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DJ diaper diaries 03

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DJ's Diaper Diaries: Part Three- Summer Camp

Chapter One

The months following my first sleep over with Mark were
ones of excitement. Besides having the end of the school
year coming closer I had also heard my parents talking about
possibly sending me to summer camp for my first time. I was
a bit nervous about this because my bed wetting was still a
nightly occurrence, and wasn't sure how it might be dealt
with if I did go. Since I knew that Mark had gone to camp
several times over the years with his brothers I decided to
ask him about it.

"Hey Mark, can I ask you a question?" I asked coming up
to him as I walked into school on our last day of classes.
"You mean besides the one you just asked." He replied
"You know what I mean smart ass." I laughed.
"Sure go ahead, but you better make it fast the bell's
about to ring." he said glancing at his watch.
You've been to summer camp before right?" I asked
"Sure lots of times. I always have a blast to." he told
me smiling. Just as I was about to go on the bell rang, and
me and Mark had to head for our classes.
"You still sleeping over this weekend?" Mark inquired
as we started towards our classes.
"I wouldn't miss it." I laughed. Thinking of what would
be happening while I was there.
"We can talk more about it then. OK?" Mark said.
I just nodded as I walked in to my class.
"Good luck with your finals." I called out as Mark
entered his class.
"You too." came his disembodied reply.
The rest of the day went quickly though I was to busy
with my finals to really notice. At last, I heard the
announcement I had been waiting for.
"Will all students in lockers C-105 through C-245
please report to them for final clean out and inspection at
this time" I had managed to finish my test just a few
minutes before this, and was waiting for it. With a nod from
our teacher about half the class got up grabbed our books
and headed for our lockers. As I approached the hall where
my locker was I could see that all hell had already broken
loose with about 240 seventh graders screaming and throwing
papers all over the place. Laughing I joined in on the
A few moments later Mark showed up and started to
clean out his locker as well.
"How do you think you've done on your tests so far?!!"
I yelled to be heard over the noise.
"Pretty well so far, but I still have math to deal
with!!" he yelled back. I just nodded knowing that math was
never his best subject.
"Look at it this way. It's your last test and you can
relax afterwards." I told him.
"Ain't that the truth." he answered. It took about 30
minutes for a teacher to reach us and make sure our lockers
were clean and didn't have any damage to them. After he got
done Mark and I headed off to have lunch.
"You still wondering if your parents are going to send
you, Donn and Paul off to camp?" Mark asked as we sat down
to eat.
"I already know they're going to send us. It's just a
matter of how the camp will handle my little problem." I
told him a bit glumly.
"Don't worry about it DJ, If any one gives you any
problems about your legs you can always slam their head into
a wall or something." I heard behind me. I turned around to
see who had said that and saw David coming up to Mark and I.
"I don't think my parents would like it if I did that
again David." I told him, thinking back to the time I
slammed a kid's face into a wall after he started making fun
of me.
"Why not? He stopped bothering you didn't he." David
stated simply.
"Yeah he did, but I also got my butt beat then grounded
for three months for it to." I told him.
"How do you know they're going to send you anyway?"
Mark asked.
"I heard them talking about going to Europe a couple of
nights ago, and since Dan works all the time there's no way
they won't send us." I said.
"Maybe, they're thinking of taking all of you?" David
told us.
"Not bloody likely!" I scoffed.
"But then my dad is always telling me I need to get out
and do new things, so maybe it won't be so bad." I added.
David and Mark just nodded at this, and changed the
subject to how great it will be next year being 8th graders.
We went to our next class soon afterwards.
I met Mark in front of the building after the last
bell of the year rang. As we waited for his mom to pick us
up the subject of summer camp came back up.
"Do you think you and your brothers will be going off
to camp this summer?" I asked.
"That depends on how well we do on our grades, but we
probably will." he answered.
"In a way I hope you do because since I'm almost
certain that I'm going away for the summer, I wouldn't want
you to get bored without me." I told him honestly.
"It would get kind of lonely with out having someone to
run around with." he said in a somewhat sad voice. About
this time his mom pulled up.
"Hi Mark, Hi DJ." She called happily.
"Hi mom, Hi Sherri." we replied.
"And how was my baby boys last day of school?" she
asked with a grin as we pulled away from the building.
"Just fine, I think I did real well on my tests." I
told her.
"What about you Honey?" she asked Mark.
"I did OK, but I just not sure about my math test." he
stated in a low voice.
"I'm sure you did just fine." she told him trying to
raise his spirits.
"Yeah, Mark don't worry about." I added.
"Did my mom bring over a bag for me?" I asked turning
back to Sherri.
" No she didn't DJ." I called and told her not to worry
about it.
"Since you and Mark are about the same size I thought
it would just be easier for you to wear some of his." she
"Oh, OK I just wanted to see if she did or not." I told
She just nodded in response.
We pulled up to Mark's house a few minutes later.
Linda was about to say hello to me when I motioned for
her not to as I came up behind Bryan and Jonathan, who were
laying on the floor watching TV wearing nothing except a T-
shirt and diaper.
"You two sure look cute in those diapers!" I said
loudly as I came up behind them. They both jumped and turned
when they heard me.
"Oh shit!!" I heard Bryan mutter as both him and
Jonathan got up and ran for their room turning a bright red
as they did so.
"Hello DJ." Linda said laughing.
"What's so funny?" Mark and Sherri asked walking
through the door. I ran up to the bathroom as Linda told
them what I had done. All three of them were laughing when I
came back down from emptying my bladder.
"That wasn't very nice." I heard a teary voice say
behind me. Upon turning around I saw Bryan and Jon standing
there with tears still coming down their cheeks with their
diapers now covered by shorts
"Your right, I shouldn't have done it, and I'm sorry."
I told them seriously.
"Do you forgive me?" I asked kneeling in front of them.
"Yeah, I guess so." they answered as they came over and
gave me a hug.
"Your not going to tell anyone are you?" Bryan asked.
"Nope, It'll be our secret." I told them with a smile.
" To be honest with you two, I've known for awhile now
that you like to wear diapers and wear them to bed." I
"You have?" Jonathan asked starting to cry again.
"Yep I have. I'll tell you something else, I have to
wear them also." I told them.
"You do?" they asked surprised.
"Sure do, ask your mom if you want." I told them.
Sherri and Linda both nodded when Bryan and Jonathan
looked over at them.
"Cool." they said as they headed back up to their room
to play.
"That Was a very nice thing you did DJ." Sherri told me
as I came back over to them.
"Well in a way they were right, it was kind of a mean
thing that I did." I told her.
"But you'd do it again if you had the chance wouldn't
you?" Sherri said smiling.
"In a heartbeat." I said laughing.
Since both Sherri and Linda had always encouraged me
to come to them with my problems when I felt I couldn't talk
to my family about it. I decided to talk to them about my
feelings concerning going off to camp for the first time.
"I'm worried about going off to camp." I told them.
"Why is that?" they asked.
"Well, my parents won't tell me anything about it." I
told them glumly.
"Every time I ask them about it, they tell me not to
worry about it that I'll have lots of fun and stuff like
that." I added.
"Is it because of your CP, or is it something else?"
Sherri asked knowingly.
"Part of it's because of my CP, but mostly I'm worried
because of my bedwetting and how the camp will handle it." I
told them, choking up a little.
"DJ, I'm sure your parents have checked the camp out
thoroughly, and wouldn't send you there unless they were
absolutely certain that you wouldn't be made fun of ."
Sherri said as she came over and comfortingly put her arm
around my shoulder.
"Besides, look at all the fun that Mark, Bryan, and
Jonathan has told you they've had over the years when they
went to camp." she added softly.
"Yeah, I guess your right. I just wish they would tell
me something about it other that fact that it's up in
Canada." I said trying to get my composure back.
"I know how you feel, but look at all the fun you'll
have getting to visit a new country." Linda call from the
"Now why don't you two go out back and play for a
while. I'll bring some snacks out later." Sherri told us
with a smile.
"I'll be out in a moment, I have to go to the restroom
first." I told Mark as I headed for the restroom.
"Sherri?" I called.
"Yes DJ?" she answered
"Thanks for letting me get that off my chest." I told
her smiling.
"Your welcome." she told me smiling back.
I headed out the back door, and went over to the tree
house my dad had built for Mark as birthday present about
five years earlier.
"What's going to camp like?" I asked after I sat down.
"It's a lot of fun. It's sort of like going on vacation
only your parents aren't with you." Mark laughed.
"They have lots of activities for you to do. Like
canoeing, swimming, hiking and outdoor stuff like that. Plus
you get to make friends with kids from all over." he added
"Aren't you worried though that someone will find out
you have to wear diapers to bed?" I asked cautiously.
Mark just starts chuckling at this.
"What's so funny?!" I asked getting mad.
"I don't have that problem DJ." he answered still
"And why not?" I asked heated.
"Because all the kids at the camp I normally go to wear
diapers to bed. Some even need to wear them during the day."
he told me smiling.
"Oh, I guess that would make a difference." I answered.
"Boy's, you up there?" Linda called.
"Yeah mom!" Mark called while sticking his head out the
window of the tree house.
"I thought you two might like a snack. I'll leave them
on the table for when you two are ready for them." she told
"Okay, we'll be down in a minute." we both yelled
heading for the door. Linda just started laughing at how
fast we fast we bolted out of the tree house.

