified what he had heard.
"I want both of you to lay down for a while when we get home."
John and Josh were told as their mom started up their street.
"Aww, mom. Don't you think I'm a little old to be taking
afternoon naps?"
"Not at all, John. Emily told me you were taking naps all the
time while you were staying with them. Besides, even though you feel
OK, your body is still recuperating from your injuries." John nodded at
this knowing that it was a losing battle.

Chapter 49

"Time to get up boys!" Mrs. Kelly yelled as she walked down the
hall a week later.
"You each have Twenty minutes to get showered and dressed." she added
while knocking on both of her son's bedroom doors.
Josh and John stumbled out of their rooms a minute later.
"You can brush your teeth and stuff while I'm getting my shower."
John stated through a yawn.
"All right." Came the same half asleep reply, as Josh joined his broth
in the bathroom.
"Ten minutes left boys!" Mrs. Kelly yelled as Josh walked out of
the bathroom. With a brief smile, Josh's mom slapped his bare bottom to
hurry him on his way. As expected, Josh found a fresh diaper and
clothes laying out on his bed for him when he re-entered his room. John
found a similar scene awaiting him when he walked back into his room.
Just over the twenty minute deadline, the boys walked into the kitchen
and took a seat at the counter.
"Have you both got your bags stocked and ready to go?" the boys
were asked as their mom handed them over a plate of hot cakes that she
had been making.
"Yes, mum." John answered.
"Yep." Josh echoed as he attacked his food.
"Good your bus will be at the corner in about thirty minutes, so
don't take to long eating. Be sure to rinse your plates off and place
them in the dishwasher." Both boys nodded in reply since they both had
their mouths full.
"I'll see you tonight. You both have a good day." Mrs. Kelly told
her sons as she gave them one final hug before she left.
"Thanks mom. You have a good first day to." John told her with a
smile. John and Josh left the house themselves twenty minutes later.
"Hey John, Hey Josh." Came the chorused greetings from their
friends. While they waited for the bus to show up, John kept getting
the feeling that the kid leaning against a nearby pole was watching him
and Josh. Figuring it was just his imagination, John ignored the looks
the kid was giving him.
"I'll meet you in homeroom in a few minutes DJ. Save me a seat
OK?" John called out to his boyfriend as he steered Josh off towards
the nurse's office.
"I'll be with you boys in a minute." the nurse stated as she
walked out the door John and Josh just entered through. With a shrug,
John walked over to a chair and sat down.
"Won't we get in trouble of being late?" Josh asked after taking
a glance at his watch.
"Nah. We'll just get a pass from the nurse before we leave and
that'll clear things up. Besides, they expect a couple of stragglers
the first day." John replied indifferently through closed eyes. Josh
accepted this, but still glanced at his watch every few minutes. Five
minutes after the last bell rang the nurse walked back in.
"You two should be in homeroom right now."
"Yes, ma'am. We needed to drop of some supplies first though and
get some Special Access passes set up." John replied.
"OK. Let me have your names then." came the tired reply.
"John and Joshua Kelly." John told her.
"Ah, yes." The nurse stated a few moments later.
"OK. Follow me." Josh and John were told as the nurse led them
into a smaller room.
"OK, your locker numbers are 34 and 35. You can place your items
in them now if you'd like as I go over a few things. First, You'll get
your access cards in your homeroom along with your school ID. The card
is the only thing that you can open these lockers with so don't lose
them. Second, you'll need to sign in with either me or whatever office
aid is here at the time you come in. After taking care of what you need
to do, you'll sign back out and get a pass back to your class. If we
find that you're using the pass to get out of classes early and not
needing to then you will have the pass revoked. Any questions?" Neither
John or Josh could think of one and said so.
"OK, the best time to do this with the least amount of trouble
would be during your lunch period. Just show the pass and say that
you're headed here and they'll let you leave." They were told while the
nurse got them late passes to their homerooms.
"May I help you?" The teacher asked as Josh Came in 15 minutes
after the bell rang.
"I'm supposed to be in this homeroom." Josh replied a bit
nervously as he handed the teacher his pass from the nurse.
"OK, take a seat." Josh was told. after finding an empty seat,
Josh sat down, and listened to the teacher recap a few minor points.
"All right, when I call your name I want you to come forward to
receive your school ID, Information booklet, and class schedule.
Fifteen minutes later the last person sat down.
"They'll be ringing the bell in a moment. I just want to remind
you that you'll have only five minutes to get to your next class so I
advise you not to waste any time. Have a good day." The teacher stated
as the bell rang.
Josh was slowly getting adjusted to the new pace he would be
going through for the next six years. He felt the day was going pretty
well 'til his fourth hour class.
"Let's take our seats Ladies, and Gentlemen." a commanding voice
called just after the bell rang.
"I'm Mr. McThorton, your World History teacher. Please take a
moment to look at your schedules to make sure that you're supposed to
be in this class. If not, step forward for a tardy pass. A couple of
people laughed softly as three people went forward to get the offered
"You can stop the chatter, Mr. Williams. I remember this
happening to you a few times last year." Mr. McThorton stated coldly.
The laughter died quickly after this.
"Now then, starting with the first row I want you to come up and
get a text book. After getting a book I want you to sit back down, and
once you all have a book I'll start calling roll. When you hear your
name called, I want you to reply with "Here Sir", and then give with
the number on the inside cover of your book. Josh received a piercing
look when he responded after his name was called.
"May I have a moment Mr. Kelly?" Mr. McThorton called as the
bell rang.
"Yes, sir?"
"I just want you to know that I'll be keeping a close eye on you
so you better watch how you act in my class." his teacher told him
"Yes, sir." Josh replied just as coldly. Knowing that this
confirmed what John had been telling him about.
"So how is everything going so far?" John asked as Josh joined
the table that he, DJ, and a couple of their friends and their brothers
"Not bad. You were right about Mr. McThorton though. He does have
a thing for the Irish." Josh informed the table and told them about
what had happened at the end of his class. This started a round of
horror stories to be told about him.
"You still in good condition Josh?" John asked about Ten minutes
before the end of the lunch period.
"Not really." Josh stated with a nervous glance at the others at
the table.
"It's OK, Thumper. Everyone here knows about it. So you don't
have to worry about letting anything slip." John said with a chuckle as
he stood up. After dropping off their trays, the Kellys showed the
lunchroom teacher their passes and headed off towards the Nurse's
The boys signed in like they were supposed to and went to their
lockers to get their supplies. they were a bit shocked to find that all
three changing rooms were occupied. Two of the doors opened and the
occupants looked down and walked past in a rush when they saw John and
Josh standing there.
"Scott." John said tersely as the tried door opened and he
recognized the person walking out of it.
"Kelly." Came the equally cold reply as the other boy pushed past
without another word. Seeing how short time was John pushed Josh into
one of the now vacated rooms and with little fanfare pulled his shorts
"It's a damned good thing you no longer have any bowel trouble
Josh or it would take forever to do this." John stated as he wiped his
brother down. Josh just nodded at this as he opened the diaper he
placed on the chair next to where he was standing. John had the new
diaper on him in just under five minutes. Josh proved to be just as
expedient when it came time for him to change John.
The rest of the day went by smoothly for Josh, and John. Though
the real fun was going to be the next day when they had Gym for the
first time.

Chapter 50

"John, could let mom know that I'm over at David's and will be
home about 4:30 or 5?" Josh asked as he and John got off the bus.
"Sure, I'll let her know, but you know she won't be to happy
about you not asking first."
"I know. David wanted to talk to me about something from one of
our classes," Josh responded as he headed off with David. John just
shook his head as he headed home.
"Mom, I'm home!" John called a few minutes later as he walked
through the front door.
"And how was your first day of school?" John was asked as his mom
came out of her office.
"It's wasn't too bad. Mostly just got the usual welcome-back
spiel and class rules. That sort of thing."
"Did you have any trouble with leaving class to change?"
"Nah, with them being on the heat schedule I just need to change
during lunch."
"How about Josh? Speaking of which, where is Josh?"
"He went over to David's and said that he would be home about
4:20 or 5." The look John saw confirmed that he was right about Josh
making a bad move by not checking in first.
"Do you know if Josh had any homework to complete?"
"I'm not sure. I doubt it though, if his classes were like mine."
"OK then. Before you go and do anything I need you to go change
into the gym clothes I picked up for you today to make sure they fit."
"What's wrong with the clothes I wore last year?"
"Nothing, except for the fact that last year you weren't wearing
diapers during the day," John nodded at the logic of this as he
"OK, I'll be back down in just a minute."
"She's got to be kidding," John thought to himself as he saw the
box for an athletic supporter sitting on top of the other clothing.
With a shrug, John took the item out of the box and pulled it on over
his slightly damp diaper.
"How does it fit?" Mrs. Kelly asked when she was John walking
into the kitchen.
"Not bad. I don't understand why you picked the jock strap up
"I figured that you'd need it once you got over your daytime
problems. And that it would be less embarrassing to you wearing that
then it would be a onesie to help keep your diaper in place with all
the running around I'm thinking you'll end up doing once the doctor
takes you off the limitations he has you on."
"You do have a point there. I'm going to be in my room if you
need me," John said with a smile as he grabbed a couple of cookies from
the nearby cooling rack.
"How did classes go for you today?" David's mom asked the boys as
they walked into the house.
"Not bad. A couple of the teachers seem like they might have a
problem about my problem, but I'm not sure yet," David replied.
"Let me know if you have any problems with them about it, and
we'll get something worked out."
"OK, mom. Josh, and I will be in my room if you need us for
"So what did you want to talk to me about?" Josh asked once David
closed the door behind them.
"I was just wondering what classes you have this semester? And,
if you had heard anything about some of the teachers."
"Well, these are the classes I have this term. As for the
teachers, if you let me know which ones you have and I can ask John
about them when I get home," Josh stated as he handed over his class
"This'll be cool," David said a minute later, after comparing his
and Josh's classes.
"What'll be cool?"
"We both have the same gym class."
"Great at least we will have each other for some type of support
against any shit we get over our diapers."
"Or in our diapers for that matter," David said with a chuckle.
"Hey! I haven't had that problem for a couple of weeks now," Josh
stated only half seriously while punching his friend in the shoulder.
Before David could respond A knock came at his door.
"Mind if I come in?" Caleb called through the closed door.
"I guess so," came the laughed reply.
"Hey Josh, I didn't know you were here."
"Well, now you know," Josh replied with a smile of his own.
"So, what were your classes like?" Caleb asked as he sat down in
the empty chair at David's desk.
"Not too bad, but tomorrow will be another story when Josh and I
have gym," David told his older brother.
"Yeah, I know what you mean," Caleb said glumly. Even with all
the strides that Caleb had made in the past year he was still a bit
self-conscious about others seeing him in just his diapers. While David
and Josh had both helped him over come this, they both knew that it was
something Caleb was going to have to work out on his own.
"Look on the bright side Caleb, at least Seamus won't be able to
give you a hard time about them if he happens to be in the same gym
class as you," Josh said with a chuckle.
"That's true. In fact, I'm going to love the look on faces of
Pike's old group when they see you next," David told Josh with a laugh
of his own.
"Yeah that will be something," Josh said with a smile of his own.
This was even more true with all the extra stuff he had learned over
the summer while watching his uncle work out with the Battalion's Hand-
to-Hand Combat instructor. As well, as what he had been shown himself.
Josh just hoped that none of it would be needed.
"I need to get going, David. My mom is probably going to be a bit
mad about my not checking first," Josh told his friend as he grabbed
his backpack.
"OK, I'll see you at school then," David replied as he walked to
the front door with Josh.
"Well, it's so nice of you to join us," Mrs. Kelly announced as
Josh walked in the front door Ten minutes later.
"Didn't John let you know that I was over at David's?"
"Yes, John did let me know about you going over to David's. And I
hope you had a good time because you can consider yourself on ground
for the next two weeks."
"What?! Why?!" Josh almost yelled.
"Because you didn't come straight home like I had asked you to do
this morning. And I would watch your tone unless you want it to be
longer," Josh was just about to add something when he heard the last
part. Biting back the response, Josh just nodded and started to head
for his room.
"Once you drop your books off, and get cleaned up, I want you to
come back down and tell me how your day went," Josh's mom called to the
retreating back of her youngest.
"Man this really sucks," Josh mumbled to himself as he tossed his
backpack on his bed and then limped over to his changing table.
"What really sucks?" A voice called. Josh jumped a bit at this
since he didn't think he said it loud enough for anyone to hear.
Turning around, Josh saw John leaning against the from to his bedroom
"Keep your ears to yourself. And so you know, mom grounded me for
two weeks because I went over to David's after school," Josh sulked as
he dropped his shorts so he could get to his wet diaper.
"Well, what did you expect? Mom asked both of us to come straight
home after school and you decided to head off to David's instead. You
should be glad that all you got was two weeks. Maybe next time you'll
know better," John stated as Josh changed into a clean diaper.
"I thought this looked different," John said a moment later as he
picked up the wet diaper Josh had placed on the top of his changing
"I figured you would. David's mom insisted on changing us when
David and I got there. He switched over to that brand during the
"Well, I have to say that the design looks better than the
Attends we use now."
"Tell me about it. It didn't even want to fall apart on me after
the first wetting. I'm thinking of asking mom to check into getting
some of these once we run out of the Attends we have now," John nodded
in agreement at this. After taping on a new diaper Josh headed back
down stairs without bothering to put his shorts back on.
"Are you ready to tell me how your day went?" Josh was asked as
he cam back downstairs.
"I guess so. It wasn't much different than in the past. I got the
passes I needed to change when I need to and got the normal booklet on
the school regulations. It was a bit hectic trying to get to my classes
on time," Josh told her skipping over the run in with his history
"John mentioned that you told him you had a bit of a problem with
one of your teachers. Do you want to tell me about it?"
"There isn't must to tell the guy seems to have something against
the Irish. Until something actually happens there isn't much that can
be done about it."
"How about if I go in and have a chat with the teacher about?"
Josh's mom suggested.
"Yeah that would go over really well. The first day of school and
I need to have my mommy come and talk to one of my teachers about
something that at this point may or may not be a problem."
This turned out to be the wrong thing to say, as Josh soon found
"Josh you better go to your room and cool down, before you say
something that you'll really regret," Mrs. Kelly told her youngest son
as she gave him a hard swat to his diapered rear. Josh for his point
stormed off for his room slamming the door in the process of closing
Even with Josh having cooled down some by the time he was called
to dinner, everyone could tell that there was a bit of underlying
tension between his mom and him.


