Jeremy's tale

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Jeremy's tale

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Author: Anonymous

Summary: This is about a boy named Jeremy and his tale of diapers. He lives alone with his dad. He is 16 and his junior year of high school is coming to an end. I don’t want to ruin too much of the story, so, here it begins. This is completely fictional. We start at 6:45 am; it is Wednesday, May 31.

Beep, beep, beep... he reached over and threw his alarm clock on the floor. His dad flung open the door and shouted

“Hey kiddo! Its 6:45 wake up!”

He flipped on the light to the bedroom and headed down stairs. It was Jeremy’s last week as a junior. He was looking forward to seeing his old friends. Jeremy is a very good student, he was very popular, he has a 3.9 grade point average and he was a student senator. He went down stairs in his boxers and a white T-shirt and ate breakfast; his dad was there and had a plate of pancakes ready for him. Jeremy walked in and his dad said

“Good god, you’re a toothpick.”

Jeremy is 16 years old and weighs around 108 lbs. He has the shiniest blonde hair and brightest blue eyes you have ever seen. He sat down, ate his pancakes and downed his orange juice. After that he ran up stairs, got a towel, went into the bathroom and ripped off his boxers and T-shirt then jumped in the shower. He spent about 20 minutes in the shower, got out, wrapped the towel around him and ran back to his bedroom. He got out a pair of shorts, a rugby shirt and a pair of bright red briefs. He got dressed, went down stairs and put his sandals on. He got his car keys, told his dad bye, and jumped in his convertible and was off like the wind. He got to school around 7: 45 and caught up with his best friend Josh.

“Hey Josh!”

“Jeremy, what’s up?”

“Not much, you”

“Just ready for our summer vacation”

The two chatted for awhile, then the bell rang and the two went to their classes. The day went with out any hitches; Jeremy went to his classes and got out of school around 2:30. He went out to his car and took off for the mall. There, he met up with his friends, Josh, Donny, Mike and they all hung out together. At 5 o’ clock, all the boys took off. One of Jeremy’s newest friends, Mike, went back to Jeremy’s home. Jeremy’s dad was working a late shift and wasn’t going to be home until around 10 pm. The two boys went up to Jeremy’s room and Mike sat down on the bed. Jeremy went to his closet, pulled up two loose floor boards and pulled out a bag of teen diapers. Jeremy took one diaper out and went over to Mike who was lying down on the bed. Jeremy pulled up Mike’s shirt and took it off, he then proceeded to unsnap and unzip Mike’s pants, at which time he took them off. By this time Mike’s penis was nice and hard in his purple briefs. Jeremy proceeded to rub it for about 30 seconds. After this time, he pulled the briefs off and threw them to the corner. Jeremy took the diaper and slid it under Mike’s butt. He pulled the front of the diaper up snug around Mike’s crotch, he then fastened the tapes. Jeremy then went back to rubbing Mike’s dick, only faster. Jeremy then rolled over so he was on the bottom and Mike was on top, but Jeremy continued to rub his dick. Mike then started to rub his dick and diaper against Jeremy’s body. Within a few minutes of this, Mike started to moan, and then he ejaculated in the diaper. After he ejaculated, Mike began to take Jeremy’s shirt off, and then he took Jeremy’s shorts off. Mike began to rub Jeremy’s dick just as Jeremy had his. Within half the time it took Mike, Jeremy had ejaculated in his briefs. The two then lied down on the bed together for just a minute. After that, they put towels around their waist and walked to the bathroom where they stripped and got in the shower. They washed themselves off, got out and went back into Jeremy’s room and they got dressed. The two walked down stairs and got in Jeremy’s car and he took Mike home around 9 pm.

Around 10:09 pm, Jeremy’s dad got home. His dad walked in and shouted

“Jerm, I’m home!”

“Hey dad, I’m in the kitchen!”

Jeremy’s dad went in to the kitchen to the sight of food on the table. The two sat down and ate their dinner. His dad asked him the usual parent questions, “how was your day”, “what did you do?”(Oblivious to his son’s sex life), and so fourth. The two talked through dinner and then parted. Jeremy put the dishes in the sink and his dad washed them. Around 11 pm Jeremy went up to his room, took off his shirt and pants, walked to his closet, got out another pair of diapers, and crawled into bed. He pulled his underwear down, hoisted his butt into the air and slid the diaper underneath him. He lay back down, pulled the front of the diaper up close and snug to his crotch and fastened the tapes. By now his dick was hard, so he started to rub it. He rubbed it fast and hard, but within 2 minutes, he still hadn’t ejaculated, so he rolled over and rubbed his diaper against his bed. Within 1 minute he ejaculated into the diaper. He took off the diaper, threw it into his trash, pulled his briefs back up, and went to bed. The next morning, his alarm went off, he woke up, walked over to the trash can and pulled out the trash bag. He tied the bag shut and set it next to his door. He picked a shirt off the floor, put it on, and went down stairs. When he got down stairs his dad said

“It’s cereal for today.”

“Ok dad.”

“Hey, work is sending me on a business trip; I’ll be leaving Saturday morning and won’t be back till next Saturday afternoon, ok.”