Chapter Two

After having finished our snacks Mark and I got up to
head back to the tree house to finish the game we were
"Uh, DJ do you need to use restroom?" Mark asked as I
got up from the table.
"No, why do you ask?" I replied confused.
"Take a look at your pants." Mark said pointing to the
dark spot on the front of them.
"Ah Fuck!! Not again." I said seeing what he was
talking about.
"How the hell am I supposed to change them with your
moms home?" I asked rhetorically.
"I'm not sure. I take that this has been happening a
lot?" Mark asked curiously.
"Not all that often, but enough to be annoying." I
replied glumly.
"I guess I better go get it over with." I added sadly
as I headed for the house.
"You want me to came in with you?" Mark asked.
"Nah that's okay. Thanks though." I told him.

"Sherri?" I called coming up behind her as I walked in
to the house.
"Yes DJ?" she said turning around.
"I had a bit of an accident." I replied embarrassedly.
"So I see. Well go up to the nursery I'll be there in a
moment." she told me kindly. I just nodded and headed
upstairs. As I went through the front room I heard both of
Mark's brothers giggling about the condition of my pants.
"One word out of either of you, and you'll both regret
it. Understand?" I told them in a toneless voice without
turning around.
"Yeah, Sorry." They mumbled catching the tone of my
By the time Sherri came into the room a few minutes
later, I had already removed my pants and underwear and
placed them in the clothes hamper.
"I'm sorry about this." I told her as she helped me on
to the changing table.
"It's okay. Your mom told me a while back that you had
started to have day time accidents. She thought I should
know in case this happened while you were over here. I hope
you don't mind that she did?" she said as she laid me back.
" No, I guess that it's okay." I said still bummed out
by my accident. She just nodded to this, and preceded to
clean me up and diapered.
"Do you want to any pants on?" Sherri asked as she
finished taping my diaper up.
"No, that's all right. I'll just wear a shirt." I told
her as I hoped down from the changing table.
"There you go kiddo." she laughed as she tossed me a T-
I headed back out as I pulled the shirt over my head.
"Miss me?" I called as I came up to Mark.
"Not really." He said turning around to look at me.
"Why aren't you wearing any pants?" Mark asked seeing
the diaper peeking out from under my shirt.
" I thought it was a little warm for pants. If my going
around in just a diaper makes you nervous I'll go get some
shorts on." I told him.
" I don't mind it. It just surprised me seeing you like
that. I figured my mom would have just given you a pair of
my underpants and shorts to put on." he told me.
" I guess she thought it would be safer for me to have
a diaper on in case of another accident." I told replied
simply. The rest of the day went quickly. I had only need to
be changed twice.