Chapter 51

"Josh, time to get to bed," his dad announced a couple of hours
"Do I have to go to bed now? It's only 8 o'clock." Josh stated
after looking at his watch.
"Yes, you do. You'll be going to bed early the entire time you're
on ground. And if you say anything else, I'll start doubling what your
mom gave you. So what's it going to be?"
Seeing that his father was serious, Josh headed off to get ready
for his shower. He stopped cold when he saw his mom waiting for him in
his room.
"Let's get you out of those clothes so you can get your bath,"
Mrs. Kelly said like she was talking to a toddler.
"Is all this necessary, mom?" Josh whined as he was helped on to
his changing table.
"Of course it is. I mean, if you can't be trusted to follow a
simple instruction as coming straight home then we certainly shouldn't
think that you'll be able to handle something as complicated as getting
ready for bed," Mrs. Kelly told her son in the same childish tone she
used before. Seeing that it was no use to try and fight this, Josh lay
back and allowed his mom to undress him.
"I see that you're still a little soaker, aren't you?" Josh was
kidded as his shorts were removed exposing a very wet diaper.
"I guess we'll need to start checking your diaper as well if you
don't know when you need to change yourself."
"MOM!" Josh started to whine before he found a pacifier being
placed in his mouth.
"Now just lay back and let mommy do all the work." Josh started
to cry a bit as his mom pulled out some wash cloths and started to give
him a sponge bath right on his changing table. Once all this was done,
Josh found himself being placed into several of his night-time cloth
diapers. Mrs. Kelly chuckled a bit when she saw the trouble her son was
having just trying to get his legs closed enough so he could get off
the table. With a smile, she helped her youngest sit up as she pulled
out an extra long T-shirt and placed it over his head. As soon as the
shirt was on, Josh felt his mom pick him up and carry him over to his
"Now you stay right there and I'll be back in a few minutes,"
Josh was told after his mom tucked him in.
"I hope she doesn't do what I think she is," Josh though to
himself after his mom left the room. This wish was destroyed when
Josh's mom came back into his room a few minutes later carrying a
"Now I want you to be good and go right to sleep. I don't need to
tell you what'll happen if I have to come up and have you settle down."
Josh just nodded at this, as he took the bottle his mom was offering
him. Josh drifted of to sleep a short time later.
Josh awoke the next morning to the feeling of his diapers being
"Morning Thumper," Erin told her little brother cheerfully the
next morning as she continued to remove his soaked night diapers.
"Morning. You know, I'm perfectly capable of changing myself,"
Josh stated with a yawn.
"I know you are. Mom though, had other ideas," Erin replied
"I guess this means mom plans on treating me like a little kid
for the entire ground." Erin nodded at that statement.
"You know, I wonder whether this is due more to what I did
yesterday, or mom still being pissed about what happened over the
summer," Josh commented while getting a fresh diaper put on him.
"I would have to say the latter given what I had heard mom and
Aunt Emily talking about after we got back to the hotel the knight you
got knighted."
"What did you hear?"
"Aunt Emily said she was concerned about how you seemed to be
acting more like an adult at times than a little kid."
"Jeez. I try to live up to the expectations people placed on me
due to the honors they gave me and they think I'm flipping out. Not to
mention seeing someone get their head blown off and almost killed
themselves would be enough to age anyone. I mean, look at how John acts
at times now." Josh could tell that Erin had noticed the same changes
in their brother that he had. The only difference being was that Josh
recognized it earlier and understood it far better than anyone in the
family ever could, with the exception of their uncle.
"And please don't tell mom about this. She's liable to pull the
same thing that she is with me with John and I get the feeling that he
would be less inclined to accept it peacefully than I am." Erin just
nodded at this and finished changing and dressing Josh in silence.
"Be sure to put your dishes in the dishwasher before you leave
for school and start the machine as well. I'll see you after school,"
Mrs. Kelly told her sons before she left for work.
"OK, mom see you then." John replied between bites.
"Mom sure seem to be laying all this stuff on kind of thick."
John told his brother once he heard the car pull out of the driveway.
"Tell me about it. Erin and I came up with a plausible reason as
to why as well," Josh replied as he took his dishes into the kitchen
and placed them in the dishwasher as requested. Once Josh got back to
the table he started explaining to John what Erin had told him while
changing him that morning.
"That does sound plausible. I guess the things that have happened
these last several months may have shaken mom up more than we thought.
Do you think we should tell dad about this?"
"I don't think it would do much good right now. If I were to tell
him about this while on ground, he would probably just brush it off as
mom doing this as part of the punishment."
"You're probably right. We'll we better get going before we miss
our bus," John said after checking his watch. Josh nodded at this and
grabbed his book bag as he got up from the table. John joined him a few
minutes later.
"Hey Josh. Hey John," DJ called out as he saw them walking down
the street to the stop.
"Morning, DJ. You already for another fun day?" John asked with a
"Yeah, right," came the scoffed reply.
"You'll never guess who I saw coming out of the changing rooms
yesterday," John told his friend with a smile.
"Scott Elston.
"Man, his dad really must have been pissed at him to still have
him in diapers," DJ laughed.
"Tell me about it. I guess this is one of those permanent set-
ups." John replied with a chuckle.
"It's going to be priceless in gym today then. From what I've
been able to gather, it seems like they've got all the diaper wearers
in the same gym class."
"That makes sense. It'll keep the harassment down to a minimum."
John laughed as he saw the bus heading up the street.

Chapter 52

Josh's day seemed to be going normal with little to no homework
in any of his classes yet. He was even surprised that he was getting
almost no comments about wearing diapers. His easy day though came to
an abrupt halt when he got to his English class.
"OK people, let's settle things down," Mr. Allison called as he
walked into the room.
"You've all got to enjoy a nice time away from school, but the
fun is over starting now. So for your first assignment, I want you to
tell me what you did over the summer and what you plan on getting out
of this class. I want it to be at least four pages in length and ready
to turn in by this time next week. And before any of you start
complaining about it, I would suggest you think twice before you do."
Josh caught the tone being used in the last part of the teacher's
statement and kept his mouth shut. Several others, however, decided to
ignore this.
"C'mon, how can we possible get a paper that long done that
quickly?" One of the boys in the back called out. The smile that Mr.
Allison got while looking down at his roll sheet told everyone that the
kid had just made a very big mistake.
"I'll tell you what...Mr. Leighton, is it?", Mr. Allison asked to
make sure he had the right name. When the kid nodded he continued,
"Since you don't feel that a week is enough time for this project, you
can turn it in by the start of class on Monday. Then maybe next time
you'll feel a week is enough time. Also, I'll be lowering the grade of
the paper by one letter grade over the one earned for each day that
it's late." The class sat in stunned silence at this.
"Now, if there are no further questions, we can get on with the
business of the day." Most of the class was shocked when Josh raised
his hand.
"You have a question, Mr. Kelly?"
"Yes, Sir. On papers like this do you allow the use of word
processors?" Josh asked nervously, since he knew his handwriting left a
lot to be desired.
"I do allow for the use of word processors in this class.
However, I still expect a handwritten copy of the paper to be turned in
with it as well." Josh nodded at this in slight relief. Knowing that he
would have a way to get around having to redo papers because the
teacher had a hard time reading it. David was giving him a slight grin
when he looked over at his friend. With this question answered, the
class started with full force.
"I bet that one kid is sorry he opened his mouth now." David
laughed as he and Josh left the class.
"Tell me about it. Though I have a bigger problem." Josh said
"What's that? Mr. Allison already said we could type the papers
out." David answered in confusion.
"No, the problem is the subject of the paper. You and I both know
that he's going to have a hard time believing what I put in that
paper." Josh stated. Finally understanding what his friend was saying,
David agreed.
"Well, you could always have your mom send a signed note along
with it if he doesn't believe you." David Joked to try and lighten the
mood. He was shocked to see that his friend actually looked like he was
going to suggest it to his mom.
"How's the day been going so far Josh?" John asked as Josh joined
them at their table.
"Not bad, I have a bit of a problem with an assignment for
English though. Though David did give me an idea to get around that."
Josh told them, mentioning what the assignment was over and David's
joked suggestion.
"You're right Josh, Allison will never believe a word of it.
Maybe you should give David's idea some thought." John answered
laughing. Seeing the confused looks on everyone else's face, except
DJ's and his brothers, got John laughing even harder.
"You better tell them Josh. I don't think I can." John said
through fits of laughter. After taking a deep breath, Josh started in
on the events of the past summer.
"You're shitting us, right?" One of the other boys blurted out as
Josh was finishing. John and Josh both gave him a cold look.
"You're not kidding, then?" The boy continued as he took in the
look from several others at the table. The other kid shut up for the
rest of the period after giving a hasty apology.
Like the day before, Josh and John got up and headed off to the
nurses office so they could change before the beginning of their next
"I'll see you after next hour, Josh." John told his brother as he
headed off to his next class. Josh just nodded at this.
"OK people, sit down and pay attention." A loud voice call just
after the tardy bell rang.
"I'm Mr. Grissom, your friendly P.E. Instructor. I'm sure by now
most of you know what you have in common with each other, aside from
being boys. For those of you that don't have a clue as to what I'm
talking about, you'll find out shortly. I don't want to hear any
comments or harassment of any kind. If I do hear any uncalled for
comments then you'll have to deal with me, and then you have to deal
with the principal. Now when you hear your name called I want you to go
through the door marked boys' locker room, find your locker, and start
dressing down for the period." About half the boys listening to this
little speech smiled a bit since this was the same one they had gotten
in years past.
"You got to be kidding me!" A voice called out from the doorway.
"Hey Coach? Is there any way I can get transferred to another
class. I don't want to be stuck with all the babies." Several of the
older students near the kid looked like they were ready to go over and
pound the kid flat.
"Sure Rico, I'm sure they still have some room in the Special Ed.
Class. Let me check for you. in the mean time Drop and give me 20." The
kid just stood there not understanding what he was just told to do.
"I didn't stutter boy. Drop and give me 20. NOW!" Once the kid
was on the floor grunting out the requested push-ups, Mr. Grissom
turned to address the rest of the class.
"IN case some of you didn't understand what I just told you a
minute ago, I'll tolerate no harassment of any kind in this class. The
next time, I will be writing out office slips. You all now have 5
minutes to finish getting ready for class!" Everyone started scrambling
to finish getting ready for class.
"Hey coach?" John called as he and Josh came out of the locker
room a few minutes later.
"Yeah? Oh, Hello John. How're injuries doing?"
"Not bad. Still hurts like hell at times." John let slip before
he could catch himself.
"I know what you mean." Came the chuckled reply.
"So what can I do for you?" John and Josh handed him their doctor
orders preventing them from taking part in gym till further notice.
"OK. I'm surprised you didn't just opt to take another study
"We thought about it, but decided it would be better to just come
in and get used to the routine." John's answer caused their teacher to
smile a bit.
"OK. You're both expected to dress down each day and I'll let you
help with setting things up." Both boys nodded at this and let the
teacher get back to the class.
"This could get to be a really interesting class." Josh mentioned
to his brother as they followed the rest of the class outside to watch
them run laps before starting the activity for the day.
"Tell me about it. I just wonder how long it'll take me to get
back into shape once the doctor releases me?"
"Well, if you start doing light exercises now and slowly build
them up it shouldn't take you to long to do it." Josh replied to the
rhetorical question his brother just made with a slight smile.
"You better not let mom catch you doing stuff like that or she'll
really have your diapered butt in a sling."
"She already knows. She walked in on me and David a couple of
weeks back while we were using a weight machine he got over the summer
with part of his GN money. Since I wasn't using the leg any and Tim was
with us she didn't seem that upset. She just told me not to over do
anything since I'm still growing and not to use the machine any unless
an adult was present." Josh replied.
"So that's why it looked like your muscles seems to be a bit more
defined now. I wonder if mom and dad would be willing to let me do
something like that?"
"I doubt they would let you get a weight machine yet. But if you
talked to mom about it first, you could probably talk her and dad into
using those health memberships dad gets from work. I know they've been
talking about using them, but didn't want to leave you or me alone till
our injuries healed up." John just nodded at this and started thinking
about a way he could run Josh's idea past his mom. Josh and John spent
the rest of the period watching the flag football game that was going
"OK everyone hit the showers now! That includes you too, Mr.
Kelly." Mr. Grissom called thirty minutes later. With a nod, john
headed off to the showers as well. While Josh just when to his locker
and started to get undressed.
"Man, I really need to see about changing to a different hour.
This place smells worse than my little brother's room." Rico called as
he entered the locker room after finishing up some push-ups that he got
handed by one of the other teachers for his conduct during the game.
"Please do. That way I don't have to listen to your comments
anymore." Josh called out as he dropped his shorts.
"You got something to say to me, diaper boy?" Rico stated in what
he though was a threatening tone.
"Not any more." Josh shot back in the same tone he used on his
previous statement.
"You better watch what you say to me, diaper boy. Or someone just
might get hurt." Rico told Josh while giving him a small push in the
"Are you really sure you want to take this to the next level,
Rico?" Josh asked calmly as he removed his shirt and Rico got the first
look at Josh's build and more noticeably the scars he had. Seeing how
calmly Josh was acting along with the scars he had made Rico think
twice about trying to start a fight.
"You better be glad that I'm in a good mood, or else there would
have been trouble."
"You're right there would have been trouble. Take a look behind
you." Josh said as he turned back around to get a clean diaper and
wipes from his locker and walk past the other boy to change in one of
the stalls nearby. Rico went cold when he turned around and found half
a dozen upper classmen standing behind him in various stages of dress.
The two people John saw fastest was Josh's brother and Mr. Grissom.
Rico's eyes was held captive by the number of still fresh scars John
had and the more glaring fact that he was still completely naked and
standing in the middle of the locker room with a teacher behind him.
"Get your butt showered, dressed, and in my office in ten
minutes." Mr. Grissom said coldly as Rico walked by him.
"Sorry coach, but I have my mom picking me up and don't have the
time to hang around." Rico stated as he headed for his locker.
"Well, that works out even better. It saves Mr. Krueger the
hassle of calling them in for a meeting about your attitude." Mr.
Grissom told the boy with a purely evil grin. Several of the older boys
that heard this last part started laughing and smiling.
Twenty minutes later, the two brothers were climbing into their
mom's car.

