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DJ diaper diaries 02

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DJ's Diaper Diaries: Part Two- The Next Morning

Chapter One

"What the hell happened?!" I thought through a major
headache. The last thing I could remember was that Linda was
giving me a bottle the night before. I soon became more
aware of my surroundings. The first thing I noticed that
besides being extremely wet, I had also messed myself for
the first time in almost eight years. What really got me is
I realized that I was laying in a crib with a teddy bear in
my arms and a pacifier still in my mouth. By this time I was
wide awake.
"Well, Now I know what the locked room was. It's Mark,
Bryan, and Jonathan's NURSERY!" I thought with a laugh.
I started to look around and see what the room looked like.
The room was painted in a pale sky blue with clouds up
towards the ceiling, and birds flying around. There were big
cribs along three of the walls and what looked like a
changing table along the fourth. What I really thought made
the room was a mural of Christopher Robins playing with
"Pooh", "Tigger", and the rest of the gang on the ceiling.
The rest of the room was kind of hard to see since the
sun was only partially visible through the heavy blinds, and
the only other light was coming from some night lights.
Looking over at the crib Mark was in, I could tell he was
still asleep.
"He sure does look cute sleeping like that. I really
wish I had a camera right now," I thought, "Mark wearing a
footed sleeper is something they would have to see to
I got a shock as I looked down and saw that I had one
on as well. About this time I started getting sleepy again.
I fell back asleep to the sound of mobile playing "Twinkle
Twinkle Little Star."

"C'mon, DJ, time for baby to get up." I heard Linda say
through a haze of sleep. Being the heavy sleeper I am, I
just mumbled "Just five more minutes Mom, please."
"Sorry, It's time to get up now," Linda replied with a
laugh. I jerked awake at this, remembering where I was.
I saw that Sherri had already gotten Mark up, and had
him strapped down on an oak changing table. He just waved at
me, smiling around a baby bottle.
"Well, from the smell in here it seems like somebody
has a poopy diaper," Linda announced. I just gave a sheepish
smile and turned red at this.
"I think, maybe you need a bath then, huh?" she went on
in as cooing type of voice.
"Uh huh," was all I could muster to this. With that the
side of the crib was released and Linda helped me out. I
think they expected me to be messy because a bubble bath had
already been made.
Linda had me stand in front of her as she sat down on
the toilet. After unzipping my sleeper she placed it in a
hamper and had me lay down on the floor so she could remove
my diaper.
"My, you are a little stinker, aren't you!!" she
laughed as she untapped my sodden diaper. I just looked up
her and grinned.
"Okay, into the tub with you," She told me after
cleaning off my poop-plastered bottom.
"Don't you think I'm a bit old for bubble baths?" I
asked hesitantly.
"A 13 year-old might be too old for them, but till your
parents pick you up on Sunday, you're only three," was
Linda's matter-of-fact reply.
"Oh, okay," I said, stepping in to the strawberry-
scented bubbled water.
"HUH!!" I exclaimed as what she told me finally sank
"You heard me. Till your parents come and get you
Sunday evening, you and Mark both are going to be treated
like toddlers," she said with a smile, and with that she
started to give me a bath.
After my bath was over, I was led back into the nursery
stark naked and strapped down on the changing table.
Sherri placed a bottle of warm milk in my mouth to tide me
over till breakfast. I soon had one of the Pamper/Attends
combo I had with me taped on, and was taken downstairs
and placed on a big playpen that had been set up in the
family room.
"Why didn't you tell me this was going to happen?" I
asked Mark heatedly.
"I didn't know how far they were going to take this
till I woke in my crib this morning," He told me chuckling.
"What's so damned funny?" I demanded.
"The look on your face when you woke up, and realized
you had been placed in a footed sleeper and a crib." He said
laughing in earnest.
"Yeah, I guess it must have been priceless to see." I
replied, joining in on his laughter.
"So, how long have you and your brothers had a nursery
and been babied?" I asked, wondering how long this has been
going on.
"Since my Dad was killed, by that fucking drunk
driver!" came his venomous reply.
"I'm sorry, Mark, I didn't mean to bring that up." I
"It's okay. I know you didn't mean anything by it." was
his more subdued answer. During this time the room had
filled with the smell of sausage, home made waffles, and
"Time for breakfast you guys." Sherri announced as she
lowered the playpen's rail. Mark and I both got up and ran
for the dining room to eat. Upon sitting down Linda came up
behind us and tied bibs around our necks, and cut up our
food for us.