"Okay boys, get upstairs and get your showers." Linda
told us as we finished helping clear the dinner table.
"AWWW, Do we have to!" all four of us whined jokingly.
" Yes, now get going." she laughed. Linda gave us each
a playful pat on the rump as we marched by her. Though I
think in Bryan's, Jonathan's, and my case it was just used
as an excuse to cop a feel on our thickly diapered behinds.
"Hey DJ, once my brothers are done with their showers,
how about we just share one to save time?" Mark suggested.
"Sure why not. You can wash my back and I'll wash
yours." I laughed.
"You're on!" Mark exclaimed smiling. Bryan stuck his
head into the room just as Mark and I finished getting
undressed, and told us the shower was all ours. Mark's mom
walked past us as we entered the bathroom, and told us not
to take to long.
"Okay you're first." Mark said after we both had
finished washing our fronts.
"What do you mean "I'm first"?" I asked a bit confused
as Mark took the soap from me.
"Remember what you said in my room "You wash my back. I
wash yours"?" he replied grinning.
"I was joking." I told him a bit nervously.
"So, I think it would be fun." he said grinning even
more now.
"Oh, all right." I told him resignedly. With that I
felt Mark start rubbing the soap soaked towel over my back.
With the sensation it was causing I couldn't help but get
hard, and moan a little.
"I see you like it, huh?" Mark quipped seeing the
reaction his rubbing was getting from me. I just nodded a
little in response. Next thing I know I'm feeling Mark's
hard pole press into my lower back.
"What the hell was that for?" I asked shocked.
"Sorry, I slipped." Mark answered embarrassedly.
"Yeah right, Well don't "slip" again okay?" I told him.
I wasn't about to let him know how much I liked it.
"Okay, I'm done." Mark replied after a few moments of
awkward silence. After taking the towel and resoaping it, I
had Mark turn around, and started wash his back.
Towards the end I to ended up "slipping" with the same
results. Though Mark just grinned at me when this happened.
As we were drying off I heard Jonathan call through the
door "You two almost done in there?"
"Yeah, we're drying off now. We'll be down just as soon
as we get dressed." I answered him.
"Don't bother, all the stuff is already downstairs." he
called back.
"Okay, we'll be down in a moment then." I called back.
Mark wrapped a towel around his waist after I told him
that all the stuff was downstairs waiting for us. I shocked
him a bit when I walked out of the bathroom naked.
"Don't you want to cover up?" he asked.
"Why should I? Your mom will just remove the towel to
diaper me, and it's not like they haven't seen me in this
condition before." I told him logically.
"I guess you're right." he answered as he took off the
towel he had on.
"You might want to get rid of that first though." I
"Oh shit!" Mark laughed looking down and seeing his
once again stiff member.
We noticed two stacks of cloth diapers when we entered
the family room a couple of seconds later.
Mark's moms got up from couch as we walked in and told
us to plant our butts pointing to the diapers as they did.
Looking over at Mark I said "I didn't know your wore
cloth diapers too."
"I don't wear them very often." he told me. Then
looking at Linda he asked " Why are we wearing cloth
"Well your brothers wanted to wear them so we thought
we'd just put you and DJ in them as well. That way well have
a full load of laundry in the morning." she laughed.
"That makes sense, I guess." He said as he sat down on
the thick pile of soft cloth. After getting our butts and
nuts lotioned and powdered, the diapers were pulled up
snugly between our legs and pinned on tightly. Mark and I
were then dressed in some onesies since it was such a warm
Mark, his brothers and I were marched up to bed a few
hours later. While Bryan and Jonathan went into the nursery,
Mark and I headed for his room. Sherri came in a few minutes
later to tuck us in and gave us each a bottle of milk. I
dosed off a few minutes later.
I was awakened a few hours later by Mark having a
"Mark, wake up. You're having a dream." I called
He bolted awake screaming when I knelt down to put my
hand on his shoulder to wake him from the dream he was
having. I felt my diaper getting even wetter when this
happened. I pulled him in to my lap and started to comfort
him after seeing that he was still mostly asleep.
Sherri found us like this the next morning when she
came into get us up.
" Is everything Okay?" she asked as she woke me up.
"Yeah, Mark had a nightmare, and I guess I fell asleep
while I was getting him calmed down." I told her.
"Oh okay, Lets let him sleep in a while longer then."
was her reply.
We went down to breakfast after she changed me and I
got dressed. About two hours later Mark came downstairs
still rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
"You feeling better?" Sherri and I asked.
"Yeah I feel fine. Is there some reason I shouldn't?"
he asked quizzically.
"Well Mark, DJ said you had a nightmare. You want to
talk about it?" Sherri asked.
"It's the same dream I always have." Mark replied.
"About your father?" Sherri prodded. Mark just nodded
his response.
"I didn't bother you did I?" Mark asked me.
"Not at all. I'm used to it from my brothers. Don't
worry about it." I told him.
"You sure?" he replied.
"Yeah, It happens. Forget about it." I told him
"Oh DJ, Your mom called after you went to bed last
night. She said that she would be by to pick you up about
11am." She called from the kitchen.
"OK, Did she say why?" I asked wondering why I getting
picked up so early.
"She said was needing to get you some clothes for
camp." she answered as she brought Mark some breakfast.
About thirty minutes later my mom came to pick me up.
"How was DJ?" my mom asked as she came in through the
"He was just fine no problems at all." Sherri told her
closing the front door. Looking at the slight bulge in my
crotch she noticed I had a diaper on under the shorts I was
"Did he have any accidents?" My mom asked.
"He had a slight one yesterday, but that was the only
one." Sherri told her.
Looking at me my mom said "I swear DJ, you're getting
to be as bad as your brother at times."
"I'm sorry mom, I just couldn't tell I had to go till
it was to late." I said sobbing.
"I know honey, but you have to try harder though." she
replied as she gave me a little hug.
"I have his other clothes done if you want him to
change?" Sherri told us.
"No, that's OK. In a way it works better that he does
have a diaper on. Now I won't have to guess about what size
to get." mom replied.
"Is it okay if I drop Mark's short's off later?" mom
asked Sherri.
"That's fine." she answered.
As my mom and I got up to leave Mark asked if it would
be possible for me to go to Worlds of Fun with him later in
the week.
"I'm afraid not Mark. DJ is going in for a check up
next week." my mom told him. Which surprised me because this
was the first I had ever about it I was about to ask about
it when my mom told me we would talk about it later.

"What was all that about me having a Doctors
appointment next week?" I asked as my mom and I got into the
"We'll talk about it when we get home. For now lets get
out to the mall before it gets too crowded and get you some
new clothes for camp." she replied.
"What kind of camp is it?" I asked
"It's a recreation camp." came moms simple reply.
"It's not a camp for gimps is it?" I pressed.
"DJ!! You know I don't like hearing that word!" mom
stated angrily.
"Why should it matter if I use it or not. I am one." I
replied not at all phased by her tone of voice.
"I don't care. I still don't like hearing that word,
and to answer your question It's not that kind of camp. Now
I don't want to hear another thing about it. you'll find out
all about it when you get there." mom told me.
I dropped the subject after this knowing that I was
getting close to the edge. We arrived at the mall a short
time later.