Chapter 53

"And how was your day?" Mrs. Kelly asked her sons as she pulled
out of the school parking lot.
"Not bad. Things really got fun in gym." John said with a laugh.
"Oh, how so?"
"Some kid tried picking a fight with Josh because of his
diapers." Mrs. Kelly Just groaned at this thinking that she was going
to be getting another call because Josh had gotten into another fight.
Seeing the look on his mom's face, John quickly filled her in on the
rest of it.
"Don't worry mom, no punches were thrown. That's what was so
funny. The kid trying to pick the fight must have thought that since
Josh was a couple of inches shorter, a good bit lighter, and wore
diapers he wouldn't stand a chance against him. Normal bully thought
process." John added before he continued the story.
"Anyway, the kid gave him a small push and Josh just calmly asked
the guy if he was really sure about wanting to take it to the next
level while removing his shirt. It was great to see how fast the kid
backed down when he saw the scars Josh has."
"And what do you think would have happened if this other boy
hadn't seen you and backed down?" Mrs. Kelly interrupted before she
fully understood what had gone on.
"That's just it mom, the other kid didn't even realize that he
had people behind him till after he backed down and Josh pointed us
out. Josh got the kid to back down on his own and without raising his
fists at all." John said proudly.
"Well, that is good to hear. Aside from that, did either of you
have any other problems concerning your diapers?"
"Nah, except for about a dozen other people, everyone else wears
protection of some sort or another." Josh added matter-of-factly.
"There is one thing I would like to ask you about mom?" John
started a bit nervously.
"Yes?" Mrs. Kelly asked, with the feeling that she had a sandbag
getting ready to drop.
"Josh mentioned that he had been working out a bit over at
David's and I was wondering if that I might be able to do the same once
the doctor takes me off the physical restrictions she has me on now?"
Relieved that it was something so trivial, Mrs. Kelly gave a mental
sigh of relief.
"I don't think it would be a problem. But only after you get the
OK from your doctor.
"So Josh, besides the run in you had during gym, how was your
day?" Mrs. Kelly inquired of her youngest.
"It wasn't too bad. I do have a bit of a strange request to make
of you concerning an assignment I got today." John started laughing at
this as he knew what was coming next.
"John would you kindly stop laughing and let your brother finish
his question."
"Go ahead Josh." Mrs. Kelly prompted once John got his laughter
under control.
"Well, I was wondering if you'd be willing to write a note to my
English teacher about the paper he gave us to do."
"Josh, I'm not about to write you a note to get out of a school
assignment and you should know better than to even ask." Josh was
"I guess I didn't explain it too well. What I'm wanting is a note
to let the teacher know that what I put in the paper actually happened
and I'm not just making stuff up." Josh clarified.
"OH, I'm sorry. I thought you meant you wanted me to write a note
so you could get out of doing the paper. Yes, I'll be happy to give you
a note about it." Mrs. Kelly apologized to her son. Though she was
figuring that she would probably end up getting a call from Josh's
teacher even with giving him the note.
"Do either of you need to be changed?" the boys were asked as
they walked into the house.
"Nah, I changed after gym." John told her as he headed off to his
room to drop his books off and start on his homework.
"OK John, we'll call you when dinner is ready." his mom told him
since she knew what he was like when her started studying.
"Follow me." Josh was told as his mom headed off to his room.
"Up on the table." Josh followed the command. In moments, his
shoes, shorts and shirt had been removed.
"Well, it looks like you're still dry so let's get you dressed
for the rest of the day." Josh was told with a smile as she pulled out
one of the new snap-shoulder onesies she had ordered for him when she
had seen how much he had grown over the summer. Josh soon found himself
standing in front of his changing table as his mother finished snapping
the crotch closed.
"You get started on your homework and I'll bring up some snacks
in a few minutes." When his mom returned with the snacks she made, Josh
wasn't surprised to see that his drink was being served in a bottle.
"I really hope none of the guys from school see me like this, or
I'll never hear the end of it." Josh thought to himself as she sucked
on the bottle while working on some math problems. While he never fully
admitted it to anyone, he did find the baby treatment relaxing at
times. Of course, this wasn't one of those times. But Josh knew better
than to fight it.
By the time the boys were called to dinner, both had their
homework almost completed. Josh arrived at the table to find that his
dinner had all ready been dished out for him and cut into bite size
pieces. John and Josh recounted their day again for their father with
Erin joining in on her day as well. John, of course, started laughing
again when Josh told their dad about his English assignment. Mr. Kelly
was laughing on the inside at the thought of the look this was going to
generate on the face of his teacher, though nothing was said verbally.
Mr. Kelly knew that this was still a major sore spot with his wife and
probably would be for sometime to come.
Once dinner was completed, all the kids' homework for the night
was finished and checked, and Josh was given his last diaper change for
the night and placed into some sleepers the Kelly's sat down to play a
board game. This being a weekly family tradition that stretched back to
when the elder Kelly's were kids.

Chapter 54

"Hey Josh, you want to come over after school today?" David asked
as Josh and John walked up to their bus stop.
"Yeah, but I'll need to check with my mom first," Josh replied
thinking back to his recently ended grounding and baby treatment.
"I kind of figured you would, having just gotten off ground and
everything," Came the chuckled reply.
"You have the paper ready for Allison?"
"Yeah, I finished up last night. My mom attached a note to go
with it this morning."
"You mean you actually took my suggestion?"
"Yeah. Though I still think that Allison is going to think that
I'm making the whole thing up."
"I wouldn't be surprised. But you know what they say, Fact is
often stranger than fiction," David joked as the bus pulled up to the
"You think Rico has learned his lesson over the last week?" Josh
asked with a smile as he and David took their seats on the bus.
"Well, if not, I sure they can find another spot for him in the
Special Ed. gym class."
"There is that. I have to admit that it was kind of funny seeing
him run around with the Spec Ed class. Especially when he had to do the
Hokey Pokey," Caleb called from across the aisle.
"Tell me about it. I can't remember a time that I've laughed so
hard. I almost thought I was going to wet myself," Josh called back.
The rest of the bus trip had the trio joking about the rest of the
things they had either seen or heard Rico being told to do. Josh of
course, laughed while he could since he knew that once classes started
for the day he wouldn't have much time for it since he had both of his
most hated classes.
"Ok, everyone. I want you to take out the papers that are due and
pass them to the front of your row. Then I want you to pull out the
worksheets I had handed out last Friday so we can go over them," Mr.
Allison called.
"Was there another problem over the weekend Mr. Leighton?" Mr.
Allison asked when he flipped through the papers and didn't find the
paper he was looking for.
"There was no problem. I didn't see the need of doing the paper
when you're already going to fail me on it," The boy replied plainly.
"I see. Then you won't mind giving your parents this," The boy
was told as the teacher handed over a sealed envelope.
"And I wouldn't try to not give it to your parents. I've already
contacted your mother to let her know that you'll be bringing her a
note." With this said, their teacher headed back to the front of the
class. As Mr. Allison headed back towards the front of the classroom,
Josh wondered if he would be getting a similar note to take home
himself in a few days. With a mental shrug he figured it wasn't worth
getting worked up over since he and his parents knew that everything he
put in his paper was true.
"So Josh, has Allison said anything yet about your paper?" John
asked as his brother joined their group for lunch 45 minutes later.
"Not yet. I figure it'll be a few days before he gets to mine,"
John was told.
"Man, I wonder where these people learned to cook?" Josh asked a
moment later as he took the first bite of his lunch.
"I'm not sure. Though I think they're using stuff left over from
the Gulf War," one of the others at the table interjected.
"I could believe it. I think I'm going to have to start bringing
my lunch if it's going to be like this."
"At least they didn't offer the Grape bug juice today," DJ
offered. All the older boys at the table agreed with this statement.
"I'll see you in gym," Josh told his brother as he got up from
the table. John just nodded at this as Josh walked off to do a quick
diaper change before his next class.
"So nice of you to join us Mr. Kelly," Mr. McThorton said snidely
as Josh walked into the room after the final bell rang.
"Sorry sir, I was unavoidably detained," Josh stated has he
handed over the pass he got from the nurse.
"Well, maybe next time you should have the nurse help you if you
can't change your diaper by yourself quickly enough to make it to class
on time." Several people started chuckling at this comment, and as Josh
expected, his teacher didn't try to put a stop to it. For his part,
Josh ignored the comment made by his teacher, but gave the people
chuckling a withering glance.
"Well, now that our resident toddler has managed to take his seat
let's continue our discussion over the Roman Empire." It took all of
Josh's willpower to keep his mouth shut.
"Oh, and Mr. Kelly I would suggest you start paying better
attention if you want to pass this course," Mr. McThorton called out as
he held up the last assignment the class had done and Josh saw a "D"
written boldly across the top. This shocked Josh because he had double
checked all of his answers against the text book before he turned it
in, as well has having his mom double check it also. With a silent nod,
he accepted the paper and decided that he was going to have his mom go
over the assignment with his since he had the feeling he was getting
shafted. This class put Josh in such a foul mood for the rest of the
day most people wouldn't come near him. To top all this off, David
mentioned in gym that something had come up and he wasn't going to be
able to have any company after school.
"So, Josh what crawled up your butt?" John asked as they walked
into their house.
"McThorton was being a prick again," Josh stated as he told his
brother what had taken place during class.
"And how long has this been going on?" Josh's mom asked suddenly,
causing Josh to Jump because he didn't realize that she was around.
"Pretty much since the beginning of the year," Josh informed her.
"Why didn't you tell me about this before now?"
"I was wanting to take care of it myself."
"OK. I can understand that. Now We'll see if I can get some
better results. Could I see the worksheet you were telling John about?"
Josh was asked while his mom was holding her hand out. Josh nodded and
dug the requested paper out of his backpack.
"Isn't this the same paper you had me double check after you went
through the textbook?" Josh nodded at this.
"You go on up to your room and get started on any homework you
have from today and I'll give over this again.
"And Josh, the next time you start having trouble with a teacher
like this I want to be told about it sooner than this. Understood?"
Josh nodded at this and headed up to his room.