Chapter Two

After finishing breakfast, we were led back up to the
nursery for a much needed diaper change, and to be dressed
for the day.
"So, which outfit does wittle DJ want to wear?" I was
asked by Linda as she finished taping a new diaper in place.
Holding up a pair of short-alls with bears on it and a set
of toddler-like elastic waist pull-up pants.
"Couldn't, I just wear some of my sweats?" I asked.
"No, you may not. those are big boy clothes and you
aren't a big boy yet. Now you can either choose yourself, or
I'll make it for you," was the reply I got.
"I'll take the pants," I said glumly.
"Okay, now put your arms up," Linda said as she reached
for a shirt with 'Li'l Slugger' printed on it.
"Lay down and lift up, please," I was told after the
shirt had been pulled down. As she reached underneath me I
realized that she was putting a onesie on me. Before I knew
it though she had it snapped up and my pants almost all the
way pulled up. We were sent out back to play for awhile
after Sherri and Linda finished dressing us.

" DJ, Mark, time to go hurry up!!" we heard Mark's Mom
yell from the back door.
"Did you know we were going out?" I asked Mark
nervously as we headed for the back door.
"No, I didn't," he commented just as nervously.
"Do either of you need to be changed before we leave?"
Sherri asked as we came through the door.
"I don't." I said.
"I'm clean and dry," Mark told her.
"Then head out to the car." she told us while giving us
a pat on the bottom. As we headed for the car I asked Mark
"Why is it that every time that we get our diapers
changed and such someone always seems to pat us on the
"I don't know, maybe they like how a diapered bottom
feels." Mark told me.
"I don't fucking believe this!!" I exclaimed as we
reached the car.
"What?" Mark asked, surprised by my uncharacteristic
"Take a look in the back seat." I told him disgustedly.
"They've got to be shitting us!!" Mark said as he
looked in the back seat and saw two giant sized car seat.
About this time Sherri and Linda came out of the house.
"Mom, I know you like to baby me now and then, but
don't you think the car seats are a bit much?" Mark asked a
bit sarcastically.
"Not really, no," she replied. "We can do this one of
two ways. You can either get in willingly, or you can have
your butts swatted first and then be put in them," she
"That's okay. I'll use it willingly. I just hope none
of my friends see me like this," I told her.
"Mark?" she questioned.
"Oh, all right, lets get this over with!" he pouted.
"Good," Sherri said, and with that Mark and I were
buckled into the seats and we took off.

Chapter Three

After several other errands, Linda told us that since
Mark and I have behaved ourselves so well that we were going
to a movie.
"Which one?" we both asked.
"It's a secret, you'll just have to wait until we get
there," was our answer. Mark and I both noticed that there
were a bunch of little kids when we pulled up to the
"I've got a bad feeling about this." Mark whispered to
me as we pulled into a parking spot.
"I don't blame you." I whispered back.
A minute later we found ourselves being walked up to
the box office.
"Two adults, and two children for "Lion King" please."
Sherri said to the man in the office.
"That'll be 15 dollars, please." the man replied.
Sherri handed him the money and took the tickets.
"Enjoy your show." he told us as we walked off.
"Were those two kids wearing diapers?" I heard him ask
one of the other people in the box office.
"It looks like they were." came the chuckled reply.