Chapter Three

Mom and I got home several hours later with several
bags of clothes. After helping put the clothes away, my mom
told me that it was time for my afternoon nap.
"Do I have to take one?" I asked tiredly
"Yes, you do." she said smiling.
"Oh All right." I told her as I trudged up to my room
and started to get undressed. Dan came up a few minutes
"Mom wanted me to come up and see if you need to be
changed for your nap." He said coming into the room.
"Yeah, I do." I told him while looking down at the pee
sodden diaper that was taped around my loins.
"That's okay. Mom thought you would since you hadn't
gone to the restroom all day. Do you want to wear cloth or a
disposable?" he asked me while spreading my changing pad on
the bed.
"Cloth would be fine." I answered as I laid down. With
that Dan grabbed a stack of my cloth diapers from the closet
along with a pair of plastic pants and some pins.
"Well from the look of things I'd say you loaded this
sucker pretty good." Dan laughed as he untapped my used
"I think you're right." I laughed back at him. He had
the old diaper pulled off me in a matter of seconds and
started to wipe me down.
"Hold on there for a second kid." He told me just
before he placed the quadruple thick diaper under me.
"Why?" I asked
"I have to go get the Desitin from the other room. It
looks like you're coming down with a rash." I was informed
as he got up and left the room. While Dan went to get the
diaper rash cream. I began thinking what a lousy time it was
to get a rash since I was supposed to be heading to St.
Louis for a check up on Monday.
"Okay let's get you finished up here." I heard my
brother say as he came back into the room. In a couple of
minutes I had the thick diaper pulled up between my legs and
pinned on tightly.
"Do you want any PJ's?" Dan asked me after pulling up
my plastic pants.
"No that's okay, it's a bit warm for them. I'll just
keep my T-shirt on." I told him as I crawled under the
covers with my teddy bear.
"Well you have a good nap." Dan told me as he ruffled
my hair a bit and gave me a kiss on the forehead.
I just looked up at him and smiled. I started to doze
off almost immediately.
"DJ?" I heard my mom call softly.
"Wha?" I asked half-asleep.
"I thought you might like something to drink." she told
me as I felt a bottle nipple being placed against my lips.
"Thanks mom." I mumbled as I took the nipple into my
mouth and started to suck on it contentedly.
I woke up several hours later soaking wet as I knew I
would be.
"This feels so good." I thought to myself as I started
to rub my hand up and down on the wet cloth that covered my
very stiff penis. I tensed up a few moments later, and felt
my rod start to soften again. I went and peed the diaper
again to cover up what I had deposited in them. Even though
I knew my parents were aware of what I was doing, I was
still cautious enough to not want to leave any obvious
About this time I felt a need to poop and headed for
the bathroom. As I got to the door I tried it and found that
it was locked.
"What?!" I head Donn call through the door as I knocked
on it.
"Hurry up! I have to use the toilet!" I called back.
"I can't. I'm taking a bath." Donn called back.
"Well at least come over and unlock the door. It's not
like I haven't seen you naked before!" I yelled through the
"Go use Mom and Dad's bathroom. if you have to go that
bad." He yelled back.
"Damn it!" I muttered under my breath as I headed for
my parents bathroom. Only to find out that Paul was using
that one. By this time I couldn't hold it back any longer,
and started to fill the back of my diapers with several
pounds of fudge.
"Mom?" I called softly as I walked into the kitchen.
"Did you have a good nap DJ?" She said turning around
to face me.
"Not really." I answered looking at my feet when I said
"What's wrong?" She asked coming towards me. Thinking
that I might have had a bad dream. About this time she
caught a whiff of my loaded diapers.
"DJ, did you have an accident?" she asked .
"Uh huh." I replied, starting to cry.
"It's okay it happens at times." she told me
"Let's get you upstairs and changed." mom told me while
taking my hand, and leading me back into my room.
After cleaning me up my mom had left me to get dressed.
I headed for my closet to get a pair of the GoodNites I
had started wearing because I had started to have some small
daytime accidents, and was too embarrassed to tell my
parents. I left my room after pulling on some of my
underpants, and a set of baggy shorts to help hide the fact
that I had the GoodNites on. The rest of the weekend went
quietly with me helping out around the house.
"DJ time to go get ready for bed." my dad informed me
after dinner Sunday.
"Why do I have to get ready so soon? It's not even 9pm
I asked in a bit of a whiny voice.
"I know that, but you have to get up early tomorrow to
make your flight. So you'll be going to bed at Nine
tonight." he informed me while heading me toward the stairs.
"Oh Man, This really sucks!" I thought as I head to my
room to get ready for my bath.
"Just a moment!" I yelled when I heard the knock on the
bathroom door.
"Yeah?" I asked as I opened the door a little way.
"Mom wanted me to come up and give you your bath." Dan
told me.
"You're shitting me right?" I asked him softly knowing
how my parents were when it came to cursing.
"I wish I was." Dan told me. I knew that he was
"C'mon Dan, I'm 13 I don't need you helping me with my
baths anymore." I told him.
"DJ, I know how you feel about it, but mom made it
clear that I was supposed to. So just stop the arguing OK?"
He replied tersely. I figured that I didn't have a choice
and opened the door the rest of the way to let him in.
" I know how you feel about this. I was the same way
when mom would give me my baths the night before my doctor
appointments." Dan told me plainly as he got the bath water
"Okay it's all ready hop on in." he added.
"Just sit back, relax, and enjoy it okay?" Dan told me
as I lowered myself into the tub.
"I still feel stupid that mom thinks I need someone to
give me my bath because of some stupid doctor appointment."
I said disgustedly.
"Mom just figures you might be nervous about it that's
all." Dan told me as he started washing my back. He led me
into my room a little while later.
"You go ahead and lay down I'll be back in a moment."
he told me as he headed for the door. I wonder what's going
on. I thought to myself as I waited for Dan to get back.
"Okay squirt roll over." Dan told me as he came back a
few minutes later.
"Why?" I asked a bit nervously.
"I'm going to give you a body rub that's why." He told
me with a grin.
"That's Okay Dan I don't need one." I said.
"Listen DJ, you can't fool me. I know you're scared as
hell over this check up you're going in for." Dan told me
"Yeah? And how do you know how I'm feeling about it?" I
shot back.
"Because this arguing isn't like you, and I was the
same way when I went in for my first check up." Dan told me
softly, with that he came over and flipped me over on to my
After warming some baby oil up in his hands he preceded
to kneed my shoulders.
"Hey DJ, if you're not scared about tomorrow why are
your muscles so tense?" Dan kidded me.
"Okay, I am a little scared you happy now?!" I replied
"Hey just calm down a little okay? I know you're
scared. I'm just trying to get you to lighten up about it."
Dan told soothingly.
"I'm sorry, it's just I'm also a bit up tight about
going to camp too." I admitted.
"Don't worry about that. I'm sure you'll have lots of
fun there." Dan told me.
"I just wish mom and dad would tell me more about it,
that's all." I said.
"They're just having a bit of fun." Dan told me.
With that I just laid there and enjoy the massage I was
getting. Thirty minutes later I found myself diapered for
the night and ready for bed.
"You go ahead and get under the covers mom will be up
in a few moments to tuck you in." Dan told me as he left the
"Here you go DJ." mom said handing me my usual night
time bottle.
"Thanks mom." I said taking the bottle and put the
nipple in my mouth.
" I want you to get as much sleep as you can tonight
okay?" She told me as she tucked the covers in around me and
handed me Kilroy.
"I'll try." I told her. She just smiled as kissed me on
the forehead and turned to leave the room.
"Sleep tight." mom said as she turned off the light and
closed my door. I fell asleep about an hour later holding
Kilroy to my bare chest.
"DJ?" I heard my dad calling.
"Huh?" I answered groggily.
"It's time to get up now." he continued.
"What time is it?" I asked from under the covers.
"A little after 5am." he answered.
"Just five more minutes okay?" I mumbled as I buried
myself deeper under the covers.
"You have to get up now." my dad said as he pulled the
covers off me.
"UHHH!!!" I groaned as the bedroom light hit my face.
"C'mon kiddo. We don't have any time to goof around
with. You go get a quick shower. While I get your clothes
together." he said after pulling off my "water logged"
I returned to my room a few minutes later still half
asleep. Though as I walked up to my bed I noticed that
another diaper had been set out instead of my normal
"We thought it would be best if you wore diapers today
since you're likely to fall asleep on the plane." my mom
said walking in to my room. I jumped as I heard my mom start
speaking behind me.
"I'm sorry DJ, I didn't mean to scare you like that."
mom laughed as she came up behind me.
"That's okay mom." I told her as my pulse came back
down to normal.
"I figured you'd have me wear one." I continued.
"Well hop up on the pad then, and I'll get you fixed
up." she said. I was diapered up a few moments later, and
told to hurry and finish getting dressed. We left for the
airport about twenty minutes later, and as expected I feel
asleep on the way there.