Chapter 55

"Josh, dinner is ready," Erin called on her why past his room.
"OK. I'll be down in a minute," Josh replied as he finished the
last of his math homework.
"Josh, after dinner I'd like to talk with you about the
assignment you showed me earlier," his mom told him as he took his seat
at the dinner table.
"OK," Josh replied.
"Have you heard anything back yet about your English paper yet,
Josh?" His father asked a short time later.
"It was just handed in today, so I doubt I'll hear anything back
about it before Wednesday. Speaking of which, mom, I still get the
felling that you may be getting a call or a letter over it even with
the note you wrote for me on it," Josh said. His parents kind of nodded
at this since they had the same feeling.
"How's gym class going for you boys? Any more trouble over your
"Not really. I mean, there's some joking around about it, but
nothing that could be considered harassment," John told them.
"Well, if there is any more trouble let us or your teacher know
about it."
"We will," Josh answered.
"And Erin, how did the Chemistry test go for you? I know that
you've been worried about your grade on since Friday," Mrs. Kelly
"I got a low A on it. Aaron and I have been tossing each other
questions over it all week in preparation for it. It seemed to help. I
was also wondering if I might be able to borrow the car this Saturday
night?" Erin asked. John and Josh chuckled a bit about this since the
only time she asked to use the car was when she and Aaron had a date,
and she needed the extra room to change him.
"I don't think that this would be a problem. We'll let you know a
little closer to then," Mr. Kelly told her with a slight grin of his
own. Dinner ended a short time later, and Josh was escorted into his
parents' office.
"Josh, I looked over the paper you handed me earlier and found
that it had been graded correctly. However, almost all of the wrong
answers seem to be done in someone else's handwriting. Because of this
I called your principal and asked for a meeting between him, Mr.
McThorton, and myself. Since I'm not sure how this meeting is going to
turn out, there are a couple of things I'd like you to do. First, I'll
need one of your other graded papers so I can show them the difference
in the handwriting. Second, I want you to start making copies of all
your assignments as a backstop to this sort of thing. And lastly, I
want you to start writing down any instance of uncalled for comments,
and such from your teacher," Mrs. Kelly told her son.
"Do you want me to include comments made by other students?" Josh
"Only if he fails to do anything about it." Josh nodded at this.
"And Josh, next time this happens I want you to let me or your
father know about what's going on sooner than this." Josh nodded at
this and left the room.
"Hey Josh, if you have your homework done you want to play a
couple of video games before bed?" John asked.
"Sure let me go get my shower really quick and change into my
night diapers and I'll be right in," Josh said with a grin. Josh
hurried into his room and quickly striped off the wet diaper he had on
and went to jump in the shower. What he didn't know is that while he
was doing this, Erin was in his room getting things ready for his final
diapering of the night.
"Erin, what are you doing in here?" Josh asked in surprise as he
quickly covered himself with the towel he was using to dry his hair off
"What are you covering yourself for, Thumper? It's not like I
haven't seen you down there plenty of times before," his sister said
with a laugh as she pulled the towel off him and helped him hobble over
to his changing table. With an embarrassed grin of his own, Josh went
along with this.
"So what did mum and dad want to talk to you about?" she asked
while pulling several of Josh's thick night diapers out from under the
table and started to layer them together.
"I've been having trouble with a teacher and it seemed like he
was messing around with the answers on one of my papers," Josh told his
sister as he lifted up so she could place the dry diapers under him.
"You're kidding, right?" Josh just shook his head with a slight
smile as Erin rubbed a generous amount of lotion into his diaper area.
"Well I hope she plans on doing something about it," Erin stated
as she dusted his butt and balls with powder.
"Erin, this is mum, remember?" Josh replied with a slight
"Of course, what was I thinking?" came her answer as she pulled
the diapers up snuggly between her brother's legs and fastened the
Velcro snuggly.
"That's not too tight, is it?" She asked while getting out a pair
of snap-on plastic pants.
"No feels just fine," Josh stated in a high Soprano. Erin just
laughed as she gave Josh's diapered crotch a slight slap as he lifted
his butt again so she could get the plastic pants under him. Josh
laughed even harder at this.
"Well you're all done now. John's waiting for you in his room,"
Erin said while giving he brother's padded rump one more slap as he put
a T-shirt on.
"I see Erin got to you, too?" John said with a laugh seeing how
thickly his brother was diapered.
"Yeah you could say that," Josh stated as he climbed onto the bed
opposite his brother and saw how thickly he was diapered as well.
"What, you don't what to lay by me?" John asked in a slightly
hurt tone since he was so used to him and Josh laying next to each
other when playing games.
"Are you kidding? With as thickly as we're diapered and how much
you move around on this game, I'd end up on the floor in no time. It's
safer over here," Josh said with a grin to let John know he shouldn't
take the comments to seriously.
"OK boys, time for bed," Mr. Kelly called from the doorway."
"Aww, just ten more minutes, please?" John and Josh pleaded
"Not this time boys. Besides, I already gave twenty extra minutes
already. I give you any extra and your mum will have my hide. Now save
the game and you can finish it tomorrow," the boys were told. Seeing
that there was no way around it, John saved the game, then shut the
console down.
"Night John, Night dad," Josh told them as he left the room.
"Night Josh," John called.
"Night son. Your mum will be up in a few minutes," Josh nodded at
this and limped into his room.

Chapter 56

"I won't have time for breakfast, mum. I'm running late for the
bus," John called as he came rushing downstairs the next morning.
"You aren't running late, John. I'm giving you boys a lift this
morning since I have to meet with your principal about something. Now
sit down and eat before your breakfast gets cold," John did as he was
told and was glad to be having something other than cold cereal or Pop
Tarts for breakfast.
"OK boys let's get going," Mrs. Kelly announced twenty minutes
"You have a good day, John. I'll be picking you up after school
for your doctor appointment.
"OK. mum. Have fun," John said with a grin as he walked off.
"Let's go Josh, we don't want to keep your teacher and the
principal waiting. Josh followed her but hadn't felt this nervous since
his first solo jump.
"May I help you? the secretary asked.
"Yes, I have an appointment to see Mr. Krueger. The name is
'Kelly'," Josh's mom told her.
"Mr. Krueger is in with someone else at the moment and he should
be done in just a few minutes.
"You may have a seat over there if you'd like," Josh and his mom
were told.
"Thank you," Mrs. Kelly stated as she and Josh went over to the
offered couch. A short time later a lady and her son came storming out
of his office. Josh recognized the boy at once as John Rico.
"Mrs. Kelly? I'm John Krueger. Sorry it took so long to get to
you, but the meeting I just had came up unexpectedly.
"That's OK. I know how these things happen."
"If you'll follow me into my office we can get to the bottom of
what you told me the other day," Mrs. Kelly and Josh followed Mr.
Krueger into his office.
"Janet would please have Mr. McThorton join us," The receptionist
was told before Mr. Krueger closed the door to his office.
"Now, Mrs. Kelly, why don't you tell me a bit more of what you
started to on the phone yesterday while we're waiting for Mr. McThorton
to arrive," the principal asked as he took his seat. In concise terms
Josh's mom explained what she had been told by Josh and what she had
discovered for herself.
"You do have proof of all this?" Mr. Krueger asked once she was
"I don't have any real proof about what Josh has told me of his
treatment in class, but I have no reason at this time to doubt him on
it. As for the second part, this is a worksheet that Josh had shown me
last night. This is the same one that I had double checked for him just
a few days before. I had noticed that a couple of his answers could
have gone either way depending on how they were looked at. However,
several other answers had been changed and then marked wrong."
"And how can you tell they were changed?"
"One you can see some slight eraser marks on the paper and the
changed answers are in a different style of handwriting," As she
finished this, a knock on the door let them know that Josh's teacher
had arrived for the meeting.
"You can go on to class now, Josh. Mrs. Circle will get you a
pass written out," Mr. Krueger told him. Josh nodded at this, got his
books, and left.
"So how did the meeting go Josh?" John asked when they met for
lunch later that day.
"I don't know. I got dismissed just after Mr. McThorton arrived
for the meeting," Josh told him.
"I guess that explains why he was so pissed earlier," One of the
other boys at the table stated.
"What do you mean?" John asked.
"Well, he just seemed a bit more anal than normal. I'd watch your
back Josh. I think he may be out for blood after this," Josh nodded at
"Josh. The office just called. Mr. Krueger wants you up there
right now. John, they want you as well," Mr. Grissom told them as they
walked into the gym for their last class of the day. The boys nodded at
this and turned around to head for the office.
"I'll bet this has something to do with the meeting this
morning," John chuckled.
"I wouldn't be to shocked if it was," Josh responded a bit
nervously. Even though he knew he wasn't in trouble, being called to
the principal's office gave him butterflies.
"Mrs. Circle? Mr. Krueger asked to see me," Josh informed the
"Yes. Mr. Kelly right?" she asked for verification.
"Correct," Josh answered as Mrs. Circle buzzed him in. Josh
wasn't all that surprised to see his mom already sitting in the office.
"Mum. Mr. Krueger," Josh stated in greeting as he took the
offered seat.
"Josh, your mother and I talked at great length this morning
about what has been going on in your English class. I'm going to tell
you what I've told her. Without solid proof of wrongdoing on your
teacher's part my hands are tied as to what I can do. I have looked
over the paper she offered earlier and compared it to the other
worksheet you provided and could tell that someone had changed the
answers. Mr. McThorton had said that he would be willing to raise the
grade to a "C" since he can't tell what the previous answers were,"
Josh nodded at this even with being certain that the paper would have
actually gotten him an "A" had it not been changed.
"The next point is," Mr. Krueger continued," that I'll be keeping
a closer watch on your teacher. To be honest, we've heard rumors of
this going on but never had anyone come forward until now. You mom has
told me what she plans on having you do with your assignments. What I
want you to do is to come have Mrs. Circle make a copy of any
assignments before they get turned in and we'll grade the copy here in
the office. If you think that your grade was lowered or changed in any
manner come see me about it," Josh nodded at this and thanked his
principal for taking the extra steps that he was. Josh figured that
with McThorton knowing that he was being watched he would stop all this
BS. He would be proven wrong later in the year.
"Well we should just have enough time to get you boys to your
doctor appointments," Mrs. Kelly announced as she led Josh and John out
of the school.
By the time they got home, John had been removed from his
restrictions and given the good news that his bowels were almost fully
healed though he bladder still was extremely weak. Josh was even
happier since he had finally gotten the cast off his leg. Josh however
was told to take it easy for another couple of weeks to give the bone
extra time to heal.

Chapter 57

"Take your seats everyone." Mr. Allison called as the tardy bell
rang a few days later.
"I want to take the time to say that I found most of your papers
were very well written and it seemed that you had some exciting things
go on over the summer for you. For others of you though, while I found
the papers well written, and entertaining, I expect for you to follow
the guide sheet I hand out for the assignment." he continued. Even
though Mr. Allison didn't say anything out right, Josh knew that it was
more than likely his paper that generated the last comment to be made.
Josh knew what was coming when he turned the paper he was given over
and found out that it was a note from Mr. Allison telling him to meet
him after school. Josh just shook his head at this since he knew
something like this was going to happen. The rest of the class went
smoothly with little being said about the papers directly, though most
of the class noticed an increased amount of points being made on
sentence structure and punctuation. Josh was glad that he didn't have
McThorton today or things really would have been lousy.
"How did things go with your paper, Josh?" David asked when Josh
met up with him at lunch.
"About what I figured. Allison wants to talk to me after school
about it. Speaking of which, John could you let mum know that I'll be a
bit late getting home because of this chat, and I'll tell her about
when I get home." Josh asked on turning towards his brother.
"Sure, I'll let her know. Just in case she asks, were any
uncalled for comments made about it?" John asked seriously.
"A comment was made following the guide sheets in the future. I
have a feeling that he was making reference towards my paper, but
nothing was said about it directly. And he handed me the note like he
was giving me back my paper." Josh replied knowing that this would keep
his mom from going ballistic over it. John just nodded at this and
steered the conversation towards other matters.
After his after-lunch diaper change, Josh headed off for the gym.
This seemed to be one of the few classes that people didn't give him
any about his diapers in. Of course, Josh felt this was mainly because
almost everyone else wore them as well, so it was pretty much a non-
issue. John Rico still gave him problems over it at times but said
nothing about it openly since he was sure he would end up back with the
Special Ed. class if he pushed things to hard.
"Hey coach! Why do we always have to wait for the slow pokes to
finish their laps before we start the class?" Rico called out, showing
his usual intolerance for people that couldn't do things as well as he
"If things aren't going as fast as you'd like them to, I can
always find something for you to do while were waiting for the rest of
the class." John was told by the assistant coach he was talking to.
Playing it smart, John kept his mouth shut to the coach, but made snide
remarks to other people in the class concerning the performance of the
slower students. Hitting mainly on Josh.
During these times Rico never realized at how close Josh's
brother, John, was coming to going off on the him. While most of the
class figured that Josh was slow the people that knew him already had
figured it out that Josh was holding back on purpose so he could help
the less skilled runners try and keep up also giving his leg a bit more
time to heal. Mr. Grisham blew his whistle and motioned for every one
to gather around once the last runner had come in.
"OK everyone, I've decided to have a bit of fun with you guys for
the next couple of weeks. As a treat to our overseas guests, and if
enough of you agree to join in, I've decided to give you a choice of
either playing Soccer, or Rugby." ,John and Josh got evil looking grins
on their faces when this was announced., "For those of you who choose
the second option, we'll just be going over the rules today and start
playing tomorrow." The Kellys were pleased to see that enough people
opted for Rugby. They were even more excited when Rico stated that he
would be going for Rugby. The rest of the period had the boys being
split up into teams and the rules being explained to them.
"I can't wait to get Rico out on the field." Josh laughed as they
were heading off to the showers.
"You aren't going to do anything to him are you?" John asked with
some slight concern.
"Me? I wouldn't think of doing anything to him. Or at least,
nothing that's against the rules anyway." Josh replied with a grin.
Several people who heard the comment and saw the look on the younger
boys' face decided that it was probably a good thing that they had
decided to opt out for Soccer, or were on the same team as the Kellys.
"Sorry I'm late Mr. Allison. I need a shower after Gym today."
Josh explained as he walked into the classroom.
"That's OK Josh. I'm running a bit behind myself. I'm going to
guess you know why I asked to see you."
"I was assuming it's about the paper you had us turn in."
"That's correct. As you know, the paper was supposed to be about
what you had done over the Summer. Now while I found your paper very
well written, I was extremely disappointed that you turned in an
obviously made-up story." Mr. Allison told him calmly.
"Why do you feel that the story I turned in was made up? And did
even read the letter I asked my mom to include with the paper?" Josh
asked just as calmly. Though he was seething on the inside.
"I did read the letter after a read your paper, and I found both
rather hard to swallow. Now I'm going to make you a deal if you wish to
take it. I'll give you till Monday to write the real paper over what
you had really done over the Summer."
"I see. And what would the grade be like should I accept this
"It'll be lowered by two grades over what you had received on the
one you turned in." Before Josh could answer the cell phone he had with
him started vibrating.
"Excuse me for a moment." Josh stated when he saw that the call
was from his mom.
"Yeah, mum?" Josh answered as he opened the phone.
"Have you finished meeting with your teacher yet?"
"I'm in the middle of it right now. He's offered to let me
rewrite the paper over the weekend and lower it by two grades if I can
turn it in by Monday." Josh told her matter-of-factly.
"What did he say about the paper that you already turned in?"
"He said that while it was very well written, he found it very
hard to swallow."
"I see. And what about the note I sent with it?"
"He.. Uh.. found that kind of hard to swallow as well." Josh
stammered, before pulling the phone away from his ear quickly. Mr.
Allison was able to hear the static generated by the yelling several
feet away.
"My mum would like to talk to you for a minute." Josh said while
rubbing his ear a little.
After getting off the phone with Mrs. Kelly. Mr. Allison handed
the phone back.
"I'll be giving you a ride home Josh. It seems that your mother
wants to have a few words with me about your paper." Josh just nodded
at this. Thirty minutes later, Josh and his teacher was pulling into
the driveway of his house.
"Mum! I'm Home!" Josh yelled.
"Would you like anything to drink?" Josh asked as he directed his
teacher to a chair.
"I'm fine, thank you." a moment later Mrs. Kelly entered the
"Mr. Allison, I'm Janet Kelly. Thanks for meeting with me on such
short notice."
"I didn't feel like you were giving me much of a choice." Mrs.
Kelly Just nodded to this and then turned to Josh, who was still
standing nearby.
"Josh, please go up to your room. I'll call you if you're need
for anything." Josh nodded, and started up the stairs as his mom showed
his teacher into her office.
Once they were seated in the office Mrs. Kelly started in on
Josh's teacher.
"Mr. Allison, I'd like to know why you find Josh's story and My
letter about it so hard to swallow?"
"It's simple really. I don't see how it's possible for an Eleven
year old to do the things he wrote about. I'm kind of amazed that you
decided to go along with this ploy."
"Mr. Allison, I'll have you know that I'm not in the habit of
helping my kids lie, or covering up for them. I'm going to show you
some things and you tell if Josh is still making things up." Mrs. Kelly
told him sternly while placing some items on her desk.
"How do you think things are going down there?" John asked his
brother twenty minutes after he came upstairs.
I have no idea, but I hope things work out OK. I'm still a bit
steamed that if I do end up rewriting that paper it'll be mostly lies."
Josh answered. John just nodded at this and put a game in for them to
play to try and get Josh's mind off what was taking place downstairs.
"How did everything go with Mr. Allison?" Josh asked at dinner
that night.
"We got everything worked out. You won't be needing to rewrite
the paper and your grade won't be lowered." Mrs. Kelly answered while
handing her son the paper in question. Josh smiled a bit at seeing the
A written in the upper corner of the report.
"To be honest Josh, I'm surprised, and disappointed, at how low
toned the paper was." his mom continued.
"Disappointed? In what way?"
"Your mother and I are disappointed in that you made it seem like
you played such a minor part in what you had done." Mr. Kelly announced
joining the conversation.
"Told you so." John tried to tell his brother.
"What was that, John?" his mom asked while giving her son a glare
stating that he had better not leave anything out of his explanation.
"Well, Josh had me look over his paper before turning it in. Like
you and dad, I noticed how Josh had toned the part he played down. I
told him that you guys would be upset if you ever found out he had done
so." John explained. Josh nodded his agreement to this before his
parents could ask him to confirm what his brother said was true.
"So why are you disappointed with me?" Josh asked his parents
after a few minutes of silence.
"Because you feel that you needed to down play what you had done
over the Summer." Josh was told by his dad.
"But you've always said that you didn't like people that make a
big fuss about things they've done."
"That's only partly right Josh. What I don't like is people that
make it seem like they played a bigger part in things than they really
did. It's something else entirely when the person in question has
actually done something important but doesn't accept the full credit
that is due to them by trying to make it look like they played a
smaller part than they did. In cases like that, I feel the person is
doing themselves a disservice by not taking the credit that is due to
them." Josh nodded to what his father had just said and finished his
meal in silence. Once the dinner was over Josh quietly headed up to his
room for the night.
"Everything OK Josh?" Erin asked a few hours later when she came
in to let him know that it was time to get ready for bed and saw him
staring out of his bedroom window while holding his teddy bear.
"I don't know any more." Josh stated in a shaky voice. Sensing
that there was something he wanted to get off his chest, Erin sat down
next to her brother and pulled him onto her lap and gently held him
till he was ready to talk.
"Since mom and dad had that talk with me about needing to grow up
and accept more responsibility for myself I've been trying to live up
to what I thought they expected of me. I mean I'm trying to act mature
enough to handle the things that have happened so far since we moved
here, but I'm just not sure any more. Most kids would probably have
been telling anyone that would listen about the things they've done.
I'll admit I've been tempted to do this at times. I've held back
because I know how dad feels about that. I mean I don't even have a
spot in my room displaying any achievements and such like you and John
do. I figured that mom and dad would be proud about how I've just
accepted the awards and things I've gotten over the years with the
least amount of showing off and now I find out that they're
disappointed in me for it." Josh lost his composure at this point and
started crying softly.
Erin was shocked herself because till this point she never really
noticed that Josh didn't have any of the awards he had earned on
display anywhere in his room. What scared her even more when she
thought about it was the fact that Josh did tend to act a good deal
more mature that most kids his age, or her age for that matter. She
started crying herself as the reality of what her brother had told her
sank in. Erin decided right then to have a long talk with her parents
about this before things went to far and her baby brother turned into
an adult before he was really ready for it. It was several minutes
before she noticed that Josh had cried himself to sleep. After changing
him into a dry diaper, Erin tucked Josh into bed and after kissing him
lightly on the forehead she left the room.
By the time Erin got back downstairs John had turned in for the
night as well.
"What's wrong Erin? Is it Josh?" Mrs. Kelly asked worriedly.
"Yeah, I think there is something wrong with Josh."
"Not physically, but I think there is something wrong with him
emotionally." Erin stated quickly as her mom started to get up so she
could check on her youngest son. As calmly as she could, Erin told her
parents what Josh had stated to her a short time before and her own
observations. Neither of the elder Kelly's knew how to respond to what
they were being told by their daughter. After an hour, they thanked
Erin for what she had told them and sent her on to bed. Before heading
off to bed themselves, Josh's parents decided to call the psychologist
Josh had been seeing the next day and get some guidance on this.