“Ok, will I be alone?”

“Yeah, I’ll go grocery shopping today and stock up for you. I’ll also leave you a few hundred bucks for emergencies, and I want ALL the change, understood?”

“Yes, I got it.’

“Good, now have a good day at school.”

“I will. Have a good day at work.”

“Bye kiddo.”

With that his dad walked out the door and Jeremy went upstairs. He took a shower, got dressed, took his trash out and left for school. He found Josh and told him about his dad leaving for a whole week. The two started planning a small party for a few friends. The school day went as any other day had. He went directly home after school and got his homework done. He was alone until his dad got home around 4 pm. Around 6 the two ate dinner. They talked through dinner and figured out what was to be expected during his dad’s absence. His dad made it very clear that he was to behave and have No parties. At 11 o’ clock, Jeremy went right to bed. He woke up the next morning and did his routine: he ate breakfast, took a shower, got dressed, and left for school. At 2:30, he got out of school and it was his summer vacation. When he got home, his dad was there and all packed.

“Hey Jeremy, I decided to leave tonight, ok.”

“That’s cool dad.”

Five minutes later, his dad was in the car and going down the road. Jeremy went inside and got a snack. After that, he went up to his room, got a diaper out, took his pants and boxers off, and put on the diaper. He then put his boxers back on over the diaper and put his pants on. He went downstairs and watched some TV. After awhile he got bored and decided to go for a ride. He was out for a few minutes when a cop got behind him. Within two minutes, the cop turned on his lights. Jeremy pulled over and turned off his car, he was very scared. The cop walked up and said

“License and registration please.”

Jeremy got them out and handed them over to the officer. The officer looked at them and handed them back.

“Well Jeremy, you failed to signal a turn back there and you have a burnt out brake light.”

“Sorry officer.”

“I’m going to let you off with a warning this time, just be sure to signal ALL the time and fix that brake light.”

“Yes officer, right away.”

“Ok then, have a nice day.”

With that, the officer went back to his car and took off. Jeremy, scared out of his mind, just went straight home. He went to his room and pulled down his pants and boxers then took off the diaper. Sure enough, It was soaked. He had wet his diaper when he got pulled over. He took the diaper and threw it away. He pulled his clothes back up and went down stairs. For the rest of the night, he just hung around the house. The next day he got up early and went out for some party stuff. He spent the whole day getting ready for the party. Around 8, his friends showed up. By 9, twenty people had showed up. A few had brought beer and Jeremy was very much buzzed. By 11 pm, every one but Mike had left. The two boys went upstairs to Jeremy’s room. They made out for awhile then went to bed. When Jeremy finally woke up, it was around 10 am. He looked over and saw Mike just lying there sound asleep. He then realized he was kind of cold. He looked at the bed and that’s when he knew what happened. He was soaked. During the night, he had wet the bed. He reached over and woke Mike up.

“Man, I am sorry, but I wet the bed last night.”

“Shit man, you sure did.”

“Sorry to do it with you in the bed.”

“No sweat, I don’t care.”

The two then got out of bed and took a shower together. They went back in to the bed room and got dressed. Since Mike’s clothes were all wet from Jeremy, he borrowed a shirt and a pair of pants from Jeremy. He got a diaper and wore that for underwear. The two went down stairs and ate breakfast. The two sat around for awhile, and then got very bored. Mike decided that he should go home before his dad got pissed. They got in Jeremy’s car and he took Mike home. Jeremy was trying to decide what to do now. He decided to go to the store and see if they had anything cool. He got there and went into the clothing department. He looked at boys’ underwear to see what they had. After a few minutes of looking, he noticed something really cool. He saw character print briefs in new sizes. The brand that makes them had added them to all boys’ sizes. He was ecstatic; he loved these kinds of briefs. He found his two favorite ones and took them. He then headed to the diapers. He was looking at all the brands and didn’t know which ones to get. He was bored with the same old ones over and over. He decided to check out the baby department. He was looking at the diapers there when he noticed something. A diaper company had put out a new diaper, “Big Tykes”. They were sized boys S, M, L, and XL. They had designs like baby diapers, but the designs were those that older boys would like. He grabbed the jumbo package, 30 count, and headed for check out. He used the self-scans to avoid any weird looks from cashiers. He went out to his car, jumped in it, and headed for home. He went straight to his room and threw the items on the bed. He sat down and opened the briefs first. He looked at each pair closely; he loved the smell of brand new underwear. He then opened the diapers and pulled out a pair. He ripped off his pants and underwear faster than you could breathe. He put a diaper on and rejoiced at how it looked on him and how it felt. The diaper was bright green. He looked at the rest of them and each one was a different bright color. His dick was hard and he was very horny with his new diapers and underwear. He started to rub his dick, he felt himself getting ready for ejaculation, but he didn’t want to ruin these cool diapers. He pulled down the diaper a little so he wouldn’t ruin his new diaper. He then ejaculated. He wiped himself off and pulled the diaper back up and got up to call Mike with the great news. Mike was excited too, but couldn’t come over until Monday. Jeremy hung up the phone and lay back down on his bed. For the rest of the night, he just walked around in his diapers and a T-shirt. He just spent Sunday in bed. He only got up to use the bathroom and eat. When Monday came, he woke up after 1 pm. He got some food and called Mike. Mike arrived by 5 o’ clock. The two went straight up to the room and Mike quickly got undressed and put one of the new diapers on. He loved it as much as Jeremy did. The two got on the bed and started to make out. Soon enough both of them ejaculated. They wiped themselves off and lay back down on the bed. They pulled the covers over them and just cuddled. After a few minutes they fell asleep. They didn’t wake up until 6 pm. They got out of bed and took a shower together. Mike told Jeremy that life at home wasn’t good, so Jeremy told him to just sleep over. Later that night they stripped to their underwear (Jeremy had put one of his new briefs on) and crawled into bed. Mike ended up staying at Jeremy’s place for the whole week, his dad didn’t care one lousy bit. Before the boys knew it, it was Saturday and Jeremy’s dad was home. Jeremy had cleaned up the house perfectly, but he forgot one little detail, the nosey old lady next door. Later that night, when Jeremy had left, she went over to his house and told his dad what he did. His dad however did not believe her. He knew his kid was too good to do something like that, but that was until she gave him the evidence. She had recorded some of the events on her video camera. This upset his dad horribly, his son, his little boy, had violated his trust.