Chapter Four

"DJ, time to get up." Mom called.
"Huh?" I said sleepily.
"We just landed. You have to get up now." mom said as
she got up to get my duffel bag out of the overhead rack. We
were standing on the concourse a few minutes.
"Do you need to be changed?" she asked as we walked by
the restrooms.
"Yeah, I do." I told her still not quite awake yet.
"Well come on then." she said as she pulled me into the
women's restroom. Luckily it was empty at the time. Since
there wasn't a changing station in the restroom mom had to
change me standing up in one of the large stalls. I got a
few curious looks when we came out and some of the women saw
my mom throwing away the diaper she had just taken off me.
"The Shriner's Hospital please." mom said as her and I
got into the cab.
"No problem ma'am." the cab driver said after we closed
the doors.
"Is this your first time in St. Louis?" our driver
asked kindly.
"I've been through before, but this is my sons first
time." mom responded warmly.
"Well I hope you enjoy your stay. If you don't mind my
saying you should be glad to be having your son go through
the Shiners. They have some great docs there." the driver
told us.
" I know. My oldest son went through here several years
ago." my mom told him.
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." He told us.
"There's no reason to be sorry. My brother and I have
learned to live with it." I told him politely.
"You have a good point there sport." he said to me.
"I'll probably see you around then some." he added.
"Why's that?" I asked.
"DJ." mom warned.
"That's okay ma'am. I don't mind answering that." he
told her.
"You see, DJ is it? You see DJ my own son went through
the Shriner's himself as a kid, and I like to volunteer my
time there as a way to say thanks to them." he told me.
"Oh okay. I'm sorry if I pried though." I told him.
"That's okay son." he told me in a grandfatherly voice.
"Well here we are." he added as we pulled in to the
hospital's parking lot.
"I hope you have a nice stay here and I'll see you
around." he told us as we got out of the cab.
We had about a Two hour wait after the appointment desk
was informed we were there. By this time I was in need of
another changing.
"Mom, when we get a chance I need to be changed again."
I told her softly so no one else around us would here. Even
though it looked like several kids were in diapers
"Okay, I'll go up and ask the nurse if there is a room
set aside for that." Mom told me using a low voice as well.
About this time a nurse came out and called my name
saying the doctor was ready to see me. My mom just leaned
over and told me "I'll just change you in the examination
room since they'll have you change in to some shorts any
I just nodded to this.
"The doctor will be with you in a few moments." the
nurse told us as we were ushered in to the exam room.
"Hop up on the table, and I'll get you out of that wet
diaper." My mom said after the nurse had taken my vitals and
left. With a little boost from my mom I was soon laying on
the table. She had my pants off a few seconds later, and
started to untapped my diaper.
"Lift up for a moment." I was told. After pulling the
old diaper out from under me, Mom got a new diaper out of my
duffel bag along with a small travel sized container of baby
powder, a tube of Desitin, and a small pack of wipes.
I giggled a little as I had the wipe passed over my
diaper area. The inevitable happened as the powder was
rubbed in, after mom had applied a generous amount of rash
cream to my butt and balls, I got a major hard on due to all
the attention that area was getting. Without saying a word
mom told me to lift up as she slipped the new diaper under
me, and pulled the front of it up snugly between my legs.
After taping it on tightly she pulled out a pair of shorts,
and started to pull them up.
The doctor walked in just as mom started to pull my
shorts up.
"I'm sorry. Would you care for me to come back in a
moment?" Dr. Richardson asked. Thinking that mom was just
starting to change me.
"No that's okay Doctor. We were just finishing up." Mom
told him as she finished pulling the shorts over my diaper.
"Okay, then lets get started." He told us walking over
to the table.
"How're today DJ?" he asked me."
"Not to bad Doc. A bit nervous though." I admitted.
"Well that's to be expected." He laughed.
"Hmm." he muttered while looking at my chart."
"Is there a problem Doctor?" my mom asked.
"No not at all. I was just wondering why DJ is wearing
a diaper. There's no mention of Incontinence in his file."
he answered.
"Oh that. Well, DJ has a problem with wetting his bed."
she said.
"That's probably stemming from the UTI's he had as a
kid." Dr. Richardson interrupted.
"That's right. Anyway since we had to get up early this
morning, and DJ was probably going to sleep most of the way
here I thought it would be best just to have him wear
diapers all day." she continued.
"That makes sense." he answered while making a note
about it on my chart.
With that he turned back to me, and said "Well, lets
see what we can do about these legs of yours."
After about 15 minutes of turning my legs every which
way but loose, he left the room.
"That wasn't so bad now was it?" mom asked me jokingly.
"Easy for you to say, You weren't the one being turned
in to a human pretzel." I laughed. About that time the
doctor came back in.
"Well, Mrs. Morrison I'm going to have DJ admitted for
further testing. Depending on the out come of these tests
there is a very good chance that his legs can be corrected
surgically." he told us.
"If you'll wait here a nurse will be by in a few
minutes to take you both up to the ward and will have some
forms for you sign. Do you have any questions?" he asked us.
Neither of us had any questions.
"Well then, DJ I'll see you on the ward, and it's been
a pleasure meeting Mrs. Morrison." he said while walking to
the door.
"Thank you Doctor." Mom said standing to shake his
A few minutes later I found myself in "A" ward watching
my mom fill out some more forms, while I had my vitals taken
yet again.
"How was it?" I asked the nurse as she finished taking
the BP cuff off my arm.
"How was what?" came her confused reply.
"My blood pressure. How's it doing?" I clarified for
"It's a bit on the high side, but that's probably due
nervousness." She answered smiling.
"Aside from his bedwetting, does DJ have any other
problems or allergies we need to be aware of?" the nurse
asked mom while looking over the forms. Mom smiled when she
noticed how red I turned when the nurse mentioned my
"No, that's the only thing." mom told her.
"Okay." she told us while making some notes in my file.
"There is one thing I need to tell you now, with the
kids we get through here that sleepwet we normally have them
wear diapers to bed. Do you have any problems with this?"
she asked us.
"Not at all. DJ's worn diapers to bed all his life, so
this won't be any problem." mom answered.
"I'm glad to hear that some of the kids throw a real
fit over having to wear them if you know what I mean." the
nurse said. Mom and I both just nodded at this.
"Well, I have some other rounds to make so I'll see you
later DJ." She told me. Then turning to mom she extended her
hand and said "It's been nice meeting you."
"Same here." mom said taking the offered hand. As she
started to leave she noticed That I wanted to ask something,
but was slightly embarrassed to.
"Did you have a question DJ?" she asked me.
"Yeah, kind of. I'll understand if you can't answer it,
but are there any other kids here that have to, you know..,"
I hemmed out.
"Do you mean have to wear diapers?" she prodded gently.
"Uh huh." I said looking at the floor.
"There are six others on the ward right now that have
to wear diapers. Two of them wear them full time, the other
four are like you and wear them to bed. So you don't need to
be embarrassed by it. Okay?" she told me.
"Yeah, thanks Doc." I told her.
"DJ!, That's not very nice to call a nurse "doc"." Mom
"That's okay, Mrs. Morrison." she said to mom. Then
turning back to me she asked "DJ, what caused you to want to
call me "doc"?" she asked me.
"I'm sorry, It's just that I noticed that your name tag
had both RN and Ph.D. on it, so I thought you preferred to
be called by that title instead of just nurse." I told her
in an embarrassed voice. She just laughed at that.
"You have a very observant son there." she told mom.
"He's the first patient I've had come through here that knew
what that meant without asking about it." she added. With
this it was mom that was embarrassed.
"I'm sorry I didn't notice that to begin with." she
"It's okay, I'm proud of both of my titles." she
answered and left to finish her rounds. We talked for a
little while longer.
"I'm sorry honey, but I have to get going if I want to
catch that early flight back home." mom told me while
looking at her watch.
"I know. Have a good flight home. Give everyone my
love." I told her tying to keep from crying.
"I will. I packed you a little surprise to help you
pass the time it's in your bag." she told me while giving me
one last hug.
"Do you need to be changed?" she asked feeling the seat
of my pants.
"I am a little wet, yeah." I told her.
"That's all right, I figured by now you would be. I'll
tell the nurse on my way out. I'll see you on Friday." she
said with another hug, and left.