Chapter 58

"CPS Inc., How may I direct your call?"
"Dr. Chen please." Mrs. Kelly responded to the request.
"I'm sorry Dr. Chan is in with a patient at this time. May I take
a message?"
"Yes. Please tell him that Janet Kelly called and would like to
set up a meeting with him as soon as possible concerning my son
"Is this an emergency?" The receptionist asked.
"No, but it is something that I need to get some advice on as
quickly as possible."
"I see. A spot did open up a few minutes ago for 2 p.m. this
afternoon. Would this be OK?"
"Yes. I'll be there then. Thank you." Mrs. Kelly replied before
hanging up the phone.
As Mrs. Kelly was finishing up her call with Josh's doctor, Josh
was walking into his World History Class.
"Take your seats please." Mr. McThorton called as he walked in
with a boy following close behind him.
"Before we get started, I want to take the time to introduce a
new student here. Mr. Neil Harris. I'd like you each to introduce
yourselves after Mr. Harris tells us a bit about himself." Josh looked
up in shock when he heard the new students name and was even more so
when he realized that it was the same person that he used to share
classes with at his old school.
"You're next, Mr. Kelly." Josh heard his teacher say bringing his
attention back into focus.
"Hello Neil. Long time no see." Josh stated coldly.
"Sir Josh." Came the equally cold, and snide reply.
"Since you two obviously know each other, I'll let you skip the
introduction." Mr. McThorton stated. Cutting through the tension that
was building up in the classroom. As Josh sat back down so the next
person could speak, he saw that most of his classmates had confused
looks on their faces at Neil's use of his title. Once everyone had
greeted the new student, the class started in earnest. Josh was pleased
for once no comment had been made about his diapers during the class.
Though this was short-lived once the class was over.
"You better watch your back, diaper boy." ,Neil started once they
were both out in the hall, "Because of what you pulled back in Mr.
Roberts' class my mom had me wear diapers to school for the rest of the
semester, and I know that you wear them. Unless you want me to start
spreading it around you better make it worth my while to keep this a
secret." Neil concluded, not knowing that he was making an empty
"Neil, I know you were a bit slow picking up on things at times
at Hallow brook, so I'm going to use small words you can understand
everything. Go. Bugger. Yourself." Josh said calmly as he pushed by the
other kid. Before he had gone very far, Josh felt his pants being
pulled down and a someone giving him a shove to the back. To Neil's
amazement, Josh was able to turn the push into a roll of his own and
instead of landing flat out on the floor, like was Neil's intention,
Josh ended up in a crouch a few feet away. After pulling his pants back
up, Josh calmly gathered his books up off the floor and headed off to
his next class. Neil was about to do the same when a hand stopped him.
Turning around and found him looking up at a very angry looking
"Let's go." was all the teacher said as he escorted Neil up to
the office.
"Mr. Kelly. They want to see you up in the office for a few
minutes." Josh's math teacher told him. Josh nodded at this and started
to pack his books up.
"You won't need to do that. You won't be gone that long." Josh
nodded at this. He did hear a few jokes about being in trouble as he
took the hall pass his teacher was holding.
"I was told the principal wanted to see me about something?" Josh
told the secretary after giving his name.
"Go to Mr. Hamilton's office he's expecting you." Josh was told.
Josh was a bit nervous since he had never been to see the school's
disciplinarian before.
"You wanted to see me, sir?" Josh asked as he entered the office.
"Have a seat Mr. Kelly. And relax your not in any trouble. This
is concerning the slight altercation you had during the last passing
period. I'd like you to tell me exactly what happened and what might
have caused it." Without preamble, Josh stated what had happened and
what he felt had caused it from what was said. Mr. Hamilton, for his
part, just took notes and asked for Josh to clear up a few points.
Fifteen minutes later Josh was heading back to his math class.
"Hey DJ. Where's John?" Josh asked as he sat down at their normal
lunch table.
"He came down sick and went home for the day. What was going on
with the fight I heard you got in earlier?" Josh was told.
"There wasn't any fight. Some kid I knew back at my last school
just started here and was still carrying a bit of a grudge over
something he thought I was responsible for. I doubt he'll cause any
more trouble." Josh explained as he started eating his lunch.
Mrs. Kelly was wondering the same thing as her son's boyfriend
when she saw Josh walk out of Mr. Hamilton's office. Since she was in a
hurry to get John home and settled in before heading of to her doctor's
appointment she didn't bother trying to stop him to find out what was
going on.
"Mrs. Kelly. The doctor will see you now." The receptionist
called a few minutes after she sat down.
"What can I help you with today, Mrs. Kelly. Is everything going
OK with Josh?" Dr. Chen asked after sitting down in a chair across from
where Mrs. Kelly was sitting.
"I think so, but I'm not sure. My daughter told my husband and I
that Josh had a bit of a breakdown last night when she went in to have
him get ready for bed." Mrs. Kelly stated before going on about what
she had been told the previous night.
"And what do you think might have triggered this?"
"Well, earlier that night Josh, my husband, and I had gotten into
an argument over a school paper of his. The paper was over what he had
done over the summer. I'm sure you remember us telling you what Josh
had done over the summer." Mrs. Kelly added.
"I do remember." Dr. Chen agreed before asking Josh's mom to
"Well, Josh had seriously downplayed his part in what he had done
and this upset my husband and I a bit." Mrs. Kelly added before telling
the doctor what exactly was said, including an argument that had taken
place almost a year before about Josh needing to take more
responsibility and act more mature.
"I think it might have been that first fight about him needing to
act more mature that could have caused this." Mrs. Kelly concluded
looking at the doctor.
"You could be right. I have dealt with cases like this before.
The best thing I can suggest, is for you and your husband to sit down
and talk all this out with Josh and see where that leads you. I'll also
talk to him about it in our next session. Aside from that I don't see
what else might be done at this time." Josh's mom nodded at this and
stood up from her seat.
"Thank you for your time doctor. I'll let you know how everything
goes before Josh's next appointment."
"This what I'm here for." Dr. Chen stated as he walked Mrs. Kelly
from his office.
"You better watch out, diaper boy, or you're going to get hurt
out on the field." Rico stated to Josh as he passed him during their
warm up run.
"Keep dreaming, junior." Josh mumbled to himself while looking at
Rico's diminishing form.
"OK, you guys, form up your teams! Does anyone need a run down of
the rules again." Coach Grissom called as the boys.
"OK then, let's get started. Charlie they're all yours." The boys
heard as Grissom walked off to supervise the people that decided to go
out for soccer.
"Your butt is mine now, diaper boy." Rico announced in what he
thought was a menacing voice once the coaches were out of earshot.
"Really, Junior? Well, I hate to tell you this, but I prefer
girls. Besides I don't think this is the time or place for something
like that." Josh replied with a wink causing most of the boys on both
teams to start laughing. What made the exchange even funnier was the
confused and cross look on Rico's face at Josh calling him junior.
Minutes later the game started and Rico didn't seem to waste any
time in taking a cheap shot at Josh while everyone was scrambling for
the ball. Since the coach didn't see the shot nothing was called on it.
While spitting blood out of his mouth from a cut lip, Josh figured two
could play at this game. By the time the last play started both teams
were trying to keep Josh and Rico away from each other since it seemed
the game had taken on a semblance of a grudge match between the two.
With Josh having a black eye, bloody lip, and slightly bloody nose. And
Rico also having a bloody lip and black eye. Surprisingly enough the
assistant coach seemed to either not see the damage or was just
choosing to ignore it.
"OK Josh, if we can make this play we'll have a chance to win the
match. Watch out though, I think Rico is still going to try something."
Josh just nodded at this while he took up his position. Once the ball
was in play, Josh saw what the other boy was talking about when he saw
Rico heading right at him as he was getting near the goal line. Seeing
that Rico was going for a full tackle and not for one of the flags like
he was supposed to, Josh turned his body so Rico was heading right at
him. Just as contact was made Josh lowered one shoulder and shoved hard
into Rico's chest. While this was happening, Josh quickly straightened
up causing Rico to fly up over Josh's shoulder and land flat on his
back behind him. Josh didn't even bother looking back as he crossed the
goal line. When he turned back around he saw the Coach Grissom and
several other players running over to Rico's still prone form.
"Congratulations Josh. I think you managed to either bruise or
break two of Rico's ribs with that move." Coach Grissom said in
"Go get cleaned up, changed and then wait for me in my office
while I handle things out here." he added while turning his attention
back to the injured boy. Josh, feeling a little guilty at the possible
injury he may have caused, headed off to the showers as he was told. He
was surprised at the number of people that quietly thanked him, or gave
him a discreet thumbs up for what he did. Josh nodded at this. He was
more worried about what might happen to him Fifteen Minutes later Coach
Grissom walked in to his office.
"C'mon Josh let's go." he announced while handing Josh his book
bag. Several minutes later, he and Coach Grissom were sitting in the
principal's office going over what had happened. On first seeing Josh's
face, the principal thought that Josh might have come off worse in what
had happened. The principal did send Josh down to the nurse's office to
get an ice pack for his eye. By the time Josh returned the principal
had been told what the coach had seen and learned from the people on
both teams.
"OK Mr. Kelly, Mr. Grissom has told me what the other players had
told him and what he had seen for himself. I want to hear what happened
in your own words."
"There isn't much to tell. John has had it in for me since the
semester started. You already know about his views about people that
need to wear diapers. We've had a few minor altercations since the
first one this year. I think he was using the match today as a way to
get back at me for him getting sent to the Special Ed. gym class.
Anyway, he had been taking shots at me the entire match. With how he
was coming at me on the last play, it looked like he was going for a
full tackle and not just after the flag like we were supposed to. I
took the steps I thought were needed to keep myself from getting
injured. I hope you both believe me when I say that I was not meaning
to cause any harm to Rico. I thought that the most that would happen is
that he would get the wind knocked out of him and maybe get his bell
rung a little bit." Both the principal and the coach had no problem
believing Josh was telling the truth.
"Alright Mr. Kelly. Going from what I've just heard from you and
Mr. Grissom I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you
were defending yourself. However, I still have to assign you to the
next week of in-house suspension. I'll be calling your mother to let
her know what happened and what is being done about this matter. This
will end the school's involvement in the matter. You may need to have
your parents contact their lawyer about this in case the other boy's
parents decide to press charges. Josh nodded at this, wondering what
kind of hell he would get at home. Josh wasn't to surprised to see John
Rico's father sitting in the waiting area when he came out of the
Principal's office. He did get a big surprise at what happened next.
"Josh Kelly?" The older man asked
"Yes?" Josh answered nervously.
"I'm John Rico's father. May I have a moment of your time?" the
older man asked while offering a chair across from him.
"Uh, I'm running a bit late at the moment for my bus." Josh
answered. hoping that this would get him off the hook.
"I'll give you a lift home. I'd really like to talk for a moment
and I'd like you to be in on the meeting I'm about to have with the
principal." Seeing that he didn't have much of a choice, Josh took the
offered seat. Josh talked to Mr. Rico for several minutes going over
what had been happening since the start of the year. The principal was
a bit surprised when came out to greet Mr. Rico and saw that Josh and
the older man were talking. He was even more surprised when Mr. Rico
stated that he would like Josh to be in on the meeting for the parts
that concerned him. Ushering both of them into his office the second
meeting of the day started.
"Do you really think this will work?" Josh asked on the ride
"I'm not really sure. His mother and I have been thinking of
doing this since the school year started. At the very least, it might
get John to understand what you and the rest of the boys in your gym
class have to deal with on a daily basis. Not to mention it might get
him to change friends. I have a feeling the ones he has now will drop
him like a hot potato when they found out he's back in diapers." John's
father answered with a small grin.
"I think you could be right. I hope you don't take this the wrong
way, but I've gotten the feeling that John and I might have been able
to become friends if he wasn't being such a jerk about my wearing
diapers all the time."
"I know what you mean. I would have thought that he would have
been more understanding about that since he wore them at night just
before his birthday last year and the fact that his younger brother
still does. Though I figure, if having him wear diapers full time for a
while doesn't straighten him out then maybe the loss of his jump
privileges will." Josh's ears perked up at the mention of the last
"Jump privileges?"
"Yeah, I run a local Jump school. Why you interested in
"Actually, I was more interested in keeping current."
"Oh. I guess that explains what seemed so familiar about you. Who
taught you to jump? I mean what school?"
"The 22nd Reg. SAS."
"I'm sorry. I didn't quite catch that."
"My uncle is a colonel with the 22nd Special Air Service
Regiment. He taught me how to jump over the summer."
"OK. So you're static line certified?"
"That plus Freefall, and HALO."
"They really must have put you through the whole routine then."
Mr. Rico laughed.
"And then some."
"Well, if your parents are OK with it I wouldn't mind having you
come along on some jumps. I have a class that deals with younger kids."
"I'd have to ask them, but I don't see any problems. Here's the
turn for my house. It's seven down on the left." Mr. Rico just nodded
at this.
Mrs. Kelly heard the door open and Josh call out that he was home
about twenty minutes after the time he normally got home.
"You're late, mister, and why did I get a call from your
principal that you had gotten into a fight at school? I better not hear
from the boy's parents over this." Mrs. Kelly called on her way out of
the kitchen.
"Uh, mom I'd like you to meet Mr. Rico. John Rico's father." Josh
stated with some embarrassment.
"I see. Josh why don't you take your books upstairs, change if
you need to, and then get some more ice on that eye of yours. I'm
guessing that Mr. Rico and I need to have a bit of a chat. Please."
Mrs. Kelly told her son while motioning for Mr. Rico to have a seat.
"Would you like anything to drink?" she asked her guest.
"I'm fine. Thank you." With a nod, Mrs. Kelly sat down herself
and the two started going over what had happened earlier that day.
Since Josh was still clean and didn't have any homework he
decided to check and see how john was doing.
"Hey bro. How're you feeling" Josh asked as he entered his
brother's room.
"Could be better. I guess I managed to catch that bug that's been
going around school." came the somewhat weak reply.
"How come you're home so late and what happened to your eye and
"I had a bit of a run-in with Rico during gym today. Mom's
talking with his dad about it right now. And starting Monday I have a
week of in-school suspension."
"Man that really sucks. I hope mom and dad don't go to hard on
you about it."
"I think how hard they go depends on what mom and Mr. Rico hash
"Well, I think you better leave now I don't want you getting this
stuff, too." John told his brother before suddenly turning his head
over the side of his bed and puking into the trash can his mom had
placed there in case he couldn't make it to the bathroom in time. Josh
nodded at this and headed off to his own room.
Twenty minutes later, his mom came in and started gathering up
some of Josh's clothes and disposable diapers.
"Is there something I can help you with, mom?" Josh asked as she
placed the collected items into the gym bag that Josh used for
"No, I'm fine. Mr. Rico has invited you to spend the weekend with
them. While we were talking he mentioned you showed some interest in
the jump school he helps run and thought you'd like to join them."
"So you aren't mad about what happened at school today?"
"Oh, I'm still a bit upset about it. But from what both your
principal and Mr. Rico told me you were acting in defense. And that you
weren't meaning to hurt his son, though Mr. Rico wasn't all that sure
if the same was sure about his son. Anyway, you don't want to keep him
waiting. Also, he told me what he had planned for his son. I told him
that you'd be able to help him out in that area." Josh's mom added with
a smile. Josh smiled a bit at this as well. And after taking the now
filled gym bag headed downstairs where Mr. Rico was talking to his
"I see you're all ready. We'll stop by the store you mom
mentioned and then go pick up my wife and John. My wife already knows
you'll be with me and they stop that's being made first." Josh nodded
at this and after giving his mom one more hug he followed John's dad
out to the car and climbed in.