When Jeremy came home, his dad acted like he didn’t know. Jeremy went upstairs to watch TV in his room. A few minutes later, his dad walked in.

“Hi dad, what’s up?”

“We need to talk. Ms. Jones told me about your party.”

“What! I didn’t have any party!”

“Shut up, she had video footage.”

“Dam it! That bitch. I’m sorry dad, but it was just for the end of the school year.”

“It isn’t the party that pisses me off, it’s the beer.”

“Listen, some guys brought it, I didn’t drink ANY of it, ok.”

I think the footage says other wise. She caught you in front of the window stumbling and with a beer in your hand.”

“So what’s my punishment?”

“I am not sure, I need to go to the store, I’ll think it over there, in the mean time, do NOT go anywhere.”


With that, his dad got up and left for the house. After an hour or so, his dad finally came home. He went up to Jeremy’s room and walked in. When he entered he just said

“Pants and underwear off, now.”

Jeremy was confused, but with the look his dad had, he did as told. His dad pulled a package out of a paper sack; it was another package of the big boy diapers “Big Tykes”. He opened the package and pulled out a diaper. He slid it under his son’s butt, pulled the front up against Jeremy’s crotch and fastened the tapes.

“What the hell is this for?”

“I racked my brain to figure out how to punish you. I decided that for the rest of your summer, you will be in diapers 24/7. I will change you and you are to only use the toilet for BM’s, understood?”

“But dad….”

“No buts about it. Do you understand the rules?”

“Yes dad.”

While Jeremy argued with his dad, he was secretly on cloud nine. The rest of the summer went as usual; he hung out with friends and made out with Mike on a regular basis. No one knew about the diapers except for Mike. The only thing that was different was the whole wearing diapers 24/7 and being changed by his dad. He wasn’t too thrilled about being changed, but he absolutely loved wearing diapers. As time went along, he started to wet the bed very frequently. It didn’t bother him though, in part because the diapers caught the pee and wetting the bed made him feel like a little boy again. When a week before school came, his dad said he could stop wearing diapers. Jeremy seemed happy on the outside, but he was sad on the inside. He thought about this hard. He then came to a decision. He went down stairs to see his dad.

“Dad, can we talk?”

“Why, sure son.”

“You told me I can stop wearing my diapers… I don’t want to. I have gotten used to wearing them; they are very comfy to me. I do NOT want to be changed, but I do want to keep wearing them.”

“Well, this is definitely a surprise. I suppose if you really want to, then by all means, what ever makes you happy. I will even bye them for you, do you want to keep Big Tykes?”

“Yes, I like that brand a lot.”

“Ok then, I will bye them for you, but I won’t change you any more, thank god! I was doing it to punish you, but I think I punished my self even more.”

“Ha-ha. I am so glad you’re cool with it.”

“Yeah, who knew? Hey, how is Mike doing with his dad?”

“Horrible, he wants out of that house so bad”

“Tell him he is more than welcome to live here.”

“Ok, I will.”

With that, Jeremy went up to his room, stripped to his diaper and called Mike. He told Mike the news, he was happier than ever. Mike’s dad was even happier to get rid of him.

The next day, they moved Mike in with them. Jeremy Also told him about the whole diaper situation. Mike was surprised to hear that. Mike asked Jeremy’s dad if he really was cool with the whole diaper thing.

“I sure am.”

“Why do you ask? You want to wear them too?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Ha-ha. Then go right ahead, I’ll have two little boys.”


Mike then went and had Jeremy diaper him. School resumed and the two boys went to their first day as seniors, both wearing diapers. They continued to wear their diapers 24/7. They even got an apartment together for college and lived happily as diaper lovers, and lovers themselves.


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