After she left I took a look in my duffel bag to see
what the surprise she left in it was, and found the Tom
Clancy novels "The Sum of All Fears, Clear and Present
Danger, and Without Remorse" I guess she figured I'd be
doing a good deal of reading over the next week. As I
finished pulling one of the books out and closing the
duffel, I heard the nurse come up behind me.
"Your mom told me you needed to be changed." she
"You could say that." I said with a grin.
"Why don't you jump up here and I'll get that taken
care of ."she said patting the bed. While she went over to a
closet and got a diaper, wipes and powder out, I got up on
the bed and pulled my pants off.
"I see your an old hand at this aren't you." the nurse
said with a grin coming back over with the supplies. I just
nodded my head at this. With that she started to untapped my
highly saturated dydee. After pulling the diaper out from
under me, she pulled a wipe out and started cleaning me off.
I turned red when her rubbing caused me to get "very
"Don't worry about that. It happens all the time." she
said to help me get over my embarrassment. After she
finished cleaning me of, she applied some Desitin to my
diaper area.
"We wouldn't want you to get a rash now would we." she
joked. As soon as she was done with the rash cream I found a
new diaper being placed under me. I looked up in question.
"Your mom told us to keep you in diapers the entire
week." I was told when she saw my face.
"Oh OK." I replied, and let her finish putting the
diaper under me. She soon had my butt and balls powdered
lightly and pulled the front up snugly between my legs, and
taped it closed.
"That's not to snug is it?" she asked
"No, not at all!" I told her in a false high pitched
voice. She handed me a pair of blue plastic pants and a set
of scrubs, while she laughed at my joke.
"After you put those on, you can go down to the teen
lounge. Lunch will be served in about 20 minutes." she told
me as she left the room. I just nodded in response to what
she told me. I finished getting dressed a few minutes and
after putting the clothes I had worn earlier into my duffel
I grabbed my book and headed for the lounge.

Chapter Five

"Hey look, we have a new gimp on the floor!" I heard a
few minutes later. Looking up from my book I saw a kid about
Twelve-years-old coming into the lounge. I closed my book
and laid it down so I could give him my undivided attention.
"You should be the one talking about gimps." I told him
"What's that supposed to mean!?" he stated heatedly.
"Well, It's obvious that you know something about it,
or else you wouldn't be here." I continued conversationally.
"You saying I'm a gimp or something!" the kid nearly
"I never said that now did I. All I said is that you
know something about the subject." I told him in a soft calm
voice. Though I was getting a real kick out of this since
whoever the kid was he was trying to get me mad, and it was
him that was getting angry.
"Well, I may be a gimp", he conceded, ",but at least I
don't have to wear diapers." he continued with a smirk.
"So, I have to wear diapers. What's your point?" I
asked with a cocked eyebrow. Just as the kid was about to
respond the door opened and "doc" Clark came in.
"What's going on in here? I could hear you all the way
down the hall." she asked in a slightly pissed off tone.
"Nothing's going on. I was just having a spirited
conversation on human anatomy with the young gentleman here.
I guess we got a little carried away with it. I'm sorry if I
disturbed anyone." I told her sincerely.
"Okay Mr. Morrison, I'll accept your story but please
try to keep it down in the future." she told me. I nodded in
agreement. She then turned to the kid that tried to start
the argument.
"You on the other hand come with me. I could hear you
at the nurses station. Maybe we should put you into a diaper
so you know what it feels like." and with that she escorted
the kid back to the ward.
"Who was that kid?" I asked to one of the other kids
that came in with him.
"That was Adam Chavez. The ward's resident smart ass."
he told me.
"I'm Brian Jones." he said extending a hand.
"DJ Morrison." I replied taking his hand.
"John Harrison." another kid said.
"Pat O'riley." the last kid said. After shaking all
their hands and introducing myself we got back to talking
about young Mr. Chavez.
"So, what's with Adam?" I asked the group.
"He's got a bit of a complex about his condition. He
doesn't like the fact that he has to come here for
treatment. He treats all the new people like dregs, so he
can feel better about himself." Brian answered. "Makes me
kind of embarrassed that I'm related to him." he added.
"I can understand that." Pat added laughing.
"What do you mean that you're related to him?" I asked
"He's my half brother." he told me. I just nodded my
understanding, and sensing that this was an uncomfortable
topic for him I changed it.
"How long have you all been coming here?" I asked them.
"We've all been coming here for about four years." John
told me. "We all live in the same town." he added seeing the
slightly confused look on my face.
"Well I guess that would be interesting to deal with."
I laughed.
"You don't know the half of it." Pat said laughing.
"You know DJ, in all the time we've been coming here I
don't think I've ever seen anyone react quite the way you
did to Adam's prodding. Most of the kids just start crying
or things like that. For a moment I thought he was either
going to start crying himself or hit you." Brian said.
"My older brother taught me years ago of how to talk my
way out of fights by throwing the other persons taunts back
at them. I figure if a person is to busy trying to figure
out what you're telling them they won't be able to fight." I
told them simply. About this time the rest of the kids on
the ward started to file in. I learned that most of the time
the meals were served in the lounge. I thanked the server as
my tray was set in front of me. Judging from the look on
their face I could tell that them being thanked didn't
happen very often.
"Why did you do that?" Pat asked after the servers left
the room.
"Do what?" I asked a bit confused.
"Thank the server." he went on.
"What's wrong with being polite to someone?" I asked.
"I've always been taught to thank people when they do
something for me, besides what does it hurt to give someone
a little job satisfaction." I added before Pat could answer.
"I don't know, it just seems like you were trying to
suck up a little." John said.
"Nah, it's only sucking up if you're trying to get
something from them. Not when you're just trying to be
polite." I told them and let the topic drop.
"You want to play some video games before they come in
and tell us it's nap time?" Brain asked us.
"Nap time?!" I asked incredulously.
"Yep. They call it quiet time, but since you have to
spend it in bed it amounts to nap time." Brian said with a
"Sure why not, but lets hurry." I told them Just as we
got the game system set up one of the nurses came in and
told us it was "quiet" time.
"Aww man, how do they always manage to do that right
before we're going to start a game." John complained as we
headed for the ward.
"Yeah, it's almost like the could see what we were
going to do." Pat added.
"They could." I told him.
"Huh? They could what?" he asked confused.
"They can see us." I told him
"Yeah right, let me guess they have X-ray vision."
Brian added sarcastically.
"No even better." I told them. This I saw got their
attention. So I told them what I had observed.
"Have you ever noticed the mirror in the corners of the
room?" I asked them.
"Yeah, now that you mention it, I have." They answered.
"I'll bet you anything that they have surveillance
cameras behind them along with some microphones." I told
"Yeah right, DJ." Pat scoffed.
"Okay Pat, you tell me how "Doc" Clark knew about the
little "discussion" Adam and I were having through closed
doors? And also knew about the comment he made about not
having to wear diapers?" I asked him simply. This brought
him up short, and he found he couldn't come up with an
"Actually, DJ is right about the cameras and mics." I
heard behind me.
"Jesus Christ!!" I exclaimed as I jumped.
"Now DJ, I told you earlier about the rules on no bad
language." she chided.
"Well, don't scare me like that and you won't have to
worry about it." I shot back still trying to get my breath
back. You could hear a pin drop with how silent the room had
become from my retort.
"I knew you were going to liven up this place the
moment I saw you." she laughed.
"What can I say, I do what I can." I laughed back.
"Lets get you guys ready then" she said herding us in
to our room. I soon found out that Pat, John, and Brian were
three of the other wetters I had been told about. About ten
minutes later we were all in clean diapers, and ready for
our "naps".