Chapter 59

"Were you wanting John's diapers to be just obvious, or really
obvious?" Josh asked as he led John's dad into Klothes for Kids.
"Since John likes to go for the baggy-looking pants I would have
to say that really obvious would work. Though he'll need to have some
less obvious ones for when he has to wear normal fitting pants." Josh
just nodded at this as he led them back to where the diapers of older
kids were displayed.
A salesperson came over to them.
"May I help you find something?" The person asked. Recognizing
the voice, Josh turned around to see his sister standing behind them.
"Yeah, Erin, we could use a little help," Josh started to say
before his sister freaked a bit at the condition of his face.
"Jesus, Josh. Don't tell me that you got into another fight.
Mom's going to be pissed when she sees this. It was that little shit
Rico that started this wasn't it?" Josh cringed a bit at his sister's
last statement.
"Uh, Erin. I'd like you to meet Mr. Rico. John's father." Erin's
face went pale when she was introduced to the gentleman standing next
to her brother.
"I'm really sorry about that last comment. It's just that with
all the hassle Josh has been getting..." Erin started before trailing
off when John's dad held up his hand.
"I'm going to ignore the last comment you made about my son. As
for the hassle he's been giving your brother, what I have planned for
him will hopefully cure him of that. Now that that is settled, I'm
needing some help in choosing what the best brand of diaper would be.
They'll be for 24/7 use and I want them to be obvious."
"I see. We have several different brands that would be of
interest to you. Is this going to be for long or short term use?"
"That's undecided at this time. Why?"
"If it's short term then disposables will be best. However, if
it's going to be long-term then cloth diapers would be more
economical." Erin explained.
"At this time, I think going will be the best." Erin nodded at
this and led them over to a side office. These are the brands that we
carry. The ones with a star by it are brands that we keep in stock. The
three thickest diapers we carry are the Molicare Super Plus, Abena X-
plus, and the Thickies line. Of the three, the Thickies line would be
the most cost effective since they are made here in the U.S. where the
others come in from Europe. We do have some brochures on each of the
products if you'd like to read more about them. Now we also started
carrying the Dipes line as well. While not as obvious as the other
brands, the Plus, Ultra, and Ultra-plus styles are still very
"I would like to see some of the brochures that you have." Mr.
Rico told Erin.
"I'll be right back with them. Feel free to look over book for
the other brands that we carry. Josh should be able to answer most of
your questions about how well they hold up." Erin said while getting
out of her seat. Josh turned a bit red at the last statement his sister
made but said nothing over it.
"What brands do you normally use?" Josh was asked a few moments
"I've worn the Attends, Dipes, Tenas, and Thickies lines," Josh
"The Attends are OK, but they aren't very obvious under pants,
unless they happen to be rather tight fitting. They also tend to start
leaking after two moderate wettings. Same with the Tenas. Also with the
Tenas now having a cloth-like outer cover they tend to chaff a bit if
the person wearing them moves around a bit. The best I've tried are the
Thickies and Dipes. Both have a plastic cover so chaffing isn't a
problem. They also hold up very well to numerous wettings."
"What kind do you use the most?"
"I normally use the regular Dipes during the day and either the
Thickies Overnight or the Extra-plus at night when I use disposables."
"Well, if you have on one of the regular Dipes right now then I
would have to say that those won't work for this plan." Mr. Rico said
with a smile after looking at Josh's pants. Josh just smiled at this.
Erin reentered the room about then and handed Mr. Rico the requested
brochures along with several samples of diaper styles that she felt Mr.
Rico would be interested in.
"Well, you weren't kidding when you stated that some of the
overnight ones were on the thick side." John's dad commented after
examining one of the light blue colored diapers in front of him.
"Actually, that was one of the day time diapers. The overnight,
or higher capacity diapers tend to be a darker color. At least they are
in the small size." On hearing this Mr. Kelly got a really evil grin on
his face.
"Even better. If you could give me a few minutes to look over the
brochures and compare them to the samples you brought out with them I
should be ready to make a purchase." Erin nodded at this and stood up
motioning for Josh to do the same. Once they were out of the room, Erin
led Josh into the back room.
"So you want to tell me what the hell is going on. If his son
gave you that black eye and fat lip what are you doing here with him?"
Erin started heatedly.
"Erin, cool your jets for a minute will you? First off John's dad
was just as pissed about this as mom was that is why he's putting John
back in to diapers and not pressing any charges against me."
"What do you mean he's not going to press any charges against
"Well, mine and John's injuries happened during a rugby game in
gym. On the last play, it looked like John was coming in for a full
tackle and not just for one of the flags so I changed position a bit
and flipped John over my shoulder when I stood up after having him hit
that shoulder. I was only meaning to knock the wind out of him, but
ended up breaking a couple of his ribs and giving him a very slight
concussion," Josh told her with more than a little embarrassment.
"Josh, what are we going to do with you?" he was asked
"You should be glad the school did suspend you for that."
"They did. Kind of. I have a week of in-school suspension
starting Monday." Erin just shook her head at this and stated back
towards the room Mr. Rico was in.
"Sorry it took me so long to decide."
"That's Ok. I needed some time to talk with my brother about some
things," Erin said as she pulled out an order book.
"Ok I'd like one case of the Dipes Ultra and a case of the
Thickies Extra-plus. Both in the small size and then a case of the
Dipes Ultra-plus in the Youth size.
"OK. Let me go and make sure we have these in stock at the
moment. I'll be back in just a second." John Sr. and Josh both nodded
at this.
"I want to thank you for coming with me on this Josh. I doubt I
would have been able to make as good of decision as I think I did
without your input. I also have to say that I was kind of surprised
Looking through the Thickies brochure and saw you several times
modeling the products. I wonder if they still might be looking for
other models," Mr. Rico said more to himself than to Josh.
"I'm not sure about the needing models for the Thickies but they
seemed to need some models for the line of clothes that they do. I did
some of that as well." Josh told him just before his sister came back
into the room. We had it all in stock. I have someone bringing it over
now. I'll see you tonight Josh.
"Actually Erin, I'm spending the weekend at the Rico's." Josh
told her with a look telling her not to say anything here about it.
After doing some shopping for other items, Josh and Mr. Rico left
to pick up John and his mom from the hospital.
"Mr. Rico, I hope I'm not being to forward, but who are the youth
diapers for?"
"Alex, John's younger brother, still wets the bed and wears cloth
diapers for it. I felt that he might like to have something that he
could use if he's to tired to use the cloth diapers or maybe use them
and finally except some of the sleepover invitations he gets from his
"I take it none of his friends know about his problem?" Josh
"Most of them know about it actually, and he's had them over to
our place for sleepovers. He just doesn't like to go over to friends
homes and take the risk of his diapers leaking or having them start to
smell while he's there."
"I don't think he'll have a problem with leaks with the type of
diapers you got for him. One of my friends uses that style himself and
I've yet to hear him complain about leaks." Josh stated. Mr. Rico then
started asking Josh about his Jump training and if he had his
certification card on him. Josh acknowledged that he did and would show
it once they got to the Rico's house. He then spent several minutes
answering questions to show that he knew what he was talking about.
Josh then realized that they were close to the hospital and got a
little nervous about John's reaction to his being there.