By the time the movie was over I was in serious need of
a diaper change.
"Sherri?" I asked nervously.
"Yeah, DJ?" She replied.
"I need to be changed." I said sheepishly.
"What about you, Mark? Do you need to be changed?" she
"No, Mom. I'm not that wet," he told her.
"Okay then, DJ, come with me," she said after taking
the backpack that Linda was using as a diaper bag for us and
headed for the ladies' room.
"I can't go in there," I complained.
"Why not?" she asked
"It's the ladies' room," I answered.
"Do you want your diaper changed or not?" Sherri said,
getting a bit steamed.
"Well, yeah." I said
"Okay, then."
With that she pulled me into the crowded restroom and
headed for the changing station that was mounted on the far
"Okay, up you go," Sherri said, as she boosted me up.
It's a good thing that I was small for my age or the table
would have never held me.
"Don't you need me to pull my pants down?" I asked
while Sherri fastened the table's belt around my waist.
"That won't be necessary," She commented and proceeded
to undo the snaps in the legs of my pants.
"That explains the laughing behind me at the concession
stand," I thought. While Sherri changed my pee soaked
diaper, I heard several comments ranging from how cute
people thought I looked to ones of utter disgust. We joined
Mark and Linda a few minutes later.
"Thanks a lot for telling me that these pants had a
snap crotch," I mumbled to Linda on our way to the car.
"Well, What did you expect?" She laughed in response.
I was at a loss of words at this because she was right I
should have expected it.
"So, Who wants McDonald's for lunch?" Sherri asked as
her and Linda strapped me and Mark back into our car seat.
"I do!!" we both answered in excited unison.
For lunch Mark and I both got a cheeseburger Happy
"After you're done eating, You two are going to take a
little nap," Sherri informed us as we pulled into their
driveway a couple of minutes later.
"AWW, do we have to?!" Mark and I complained. I didn't
really mind having to take an afternoon nap since I normally
took one on the weekend anyway. I just felt that I should
complain for forms sake. Since Marks complaint to taking a
nap was as half-hearted as mine I figured he was looking
forward to it as much as I was.
"Yes, you do." Sherri and Linda laughed seeing the
tired expressions on our faces.

Lunch went by quickly. Mark and I soon found ourselves
being herded up to the nursery for our promised nap. Sherri
came into the room a few minute later with a couple of
bottles of juice for Mark and I. Sherri helped me into a
sleeper after Linda finished changing me.
"Into bed with you, DJ," Sherri told me as she finished
zipping up my sleeper.
"Thanks for having me over this weekend," I told her as
she raised the crib rail behind me.
"Your very welcome, DJ. We've enjoyed having you."
Sherri replied as she placed the bottle of juice in my mouth
and covered me up with a fleece baby blanket.
"Have a good nap," she added softly while patting my
head gently. I just smiled up at her tiredly. By this time
Linda had finished getting Mark tucked in to his crib. They
turned on the teddy bear mobiles attached to our cribs on
their way out and turned out the lights.
"I really have enjoyed myself this weekend Mark, I'm
sorry I didn't accept your invitations sooner." I said
"It's okay. Now you won't have an excuse not to stay
over next time." He answered sleepily. Soon the only sound
coming from the room was a from a couple of sleeping baby

The rest of the weekend went the same. Sherri and Linda
treated Mark and I as three year-old toddlers the entire
time. In a way, I think they enjoyed it almost as much as we
My parents came by to pick me up Sunday evening.
"So, how did you like your sleep over DJ?" my Mom asked
as Linda let them in. I just grinned, and said, "I had lots
of fun. I'm just sorry I didn't do it sooner."
"I'm glad you had fun," she smiled at me.
"You wouldn't have enjoyed the camp out," she told me.
"Why not?" I asked her.
"Because we had to come home Friday night due to
possible flooding in the area," she replied.
"We decided to just let you stay over because we
thought you needed to have this experience," she added.
"Oh, that's okay," I replied.
"Did he behave himself okay, Sherri?" my Dad asked.
"Yes, he acted like he was a well-behaved toddler," she
answered, giving me a wink as she said this. I just smiled.
"Oh, god! I hope he didn't act like that," my parents
laughed. I had heard all the stories about how I was a holy
terror as a little kid. Sherri, Linda and Mark laughed as
"Don't worry about it. He was very well-behaved," Linda
"Did you have any problems with the other thing?" my
Mom asked them, meaning my diapers.
" Nope, no trouble there, either," they told her.
"Well, we have to be going now," my Dad said, looking
at his watch.
"Go up and get your bag, DJ," he told me.
"I'd like to thank you again for having me over this
weekend," I told everyone as I came back down with my bag.
"You're perfectly welcome, DJ. We were glad to have
you," Sherri replied.
As we pulled out of the driveway I waved back at Mark
and smiled.
"I wonder what next time will be like?" I thought to
myself with a grin. It was then that I sensed how much more
calm and relaxed I was compared to the previous Friday.
"Maybe there is something to being babied that helps a
person relax," I thought.

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