Chapter Six

The rest of the week went by quickly. Brian, John, Pat,
and I had become very good friends though Adam tended to
steer clear of me. I guess he was still sore about losing
the argument to me when we first met.
"DJ?" I heard Brian call from behind me.
"Yeah?" I said looking up from my book.
"You have a phone call at the nurses desk." he told me.
Okay, I'll be right there." I told him putting my book
"Yeah?" I asked after taking the phone from the nurse
on duty.
"Hey squirt, how's it going?" I heard over the phone
"Dan?" I questioned not believing that it was him.
"Yeah, that's me all right." came his normal smart
assed remark.
"Mom and Dad will be picking me up at any time. What
are you calling for? There's nothing wrong is there?" I
asked nervously.
"No there's nothing wrong. Mom wanted me to call and
tell you that we're at the airport, and I'll be there in a
little while to pick you up." He said.
"Oh okay, but what are you doing here? I thought you'd
be at work." I told him
"I'll explain all that when I get there. Put the nurse
back on will you. Mom wants to clear my picking you up with
them." He told me.
"OK, here ya go. I'll see you in about thirty minutes
or so then." I told him before handing the phone back to the
"So, what was the call about?" John asked me when I
came back into the room.
"Just my brother telling me that he would be by in a
little while to pick me up." I told him as I started to
repack my duffel bag. After exchanging addresses and such I
was ready to go.
"You ready to go DJ?" I heard behind me a short while
"Yep already." I told him as I picked up my bag.
"Well, then lets get you signed out and blow this
joint. I've got a cab waiting downstairs." Dan said. With
that we headed for the nurses station so Dan could sign the
release forms.
"Am I seeing double or what?" I heard Brian say behind
"Sure you are. Welcome to the Twilight Zone." I laughed
turning around. To see that Pat and John were also there.
"Brian, John, and Pat this is my older brother Dan." I
said in introduction. Dan turned around after he finished
signing the forms, and shook each of the offered hands.
"Nice to meet you all." he told them.
"DJ, we really have to get going your flight leaves in
about Ninety minutes." He told me.
"Okay, It's been nice meeting you all. I've got your
addresses and will try to keep in touch." I told them, as
Dan and I headed for the elevators.
"So, what are you doing here?" I asked as we got in to
the cab.
"I decided to take a little vacation myself since every
one else was." He told me.
"Where are you going?" I asked.
"I'm taking a Two week Caribbean cruise. I fly to San
Juan later this afternoon." he answered.
"You want to trade?" I joked.
"Not on your life." He laughed. The rest of the ride to
airport we just got caught up on what was going on with the
We met up with everyone else about Twenty minutes
later. After the standard greetings I was handed a suit bag.
"DJ, Go to the restroom and change into this." Mom told
"What's wrong with what I have on?" I asked.
"We've upgraded your tickets to First Class and what
you have on won't cut it. Now hurry up and get changed
because they'll be calling your flight in about Fifty
minutes." She told me.
"Dan make sure he looks presentable okay?" she added
turning to my brother.
"We'll see you all when you get home have a good time."
Dad added.
"What? You're not going to see us off?" I asked
"As much as we'd like to DJ. We have to get going
ourselves they called our flight just before you got here.
Okay?" Mom asked.
"Okay. Have a good time." I told here somewhat glumly.
Her and Dad headed off for their flight after giving each of
us a quick hug.
"C'mon DJ, Lets go get you changed." Dan said to me.
"You two come on also and go to the restroom before you
board the plane." he said to Donn and Paul.
"Why, we're both wearing diapers?" Donn asked quietly.
"Because this way you'll stay drier a bit longer, and
it's about a Three or Four hour flight to Toronto." Dan
I finished changing my clothes and got back to the
gate with everyone in about Twenty minutes. Since we had
time to kill I pulled out the book I had just started
"Whatcha reading DJ?" Paul asked.
"It's called the "The Sum of All Fears" I told him."
not looking up from the page I was reading.
"What's it about?" he continued.
"I don't know yet. I just started reading it." I told
him some what testily.
"You know if you're bored you can always pull out one
of the books mom packed for you. Besides they should be
calling the flight any time now." I added. Just as I
finished saying that the loud speakers clicked on.
"TWA flight 696 service to Toronto is now starting its
preboarding. We kindly ask that passengers traveling with
young children, children traveling alone, elderly, or those
requiring extra time please come to gate 56 at this time.
Thank you."
"Well, There's your flight." Dan said as he grabbed
Donn's and Paul's carry-on bag.
"Lets get you guys on-board, and settled in." he added
as we walked up to gang-way. After showing our tickets to
the gate attendant we headed for the plane.
"May I see your boarding passes please?" the flight
attendant asked as we came up to the hatch. Dan handed them
over and explained to her that we were traveling alone and
he was just making sure we got on okay.
"That's okay, we were informed of this." She told him.
"Their seats are 4A-B,and seat 5A" she added.
"Okay, you guys have a fun time this summer and I'll
see you when you get back" Dan told us and after giving us
each a quick hug left the airplane.