Chapter 60

"What's he doing here?!" John almost yelled when he saw Josh
sitting in the front seat of his dad's car.
"He's here at my request. And to hear the apology that you owe
him for that stunt you tried to pull earlier today." John Sr. told his
son sternly.
"I don't know what you mean dad I was just trying to flag him out
when he did what he did." John tried to lie to his father as they
pulled out of the parking lot.
"John, don't lie to me. Over half a dozen people plus two
teachers were telling to close to the same story for them all to be
lying. Besides, this seemed to be to close to the type of stunt that
got you kicked off your football team and banned from the rest of the
league a couple of years back. I'm also to well aware of friction that
you and Josh have been having since the year started. This was final
straw. It was all I could do to keep the principal from expelling you
from school. So starting right now, and until further notice, your Jump
and bathroom privileges are revoked." John Jr. was told by his father
in a very calm voice.
"You can't do that!" I have that Jump contest in two weeks. And
you can't stop me from needing to use the bathroom!" John yelled.
"I'd watch your tone, young man. I don't care about the contest
you're in. Your Jump status is revoked. And I didn't say that you had
to stop needing the bathroom I said that you using it is."
"So what do you plan on doing then!?"
"You'll find out when we get home," John's mom said.
"You'll pay for this, Kelly." John mumbled under his breath.
"What was that, young man?" Mrs. Rico asked sharply.
"Nothing," John shot back.
"You go straight to your room when we get home," Mrs. Kelly
replied. The rest of the ride to the Rico's house was in silence.
"What are those for?" John asked loudly when he saw the cases of
diapers for the first time.
"I think you know what, and who, these are for. You just got out
of them at night a short time ago if memory serves." John's mom stated
"Josh, would you mind taking these inside with you," Mr. Rico
asked kindly holding out the bags containing the other items he and Mr.
Rico had picked up at the store.
"Yes sir," Josh answered politely as he took the offered bag. The
entire time keeping a close eye on John. before he even got half way
across the yard he felt John come tearing after him. Before either of
John's parents could react, Josh had John pinned to the ground with his
knee pressing against the side of John's neck.
"John this is the last time I'm going to warn you. The next time
you come at me like this some one will get hurt and I promise you it
won't be me. Do you understand what I'm telling you?" Josh asked
roughly adding more pressure to John's neck. John just nodded.
"I want to hear you. Do you understand that I'm not going to hold
back next time?" Josh repeated.
"Yes," Came the croaked reply.
"Thank you." Josh stated as he got up and offered a hand up to
the other boy. John just slapped the offered hand away and ran off
towards the house.
"I'm sorry about having to do that. If you feel you need to take
me home, I understand," Josh stated still shaking a bit.
"Why? John was the one that tried to attack you. All I saw was
you defending yourself." Mr. Rico stated and walked off. Josh just
nodded at this and followed John's parents into the house.
"Mom, what's going on with John?" Alex started to ask when he saw
Josh step into the house.
"Oh crap," The ten year old mumbled as he took off for his own
room. Josh just chuckled at the sight of a heavily diapered boy try
running down the hall.
"I take it that was Alex?" Josh said with a smile.
"It was," Mrs. Rico stated with a smile of her own as she took
the bags that Josh still held in his hand.
"You can have a seat on the couch there while I go get an ice
pack for that eye of yours." Josh did as he was told. Mrs. Rico
returned a few minutes later with an ice pack hand held it out to Josh.
"Thank you," Josh said politely as he placed the pack on his eye.
"I do want to apologize about the scene in the front yard a bit
"It's OK. I'm sorry that my husband or I weren't able to stop
John before he tried what he did. I know from the letters that have
been sent home that John has had a hard time dealing with being in a
class full of boys that wear diapers. He always had a problem about
them when he needed to wear them to bed. Now, why don't you tell me
what exactly happened this afternoon." Josh spent the next several
minutes going over what had happened. Alex came back downstairs just as
Josh was finishing his story. Josh was able to tell by the condition of
the shorts the younger boy had on that he was no longer diapered.
"So mom, what's going on with John? It sounded like he was crying
when he came running in a while ago, then dad carried a box into his
room and it sounded like it did when you guys used to get John ready
for bed."
"John got into a bit of a fight with our guest out in the yard
and lost. And your dad is getting him ready for bed like we used to."
"Does this mean you guys are finally doing something like you
read about on the web page dad found?" Alex asked with a smile.
"How do you know about that? We never talked about that in front
of either of you boys." Mrs. Rico asked in surprise.
"Dad forgot to clear out the memory of the site when he used my
machine to research it. And I knew it wasn't for me." Alex replied with
an even bigger grin.
Mr. Rico came down a few minutes later.
"I've already explained to John how this is going to work. He'll
be spending the rest of night in his room. Josh, I want to say that I'm
sorry I didn't manage to stop John before he tried to attack you."
"It's OK, Mr. Rico. In a way, I should be thankful. John will now
hopefully leave me alone since he knows that I won't hold back next
time he tries anything. I just want you to be assured that I won't
start anything." John's parents just nodded at this.
"Uh... could you show me where the bathroom is? I'm needing to
change," Josh said with a bit of embarrassment.
"It's the second door down on the left. Though if it would be
easier, you could use Alex's room. That's the first door on the right.
There's a can in the closet you can use when you're done." Josh nodded
at this and grabbed his duffel bag. He did notice that Alex turned a
pale white when he heard his mom.
"It's all right Alex. I already know and I wear them as well."
Josh told the younger boy on his way past.
"Man, this looks like my room did a few years back," Josh thought
to himself with a smile. On seeing that the cloth diapers Alex had been
wearing when he first entered the house were scattered about the floor
and a changing pad was still spread out on one of the beds Josh now
understood why Alex reacted the way he did. With another smile, Josh
opened his bag and started pulling out a clean diaper. Seeing wipes,
powder, and lotion still on the night stand Josh didn't bother removing
those items from his bag.
"I'm surprised the tapes held," Josh thought when he pulled down
his shorts exposing a heavily soaked diaper. Making sure he was over
the changing pad, Josh started undoing the tapes holding the diaper on.
After wiping himself off with a couple of wipes, Josh placed those in
the used diaper and wrapped it up. Once he placed the old diaper in the
Diaper Genie that was mentioned, Josh decided to pull his shorts up and
use the restroom since he felt a BM coming on and hated doing that in
his diapers when he could avoid it.
"Are you all right?" I came to see if you needed an help and you
weren't here." Mrs. Rico asked with a little concern.
"I'm fine. I just use the toilet whenever I can for BMs. It makes
for an easier clean up than using my diapers." Josh replied to his
"That makes sense. Do you need an help getting the fresh one on?"
"No. I'm fine. Thanks for asking though." With a smile, Mrs. Rico
left the room so Josh could finish getting a clean diaper on. Josh was
pleased to see that Mrs. Rico had already opened the new diaper and
sprinkled it liberally with powder. Once he had spread a generous
amount of lotion over his butt and balls, Josh cleaned his hands off
and sat on the new diaper. After a small bit of moving the diaper
around, Josh had it centered and pulled the front up snuggly between
his legs and put tapes on firmly. Making sure everything looked OK in a
nearby mirror, Josh pulled his shorts back up and went back into the
living room.
Josh became a bit nervous when he saw a quarterly skydiving
magazine on the living room table that had his picture on it.
"No need to be nervous about that, Josh. Your mom told me about
your last jump when we spoke earlier." Mr. Rico said when he saw the
look on Josh's face. The let Josh react a little. Mrs. Rico entered the
room a few minutes later announcing that dinner was ready.
"Alex before you sit down I'd like you to take your own diapers
into your room and put the cloth ones that you had on earlier either
back in your closet or in the diaper pail." Alex turned a bit red as he
set about to do as he was told.
"Do you want me to let John know that dinner is ready?" Alex
asked as he walked past.
"No he's spending the rest of the night in his room." Alex was
told by his father. with a bit of an insiders grin, Alex started
pushing the case of diapers down the hall to his room.
"I'm surprised he left his diapers on the floor of his room like
he did with how he reacted when he saw you Josh. Normally he's a lot
more careful about that. Of course with how often he goes around in the
afternoon and evening in just his diapers and a shirt, I'm surprised he
even bothers taking them offs, Mrs. Rico stated with a grin once her
youngest son was out of earshot.
"Josh, after dinner, I'd like to talk to you about something
concerning your jump qualifications," Mr. Rico told the younger boy
seriously. Josh nodded at this and made some other small talk with the
elder Rico's while they waited for Alex to return. This seemed to take
a bit longer than they thought it would. On seeing how puffed out
looking Alex's shorts seemed to be, Josh understood why.
Once dinner was over, and Josh and Mr. Rico had finished the talk
about Josh's Jump quals. Josh and Alex headed downstairs to play some
video games.
"How long have you liked wearing diapers during the day?" Josh
asked as Alex set a game up.
"What do you mean? I know my parents told you about my needing
them at night, but I don't need to wear them during the day." Alex
replied going a bit red.
"I didn't ask about you needing them during the day. I asked
about you liking to wear them during the day." Josh clarified with a
"What makes you think I like wearing them during the day?" Came
the lame reply.
"The fact that I saw you wearing some when I walked into the
house earlier. And the fact that you have one on right now."
"I'm not wearing a diaper right now." Alex shot back, though both
boys knew this was a lie. Josh didn't press things any further and let
the subject drop.
Several hours later Mrs. Rico came down to let the boys know that
it was bedtime. As Josh figured he would, Alex threw a minor fit about
it, but did as he was told once he knew that his mom was serious.
"Josh would you mind waiting outside while I get ready for bed?"
Alex asked as the boys were herded upstairs by his mom.
"Why should he wait out in the hall? You both wear diapers to bed
and if I'm not mistaken you're both diapered right now. So there isn't
any reason to be modest about it." Alex's mom stated as she had both
boys enter Alex's room and strip down. As Josh suspected, Alex was
indeed wearing one of the Dipes that his father had picked up earlier
that day. Josh and Mrs. Rico both weren't surprised to see that the
diaper was soaked. Josh knew that Alex wanted him to wait out in the
hall so he wouldn't get caught in a lie. Josh Just gave Alex a knowing
look but said nothing about their conversation from earlier. Josh
started preparing his own diaper as Alex was getting taken care of by
his mom. Within ten minutes, both boys were thickly diapered, Josh in
one of his Thickies Overnights, and Alex in several cloth diapers and
some powder blue plastic pants. Since the nights were still on the warm
side, Josh and Alex both just opted to wear T-shirts to bed.
"Josh, thanks for not telling my mom that I lied earlier about
not having a diaper on." Alex said softly once his mom left the room.
"Don't mention it. I figured it wasn't really a lie since I was
certain you were diapered at the time." Josh replied sleepily.
"Well, thanks anyway. I hope you have fun tomorrow." came the
yawned reply. Soon both boys were sound asleep.