"Is this your first time flying?" a voice asked behind
"It's our first time flying by ourselves, but we've
flown before." I said turning to the attendant.
"My names Diane, if you need anything just ask?" She
told us.
"Thank you we will." I told her.
"Would you care for anything to drink before we take
off?" Diane asked us. Donn and Paul looked at me asking if
it was OK. I nodded in approval.
"I'd like a Coke, please." Paul told her
"Me too, please" Donn added.
"Would you care for anything?" she asked me.
"Not right now, thanks though." I answered. She just
nodded to this and left to get Donn and Paul's drinks. After
she left I turned to Donn and Paul.
"Now just remember you two, don't over do the drinks
okay? If you feel like you have to go get up and go to the
restroom. Use the diapers only if you have to. All right?" I
told them quietly so not to embarrass them or myself. Diane
came back with the drinks a few minutes later.
"Thank you." Donn and Paul told her as she handed them
their drinks and a set of "pilot" wings.
"Here you go." she said handing me a pair also.
"That's all right..." I started to tell her.
"Please put them on." She told me in a low, but stern
"I've informed the other attendants that you and your
brothers are traveling alone, and this way they can tell who
you are." she added.
"Oh Okay." I said simply as I took the offered wings
and pinned them on. About this time I heard the door close
behind me, and felt the plane start to move.
"Good morning, This is your Captain speaking on behalf
of our flight crew I'd like to thank you for choosing Trans
World Airlines. Our flight time to Toronto today will be
about Three hours, and will cruising at an altitude of
approximately 35,000 feet. If you will direct your attention
to the cabin attendants at the front of the plane they will
explain the safety features of this aircraft. Thank you."
About five minutes later I heard the engines rev-up, and
knew we were about to take off.

Chapter Seven

"Excuse me?" I heard a voice say.
"Huh?" I said groggily as I woke up.
"What would you care for dinner?" a flight attendant
asked, while she handed me a menu.
"I'll have the Chicken Cordon Bleu, please" I told her
after looking the menu over.
"Thank you" she said as she walked up to get Donn and
Paul's order. I wasn't at all surprised to hear both of them
order from the kiddie menu. As I became more awake, I
noticed the diaper I had on was very wet. I headed for a
lavatory, after grabbing the smaller duffel I had in my
carry-on bag.
"I'll be right back" I told Donn as I walked by his
seat. He just nodded with a grin when he saw the bag in my

"This is going to be interesting." I mumbled to myself
after seeing how small the restroom was. With that I
preceded to pull down both my suit pants and the plastic
pants I had on. After untapping the pee soaked diaper I had
on, I opened my duffel and pulled out the clean diaper,
diaper sack, lotion, powder and wipes that were in it.
Picking up one of the wipes I started to clean off my groin
area, and closed the wipes up in the used diaper when I was
done then set it into the diaper sack. I then poured some
lotion into my hand and spread it around my butt and balls.
I had already seen that I was going to have to apply the
powder to the diaper itself because there was no way for me
to put it on like I normally do without getting it all over
my clothes. After dusting the diaper lightly with the
powder, I placed it against the door and held it there with
my body, then pulled the front up as snugly as I could and
taped it closed. I finished by pulling the plastic pants and
my suit pants up. I made sure to wash my hands and make sure
that everything was cleaned up and put back in my duffel.
"How are you two doing?" I asked my brothers as I
walked past them.
"Just fine." they told me.
"Are you two dry?" I asked them softly after I sat
"Yeah, we are." they answered just as softly.
"Okay, I want both of you to go use the restroom before
dinner comes." I told them.
"But..." they whined.
"No buts. Just undo one side, pull it down, use the
john, pull it back up and retape it." I told them.
"Oh all right." they sighed as they got up. They both
came back just as dinner was being served. After dinner I
read another chapter in my book and fell back to sleep. The
next thing I knew I was hearing the captains voice welcoming
us to Toronto. Then Diane came up to us.
"I want you three to stay in your seats until we've
finished off-loading everyone." she told us. We just nodded
at this, and sat back. About fifteen minutes later she came
back and told us to get our bags and follow her.
We soon found ourselves in the main terminal being
handed off to yet another TWA employee.
"Guys, I'm Greg. I'd first like to welcome you to
Toronto. I'll be helping you get your luggage, and go
through customs. Are there any questions?" he asked.
"Yeah, we're supposed to be going to camp around here.
Will somebody be meeting us?" I asked.
"Yes. The camp already has somebody waiting for you."
Greg told us.
"If you'll follow me then. We'll get you squared away."
he added and led us towards a golf cart type vehicle. It
took us about twenty minutes to clear customs.
"Mr. Morrison?" a man asked as we exited the customs
"Yes?" I asked warily.
"I'm James Hendrix, head counselor at Camp Kalloway."
he said offering his hand.
"Mr. Hendrix" I answered taking the offered hand with
Don and Paul following behind.
"It's okay, you can call me Jimmy. You go by DJ right?"
he asked.
"That's right. This is my brother Donn, and my other
brother Paul. " I told him
"Jimmy Hendrix, huh?" I asked smiling.
"That's right, my parents own little joke." he said
"Well let's get your thing out to the van, and get
going." he added. Just as I leaned over to get my bags Paul
whispered that he needed to be changed.
"Excuse me Jimmy, could you hold on for a moment.
There's something we need to take care of first." I told
"Okay, I can wait." he said with a slight smile. It
turned out that all three of us needed to get changed.
Luckily for us the restroom was empty. So it only took us a
couple of minutes each to change. Though Donn and Paul both
complained that they wanted to get out of their suits as
"We don't have time for that. Now wash your hands and
lets go." I told them sternly.
"Sorry it took so long." I told Jimmy as we came back
up to him.
"That's okay. I know how that goes." he said as we
headed for his van.
"About how long will it take to reach the camp?" Donn
"It takes about an hour and a half to reach it from
here." Jimmy told us. We found ourselves on the road about
Ten minutes later. Most of the trip was spent making small
talk. I ended up having to wake Donn and Paul up when we got
to the camp since it was almost 11p.m. local time.
"Where are we going to sleep tonight?" I asked as we
pulled into the camp.
"We'll be putting you up in a spare cabin tonight then
you'll get you're regular cabin assignments in the morning
after breakfast." I was told. Jimmy helped me get Donn and
Paul into the cabin after we moved the bags in to it.
"You need any help with your brothers?" he asked me.
"No, I've got them. Thanks though." I told him
"Okay, If you need help or anything I'll be in the next
cabin over." He told me. I hardly woke Donn and Paul up as I
got them undressed. Since it was still warm out I just put a
T-shirt on them. I heard the bed crackle a little when I sat
down and felt the sheet slide a little upon lifting the
corner of the bed up I saw that it had a plastic sheet on it
"Could this be because they know about our wetting
problem?" I thought, as I fell asleep.

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