Chapter 61

"Morning Josh. Did you sleep OK last night?" Mrs. Rico asked ask
Josh passed her in the hall.
"Yes ma'am."
"That's good to hear. Don't take to long in the shower. Breakfast
will be ready in about twenty minutes."
"I won't," Josh Answered as he walked into the bathroom.
Less than fifteen minutes later Josh walked out into the with a
towel wrapped around his waist and carrying his night diaper. He barely
avoided getting run over by John as he ran by trying to get away from
his father. Josh started laughing a bit when he realized that John was
naked from the waist down and John's dad was holding one of the diapers
they had picked up last night.
"What's all the noise about?" Alex asked groggily, while rubbing
the sleep out of his eyes.
"Nothing. John's just trying to keep from getting diapered by
your dad," Josh stated while he started getting the clothes he would
need for the day out of his bag.
"Do you know about how long we'll be gone? I need to decide who
many diapers to pack?" Josh asked.
"I normally pack four changes since I never know how often I'll
need to go and the diapers I have been using only seem to be good for
one wetting," Alex replied with a slight grin.
"I don't think you'll have that problem with your new ones," Josh
laughed as Alex climbed out of bed and started to remove his sodden
night diapers. About this time both boys heard a muffled thud and felt
the floor shake a little.
"Looks like John finally got caught," Alex said matter-of-factly
as he headed off to get his own shower. Josh just laughed at this and
finished getting his diaper on and got dressed for the day.
John was still struggling with his dad when Josh entered the
living room.
"Please dad don't do this. I told you I'd start behaving myself,"
John cried as his dad tried to get the diaper on him.
"I know what you told me John. And like I said upstairs, I think
you're only telling me what I want to hear. Now settle down, or things
are going to get worse.
"Would you like some help Mr. Rico?"
"Yes, please. Since I think it would work better if I hold his
hands down would you mind getting the diaper on him?"
"Sure that wouldn't be a problem," Josh replied with a grin.
"Did you plan on using any lotion or powder?"
"Just use a good deal of powder on him. We'll save the lotion for
the next change."
Josh nodded at this and took the offered diaper. He no sooner
knelt down to get the diaper under John when john took that time to try
and kick him. Josh grabbed the foot and held it firmly.
"Now John, none of that now. I am a guest here remember," Josh
stated as he applied some pressure to the nerve on the inside of both
of John's thighs and saw with satisfaction that both legs went limp.
"What did you do! You little bastard! I can't move my legs!" John
"Oh, calm down. I only stunned the nerve a little bit. You'll be
able to move them in about 15 minutes," Josh said with some irritation.
Without further comment, Josh retrieved the diaper he dropped and saw
with some enjoyment that it was one of the Thickies Extra-Plus. The
rest of the diapering went smoothly with John not being able to move
his legs. As Josh finished putting the last tape in place, he moved to
stimulate the nerve that he had tapped a few minutes before.
"Just a minute, Josh. There's one other thing I need to do
first," John's dad said as he pulled out a roll of packing tape and
proceeded to apply several lengths of it over the tapes holding the
diaper on.
"This way John won't be able to try and remove the diaper without
my wife or I knowing about it. Not that he will want to," Mr. Rico
chuckled as he said the last part. This told Josh something else was
"Aww, Little Johnny looks so cute," Alex said as he took his seat
at the table for breakfast. A look from his parents kept John from
replying to this comment.
"What all is going to happen with the jumps today?" Josh asked to
break the tension that was building a bit.
"To start with, you'll be joining the beginners' class that I
have this morning. Most of the people there will probably be in their
late teens to early twenties. Though there will be some kids your age,
there whose parents are already members of the club and want to see if
their kids would want to give this a try. The only thing is that you'll
be required to do a couple of tandem jumps with the rest of them. And
before you say anything this is something your mother wanted because of
what happened on your last jump," Josh just nodded at this, but Mr.
Rico could still tell that Josh wasn't all that pleased about it.
"What happened Kelly? You get to scared and forget how to land,"
John called out snidely.
"That's enough John of that John. One more word and we'll ask
Mrs. Crandell if Jessica would like a baby sitting job for the day,"
Mrs. Rico told her son. Judging from the look Josh saw on John's face
this was a threat he didn't want to bluff.
"We better get going or we'll be late," Mr. Rico said as he got
up from the table. Josh helped out with clearing the table since they
were pressed for time and John wasn't being allowed out of his chair.
Once all the dishes had been loaded into the dishwasher, everyone
headed for the door.
"Well, what are you waiting for John? A written invitation?" His
mom called from the front door.
"What about my getting dressed?" John asked looking down at the
onesie his dad had placed on him after using the tape on his diaper.
"What about it? You have a shirt on and I've got your shoes right
here so lets get going. Besides we already have something waiting for
you in the car."
"But--" John started.
"You heard your mom, lets get going," Mr. Rico said as he picked
John up and tossed him over his shoulder. John started trying to
struggle to get loose but a few hard slaps to his thighs made him stop.
"Where are the pants you said were out here?" John asked after
they pulled out of the drive way.
"I almost forgot. Here you go," Mrs. Kelly said with a smile as
she handed over a pair of light blue, nursery print plastic pants.
"You've got to be kidding me. I'm not going to wear those," John
said loudly, while throwing the pants back towards his mom.
"That's fine. You can just go around in your diaper and onesie
for the rest of the day," John was told plainly by his father. After a
bit of huffing, John asked for the pants back and put them on. Josh and
Alex both managed to keep from laughing, but failed at hiding the
smiles they both had gotten from the sight next to them. All three boys
drifted off to sleep a few minutes later.
"Josh, we're here," Mrs. Rico said with a slight shake of his
"Huh?" Josh said with a start as he jerked awake.
"I said we're here. Just follow Alex and he'll show you where to
go," Josh nodded at this and climbed out of the car.
"Hand me your bag and I'll put it with the others. John, you need
to get out of the car too," The look John got prevented him from
arguing about this.
"You're going the wrong way, John. Your dad wants your help with
the new class," Mrs. Rico stated while turning her son around and sent
him off in the right direction with a slap on his diapered rump.
"You better watch your back out there Kelly. You never know what
might happen on a jump," John told him as they walked off towards one
of the smaller buildings nearby.
"If you're trying to scare me John it's not going to work. And
I'd watch making comments like that in the future. You never know who
might be listening."
"You've got that right, Josh. You never know who might be
listening," John jumped at the voice behind him and saw their Gym
teacher standing behind him.
"By the way, John, nice shirt," Mr. Grissom stated with a laugh
as he walked past. Out of curiosity, Josh looked at the back of the
shirt and started laughing himself as he trotted to catch up with Alex.
The back of the shirt said in bold letters "Proud to be a Diaper Boy!"
with a picture of John wearing nothing but a diaper and holding a teddy
Several of John's teammates were present when John entered the
building. Most of them started laughing when they saw how John was
dressed. They laughed even harder when they saw the back of John's
"Hey Rico! Nice pants!" One boy called out.
"I think little Johnny needs his mommy," Another one called when
he saw that John was going to start crying. These comments got all of
the kids and several of the parents laughing. John was near tears at
all the comments being made and even more because his father was doing
nothing to stop the comments.
"Alright, people. Lets settle down, and get the class started,"
Mr. Kelly said in a calm voice. Over the next Two hours he reviewed
what the class had learned over the previous weeks and gave them a test
to see if they had learned enough for the next phase. Josh was also
given the test so Mr. Rico could see exactly where Josh stood in his
training. Thirty minutes later Josh was with Mr. Grissom getting ready
to jump out of the plane.
"You feeling OK there, Josh?" He asked, misreading the look on
Josh's face.
"Yeah. I'd feel better though if I was in control of the jump,"
Josh replied as he stepped out the door. Over the next several hours
Josh made five more jumps. With the last one being a solo At the end of
his last one, Mr. Rico told him that he felt he was ready to move over
to join the rest of the teen group.
"Head back on over to the Jump Shack. Fran should be there in a
minute," Josh was told after turning in his used chute.
"OK. I might be a few minutes myself," John Sr. smiled at this
knowing what Josh was talking about.
"I thought you'd be with the rest of the group," Josh said when
he saw Alex in the School's office.
"Dad wants to wait till I grow a bit more before he lets me join
the regular classes. I normally jump with my mom, but since I'm getting
over an ear infection they grounded me as well till the doctor says
it's OK for me to jump again. In the mean time, they have me answer the
phones and such while they're holding classes," Alex replied a bit
"Hey don't let it get you down. Unlike your brother, you'll be
jumping again soon. And your being grounded is for medical reasons not
for punishment," Josh told the younger boy as he grabbed his bag. Josh
saw that his comment had cheered Alex up some and he was glad since
this is what he was trying for. After a quick diaper change, Josh
walked over Jump Shack to join the teen group there.
"What an idiot. I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough not
to see the wind sock go up like that," One boy said about the video
they were watching.
"Tell me about it. What about when he did that cut away and went
after the guy with the streamer," the guy next to him said scornfully.
"Ain't that the truth. I mean they make a big deal about what he
did, but it ain't all that much. Anyone one of us could have done that
easy," A third boy announced cockily.
"Are you sure about that?" Josh asked coolly when he saw the end
of the video and realized that it was him they were talking about.
"Yeah, I am Novice. I bet if you tried something like that you'd
end up missing and killing the guy. Or you'd end up pissing your
pants," The loud mouth laughed.
"Actually, I have done something like that. And not only did the
other guy live, I didn't piss my pants. As for not seeing the wind sock
going up, you'll notice that I wasn't more than five feet off the
ground went that gust hit," Josh replied. Thinking that while he didn't
piss his pants he sure as anything soaked the diaper he had on.
"You expect us to believe that you were the jumper when we al saw
you with the Novice class earlier," Loud mouth scoffed.
"Yeah, I do. Rewind the tape and take a good look at the jumpers
face when they pull the mask off," Everyone turned a bit red when they
realized that Josh really was the jumper they had just watched. Before
things could go any further Mrs. Rico entered the room.
"OK boys, I take it you've already met Josh. He'll be joining us
for this afternoons jumps. I'll be assuming that you've all been
practicing the moves over the past week. Today we'll see how well
you've put them together. Jason, you'll be taking over for John. Are
there any questions?" Mrs. Rico said to one of the older boys in the
back of the group.
"Why isn't John joining us?" One of the boys asked.
"John's had his jump status revoked for fighting at school," Mrs.
Kelly stated bluntly.
"That explains the get up we saw him wearing earlier," Loudmouth
chuckled as they walked out of the building to the hanger to get their
"Figures Rico would let his temper get in the way of us finally
making it to the regionals," This comment caused several people to
mumble their agreements.
Josh became suspicious when he saw John behind the counter
handing out the chutes.
"Here you go, Kelly," John said snidely as he handed over the
chute. Josh surprised everyone when he stopped and started a complete
inspection of the chute he was handed.
"Hey, diaper boy. We trust each other here," John called in fury.
"Trust has to be earned, and quite frankly I don't trust you any
further than I could throw Jason over there," Josh said pointing to the
largest kid in the group.
"Don't you mean any further than you could throw me, dummy," John
called back.
"No, I mean Jason. We already know how far I can throw you.
Besides, I wouldn't care if God himself packed this chute, I'd still be
inspecting it because that's how I was trained," Josh said as he
finished his inspection and walked off.
"What the hell was that all about?" Jason asked as they walked
towards the flight line.
"You know how his mom said he was grounded due to a fight at
school? I was the other person in the fight. Jason just nodded at this
and said nothing more. Josh noticed that except for Jason everyone else
in the group was walking behind him. After a quick glance over his
shoulder and seeing a couple of other people pointing at him, he
stopped and turned around.
"Yes, I am wearing a diaper. If any of you have a problem with
that fact get over it," Josh stated coolly and finished walking to the
plane. The rest of the group caught up a minute later and nothing more
was said about Josh wearing diapers. They took off a few minutes later.
By the end of the day Josh saw that all the others in the group
were going over their chutes and several of them asked him if things
looked alright. This seemed to anger John to no end, especially when
Josh handed several chutes back because something felt, or looked wrong
about them.
"Hey Josh, where did you learn to jump anyway?" Loud mouth asked.
"The 22nd Regiment of His Majesties SAS, Mark. My uncle is a
Colonel with them," Josh told him. This earned him a low whistle.
"I was wondering if you'd like to take over Jason's spot as an
alternate on the team? I doubt that even if John got his jump status
back today the team would like him back after we saw him acting today."
"I'll have to think about it and see what my parents say," Josh
replied as Mark headed to a waiting car.
"I have to say I was impressed with your performance today Josh.
I was going to ask you myself if you'd like to join up as an
alternate," Mrs. Rico said once Mark had left.
"I'd like to, but as I told Mark it depends on what my parents
say," Josh replied. Mrs. Rico nodded at this with a smile on her face.
"We'll we have one last jump to make. John Sr. and I normally
make one last jump together. I figured you, Alex and John would like to
join us."
"I wouldn't mind at all."
"Good. By the way, I liked how you handled the thing with John
about your chute earlier. You're certainly right about trust having to
be earned and John hasn't done anything to earn your trust. I also want
to thank you for getting the rest of the group to start checking their
own packs and how to do it correctly. I've been trying to beat that
into them for months."
"It's no problem. I've seen people come close to doing burn-in's
because they didn't check their chutes properly," Josh stated as they
walked over to the hanger.
"On a personal note, how's that diaper of yours holding up?"
"I changed after that last jump. So I'm good to go," Josh
replied, wondering how such nice people like the Rico's could end up
having such an asshole for a son.
Josh and Mrs. Rico entered the hanger just as John Sr. and Jr.
came out of a back room. Judging how John Jr. was sobbing, Josh figured
that a diaper change had just been performed and John was less than
cooperative about it as usual.
"Josh could I see you for a minute," Mr. Rico asked while leading
him away from the rest of the family.
"Josh, Mr. Grissom told me he heard John made a comment about you
needing to watch your back on today's jumps, and I heard you two had a
bit of a word exchange earlier about some of the chutes he tried to
give you."
"Yes, sir. We did on both things. John seemed to get a bit upset
when I told him that the chutes he handed me didn't look, or feel right
for some reason."
"I just want you to know that I checked those chutes and that
there was something wrong with them. I've already had a long talk with
John about this and have told him that I'm placing his name on a black
ball list. He won't be able to join another jump club ever. I want you
to know that I'm sorry he tried to pull this stunt on you and all the
comments he's made about your last jump in front of others."
"It's OK. I'm glad that you had my best interest at heart when
you checked those chutes. I also know that you would have done that for
any of your students. I do have one request for this last jump," Josh
said and quickly outlined what he wanted to do. Mr. Rico thought about
it for a minute and then asked his wife over to see what she thought of
it. The smiles Josh got in return was all the answer he needed.
"Hey John suit up. Your dad is letting you come on this last
jump," Josh called a short time later as he headed off towards the
plane. He was happy to see that all John had on at this point was a
diaper and that it was clean. John joined them at the plane about five
minutes later.
"Where's my chute?" He asked his mom as he climbed into the
"You're going tandem," Mr. Rico yelled as the plane's engines
started with a throaty roar.
"Who Am I Going to Hooked To?" John yelled, but got no response.
Seeing that Josh and his mom had the only two tandem rigs on his
figured that he would be going with his mom and Alex with Josh.
"Two minutes!" Mr. Rico yelled. Mrs. Rico, Alex, and he all stood
up a moment later and Mr. Rico hooked Alex onto his wife's rig.
"You stay here," Mrs. Rico told John as he stood up to join them.
"But..," John started to say as his parents jumped.
"You're with me for this jump John," Josh said with a smile. John
got a very worried look on his face when he saw Josh pull some
breathing rigs out of a bag he was carrying. He was even more worried
when he saw the pilot look back and heard Josh yell with a laugh "Top
Floor James". Ten minutes later John saw Josh nod to the pilot and then
come over to him.
"OK John, You've liked to brag about how you're hot shit with a
chute. Here's your chance to prove it!" Josh told him as he handed him
over the oxygen rig.
"Just breathe normally and slowly and everything will be OK,"
Josh yelled over the wind and airplane noise.
"Time to stand in the door!" Josh yelled as he stood up and
turned John around to hook him up.
"I don't want to do this!" John yelled as he saw how far up they
"But I do!" Josh yelled back as he stepped out of the plane.
The Rico's all stood in a group as they saw Josh and John exit
the plane. Mrs. Rico was shocked at some of the thing's her some was
yelling on his way